The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (..I'.K.) COURIER NEWS iisenhower Still Doesn't Say No Presidential Boom Gains Momentum in Spite of Disavowals BY KRNESV BAKCKLLA (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. (UP) — ["he draft-Eiseiihower-for-Prcsidcut gue today responded to General Ike's latest disavowals of such a iKmnent by beating the drums Ben louder lor their man. Eisenhower boosters said they wouldn't take "No" [or an answer, even it thai is what the general meant to say—and they did not . think so. I What Eisenhower said yesterday 1 on two occasions, first through the Army's chtel of public relations, was that he "neither seeks nor dcsirns" political office and that lie "deprecates" the formation of Eisen- lioivcr-for-Presktent Clubs. Later at a pre-is conference in Manchester, N. H., the general personally told newsmen that "no soldier has any business being a politician." But Henry D. Spalding, national chairman of the league, was undismayed by statements. "I! anything," he said, '"Gem. Eisenhower's latest comments enhance the possibility o( his being available for a presidential dralt. 1 feel tliat his emphasis on 'soldier' indicates that when he becomes a civilian he may look upon the situation in a different light. I am confident that he would be willing to do his .y again if the nation should id him—and we think the nation needs him in the White House, Shuns Forthright Rejection Spalding and others noted pointedly that Eisenhower's disavowal did not follow the classic pattern of flat rejection by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman in 1884 and iollowed last January by Eisenhower's predecessor as army chief of staff—Secretary ol State George C. Marshall. Sherman said: "J will not accept. il nominated and will not serve if elected." Marshall said: "I never could oe .drafted for any jiontical office." Two things were set straight yes- ^terday by Gen. Floyd Parks, Army public relations chief: 1—Eisenhower is "neither a Democrat nor a Republican—he has no politics." 2—Eisenhower does not plan to leave the Army and take over his new Job as president of Columbia University until "the middle of the first half of 1948"—probably "around .the first of April." Backed by Kanass Senators The presidential boom in Eisenhower's behalf has come largely Jroni Republicans. Eisenhower is from Kansas, a GOP state. Both Kansas senators—Clyde M. Reed land Arthur Capper—have endorsed ;the boom fo.r Ike. And Spalding, 'one of the moving forces of tlie league to draft Eisenhower, is an avowed Republican who says "Eisenhower would be rest suited to the Republican party." Political experts said that if Eif nhower does not leave the Army til next April, it would leave little ne for an Eisenhower campaign drive to get rolling—assuming the general changes his mind. But they felt this would not nec- e.ssnri!y preclude success, especially If the Republican convention in Philadelphia next June becomes stalemated over the issue of a nominee. As precedent, it was recalled that the late Wendell Willkie showed little or no early strength in 1940, yet captured the GOP nonn- German Women Replace Machinery All-PlastiC HoUSe Birmingham To Sell at $4,000 'or 14.000 wax offered today a.s a possible solution to the housing ------- -------- , ....... c „„,„., .„ shortage, if the designers can whip f ' ? * h< ? lc l'»»<'h"d through her the fuclory shortage elt le ">l'le I" her Jnw. Police said 1 ll w«« "liiglily probable" that »he The secret of Hie low price Is, of course, pre-fabrkatlon and mnss production, according to tiie designers. William Mowll * Lexltig- <m architect, and Raymond Will- ettr Jr. of Slonehsm. Since fttissians have stripped all modern equipment from most of the soft coal mines in their zone ol Germany, these women must .ne thrir own power lo haul coal lo nearby brick-factories, near Henl'V.-t.l't'v,. Women are forced lo work because most of the men '•rfrr ivcruJ'.cd !>>' Uu r ' ; ?.r,l for wotk [n the district's uranium mines. New Postal Route Placed in Service In Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Oct. 17. —Postmaster Bailey P. Brooks announced yesterday the inauguration | of n new city delivery carrier service on City Route 4, the new route inlo the Shoe Factory Addition, Edwards Rcnlat, and me colored section of East 14th street and Hickory Street. About 800 homes will be served on the new route. Postmaster Brooks said the service at first would be only one trip per day. ID the afternoon. Lcc Woodard Farrow, substitute carrier, will be assigned lo the new loute. Other city carriers are: Jack Searles. City Route 1, (the west side); Ernie Robertson, City Route 2 (east side); Walker Prince. City Route No. 3, and Parcel Post Carrier for all four city routes. The original recommendation of the iwstal inspector who made a survey of the thickly populated sections to be served, was for two daily deliveries, but due to the budget setup for the local post office as present, the First Assistant Postmaster General advised that only one delivery per day could be given at this time. Man Held tor Killing Wife, Dismembering Body ST. PETERSBURG, Pla., Oct 17. (UP) — John Q. Westly, 63- year-old poultryman, was neai collapse in Jail here today, charged with the butcher-murder of, hLi 43-year-old wife. Magistrate Joe E, carpenter 1s- ued a first-degree murder war- ant for Welstly after a severed and, arm and leg found In Tampa Bay Oct. 2 Were "positively Identl- ied" by FBI -experts as parts of the body of Westley's wife. Identification whi made b 1 neans of -fingerprints from the evered right hand. Westley had been held on open ;r>arge s for a week after It was earned that rdi wife, who had allegedly left for Massachusetts to 'Is'it her daughter, had never ar- ived there. Former Arkansan Dies STARKVILLE, Miss., Oct. 17. (UP) — Funeral services 'were held today for Mrs. Hugh Critz Sr. Widow of a former president ol Mississippi state College. Mrs Critz was 70. She formerly lived in Russeilville, and Monticello, nation. In Manchester where he had gone to address a community forum, Eisenhower told reporters: "I jlon't want anything to do with politics, I have a lot of friends in this country and there's no reason tor them to be divided by partisan politics. I don't want to lose any of them. "I am a soldier. No soldier has nny business being a politician. Am soldier who states that he has any political leanings is making a verv very baci mistake." At— McDaniel's Grocery 409 South 16th Street We Deliver „ Phone 3949 \, PRICES GOOD SAT. AND MONDAY 'NO. 303 CAN CREAM STYLE PRIDE OF ILLINOIS CORN 19 NO. 2 CAN BLACKEYED PEAS 18 NO. 2 CAN PINEAPPLE 25 1 LB. 13OX MOTHER'S COCOA 16 C NO. 2 CAN I'OKK AND BEANS 10 .LARGE BOX HOMINY GRITS 15 NO. 2 CAN TOMATO JUICE 10 TALL CAN CHILI 15 HALF GALLON SORGHUM 1° LEAN, FINK FLAVORED BACON Lh. ... 79 NO. 2 CAN LIMA BEANS 24 NO. 2 CAN TOMATOES 15 NO. 2 i/i CAN PEACHES 26 FINE FLAVORED GAL. SORGHUM ;2' 50 LB. STAND LARD 15 s5 T-IiONK STEAK Ib 5r Read Courier Newj Want Ads. PAGE. Five-Room Pr«-Fab Affair to B* MOM Produced, Equipped By JAMES MAHONV (United frnt SUfr Correspondent) BOSTON, Oct. 17 (OP) — A BIRMINGHAM* Ala., Oct. IT. (UP) — Police loday searched for flues to (he brutnl slaying of 34- year-old Mrs. Conine Umbaugh, business secretary niid wife o( » detective story writer. Her buttered body was discovered *-*~-r*j i \sri, \JC\f, it \ \jl ) — A . . -..-,,._. ,,,, a MIOV.U * r* c*i five-room, all plasllc' house selling ' H ' sl "?* y '" , a rtc «-'l> wooded ravine --- ..... - " , "Mr her Isolnlcil home, th e head b ' l '* 0<1 '» b V « blunt instrument * h< ? lc l'»»<'h"d through her linrl been rnjiKl. The attractive murdered woman "us Identified n s tile wife at 39- ycar-olct Clyrtc Lhiibaugh, dnpjier iiun-clcr-story wilier who led the search for his wife after He lewn- But the results'wn, surpass 1, 0 «- | ^ c had not e,» ted To wA SSTsSSSS KferiaSiSr 2 construction will be fireproof, ver mon-proof, water-proof, weather proof and self-Insulated. with * unit heating system, bath :ompletc cllni; an washing machine. All to be In- Police salrt Hie pretty secretary probably died In a de.siwrnte fight for her honor. Her underwear had ei's, now working under the First Engineering Corp. of Boston, secure a base of operations. They already have put In a bid for the Walsh-Kaiser shipyard at Providence, R. I,, which has bcon declared surplus property. They want a seaboard bnse be- Cape Cod Style Planned ; m Tlie boy, lioyce [nernm, said Mrs UmbniiBh tnld lilm "I'll never n'nke It" when he told licr the Unw as she hurried to cnlcli her dWn- town bus. Mrs. Umbnugh's husband snld lie didn't suspect tlint anything wns wrong until lal c 'nicsduy when the store Informed him his wife e a - So far only one model Ls nlannid, ,,-1.,..- n , 11, five-room W Cod coU* g e «* |! K"™ t ° oe T additions are desired, the owner may easily reuse the old panels. All interior surfaces will be specially-treated pliisllc, provided In any color combination desired and i reinforce ench connection so I ha the house will be weather tight tut well ns being "three times as dur- ' 0 "" n ' lrt l " BB " str ° Ark. . s Critz formerly was president of Arkansas Tech and Montlcello A. & M. College. -WEAK NERVOUS cranky 'ever? nwnth*? Ar« you troubled by distress of f em alt functional periodic disturbances? Don thta mafce you feel »o tired, high-strung, nervous—at Buch tlmts? Tlien DO try Lydlft E. Plok- hatn's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms I PlnkhRin's Compound is made especially for women. It Also has what Doctors c*H a stomachic tonic effect! Any drugstore. LYDIA L PINKHAM'S ^rh^' h °f e Wlll ., be Jllst M warm sol '« e of income will be col"nie- without a foundation due to the In various areas. w»°"ie. OPPORTUNITY FOR FUTURE ADVANCEMENT Old and well established firm IIH ? opening for young man 23-27 years old. Applicant must hnve minimum 2 years college and willing to start at bottom and work way up. Good starting salary Write Box L % Courier News. Flash Fire Kills Alabama Student 17 Others, Preparing For Guard Drills, Suffer Severe Burns OPE1.1KA. Aln., Oct. 17. (Ul'i — >ne Alabama 1'olylechnlc inslt- ute slmliMM v,'i\s dead today and 7 others bndly burned as the re- tilt of H flush fire that, bi'oko out 1 the basement of the Nallnuitl ninril Armory here ksl nlKlit. The 18 nnllomil KiumlMiien, all iibmn isludenl-s, wcro cleaning heir rifles with gasoline In u bose- nent locker room when fire Unshed hroueh th e room. It was believed (ho gii.sollnc fu- ncs were Ignited ctlhn- by sparks rnm » steel gun 'bull striking the oiicrele floor or from the pilot Inine of a gits heater In the room. Alvln a. PruHt, Auburn frcsh- nnn from Newton. Aln., \vm killed nstnntly by (he flnsh. Five others were burned crlllcnlly and were noveci to nn Army hospHnl at lenrby Ft. Denning after receiving irellinlmuy Ircntmciu lit the city lospltal here. The critically burned students wi-rc listed ns Hoy f. Ore™, Knlcr- >rlsc. Aln.; Corlls C. Ulc'huvdson, Oiiuk, Ala.; KIIKCIIC Critter, Cull- nun, Aln: curl Dennis, Enterprise: and Mclvln L. Cannon, Oprllkii. 'IVo of Mm u'in.ilnlns 12 were released after treatment lor minur bunui Hiid shock. The other l*n remained nt the Ft. Betmlug liot- pltnl for treatment, but were existed to be iclewcd tod»y. The students were clcanlnc their rifles In preparation for a regular drill of (lie 200th Infantry Bat- tnllou of the Alabiima Natlon»l Quiivil. Sonic 50 olhcr guardsmen wcro on the main floor of the armory when the blusl occurred but. were uninjured. Damage lo the armory wai dc»- crlbed ns "negligible" by 0»]>U O. M. WivkcllcUI. Wnkellt-ld snM lie was In hla office on itic main floor when a soldier rushed In looking (or a flr« Hi 1 ' 1 I'xllngulsher by one of the »>• -I'd Kimrdsmen, U. Georite C. Klce, The fire «M out by trte tune th* city fire deptrtm«nt arrived. Slate Adjutant On. JUDM B. Sallbi, formerly vl Blrthevtlk, Aik* who rushed blood plumt, her* from Montgomery to aid In trwrt-'. Ing the burned iutrd*men, M" • complete Investigation of tht would b« madt. Cwiy Of I •: NEW YORK (UP) — AmoOf • men and women cadet* who enrolled (or the Salvation Army'i training college for officers, 35 wen children of Salvation Army parent*, six were third generation Salvationists and eight were fourth ««v- crntlon members. i • together nrca Jicn Ixxty wa uornlng. ! coinbod (ho wooded \\\s homo tmtll (he tlUcovered yesterday BOOKLET 6* \ EXPECTANT! MOTHERS I I I I You are invited 10 accept without eott J or obligation a copy of MATERNAL J and NEWBORN CARE, written by • an outstanding specialist for expect- J anc rhothers on the fundamental* of > and newborn care. 64 page* ' of educational text witk 29 iiltutr*- • tions, charts and graphs. A helpfal I guide for all expectant mothers. i i Ed Williams, Druggist J 101 East Main St. Blytheville, Ark. i CITY DRUG CO. Y °JoUNT GENERAL DOES THANKLESS KITCHEN TASKS AUTOMATIC BISHWASHEI DISPOSALL* WASHES *u. rm MSMU MVOSM or » ELCCTfTfCALtr Think of it! No more dre«rjr honn lp«n< wishing dishes. The di»hw»ih«r in the G-F. EVtctrk Sink will w»»h them ipirkling clean — milomatictllj. And in work-jjring pinner, the G-E DispoMll remore* food w«»« the modem wiy — right down th« drain «nd wit of lh« SouM. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY DREIFUS' ArKJ that means a deal in these dayj when you are Meking greater valw«i above oil e |, e . for yooneff or gift givino, choox from our finer selection! of geoui jewelry merchandise jorbigger-lhon-eyef wvingt. DREIFUS leet DraifHs . , . Wnar lliamnnri-; ll(i\V1E$TMl!\ I, I M«t* g i inn n StitctiMii •»» *«TOftt$ m iiTTiimnr fnimnm arm

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