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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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THE OTTAWA DAILY CITIZEN. THE NEWS. Mr. William Ink of New IIampnnc, nowlU3 years old. If hi pa, ents bad even dreamed that he was going to be ard to rub out they would doubtless have named him Indelible.

BULK nearly twice the amount of the interest and charges upon the English national debt. But this only shows a portion of the French burdens. There is talk of rebuilding the fortifications, reorganizing the army and strengthening the nary. The maintenance of the army and navy will inrolve tbe expenditure of perhaps twenty millions annually, for wmh time time to come, to say nothing of the cost of reconstructing the chain of fortifications. And besides thene ehaii.

there will bo tho cost of the civil a linini'tintion. Altogether the burdens will rea-h something like eighty millions of pound sterling per annum. This is, truly, a fearful load for any nation to bear upon its iniil-M'ies. A Hint in the Jlnxh. The Miirilolmn ays that the Fenian I )' was captnied by some French half-breeds, and taken bound to Mr.

Br.ii-U.v, of the Customs Department, but that thi gentleman handed the prisoner over to the American authorities. The Munitoban pays that it is una 'countable how Jlr. Bit.vM.r.v could allow the bird which he had faiilv in his hand to ccape into the bush." Mr. Hi! is evidently a squeamish sort of a bird-trapper, who does not ish to hurt the wings of the poor bird. OYSTERS I Nice Fresh, Fat, BULK OYSTEHS umiviM'.

daily, and kou sai.i. iiV THL PINT, QI'AKT AND Ai lis a. Oystet' and Fiuit Depots FIRST Chicago to pay Losses, CO n' OF CHICAGO dispatcs. To Asm Issi.r anck, Co. NIKs ill not axi, "Van.

InoAn.hsts solvent aj vry strung Kirest ly cstiiim niv i parity Its Chicago kkMss J. a II SETT, rniumi n. w. cownDiZ October 18th, I Si AIU OK TH St. Pitt rink's Orphan Asylu In the lartia Halt of tho Hon Jam" hkLSIV' ln, corner of miimms unit t.srtvs HtrMiiii.iT? eTrt.

airivvnatlons to tha nerrsahmenl and ra Table may bi sent to I bo lliitanr Itm.m. A Jr 1 liaiaar It's inn, ou iLsv mornltig. oeiolier Isth. A POMRSTIC CHAT. 1 Mr.

Mr. hnw nuj and your house Is. How do you manuit? Mrs. It all owing to mm of Irvu ihat iM0MK put iit for u. They ar naajid.

lilvlm heat and) el savrt fuel. I stmtifty tmtm. in. nd on to ttmi ostabllshniont to hnvi yowMaa) work done, its thev send men to do tho Work, bovs, ihcii i'oi dirt 011, 1 rotifUtlba ia Ut house. Mrs.

iii iiik I ill ctrtalnly Mint tkira, The 'lest ro il. "II In Oitswn, JllverJ fUKt, (IV. ier frnlloo. Il KH.MOMiKltltua. iiT- A first -el roisiiitili Witiita.l, ntily iiojj mull neeil apple.

October lStlt. 4y fjUll.OHINO 1F I'AK I'M V.ST. RUISSEIjL WATSON, llesss-iiail 1 oomU-iiieii of Ottawa tavta., it it-f 'ci. tlclr very lapu well usM.riist SiiM-lt 11 Fall and Winter Goods 1 or t'lls l'rHll 1I1H Id, ()V lllt-COATINGS.

I I III I II 1 Its, MCfloS's, I I 1 Is'. Id. NKI.T iArrus, Ac, A v.i luiv' vm in 1 lt" SIULV04 uat -'sosi. Mpeclnl litlelitlmi oallal 0 I belt New Liuoils lor Suits. mihI Fancy ixeil Twoods.

Also, 11 xelj Kiulit 1, iu llllelil uf t. A A DI A SCO I 1 1 ANb English Twoeds, I 11111-5 CoMlnn oil .11 Dnglnnd Itnssd Otutat Illl.i ll Iioenltin, (te. As this Ieirlntebt It now under the siirvlut-delieeol nrsl-clis, I I li wi li el ill caa Kiiiiinnli'iil. Otlnwa, HepleinlierHt 171. iUm nmnT iti'ni(T 1 Tinv, AI.WAVH ON IIANIV ItoliY KMiWH IT- II' Vol; WaNTW HKAXDV OH WINE! a 1.

vi tii a Black, Qroon Vh JAPAN TEAS I i.r itiinily use, lie sure to io T1I0S. PATTERSON'S No, lUDL'AL' tmiZEt'- ha.n di 1 1 t. di-lnnl pors or luiiill) use, gshulli VH. 11119, 1K1 LH llli .1 lo.iidrl, low lUlvsl I 111 I wX'it '1 'LAN the l.l4lll irudas, -1 IJUcK, OrcsMi ni I sit Kii.l jitfUlU lLUI) OI'LIlM AND 'ILL tAf In t. i.tMirleiy, 1KI1WH, A UK 'Ot IT.

ill io'ITON YAPN UK Tlli; I AKMLIW. Mr. George Story, i W'otlld lllllMnllifV. O. Ills too, V14tMtaA4 eitHlomei-, Hint lie t.n ut el vivj ell HOtl UK lc of DltV GOODS Of 1 ha In test leu, and bent material Pirali Wa of wnar He lm jimt tha kind of Good WUlrt-ttJ I tlm farmlna- com 111 unity, and Uiey wmild do to glvo M10 call at hi bid lahd al tb MartMt.

I t- 1 s-s. rss nsssAltQ Ol ttUIU Is i KKJ 1 i KJi COTTON YARNS. CHEAP FOR CASII12 Ottawa. KntX, U71. G.

Pit EN TO (Latt PrirsTiisj A owsti. Tudor, and Gentlemen' OutflU" ST n'jt RT ULQCK, 111 FA VtT Haa lui reeeiwd a wall leelsl ENuUhH, MCUTCII and CAKAUAA TAtC A -s- t-t w-sfSfSfc. criftC Ol OnuUcMB1! OutfltUn cowtaaU fiattBirgath- A I rp II A I A I. A A A City of Toronto, breathed bis last yesterday morning, at Lis residence, Niagara, in Lis forty sixth year. The deceased was born in Argyllshire in 1825, and eighteen years afterwards emigrated to Canada; ten years after that Lis nautical abilities secured tor him the command of the steamer dimmer- man, which he navigated until it was burned.

In 1863 Captain Milloy built the Vity of Tf Toronto. 1 1 a Wves a idow ana tour four children. I'nivoistitp (VilloffA athletic onort took place yesterdar, on the College grounds, the presence of a large assembly of spectators. The weather was all that could be desired, and the band of the 10th Royal added very much to tho day's enjoyment. Mrs.

Croft' presented the prizes to the successful competitors, making each trophy the more valuable by tho graceful and kind words which accompanied it. We regret to learn that Mr. Gosling, of the Glle, is dangerously ill; also that Mr. John Wallis, i vte M.lMMor West Toronto, is in a similar edition. Street markets, this morning.

Barley, oS cents to 59; spring wheat, $1.22 to 1.23: red winter, $1.18 to 1.19: Treadwcll, $131 toL32; Deihl, $1.33 to 1.34; peas, 72 cents to 73: oats, 3 cents to 39. COURT ASSIZE. Twelfth Vmy, The proceedings of the Asaize Court wero brought to a close to-day, it being one of the longest sessions of the kind held in this city for some time past. The jurymen were dismissed by tho Judge with the following characteristic speech: Gentlemen of tho Tetit Jury- there is nothing further for you to do, and I have great pleasure in discharging you. You can go to the Sheriff 'a otfice and get paid.

Jurymen Thank you my lord Thank you my lord 1 (Exit jurymen.) Mr. Lees I would movo for tho judgment of the Court against John Burns lor larceny on two indictments. Judgo Burns have you anything to say why tho sentence of tho Court should not be pronounced on you for stealing a trunk and slippers from George Murphy, and some other articles from O. Latremouillo Prisoner I have nothing to cay sir. Judge It seems you are a voiy bad boy as you have pleaded guilty to live indictments.

You are now not sixteen years of age and it will not do you any good to send you to gaol, so I will send you where you will bo taught to read and write, where you will reform and become a good member of society. I mean tho Reformatory, back of Toronto at Penetanguishene. It seems you have been in tho Reformatory belore, and you have been brought up without proper training. If you had the advantage ot parents you might perhaps have been a better boy, however, hero you are. and the question is, what is tho best to do with you? If you wore sent tojaolyou would come out again not one whit better, therefore it is desirablo to reform your character, and we will send you to the Iteforniatory.

It you do not behave yourself when you come out again, they will move judgment on tho other indictments that are held over you, and you will bo sent to tho Penitentiary. Tho sentence of tho court is that your ure to bo confined in tho Reformatory Prison of I'pper Canada l'ene-tanguiShene for two years on the first count, and one year on tho other one, in all three years. J. Mi-Williams, tho comrade of Burns was then pent to a similar term in tho Reformatory Prison, after which the business of the court being finished it adjourned. Dominion Harrison Artillery.

The Ojjirial Gazette to-day contains the following general orders Batteries of Oarnson Artillery. An appropriation having been sanctioned by Parliament for the pay, maintenance and equipment of two batteries of Garrison Artillery, in order to provide for tho care and protec tion of the forts, magazines, armament and warlike stores, recently or about to be handed over to the Dominion Government, in the Provinces of Ontario and (Quebec, the formation of these Batteries is authorised. Schools of Gunnery. It is further intended that theso Battaries, in addition to performing garrison duties, shall servo at practical schools of gunnery for the training of innks of the militia artillery, viz: by instructing gunners and drivers and affording oflicers opportunities of joining longer short courses of instruction as may best suit them individually. Tho rates of pay of oflicers, non-commissioned oflieer and men of these batteries are as follows Per diem.

Captain 2 2 Lieutenant I os Assistant Surgeon 2 Hatlerv Scrireant Muior 1 Laboratory Foreman 1 ti 'rdnanco Atmorer I (hi Master Gunner I Sergeants () Mi 'orporals 7n Bombardiers II (Vi Trumpeters i (tinners oil The non commissioned oUicers a. -ting a Quarter-Master Sergeants to receive pi cents extia per diem and tho oflicers acting Adjutant in cts extra per diem. Rations and allowances. In addition to tho alsive lates of pay, each olficer, lion- commissioned otlleor, and man will receive a daily ration, free of cost, of lb. of meat and 1 lb.

of bread, together with barrack accommodation, and tho usual quantity fuel and light allowed in tho regular army; and the commandant of the schools, in a 1 dition, forage for one horse. Dates of joining The officers, tio'i commissioned officers, and men, selected i from Military Districts Ontario, will join I at Kingston on tho following dates: No. 4 Military District. on November 1 ST i (o lo December 1. 171.

No. 2 do do Is7J. No. I do do February ITJ. Those in the Province iiiel.i low Military District No.

7. On departure of the regular troops from Quebec, the date of which will be hereafter notified. Military District No. No Militia Artillery in tin- district. Military District No.

I h-December, ls7 1 But the Nop I 'ommissioncd iflieers ol No. District will be required to join on tho departure of the regular troops, orts, handed over to Commandants. I he Director of Stores and Keeper of Militia properties I- instructed baud over, as soon ns convenient, to the Commandant of the School of Gunnery at Kingston, tho whole of the Foils with tho armament and stores hitherto in charge of the Officer Commanding the Roval Artillery at that station, also toe whole ot the quarters for 'tlicers, Non 'oinmi-sioned Officers, and Men. Guard aid other Jiuildings at the T- pont ''irra- ks, the buildings contained in the new Toitmto, and Stores at the old Eort, "hen rcnurcd. The Forts and Wmksat Quebec and l'omt Levis, with the alaiut to be handed t.ti I the 'ftl Artillery, will Eke mann.

1 trans- icrreii to the are of thet of the S'hool of (iunneiv at aKo with the mounted guns and -tores connected therewith at M. llel. tr. I-land. Montreal.

AH officers and men byl.nttnu to an I llatteries will he Lablo do duty if reouir-ed'f'or the whole or any portion of the period they nnv be on the strength of fcatteries. Arrangements are made for the formation ot hooli of Gunnery at t. John, N. and HaLtax. N.

the details of which w.ll he ninounefsl hoieafter in Oenornl inters. r.ATCHELoK'HHAIR 1YK ThlsM.rii..I Hair 1 els the beUu Ih world. IJarmlesa, reliable, Inauuitaueoua, doea not eontain lead, any meiallc poison to produc paralysl. or death. Avoid tha vaunted and delul pn tsstK-Uons virtue, they do not pot.

The pnulna V. A. Batcbelor's Hair Vra baa had 3u bcar unUirnuhe.1 reputation togphoU tniavrlty 1 tha only pt-rfect Kair Dja black or brownHold all Urufbpata. Apply at Una mu, "rn. uwmtabTa I Special to The Cm.r.y, per Montreal I.lne.J VERY LATEST.

Ettur o'clock Despatches. New York. Oold. lll'l- Exchange 8J to 9J. London, 21st.

There was a serious disturbance at Lincoln this morning, originating with the men who are on a strike. The rioters were attacked by the police, but the latter were not in sufficient force to quell tho riot, and were driven off; after which tho strikers atfackod the houses of the master workmen and did considerable damage. Ex-Emperor Napoleon has returned to Chiselhurat. On his journey thither was interviewed by a correspondent of the Bath Argus, a conservative newspaper, to whom he declared his belief that the present government of France was weak and inadequate to the wants of the country. Charles Babbage, the mathematician and philosophical mechanist, and author of several mathematical works, died yesterday, aged seventv-idne vear.s.

llighlandJ.V L'lst. At the start the Sappho wa selected for the race to-day. p. rn. The passed the Light Ship at, and Livonia" at 12.16.

The Sappho appears to ho Steadily gaining and i now aut 2 miles ahead. I'orrmmit Jrjitchc. War on the oiiiinuiill. Now York, 21st. -A spocial dospatch from London says it is now certain that the Gasticn Conference agreed upon energetic measures for the suppression ot the international Society.

Italy refuses to combine with the other power in the repressive movement, alleging as her reason that the Italian labour agitators are opposed to tho International 1 hi Pope tn have Ilomt. The Cardinals have held -a meeting at Home, and advi-ed the pope to quit the city and preserve his spiritual independence. The pope has almost made up his mind to depart nt the time of the convocation of the Italian Parliament. The Pnjx- lltlttii Kinpcror of Gel-mat)'. A Berlin despatch says a distinguished prelate, an emissary of the Pope, obtained an audience with the Kmperor yesterday, to ascertain if it would be allowable for the approaching Conclave to sit outside ICome for instance, in some Fieneh city.

The emissary was referred to liismarck, who evaded a reply. The Emperor has pent an autograph letter of sympathy to the Pope. Looking for the tartly Alrxls Thr ftuvha on tltor- Tho arrival of the Grand Duke Alexis is expected at any moment, and it is probablo that the Russian fleet will have como to anchor oil tho Lattery before noon to day. L'ach morning a vessel has been sent to sea in quest of tho Russian fleet, and has re turned in the evening. Tho Produce Exchange have icjolve I that they will not divert the funds already collected for tho relief of the Chicago sullorers by tho north west lires.

They will continuo their relief committees however, and if indicated by future contributions, ill send their money to the north-wont. Mominy ltvitpiitrhcH. HUIiik from lirr Ah. Chicago, 20th. Business is being resumed in the most iapid manner imaginable.

Many permanent buildings are in course of con struction on tho burnt district, and ft large number of temporary structures. The burnt district is full of workmen, and every department of business is ull of activity. IteatI)' for auiithrr Flrr. The waterworks are in full operation, all parts of the city being bountifuUviHiippliod with water, and tho Fire Department and Fno Alarm are all perfectly organised. The prico ol bricks has risen from to $12 and 41 but the supply seems abundant and price wills receede.

Vai loua. The aggregate value of the churches destroyed was The contribution received from New York reaches 2.20 (H.) pii H) of which was in clothing ami provisions, the rest in cash. The proprietors of the Trihune have given orders to their architect to prepare plans for rebuilding their publishing edlticej. The destroyed building was a marble palaVr. Iiianraitrr mallrri, New York, Henry P.

Freeman has been appointed receiver to wind up the Market Fire Insurance, Company. .1. J. Cocks has also been appointed receiver of the Atlantic Insurance Company of Brooklyn, which has sii-peudod. Tho Insurance Company ha resumed business.

George C. Satterlee has boon appointed receiver of tho Washington Fire insurance Company which suspended to day. Capital Sf-l-l It A HI surplus, 3.V I losses iliChicagO about Mas nu: a i. SportliiK I.arroasr floating (lull. The autumn steeple chases como oil this afternoon under the auspices of the Montreal hunt dub.

A large number of enhances have been made. Tho Montreal Lacrosse Club, yesterday challenged the Shamrocks to play a match any day next week for the championship, the proceeds to ni for Chicago relief. Hon. Howe is at the St. Lawrence Hall IL ii.

S. Maedouald is at the same hotel. Parties appointed by the Council to ex amine the books of the Corporation com menced their operations this afternoon. A new boating club has been organized here; about forty five members joined at once; they commence operations next spring. Weather cold.

ST. A. 11. The lrr.rrKal Party in III I. Thf (ioiftnnr Orurral ou the Trrat).

St. John.N.B. "Uth U.rd Li-cur and (iovernor l'enham, of Maine, (iovernor Wil mot. and ii large number of gentlemen froin the I'liitod arrived in t. from Yanechoro' at In o'clock last niirht.

I'he train, which included four Pullman ears, the lirst seen in New r.rnnswick. brought over lour hundred persoi(, im hid. 117 the t. visitors at Iiangor. Some difli iilty was found in securing quarters for so laVce a number at the late hour of arrival, but all "ere comfortably settled before o'clock.

To-dav the excursionists ate the va places of interest the neighlsuhood I of the city. A bnu.jUet will be given bv the directors of the Jirunstvick end of ho road, iovernor Wilmot to preside. Lord I.i-gar's speech at 'uncetoro' is the subject i of comment to dai, and inutiy think he was too outspoken matter ol the Wash- incion iicaty. LiTfK- Tho railway celebration closed by dinner, given by tiie director of the New portion of the road, at the Victoria Hotel, this evening. About 3iJ persons were present.

Speochos were made by ru t'Overnor Wi.niot, Ooietnor Maine, iovernor Dentuson. of rnHlor Hftnul. Dr., Mr. Tillev, and other.

The dinner was a splendid tla 1 and everything passed of pleasantly. Lord Li-gar und suite, with the visitor from Maine, left on a special tram fur Bangor, where they are expected to arrive about even o'clock, a. m. to-morrow. The dav has IsM'ti rob! arid windy with occasional sllOWers, TtiRO.S TO.

Dm thed hi. Ut-lalvrltr MhlatU guar Daugaroailjr ll-Tli Marktt. Toronto, l'lst. Capuin Duncan Milloy. so well known in connection with th steamer 1 at Jlarrictl.

On Tivny. the 17th lnU by tlte IUv. FwrelU t-t. Church, Xew or. Mr.

P. Kxleoon. Men-bant, of Ottawa, to 51 M.u-Kte U'KcUv, yrinsftdauhter of tneint HufU Keliv. or 'w York. cards.

Died. on ih" li'ih Ann Newlmnks, so j-ars, mother of Wm. of this city. 1 in. i tn.

ral will Uikn pine from her son i renl-tlence. km Nir-et. loot of Vor Hurrt nxt. lock. in.

Kriendsmi'lacniiwintaue hi-e resi-ct inviPsl to utteml. New Advertisements. ry r. i in. in ami Kitchen, on t.

iv-svc-loii 1st NnvnuT. AlpOj at tru.MliK -TK. KSs'. OetoUrilM, Wt- ANTED. From the lath of November to the 1st of a furnlshfd House, containing aoout ivrn ams.

In a central position ITpixr Town prelermU Ail.los kUtlux terms to X. Y.Z., CItizrsm rn October 21sL on Thursday, the Swh In.l., I'I-J th Mon- i nn.l HIiIoku (Street, r. i j. with two photoeniphs cnrlows-1, n.nnr ull.l for Wllldl llltMlle Viiiunble to tho reWHIvl will I i ii .11, IO pU'ND. A smiill mm of Anyone proving propel nl tMVliiK the etml this advcrUsement can have the sHine on applyln to the unrteralnex i irflo ofSecret'iry of Hll for the lrovlnee.

Csto'r illst. 100 I.AHOKEIIS WANTED. Wages $1.30 per Day, TO WuSKD.S thi: CHAUDIERE BRANCH or TI1K sr. otta va raiuva y. Apply iu llie offlres, Itlrhmotvl Koa-I, llltllitr-' 1IXi iN 4 WIIISON, Coiitrnetors.

Oetolx A I'CTIOV NOTICE. SALE OK THE MOM" Valuable Business Lots THIS CITY. I time lustruetlona to sell t'ubilc Auction, on the ywh at 11 o'clock, a. all thitt vory valuubl property, altunte on Uw corner ot Spurkiniul O'Connor Htrcols, anil known as the Iobarnts' Hlork, whlah has been subdivided Into convenient slied biulnes lots. Kull partlcu-lnr, wliti pltoi of the sub-ill visions, In duy or two.

J. YA ItMINUIIAM, oeiolii Jih, IsTI. dU A TED, ro ri: go i ci it THUS a i'f-: to J. w. kii, Ni'V Cuiiil Hi.

OtUiW-l, 1 I I. Grist, u-fircling A MUD Forsnleorto lrl, la one of tho host AitrliMiltiiniJ l.H-alltlos In jniiulii. Tnriiis ll's-ral. Apply at tnu i Kli (niinvu. October iUh.

dim ry II III'. U) Ul I. si A Block of 6 Stores, To Iw erecliwloii spm ks sue. nceonllng lo plrni-mid sH (-H. iil Ions, lilcli will remly, ami imiij be seen, on Monday inoriilnir.

itlet Instioit, nt tin-ottlce of tho Archil, et, iiulsiSo.N, M. t-ciilfe Mtrm-t. Tenders till nl nrin. ts-lobor rtli.

EW STOItK. If oii want li. h.iy g.l gn to ti niir i .10 I Kll-'fs rl. etui DOMINION Grocery Store, ir i i 84, SUSSEX a STREET. There w.ll loul for ssle lirst-elnss assort m.slit of irnvrie.

I 'lease cull and 1- xi In toe lor y.itirscHcs I'liiclmsliiu else wlieie. 1 ii I-, II llllU" loldl ttrsl-I'lH l.tleCSI", ct'MMINs, Sit tel. if side i joili. 1-71. A I'iiiiiI-IihI Mm I'm II.

inn nl Hull. Hi, Hi SS I Ii-IiiIm IS, s7l. althltt of I le A io lto I', m- i)i ANTED. I'toin tit. 1st S.o.'mlH-rn.'iki.

11 -m ul I i.rni.h-e.l I louse, 1 inn eus distance the I'nrliitmt-lil Hnl.riKs. A I lomi, stulliii; terms, It, I ('I'UCK. 1 irinlM.r Mlh, s7l. di I I A I I I 1 I'lirf). sm oituuii who to nave (j d'eil.

N. KI 1.1 I I' nine and refill tl tholr I'litniM, will pleaso l-iie III. -il orih tK Willi Mussrs. U. A J.

Uow-nn. Shirks Street, mid the) will In- ntt" tided to with the ost illle delay. Ottawa OcioberOlli, 1X71. dlf AfnTRorOUTAN TEA COFFEIi WARHHOL'SK, 27, Ridoau atroot,' iiAt i MM! lilA AI.M11U lot Sf. -lll oNo, sl'AMl i.iNKiNs, stl'ANlftll o.N'loMrt t.

first i me seasr.n. Jt'ST KU LIVED (per Express WEt-SK. CREAM HESSE, CHEAH KF.ESK AT JoJI.N Til' iMPsoN'S 7, I IVi, I 1" U. I IV. i Ifll.

I.I No ls-H, IN.V li.Vl'MEst. KfVNAN IIAI-M1A flNNAN KtriTitrr- ni iuunos, KII'I'KltEK III Kill. Si, 1. Klri'Eltl I II 11! Ill John Thompson's, 27, KlsUau 8utL jar Trttii csur, rxivd dally, jr Expma. Tho Bailij itizen.


Dunkiti ha1 rerurn'l from Knoultou. Lady Linear nrrivod nt NV-iv York "ii day io the Seotia. Mr, James O'Rt'illy, J. it fom h--t night to attend tho Coliouri; ics. Mr.

W. M. Simpson, Iulian 'oinniissiowr for the North Want Territories, iin-l Mr. llolynoux, St. John, Cletk of tho Legislative Assembly of nr nt tho Kusaell House.

A rumor prevailml yesterday in certain circle, coniJrl to ha well informed, that Sir Hugh of llaYonHcran will succeed Sir N'ar-cisso from Bordeaux, on tho termination of the lattorn's term of lint what of Hon. Mr. Justice Caron? Intelligence) lia hoeij leceivcil fioiii Jr. who had got through tin-Fenmn linex, mid was comfortaMy jounicv-ing on to Fort Harry. Mr.

Harris Iliieliunnii of Hamilton tva with him. Dr. Selmlt x-jiosloi to trach homo to day. We wero exceedingly lvntd to hear tin; compliment paid to O'lioilly, Q. I.y the Acting at tho Assizes, in Iii-t reply to the presentment of tho Grand Jury.

To ay that the Crown I'ro(iitor is a gentleman of longexperiencc at thehar, of marked ability and ripe judgment, and that ho perform hi dutie ai the representative of the Attorney-Geueral to the patiitfHction of all, ut not only high praiie, but trite piai-e, ovory word of it. Wo are always pl ae I to hear the truth, but especially when it corner in ucli a palatable lorm as the present. Our woet young Princo" Arthur, whom we shall always remember with pride and affection, is about to vi-it another of Her Majoty' dependencies. Tho 'nlciit ta lishman says that II. 11.

IT. will honor India with his presence during the eiciiiug coM season, and that ho will be Mnipiini'd by another Canadian Jhvorito, V.oiie ir ar-net WoUely, K. C. M. i.

II. It. If, will be tho guest of the Karl of Mayo. The moit Iloverned tin- -1 1 dita having selected the loth of Nowtnl at a iiiitable lime lor the holding of 'thank giving nervico for the late bountiful lull-vest, that day has been agreed upon in all the diose.eiot tiie Chun of Kngland, to be set apa-t for tho giatoful luiy in question. It La alio been agreed to other ('hii-tiuu Louies.

VVonM it not Io ucll, unlcr the circumstaueei, for tho (iovernor Geneiul to iue a proclamation for a day onoiul thanksgiving? Wo dr the hint, wit the Utmost for the consideration the chief law ofljeurnl' the i'ioiui. The Jim lit 1'uf. It is ltiuiored thai the City ('oiincjl, or Die members thereof, ho huve l.i-cn im-fused of" being parties in a ''ring," intend to appeal tho verdict in the caso of the Corpoiation against G. Hut before any such step is taken tin- pai tic would do well to rctlcit. The whole of tho lute suit, which amount to something over have been thrown upon il city.

If. tho case is nj'pctie( l.clicve Mr. I'rtox'h posit inn would be slrongci than it was the olher day, by production of a'ldiu'oiiul evidence, mid the city would bo upon to pay another 1 .1 Thj. would be too much for the city to pay out its fuivds in the, persecution of mi ex oflieer, tosalid'y the iudicti'veiiess nf hit pcrnul nnomio'i. .1 St ntiltle Siiygi Htion.

iipon the disaster, both to anl property, cmis'ed by the lute storm on the Halifax const, one of the local papers urges the dosirability (d'etab)ishing a code of storm ftighals similar to hi u-c in England and the I'tiiied States. countries have V.xierieiicd some benefit from tho warning's of approaching storms which are conveyed by tint new system of signalling and a the maritime interests ot the Dominion now 'of considerable im portauce, of rapidly-increasing importance, i advisable that we should adopt measure for introducing and taking advantage of tho system. We have already what we may null the nuclei for taking the necessary observat ions in our maritime ob servatoriei, and at a comparatively littl cost the proper arrangements could made. Hut, if it were deemed inexpedient to undertake independent observation, it might, perhaps, bo possible to make ar raugemenu witlfuho Tntted States for tin extension of their service. At all events, we should loso no time in availing ourselv of tho benefits of tho system, and we hope that tho indefatigable head of the Mnrun and Fisheries Department will be prepared at tho next session of Parliament, to sub mit a proposition looking to the desiiuble nJ.

Tha necessary appropriation woul fuel Mite, le cheerfully granted bv I 'nr. liainent. The Itu vih uit of 1 rn in Until within the last few years the p. 'i of tho L'nitei Kingdom were, without ception perhaps, the most heavily taxed na tion upon earth. 1 ho civil, militaiv, mid naval expenditure was lavish, the national dabt wai enormous, and the interest mid cha-go of management of the -ame were to rnakt thrifty persons groan in ipirit.and suflbr in pocket, lint alter the American civil war, there at lea-t one Other nation which could rival Great Britain in tho enormous load of taxation bouie the people and since the Fiance German war there is another nation added to the catalog'io of tho ''heavily taxed." that war lim loft a fearful lega-y to tho French people, the volume of which is he-ginning to be felt and understood.

hrtly aftcr the prolongation of his power, M. fiiiCK', in addressing the AsMMiibly, sketched avory hopeful financial picture, and was either willing to be deceive I him-i If or desired todeceivo the people as to the leal nature of the huislens tbe nation would have to bear. But M. Mtcnu.i. ('hkvai ikk, who is akuowledgod to bo one of the cleverest of French financiers, has, since M.

Tmrfts" plan-sible budget was announced, been into matters, and ho ha prepared an ex Libit which i- certainly of startling nature. By the time the war indemnity has been paid, in tho interest upon the debt will bo one milliard of francs, or about forty mililoa pounds sterling. Thi is I Mr of it a II go it of li'l unii by he was said man ed that at that pare ing men, that co and as the lor now may mr 1 fijtjthifj. I Ii iim Tie' hlUil bine bn-1 .) h- ed Egypt. Grapes are lih-ntitul in I T.t tlint thev sell for three cent-a liii-hcl.

ILo ofTioiiil i he of Egypt is 'Hie law of Misi-. ippi permits a man to chastise his wife -within rcuomiblo bounds." A calculation has been made that there are in London 7' cat-. The sting of a bo canios conviction with it. It make in in a bee aver at once. A Detroit picture dealer says tho hardest work ho has to do i- frame excuses.

Two women are partners in the law business in Kansas. They are siaters-in luw. 'Letter go," a the ly said when ho lamp-ported his letter at the street corner. Jeemes enquires if the notes of a gas company are all set to the same motor. Veiy nd There have been more fashionable ladies died young this year than ever.

The I anks of rivers in Ala-ka are -aid to alioutid in fossil ivory. Four hundred and sixty turkev wero driven sixteen miles to market by a l'enn-yl-vanian. I'amel's hair scarfs will be worn next sea on lor the nock instead of fur tippets and boa. I'ni-sia waul- to run a new telegraph line through 1'olauJ, because the cost of the 1'oles will be a mero trifle. The largest salary paid to Sun Francisco school teachers is a month: the next is $20S, and the third is I5i.

Shooting with bows and arrows is now the popular, ainteeinent and exercise among New York ladies. St. Petersburg publishes three hundred and seventy-four newspapers and periodicals, and Moscow twenty-seven. Ciindurango has got to London, and is being tested in some of tbe hospitals there io tho cancer winds. If your sister fell into a well why couldn't you rescue her? Vou couldn't bo a brother and a sist her to.

A poor author is like a worn out printing press. He may strive hard and u-e much but he will never make a good jnipres -ion. A new stylo of necklace is a heavy cable chain of French gilt or gold to which are at inched small anchors witli tops of blue enamel. "Our children will have an tax on their bunds," said a gentleman. "Oh, horrible!" exclaimed an eldeily lady, "What a blessing it is that We have nails on ours." Several girls are now employed in Mil waukco as carriers of new papers to city subscriber, Thev are prompt, uiiick, and si) far have been found reliable.

The giil of the period is accused of being loo pi actii'al, and yet a glance at her chignon proves how fond she i of building ca-tle in the (h)iir. A toper sneoed at a wung man for wearing spectacles, hen the latter said, It is belter to Wear glasses iiver the, as I do, than under the nose, in you do A ma -tod mi's mth, weighing eight pound has I ecu (mind near I'ortage, and -earch is being made for the remainder of he bones of he h'U'o allium I. A wise gentleman, who knew all about it, on retiring lioni bu me-s. gave llie following s.ige advice to his and successor: "Common -enc, son. is valuabhi in all kinds business except lov making." A fellow feeling: lii'liinitit wy "niard, do v.iii nilnw smoking in this compartment (jt'iirtl- "Haw, wee, mine ii' ol.e.

t. can take lit ill aw ov tic- pipe." If veil want to out a man' real disposition, take him hen he i- or liMigrv. he is unliable tlieii, dry him ami till him Up, and Oli ve the Wopder of the centun In ro-poii-o t-i an iit.ti:i a scientific publication hence dine Ilea, a Western journal savs it dues a nickel, but would like to know where iii thunder they (o when ion go lor till-in. -et of paper -wheel, on ono of the Pullman car- umiiiinr to City, have run over ItVi.m.i miles tra k. and worn OIU elituelv one i.

steel tiles, which lave been i ijd.i id. I be ordinary wheels, i 'aid, will ntd inn miles. man in t.ewi-iairg. i ouiitv hlo. having died brought suit whom he The Irom one (of i ha 1 'i ii 1 1 lb- nil.

I tremens, his Wile against two nn I to 'HIV inn aw lt d. i. a in I I her s.Vm the other. I'll" editor of I s.ivs he Well rem ceied from an ed hat e-t Ii- London Mllbel i the American 1 1 w.u i I- Utlswer he le whom in we a- ctlOV I i what President Lincoln It damn pleu-e-." At a College indents rd "h- were a-ke. the me-inmg pothesis." 1 a "a machine for ia: ii.

v- re-1 Mult it Another I 'lied to a it was "something after death." A remarkable preacher w.i. thill uho call Le thankful liiced dentil upon his coiiL'reifatioi. t. Providence -houl h.uc the end of lile. and not we might hav ail po 11 the middio, so I line t- lor it.

Spokesman of the deputation- the bur- gesses of Smokebury, who waited upon our friend St. nlge with reference to Ids paint the likeness of the respected major, to placet tlio town hall), "We thought, Stodge, we should like a halt length portrait, tor which wo would pa you 1 fainter And which half, icri'lv gentle- would piv.po.e should p'amt for um?" Mftny of tho social customs ol -nn Emu. is are peculiar. A lady writes to the Oin n-telt of that city to complain that at gttthermifs the gentlenu-n all get intoxicated ar therefore unfit company tor the op. posito sex.

Whereupon that journal cites it a well known fact that in what is termed 1 aocietv, at parties'nnd balls civen uiere room set apart gentlemen where hi andv and champaign abundance, and where the visitors enRa)Io in -monte" and "draw poker" unhimtesi amount rf rnenov I a a G. LORENZO BLieoL, Arsii 58 Sparka btreot. 1 UK Lltl'I'MU LMN HOTEL.

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