The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 194T BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Former Sec'ty of State Byrnes Blames Wallace for Scuttling United States Foreign Policy By I,VLi: C. WILSON United Vr*s* Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Oct. 15. (U.l'.J-Koimrt two In (he Wallace-Byrnes nit finds one former minuet ollkcr t,r-yi;,g (he other scuttled our American foreign |x>lky jnst a year UKO. t-ormer Sccrctm-y of Slate Jumps p. Byrnes says Hint abuut lonnei Secretary of Commerce Heniy A. Wallace, if (lie charge should afilick Wallace with a bad alttick of political B. o. It will be all right rltl Byrnes, too g Byrnes was Se<-ieiary of Stale and i representing rlie United States it. the Autumn, 1946, Par!/; Prace Conference when Wallace made his extraordinary attack on President Tru. man's foreign policy. Wallace was secretary of commerce at the time. Now Byrne* has told the inside siory of the incident in his book of me in*jhs called "speaking Iran^j Bvrnes speaks franklv of Wallace all right. He relates :hat he gave Mr. Tinman the alternatives o( abs-jliiioiv gagging Wallace on the knbject of foreign relations or accepting the resignation of his :;ecrelary of state In their exchange' of messages bo tween Paris ant! Washington. Byrnes wld Mr. Truman:— "You ami I spent 15 months building n bi-pattLsan Uoreii-ni pohi\ We did a Sine Job convincim he world thil it was a permanent pol Icy upon which the- world couid rely. Wallace destroyed it \n a <ln> > Tlie Wallace speech vvs* del i en In New York before an a'ldicnct obviously hostile to American !<ic •• > policy and sympathetic with Ihe foreign policy of the Soviet Union. Wanfc-> called for easing up on Ruslia—get soft instead of set * tough. That speech proved to be F the springboard from which Wallace went out of the cabinet by request and into an internmional and domestic speaking cnmpaien which has made him the idol of those who belie-ve the \v.\y to get along with the Russians is to appease Ihem. Indiclmenl is Ulunt Now Wallace is being put forward as a potential third party candidate for president in 19-18. Among his loudest supporters are Communists, and fellow-travellers although he has a following, too, in the general labor and left wing areas. First woman ever to head the American Public Health Association is Dr. Martha M. Eliot, of Washington, D. C., chief medical consultant of the UN's Intc'rna- lional Children's Emergency Fund. She was elected at the organization's 75th annual meeting in Atlantic City. N. J. I tainly will have to answer Byrnes j although it is not likely that he would come to the same platform before a catch as catch can audience. - = I Wallace may be embittered by his But Byrnes' indictment will be di[- | [orced retirement from the cabi- ficult for Wallace to answer unless '• net job from which the late FDR he is willing to acknowledge that ! bounced Jesse H. Jones Just because his ideas of foreign policy an-i the i Wallace wanted it, and nothing else ideas of the Kremlin are peculiarly ! if he wants to hit Mr. Truma'.-i parallel. j where it would hurt, he can do When Byrnes was telling Mr. Ti'ii- ' so. A Wallace third party would not man to choose between himself and | poll many votes but every one of Wallace he added that it would i them would be potential Demo- not be enough merely to obtain') cratic votes. The Wallace movement Wallace's agreement to remain si- I is a real menace to Mr. Truman's lent until the Paris conference political future and all hands are ended. He told the President that if Foreign Minister Molotov' had reason to believe Wallace could resume his attacks on administration foreign policy in his capacity as a cabinet member, the Russian st-.t'-cs- man would derive great comfort therefrom. Will Charges Be Answered? Byrnes' charges it "bold and sharp, tt is that Wallace wrecked his own government's foreign policy to the aid and comfort of a foreign power. That is no soft impeachment. Those here who remember Jimmy Byrnes as a sharpshooter on the floor of the United Stales Senate would pay for seaLs at .a debate between Ihe two former cabinet members. If Wallace does head a third arty ticket next year he cer- aware of that fact. Under the circumstances, Byrnes would be the man to go after Wallace in a campaign year. The Dern- ocralic Nalional Committee doubtless already has put down his name for that chore. Byrnes would love it. The Egyptians iiad an engine U> control fire as early as 300 B. C. Jt was a moderate sized box, with a pumping device for raising water and expelling it through a nozzle. -Slurry, the sloppy waste of breweries, hns been processed hxto poultry feed. Churchill Balks At Appeasements British Leader Says UN Might Do Better Without Russian* NEW YORK, Oct. 15. (UP Winston Churchill, Britain's war- lime prime minister., snld last iilnht (hat Soviet Russia nnd her satellites mlRhl withdraw from the United Nations at some moment, or 'another." but such a spllf need not lead to war. Churchill's address, recorded In London, was broadcast (CBS) from the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner Warren Austin. U. S, delegate to the UN. also tpoke at the (tinner. Austin said the U. S. service in the cause of pence will demonstrate to Soviet Russia lhat "our purpose is not warlike." Churchill, using words as blunt »s hij Fulton, Mo., speech, said In effect it mteht be a good thing if Russia quit Ihe UN. Then both sides would know exactly where Ihe.v slood, he said. "Indeed." he said, "(lie two great I systems might even lieum lo be polite lo one ano;!icr and speak asain the measured InncunRc of diplomacy." Churchill conceded that. Ri^slan withdrawal would cuatc two worlds. "We shouM all be sorry to'see lhat." he added. "Rut if one of these worlJs is fcr more powerful than the other and i.s eqnally v!s>- llrm'.. and is also sincerely desirous of maintaining peace, there is no reason why a two-world system would lead to war " He cautioned the democracies not to give away anything essential lo their security In persuading; (he Soviet government "tu linger with us for the purpose of paralyzing" unity o( three-quarters of mankind. Wars come, he snld. when both sides "believe they are more or less eciunl." Such equality would not result if Russia and her satellites withdrew from the UN and formed a separate organization. 'Therefore, it seems lo me, we should not be unduly depressed If the Soviet - Communist forces should decide to part company with the world organization," he added. Churchill, who is high on tlie list of men Russia has accused as "war-mongers," accused the "Soviet governments" of taking every action to prevent the UN from playing its part as an Instrument or peace. He warned other nations, however, against being "hasty In abandoning hope in the organization." He admitted lhat the "violently aggressive line" pursued by Russia In the United Nations puzzled him, but. he said, "I cannot bellov* that it is the prelude to war." 1 "Those 14 men in the Kremlin, who rule with despotic power'the vast populations and territories cjf which they are mRst&rs, are'Very capable and well Informed," he said. "If their minds were set' on war I cannot believe that they PAGE would nut lull Ihe eiuy-golng democracies hito a («!s« sense of security/" Remember Hitler's Tactics He said lhat white h* did not exclude the danger of war, the example of Hitler who uttered "soothing words" before aggression made htin doubt the possibility. Churchill said he hoped he wasj right. In believing the Soviet policy j wns designated lo win tlie unity I of Russia's "blindfolded masses"! with Ihe threat of invasion by Imperialistic nations. "llul Ihc United Slates and the' Western democracies of Kurope will fall lo profit by the hard experiences they have undergone If Ihr-y did 'not tnke overy measure ol prudent, defensive preparation which is open to ihom." he Mid. Austin said the "hope of clvlla Iznllon Is in the blrlh'of a new salesmanship which recognizes thai hate Is a barren ind destructive emotion, and that good will Is not a sentimental feeling, but a positive, constructive force. As long as we thing and feel iu^li'inis of we cannot have pence." WARMNd ORIIKB . In Ihr Chitiu'fT) 1 Cnurl, Chlcka- Mwbn Dlslrtel, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Kunlcc V.innnttn Plaintiff, . vs. No. 10,261 Clmi'Ie* Vanuatu Defendant. thirty dnys In the court named in (ho cunllon hereof sn'd answer the complaint of the plaintiff JCunlc Vnnnatla. Dated lliis loth nay of October, HARVKY MOUUIS, Clerk By Belly I'ctoison, deputy. Attorney for PlBlnllff: Virgil Greene lo;i!-18-25-U|l >! Soy Bean Hauling !•! 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