The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1947
Page 11
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OCTOBER IB, 194T 'Fraud' Charges Levelled at FHPA Sen. Ferguion -Says Atlanta Office Tri«d To Deceive Congress WASHINGTON. Ocl. 16. (UP) — BPII. Homer Ferguson, R, Mich., y-.'.-iicnlay accused the Federal Public Honing Authority of "fraud" in ;t.s past financial practices. Ferguson accu.scd Ihe RK^ncy's s Atlanta, Go... office of deliberately | recording a fictitious pnyim-nt of; office expenses In order to deceive j Congress as to the amount of money I H had spent. His charges were marie at a Senate Subcommittee hearing on charges of Improper^- accounting practices by the PPHA. The hearing is being conducted by a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Expenditures of Executive Departments. Stephen H. Ives, director of Irn Corporation audits division of the General Accounting Office, was explaining to (lie Senators results of a survey of FPHA records for 1S45 »ud ID 16. The survey was made for the CiAO by Price. Waterhouse & Co., independent public accountants. He said the accounting firm found thai records In Hie FPHA Allanla ollice Indicated that, "at least, one fictitious Recount payable was charge to expense In Ihe amount of $26,250 for painting ai::l decorating in respect of a non existent committment." The accounting firm said (h c entry apparently was made so that the founds could be kept ana used the next year. The firm said this practice "appears to be an Invasion. I If not a violation, of the law . ."i Ferguson interrupted In askji^ whether they did not constitute a > IY\GSS fraud. j -~i**+*f "It might be; Ihiif's n strong word." Ives said. "1 don't like the word 'fraud.'' "Effort to.tu Deceive Congress 1 "It's a fraud," Ferguson rejoined. "It was an effort to deceive Con-gross. They wanted their books to show the money hud been spent when it hadn't, so they could como BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COimiE* yapksjntercept Important 'Wire' Before Delivery Three Rescued Seamen Give Details Of 18 Days Aimless Pacific Travels up at the next session and show the need for more monev." Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R Wis.. wanted to know whether the Atlanta case had been done deliberately. "II seems so." Ives replied cautiously. McCarthy said • that reminded him of the attitude of the Supreme V Court Justice who. when his attention was called to a flock of newly-shorn sheep, would admit only that " 'they appear to have been shorn on this side.' " Ives then said that whether or not the Atlanta incident constituled fraud, it was "an isolated case." Earlier. Sen. Herbert R. O'Conor, D. Md.. acting .subcommittee chairman, said in a preliminary state- ered the past, not present actions of FPHA and Its officials. He said the subcommittee had bppn informed of charges against individuals who were IIV ItOLANl) HOrsON Uiiilerl I'ress Staff Correspondent -. BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Oct. 15. I OP>—The modern woman, streamlined and so business like, is in a heck of a fix. She's torn between so niany psychological fixations that she's, a well groomed mess of trouble for herself and everybody else. Dr. John W. Bick. Jr.. 01 riilann University urged his fellow Southern psychiatrists meeting here to straighten out the so-called modern woman. "She doesn't know whether to delight in sex or to work up a headache." he said. "And the husband kills the urge with a bromide." This was rill brought atdut. Dr. Hick said, by the social re-volution that made women think just because the constitution approved their right to wear pants, many of them thought they had to put" the pants on. The pants simply don't fit. They make the wearer think the filing cabinet can replace the bassinet; that tlie desk can replace the firo- 1056. He added that present FPHA rors to as they be kept." place; that die husband,»is not a lover but a cold business competitor. Modern woman, he continued, is developing a definite aversion to sex. She fights it. But (he world would be miicn hrippicr. II modem woman would put, her mind to the purpose' of her creation, having babies and running a home, he added. Prevention, the New Orleans psychiatrist said, is simply a matter of re-education. If the woman w-orks. man should never challenge i her simply to assert .his superiority. If he asserts his authority,'lie must never expect, the vacuum cleaners hum to replace the "glamorous" whizz of n business office. But on the other hand, he said, he should hold her within reason. Cave men used to do it with clubs and big dinosaur bones, but subtle persuasion must be the modern method. If man fails, it's his fault. Else he's married to an uncommonly stubborn wife. If they have a son, he's doomed maybe to a lifetime I as "mom's boy." .[ This creates another cycle of j psychological (rouble, where the fu- turr daughter-in-law geCs ted \ifil with an unwenned husbnnd. Fami- 1 ly ties are brtscn. Maybe divorce. Anyway everybody goe.s off in a Carolina Trio Arrested For Tennessee Car Thefts MEMPHIS, Trail.. Oct. IS. (UP1 —Three Ml. Airy. N. C., rcsideuis wore held for fodrrnl grand Jury aclion yesterday In connection with automobile thelis and sales in West Tennessee. I). S. Hosteller. Memphis District FBI duel identified tlic-defcndants as Thomas H. will, 31, |,] s brother Joe .Garland, :I2. mid Emma Stove- Witt. 22. his wltn. The trio was arrested in Uvcrs- 0111-8, Tenn. . HONOLULU.. Ocl, IS. (VP)~» Three memtwrt of • «»roini tun crew c»st adrift with • low of minesweepers S«M today they hud suffered no ill effects from llwlr 18-day powerless mid aim Sew voyage on Ihe Pacific Ocean. Therm™, who were picked up by Navy Patrol Draft No. (1 yesterday, were Interviewed from here by Navy radio. They disclosed that two of tin: four minesweeper* tank. The men volunteered to stay with DM minesweepers on Sept. M wh«n the.MR- nlla-lxiuiul (UK, Edward Orlintn, inn low on uiel nnd cast off Hi towline, ' The most difficult purl of I heir experience abomd one of the nilne- Mvcopci'5. they said. VAX dodging the other emit until Oct. 1. That was when one vessel, which h«d been rammed by ih e others' .sunk »nd pulled » seooml sweeper down with Alter tluii Iheir chief discomfort was » lack of clsaretlrs. "Local markets furnished us with «nne very delirious shark steaks," Radio Operator William Hopkins, WashliiRtoti, D. C., said. Ironically, while (he castaways were living on fish I hey w«r« able to catch from Ihe drlitlng mlim- sweeper, several of their shipmates aboard tlie Grimm became 111 from a poisonous calch. One died. Hopkins said neither lip nor Leonard Metz and Winston H. Crosby, both of Si. Johns Island, a. C., got sick mid all "(col line now." They added they are ready to continue their voyage on (be tug. 'Just tell our families we expect to be home lor Christmas." Hopkins told neWMiu'n. "You put the music, to it." Cnulr. Ira W. Drown, who dlrcM- cd the widespread aerial search from Palmyra Island, said finding the men consumed 100,000 gallons of avlalion gasollnn. Mel/, asked Mint somebody inform his wife he will be home for Christmas and want.s her lo have a Dig chicken dinner ready. Crosby's wile lives at Downirs Grove, III. Announces flan For Leaving Naval Pott DAUiAfi. Tex.. Dot. ID. (UP) — fleet Admiral QheMrr W. NlmlU revealed today th«t he will retire from his ponllinn as chief of U, 8. Naval Operations about Deo. 1.1. In a brief hUi>rvl«w. Nlmlti «aid ho had recommended a aiicreiuor for Ihf top naval Job but (hat Pm- Idenl 'I'rumau bad taken no action on Ihe maltdr a.i yet, i Nimlti wu here for a leisurely day. climaxed by wi address u> assembled thousands ol war veterans the Toxiia Slate Kilr lust night, Crown Princess Juliana Rtlieves Wilhelmina TUB HAGUE, Oct. 18. (UP) — Orowy Princess Juliana took llm o»th us regent ol Ihe Netherlands y««Lerday and thereby lifted the burden of tlie royal powers from th« »h6u!d«ri of Queen Wll 07, weary and ailing. The ancient'Knight'* Hall In th* center of Die government bulldliig* resounded will) shouts pf "kmg liY» the regent" after the short and'so- ber ceremony be for? the Houw« <A Parliament In. Joint Besision. Death Toll From Still Growing in Egypt CAIRO. o-.'l. IS. IUPI—The Pull- he Health Ministry announced last mght that Egypt's cholera epidemic had caused 12:1 deaths durln K tin- past 24 hours and that 25!) persons had been stricken with the plague £urmg uie period. i'm.y. Everybody but the psychiatrist He rubs his hands at another juicy problem. Read Courier Nesvn Want Ad*. A best seller there's none sweller/ '*•>>' va HuMKo _ ^ (Dainty COOKING FAT It's a\\ Actable It's Here What? Annual Htirv«»t' Supper W«d. Night, Oct. 15 6 Until? Promised Land Methodist Church NOTICE Automobile Club Members Our office hits now heen temporarily moved (• 418 South l>ake St. Phone 240!). Ivan R. Van Patten Starts 2:30 p.m. Featuring Indianapolis Speedway Drivers Main Event: 10 Mile 20 Lap Grudge Race BLYTHEVILLE AUTO RACES Sunday, October 19th At Blytheville Fairgrounds Prizes for SPECTATORS You May Be the Lucky One! Bring the Family 6 THRILLING RACES CHAMPIONS Admission Only 60c Sponsored by Dud C«on Post 24 American Legion ^PHILGO Imagine g«lt!ng Philco power, Philco tore, Philco f«olur«i ol thii pricel Utmait porformonce crommid In compact ploitk cabinet wilh luperhaterodyne circuit, elactfo-dynamic ipcokar, built-in aerial.Snap up (hU bmazina volu« befor* th*yV« go««l Your Choice on Easy Terms ain, with Urcu feature— the fa menu Phitco I22<i! H»ntUome cih- incl, Tiemendoiu tone. Automatic record (.hanger Jus pc/nnanent ntfdlc — plays up to 12 records. Exclu*ivc TiU-Ftotii calunct. Sundird »ml ihn; r wive rnUo wj i chcillinj; range : M69 50 JUST SLIDI A R I CORD rN — AND IT PLAYS AUTOMATICALLY PMILCO 1701. Ami/ing new w«jr to phy record*— yoti cin do it blindfolded! No fulling with tone irmi, lidi, control* or ii«dlt». Slmplf cEoic the door and tcl^x with your fivoiiir iccordt. *1*hri!l in the powerful [»dio, loo! Perfect fo< Toili y, ie«— hnr— «orV ii,- elH It's »cnia[iOnal! C^Jk Qj 1UBBARDFURNITURECO Blytheville, Ark. OPPORTUNITY FOR FUTURE ADVANCEMENT Old mid well established firm lins opening for man 2K-27 yours old. Applicant must liave inininuim 2 yours college and willing to start at liolloin and work way up. Write Box 'L % Courier Mows. fabrics OUR SPECIAL TREATMENTS! Kiitin'cs arc different in ten- silo sli-oiiKUi, wearabilityand other (|unhtiof) . . . That's why \vc use treatments best adapted to the individtis! > fabric. And tliat's why, when you send your clothes to be cleaned jit Nu-U'a they last many months longer! Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS ^^ . .-... ** " V •'-'•-.'. •' - *:' FARM DIJQHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BL06. BLYTHEV1LLE ARK. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTC)RS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 A rk.-Mo. Slate Line on the left at the Arch Vi Pi. 7 Crowrj 1.35 Calv«rt .....;. .,,'.... 1.35 Sehenlcy , , , . , ... ,,,,. i .. . 1,35 Three Feathers 1 35 Hill & Hill . . 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses .... ..-."• 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% BEER---per Case $2.88 GAS - rc 9 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5c All Brands Cigarets^tn. $1.35 B A T UDEB AKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sole, * STUDEBAKER * Service J) ATTKNTION. STUDEBAKCK OWNKKS: , Drive by for a free clicck on your cllmatlzcr Heater and Defroster. Be picjiarcd for winter. A K E .ex Chamblln Diai 2lt)5 ! Hill Chamblin _, A good Mlcclkm of new and used truck!. Also. * numbsr of late model used cars ... all guarnnleedl Railroad and Ash Streets E R STUD EBAKE RS

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