The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 18, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI rot,. XLIV—NO. 177 Blythcville Courier Blylhevllle Daily New* Blytheville Herald Mississippi Vnlley Lender BL\"niRvii,LK. ARKANSAS, SATUKDAY, OUTOUKR is, 3947 Army Prisoners Subdued After [^Three-State Riot SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 18. (U.P.)—A prison train which left a trail of escaped, wounded and recaptured mili- lui'y prisoners across three states left here today with 60 heavily-Hrmecl guards aboard. The guards and officers appeared tense although (here was one for almost every two of the 148 prisoners who have staged three riots on their trip from New York to Camp /•< i. /->„ i:r -t- • -^"- "^^^^ Jonesboro Utility's Minimum Charge for Water 'Drive Launched Blytheville Wins Fnund tr> Rt* AXi,r/» / M*, T/,™ PK,#J,«,,;//« D~*~ r" fg Lau " UICU J . . ~ Cook, Calif. + The train was scheduled lo arrive here Rt 11 p.m. (MST) last night, but did not pull into until 1:50 a r m. today. The delay was caused at Minium. Oolo.» where a disturbance broke out in one ot the cars and two prisoners broke loose. One of the escapees was wounded critically by a gunrd's rifle, and the other was recaptured several hours Inter at Leadvillc, Colo. When the train pulled out of here it had a now commanding officer, Col. Wade Killen, Salt I>aXe City. The former commander, Maj. Henry Noble, wax still aboard but in a secondary capacity. Noble, nervously twisting his Jiands, explained what happened Minturn, and all the way through issonri and Kansas, to a group of newsmen and higher ranking officers, most «t them colonels from nearby Fort Douglas. Triple Line of Guards "At no time," Nob!e said, "did the silualion get out of hand." A triple line of soldiers guarded the train as it stood in the Salt Lake station. The line nearest the train patrolled it constantly, armed with sub-machine guns, tear gas and revolvers. Behind them stood a line of alerted soldiers armed with tear gas and clubs. Behind them stood the third line of guards armed with rifles, nausea gas and sawec\-olf shotguns. Patrolling the street side of the station wer6 three carloads of Salt Lake City police armed with riot gurus. The station itself was patrolled by armed sheriff's deputies. Noble described the prisoners aboard the vvain. as "the most desperate criminals in th« Army and the most, cunning. 1 ' "All of them are hardened and shrewd and many of them were criminals before they got into the Army," he said. Noble said the prisoners began causing intermittent trouble after the train left St. Louis yesterday , morning. Prior to that, he said there were no "appreciable disturbances." The train left here via Union Pacific tracks bound for I>os Ajige- les where it will be switched onto Southern pacific tracks for the run North to Camp Cook, one of the ar- Anny's "maximum dentention" bar- f^acks. The first disturbance aboard the train occurred near Windsor, Mo Two prisoners escaped during the brief fight. Three more broke during another disturbance at Tribune, Kans. Two of the men who escaped h Kansas were reported captured and held for Lowry Field, Colo., officials Both Missouri escapees were also captured without incident by civilian police. The worst trouble occurred Minturn, Colo., where Iwo prisoners escaped. They were Sarario P. Piore of New York City and Thomas Mulligan, address unknown. Noble said that Mulligan and Piore were handcuffed to each oth er ami were wearing leg irons a the time. "They got hold of some wire and opened the cuffs and irons,' he said. "Then they put their overcoats over their heads and jumpe, head-first through the windows anc got away. . The train was stopped and gunrd. {phoned fire on the two escapees Fiore fell with a bullet in his ab domen. Mulligan got away but %va recaptured, cold and hungry, on fti Eafttbau n d f r&i gli t t ra in in th i mountainous country near Leadvilk Colo, He had turned his prisoner' uniform inside out and was hud tiled among machinery on the train Sheriff's officers who capture" him, said he was "very quiet am subdued." All of the prisoners were hand cuffed today, some to other pri soners and a few to the seats c the train. Many were also place in leg irons. It had been reported tliat all e the prisoners \veie under long terr sentences. However. Mulligan lol Sheriff Clarence McMurroiigh Leadville that he would have be released "before Christmas" ai that nil the prisoners abnard train were "short termers." iast-West Feud Gets More Fuel Poland Appeals to UN Assembly to Settle Greek Row LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. Ocl. 18 UP)—Poland nppcnleil lociny to tin ill General Assembly of the Unit U Nations to oust Anglo-Amerlcni lilitnry personnel from Greece by !in. 1. The Polish proposal set the sin^c Jr a new Ullrt bitter Ensl-West bate when the assembly meets in lull- ress session Mondny to take final :tion In the Balkans dispute. Tlie Polish move appeared doomed rom the outset. It meant, liow- ver, that Russia and its support- rs have decided to fight every inch the way ngalnst finnl approval the Amei-lcan-tnspiied program tl J-urherans to See Plans for Chapel For Elythoville "'.u»nn ID, iv-ii SINGLE! COPIBg FIYH OWfTg f Chicks Defea t Hurricanes 26 to O g — — — - ^f .^ • ^^ • T r *»• • ^^ • Found to Be Much Lower Than Blytheville Rate A comparison of water rates charged in Hlythevillc 'mid .J^KcsboVo discloses Mint consumers in Jonesboro get 00 per ccnl more water for a minimum charge of'90 cents per month .than Blylheville consumers recfiivo for ?1.2G. Child Found Beside Slain Mother f f or sending a semi-permanent watchdog" commission to the Bal- 11115 to protect Greece from alleged Albania, Bulgaria [iterference by nd Yugoslavia. SaielliU-s Flan Boycott The six Soviet bloc countries of he UN as well as Bulgaria an lania, non-members, have on- lounced they would boycott the ommission. The two or three-day plenary neeting of the assembly also must ry to break the long-standing leadlock over Poland's successor on he Security Council. At last report, several Latin American countries were considering witching their votes from the Uk- •aine, which they agreed to support in return for Soviet support of Argentina for the, council, to Inlia, the candidate backed by the Western powers. • Thfy v .,appaTently had, not decided fullyV on (he switch, however, and reportedly planned a conference o: all Latin American delegates be> fore deciding to break or keep thi )!edge to Russia's Deputy Foreigi Minister Andrei Y. Vishinsky. Balkans Issue Still Hot The Polish proposal for a reversal of the political committee's decision on Greece was a last-ditch effort to remove the implication of guilt from Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia—the three countries earned by the political committee to avoid offering aid to Greek guerrillas. Tlie proposal would call tor the withdrawal of all "foreign troops . foreign military missions, instructors and other military experts" from Greek territory. The proposal did not include the oft-rejected Soviet plea for a UN commission lo/supervise Truman doctrine and other outside aid to Greece The UN's Palestine debate moved toward a crucial stage, meanwhile, with the 57-nation Palestine Committee preparing to listen lo last- minute staicme-nts by Palestine's Jews and Arabs and then take a note on Hie principle of partitioning Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. Officials of the Blythcville Water* Company, a privately owned public utility, recently filed application with tlic Arkansas Public Service Commission seeking authority to increase rales In this city and at the lime Ihe application was filed disclosed that It would not seek an increase In the minimum charge. Increases arc soughi, however, for all consumers whose inelcrs register consumption of more than 2,000 gallons In any one month. The Blytheville company's present rale for the 8,000 gallons above the minimum charged for 2.000 gallons is lower than (he Jonesboro rate by two cents, but if Ihe increase asked in Ihe application to the Public Service Commission is granted, Uie new Dlythc- ville rate will be three cents per 1,000 gallons higher than tlw Jonesboro rale when the monthly consumption docs not exceed 10,000 gollons. IMW Rale for Large Consumers Further study of the present rates )r the two cities discloses that a consumer in Blytheville who use.-, around 100.0CO gallons of water nonthly is able to get Die water furnished cheaper than In Jonesboro. In Blytheville the cost is 517.20 for 103,000 gallons in contrast lo a charge of $21.60 in Jonesboro. But that same 103,000 gallons of water under the rate projwscd for Blytheville would jump the cost to $23.25, which is $1.05 higher than the Jonesboro rate. When tlic water consumption in Jonesboro for any one consumer goes above 103.000 gallons per month, the rate for excess consmnplion drops 'o 13-5 coats per 1,000 gallons, and when the consumption goes above 203,030 the rate drops to 9 cents, for 100.000 gallons ami then still another cent for all water used in excess of 303,000 gallons per month. The present rate for Blytheville is lo cents [>er 1,000 gallons up to 400.000 gallons per month and then drops to 10 cents, per 1,000 for the next 400,000 gallons with all in excess furnished at a rate of 8.5 cents per l.OCO. The new rate, if the Public Service Commission grants !hc petition ot- the Blytiieville Water Company, fill be 2o cents per 1,000 where it -now is lo cents; and 12 cents where it now fs'l'ff^and 10 cents where it now is 8.5 cents, It' was f explained when the petition was submitted. The following schedule shows a comparison between the present md proposed Blytheville rates; Pres't Prop'&'d First 2.000 gal. or loss 51.25 $1.25 tf;OU aal., per M. .25 .30 SUO.OOO gal., per M. .15 .20 40l).Cmi gal., per ai. .10 .12 over 800.000 gal., per SI. .085 .111 The Jonesboro rate follows: First 3,000 gal., or less $0.00 next 10,000 gal., ]»r M. 27 next 40,000 gal., per M. .225 next 50,000 gal., per M. ,J3 next 100.000 gal., per M. .135 next 100,000 gal., per M. .00 all above 300,000 gal., per M. .(W Profits from the operation of tlic municipal water system in Jonesboro average around S25.030 a ye.--.r, Jonesboro official disclosed vester- day. The profits, this official said Miss Joan ^Hoffman, 17, daughter o( Dupnge County sheilit, cures for 17-montlls-old boy found crying on front seal ol auto in which tho slashed body ot R woman win foutiil on the road near Chicago. Tiic woman was tentatively IdentlfierC as Mrs. Ciulhcrlnc WnstJ. 36. or Cicero. III., and the- child IK believed to be her son. (NBA Tclophoto.) Chest Board To Consider Drive Plans Members of the Community Chesl Board will meet in Ihe Chamber of Commerce office in Cily Hall 2:30 p.m. Tuesday to continue plans lor this year's drive. The Chamber of Commerce Bulletin said today that the 1947-48 quota was "much larger" than last year's and that several new organizations have been included amon» those which benefit from the drive! Members of the Communist Chest Board arc Harry W. Haincs. chairman; Fred E. Warren, treasurer; Worth 13. Holder, secretary; Kendall Berry, Louis Applebaum. R. A. Nelson. L. G. Nash. Eugene Still, Alvin Huffman Jr. and Max B. Reid. New York Stocks Stalin Asserts He's Waiting for U. S. And Britain to 'Regain Their Reason' WARSAW, Poland. Oct. I8. (UP.!— Premier Joseph stiilln told eight visiting members of the Britisli Parliament that Russia would welcome cooperation with the United stales'and Britain and would wait until they "regain their reason." : Stalin talked with the Britons "Little Kremlin" near the the Britons arrived in War Tl night a trAnscrlpt of V. S. and Britain. ~ He dirt not mention any possibll- i By Scout Council Eastern Arkansas Area Has Goal of $49,875 for 1948 The 11M1-48 SnslnhiliiK Membership drive of tho Kastcru Arkansas Council, liny Bcouts of America, will got under wny Monday with Jmlfto Walter Killotigh of Wynne us ncn- ernl campaign chairman. The Koul for this year's drive, which onds Nov. 15, 1ms been tisl at 140,876. Judge- KIllmiRh tins Appointed Louis a. Na.sii of lllythovllle lo serve »» divisional chairman for North Mississippi County. Harold Ohlni- doif was named by Judge Klllougli as divisional chairman for South Mississippi County, Ma)or result of oblnlulm; Ihe goal will be Ihc rmployhiK of twi nddl tloiml field executives. One will In stationed in ParaKOUld to service Clay, Greene, Randolph nnd Lawrence Counties and Ihe olhcr would reside In Forrest Oily and service Cross, CrlitencU-n, St. Frnncl.i and wnodnitr counties. Hnl Deli-lck of Ulythcvllle Is hold Seoul executive for Mississippi Comity and was assigned here following last year's ilrlvi-. Work In the four counties which would be handled uy Ihc Paracould executive Is now handled by Assistant Scout Executive Vernon James of Osceola. who also Is In churuo of Ihi- Eastern Council's Cub Sixmlliur jmiunun. Judge Klltough Issued the following statement on tin; campaign- .''Fmnieen counties will parllcl ixile in Ihe Sustaining Mcnilx-nihlp Drive. The contributions once a ycai keeps Scouting goiiiB all the yeiu Our IniclKct provides Scouting an op portimlt.v lo train l»y.s for parlli'l ptitlnR citizenship, lo build boys Into men of diameter and responsible citizens and to develop the health of body, mind,'and spirit, of the buys of this Council Ihrontili Cub Scouting <n, 10. || years of aiic> Scouting, (12-IB years of age) and Senior Scouting (young men 15-lu years of age)." ,. ,, Championship For District Three Hy OKOHMK CLARK Courier News S|«trU Kdllor .10NICSBOHO, Ocl. .I8,_'n, c HlythcvHIo High School :|«IHHWN oiioiiod llieir bid for Ihn slate Doub!c-A high school football crown nl Woodliunl Field here last night hy miHlmiK IliiMi- mvh rivals, MIR Jnnesboro Golden Hurri- ciitios, 2U to 0 lo claim the District 8 Class AA clmmpion- II wns n'lytlievlllo all the way as Iho Mtiroon Mauters compHcIv ould««H«l Iholr smullnr opponents, reeling rf? a (ola! of .18.1 ym-ds Ilirongli ru.sliing to (.he Hurricanes' 55 -"' ..._..! hld<s _ c ;»»lk£d_iii)JY first downs lo Jonesboro's !>'. * Tllu <'hifks scnrcil alt but six ot Iliclr imlnu in (He last half which <vn« played In » .Irlvlnjt rain. Captains Billy Wayne McParland •id Harold "Iluck" Traylor wero I'"' I'll! KIIIIS of the Chicks murder- iw ground alfack, accoiinling for 11 of the touchdowns nnd nicking t]> 2UB yards through rushing Heads Campaign , , amount to almost enough to operate the city's sewer department, a non- revenue producing department ol the city government. Plane Crashes Info Sea and 42 Lose Lives PARIS. Oct. 18. (UP1 _ The Iiilorniilionnl Air Transport Company, a French charter line in- trounced today that 42 persons were Killed when a tn-ln-cn<>inc<l transport crashed Into the Mediterranean Sea oil Cartagena, Spain Thursday night. A spokesman for the company - „„-. snirt only two of the 39 pawem/cri twccn between our two countries.' and five crew members oil board We believe that Ihe sooner our two i were-rescued hy the French p.itrol 1 ' boat Sabre, which rusliecl lo ity of, war. but implied" that the U. S. and Britain were responsible for the breach between East and West, and that overtures for nn improvement of relations would have to come from them, lie said political and economic differences need not stand in the way of an understanding—an opinion he has / expounded before—and that he understood International cooperation was j necessary. The transcript, of Stalin's remarks as released by Konni Zllliacns, leader of the British delegation: "We want as close trade relations with Britain as possible. We are not against trade relations bc- Manila Sponsors Air Show to Get Cemetery Funds stales agree the better. "And ns good partners in n common work and just as the Soviet has always stood for improvement of political and economic relations with American countries, so It now stands tor such improvement beginning with the United Stales nnd Great Britain. "If these countries wish to Improve tliclr relations with the Sr,- vlet Union, then they will be welcome and we shall be prepaid! to go forward willi them, lucspcc- tive of what the economic setup maybe in those countries. "Cooperation between countries having different economic setups can be quite possible. That has already been pi-overt by experience. Ihe were of were An air show featuring flights of Army anct Navy lighter i craft will be held at Fleeman Field at Manila tomorrow afternoon under- the sponsorship of the Lions Club there. The air show, which is schedul- , .,,,,, lliuvuu oy experience eri to start at 2 p m.. is being stag- . It, however, they don't want to tm- ed to obtain funds for the Manila i prove relations with the Sovlrl Un cemetery Association. ion. we'll have to do without We A parachue pump at .1 p.m.: shall, neve, Iheless. be able to car- will climax the show, which vuil include acrobatic and formation .flying by Navy planes from Filling- ton. Tcnn., Naval Air Station pnci P-51's of the Arkansas National Guard Air Reserve. Entrance to the field will be fr:c but purchase of a ticket will entitle the holder to an airplane ride. On the air show committee are Alvin Tipton. Guy Rubenstein. I. D. shecld nnd E. c. Fleeman. Scv- sccne. The two survivors "uncertain" condition Tlie victims, . he said, French or French colonials. He said his earlier announcement Mint nil had been saved by a Spanish steamer wn.s false and blamed It on "faulty communications." Actually, he said only two were saved, five bodies had been recovered and divers were tryinir to find the others. The plane, a new Iwjn-ciiRinnd - Drlstol make, crushed off Carta-] further. Court House fers Slight § •:'t pZ'^''*- ^ " " Bj Damage , C T,' ""'I " lc nt thn County Court House hero early this morning resulted In damage to East wall ceiling and windows of the coni bin adjoining the boiler room in jhe Northwest corner of the build- fire broke In (he approximately six-Ion iili,. of coal about •! o'clock this morning and firemen pouml water on the pile for nlxwl two hours to check the bla/c. Cnusc of the fire was imdeilermlncd but »>e possibility of n coal dust explosion was advanced. Negro county fann prisoner* this morning were at work shoveling (he soft coal out of the basement bin and wetting It down Coal near the botlom of the pile was found still smouldering n t ntKI-mornlug County Judgo Holaiul Green said today that all the coal will be removed In order to completely extinguish the blaze and prevent its recurrence. The fire was discovered bv ai> unidentified youth who reported It to City Hall the station. Judge Green said thai the n- niount of damage- ha.s not been tlc- lermined yet but that It would lie covereil by insurance. He pointed out that the fire could have been much worse and .said It was for- limate the blaze did not spread JudK« Wnllw Kllloiich Congressmen^ kftrf Tell of Seeing' Sick And Saddened World WASHINGTON, Oct. Ifl. PJ.P.' —Nine members of a cimgrcs-'ilon al cotnmlUri! returned today frun a lour of Kuropc and said t]u were convinced limni'dlnti' Unllei. .Slates aid imusl be provided "to 1 1m Mui'rlcane.1- only big blow came in Ihe (list quarter. Joncs- m cxrtt Billy Bob Elliott's opening klcko on their own 13 yard | f vllh Hobby Scott, their fullback a, ,i i«» returning lo the 28. -nicy opened vlth a pass which wng knocked town, sent Scott through ccntcr or I, wo yards and punled 10 tho llylliftvlllc 30 on Ihc third ,,, ay . omilU Hucy took tho punt and Ills attempt lo return back up he Held, fumbled on [J 10 30 with a. Jonesboro man recovering. Taking advantage of the big >rmk, the Hurricanes opened their only big nlitick. On two plays Scott iiovcd the bnll tor a first down on the niythcvllle 28 and pn the next play he passed lo halfback Harold limner lo Ihc Blylhevllle 20 Hor- iicr hit the Ifiid for n first down on "ID 15 nnd Interference was ruled on Scott's pass to left end Frank' Hojd. glvliiR Jonesboro another first !!'„„" lbo two yard Cillcks Intercept But Ihe Hurricanes' threat short-lived as Donald Huey Chicks left hallback. Intcrcep bcotts pass to Boyd behind his o goal line nnd raced out lo the before beifiB brought down. McFer- and tore off tackle to the 24 yard ' cumplcle downfall of ry on. "We will wait until they regain their reason. We understand cooperation between nations is necessary. We can wait. We are a patient people." Zillincus said the conversation with Stalin was frank and friendly. Kenn. Spain, after one online lall- ed. it was en ronlc from Marls- nanc, near Marseille, to Oran, Algeria. It is about 600 miles from Mang- to Oran nnd all of the roule is over water. Five ot those aboard were members of lhc crew. So far, there were no dcl.iils of the tragedy, among the malor disasters of aviation history. Considerable smoke escaped from Uie boiler room into Ihc corridors. Smoke pouring form the coal bin windows entered the office of County Treasurer Miss Delia Pnr- tle. directly above the bin. A stone wall between the lop half of Die coal bin and the Extension Service office kept liie blaze from spreading although timbers along the wall were heavily eral private pilots of this area arc expected to fly to Manila for the air show. - -_ was "uncertain." He said they were picked up hy lhc French patrol ship Sabre Thursday night. At the time, Ihc T-,.- ,,_,, ,,„. • i^.i.i.j. sea was calm and Ihe weather The day before they saw him. they warm. ™',h er £ Cd . threc ho " rs ln Moscow He said [hat his new Information nt™ £ 8n " miSter V ' M " M '"- hiul comc trough * flench ma- otov. The conference with Stalin ' was hastily arranged and a special The spokesman would not give [ damaged. Judge Green pointed out the condition of tlic two survivors but said their condition prevent Europe." The House group, a Joint Aimed SiTVk'cs-Approprlalion.s/ Committee said in u statement lhc members s«w "u sick mid saddened world" on their lll,nO()-ml|,. five-week tour The statement did nol say s[ic- clfically Unit a special session of Congress would be necessary lo provide aid for Europe, nut It said Immediate action on the lollg- raiiRe Marshall plan lo provide Eura]>can rconomlc rehabilitation was ni'ce.ssa ry. Rep. Ucwcy Short, R., Mo., chairman ol Ihe joint conimlUce. said that members would discuss their conclusions with top administration officials and congressional and ronniL's.sloual loaders lo determine "whether a special session of Cniiftrcss Is necessary." "Members of the committee arc convinced that the Marshall principle or a MinHar plan to assist jlhOKO Kuropoan nations must be ! considered without delay." the jslatemcnt .said. "Since communism thrives on chaos, hardship and I disorder, the raininlltee believes ] that In order lo prevent a com| plclf downfall of Europe, Uni'cd j States aid must bo forthcoming «t I Ihn civvlicst possible time." Short said the commute unanimously approved Ihe statement de during die touring representatives In [avor of immediate assistance to starving l-'uropr. That wns ns-di-cp us the Hurricanes ever not. The Chicks' flghtlnir forward wall kept lhc c •-•••" bottled up us they broke time after llrne to nail Jonc runners before they could sturlcd good. Mlylheville scored Us first tu,in- down In the closing minutes of tlis I half. Billy ilmciy. the Chicks right guard and llneback-crs set up II r> vr-nfr, Iv.. 1..1 , . ' "** who picked up the survivors. A special meeting of Ihe congr gation of First Lutheran Church will be held tomorrow to view and discuss with the architect^ preliminary plans for the new chapel. The meeting will begin at 11 a.m. at the church. All Lutherans living In Blythc- »r . villc and vicinity and all who for- Montgomery Ward mcrly worshipped at Pilgrim Lulh- ' central ernn Church here arc invited to attend the mectinn:. lhc Rev. Robert Jaeger, pastor, said. Closing stock prices A 'I' & T Arner Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Eleclric Gen Motors 158 1 T2 Seven From Blytheville In Accident Near Dell Seven Blythcviiie residents narrowly escaped .serious injury when the car jn which they were' riding left the road and over-turned 35 l;2l shortly after midnight last night 92 I about three miles West of Dell "on 6538 Highway 18 18.V2 plane flew them to Sochi. Tlie eight Britons arc all mem- _. . hers of the leftwlng of the ruling ( Tied Up Because of Fog Water and Air Traffic Weather ARKANSAS — Generally fair tonight and Sunday. Not much Icm- pcralure change. Int Harvester North ^Am Aviation Republic Slcel Radio Socony Vacuum ... Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U 3 Steel girls were returning from the fool- i • i.n • r7i r." ball game at Joncsboro last night *-ignt Kain rails But when the accident occurred. Mr. and Mrs. H O. Traylor. . 1025 Walnut, and five Blvllirvillr 61 59 1538 - .. .... .... fl! 14 | Mr. Traylor astd his car slipped n 78 off the highway as lie was pawing 2't IS another car. Although the car 878 overturned and was heavly da!S 1 8 mnged no one was injured. 233,4 In the car with Mr. and Mrs 7'. 53 Traylor wcr c their daughters, Mary » ! and Martha, and Carolyn Lintzen:> ri'ich, Shirley King and Blllie Jane 741,3 nodgcrs. I Labor . .,. _ „.„ 1 leaders of the Icftwingcrs 1 been crlticirtnc their govcrnmci following U. s. foreign pollc; closely. They claim lhat they Brilain to be on terms of friendliness with both Russia Ihe U. S. Their tour of Russia and other nations in the Russian Woe was unofficial. and Temperature Stays High Light showers last night and early this morning brought .08 of an Inch of rain to the Blytheville area by 7 a.m. today, according to Robert K. Blaylock, olficial weather observer. Highest temperalure recorded | NEW YORK. Oct. 18. (UP)—The warm fog that paraly7,ed New York's ; harbor and airporls for the third p; straight night climbed off the tops of Manhattan skyscrapers at about 9:30 a.m. today. The luxury liner Queen Elizabeth prepared to sail with Ihe next tide at 1 p.m.. nearly 18 hours late. At LaGuardia Field traffic W3.S nearly normal after a 12-hour shutdown which loll between 700 and l.OCO outgoing passengers stranded by 36 cancelled flights. The skipper of the Queen Elizabeth decided to slick at his Hudson River berth last night after a loo't at his radar screen showed the har- : bor like a milky way of motionless 1 ships. The giant liner had battled Poultryless Thursdays May Be Junked WASHINGTON, Oct. 18. (UP> — President Truman's food committee is "actively considering" junking ponllrylcss Thursdays and Is expected to reach a definite decision Monday, it was learned today. Sources close to the committee said the outcome will hinge on whether the nation's, poultry growers and feed manufacturers are willing to cut down on the use of corn and wheat in poultry Iced and siibstllulc other grains. If they arc, it was said, the com- miltce might be willing to rai.v and cggle.w days from ll.s program for saving an additional 100,000,000 bushels of grain for Western Kurone during the nest three months. Mr. Truman's food managers rli- clincri to comment on the reiwii .Accused Negro Ordered Held on Slaying Charge Willie Jump* Holmr.s. 33-year-old NORI-O of Greenwood. Miss..'was or- drred held lo await action of Circuit Court on H charge of manslaughter following a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court this morning. Holmes wns arrested Ocl. II after M. C. Currin. 32-ycnr-old Annorel Negro, was fatally slabbed at Armorel. Following Ihc arrest, officers, said Holmr.s admitted slabbing Currin in the neck in an argument over a SO-cent debt. Holmes received .stab wounds in the left hand and back in the fight. Motorist Fined $10 M;ilcolm ODannion was found suilty of failure to obey a truffle MKII and fined $10 and costs this morning In Municipal Court. Odom to Ferry Planes WALNUT RIDGE, Ark., Ocl IS o,n|..i. inu £,,.»i. iiu,,t n.iu uaLhi^u (UP^—Round-thc-world-Hyer Hill fog into her pier as well. She was ! Odom has been employed by tin 1 12 hours late lying up last Thursday [ Texas Railway Equipment Comp.ii " here yoMerday was 85 degrees. Low after her pilot tug lost her In the 1 al the Walnut Ridge Air Base to i Deccmlwr .. i during last night was 64 degrees. | heavy mist of the lower harbor. | ferry planes to Franc*. ' "—'—'" N. Y. Cotton Open High Low Clos March 3225 3246 3318 3246 May 3215 3242 3212 3239 July 3152 3113 3152 3176 October ... 2960 2975 29GO 3197 3223 3194. Spots close 3270 up 20. score by Intercepting Scotf.i mss to right end Rush Barrett oA he Jonesboro 30 and the Chicks' trrenslvc machine began to roll McFnrlaiHl nmt Traylor. aided by i five yard o/fside penalty, combined lalents to pick up a first tlown on the Jonesboro 23. Traylor (licked up fom- yards on a lateral from Hi U .y a, )t | R . c. Allen sliced over tackle for a first down on the ip yard line. Traylor Scores McFarland found a big hole Jn the Jonesboro line and raced all tho way to the two before being slopped and 'lYaylor crashed 'over :acklc on tlic next play to score. The try for extra point was no good and the half ended with '.h« score reading 0 to 0 in favoi of , • Ulythcvilh'. •• .pf? 1 -" Shortly before the opening of -tlw I ~ J - lliird |«rioii the rain started. n«<*"' ' it continued throughout the onliS?"'_* last half. The rain was so haij *" at times Hint you could hardly tell one player from another. Allen look the kickoff opening the second half on his own 15 :e- turning to the 35 and from there the Chicks marched unchecked to the Jonesboro nine-yard line. Bly- thevllle received a five yard penalty on the next play but Traylor gained back Ihe yards on an off tackle slant. A Blytheville back fumbled on the next play with Jonesboru recovering on the 10-yard line. Scott hit center In an effort to move out of the hole but he too fumbled with Bracey recovering. McFnrland cross- thc goal line on the next piny but as he was tackled tho ball slipped from his arms and a Jonesboro man fell on it in the end zone for nn automatic touchbacfc nnd the ball was put into play on the 20 yard line in Hurricanes' possession. Scott circled end for a gain of two yards but once again the rain- soaked ball slipped from his han<is and bounded back to the 18 where John Hoover, (he Chicks right end fell on It. Traylor scampered arouni: end on the next play to T< {.landing up. Huey passed to E Bob Elliott for the extra point i Blytheville led 13 to 0. Chicks Add Two More Tlie Chicks added two more ton downs in the final period, the f.. on a 66-yard drive from their own. 34 yard line with McFarland plon * Ing over from the five. Allen went over tackle for the extra point and the Chicks led 20 to 0. Their final touchdown came a few minutes later after Traylor intercepted Scott's pass on the Bly- thcville 45. Traylor took the ball on n double reverse and raced SO yards .... i to -the Jonesboro five yard line. 3222 Huey picked v.p one through cen- J Be* CHICKS •« r*«e 10.

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