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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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DAILY CITIZEN. TUESDAY JUNE 9 1 Si CABLETON'S C0UCIL mm 1 lors to make affidavits showing that soch was not the case. A petition was received asking for certain repairs to Ilnrdman's Bridge. Loiters were read from sever! municipalities in Ontario asking that join with them in petition. ng the Oovtrument to make a change in the i law respecting the administration ot jastice, with a view to abolishing tbe Spocial Valx.

M.M.PTK2, 99 Sparka St. wm ZmmmmmJgasS hp lips RUSSELL WATTS renjeetfolly invites the CuitBtif of Ottawa and Suburbs toiospeet fc is itock, now coEbpiete, of WALL PAPBiR comprising Gold. Brontes, for Parlour ana i'mias luo'aia a very eot and "tea aw.irtineLi tt Halt taners, quite new in I'SMtn and tin I'aaos, UUt, and ii. Cou-urs ierg, Fiitie, it e'ery style atd coiour. Cheap Goods IX V4RIETY trom5tJE'Ter The" goods have bso impcrtsd dirset trooi ths leading nianu'aotureri in KDgland ana and cannot be exeelled Ottawa, and will be sold at greatly ledaoed prices, defying ooiupelitioo.

TJ Tj GAflN Health andHappiness. DOW OTHERS HAVE DOME. Are your Kidneys disordered? Kklm-x Wort brutight trom nir rr, arterl hsrl ifln un i.v it ti a t.rin lJKlrott." AL lcv. rux, UkU. Are your nerves weak "Klrtiwy nirt iks fr'-m nrrc: I wax not M.

M. H. Uuudwio, to. CKrutui H.mitor. CkrrclaaS, U.

Have you Brighfs Disease? "kirtner wnrt rtiri me vhni toy water was Jut like ctuJk auu tucn like klo.d." Frank Wiison, Fcabody.asM. Sufferingrfrom Diabetes? "Kidny-Wortltiismf iav-iflrtn)rly I hsvs evvr Uire laim'tiste lr. I'luUip lislluu, Have you Liver Complaint? Kidney-wort curd tue of rhrotilo Liver Ijuk-ju str i rirve.1 to Boarf ra, Wis Cl. Mt Bit Ousrl, 5. Y.

Is your Back lame and aching? "KniOMV-Wmt, 1 f-urvl iu wtieo laiuo 1 bad to loll out u-l." M. TjOIiuss. KJIwsukM, Wis. Have you Kidney Disease? "kMt v-. mfiil.

in eouiW In llT-r and Skiqi-v nft-r ycrs f-f iwf ul Jt worth $10 14 1kx.m hsju 1 VVU.lmuijaow-n, Vest Vt. Are you Constipated? ''KMrwy-VVort mv sudcur me ulUsr 16 yuiri of 1k rsiicliild, bt. AllacK, Vt. Have you Malaria? h.t duun Iwiti-r than any otlir rcnivJ i have evr uwl In rny prm-tk." lir. It.

K. lark, ty.utli IJro, VL Aro you Bilious? "Klitner-Vi'urt ha drm mo nmra good than any other 1 lnv i-vitr Iiekrii." is. J. T. lallun Klk Fist, Orfgim.

Are you tormented vnth Piles? "Kl.trtoy VVi.rt jwrirwnMlly rurr.1 n.o of t.l.-ltnf I.r. W. Klitif. r. .1 II loin," U.M..

11. Moral, M. Itaiik, Idrrviown. Fa. Aro you rackod? "Ki'ln.

W.irt tunn inc. sfn-r I wsn irini up to die hy piiyUiait anil 1 wmf. n-l ihu-tv lUtniOfc-o tistli, Mione. Ladies, nro you F.uffrrins?? lu" t.rilu.r I of ius ttiltUitj. Matty fi nli.

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1HIF1. on u.ti LLE. THE PUMG MIIlS DEPARTHBNT ConuHttHl iili llit iMt-two ii able The JOBBING TRADE and PUBLIC GENERALLY to pui-chnsa IN ONE ESTABLISHMENT Every Rennisito for HOUSE BUILDING. BUILDING DIMENSION TIMBER cut to order FloorlfiKH.UtpUariK, MirnaiUi hittulM, I.MtU snl ifIOUlllllIK III htiss'lt. Estimates Furnished CAMPING Tents, Camp Furniture, AFULL ASSORTMENT EXTRA VALUE.

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RidesU Street. fiflLDEN STAR Ti.lntr xluclloii of IIkiok Movj-k a revolution in I ei wiiLII-li-" til. U. (ildrD'lar Oil I wtll .1.. It work t.f rtM.k 11 J.

Sn.rl.tog. H'l Ukhii klniMot kltrlien w. cnot ll.or..uBl. faiulllr "lne svi.lei.ce of lliflr tiH2iH rVdllnifloii St thui'l Ir Refrigerator until iMiinur unequalled clock JOli LOCAL NEWS. fmur qolity Ctrolina Rico at 11 tin Bum.

Tiiirsfag. Tli rePlence ot Mr. Geo. Howe, No 112 Lly Avenue, liu Ma coDU'jtt-Ml witU the Telephone Ex- Kiss's tito Toilet Soaps at Raid win Bro. Dohatio.

At it last refill ir miiot-iiilonumn bi'kxcti ot tho Order of locomotive Kireiuon was presented with ibfciiti'ul i'ct pit.tin-r by Mn. Mna-rttcr, of this city. fxf ii" Cheese tiriij Celery Silt at ASfklu Pros. Tows UurfKHX. The br.KH line Mwroa The IJilPHetl mid the fVoteiiHut lloHj idil l.Kf" their trip wlcrriny an appeared to well pat-nmlil.

Mb. Oiiikon a OmuibiiH Office to llm eidrtu strrt t. Qhatioh bus upt-md Lint from tho I'owt I'ndfstatit Hospital on K.ire 6 cent Ticket 'ioMois, 5 uls. lime from 8 to 10 3n p.m. Oncsrr Coi hT.

Tho County Court ill open at ten o'clock this rnorrilnir, lutyt) tlon Thrre 18 finite a and Home iuipoitini cunts 111 ho tried Flush o's Compressed Yeat Ireeh tU'lf. 1'ildvtia lifts Tu t'iL-srv a i Rrr now ti)iity-fivo men and veu women id tils Cuiinly Jail. The total number ot loniitetated mIuco hek'intiirn: I the ye'ir in ot whom l(il wero ml down Ottawa maxiHtratei'. Limi Juice and Kitut SyrupH. I'-thlwin U.

lif. A thki in hiisy tretlioK her new AohoiiHo painted, papereil, and heau-Wiyntod, and expect to ablo to lint of the woek, or the latent tf ionium ol next. Shi) i kouo to "Ur-utlo expeuKO ill her new tin-f-kitif, kihI the putdlc aro recom-odc to give her ahhareof pniron- Mr. Joha McCrthy, Toronto, writes: "I'M unhesitatingly gay that. Northrou Lfaua'a ileoical Dinroyry ia tho Unt "liuiw in t.c uorl t.

It rured me ol Hfiburn that bag troubled tun lor oer thirty jeui. During that time I tried a frt many different medicines, but this JOdfrtul medicine waa the only one that ok bold and rooted out the dtftefe." H. T. Irvine, ol New York, jmd Mr. K.

K. Taylor, ot Montreal, were unltfd in mwr-Mtoa June 6th, KirHt Hiptlit Cwcb, Montrenl, by Il'ov. Whentoa ttb. Tho brltUi I tlio youniff-Ht. ohVr of the late Dr.

McKuo FerKinou, aud ulster to 41 1. I "cfiw, of thia city. '1'he happy couple PMerf through tho city yeitordny r.n "-sir wy to New York, and carry with tie ia the hont wlniio ot uiuny friendrt tutU ot Ottawa and Montreal. Ti(i Fn a wears a jellowwn oUe, pim-oln appear upon it, lck hraJache, er'l(lo, moroinir and pains in bck, ante and shoulder blade aro exppti-nced when bile enter the syxteiu arui pouom tbe blood. Kxuel it Irom the and direct into ltd natural tiitMM, the bowel with Northrop A titiQ'( Vei(etBhle Discovery and Great eloo4 Purdier, which has widely super W4 miarl drutts having a danRerou rsaouoa.

Cousnpatton, ol the tilood, and Kidmy Complaints are entirely overcome by iu us. lie inoiAuiHM A dantardly attempt 'a start a henous coiilUratioii wh vl8 In Hull yenterday nioruin, aud whipped ia tbe bud before any con-t'lnrabla image wa done. About 1.30 Mock nome fiend lu human form ored a qu intity ol coal oil on the fcc adjoining Mr. George Thoiua' more, on the corner ol Albert "id Iukerman street, and set fire to it tie. apparent intention of buruinK the store.

Had thli been succettii-J4' nothing could have saved tha entire wk dry wooden btiildinita in the 'I'luity, arid many lives would in likelltioo'l havo boen lont. however, Mrs. Houillalne Jo reaideg on tbe opposite corner, and noon account of ilinex wa awake 'h time, observed the iime a they 'mm the fence and Immediately JVtn alarm. Falls of water were In a few minutes tho tire xttoaui-hed and all danger wu at ol There evidently a dcire ou Prt of some enemy of Mr. Thoma much of his property aa Uflli injure him, a it kJV 'JPnt week aKO that a fine Jmm Wrlhf by that gentlemsu, Wlo.

down' Efy tBort ie d'0" the scoundrel Mtt5hia to Justice. Pi mm Openlns or lh June hmlon lb-tcrdav Afternoon. The Warden'. Acldreaa-A Concise xluStittainsnt of Matters Lklely to Com Heror, the CouncllA Session Yesterday. Uaudnhakings aud pleasant aiata.

tion wtre the order of the day be the rupreneritatives ol the various townshlpi turned up smhlns; at the Court Houae yeterday alter noon to ttend the open-lnr ot the June seaslon ot tbe Carletou county council. After the ansemlled widom of the county had upont about halfau hour informally cbattln to-Kfcther Warden Ira Morgan took thechalr, an alter the usual routine businefg had been Kono through, addreeeed tliu Council as follow TH WAHtlBH aoURtUH. Gentlemen, I am very much pleased to meet ou asiernbled together once more, aud to be aule to congratulate you all in th enjoyment of nood health. Since our last meeting ia January some very important and, at tho Baue time, sad ecut havo tracspired. I refer to tbe uprising aud rebellion in the urth-West, which caused the Government to call out a largo number ol our volunteers for active service to the bld.

That call was promptly and cheerfully responded to, and all who were called upon immediately left their homes and went to tbe front under great hardnhip, pntation and eicnfices. It must he uatislactory to the whole Dominion to know that thest bravo men, under the able leadership of General Middleton, have succeeded in quelling the rebellion in so short a time, although it is to he regretted that mauy valuahlo lives were fcacrilicd and the couutry put to bo great an expense. THAT AlItttTIUTION. The arbitration beiwen tin cuv and county, which wag adjudicated upon In Janaary lajt, 1 regret to say in yrt in an U'lsemvu state. Afier fie very heavv mens" attending thi arbitration, the eiry tujes to pt the decision ot the art)Urtori, and have, I understand, after a lot! deUy, appealed againal it, and thl i'i the face ol the agreemeut entered Into wiien the city and county could agree what portion the city should pay the county for ihe maintenance of their prisoners, use of jil ana court and exjHisea ot juro.s, etc to the tpectthat the two coiporaiioris should IfeaVe the matter to at filtration.

The city appointed Mr. J. Chnsue, and the county Mr. Jilia Henderson, of N'ew dm burgh These two jieutlt nitu belecud Judge-Dainell ai the third arbitrator. Alter spending some twenty da) a investigating the matter, a decision was arrived at, aud an award made, which was signed by Judge Daui) II aid Air.

Henderson, the city arbitrator, Christie refusing to Mill it, although ho tock for his time and services over $.100. The award Was plactd la the hands ot Messrs, O'Gara Iltjiion, with lUBtructiona that before it was handed over the expenses of the arbitrators bhouM be Pid. Toe county found that before tDy could enforce the pay-meat of tbe to. to ol $14,000 which was due the county ti.e city for two years previous thry bnd to take up tbe award, and before tbey could do so they were obliged to pay into tbe bauds ot the gentlemen who held it the sum of $1,310 to meet the expenses of the arbitration. This was done In Ft hruary last by tbe advice of 'he Coiimj- Solicitor, the chairman of the I'i anfB Committee, and other leading oi the Uouucil.

lmake nodoubt that the coat so far ot this arbitration will excet $2,000, and if the city wishes to throw b'lll further obstacles in the wav by an appeal a large amount ot additional cost will be added, which eventually will Lave to be borne equally by the couuly and city. The county meantime will be deprived ol over $14,600, which has betn due bv tbe city tor ihe last two years, which I am sure the ratepayer of neither City nor county will approve of. Yuur solicitor, Mr. Moegrove, will, when opportunity otl'ers, explaius to you more fully he position ia which tbe Cage now stands. I greatly regret tho attitude which certain gtutleunn of the City Council has taken towards the county, and which they will fiad before they are through will not be iu the interests of their corporation.

THIS IIROKKS RIDtiKsl. The freshets consequent upon the break nig up of tbe tea iu tbe several stream aud livers in the couuiy woie much greater this season than in any pie viou year. Ibis had the elnct or carrying away a number of oridges on the Kideau. la this respect, however, we were more lortunate than wag at one time expected. A good portiou' of the atructure known as the St.

Patrick Street Bridge was carried awav, and it now remains uabt for traflic. McLareo's Bridge at New Kdiobiirgn was more or less damaged, but tmflio over it was not entirely stopped. I was uotiliod uf thia occurrence aud met Mr. Christian, cbair-rnau )( the Hjads and Bridges Committee. We held a consultation with Mr.

Surtees, the City Engineer, and Mr. Bingham, chairman of the city Board of Works, and found that it would require an expenditure of from $200 to $J0O to repair the bridge and make it Bale for travel. Thia wa ordered to be done, and a statement of the portion of the expense to tw borne by the county, will be la'd before you. The bridge at Manotick which a special ccnio mittie recommended at the January amnion should be rebuilt, was completely swept away last Thia will have to be rebuilt at an early day, and it will bo a ipiestiou tor you to consider what descttp-lion of bridge will be most suitable. Information ou this point will be laid before you.

1 UK When lant in the city, a week agi, I visited the jail and found tbe building and yard in good order. Some improvements wt-re going on, such aa painting the walls of the corridors, white washing, etc. Thia vas being done at merely tbe expense of the paiut and oil. Toe number of prisoners lined in the il is 3H, of which 8 are h'male and 25 males. All tbe males, with tbe exception of two are engaged In breaking stone and the females at knitting.

I regret to observe that among the prisoners there still remains an insane woman. The number of prisoners confined in the jail ou the 1st of January last was 27.1, ol which number 20!) were from the city. I am happy to be able to congratulate tbn county on having so ellisient a s'affuf otlicera iu connection with the jtil. The governor and his assistants appear always ready to do their duty in mauner which not o'nly rtli'JCts credit upon but is in the interests of the county. I would recommend that the two turnkeys be furnished with euita of uniform clothing, similar to tltono worn by the i Ificlals ol other institutions of tbe same kind.

This would be but a trifling expense to tbe county, and would causo the positions of the turnkeys to be properly acknowledged. KISAMUL. The chaiimari'n statement and the auditors' report tor the lastq iarur will hi laid before you, which wul give you Ihe nrcesstry information regarding the fuancial standing of tbe county. As you are aware, the equalization of the assessment for tbe county will be taken up this session. I hope that in dealinir witn that important matter your great object will bi to do justice to each and every munici pality in tbe county.

No doubt other matters of importance will come before you. wine I am sure will receive at vour hands reasonable and earnest consideration. H.BCEUANIOtJd U091NIH8. A loiter was read from the directors ot the Protestant Orphans' Home anklng tor a grant in aid ot their new building- A petition was read from a number of residents of Fitxroj asking for aid to rebuild tbe bridges in that towntbip which were carried away last spring. On motion, Mr.

Moxgrove was heard respecting the city' appeal against tbe award of tbe arhittatois in tbe dispute between the city end county. He said that argument lu In the case bad been postponed to next Friday week. As one of the citya objacttoua "an that Mr. Henderson, one ot tbe roitratora, had received instructions from tbe Council as to tbe course be sbonld pursue, be would Lave to ask some of tbe council HOTELS. OSGOODE HALL.

Corner of Kiebeies aad Beseersr staeeie- Kew Hotel aewly farnisbed BrH-eiajs aeeominodatioa convenient Vara and stabl-Isa attached. A. MelSORROW. flllE OLD ALBIOM -) BAE KXFTTTED AND KEKUR5ISHKD. M.

UANTIXGK, JLeosa, Formerly ef By ar arkeu HOTEL DU CASTOR, 11 and 43 bussex EU Well eoa peae and lubstautially furnished. Terms axoaarew. First- class liverv stable ia eoaaeetian. isie-phone connection, fc. (HLVKltR.

PROPRlEIXiR, jtilCHFLTF.U MOTZHe. Mo and 4AS Basses su Newly equipped aad eommodioos rooms. Bar-room1 best raint. ot iiitiuurs and Cigars always on hand. Terms moderate, itat-claAS stable soo-ineaauotu Telephone connection.

W. O. MehAV, PTopnetor-P. S. Mr.

McKy is also luuioeruien'i agent, and has also a cneap easa uguoi sur to toe hotel. ii.iiand GEORGE STREET. Remodelled, oewly furnlnbsd, and eiiuippeu no ait iiupiovsuienls. inouc. Uituu uilersd to ins theatrical iirulcraiob.

Jhe liar eell tocled Ut tu cuoicesi brands ul tuiporte4 Vt mo Lkjuois ana Ciasrs. T. o'OdiNOK Prooriotor s-, "It ALLAN LlKl ROYAL MAOrEAHSHIPS LITEUP00L AMD suoiiTEsT Tea passage. Cabin, intermediate and steerage at rsduesd rntei SAILINGS OF MAIL STF.AMEK& From Liverpool, Polynesian Circassian Parisian 23r mh 7b 14th 21m Htb June 14th June -Juhe25th July 2nd Sardinian. armatian.

Polynesian C'ruasMau Sardinao-. Sarmatiun h'ruiu VI I' mi May lKih tirons'iuu May V'ird P-iiiflian May nb ll.nn v.irinn June 6(b Stulmiai! June l'th riainnf.c.a June 2" Parirlun Jane 7cb Pciy. Ci July 11th rdiu u. July IHtb Sarrua tan July 25ts KATKd OF PVSSAGE. Froui Quebec to Liverpool and Londonderry l.s (61, $70, 4.S later med late, bteerage.

Si t. Londonderry, Queen "town, GhtAOow cr Ballast to Quebec and always as low as lowest rate quoted by any other lines. Vou can obtain prepaid passage tickets at lowest rates st this oltlee, available irom England, Ireland, n'eotland, ier-Uiaoy, wsdeu and Norway for hartae and tickets apply aL-WAKD KINO, rtssnt 27 -parks "aTcWtheIdT" Practical Walcbmaltr Jeweller SO i'EAK-' KXPbitJKCK ReiMinng and Regulating KoN OM ETER, 1Li Lt. and othor INK WATCiiKS. CEALMEHS'T BAZAA.K.

Itt SrkH REMOVAL TUE OTTAWA ftMHAMfc lllf.Ee HOUSE Has been removed to No 182 iuarks St. ri ii. i i i rs G. T. AUSTIN, D.

L. Furvo( vil nd Mining Ertgineer. Mitirn rjoufh', Exauitisd, anl Hi 1 on. fjFFK'i -li ELGIN ST. OTTAWA.

6, 7r.h7qo. it A Wfjj." iiojiett and Iv (Bisct louts be- Ottawa sif Montreal. MAIL NrKANKKH Itnnntnir ths fachlne Rapids. Ktsamsrs las Qieen's Wharf at 7 s.m. every day Sunday rvrnp'sd.

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VV. SHEPHERD OITAWA ACADEMY OF IIISIC 8 RIDEAU BTKEET, Principal, T. LYO8, Lite local examiner to ths Royal College of Music, London. England. Ur.

T. J. Lvons wishes to announce that during ths tiummer recess la the Ottawa Cti'Irgs ani Kideaa bt. Cos vent, he will be at liberty to rereive alias itd lumber ol extra pupils after tba 6m week ia June. h.

-Terms and appoicunents eaa only be at the Academy and at Messrs. Urxs A 8- n's. (Street. Please note new addre. Henous lbllUyTO C'vtaJ Agaaey, 160 Fnlton fct.

K. V' a aal llfJJfjT v. -wt --5 Li A JrSeli lreseni system centralization at Toronto, A letter was read Irom the sheriff asklhg that In view ot the recent escape of a prisoner, he be furnished with a couple ot 32 calibie Smith Wesson revolvers with cartridge belts, and half a i aozen policemen's batons for tbe nse of bis constable. He also requested that certain alleritions be madj In the court oom. 4 ah the petltious and communications were referred to the various committee, after which the Council adjourned to 10 o'clock this morning.

I-OCAJLJNJEWS. Hoiibb Iln'iisb. at Eb. Browne's. Stock Pcbcbaaka.

Mer. yebtortfay bought twelve head of catrlo irom Mr. Wiu. Argue, of Uichmond, and live from A. Keuuody aud hovtu Hum John Daly, Don'i forget that Hlnlwsfc TlieriHtilt, NpiarkM titreet, liHVC llie lieMt eM in Iter In town, IIaiu Tlioru wu quite a heavy phowcr ot hull yeiiterday morning about half punt ten.

Tho clone were very large aud nut lu couHiduratle noisu when they toll ou the root. HoUrKKOIID'H Ii.lklllg I'owdor Sample at Kb. lirowno'a. rM'uiNK' isti Tiis Maksst. Tho ru 'lain in wliith the By Ward Market 1 hein gpriuklcd 1 not giving general eatlxiactton en ai niiiit ni Lhej IriHUtliuioht way in which It i lion' orKet iiia; Tiierl-4iilt urniid eh cm i irlc this week ol' iiiiimiIii, cisnliiiiet-rt'ttea Hiitl title slrensi kooUm lorllilM t-ini'AHnTK houj'ii.

B.jauo. A roitular iiiu' tii.g (1 ths Ho. id ot 6epiato School'.ee will tie hold this cveuingt when arrangemuiits will be made respecting iho rinilsummer holidays. BuKAKrAfT relish Kippureil Khail. Browiii-, Hat.

-There wore about a dozuu lo.du of hay on the market ycsleioUy, and thuio wa quite a lively demand and greatly increased price. Tbe quo-Utioii ihiikuI Irom $18 tj $20 per ton. AlidreMM rooIm bought at ISImIm A. xlierlMiilt'M. 73 fepMrkn nireet.

will lie niade it Hi the very lowent poaal-lle price. I'uotkhtant Hoh'ITal. Visitor this w. ok, commenting June 7th, 1885: Directors, Messrs, Richard, Bishop and J. Uocf citttr ladies' committee, Mei-damis W.

U.Tracy aud Mark: Ami; pbyrlcian, Dr. HunderHon. KirrsitXD Shud, a delicious breakfast. Eb. Browne.

Bkim KskovKD. Eiston' Id coal shed between the Sappeis' Bridge aud the Militii hi ore building, which ha long boen an eyesore, in being demounted. The ground in that locality will he sodded down and treos planted ou 1C, IsrexMeM iunle at St I aim sV TlierlmillV arki mt the very lowest price, uul perfect lit and lliiisli Kutariauteeil- I'm far, mmmmr bier is bdcoitiiag more aud more pocjulur oveiy a a means of Minit botweeu Hull ahd Ottawa, and now ''nn are to be sueu in her bandnome cabi "larly ovoty trip. It is certainly tho i 'V aud most ploaeant route to take iu betwren the two cities. Tin Emperor will not st.aod done examination without being V.tected that all ureatntss cnnsiHt of an illiiKH ii oh, plene his CfKiftrebip, keep out ot reach, your bide wo do not waut nor your claes.

Watches aud jewellery, solid gold ringp, at prices to mi it tho tlmus aud warranted as represented or no rale. H. Nokez, 30 HidertU street, next London Chop House. RolLkh KaCISQ A groat iloal of interest tri being niauilcsttd in the two milo roller rkatng race betwoeu Fi'atik Curtis uiid T. W.

rHoed, which will tJke plac-j at the Iloyal Rink on Paiurday evenlDK. Both rueu are very I'tnt Bkaterj ami an exciting contest may bj looked lor. There is danger iu a cold. Mauy who have died of consumption dated their troubles from exposure, followed by a cold which settled on their lungs, and in a short time they wtre beyond tbe skill of the best physician had they used Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup lore it was too late, their lives would have been spared. This medicine ha no iq ial for curing coughs, colds and all ailections of the throat and lurgs, Bcuuv AcoiDHNT.

While Mr. arm Mr. McDouiitll, ot Ongoode, ere driving to Ottawa on Saturday evening the vehicle in which they wore riding cuiio in cuniatt with the toll-gate tho Osgoode road so violently as to throw tin in out and duniHge the bugry pretty ludly. No limbs were broken. An Killtor's Tribute.

Thiron 1 Keutor, Kditor ot Ft. Wayne, writes For the past five years I have always used Dr. King's New Discovery, lor coughs ot most Severn character, as well ss for those ot a milder type, ft never fails to ell-ict a speedy cure. My friends to whom 1 have recotu mended tt speak ot it in the saaie h'gu terms. Having been cured by.

it of every cjugh I havo haii lor five yeari, I consiiHr it tho only reliable and sure cure for Coughs, Coldn, etc." Call at A Obrisli, Cj 's Drug Store and get a free I rial Bottle. Large size $1. Aitkahko in Pibuc. The newly formed St. Jean Baptiste Society of Uatiueau appeared iu a body iu public on tba occasion of tbe Corpus Chrtetl procession at that pb.ce on Sun-day ii.

Although the orKanis-tion I only a lew week old, 150 men belt) turned with a hand me anner and presented a flue appearand Very Itomarkahle lhaeovery. Mr. Geo. V. Willing, of Manchester, writes My wile has beeo almoct belpli tor hve jears, so helpless that she could not turn ovrr ia bed alone.

Sbe used two bottles of Electric Hitters, and is so much improved that she is able now to do her own work." Electric, Bitters will d) all that is claimed for them. Hundreds of testimonial attest thrir great curative power. Ualj titty cents a bottle at A. Cbnsiie A Coa. Sao Dkath.

Wo regret to learn of tbe sad aud terrible death of Mr. James Fratherston at his mill at C.rp ou Saturday morning. It appears that rhortly after starting up the machinery he lu some way got caught ia the belting aud was earned to tbe shading, where he was mangled fearfully a to cue death before be could be extricated. There are many forms of nervous debility in men, that yield to tbe use ot Carter's Iron Pills. Those who are troubled with nervous weakness, night sweats, should try them.

A Good Shot. On last Friday after-nnna Mr. Herbert Phillips. Dominion I police officer doing duty at xVdeau riall, Idlfcovmd a wild rabbit which bad i been destroying me vaiuaoio suruos auu plants. He reported tbe matter to Mr.

Burrows, garduer, who at once obtained permission irom His Excel. en'-y tor tbe officer to fire bis revolver within tbe grounds. Mr. Officer Phillips there-niion fired two shots tbe first the leg and the second shot killing the rabbit. Mr, Phillips Is reported to be I one of the finest wing shots in Canada.

T.i P. Q. nt Vrit for Prices Hammocks, hats puiiivsty oilier Ml) AWING CII'V, SfKI'lr. UfiDFRTAKER, lor. of llalliousle aud i or Ml reels.

i'tivalrt Ihmr oa Vork htrtn-t. 'r-l-lllll I'OIIIKH'IIOII Ifcw tblofi, 4 I.I A-ijvf' ifts yth'K uii, 4' II til I N-I'. IUj Ii -I. WOT ICE, County Cur ri. tow.T.

PL 11 1.10 NO i rierhv gives thm the iut it iinrl l.n if the I'mrs so 'ii M't, In sii li.r the id oimtv I'lCirl esli hiildxn at i ins i of "it, -f tJn fti.s-dy. the, nWittt ila) i Jam at lh bur of ten of a wt.ioh all oro-nars, oMshie, snd other en-oeroei aie rv-piired t.ks tiotio sal gqvein thuil linyiy JOHN rw fh.rlS, County of Uiltu.t, Sheri'i Offl "'aw, May 1-t'i. li'. i 50 lA-vely Hiyl sit isi-r wub I oar hams t. an th every wil-r, ir.r In cents an I this a Hivnn, Vinn'-I For Men yn.i ii.e, ai.

Toon IV' Feimr St' rlS FOR A5D GESERAL USE. It flowa freely, copios perfectly novcr moulds cr fades doc3 net corrode ctocl pens, and gives universal satisfaction. j-SOLD BT AU JTATIOSERS. SEASON. 4 6 tn ih'l WiIm, ul JU Jtnu Slpj-tt, Miinlre Qroand iflieatifloalrV'froia clear atnl pure Pcbhle, O.itioil til.

specially macufaa-tn red for ths purpose, they are withiat esospti r.u.i a Uple I to rentnr. the ravages of age. and to retail perfect viomu i are enpesiailv reeor-imsndsd by the emloeat of tbe faculty. EVKKT PAIK Oe SPFCTAULE-t AMI KtUJatSr.t II a ft IC is It. Agents for Ottawa.

II. F-MseCrthy. Druggiitt. Welung.oo street n. A.

I. Druggist, Rldssn itreili A. ll.Cobh, Hfuvot, If r1 arg tf jo: il. T. Klwell, t'ruagisl, lit ciparks "'ft, Y.

3. Oram, and. 'Ot We'Mngtnn street. RasseU Watts, 174 Sparks Mreet, ATlTitK KCtl HAKKEDtK, S. WOODLAND.

SAW AXD PLAXI.S'O MILLS. 6abe, Ioom A Ulm ii luade ti order. Sell wood, pine architraves and mouldings ol ins bIwjv in rtoca. Xurmng and scroll taw ing Leaiiy executed. loor-itg, clapboard, Koehefter-vllw OTTA A SCHOOL OF AiiT AM) St'IEM O.

F. STALK Ell, lie I MmI, SCOTTISH UJiTARiU CHAMBERS A.S7C.V.-Oclultf tt, 1881. to March, ltffS f.5 1'rr $1 It freeimiid DruwiitK. fMig, mvtui Hon r.nd reriictiTr' Unninw will be annoqereil .11 Mb 11 BOWLS, ARCHITECT, ROOM 25, SCOtTiSHoTtARIO CHAMBERS Sparks Street. lunvard.

Wfe Will pay tbe above reward lor an-eane of Ulver CoupUint, Byipeiina, bu-k Usadache, Indigetion, toustipatioo, or Uniitiveneai we cannot eure with Wait' Vegetable Llvar Pills, when the iliiectionn are strictly eoujidis with. They are purely Vegetable and rcver lail to give satiates tlub Coated. Larve boxes, onutaming Pills, 2o cents. or sale by all druggists liewars ol counterfeits and imitations I be geuuine manufactured only by JOHN tj. Kal The Pill Hikers," si A 88 Kit street, fcust I'otonto, Ont.

Free tria iiai.k.iKe bent by mail prepaid os receipt 1.11. 1., re.ssia.21 Ilk -) in "range Ball, H4 K.Kinbt. atHp.oi., First Weiue-day It each month. T. 1.

FPKOL'LE. ill Aokuhh utreel 7S.W Mrs. Twomey, LAi'iEti' aiO DALY STKF.1CT. imm v.Aui) coal BALED TFN'DFES addrer.sed to the kj Ciiun'T t' rrii, wil1 recrive.l until Friday, the day June, I) I'Hi. at thre o'clock in for ne bund 'td to: ot co-1, C1 n't Uuiift.

i uien ti price i lou. 1 he loaest or aty tender not nece sanly accept- CHA9. MACNAB County erk -THE Bamnn Wire aill Ircn Works WIMlsOK, ONT. IRON EN CES, iwmmi mm, yams, Stable Fixtures. Window Screens, Bank and Office Railings Galvanized Wire, Poultry and Farm Fences.

Brr- forC.talotut- The Land Grant OF Tit It A'AY Consists of the Kint HIIKAI MHAIMIIVhihI AIMi I. mills In MANIfllltt and tbe OH1 II IV Ml TCKItlTOKIKM. Lands at very low prices ensv di-tan of 'he ruleay, partiouUrly adapted tor Mixed arJiln stoog dairy produce, etc. liana osa be purcbssed (Vila or itithuut CuJition At the optien of (be purchw-er.

Prlc raise frotu uore with ootiditions requiring cnltiv- ttion, and with-cut cullivrliou or 'Vtlliiuirnt condition, at liberal figures, bwurd upon rsretul intpteUon by the Company's Land Exntn'nrrs. When i he sale i made rubicct to cultivation A 11EUA I ol ons-hait of the purchase pnoo is allowed ou the cultivated. TERMS OFPAYMKNTi PavrnenU may be nials in full at tituo oi pur' bane, or iu in at.nutl in. with intercpl. LuJ tirant iiutidj can bs bad from tbe Baas of nr suy of us Assucies, and will hi ed at 1') per Cent- prenuiuui on their par vjIiid, and accrued lutererU iu payuueut lor

Pamrhlots, Maps, Guide Books. Ac can he obtained troio the uudemigued, and also IroinJoholl- MoTavuh. ttu. I oner, Winnipeg, to whom all application as to prices, commons ol sale, iletcripuco ol lands. should be auuiersed.

By order nt the BiMrd, CHAKLta Li klNK WATER. 6ec iary la ct3 I FA MUCH nKial Scientittc Bojira on Marriase, Life, Health. 2S ieMoro, entitled War on Christian Befcthn." 15 rents. Strictly private bock oi Marriace entitled SereU of Generation," which po reed the Christian heathens tn Phitaoelpbia to repletion P'iceil, sentiTeebv trail (sealed' on receipt ot pre. Aodresn LAA'DIS PI 124 MIAMI AVENUE, tiETaOII, MICHIGAN.

U. S. A. (as ffik -Canadian Pacific iUj, pi "Ri in PiTimvir.F wnwiiTFii iKuuiw lillini.l,'.uu tjusiiui I 'S. ROGERS SON, i- mcm street.

1J IC KTAK ICS AND L'MJIA LMKIW, Thb BLOOD Cli ansir. Approaciiiaj Auction Sales By U-Tackabsrry. Auctioneer. Ol 11th Jims, at 2) Spark Stirling Brewery Property, 355 City lots for sa's aln several sooa farms id the country. On lttb June, sale of plum! ago and mineral lands, at tbe Russell Home, and several othar sales booked for month of June.

I. IS. Tacknberrv Auctioneer Mr. I- B. TACKABERRY has rseelved in'trun'ioo tn ed pubho auollon at 29 Sparks on Thursdav, June 4th, nt tbe the hour ot 2 p.m., a lot of hounehold furniture, em sistinir of one verv fine tftein- wsy piano.

1 Knsli.h pool tsble, 1 parlour set of even oiene-. in rep. louoses, softs, ehalrs, cutlery, bedroom set, ma'tra sen, perforated dlrnog chair, etc, one baby oarriag I. TACKABERRY, Auctioneer. AMY ieron wantirs to purohane that beaut.

tul reMdrnos and srounds known as Bllevne Plce." 173 Duly St. Apply toi 11. IAI'KaBKBKY, a it is placed xolusivly in my htniv iDCtion Sale OIL PAINTINGS, Anil Water Color-. Tth i the finest collection exhibited in in 3 ear. 1 havs r-onved inetruotions from an art dealer in Boston, to clone out hi flonigu-roent ot painting, alt eirantly tranrd, to behiirhest bMdsr, at putilio auction, on Tnun day June, at 7.30 m- and every evening until- all are fold 'fhoe are well worthy of a visit from theritir.ns ot Ottawa, and will give them a ch iuco to de-eora'e their homes at their own prioe.

Painting will bs on view thi. Thursday evening and d'tys previous to the I. P. TACK ABKHHKY. a neiion-r.

Important famtum Hale -0 F- VALUABLE The uoilnrpianed has received from the Montreal Plumbngo Mining m-puny to toil by pnblio auotiou, the llouoe, Ottawa, on THURSDAY. Ihe 18lli flay if June, At the hour of 2.M t'olock p.m., thelPium-bago Mine and the eDtrs pr. ierty ol tlie Company, comonsir.g the folloaing valuable minornl lrds in Lot in. on the fith rargo. Townchip of County ol Ottawa, containing pin of laud, in addition to tho salina of tbe lake.

2nd, north half of Lot in 5h rants of iaid Township of Buckingham, confining 1( aore-. 3rd, nine r.rrf of Lot No. IS, in Sth range ot nuckingham, with water privilege thereto buing site of cuniponj's, mill dri. in, eto. Tno Compariy' mill win fi'e hot tho mill daui uninjured, there aro on the property several heu -ea, hejc.

e'c. buiit for virmun purpo.os, when mian wero can led on- Mica baa ton tounu. tn wild the Iindu are iu the phosphate region, snd pfiOFi htes have I et-ii ti'und tnough no phosphate ruin-iog work hs bean oune- As to tbe qnaliti ol tho pluuibiwo it been cxreiiMvsly used in the inaoulaoiure ol cruomlss, lubn-cating ledo aud rtove r-ohsh an i given sailr Iji-lion. This i etshlished hy tbe et.erino of ooniuoiors acd by a osrti-cHie Irom ths oelenrated Batto nm Cruoibls tViirkn. tendon, a of which i open lor ICKpectiuii- There ars unr'VAllod facilities or transport ti sod frm tne mine ly the 0tia Hiver t.nd tl.

P. Hulway- All tbat is iiuired to anian a eolossal fortune a liltie eotorprine and capital at any mISOi takirs the trouble to examine too ruioss, will iy lor tberuelvea. For further iufurmatlon apply to 'be Se-ietarv if the eompanv, B. Cramp, in- 13 Hospital Mootieal, or to the underiignod. 1.

E. TACK ABliRKY. Auotionetr. Ottawa. HORSE SHOEING end General H'ackiuiithing and Jobbing promptly alter del to 37 George iStreet.

Next door to Win Kehoe. 80AM A-D Lhtlll SlABLfcS. Ilorsos end Kigs rented at reasonable rates. Nothing rut the best on hand. I have tares horses tor tale.

J. MtKIXSTUY, Corner of Xiehohu and Beaserer StreeUt 1 rear of Cashing 11 oune. TSre fine voobb onnd horses torssle hi or Llr Flair gu BfathacliadU Le Wm. URQUHART rasa akiCHDiDH flulr. Grains agus h-ulle seorss BeathachaSk Mio obotre aus Mm incsaanaoh aa eomhnuidb air iairuh, maoiie ri ru' llor.caict le.

Oilcan naid Wellington asaa Bank, Ot LAWS. Cor of Si Hank st. Odawa STONE! Dimension and Robbie Umestons for sals by R. Contractor, KoehesterviUej P.O. WW is STPt Jgf Rcsl(liti( over ssmws Ssmmmw aw awsmwa se sasj rraisuie FURNI UREFURHIT URC CnrptM Cnrictu Caro ls In order to iiiL ruci for I'reali arritHfN cil fiirlut; IsoimIm vfo lutii: iii'trriiiim to cleisr siii our uriMM-.

tureteoit tliruK tl, rt'-DiHlnder ot Him mnili CUll nt oiicsi ami ehoowvi rom over mi exlUHiv) mtoVk I iirni-lure. BHOOLBRED CO import tna. TENDERS Wantf-I for Advf rllsing. Ss.i:tLKI IRNIiKKS (.....,. -in aIdre-sd tbe h.

rec V(d until rnrlsy, the Iztb day ot June, A I' it lorve p.m., (or ail olhciai sing pubib hing of conviotious, I the Couhty ol lur or nr tbfee yetrs, Ths or any tender not ne ec eepted. CU A3. MACS' Aft, 1 County C.e k. INTERCOLOlAL RAILWAY. The direct routs from the West for all po nts In New P.runwirk, Nova bootu.

Prises I (Sward IsBtand. dps I re oa srt Nsf und and. Alt tte (Mipulsr sea bathing, BthiDg sol p'easaie retort of Caotde are alvas thu Has- 1'allmaa ears leaving Montreal oa Monday. Wedneiday, an I rriday ma throogb to ilsJifsi, sod on Tuesday, Tcarsday and ttetarday to bt. John, N.Ii., without ebaega.

Close eorn'ctltn made at Putoie Levis with tbe Oraod Truck Hailwav and tbs Richelieu Oalana Nargsticn Company stemers irom Montreal, and Levi with tbe North r-bote hauwav- tlegaat trst class Pulimvn IiuDeu aa 1 smotmg car on ail thr ush trains. tint olass relreshmect. rooms at eocvsn-leot distaooe 1MP0UTER815D EXI'ORl EU'J will bad It advantageous to nse this rente as it is the qaiekest to point of time, aad the rates are as low a bv say other. To rough Freight is iorwardeJ by fast special train and eipenence bs proved ths Intercolonial route to be the quickest for European freight to and Irom ail point in Canada end tbe Western Statas. Ticket may beoou vised ana also information about the r.ute and about freight and paecar rate frcra tiiWARX) KINO, Ticket Agent.

27 Sparks inset, Ottawa. ROBERT Waatere Kreisht a Passenger Acent. i rUnun 1'lvt. York si, TvrvnVo V. POlTINULrU Chief oaperinteawtit.

Railway OSee, M-neton., 2lh Msy, 145. no.

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