The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1947 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.)' COURIER NK\VS PAGB Published Evtry Frid»r jn the interest of Farm Pamili* of ThU Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-FEA1VRES For B«tt«r Featured For Thia Sectioa'i Farmer*. Ideal Weather Speeds Harvest Of Cotton, Corn and Soybeans Throughout Mississippi County 1^ Ideal ' harvesting: 'and labor conditions have enabled 55rth Mississippi County farmers to run ahead of schedule n the harvest ing of the 19-17 cotton ami corn crops, it was announced, today by Keith Bilbrey, county agent for North Mississippi County. ; ;- ; f * '«• "Farmers are witnesiliiB ,'the best + — • harvesting tontilioqs-r over,", Mr. iBilbrey said:" "(Since'cottoir picking Started late'in August farmers have .lost only approximately 36 hours .due to vain and the harvest. Itiboc ^situation is the best tliaP I ever seen it." V Thousands of transit, 'i^eoi have poured into North Mississippi County since cotton picking started, he said, and hundreds more local laborers liave taken to iM tieW to help gather the 1M7 .crpfl. [Die influx of labor hHs'ljcconic so^ieat ithat some 350 families are being -forced lo live in tents due to the shortage of tenant-hc-uslf.} 01^, farnjs. have The greater part of tills farm Jabor are Texas Mexicans, he .said. According to H. B. % Sbx*ppacd. (arm., Jabor supervisor f<;r'.NarflV sippi County some ' . ovv at. work helping harvest.'the .ops in this section ,of the coun- ' with other sections o[ the, s(al«, Mr. Bilbrey slated. "Southern Arkansas cotton farmers are advertising for cotton pickers, promising »3. a hundred, the .same that farmers of this area are' paying, they have never paid as much a,i farmers of Eastern Arkansas have before." Crop 70 Pw Cent Harvested Ginnings in this section, at present, are larger than they have been 'it the same lime in any previous year. Some gins are operating nil-lit and day and an estimated 70 pel- cent of tile entire crop has already been ginned, Mr. Bilbrey said. ;EJven though the fnrmei is receiving less lor his cotton this year, the high grade of the crop is offsetting the difference in price be' t V?e n m<Srs in and 1047 markets. Far- this area can't remember '\vhcn they got as good a grade of I Entomologists Waging War on 2 Types Weevils KAYETIT5VIULE, Ark.. Oct. 17. _ weevil injury of green b*aitt and cowpeaa in the field, which now causes considerable loss to th« slate's farmer* tnd canners, may one day be a thing ot the past. Ways of controlling weevil damage lo these crops while they are still in the field will be studied In * research. project about to be undertaken by the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station. Green beans and cowpeai are important vegetable crops In Arkansas for home use. the fresh vegetable market, and commercial canning. Cou'pcas are also An Important soil Improvement anrt rmy crop. Two weevils, the bean weevil and the cowpea weevil, are the chief culprits In Arkansas, according to entomologists at the University's College of Agriculture. At present, there is no satisfactory control for field damage by these pests. Commercial catiners In the state are especially concerned, since even a light infestation of weevil larvae will make the canned beans or peas unfit for sale. A satisfactory method of controlling weevils in the green rxxls would also prevent They Aid 'Corn for Europe' Drive ! x>f this liumuC7-9^a. qf. tile, Wtin .|r Americans were'-ie'cl-uitedf through f l:j ihe Chickasa\vba Farmers Association. '&W through the Extension bervice and approximately 600 cnuie pn their own. .. ,>.- t ^ , : , .,-^ I Seveia!'.hundre<i ]'A'bo|er8' t frpli'i^lJ3 se-^tions • of- ArKat':' a - s 'r'"''^'? nnc ''^ c ^^ Mississippi. Oklahoma and MissourY •have migrated to Mississippi County for the cotton harvest, .he.said. Most of tdese l(if t their hpmc 'areao because they knew they could rriane 'i-ood \vagc.-5 picking cotton here ftnd Jjecause hf Ihcrdrouths that affcc!.- ed the crops in their home areas. much of the damage to dry .seed cotton as they have this year. which now occurs. Tlie corn crop is gathered and -me new project is being sup- F with another week of fair wenlher po ,-i c d by funds from I lie Ke.seurch harvesting of the soybean crop will and Marketing Act passed by the b« completed, he said. Alfalfa cut- -hist session of Congress. Several ting has almost stopped due to j years have been allotcd for the the dry weather but the crop is do- I work which will be done in the la- ing about what was expected of it, j bonuory and out In the field. JUr. Bilbrey stated. j Dr. W. D. Wylie will direct Uie study. "And for the first time that I can Remember colon picking prices in this area have ben kept on a level Marriage License* The following couples obtained j marriage licenses yesterday al the Ti.••*«• office of Miss Elizabeth Blytlic, I UrllS coutlVy cloiW. EthvRrtt \Vooris and Mis.s .Jnanita Seratt. both of Hcrmondale. Mo. | Friendly' Tussle Double Violent Cecil R. Wilbur and Miss Atldic Louise Allison, both of Braggadocio, Mo. *WE JUST GOT OUR NEW TOASTER. COULD I UEMT ONE MORE OF YOUR ELECTRIC OUTLETS ?" Oon'T •v»rl»«d your wiring iyit«M. When yow buiM «r mod.rnlz. provld. ADIQUATf W1HHO. ARk-MO"TOWER COMPANY Gef on the Job EDWARDSVILLE. 111.. Oct. 17.— (UP)—Four cell mates of a prisoner who died of a crushed chest in the Madison County Jail admitted lo- daj r that they had wrestled anrt boxed with him "in a friendly way." The prisoner. .John Urbaniak. 34. Buffalo, N. Y,, dicri Monday ol injuries suffered Wednesday and Thursday'of last week. An autopsy disolated that all but one of his ribs had been broken and torn loose from the breastbone. State's Attorney C. W. Burton quoted ihe tour as saying they wera demonstrating "feats of .strength." one of which included standing on each other's che.sta. Urbaniak had been held in jail here .since July 17 on a burglary charge. The lour cell mates were identified as Robert Allen. St. Louis. Mo.; Francis James, Chicago^ Grudy Jone.s, Alton, 111.; and Albert Williford of Arkansas. PAC AskTMiilion Workers to Help In Political Drive BOSTON. Oct. 17. (UP)—Tile CIO Political Action Committee is-sued a call today lor 1.000,000 volunteer block workers to undertake the PAC's grass roots campigning before the 1SU8 primaries ano election. Tlie call was read to the nin'.h CIO national convention by PAC Director Jack Kroll after Franklin •D. Roosevelt Jr. had told the delegates that labor, veterans, housewives and farmers must get togeth- -er If they want to change the political compaction of Congress in 194S. Tlieie Klbtim, III., children giitlicr aumliil ol Rol'lcn com lo contribute lo Uicir home town's "Corn lor Europe" campaign. In ou« day the cHir.ciis of the small farminj,' community collected over 100 bushels of Ihe grain for shipment abroad. Loft lo right nre Hit McKeuzie children, Janet, B; EK-in, 6, ami Rila, 12. Minister's Plan Was Excellent But the Potato Yield Was Poor Dehydration Tests Made At University FAYB1TKVIU,B. Ark., Oct. . , '— 'Hie variable coylwnn In Ihe i only one of 11 common vendibles which relaln.i most of Un original ! qunllllcjt wlien dehydrnteil and ; sloicd. uceonllnx lo » rrci-nl jiubll- cnllon of Hie Al' ARl'icultninl Kxiioi-tmcnt Slallan 'I'lw luillctln n'Horls mi a sludy mode by nrs V. M. Wnll.s mul M. C. Klk or (lie Unlvmliy of Aiknnsiu college of Afirlc»ll\ire. The losis were Initialed during (he wnr 1'mernency to .ire whether various vegetables crtlld lie preserved by dehydration. Snap beans. vcRciublc soybeans, bcel*. oabbnRc, swecl corn, clinrd and tmni" Hrccns. onions. )»i\5, untl U'.sli nlitl sweet |ioti\loes weie included. The vegetable* wore dried and (lien stored lor six luonlhs and a yeftr, Vibcn llu-y \veie ri'freshed. cookei!, and comiinrcd with the pro- duel.. llesUU's the soybeuns. fnlr to Rood urls i\cre nmde from' onions and Irish 'and sweet iKHatoe.v However, these three vcuetables can be itored In" fresh form, and In each case ihe dehydrated pro- durl had dcfinllf liinllalloilK vilirn compared lo stored ones. For example, dehydrati'd onions could not nsed in\v,. mid U was Impossible to niiiki. thiffy while mashed |w- s (nun Ihe dehyilrnUd pro- d'ucl. As a result of their experi- inenls llu- iillthors doubt Hint de- UUiii cotlld ever bec<ime n uinjor veyetnble pi-ocessih}{ metllcid under ordinary conditions Resides the liw.s In cinnllly, there were serlovis looses o( nsrorbli: acid and modcrale losses of (hlamlnr and rlboriiu'in during dehydration and storn^e. Anyone Inleifsted In Ihe sitidy may obtain n copy of the bulletin from the Hiillclln Ofllee of the University of Arkansas Col- "egr of ARiicullure 111 FnycUcvlllc. Industrial Plants To Be Taken From West Germany BRIILIN, CX-1. 17. (UI>I — American ami UiUl.sli military ftit* nnnmmccri loclay 11 nncl indn.strlril plnni.* wo mi.tlcul ami rrmovni j rott Gcrmnny ns pint of Oer <Iobl lo llu- Hlllc.v M«J. On, GrniK<? P. Hays, Icpuly :iHTK'iin niillLnry govorno ft lid The lid twi inny'i U. Orn. sir Brian Rotortaon, art* ti.s)i military sov«rnor-d«ii|iut«, itUelospd the figure at A )olm conference, - RAibcrl.son »ald "»L«p« wlJl he rn" lo eulorc* th* dUmantling pro- Krnm and warned German U leaders not to call »trlfce« in in /on. Lo block the remoralB.' The 682 [ilanU repre«nt«d . Limn half the original total <rf pUnU earmarked for repumtloB* by thn Allied RovernmenU in l»4» f but ihf jemovaljt will affect &k&«*t all thr 40.000,000 rejjld«nU . of the ELKHART. Inc)., O:l. 17. <UPt — A red-faced Methortisl past.or dim potatoes the size of yun^-pon^ balls out of hLs garden today and wondered how he could explain the crop failure to his congregation. Six months ago, the Rev. Orrfn il-s bliiUILng fund, ,$l>00 wns borrowed from a ban);. The money wns tlistrib\itrrt in lin Int.-s nmnuR the congi'firjn 1 ion .for usr n.i c.ipita] )ti any t.j tie "invest men t" the indi- vidiml ssisv fit. Six tuonUi.s IntcM-, tlic cnpital nnd (he profits were to Manifold of. the Calvary Methodis!, i be returnpd to the church. Church opened a church Kind ami advanced $VQ each lo +9 church members. They were n.sked to the money i" "n profitable business enlei'prisr*. 1 ' Manifold kept .$;n, imp- ing lo set, an example lor his congregation. Sunday is thr payoff day when each of the 50 church members must account for his investment mid turn the profits over lo the church building fund. Manifold .said he \va.s nba.shetl ^ his own showing. "I invested my *10 in se*?ri potatoes," the minister said. "Like ilic parable of the 10 talents. I planted mine in the ground. The potatoes range from about the size of a. ] marble to .slightly smaller than a ! ping-pong ball. I'm lucky to break even." ' The Rev. iSjIr. Manifold said that j when the church needed money for i The six months will be up Sunday. 'T nur:A I'm the pnnrosl biislnrs.'i- inan n) ihe inl. 1 ' ihe minlstei' said. "But then, mnybe tin- weather had ..sonielhit^ lo da wilh the bud potato crou." The ministnr said that thp church fxpf-cl.s a 2HO ]»cr cent rt'turn on the total $500 outlay. Munifuld said lii. 1 ! youngest worker WHS ci^Iit-year-old Hobeil, Liutwick. , The child bnuKhv $10 worth ot bnby i chickens six months HRO and, unaided, except for a little advkn from hJs parenU-j. i-iiiscd friers. "I'm Roins back out In that po- lalo patch und see if I missed, any big ones," tlie preacher said. "Thai cilphl year old boy pas.scri me up a long time ago." Read Courier NCWB Want Arts. Discharged from Navy James Elvis Robinson. 21. of BYy- theville was -'discharged from the. Navy yesterday at the U. s. Naval Personnel Separation Center at Son j Die-so, Calif. He enlisted at Memphis March 9. 1913, and spent 43 months overseas. He \vas a seaman, first class, at the time of his discharge. His witp. Mrs. Agn&s Robinson, resides at 21W Chickasawba Avenue. • Almost c.-cry hour in the (fa) 1 you will find a good use for the "Jpcp" as a Truck, light tractor, runabout or mobile fiower imii. With iis mighiy Willys-Overland "Jeep" Engine and powerful 4-whccl-drivc, you can go most anywhere in a "Jeep," on or oft" the road ... in fair weather or in r oul. Get a "Jeep" on the job. Ii will pull plows, harrows, seeders, mowers; tow 5,500-!b. trailed payloacN; haul 800 Ibs. The "jeep" will carry men and tools across town or to bard-to-get-at places in a jiffy. Wherever it goes, its power lake-off is ready to run your machinery right on the job. Come and see what the amazingly versatile 4-purpose "Jeep" c;m do for you. THt MIGHTY AT Poole Motor Company "A Complete Line of Jeep Parts" Ellis Poole, Owner & Mgr. Sourh Highway 61 ar Steele, Mo. Phone Steele 49 Transport Plane Hunted LIMA. PERU. Oct. T7. (UP) American planes from the Canal Zone. Puerto Rico and Peru todny hunted a U. S. Air Forces C-47 transport, which has been missm;: since last Friday with six men. One of them was Co]. J. R. Hawkins, chief of the U. S. Military Mission in Peru. So far. search planes have not found a trncc of the C-47. which wn,- enroute from thn Peruvian military base at El Piito to the Amazon River port of Iquitos. WARNING OltDKR IN THK C.'HANCKHY COURT. CHICK ASA WHA II » STRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTV. ARKANSAS. Glare Chrt.ilInn Plaintiff, vs. No. 10.276 Max H. Chii.sllnn Ddenrtn Tliu <li>.(eml!UU Mnx H. Christian Is hereby wurnnt to nppelir wll.hln Ihtrty rtays in the court named in Ihp caption hereof and answer the rampluhll of the plalnllfl Clarn Chrlstlnii. Dntcil tills 16 <lny of October. 1917. HARVEY MOFIRIS. ClciV By Dorothy Conlcy, deputy. Attorney for Plaintiff W. Leon Smith. 10 n-24-!U-llfT Rend Courier Newi Wnnt Ad>. 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BUY high quality economical CONCRETE delivered READY-MiXtO To Farmers: We can supply Ready-Mixed Concrete for any kind of job — foundations, sanitary dairy barn floors, feeding floors, to pave R muddy barnyard or other farm improvements. Prompt, quick delivery exactly where and ; when needed. Our Ready-Mixed Concrete is uniformly dense, enduring *nd strong — as you expect of good concrete. The "mix" is right for the use intended . . . accurately proportioned Hi our central plant. Even a small job gets the benefit of Urge volume production. Concrete is the modern way to build firesafe, long- lasting improvements, moderate in first cost and requiring ilmost no maintenance. It is truly low annual cost construction. If you need help » f e can put you in touch with comp«- '•mt contractors. DUlnftcf Poultry Hou«« with PURINA CHEK-RFECT rKISSURE SPRAYERS 3'/i-gallon capacity. Eggs art made from . Puiina Linyena and Purina Lay Chow plus grain are buill to p your hens lay lots big eggs. Choost ht one you need- PURINA You Buy EGGS! Hughes & Company CONTRACTORS S/kecutt FOR DRY COWS Feed dry cows to build them up for h«ovi«r production after calv* ing. Ask for . . . PURINA BRY & FRESHENING CHOW \A ^ v/Big Litters v/ Fast Growth ~<a PURINA RABBIT CHOW PURINA DAIRY CHOWS PURINA COW CHOW Top Milk-mak« No Grain N««d«d COW CHOW SUPPLEMENT Feed 1 bag with 100 pound* grain. COW CHOW CONCENTRATE Feed 1 bag with 300 pound* gia 10th & Railroad Sis. 'hone 3531 L. K. Ashcraft Co.

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