Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 14, 1890 · 4
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Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1890
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- -ajr -..a - " ----.a t VT miil Him 'i i mi mm i ir"'"i 'c'ib ' m -i "' I Tk.iTV niTi7PV MHYinY .T17T.Y U IMiO i--t I i 1 ; 4 "1 3 : -J-. 7 M v 3 HOUSEKEEPERS; Now t the time to have your PPr Hanging and Tlntlnir eneia Uie nm aixmrni pumi-er. thai, a J. 15. DUFOKI), Km aaaone.1 etcrk -.x cf WaU: Paper is the a'. Fop Two Weeks Only Cuiu!i2rniiii J'.ly lth. Tli j-rat,t ij-ionturiit y the wn-i-oii to J tu chiuM" Eensiae Gold and Silver Watches Lxwr trail wriv lii"! in Cn.ui.i. Lai from. st st.j. k J't.i to tt Whoumu Retail Jaw kixkhs. 98 RIDEAU STREET, a. & a. f. McMillan. RftrirK a eperial'V. The Best House in Ottawa FOK TKOUSEKS PMkZOin on. KENNY BROS. MeBCHA!T.TaIUIUJ, 84 SPAIut fc'iEET. SPECIAL NOTICES. Ladle aai gentlemen, yoo an all invited o attend tbe auction sale cf househeld fur-nirar at 10 a.m. sharp to mono w at .'t-xi Waverly street, near Bank. C. Lerecjue, MCUOSMr. Excessive prophet ia what' ruining the prophevsing besinea. Nolan's fi 50 a jit is be t value in city 141 Mpox atreea. City chilj Do country town sbere you go baia tnsatrea ? Actrtaa No. Country own Mier bare tbeatrca. Tbry have only opera houeea, a of muaic and templea of l nwpta. Toronto and Migara Fa IN ia A- O. I. triiriun. $S.4H and tuuVari the liih. Have yon aecn trie tplecdid ataortment, Eaffliaii priata. at lkajn( (iraham A Co. 'a. Panaioaa to aaiii ra would acaroely be wreck leaa p-r ai-mir.. V Klarkwrll'a picklea and eanoee and marsiaiade. IWUwin Broa. f aaaa hae yet climbed the ladder of fame oa rouu la of drick. Nolan' f 4.50 auit i Kit Talue In city. Ill opara atreet. Crepe de Chtce cf lcatr!-ee black ia the faeoarit pormcg drraa. fhi may he bad la ertakled, atriprd, ipotted or Dowered lur - Truth i a impeeeible to be (oiled by an outward toa.h ea tne aunbeam. The auction aale oi houaebold fnmituie at 30 Waverly atrect wi;l Ukia at lu o'clock aharp. Eaeily Arranged Bionr What a bother a cotutrienca ia. 1 bate to pay Mlla, but oasehow I hare to. lie Witt It' eaay aouga to get around I nat. 1 ay uver. To rial aad camping ahirta. Largeat toe a at tuyaon, taraiiaui A lo. a. Charla Mia KHa Klla may I hope to to yoo : r.:ia ny. marur, do yoa tnink 1 m to ue ra e 3. ho, Mabel, the beet lurgeon ia the world can l act a broken rrorf.l. TwroRto and Masara Falls ia A-O I H Exrurtiou, VOO and f B.VU em i ne I a n. clack aaourniog nandaerchicla ot pongee, mbroidered wiut white ailk, are new aad fuhioeable, U rueaue, acceeeurie cf the touet. A new colour ia coming into (aahion. It ia eaUad "ealuun icJ" and ia much uaed for daooraUTe purpoara. Stumbling over a croquet wicket il a eery mail aummcr trip. Don't f of art to attend the auction aale of the entire furnuhint,- i f Mra. K. Stewart' rwaidence at No. Wavcrly etreet at 10 n-m. The hydrophobia aeaacn atwaya haa terror for the oiai. itu the dopd look. For Good Value In ladiea' aad gentlemen's bota, ahoee and Upper, in fact ail ind of Hrat-claaa footwear call on I. Karrcll, 51 i Suaaex atreet. At tin- Htli-liul. The aonual rect.p-.ion aerrioe to the Nun of the I'recioua lliooil took place yeateiday momicg in the ILsiiica and waa attended , by about fj"). '1 ne aerrke waa chanted by trie Ke. lather 1'Untm, aniated by Mima r Hoarfjue. 1'iloa and irnon. Ktv. f-'athrr vMcrovern preached the aermcn ia Kngitan 'and Ke. Father Ardt uin in t rench. For hot the 4,Mnnteerrat" I.ime Fruit Juice, dl,t-i and awretet.r 1 to tlie taale, ia a delightful and healthful drink. Ma-. ni- lUirf.d. .The funeral of the late Mr K. C. liennett, who died on 6turdy mr rninrf. to-k pla yeterday af:ernoon to lirechwood Cemeury and we largely atteoded. The deceased - waa amerrber ot the Masonic fraternity, and the funeral arranperr.rnt a were carried out ty Prioce U Wales I le No. 371, A.K. and A M. Tneservi ra .t tr.e hcue weie first perform, d iy IUv H. I'uIIard. after which Mr J. It. Wrik-.r. tt . M . s.k k charge of tt e rria.nn on lt.:r ,t tho The M.s mic bar.d ind :t ") n,em!-ra of tne Vi"110"""1"1' 1 1 " ,10- The Ute Hrnnrtt. wh u .. ', ,,f WlM ma r.ninri.ti I ! rj-.n, u l f, wa Lociiie.-'-t I'.ri tr-- t-. Mr. A. . W. . -ic.rn. II. : weed :im!r '.n :a i 1 i.vr r ntar y yars itliahnifut r! at one tm.e mills cn tt e Ottawa. Rrd . rani lr and .rj I.thiiKc suu iidriilf noiiiliiirnl. hratiatoue and coping- t . ol iu at lowest prices, l y tne ..ixia i.i.,.it, ( 4ulli liaaio. Ol'.awa. The girl with a v tba pint whin -..rta c Jotd cn the 1 t'.l i H. never ae-4 a ;.iie a:e Tbe :riae if the auapir. trr-mokrr ha C'liipeed. rrcul ia J'.ternrd closed alter the versn'e pir of a-upendcr. A aaatlan lalaariir THKteaavn ot .fn i and summer ia the tut. .'.-j the a-mt forms of cholera morl .t, di-ri. "n 1 Iwwrl com plali.U prevuf. As t srd I r. Ion It la K :r tcf l ;.-.. U try stiouM be krj.l in tae huu. i .,t : I teu tie I: U an i I I tm evm. "J AM disorder -.- il l a l tate ef the aatr n CarM'a Litt.e I.:, ng or di-:fi;f it'. thai. Tic'h rraj - : i. i .. t r r ft cured No p ly tun sr. I f A Ii, i :.t ' If. THE TWELFTH OF JULY. ' Four TLoiLsaml Orangemen Meet at Ashton trove ANJ PASS SEVERAL RESOLUTIONS Celebrations in the Ottawa District and Elsewhere. Tho vaiioua Orange lodge of the city on Saturday murniu at tho Oraox Hail, and hating formed into proceaaion tu tne number of about 4 marched to the L't.i n Station, where they look the train fur Aahtou to asaiat in the celebration at that p.aur. Marshal James i'tck and the U V II. life and drum band led the proceaaion, tne baud plaviiig a number of etiriirg tucea. Fully 7UU ' peoplo took in the cicuiaiuu, twelve car being completely til. 1. Ci.i arriving at the Aahton atation, which ia auout 1" mile from O.lawa, it waa found thai the ground were about a mile and a hetf away, and to tiietr diacomhtuie the ti .-uiaionisi hd to tramp that diatauce over a rad. N lien tne ieruve waa nnaliy rearrred, however, it preetnted a moat animated appearance, tiii nid as it waa with large nuuibei of Orangemen and their frieuds, whilst music from dfea, drums, bagpipe and brat iuatrumeuu resounded in all quarters, ihe numbers, too, kept insreas-log during lunch hour aud the eaiiy part cf tue aiteruon, unlit, when the platform meelmg wa t pened, there were fully four thousand peopie present. 'I he .'VJcetlnaT The proceedings at this pait of tbe cele- bralion were opened by tbe singing of the National Anthem, Mr Job Suepnerd, of Ottawa, County .Master, a cnalrD1an whiiat amjnget tho&e present were noticed Hon. V. Ciemow, Kee. Dr. Moor0, 1). Donaldson, J as. Clarke, J. Dawson, T. Mo-Veity and W. i'orter, of Ottawa; i. Mc-Kiroy and Kev, Mr. Simpaon, of Richmond; U. N. Kidd, of Carp; Kev. K. Whillans, of Nepean; and Dr. Snepherd and Kee. D. McDonald, of Carleton 1'lace. After a short opening address, the Cnair-man called on Mr. James Clarke. That gentleman was received with applause, lie moved the following resolution Reolved, That on the l2:h of July, th second anniveraay of the passing of the Jesuit' Ka rates Act, which, notwithstanding the declaration of the Governmtnc and of the House of Commons, we cannet but regard s involving an acknowledgment of the supremacy of canon law in the 1'rjvince if , i tLcc, end, therelore, injurious to the majesty of the Crown and to the independence of th realm, we re atlirm the resolution of July, 1S'J, condemning Mr. Mercier and the Provincial Legislature for tbe passing of said Act; and also condemning Sir John Macdonald and Mr. Edward lilake and the member cf the House of Commons, who at their instance by their vote endorsed and confirmed said legislation." In moving the motion Mr. Clarke referred to the fact that they were commemorating the 2Jrth anniversary of the Battle of Boyne and be ws proud to be present. He confessed that a an old Conservative he regretted to have condemned Sir John Macdonald, but he felt that gentlemen had been recreant to true C-nservatism in refusing to disallow the Jesuit' Eatate Act. 1'olitic, he said, had now bextme a game only to secure power, and to do anything to retain the Roman Catholic vote. Sir John had passed the bill to give Orangemen a laj in the face, and he would live to regret i Referring to the Equal Right party, he a . tbe member were maligued and misr p - ented. 1 eopie bad only to read the tipiea oi tne I-qiat Kignta Aaaociati u t hnd this out for themselves. He conclude his ayldrev by complimenting the Orao men on t3e excellent appearance they pie ented and on the fact that there waa no! one intoxicated man on the ground. THE ORANiik OHIH.K. The motion waa seconded by Mr. Joh rerguaoo, l'aat County Maater of Lanark who waa followed hy Rev. D. McDonald, of Carleton l'lace. That gentleman said the people present knew wnich side he a as on and that he was an Orangeman. He dwell upon the objection made by some 1 'roust ant to becoming Orangemen on the trout. that there waa no need for the order. There wa a great need for the order. It waa to keep the Catholic from encroach Ing on their rights. It was nothing more than an Equal Riuht Association. He thought tbe Equal Right Association waa neceataiy. He contrasted the treatment received by the l'rotcslanta of Montreal in l7tf, whilst going to church to the protection the Roman lalholica hd received in To ronto cn the occasion of the pilgrimage riots. it was an iniquity to endow tn Jesuits, who had even been banished from the Roman Catholic Church. He also re ferred to the alleged altempta made in t,'ue Dec, lo pas a statute to make the 1 totes taol swear by kissing a crucifix, and to put a ctos on Mount Koyal. 1 hey bad no succeeded, he said, but the Roman Catholic could atford to wait. Cnlet Protestauts were alive they would do so in time. 1'he motion wa carried unanimously. Kev. K. Whillans, of Nepean, in movin tbe second resolution, said the worst prin ciple of the Roman Caiholio Church were being introduced into Canada assiduously and quietly, but he wa glad the Protectants had awakened to the fact. He wa glad the Jesuits r.state Act had passed. it had a good .effect on the Pro teatant. He dwelt upon the fact that Conservative and a Libeial bad been return ed t Parliament in the two recent election in this city, and both political parties had joined hands to crush the Ktiual KiifhU As sociation. The komiah Church did not care w hat a man wa in politic a long a he - tntir slave. Mr. D McKlroy, ef Richmond, I'aa .ounty .Master, seconded the resolution He rr.'l a long poem written on the Jesuits r.itate riul debate in the House of Com mons, the It-esou learned from which ha hojed thoee present would bear in mind. .dr. I lor Mc eity supported the motion ry Siju g that the applause given for Mr il ay and .Mr. Iiunaldson by those present wiuld tecompenae them somewhat for the victorious cheers they had been obl-tit to liatrn to from their opponents the recent el-cti'.oe. The lujual Rights f " -.'anon were not uiaappoiuted, however. 1 rie c- u!d not eipct victory so soon, I ut would tij until tney were sueceaatul. 11 uic.are .1 there was a plot on foot to blot out th: which had triumphed in IC'O au.t aakrd that all shuuld stand firm and n,i;t J..r the contiuuauce of those rights. THE l-vl'At. kl'illT-l C.AM.IOATFH. The motion waa put and carried uuatii ni-u-ly. It waa as I"11ohs : iv aouen, i nt this meeting contirstu- lstct .Mr. Let rge Hay and Mr. D. DonMd a r, ano coDttsteii the recent eleotinns for the Lamtm ns au.1 for the L-;l Legttlature itrrt;iiri, m tne interest i-i r.qual Kitthta, r. the itaiKnt stand matie l.v thtm on th oct a-i,.-!, aud u the nttii.ent vote pi ll t 11. Ill in the t anital of thn 1 loinit.inn t i i :a-idir.g the hostility ot both purlin. ..t mi-t ii upon ail Protestant to sink p luic.l liirterences, aud to stand ruo'ii.:. r to eriour.n r in order to secure the It. t lntt;Ti-;ii rhur c.unlrv ii. I 'ii a op , k ho ms prese nt, was II'' thank.'. I Hume i.tesei.t on " "r. 11. y .a n aa hinai if for the lea ..i:ti..u u. althoiich hi. , ik,. h .,1 ('.e tt.iir duty an.i wrte readv to do It'l MT"l:a . l... ijt -Tli.N. li- v. M-. .Nin..,u (.f Richmond the f.-.l-.a ii,j rraoluti'.n : thin I. lust we have l,r..r.1 I II I" u.l .lo.lra:.,ii the e!f Ota ( f it.e loval u tu ..laiuu ira ar.i the N rth-Weet e 'iu ii mIh, ftotii the i!u1 lar-Uageal "... ...... --Mokr.t .-fut.,t iiirrn.. M...l .. .. lil y ti oi.r thauka to l)a!ton r , t 1 tut If a M P.. and Col O Hnen, M P. 'I .ia for thccouraci. Htlf i 1 Lr at mi ...k ,li , ,y d l y inrm on the ll.,or . ir.t- ii ut . I . ... il'iril lf Ilieil('lit.i t.U the !.. uii. n lor the at, i an. ti of the f.ii.cit! e'iau.11! ..I tiie l-itri. Ii l.itku.4 iu tot.a an. I the N"i n v -t lerrr.orita. r '.La f..r becoming II C.H' 1.13 Orifi'en an kn i .iA K.ghf r. II., tr:e I tt th, 1 ooly t.) tiaiel through tut hec ud i, nor.u.ce aud aiperiiti..u rievailii t .. :r to ... i.e i j th .ui .n th .t it . . :i i-.j- v iu tr.i,t'iii.i-je. ji:s ntotro -. ' !cc- who the Church of Koine." Mr tt. I'orter. of O: taw a, aud Mr. Shore, L' -i-' t s coi.ilt j the morion in briif n I I. wa.s lamed, when Ker Dr. M of t f I i y Jr. vi r,hei,i. I . I'M l l. AT : -!tt:rr I".' by - ot Roman Catholics coder the Separate School law, affirmed that every ratcpaytr i prim facie a supporter of the Public Schools until, by his own act, he become a supporter ot the Separa'e School ; "And, whereaa, there ia grave doubt aa to the effect ot aaid declaratory Act, which may have to be settled by a reference to th cjurt, this meeting exprtvse regret that an amendmi nt o muoh required should havs been so framed as to leave the mattor In ccedlee obscurity, and call upon all tbe number of the Legit'ature to take measure to procure tho pasaago of an Act making all ratepayers, until tbey personally elect other-wiae, supporter of tbe Public Schools regarding the intention and effect of which mere can be no ditf-rence of opinion ; " And this meeiirg further recommend vigilance, lest the departmental regulations touching the ore 1't dual language text books in Eastern Oitario, which were devised to ensure the use of English, and the gradual, bat speedy, disuse of French, a the language of instruction in these French settlement, be nnt allowed, through lurg uie and lax enforcement, to acquire tbe force of law, and thus indirectly to secure to tbe French language official recognition in tbe province; " And finally, this T.eeUng regard the institution of Separate Schools aa a mistake, and their continuance injurious to the public weal, inasmuch aa the eyal-em is a clear violation of the principle of the separation of Church and State affirmed by the secularization of the clergy reserves, and calls upon our repre-st nta lives to advocate and support legislation by whomsoever proposed looking to the speedy extermination of the Separate School system, and tbe consequent placing of all denomination on a footing of equality aa regard the matter of education." In the course of his address. Rev. Dr. Moor referred to the sacrifice of property made in tbe clergy reaerve by Protestant denomination for the separation of Church and State and (aid the sacrifice had been made tor no-nothing. He said there would be no true separation of these bodies while State-aided schools were employed in teaching religious tenet, and commented severely upon the supposition tbey were asked to entertain that Mr. Mowat waa not accurately sure of the meaning of many of the clause of th amendment to tbe School Aot, eome of which were pasaed last session. In conclusion he urged young men to keep clear ot both political parties. The motion was carried and Chairman Shepherd being given a vote of thanks, the meeting o'.osed Dy thrae cheer for the yuen. HOMEWARD BOUND. At five o'clock the Ottawa contingent started on their tramp back to the station. Tbej arrived in the city at seven o'olook, nd having re formed into procession, marched back to the hall, where they disbanded. At khauvllle. -The l'ith wa celebrated ar Shawville by platform meeting in Dagg' Grove, at which addresses were delivered by Kev. D. C Mc Dowel), W. M. Pettyaon and other. Dinner waa served on the grounds, the proceed from Which are tc be devoted to tbe build' Ing fund of a proposed new Orange hall. Hillings' Bridge. Tbe day waa successfully and enthusiast! cally celebrated at Billings' Bridge by the member of the order and their friend to the number of some 600. The villsge waa made gay with nag and deooraliona, an reaoutded with gay and pleasing music from tbe several bras and hte and drum band violin, pipe, etc. The committee, officer and member of the order and their friend have every leason tor congratulation on the c n.plete preparation they had made, an 'hi enure success and thorough enjoy men of he day by all present, as well as th .1. some sum realied, which is to be dc v ted to the construction of tbe new Orange .1 11 which, by tbe time of it dedication cn the first Monday in August, the brethren hope ami expect to have entirely tree from debt. The following lodge were present, and participated in the events of the day L O I. , IKK. Billings' Bridge, Wm. Ellis, V.M. LO. L, 757, South Gloucester. Andrew Spratt, W.M.; L.O.L. 273. Lo I-Und, Andrew Dawson, W.M.j LO L 407, Hawthorne, Ueo. Welsh, WM II Y.ll.No. 4S. Billings' Bri.lge, T. Spratt W.M t O.Y.B., No. 152, Hawthorne, J no. Lilliea, W.M. Each of the lodge waa provided with gay flag and the traditional bfe and dium, In addi Hon to the city bras band, which headed the proceaaion. Prominent among those present, and who contributed to tbe succeaa of the day, ware Wor. Bro. Geo. Forde, County Master oi Russell; Wor. Bro. A. Graham, Deputy County Master and Dis trict Secretary; Thoe. Walker, District Master: C. Billings, Township Clerk Johnson, J. P.; John J. Smilh, Geo. Abbott, B. Rathwell, W. Spratt, Tho. Spratt, Di rector of Ceremonies, and others of tbe leading residents of tbe county. After the procession had taken place several stirrin and pleaiig addresses were delivered on the Exhibition Grounds, in rear of the Town Hall, after which those present Indulged in the several attractions provided. A sub stantial platform bad been erected in a de lightful tpot in the grove, where, under the direction of Bro. E. H. ONeil, many those present tripped the light fantastic to their h.'orts content.. TBE SPURTS. The sports were carried out on the groundi end the baaebail match in an aiioiniog field. Th Town Hall had been transformed into a paUce reataurant, where the lad friends of the member of L. O. L. No. 222 and O.l.H No. 4S, dispensed freely from the abundance of tempting delicacies provided oy tnem. the enjoyment ol which wss en hanced by the kindly attentions of the fair attendants. One of the features of tbe day that at traded attention waa the baseball match be tween the Maple Leaf, of Billings' Bridge and the Pastimes, of Mount Sherwood, which waa closely played, and resulted ia victory for the Maple Leafs, which it is claimed would have been reversed bnt for an accident to M. Redmond, catcher of tho Pastime, in the 7th ionlngs. through which he sustained a paintul ft acture of one of hi finger, compelling him to withdraw. The score wa follow : Maple Leafs R. Preston 2, H. Gr.l.orn 4, J. Jackson 3. M. Hrrron 2. W. Fairburn 3, J. Richards 4. W. Doxev 2. O Pel ton 2. A. Phillip I. Total 23. - Pastime. K M.(itth2. T. -Wheeler 0, M. U Ni l! I. M Redmond 3. Ci Craig 5. E E lwarda.t. K (iarvin 3. W. 1'rindeville 0 J. Muoo i Total 19. The itame waa satisfactorily umpired bv ii. i.iitie. The following is a list of those suocesaful in the several contest : Quoit match John Preston SAck race 1st, A. Forde; 2ud, C. Brown .M rued mens race 1st. A. Soratt: '2nd K Loth. Ihree-legged race lat, X. Grayburn and . itydr; zod, A. forde and C. Palmer. Hoys' race, under 14 1st. J. Woods: 2nd. tic? . 1 u. .-.pi an. Men' race N. Grayburn. Hop. step and leap 1st. N. Hall: 2nd A. Houston. Throwing ahoulder stone A. Heron. Running long jump J. Richards. 1 he whole i f these were carried out ui.Jnr the supervision of Bro. Spratt. secretary of the committee, and tie only cause of re c ret was the fact that the day was far spant and the lime had arrived when the all must start for home, which they did delighted with the pleasures they had enjoyed, all expressing ineir uiauas lo me ia lies and contleiinu ol the place who contributed to the uleasurts ..C.J oi iuu uay. I rli'brnlioiis l.lsetvlirre IS MONTKF.AL Montrcal, 12th. Three hundred Montreal men left by special train at 4 o'clock a. in. to participate in the oelcLration in honour of the day at lirock nlle, Ont. The lodge met at iheOrarge Hall at Point St. Charlea, aud tne n.emhera in full regalia marched ia iy to 15 .naventure Station with tlaua an.) banners futlcd and band silenr. 0 her paitir-a ol llrnt.etnen were picked uu at Morriabuig aud Cornwall, t kINilkTON. vini ra, r.':h. I he Orangemen of this .y anil (linnet celrliratcd the dav bv pr.-rfPi..n loimwrd l.y a picnic at Chanutl e in the kftemoon. I he tut n.. ut wna y cr.,ii;aul.j one. and tha u H,.r uu. an iii..i c ,uid be nixhc.l. AT I'.l.l t'K. Co -.icy. Out., 12th. The 'Ani;h aunirr- r .f tne Battle of the lvoyne wai ,e!e. rated by the t ounty L ilga t Ea-t ltntoe i I tifsliy. Tne liiiic, .. ii.. d.corated. Two well made archc spanned tbe street. The Hanover Hrua It ...,t ...... n attendance. Altecether there wr .i. Ucn lodges represented. Tbe speaking look . Alex. Katrace's crnvM T , nan waa lanin riv Itro. A. I i Master. 'it y HATIM.p. I'.II'.'.Tl'. MJoc, Ut., 12.h. 'ice Ofuiiciuici mie. brated the 12th here to day by ambling ia Con ley's grove, where about 2,000 ttt-k dioaei. Appropriate epeeche were made by a number ot proiuineut men of the district. cmhocro. Cobourg. Oat , 12th. Tne 200th anniversary of the Battle of ihe Boyne wa celebrated in thi town to-day with more pomp and greater enthusiasm than for many year pst. A large delrgation from Peterboro and Lketield was prt sent. FIVE THOfSAND FRICSKWT. Roslln, Ont., I2.h. The 12th waa celebrated here in grand style to-day. About 17 lodges were represented. About 5.000' people were on the ground. The prooeasion was the largest, most orderly and respectable that ever took place in the Couuty of Hastings. Norwood, Ont . 12th. Eleven lodges of Orangemen and True Blue, local and outside, celebrated tha 12:h of July hereto-day. is i-ieros. Picton, Out., 12th. The 12th of July wa celebrated here to-day in a right loyal manner. The L. O. lodge of Prince Edward, Frontcnic, Addington, Lennox, Hastings and Northumberland, together with the Orange Young Britons, True Blue and Prentice Boy of the cities of Kingston and Belleville, met here and formed a mammoth procisnon. BROl KVII.L. Brockville. Ont.. 12th. The Orangemen of thi town celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne to-day In a vety enthusiastic manner. Fully 1,000 took part in the procession. rOBEST. Forest, 12th About 3,000 attended the Orange demonstration here to-day, which wa a great ucces. "ALTON AND FEEL. Hal ton, 12th. The Orangemen of Halton and Peel celebrated the day at Milton in roVal style. About 8,000 people were present. CLINTON. Clinton, 12th. It is estimated that there were from 15,000 to 16,000 people in town to day celebrating the 12th. Arohea bearing appropriate mottoes had been erected in vaiious part of the town, while bunting, 11 tgs and evergreens were displayed in all directions. LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF. Ex-Mayor McDougal is buildin? three new house at tbe toutn end of Elgin street. A house near tbe new Methodist Church on Ashburnbam Hill is labelled "Diph theria. Messrs. Shore A Ashe have been awarded the contract for re seating St. George' Church, whiob will coat over $1,000. The Rev. Father LsBamme, of St. Hya clnthe, P.Q., 1 in the city, and took part ia the service ac the Basilica yesterday. The McLeod Street Methodist Church hold their Sunday School exouralon to Chelsea on Tuesday, when a large turnout ia expected. The advance bill poating brigade of Rob- bins' circus, which appear here on the 23rd, have completed the work of billing the city and vicinity. St. Andrew (treet haa been macdamizad from Sussex to Dalhousie, and when rolled will be a great improvement on its former condition. The annual excursion to the 1,000 Isles under the auapicea of the Young Peopli Association of Kink Street Church, which take place to morrow, promise to be largely attended. The city and oounty pilice are oa tho lookout for Mc Fur lane, and receive all sorts of information. Oa Saturday he wa re ported aa being at Bank street and also at Meacb's Lake. Cable advice state that all tbe stock in the bit; Ciualiart phosphate truat la now taken up. Tne capital is $5,000,000, and the object is to take up all the Canadian phosphate lands now obtainable. Mr. O'Brien, an English evangelist, held a well attended opn air meeting ia the Pine Grove, Ashburnham Hill, last evening. Service will be held during thi week. The evangelist is a very fine speaker. fudge Koss on Saturday granted the ap plications made for probates of the wills of the late John Biais, of Oagoode, and Patrick Clark, ot Fifz ny. The estate are worth $4,000 and f I.'.Cj respectively. Th fare for the Ottawa Lacrosse Club' excursion to Montreal and return on Satur day next, where they play the Shamrocks, has been nxed at ti 60, good for four days. I bey expect about 600 x unionists. Mr. J. Thomaa, an old player of the Ot tawa Lacroaso Club, who haa spent the winter in Syracuse, returned home on Satur day. He look greatly improved, the cli mate having agreed with him. Ue will probably remain in Ottawa. The floral pillow advertising tha A. O. U. W. excursion to Toronto and Niagara Falls, on exhibition in the window ( f Aid Scrim' shop on Sparks street, ha attracted a great deal of attention, and ha been much admired. It is a magnificent piece of work, snd reflect credit on that gentleman, who la uttawa leading florist. During the offertory at the Church of the Sacre Lteur yeaterday morning, a moat beautiful Ave Maria, from the pen of Herr Koehler, and dedicated to the venerable Father Chaborel, was moat tastefully suDg by Madame de Bonald. Moo. Boucher very generously contributed a violin ob hgato, which greatly added to the effect. Herr Koehler is one of our most sifted musi oal teachers. The blending of the voice aud tbe two instruments in this song prove him to be a master ot harmony, and an author ot no mean order. wny Is It that our stalwart police are dressed in heavy uniforms and arrayed with helmet observ able half a mile off ? Why is it that they are given oeriain regular "beats 7 Is it that "justice is o completely "blind folded that she take thi precaution to protect evil-doer, giving them ample time to calculate exactly how many minute they nave to carry out their proposed villainy unmnietiea wouia it not be tar more ensible, just and consequently phvaolo- phicai, to throw "regulation uniform to the four winds, and inaugurate an entirely new system, costuming our emcent police foroe in ordinary business suit no two alike and sending tbem about at an ordinary business "gait, with power of authority ooncealed, to be shown only when necessary; now otten ia heard the expres sion, "Here come a Peeler ftho lattar word originating from Sir Robert Peel hav- ing organized tne Brat constabulary) wait until he goes by. Citizeus of Ottawa, insist upon this dis interested idea being carried out; at the same tine compel our city Corporation to have oivilian clothes for the whole force made by J. R. McNeil. THE WEATHER. Taraata Bctearalaatleal Re part. Toronto, 13th. The pressure is highest over the New England States and the Mari time I'rovlnce, aud ahallow deprcaaion cxiatover the Western StaU and Manitoba. Local ahowariare reported from the Rockv Mountains to the Ou'Appelle Valley. Elae- where there is fino weather. Maximum temperatures I a,c'.irv 70 Winnipeg ,S. port Arthur S'2. Toronto hi, Aloutreal H2. Otiebec Mi. Halifax 7-2. Pa-iUAMLiTiHa. 1 lie probabilities for the next 24 houn are : ltkes Moderate, variable windr; fine aud very warm. Sr. Lawrence and Gulf Moderate winds: nne and very warm. .Mat nunc I'rovincca Modorato winds: hue, stationaiy or higher temperature. Standiug frills of lace are substituted for high c.lluia, and there are liugerdcisi ruHlr.s of hious.eline do toia to be sowed iu the dress and tutccd back to ditulsv the entire throat. Monuments in 'ranile and in .limbic, iu every valltty ot deaicri :k, or made to ordi t at the worka ot the Canadian Granite Co. (.anal Burin,.! ):ta ; I'.l'i ciibs of very fine white nine are beinu put through the tli.i.a j ut uow. 'ihe rail Ix'ti-uis to Klock Bu s. and comes from the uab!ssii 111. it 1 not now believed that any of the -uiiictalnr will ever return lo their ecu ua. An Ionian named iron Mcctaam livea ar .. . . ... i ore 1 icrre. 1 he y-ung bravsa there must lie afraid to call iu his daughter. The Hottentot liny ul. th s virV.hrr. but tbe ( oolentor is the i:i.n etnvh.tilv av around. " Kx in litis 11. nm.'1 v.rk'.'fl t,';c .1 the fttiu.g cf Chic ia" girl's shoes. 8POIIT8 AND PA8TIMK8 (Conlinntd fromrd pagt) he put together 33 in excellent shape, makiog two 4. two 3', six 2. and singlu. He waa loudly cheered on oomlng in. Biistow 31 wa a cvefully and correotly put together contribution and Stow msde a fine display for hi 20. R. Brewer went in la'.c, and waa apparently well et when be gave way to terribo hitting and lot hi wicket The Canadian' could do little with Turton. Bovllle and Br is tew, and only made 63711" large number ot which were contributed by the baseball hitter of the team. Boville got six wicket for 22. The scores were : ENGLISH MEN. K M. Bovllle, o Acklsnd Q. Warden, o and b Steele P. D. Bentley, 1 b w. Steele M. 8. Bristow, o (irout, b Steele XV. T. Wilson, o Jarvis, b Steele E. Turton, b Hogett H. F. Stow, c Grout, b Bogert T. Chandler, b Acklaod O. Hampshire, c Grout, b Ackland R. Brewer, b Ackland Bennett, o and b Bogert T. Perrott, not out. Extra 14 0 20 31 3 3S 24 1 6 2 3 . 0 . 10 152 CANADIANS. I W. M. Maasey, b Bristow 6 H. Ackland. o Bristow, b Boville 0 F. E. S. Grout, b Turton 0 B. Bogert, b Boville 2 C. Panet, 1 b w Boville 2 P. B. Taylor, b Boville 6 E. Jarvis, b Bristow - 8 V. U. Steele, run out 3 R. Gall way, c Stow, b Boville 2 W. Kavaoagh, c and b Bristow 0 E. Fripp, c Bennetts, b Boville. 5 C. May, not out 1U Extra 10 53 MANITOBA VS. MONTREAL, Montreal, 1 2th. The second inning ot the cricket match between team from Man-itoba and Kontreal wa concluded to-day. Yesterday the score stood 1 14 for Manitoba and 07 for Montreal, but Montreal had cot lioikhed its innings. To-day the result of the first innings, which waa finished, stood 1 19 for Montreal and 114 for Manitoba. In the second innings the result wa 205 for 6 wicket for Manitoba, when their capttin declared their inning closed, and 98 for Montreal- Tne total score wvi therefore 319 for Manitoba and 217 for Montreal, th visitor winning by 102 run. Thi wa the beat exhibition of cricket teen in Montreal since theXAustralian team visited thi country. Theaarher wa ideal weather for cricket. The create played well, but wa hard iron. MANITOBA. The following ia the detailed score cf tho a?oond inning : J. S. Page, o and b Deveber .". . . 4 W. William, b Deveber 0 S. R. Prest, c Hamilton, b Halliday 22 A J. Tuckwell, b Deveber & R. T. Rokeby, not oat 60 1. J. Campbell, b Deveber 0 H. Cameron, o Hodgson, b Deveber 10 H. K. Holmes, not ont 40 Bye 11 Leg byes 2 Wide.... 1 Total 205 Thi was for six wicket, when the captain of the Manitoba called tbe innliga clored. MONTREAL. C. W. Dean, b Bannantyne J. F. Msckie, o Rokeby, b Cameron 4 3 0 0 13 0 0 F. S. Halliday, b Bannantyne Barton, b Cameron F. Putnam, run out J. G. Muir, o Campbell, b Cameron G. Turner, b Bannantyne. E. H. Hamilton, b Bannantyne A. Hodgson, o Bannantyne, b Tuckwell. . Deveber, Ibw, b Holme H. (i. Hill, not out 37 22 4 8 3 Bye. . Leg bye . Wide. ... Total . . 3 1 08 Tlie Rifle. Ko. 1 co. 43rd. The following are some of the scores made by No. 1 Co. 43rd at the fifth ammunition compatitlon on Saturday: Pte. Scott (apoon, 1st class). Col. -Serge. Bovllle Pte. R. Moodie Capt. S. M. Roger Pte. Taylor... Sergt. Clarke (spoon, 2nd ol Pte. Lambe Pte. Moodie Sergt. Taylor Pte. Perkins.-. Pie. Shore Corp. McEwan )- OTTAWA KIFLK Cl.CB. Very rarely on the Rldeau Range do such favourable atmospheric conditions continue throughout the afternoon a wa the case on Saturday, when tbe twelfth weekly spoon competition oi the Ottawa Rifle Club wa fired. The (coring waa a long way the brat of the louoD, two members ot the 3rd claaa. Messrs. Wiggin and Short, especially distinguishing themselves by making the excellent totals of 90 and 89. The former did not enter for the spoen, so it fell to Short. The oonditioo of the competition were Suider rifle, Queen' range, number of en trie 41 The winner and leading score are given below : J. A. Armstrorg (dessert spoon, 1st - CIAS?) 91 90 90 90 V9 h.r 64 S4 S3 S3 C. W. Wiggins C N. Scott (tea anoou. 1st clasr) T. P. Carroll S. Short ('Invert spoon, 3rd clan). , Lieut, c. r. Cox J. H E li. T. C. Boville A. Pink K. Muodiu (desaert spoon, 2nd class), Cap-. S. M. Rogers 82 K. link 81 Capt. de C. O'Grady 81 Lieut. E. D. Sutherland 80 H. Le B. Ross Capt. H. Billings 80 79 J. P. Nutting W. Short R H. Brown Dr. Geo. Hutchison Lieut. -Col. J. P. Macpherson 77 Capt. W A. Jannieson 7(J T. Mcjanet 7 ft GUARDS' RIFLE ASSOCIATION. At the regular weekly spoon competition of the Guards' Rifle Association the follow- ing scored 40 point or over : Pte. Armstrong (teaspoon, 1st claas). . . 91 1'te. v Iggin (tea apoon, 3rd claas) 90 Corp. Carroll , . 90 Pte. Kills ; 34 Pte. 'l ink fcj Pte. Elmltt (tea spoon, 2nd class) HI Corp. Nutting , Sergt. Short Lieut, tt inter Corp. Brown Col. -Sergt. Reardon i Pte. Mullin : Staff Sergt, Cawdron Lieut. White Pte. Morrison , Pie Morse StaffSergt. McCarthy I ce. none Pte. Coleman ('ol. -Sergt. Mailleue Staff-Srrgt. Dawson Pte, Roguis Corp. Millcue Corp. Wiltshire,. Pie. Kollard Pte Gooding SerC. Bchau Corp. Edale 1 le. Klernan A noticeable feature of the day's shooting wss the remarkable score made bv Ptj. Wiggins, one of the junior shot of the regiment, who finished with a total of 00 points, makiug 32 at 600 yards. I ho (..uurtls UOW Stand eleventh in IK Ultimo aporegate, with the 43rd a good twelf.h. Tha local coma are keeninir vrv cloae together, there being only two point- between the tvro tennis. 'Ihe Kit to l.engue Tialrhea. Fu'lowing ate 1I10 leturns r.f Saturdays shooting in the riH-' league lories, a fur- nwhed by the C. P.R. Telegraph Co. : .i.lrd lutt , Sherbrooko 849 829 815 813 806 802 790 7H8 7SS 7S 771! 772 771 iHith Kilt , Pott Artt ur luocii'i Ur, Toronto, Ut team I fih tSittt., Hamilton !ltt Halt. Kaaex Centre 4."ith l!tt , B'lwinanviilo l.iiariN, Urtaws, lit learn 4.'Jid Baft , Ottawa. 1st team. 54th Windmr Mills ;t-d V. R ('., Montrril, l teint "." 4 th, Lindsuy ' lt l'rr;ice 1 I tt'i-1.-, MoMrcl. 1st team Gar. Artiiieiy, Haiiiax, lsc team,,,,,, Sever MuMy MONTSERRAT" (Trade Mark.) Pore Lime Fruit Juice. What is lime juioe I This question He rendered neceary hy tho prominent atlen lou Lime Jul. e la attracting as the Ke.1 Traiseraaee Beveraae. The Answer is that it should be the julre of tho Lims Kru t wi hout admixture. Hy the "Month Kit hat" Company alone is tho Lime Krul cultivated for this purpose, and grca'. re should be taken to obtain this brand (as supplied lo tho britieh Government), in lieu of tha numerous concoctions sold un ler the name o Lime Juice Cordials, Prepared Lime Juice, etc. o)u by all druKgists, grocers and at the leading hotels. Sole Consigieea of the Montaerrat Co. (Limited.) Evans and Sons (Ltd.), Montreal anal Tsrenle. B Battery, Quebeo 769 3rd Vies, Montreal, 1st team 762 63rd Batt., Halifax "59 12th Batt., Toronto 746 Garrison Artillery, Montreal 740 82nd Batt., Cbarlottetown 739 Queen' Own, Toronto, 2nd team 739 P.E.I Artillery, Charlottetown . 733 10th Batt., Toronto, lat team. . ....... 729 Guards, Ottawa, 2nd team 729 6th Fmi'lT. Montreal, 1st team 72S 49th Bi'i.; Belleville 726 43rd Batt., Ottawa, 2nd team 712 8th Royal Rifle. Quebec 707 Royal Soot, Montreal, 1st team 695 62od Fuilier. St. John, N.B 694 57 th Batt , Peterboro 694 Garrison Arlillory, Montreal 690 Royal Engineers, Charlottetown 675 Gar. Artillery, Halifax, 2ad team G71 39th Batt., Brantford , 645 9th Voltlgeor, Quebeo 631 10th Batt., Toronto, 2id team 601 6th Fusiliers, Montreal, 2nd team 601 BCo., R.I.C. St. Johna, Q 562 44th Batt., Niagara Fall 561 3rd V.R.C., Montreal, 2ud team 532 C Co.I.S.C. Toronto 529 Royal Scot, Montreal, 2nd team 508 3rd Vies, Montreal, 2nd team 499 1st Prince of Wales, Montreal, 1st team 492 14th Batt., Kingston.. . 485 Body Guards, Toronto 484 65ih Batt., Montreal 342 1st Prince ot Wales, Montreal, 2nd team 248 1st Prince of Wale, Montteal, 2nd tram (six men) 142 Absolutely Pure A cream of tartar bakirg powder. High, at of all in leavening streng'h. U. S- UovtmmtiU AV-, Awj. 17, ISS'J. Bt'Bxa-On 8undv, July 13th, at 1TI Queen stre t, Kliaabeth, daughter of M. T. and Bridget Burns, aged I year and 3 days. The funeral Aikes place to Notre Dame Cetne tery, at 2 o'clock thi (Monday) nftornoon from the above address. Friends and acquaintance are respectfully requested 10 attend without further notice. Removal We have removed our new premises to 100 Sparks St. C, & CO. GILMOUR Mills and Limits. Tho sale f.f the above properties advertised to tako place on tho 9th April, IS POSTPONED UNTIL THE 31st Julv. 1890 w r j when they will be put up without furihur toe tcinemmt. AT THE SAME HOUR AND PLACE. Dated 5th April. 18!J. ALLAN OILMOIR, DAYIIMsILflOrit, JOHN sftiLMOrR, J, t. t;iJLuori:, llwcjs fleer. ifll POWDER S. Shaw THE 01TIZEH IAM0Y LIST. PieparcJ for tho ronvenienot of reader of the MORNING CITIZEN The name and adilreexea f leading bust nesa firms of the city will be found in this column. Arc hi feels. A Harvey 135 Stark (tree Auctioneers. - I. B. Tackaberry 29 Sparks street V. H. Lewis 4ri Elgin street A B Macdonald lUdeau ftt Kooks. etc. Roberfon Broa (W Rideau atreel Durio Sl Son Si c Si Sparks street Boots and Shoes. R. Maseon C Donry .... P. Farrcll .116 Spark aetree . .25 Simrks stree 512 Sussex S Butchers. Hanrahan Meat Co Wellington Market ami Until street Oliver Itobtat.,,.. Siewartand King t , China aud Glassware. Jas Ashfleld 3il6aud 308 Wellington'St T. friederick SO Kideau 8 i'oal. O. F. Thompson V Sparks street Mr-Haa & Co 48 fparks street O'Rteily & Honey Russo 1 Mouse Block T.O Brigham Ruseell House Block C. C. Kay & Cn 11 Klgln street Omeiif, etc McRae it Co 8p stree C. B. Wright k Son Uul lentists. Dr. Rob rtaon f Hpmk treet Dr. B S. Stackhouso Main street. Hull Dr. C. G. Stackhouae ltil Sparks sireeet Dr. John Leggo 25 Sparks street Dry Goods. C. Ros tc Co 94 &i Spark street I). Gardner & Co SO r IW Sparks street Bryeon. Omham & Co IM Sparks street It. M. Mo.Morran 608 & 510 Sussex ire holefsale Wry Goods- Kuseell ot Soyttold cor.gparks & O'Con'nor Engravers. tabard tc Andrews 175 Sparks stree Geo. Ccx Ale'-ce fe St Educational. Art School Spark street Ottawa Business Collfgo,... .19 Elgin street Fancy Goods. Jas Ashfleld 306 and 3o8 Wellingtons Ueo. Ashlleld 137 Spark street Furniture. J. Krratt. S4 Rideau stree J Boydon 531 Sussex street Harris 4c Campbell 36 to 46 O'Connor street Fruits. W. Borthwick UJ to 121 Rideau alroet Galvanized Iron Works. Douglas & Haines: 23) Wellington St Gent's Furnishings. Macdonald Broj 176 fparks tre M M. Pvk. 0a Wiwrks stree Th . Hi anient 60 Sparks 8 U. M. i, oibrcok 41 Spark a Grocers. George Forde 187-1W Rideau street Kb. Browne MS Sparks street Thoa. Hot lor 343 Sparks street Kiir.natrlk at Harris 65 William street Baldwin iiro cor. Nicholas and Messeror Chiuy Hro., Six, 314 Wellington St John Cnscy 117 ("larenw street C. Nei ille '6 George stree Hairdressers. K. Miles Russell House Block II a rd ware. Pitvls At Chandlor. 316 Wellington street H. Meadow....' 3 Rideau street J. R. Kumondo 88 !K) Spnrks alrret Graves Bros. ..Cor. Metcalfe aud Sjuirks streets Buuerworth & Co 110 Sparks street This Hiraot 115 Rideau St MeKinley at North wood 68 Kidoau Bt TimiiioHoii tt l,ce I8 Sparks St J. v . cur Bank and Maria Hats and Furs. R. J. DovUn , T. Nolan Thos Mill at Co Jus Cole Hotels. .37Spnrksst reef 40 Rideau street ...170 Snarks si ...114 lUdeau 8t The Brunswick Tho Tttriaptu Rosturant. Uilpiu ilou ) : Spark street ...O Connor street ...Little Sussex Ut Insurance. K. King..., 27 Sparks stroe Jewellers. Noro , A F McMillan.. 30 Rideau street D8 Rideau ireet Legal. Nitllis &t Monk 22 Motcalfe atree Bradley & Snow 8.O.C., Sparks street Taylor McVeity 8. O. C, Sparks street Bishop & Greene S. O. C, Spark street HodKina, Kidd & Rutherford S. O. C. Spark street M J Gorman oor Itiduau and Sussex St lien. nnil At May 711 Sparks street J. I. Kiahor S. O. C. SpArks street .Malum At O Meara 5K4 Suaaex street A. Ferguson 8t Sparks Blroet r. it. LAtciuord in r.i in sin e Belcourt At MacCraken 8(1 C. Sparks slreet Malcolm Mcleod 138 Wellington Si Stewart Henderson, B.A.. . ..56 Sparks st Ritchie At Hiu-hie. .... . .... 48 Spark stretit Slew-art. Chryrler At Lewi 11 Metcalfe HI 1. ussier At Kouthlcr to) Sussex St Ouura Alac lavish At v yhl Hay's Block. Sparks street O Connor, Hogg At Baldorson . , . . . 8.! Spark St Leather aim Harness. & II Borbridge.. .88 Rideau, 186 Spark etreel Lumber Merchants, i K B Kdily Mfg Co J. AtcLarea ....Hull ..New Kdinburuh Liauor Euiuoriiim. C Neville 118 Kidean streo Kb. Browne Iu3 Sparks HI John Casey 117 Clarence sireut Machinists. Then. Fried rick 83 and 05 Rideau stree. Slachiue Oil. MoColi Bros At Co Toront Mineral Waters. K. Arnold! 3. O. C, Sparks stroel w Morthwick 120-1 Rideau etree Music and Vole Culture. T. C. Sn llh 125 Lyon Mre MUs A. Lnmpman 49 liloiicueter streo Mm. M. L'Kst range IS A I n-rt st reo J. L. Orma Son U3 Sparks streo A ot S Noi'dhiemer ..Sparks stroe Medical. Dr. Annie Lawyer 180 Qecn etreetn Painters. tt ni. Howe ,n Rldean street j. r . ltoiur.gcr sai cooper street K Stewart 163 Sparks St. Hint 130 Nicholas st Tbos Kcaough oM Sussex street 11 u iu be . 1 lewis at ( handler 31 . ellinirlon stree jonn hoit gT hi i.yon stree aniuiry i luiiionig v o. ....... . Hallways. . . . . Hi dpark st C'P.R 12 Sparks stree Canada Atlantlo Rubb. I1 House Hli l IniercoioniAl r, Sparks slroul Keal Estate. Chitty At Co... 18 Elgin elrest Tailors. Kenny Bros Allan & Co O M. liol brook 84 Sparks stree 145Siurks atree 41 spark a Tea Merchanta. Stroud Itres KiiiAau sr. an.l lR-1 Hnicrlta .1 The Hunter Tea Co 06 Kidciu street Undertakers. nogors s. son 15 Nicholas stree Wood Turners. Church Bros cor. Bank and Lis ar EHGERIAH 1 EEL PENS Are the Best, IN TUB KUSKNT1AL QCAXITL1M Ot Durability, Evenness of Point, and Workmanship. k-Horks, Itirniinuhaii. E112- land. Sold by tho leadiiiir (SKtllllllfrH. fiOTICE TO CREDITORS. Not too Is rerct.y Statuiew of that Revised Section g'von pnrounnt Ontario. ( Imp. all creditors lo in. and ol of I IIOI'Aa lUlIllin prnno cir.,.!. I .. . - of the ( ity or Ottawa. In the County of Carle-t-'n, ;vil Kiigineer, deceased, who died on or about ihe l it h day of Januarv laat ar. tha it y, are hereby ri quired to deliver nr sond h. post iirepaid. to the undersigned solicitor fo Kl a Maude Smith, the anmlnlil r,l ... .1 o..,.c , . . , e-i liflitinm etrret. in the sn d city, on or beford the iiith dav of a..,... i.. heir l nrlstlan and surname', addreeses and len-riptluns. the lu 1 liailienlara ar.d proof of heir ciainis. a stateiiien of Iheir ai-cotinta and he na' tiro of the seeurit to,., or ami i.v .... .... .c.,.. uo o-o is nereny criven that sflrr ' o I'd 2.-1 h iIhv Of Aliu-nnt ti,. . .1,1 u,l,ii. 'klrix wi i l.rro-tl to diMtrihut. lhA .u.t. no mini n.wenf.c-1, niiinnint tne parti" emit ed ill re 'i. hai u.i retard cntv to ilim n ',...,. nt htrh t li y Mntll then halo notice, anil ih ' i iHiniiiiiMriinx wilt n-.-i oa nine for fh l lis' es or .iny iart thereo. to any person1 I ersons ot v hois claim rr elaiinn rh nhull not have no'lrcm the I'm of svrh dintrioution. tetl si Vllswa. Itib in! t:. of Julv All IIKN BY CAItLKTON MONK. SoUcnot foi said Adttiiaiirairl in:. uoKsiii Having recently relurcrd from Ktiroi'f. where he made a .pecial study of lie Ky . Far arid Throat, wll iu future nor- piriicii'nrly il-vpie hlmrelf to the trcntuu nl of i tsotwo or these partaj ISS ANNIK. L SlT'M A N". I i uiiHti'. from Leipx;g. Geriin UJ'. willum'ii lo g'vo piano lessons iluriiig Ih i "ii" m i iiionlhs. For particulore, in'onrtii g P'lpils a e n-ni. sti'd 'o erciuire at I ho wan rooms of .Moiwri. J. L. Orme At on's V1 Ride JIANOKOKTK 'Ls-il."S - Mrs. Uos'i'T jampiiiaii ii.'i"i i.c-ii'.. a. ". ' "'' ' " leau stroel, ovnr Kont i-iu 't.' , nm. n.u-rj Store. Clas of six 3 : four; twJti; i eaamn. IVlvaio Inas.-iiis Jl" MEDICAL.. Y. II. ItLtH K. U I), C. M., Mrtilll I'nlver.llT, Muutrenl. L. R.4. r.itH., Ediaburgu. L r. P. at , .laiow. Oor. O'Connor and Nfpean i treeta. IR. It. CUE "111 KK. 276 Dalriousle St. Hear 4'easaaltllon 10 le It bi, t p.m.. and llaasn. BRADLEY A HMVt BABRISTBRS, SOLICITOIiS. 6tc. Have removed their law oflloe to H'JO-o No. T Scottish Ontario Chamber, oorner Sparks no Klarln Sua. JCntranoe from Siiarks 8u 7iuu,o.u lo Ajoaja On Real Kstaie at Six per cent. Stuart Henderson, IS.A.,, Barrister, Solicltcr, Bto. M Spark atreet, (Over Hay Hard war Store) OTTAWA. MONKY TO LOAN, 31AI10V O'MKAKA, Barrlatera, SolioJtor3, Eto., OOR. SUSSEX At RIDEAU HTM., OTTAWA. Edward Mahom. J E. Q'MkaJka. MALCOLM .cLLOi, J., Federal and Quebec Courts, Vlotorla Chamber. 138 Wellington St., Ottawr, O'Qara, MaoTavifah & Wyld aTarrUtara, sWUeltara. Ketnrtea, Kt".. Hay Block, Sparks street, Ottawa, Ont urn ue iiuteu nouse. Mabvtijs; 0'Uaha, W.U. . D. I. MaoTavihh Wm. Wyld RITOHIE & RITCHIE BAKH1BTBK8, HOI.ICITllHH, KTO. Supreme Court and lepailuionUil Agent UT H.arr le Lona, Sooitlsh OnUilo Chamborv, M aarka street, ... Ottassaw J. A. R itch ut, Owkk RiixriiiR. TAY UJll Mo VISIT S , BARflliTIS 0i.!C!TC'!, CTC, tUPKKMK COUUT AND )Kl AKTM tN f A Ai.HNI', doottlsh Onwrio Chsj-aho i )tt, BlSliOI cV ,!ltJ;K, BARillSTBRS, S0LI0IIOHf3, ,tc SCOTflsH WKlsHIO Cif':'itt a PASK3 ! sTMONKV IO LKNU o ill i i.t ,. JOHN Biaiinp. ,i X . .1. i.rtSRKS BARRTST? KH. O: .'..i JX'l'Ciii. c KPAKKS S i'RKKT. i TTa WA M. J. s,Ot tiA., 'Successor to 1. A. Cltvtur.) Barrister, Solicitor, Notary' etc. OEoe lUtl iun'4 Hi.n?fe. CO". RIDEAU AND 'J5.SEX STRtETS OTTAWi ONT. Barrister, f.'.?llt1lor, kite. ..uini.-o lioun anu Jtoicranoutal Ag Money to lend at lowesr raue oa olij and fi a . fiin property. arn IP Klgln fie ii. Ut'am, LINSIKK V Kfl IHlLi?, Earrlfiteru, aollcttora, Notaries, etc. wmce 500 Sussex Utreet. t Near corner ltulrvm stt-ijol.) Ottawa, Out. money to loan with stn-rial advantage to norrower. A. K. I.t'RRIKK. M. .1 Itol-llllu jIL13I1LL IAS Barrtatai r, o Tli 8PAFK8 TliEk.T OTTAsV J A. Oenimlll a. r. m XELXjDfJ 2X'iH, Barrlsteru, Boiiultoris, Buprerr.t uuurt kiteuja, iato.. M MotJoaLfs iltreeu Ottaav Muney advanoed oa l'cn Kstnre Srcurl'T-lli-nry I', Mo Thomu P. N11Ih HOUCIKS KIDD & RUTHERFORD nmsiers, Sullrllors, Ha pre me (iiuM and . eiri.nuaraturj agent. SCOTTISH ONTARIO CHAMBERS. John Hods-ins. Qno. K. Kldd Alex. C. Rutherford. a. r. hsiilk, Biorriater, Solicitor, eto., ikXlTTISH UTAM1' UHAMBkUJ . OTTAVA. M05JEY TO 10AH. ... . j. DENTI3TH. Or. M. G. McElhiiiney. L.1I.S. Graduate of Jtovul Ih'iital ! hi,, I Honor t rmliuitit Tiiioiito Uiiivi isitv. Ooit, Sl'AHKS tfc I '.AMI Sis. . Ottawa Ira Howor, Al.'. AririHtroni, i U.S.. l.O.S.. L.IJ.S ll'N Bower V Aiinlroii". DKXTISTS, Sparks Strh-.t, . . Ottawa. 77 Elegant Dnntsl liOOJiS ia M Ir.' B. a oppoall Dr. B. a STACK HOC KK. Suruoon ll. i.n.i ufiwi. i m viutv uiatn at root . Hull. Teeth Inserted on an entirely nnwsyrtem, 1 oiuuiea aicer me n iturai tootii are ejttrai lo.1 No pain. Ua admlniatemd It.i or ...i pain. Ua admlnUU'red 'on. lR. C.J. SI t .IKM SL, SURCEON DENTIST. 201 SPARKS ST. Modern deruiatrv-. '1'i.iith . ir.,, ,...i .. i,i.... pain with nitrous oxide Ka. i,l,-h iaalmolulely hariiilosa; and nrlllhial li-elh itim-rteil in live specialty. ...ii.utnn nuui CAiracllUll. till. I ui.rL . Kesuieno ?x O (Vinnor si re.t. m in ma Or. ROltERTSOA, LAP.. DENTIST. Mmdnara of the l't-ii...t.,i, . i i m. ..... end of U.e ltovicl lj.,i..,., a i . ..!.' .7' Ontario. ' Br. aad Itealdr HS Kauark. W.lrr t To Builders and Otlicra. The TRIl'MPH AtltomaM.- (V'.Ur t'r.lne h cclh'.rr. "tiiKXAti .! c. all for removlnic water trm.i n.-iJarx or e.i o ol-couiua oiioid rii(uic trun, water remnlti. ir in leli irr. U r.'n cbuicfcte im dtaeates. i-!:'-dciutia rui J. Kerrigan. Sole Agent Bb r,wMil Htamnr, lOSLfOB miu.auu in p Q S H 0 a z LU Q - s-"T u 0 -- noTiiij.'j. -Daniels' rlotel.- PBESCOTT, ONT. Ijlali'l.lieil, I si, I Uitiulli, last. Muhfnl hy ( lei tr i-itr. Kir I I'la.a In all )u iip)'ointini'i".H only l t fi el from th, hT i.iiiiirnr' llii'i tin. I ,i'l t he h'iMi'i hoit Ish.IIlki, I. II. U'.NIiiJ).1'. Prcprlftor THEIlUrEtOOTiT i:tV 15 St , Oll.iMa 20 f uin'M ed I ed i o. n 1 1 w I' h I'l'-e'rle liirht anA el. i ll h lift. Hut all I I' d ater llatlu u each llat. nil ly f liiirounhly lanut .led. Terms fl.oi per day. A llinlti-il nutr.ber f b.'arili'm i mi te Af.-'iinniii-lsii'd. .1. II. Nl-T.M'LK, Projk HOTEL 0RUNSWICK aVinerimn ami Stiroir-nn riajt, Lancnly pAtronli-ftl by the btsnt OaaasVIa people. Board Ameri so lilan III. j0 per weak, w Out room, liooin fn m f i.oj p-r day upw ir'.a, mitc;;ell.kihzlcr & sojthcate. the Brunswick; 122, 124 & 128 SPARKS STREET, -OTTAWA.- The mOHt rr-nUallv altuatod lloiel at Capital. The lies a day house ia Kastan Ontario, (.ood yard aud stabling In uon. John Huckll, Proprietor, ST. LAWKEHCE HALL .WONTt.LAL, CANADA. U-5T HOOAN, - - PliOp. Strletly first-class hi every rnet'eoi art mm I cen' rally looatnJ hotel in lu cltv. Contain paeooharer an uiiatu let f aistl el trio llht, out., etc. A new and hiviullfnl parlour tis its) been oumpleied, from Ihe wlnduo of whlosl most attracav view is lo be .nil. -TERMS MODERATE.- Victoria Sulphur Springs MO.XTKLAL ItOAI. FRANK 0. RING PROPRIETOR. TETltlvIS : Tii-sf. l'lat, - - - $I..'iO jut day Stvoml, - . per iluf Milin. l'.niikf.iMt ."i!ii-. I liniirr 5Ho SlllllK'1' .'IO,', lint Hll'l l-l'l.l I ... 1 1 , m fidtx aclt, ..". 0(1 Jut iluti tl. J'.ii .h lra n I'uht oilii'o, Stiii. ly 10 a in. 1'ur ftullirr iiiiti.'iil.iiN ni'ly to FKA.K O. KIM., Proprietor. 431 Wellington street, O.'s, i,i;n Sl'IM.NtlS, J I 'a I ii i-i' lloli- I, SI. 1,1'nn, Our. This ritli'litati'il eiitnhllfiini'tit. one of Ui most- dt lightful nnd iiirri'i'iihli. niitiinnt ti'atifta on Ihe roiit.inoiit . will Im oh-u to th, pu'ilie oa tho r I Its T UK JI.NK. 'Ii.e ii'.iiii n u i.iuri'U this li- uul if-il fiiot mum-illy alii litis It litis year, under thi! new iiiAtiiirfcineii', Inre attr.iclive iIihii ev. r. Inii ii'or luioni win spare ni i-tlort in c loi inrf lo tho ana ei-jii liii-nt of tha icii'bt". Th i'iiiins will aa nude- Ihn iiniiiiMlialc iininsKi'itii'iit of a listtlfsj pt-iifiiH.ioiml conk. Hpn nil fiu lliiina will M r;lvrn lur rll ktin'sof r. i reu; lull, nuclt s bw iarils, how Ing. it iiii'l. 1 1 , in lentils, boa'lri, etc., etc. To hiiif'en rs friini IttiiMtniatlani, Nm- ralaia. Iittl.tiHiiori. O 'm-ral lii-hilit)', etestt, thi. Saline Mit ttiitji in i uniit-i-l inn Willi ttu hot el "fl.-rH a Hil'o i-uf. I oa hi'M will ha la wall i.-tf for uu -M ii at IrfiliiHVilhi t-li llioarrhal of nil t r.iiiiH. 1'or tt-rin. ap; ly to hf. LKtia NIM 11, WAThlt I O. i .1.1. iirounrlsn, I'oiouto, or S. f.rttii SlirillK4, le'lo. at a. THOMAS llnlel .Mhihi ,.r PA1NTEI13, ETC. J. T. JULIEN, fa e . ripi-rhanirr, House and I'alulrr. All orders executed promptly. T.'J St. IVi hick Nthi kt. WALL l'AI'KK! From 5c. to 1 . 2." t or Roll. My fie ti fX)o. ijualitit's aia the valu in Amu ii.a. P. STEWART, Fainter and 1'aiicrhaiiKcr, No. 103 SPARKS H I ItKK r Thos. Keaougn, pa i vi i: i : ami ii; oi:iioB 21 YORK STREET, CEORGE PHI LI DEBT, 0 to nor DA Lf l Ol K f-T. I'ATIUl'K STRKKH, OITAWA, Importer and Dealer In Ruoni l'i i' r, l'aints, Uils, liliiaa, RrpKhra mid (ieneral )'in tits' Supjilii s. Pnflllinir. i'Anr'mr. I'uoerhni.itn (ii-fiintlll Whltewaithihu al low Mittr. writ inn tn nil Im iritnrn. , Wall Paper ! 'I "' livi-.l it IN II V Willi ) i . n I ' ,.iM. Iii'.il vii i iff v lu i In JI'lll. I A cr from i ui'. (It plla 1 ir.iin tK. UP J. I.M II T.-I. r.l. Hank utrec, "in- mumg RATIONAL COLLEGE. 33 O'CONNJR till IT It Thrift l-it rj wl.i renew 'lilrilii'is, t,e .v t I u) i i 'i'. i ' . -. I i llvrr I'.l nt'1'l.'l,' .1 i callit.K. look f'"- 'i li-rti. ' Na' , . .. I u -.1 rotir-s iitvati r" ,. oik era. ,.,r. 'i."ti in koM in-I ur -. nor etriet." .s-ml . -, , . ,.,,- cciitiii.u'a a teailinmiiHlH I .' '.. ii. iu Nolr 11 A I a-dn-iw .Mil . i... :. , uc;, ' if 1 Btrii l (it 'a h i. fr I I " Thi '.? !,i:iy i'- i STAI;LiSI lert (--- I Is BtlM'sberJ a- l ofl't ,.f Tt f - a .... .5 1 C, U MACtUMrODU, i- 1 sj nf--, " at... K ! j .

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