The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BFA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1947 Iranians Fear Revolt Over 'Oil' Communist Activity Brings Deportations • For Many Suspects (Editor* note: The political pot T Is boiling fn Iran, Robert C. Miller ; of th« United Press finds alter a flight to that country from India r- where he covered the birth of the • new dominions and the communal rioting which took thousands of . lives. Following Is his first dispatch from Northwest Iran, the region occupied by the Russians during the war and the arena of Soviet-Iranian friction since.) BV ROBERT C. MILLER United Press Stuff Correspondent TABRIZ, Iran, Oct. 15. (UP) — The Iran government, fearing another revolt in oil-rich Azerbaijan ' province, is deporting thousands of persons suspected of Communist activity to prevent Die formation of a fifth column. The big scale anti-communist acr tivity was one of the first things that, became apparent when I came to this capital of the province in Northwest Iran which has been a hotbed of political activity ever since the war. . Scores are being arrested every | day and held temporarily behind a 10-foot mud wall around the Haj FaraJ Gardens until a six-man tribunal decides whether they are guilty of trying to undermine the government. 4,000 "Transplanted" Already 4,000 have been transplanted to Southern Iran In groups of 50 to 100 since the campaign began early in September. Policing authorities estimate that 4,000 more may be deported within six weeks. Police and troops escorting suspects .through the streets to the camp have become a familiar sight in this trading city 80 miles from the Russian border. Despite government explanations that the deportations are necessary as a security measure, bitterness Is rising among the Azerbaijanians. They contend that several suspect- Lucky Passengers New Boy Scout Activity Launched In Osceola; "Ship" Unit Organizes I Something new in Scout actlvi-* i tics ill Mississippi County Is the I organlzAtion of a Sea Scout Ship at Osccola. whicli held Its third weefc- ly meeting last night In the American Legion Community House there. The ship — winch replaces the term "Troop" ai uses in connection with other Boy Scout units — now conducting its aciivitlcs: ,it an organizational strength of 11 ncmb?rs. And more than just "shore dutv' Lucky passengers congratulate each other on their n;inow escape when an nil liner In which they were riding tried to cut a few ncrobatlCK over the city of El Paso. Texas. All 48 passengers were thrown lo the celling'when Ihe plniie''ilew upside down'for a .few moments. From left to right are: Herbert Schielber, his 20-)iionl]]-old-sO'n Kenny; 6-SC James A. Mngee, 27, Boston; Robert, L. Halvorscn, S-SC, 19, San Diego- M. Kent Goodwin, 35, Los Angeles; Mrs. w. E. Daltoiv 30. Washington, D. C.; Kricnhield Wallenstcmcr, 20, Moscow, Russia; Mrs. W. J. Arscnault, 22, San Diego, and her children. Warren Sandra Leigh. 3; Ima Poitls, 47, San Dlcgo; W. R. R-.itlaml, 40. Corpus chri:;li. Texas- son, 2G, Atlanta, Ga., and clint Umphrces. 37, Los Angeles. (NBA Telopholn.i Reward Offered For Capture ot Ivins' Killer ETOWAH, Terni., Oct. 15. (UP) — The family of T. Burkett Ivlns, killed 10 days ago by a booby-trap wired to the starter of his car, offered $1.000 reward yesterday for information leading to arrest of the persons responsible. Ivlns, a former McMinn County sheriff and circuit court clerk and RECTAL DISEASES (All Type. KJ looms for the newly-organized Sea , U. S. deputy marshall, was a' mem- Seoul crew, for the_ Osceola Shi;> is i bcr of the Paul Cantrell political piachlne overthrown by Gl's in the 194C election day battle at Athens. Joseph, Jr.,i, LI. w. M. McCar- awaiting delivery of a 38-foot pick et boat which is being given them by (he United States Coast Guard. On its arrival, expected lo be in about two weeks, the craft will lie up at the Jaclfsonville dock. East of Osccola. The Stiip. which will' ultimately have a fnil crew ot. 32 Sea Scouts is .sponsored by the Osccola Kiwauis Club. W. T. Stewart, a Navy veteran, is "Skipper" — equivalent of Scoutmaster in the troops and J. H. 13ass is chairman of the sponsoring committee. Members ot the Ship meet each Tuesday night at the Community House, Sea Scout work Ls one of the three major programs carried i , out by the Boy Scouls of America ' and f for boys IS years of age anti-older. The Sea Scouts already have laid plans for use of the boat they are looking forward to taking command of. According to present plans, the first cruise will be a fathcr-nud- son affair and the second will be a social cruise for the Sea Snouts and their date.s. Youthful Kansans, Turned Robfeers, ''State to Ask Quickly Learn Crime Does Not Pay n L 7 on SEDGWICK. Kan., Oct. 15. IUP) —A pair of youthful would-be ban- dils lounged glumly in their jail cells today nflcr most of Scdg- wick's citizens turned out to give them a fast-shooting lesson in why crime does not pay. The youths, Donald Tale, 17, Wichita. Kan., and Dinzcl Marlar, 21, Luray. Kan., wiio had been rooming together at the YMCA m Wichita, decided Sunday night they would rob a bank and go to Idaho. They did not explain why they shot gun. The youths slowed clown atid Eighrney swung his truck in behind them. Blocked In front by Paff with one charge remaining in his shotgun, and from behind by Eislimey's truck, the frightened youths gave up Just as Steffe ran up, panting, with his revolver. employes. Informi'd sources at the capitol snid lortny that, the ruling might even bring on litigation over i.inln\s approved by the fiscal control board. Chest Colds Torclievecoueh- Ing spasms, muscular soreness, rub throat, chest and m. mm f* m^ f* back at bedtime m» I W f%9 with time-tested » VAPORO* Court Dec/si on I LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Oct. 15. I (UPi — Tiie Attorney General's! office indicated today it would ask I the Arkansas Supreme Court for a re-iiL-iiiiug- to clarify its ruling .2S. T^"^--—-' "* — l^d r'cm™: i through three blocks of the town's business district to the Cily Jail where they were held for Harvey County officers, ed Communist sympathizers still are j Pj[* cn th^Slate Bank'here for the free, after reputedly bribing oil!-' " " ' """" --•—"•- • cials. Others complain that many per- j sons are being railroaded out of the i like this to happen," Tate province by their political enemies i dazedly today. > on false charges. • The pajr wns c; ,|,tured a few Officials make no attempt to de- minutes after Mnrlar walked Into Forging Terminal Leave ny that mistakes have been made. | (he tank and shoved a pistol at ' stick-up, but bath admitted the choice was unfortunate. "We sure didn't expect anything said Tate was wounded slightly in-the shoulder and was treated at the Jail. The loot wns recovered intact. Alabaman Indicted tor But they claim that the situation , Don Grimwood. 24, cashier and son I» so precarious that the strong- ] O f the bank's president. Marlar de- est measures are necessary to safe- | tmndert all the money in the cash* guard th« bolder province from a I i cr ' s ca ,. c . Grimwood handed over threat of annexation by the Soviets I about S3 100.' .through a .local uprising, and the establishing of a pro-Soviet "inde- As Malar hurried toward his car. pendency""capable of granting oil | ^^«, T ^ C WB5 wnltlnB - Grt '» w ° otl concessions to Russia. Oil Concessions Cause Trouble The matter of oil concessions is the nub of the .whole situation, and the main problem of Iran. -.A draft on an oil concession sought by Russia was drawn up •arly in 1946 as one of the main conditions for the withdrawal of Russian troops Irom Azerbaijan.' which, they occupied during the War. /The concession was conditional on r ratification by a new Iranian parliament. It finally wns elected after long delay, and now is wrestling vlth the problem in Tehran. In.December 1946. the provincial government defied Tehran, and nn- tnu vault for two rc- I velvet's. 1 Tossing one to local Oilman R.'E. Steffe. a customer in the bank Grimwood rushed inlo the street, He started firing at the automobile as U pulled away Ironi the cur'j. Steffe who followed Grimwoocl out ot the bank also fired at, the retreating pair. Four shots struck the cnr. but the banrtlU did not stop, Paul Eighmpy, gas service man, was attracted by the shots and to.ik up the chase in his .pick-up truck. Tate and Marlar began tp realize that the business of being iv.bniik robber was not all it was cracked up to be. Bonds Issued to Pay GIs MOBILE. Ala.. O;t. \5. (UP)— A federal ' rand jury yesterday returned 34 true bills against 4(j persons nftcr hearing 53 witnesses in the 35 cases investigated. District Attorney Albert J. Tully saltl that James holmes of Sclma Bcncy funds except for actual cm- argcncics. Assistant Atty. Gen. lk c Marry said that he doubted the validity ; of three-fourths of the appropriations passed by the 1017 Icgisla- I tiiro In view of the court's ruling. ] Hn cal'ctl special attention to the higliway department's proposed i $2.000,000 maintenance propram, I the use of student labor at cduca- | i tional institutions, and extra audi- t i lors authorized for the state re- I j vcmie department. [ I Ttie supreme court's rtiUne; was j on a request of Radio Evangelist j James A. Mackrcll to prcvcr' the fiscal control bonrri from , ng | more than 59,000 salaries ot di- I rector and employes of the Irg'sla- live bureau set up by the 1947 had been indicted in two cases of j general assembly. forging terminal leave bonds, the first cases of that kinrl here. Six were indicted for false claims for veterans compensation. The others were for nuto theft. national stolen properly net. internal revenue and white slavery. The court's decision written by ' Associate Justice J. S. 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Ail drugstores Monthly Female Pains Plnkham's Compound Is very effective to relieve monthly cramps, headache, backache. —u-hcii due to frmnlc functional monthly disturbances tional troops were sent into the j They sped eight blocks" North, province. They re-established the | then doubled central government's authority. Police and military officials were confident of their ability to suppress any revolt within Azerbaijan If it U not aided by outright invasion from Russia. Miliary sources denied rcporU that hundreds of "tourists" were in'. filterating across the Soviet border, pointing out that strong border patrols had been alerted for such activity and had reported only a few • isolated cases. ..„ ._ sha'ie the pursuit. Eighmey \ns Marrow- ing the distance between them tts they roared Southward through the fully aroused town. Dale Paff, Sedgwick produce man, ended the chase. When he heard the shooting, he grabbed his shot Run and ran out Into Ihe street. Informed lhat" the bank had bcon robbed, lie saw the bandit car coming down the street toward him. He stepped into the path o! the car and fired one blast from his calls completed ... still shining! THE SH/U£ THAT STAYS because it has a hard-wax finish! GRIFFIN The harder the wax, the longer-lasting th« (hine! GKTFFTN ABC WAX SHOE POLISH contains more fine, hard waxes that give you easier, brighter, Longer-lasting shines. UM GUFF IN ABC WAX SHOE POLISH for the shine that ttayi! ILA.CK, SHOWN, TAN, OXEVOOD in the eoiy-openinp con p - Remember lelf-pol'shing GRIFFIN LIQUID WAX •••• for quick and «a$y ihinei. CHIROPRACTOR "Health Is something that comes from within. The creator put within your body and mine all the elements of health. When your nervous system Is In tune with nature's forces, you will be well. Consult a chiropractor about your health problems." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to t Neurocalometer Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Guard Blclg. Blytheville, Ark. FARM (jp LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. LONC TEBM PROMPT CLOSING LOW KATK CALL, WRITE OR SEE RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. Third Si., Blytheville, Ark. Servinn This S^tion '- Vr'un Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitor lor THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO.MI'ANV OP AMERH.A 'And don't give me any of that stimething-must- tiave-happcned-lo-the-motor line ... 1 happen t'n know that couldn't happen 'cause SEAV MOTOR COMPANY put a new motor in vour car!" Pride & Usrey General Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 I! 1 M These worrls from l)lil im ,>liile\« „<•„ "„,!;,, sons" li.ivr nrvrr been so aptly illnstralrd as in a I > pica! riilc to a football (:,imc. There's often a long dislatice to be covered. There's always ir.iffic to contend with. Vet, if you're llir driver of an Olclsinobilc «ilh Hydra-Malic Drive, . . . "Jtui forpel tile dutch ami All yon rlo is sit and steer!"'s Iruc >u foollirill iraflic, or any other traffic. True on the highway, too. 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