Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1897 · Page 25
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 25

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1897
Page 25
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TREftTMENT FOR WEAK MEN. TRIAL WITHOUT EXPENSE. The famous Appliance and Remedies of fce Erie Medical Co.nowfurtbuflrstume MTered on trial without expense to any honest man. Not a dollar to be paid In advance. Cure Effects of Errors r Excesses In Old or Younir. Manhood ully Kestored. How to Enlarge and Strengthen Weak, Undeveloped Portions if Body. Absolutely unfailing Home treatment. No C. u. D. or other scheme. A plain offer by a firm of high standing. LDOD POISON ^~ *§»• ^i v^lr^fc^l 8 uiiu(»i_T ur i cr- liary JJLOOU 1'OlSOJf permanently curedlnlSto 35 days. You can be treated at homefursarnopricenncler»amesaaran- ty. If you prefer tocniuo here we will contract to pay railroad farcand hotel bllls.and DOCharEe.lf wofail to cure. If you have taken mer- cnry, iodide notRxh, and still have aches and E lns, Mucousl'atciiea in mouth, Sore Throat copies. Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers oa acypartof tho body. Hair or Eyebrows fulling OQt, it Is this Secondary .BLOOD POISON wo Jtaarantce to cure. We solicit the most obstinate cages and eminence the world for a J»«ewecaniiotcure. This diveano has al». ys banted the skill of the most eminent physi- Cfeiis. 0500,000 capital behind our uncondl- *ttoal (rnaranty. Absolute proofs soot flcalea on Bdpllcation. Address COOK HKMJiDY CO.. W3 HiMCnic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL, PUT TO THE TEST. Logangporl Peopift Appreciate a Good MANHOOD |The world admires the perfect Sinn! Mpragc, dlKnlty, ormuBcular development alone bvt that autotle and wonaerfctl forco known &a SEXUAL VITALITY lAlchlsthc «lory of manhood—the prldo of wh ol d and younc. but there arc thousands of men wrerlnR tho mental tortures of a we»Uen< - •Mnhooa, shattered nerves, and falLU •OKuai power who can bo cared l>y our Magical Treatment ch may be t^ken at home under our dlrectlonl ire will pay K.R. fare and hotel bills for tbo«» j wish to ccmc here. If we fall to cure. We h»v« free prescrlptlons.free cure orC.O.D. fake. Wo ~f «MO,0:JO capital anfi (ruaranteo to cura every [we treat, or refund every dollar you pay ne, or nay be dcpORtted In any Dink to be paid m i a cure la effected. Write for full particular*. FATK MKD1CAI. CO., Omalia, Mf*. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. HckotAgenta of the Pennsylvania Lines Tjjll lurnieh Information regarding Home- Siekora' .Excursions to various points In the Ifwrthwest, West, Southwesi and South. It •wUl pay to investigate If you contemplate a U*i>. Apply to nearest Ponneylvanla Line •cket Agent, or address w, w. Kichardaon ]W«trIct Passci ger Ajent Indianapolis,Ind Ennsyivonia Ijneg.: Train-: Run by Centra.; l-JXii- CHICAOO DIVISION DAILY. L««veforChl08so'3:05a m;*U:OOtt m;*l:25 p m •2:00 p m; "4:30 j) m. Arrive from Chicago *12:liO a m; % 12:SO pm;*l:00 p m; *1:40 p ra: *S:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. Leave for Bradford -1:10 a m;t7:40»m; '1:45 p m- t4:SOp m. Arrive from Bradford <2:45ani; t!0:20 am; •l:20pm: t4:i5pm. EFFSER DIVISION. Leave for Effner tS : 15 a m : t9 :09 a m • -t2 :05 p m 5 T> m Sunday only. Arrive from Kffner-'7:S5a m. +12,50 p m: 12:45 p m ; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Live for Richmond t!2.;.5 »m; t5:30 a m; *1:05 p m; t2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond *2:S»»m; -m:00am M:50pm:ilO:59p m. JHDIANAPOLI8 AND LOUI8V1LI,». Laave for LouUrllle 12:45 a m: *l:10p m. Arrive from LouUville*2:40» m; *l:5j>p m. J. A. MoCULLOOGH, A«ent, Everybody has their hour of trouble. But people having any Itcnlness of the skiu. Have many hours of trouble. Nothing BO annoying. Nothing so irrtet taJT. Wantto scratch it all the time. Jt't> a hard and trying position. Scratch it, it beeomeB worse. Leave; it alono and you can hardly stand the misery Jtchiness comes in many forms. Eczema HI;U horrid itching piles. Kelief mid cure hus come at la.-;c, Lofc'anoport hue; put it to the tesr. l)oiin'8 Ointment cures every lorm of itchinci-s of the Bkin. People at h-jrne are learning tlia' this i^ 50- Here is a proof in a citi/.en'sstatement: Mr. H. H. Montrcrt. 131s Hiph rtreet, fuper- intendent of water works, says: "I suffered with a skin affection fur 15 or 10 years which ba filed ihf- skill of sen-era; physician* a-jd re- si-ted nbout eierr known treaiment in the way of ointments and salves, but was at la?t cured by Doan'd Oinnnent. It vras first u?od when working in the railroad shops ye«rs tt«o wlieru I was employed in the brass -lepartmcnt, and during hot weather became badly chafed and poisoned from the braes dual and perspiration. It was terribly annoying on accouut of the itchincus. and it 1 1 scratched it. little watery pimples formed and became very sore. Dean's 0:ntmej» attracted my attention several months ago and I got a box at Keeslinjr's pharmacy and bathed tbo t> ffecccd parts us directed and applied tbe ointment. In a few days there was no symptoms t>l the trouble remaining. Doan's Ointment cured mo when everything- thing else failed during the 15 or 1« years I had it. J endorse Donn's OiDtmeui for this reason and recommend It highly 10 others suffering from any itchiness as a remedy which is up to representation." Doan's Ointment for sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Mailed by FostBr-Milburn Co, Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for tbe U. S. Remember ihe name Doan's and take no other. OLD FASHIONED DISHES. tHEBEALM OF" STYLE ADVICE TO THE WOMAN WHO HAS THE QUALITY OF "GUMPTION." How to Dreu Well at a Small Cost —Hand- lome Street Costume*—A Styliiih Belted Rasqn-e Xflouj»£ — Evening; Dreasei and Wrap*—Slippers. [Special Correspondence.] KEW YORK, Nov. 22.—A street costume that shall be neat and unobtrusive and yet handsome enough in all its appointments to give the wearer that serenity that only falls on the well d r essed woman is always something to S Knetern ISxpress dslly f Mall end Express daily 4 Atlantic Express daily M Fort wa> ne ACCO E.\ Sunday... Local Frulsht K.x Sunday mn BOUND, } Western Express dally 1 Fast Mail Daily 1 Mail and Bxpreas daily i Pacific Express daily It Decatur Aeco Ex-Sundttv n Local freipht Ex-Sunday JL BJTIB orrlSION, WI8TSID1, LOOiKSPOal AHD CHILI, Wiai BOtTMD. Ho. 16 Arrives Ho. 37 ...-.Arrives......— •AST BOUND. Bo. M —Leaves Ho. M —Leaves S:SS a m , 9:4S a n. . 4:1S j> m 6:b'i p m 4:1S p m .10:2-1 p m . S:1S p m . 2:W p in .11:38 a m . 7;8Ti a m . 7:33 a m MTW&iMt 8:80 a. u ,3:30 p. n ..9:06 a. n .1:46 p. re VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Sept. 2$, 1897. Indlua. FOR THE KOKTH Mo 6 . ______ .......................... ....... ~.10:S« a. m. lfc.8 ................................................ S:3ti p, m. FOR THE SOLTH. KO 21 ......................... -7:05 a. m. lie. S ............................................ i:25 p. m. For complete Time Card, giving all trains *nd c'jttioni, and for full information u »o rate*, through cars, etc., address J. C. SDomwOBlH, agent. Log^nsport. or 1 4^. FOKD. Geceral Passenger Agent, 8t. Lou-U. Mo. . K. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Solid trftl&a between Peorit and Sandusky sad Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct con- MOtdoni to *n<: from all points in the United •Me* and Canada. SOUTH BOCXU DIPAST No H Indluwpolii Exp daily 7:10 a m Uj»amNo23 " Mull & Kip_ll:3S a m (dally eic»pt Sunday) NoSJlndpl's ExpsiSun.- 3^6pm »:M p m No 2> PM*enfer exeept Son No 151 RooDMt«r local arrive :45 p m except Sunday, WORTH BOU9D. at«l » m No » Mall * Xxp Kx 8uu. -J»:18am W»pmHoHMioW«*«&t7*lu>-. «:«pm trN p m No M Detroit Ixp Kz Btuk No 180 Ac-corn except 8un. . . «:« a m •Bow got run north or»P«ni on Sunday. tu ttok>4 ntte and* "neral information <oall J. Bkfener, UoJret «c«*t, L. I. * *., or 0. J. How to Prepare Simple Food That If Not to Be Scoffed At. Salted mackerel, such as is usually served broiled for breakfast, makes a most appetizing dish for any luncheon or Sunday night tea. Instead of broiling the fish, after it has been well freshened boil it slowly ill a spicier partly filled with water to which have been added a bay leaf, half a dozen pepper corns, three cloves, a slice of onion and a suspicion of vinegar. When the fish is cooked, place it upon a heated platter and pour around it a well seasoned cream dressing, or the freshened mackerel may be boiled in equal parts of milk and cream. When the fish is cooked, put it upon the dish it is to be served upon aiid set it where it will keep hot. Put over tbe lire in a small saucepan a heaping tabiesjiooiiful of butter, and as soon as it is un-lreil stir into it a level spoonful of Hour. Then gradually stir into this tbe liquid in which the iish bas been cooked. Season with a little cayenne pepper, and when the dressing has thickened strain i cover the prepared lisb. Sprinkle choppod parsley over the wholo and serve ac once. Pork and parsnips may not .sound very inviting. Lur, properly prepared, are one of the most delicious of dishes. Glean pork of the size desired, score the rind und place it, meat side down, in u drip saucepan. Cnt the parsnips into halves lengthwise and place them with the pork. Add a small amount of -water, cover tho vessel closely aud place it over a slow fire. Cook until the meat and vegetables are tender. Remove the cover so that if there is any liquid left it may evaporate and tho vegetables take on a golden color. Turn tho pork, putting ;he rind side to the bottom of tho vessel, and let it become well browned. Then place it iu a hot platter ;uid arrange the parsnips around the meat. Picked up codfish, prepared in an appetizing manner, is not an inexpensive aish, .as many consider it. Indeed, a jjousekeeper who excelled in making "delicious dishes of sale cod, when asked to "give us creamed codfish for luncheon, it's cheap," replied, "Porterhouse steaks are just as cheap.'' For 2 cups of, picked fish take about a cups of iuilk and cream. Put the fish in a saucepan and cover it with cold water. Let tho water heat slowly to the boiling point, then drain it all off and add a cup each of cream and milk. Again put the fish over the fire and heat. Roll a piece of butter the size of an egg in flour and mix them together. Gradually add to the butter three parts of a cup of cream aud stir this into the cream mixture, stirring them thoroughly together. Season tho fish with pepper and turn it upon a platter holding squares of buttered toast. Place slices of hard boiled eggs over the top. Condensed milk is ail excellent substitute for cream. The deep apple pio of former days, known as "pan dowdy, " is most excellent. Take a deep earthen dish that will hold aboxtt three quarts. Peel, quarter and core enough tart apples to fill this dish to the top. Sprinkle over the apples half a cup of sugar and a cup of molasses and a very little cinnamon. Pour over the whole half a cup of water. Cover the top with a pie crust about as thick as for a chicken pie. Place the dish in a slow oven and bake about 2J.< hours, 'When the pie is taken from the oven, take a silver spoon and break the crust into the apples in several places. Then let it stand a couple of hours before serving. How to Clean Fur*. Pnt 2 quarts of fresh bran in a pan over the fire and stir it frequently to keep it from burning. Lay the fur upon tbe table, and when tie bran is quite hot apply 2 or 8 handfuls of it to the fur and rub it in well with the hand. Repeat, this process several times, always taking fresh, hot brau from the pan. When the fnr is clean, shake it and brush it with a clean brnsii to remove any flour and dust which remain. . STIiEET COSTUMES. he desired. 'So woman ever put on a soiled, poor or unfashionable suit "just to run to market" or go shopping in whose heart did not quake for fear of meeting some very particular friend. There is really no excuse but direst poverty for a woman who dresses badly now with handsome woolen and silken stuffs so cheap. Those who live in large cities and have any of that very useful quality known variously as "gumption," "faculty" and common sense can by watching the papers find where thfire is to be a bargain sale of such material as she needs. Nearly all the large stores sell the remnants of good material at cost rather than carry them, and four and a half yards will make an ample skirt for a large woman of nearly all the goods now sold, silk, satin and velvet excepted. But even if there is no bargain counter a lady can get good woolen. stuffs now at from 50 cents to 85 cents per yard in domestics and some of the foreign goods. Our wool fancies and colored cheviots are quite as good as those of foreign countries, and so are twills, cloths and plaids. But there are certain black goods that are better made and dyed than we can produce, and they, being fine^ are dear. But there is no law compelling us to wear them. If I had this whole newspaper at my disposal, I might be able to toll about a few of the blouses, but as I have not I will mention only a couple of leading features. One was a belted basque blouse of drab cloth, thick and firm. Around the bottom and up the front wero a border of mink and one square revws. Tho collar was of the drab cloth, with a half collar of the fnr reaching forward only as far as fhu shoulder seams. Tho belt was black leather, with a gold buckle. This was worn with a brown plaid skirt. There was an open blouse waist of green and yellow brocaded changeable silk. The vest was of white silk with the new Paris four- in-band of chiffou, and flu; collar- was altogether a grand affair of white silk, draped with chiffon ruches at rhe edges, and a long, thick rosette at tho back, with a bow with sharp ends of changeable green and yellow silk. The sleeves were short puffed coat shape, with deep chatelaine cuffs of purple velvet, embroidered with gold and edged with chiffon ruchiug. The sleeves and skirt were of hunter's green silk. There were revers and a wide draped belt of purple, with a very large bow of many loops at the left side. This bow contained all the colors in the silks, one loop always b~6ing bound with the other color. Plain gray cjoth, bordered wijii brown fur and embroidered, with a darker shade of gray, made another handsome blouse. Evening dresses are now the !>age, and every one must have two or three. Fish nets over pretty taffetas and decorated with ribbons are tasteful and girlish. So are the light taffetas, especially when made with a plain skirt and drooping blouse waist of tissue, embroidered with pearl beads. Berthas of lace, beaded passementerie or puffings of tulle or chiffon are all in vogue. Long sashes to tie in the back are worn with most evening dresses, whether for dancing or receptions or grand dinners. Embroidered silk muslin I have spoken EVEXIXG COSTUMES. of before. This is draped over bodices and made into loose skirts over taffeta or satin. A beautiful evening -wrap -was made of moonlight bine moire, and the high collar was bound with white swan's down. Dancing slippers are of kid or silk to match the dress, and some are strapped while others are not. but all are beaded and studded with imitation diamonds. Flowers, mostly sprays of roses, are worn on -waists of white frocks. OLIVE HARFKR. Her "I can't express my love for yon ia •words," he wrote. "Use signs— f $ $ f ," she replied — Town Topic*. HOW SLOANE RIDES. and Grace Which the Faxno Acquired In Boyhood. The graceful position of Tod Sloone In riding and his easy control of the horses under him were learned in early youth As a boy he was fond of adventure and exasperatinsly unruly. It is said that he was wholly unlike other boys of his age and invariably selected grown men as his associates. Hack barns and livery stables were his favorite haunts, watching for chances to ride the horses. Nothing was loo dangerous for him to attempt, nothing in the barns too -vicious and unruly for him TO mount. Tod's first notable mount is well remembered. One day a villainous looking Kentucky stallion was brought nOW SLOAXE P.IDF.S. into the barn and repeated attempts o1 strong men to control the beast resulted in failure. During the absence of the attendants Tod jumped on the horse from the top of the stall and turned him out into the street. For an hour the reckless youngster clung to the mane of the furious animal as in plunged madly through the streets of the town to the unspeakable dismay and horror of the inhabitants, who fled into their houses for safety. Finally the stallion, thoroughly winded, exhausted and covered with foam, stopped, completely conquered. After that anybody could ride him. Tod was then 9 years old, at that time, as now, small for his age. FOOTBALL NEXT YEAR. Opinions Differ on the Daneerom Feature« of the Game. The football season closed with a of broken bones and bloody coxcombs coupled with an emphatic pronunciaiuento from President Eliot of Harvard against tho prohibition of the game as now played There seems to be more interest in the removal of players by graduation next year than in their removal by the casualties of mass playing. At Yalo Hazen, Hall, Bodgers, Chamberlain and Benjamin graduate with tho class of '98 in either the collegiate or post graduate departments. This will leave Cadwalader, Brown and Marshall in the line and De Saulles, Dudley and McBriuc behind it. Besides, the California!! full back, liansome, will become eligible at tho beginning of the autumn term. Pennsylvania also loses six players by graduation and the operation of her eligibility rules. Goodman, Weeks, Dickson, Jackson and Minds of the regular team and,Substitute Fortesque will bid farewell to the Quaker college nest June. Boyle will also graduate, but ho has announced his intention of matricu- lating.for a post graduate course in order to accept tho captaincy of the cloven. This leaves Boyle, Hedges, (Jutland, Carnott. Hare, McCnicken, Ovurfield and Jlorioe as tho veterans. Harvard will line up next year without Cabot, Moulton, Bouvu, Shaw, Cozxons, Graydon, Wheeler and Brown. Duucc-tte. Haskull and Sullivan are already in tho graduate schools, and may or may not return to college for another term. The nucleus for Captain Dil.i- blee's 'US team is: Burden, center; Hual. guard; Uunald and Mills, tackles; Lewis and Richardson, ends; Garrison. Goch- rane, quarter; Dibblee. Stillborn, Warren. Parker, riwain and licid, half backs, aud Saw in and lloiighcon. full backs. Princeton will be minus her end rushers, Cnch- ranc and Craig, and the back field will bo weakened by the graduation of Kclloy, Bannard and Rcitcr. Kecne to Race In England. James II. Koenc announces that he will send seven horses to England for racing. Ho expects to be a formidable rival of Pierre Lorillard. and August Belmont. Dan Stuart a >"ew Yorker, Dan Stuart, has Jofc Texas and taken up his residence in New York. H» will continue, so he says, to push his Carson CLty carnival scheme. CHECKERS AND CHESS. Checker Problem No. 452, Block-10, 14, 15, IT, 20, 20 (kins). GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER White—T (king), Tt> 28, 30, Wliitc to play and win. Chess Problem Xo. 452. Black. White. White to play anci male in two moves. Black. 1.. 11 10 18 2..iSto23 3. .23 to 21 4.. 13 to 6 5. .21 to 25 6.. 31 to 24 Black. L.ZtoKT 2..BiQ L.KtoQO Checker problem Xo. White. I. .10 to 15 2.. 23 to H 3. .14 to IS 4., 8 to 1 5.. 1 to 10 6.. 24 to 28 7. .28 to 19, and wiaa Chess problem No. 451 White. l..BtoEB4 2..Q-KB5 3. .E— Ksqmate S..P-K5ch Lnr:-rt! p:ick:it:e of the world's for IL incivfi. Still t;rt-:iter f*..-or)OUJv In 4-pound paokiL^t 1 . AH ^roct-rs. Muiit- only by THK X. K. FAIRBAXK COMPAXY Colcaco- *t. Ifii-is New York, Boston, Philadelphia. How Clialk Is Made. When received at the mill, the chalk is put into great machines aud ground in water, then floated off iuto vats of water, where all the impurities and foreign substances are precipitated, the water being afterward drawn off by a series of filtering operations and the soft residuum dried by steam heat and exposure to the air. The snsbtance is then reduced to a powder of different degrees of fineness by grinding iu bur mills and heltin<r, when it is ready to be packed in barrels and shipped for use, among tho largest consumers being tho rubber goods manufacturers. Rubber, in its crude stare being sticky, unmanageable and available only 1'ur very simple purposes, becomes vulcanized and hardened by adding to it chalk while it is hot. tlius.rendering .it, suitable for the various uses to which it is put. .As ia well known, a large quantity of chalk is employed in the preparation of painc aud putty, being termed whiting while in this form. 1897 DECEMBER, 1897 Su. Mo. Tu. We. 12 19 26 6 7 1 Th. 13 14115 20 27 21 28 22 29 16 23 30 Fr. 17 24 31 Sa. 11 18 25 Crossing the Plains In a Prairie Schooner This is a scene from oui new • romantic serial 'by Major Alfred R. Calhoun, The Weldon . Estate 5-" We recommend it to you because it is a. story of exceptional power and interest. It is something not to be missed. You will find it IN THIS PAPER OfiLY ia Lifflitei Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, ria this line. For berth reservations etc.,call on or address D.S.MewEll,Agt. WABASHKR, LofmnrporL, Ind. The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchange, able Rebate Ticket Isloriale at principal Ticket Offices o The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored fine year from date of sale, for Exchange 'I icktts over either of the following named Lines: Ann Arbor, Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern lUlDOii", Chicago &;wegt Michigan, Cincinn»ti & Muskingum VaJler, Cincinnati, Hamilton i Dayton, Cleveland & Marie:ta, Cleveland, Canton & Southern, Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago & 8t L Cleveland, Loraln & wheeling-, Cleveland Termin»l & Valley. Columbus. Hocning Valley & Toledo, Columbus. Sandubky & Hocking, Detroit;.* Cleveland Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grand Rapids & We«tcrn, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pitisbunj. Evansvllle & Indianapolis. Ev«n8Yilte & Terre Haute. FindiHy, Fort Wgyne 4 Western. Flint & Fere Marquette, Grand Kapl^E & Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville & Nashville, Between Louisville A Cincinnati and between St. L and Bvansvlil* LouisviLe, Evansville & 8t Louis, Louisville. Henderson & St Louig, Michigan Central, New York, Chicago & St Louis, Ohio Central Lines, Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittaburg, Peoria, Decatur & Rvansville, Plttsburg i- Lake Erie, PIttsburc & Western, Pittsburgh Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louie & Kansas City Vandalia Line, wabash Railroad, Zanesvilie & Ohio river. The price of tb< se tickets are Thirty DoU«r» each. They are not transferable If the ticket Is used in its entirety and exclusively by the original purchaser, a rebate of Ten Dollars ia paid by the Commissioner of tho Central Pa»- senger Association, E. A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. Pinsburg, Pa Sept 30,1897 Home Seekers Excursion.. . FOR November and December'97 - -THR -- have authorized reduced rates to many points in the "West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 18th, December 7th and 21st. For partic\jlaTs, call oa or address t. U, llbVTUl) Logansport, Ind. Special Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines This Month. On December 7th and 21«t Excursion Ticket* Trill be sold vj» P*no*yl- vanlii JJneg to point! in Alabama, Arizona, Ariansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Caimu, Kentucky. Louisiana, Michig-nn, Minnesota, JUniMippl. Misgoori, Nebraata, $9* Mexico. Bortii Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ortxron, South Carolina, Boutk Dakota, TennMwe. Tezoa, Utah, Virgrtna, WiKonainand Wyoming. Aor- body may take advantage of tba low rate*. Full information free upon application to neareet Tictot Acent of the PeoniylTani* Line* or by addraasinr W. W. Blcbardaon. Di». trStt FuMDcer Af«ut, IndiaoapoUa, lad. '

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