The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 25, 1916 · 8
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 8

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1916
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. U. S. Su- ih-liiJAJl - U r : 1 t 1 ; f i i PA Of EIGHT. TUE CITIZEN, OTTAWA. CANADA Friday, February 25, I9g TXT TUT? QPHPTTNf; WORT DiCIVIL SERVICE ; OTTAWA RINKS I PUPILS ON EDGE 1JN 1 brUKlllNlJ VVUlUj BEAT NAT0NAL 22 SHOTS UP FOR SATURDAY'S HOCKEY GAME CRIPPLED OTTAWAS WILL SAVE REGULAR MEN FOR WANDERER GAME HERE MONDAY NIGHT Senators Play Torontos in Queen City Tomorrow Night, But Coach Smith Intends to Rest Up Hia Stars as Much as Possible as Another Win Over Redbands Would Give Ottawa Club Good Grip on Champion ship. Merrill, Nighbor and Boucher in Bad Shape. CLEANEST MAN IN N.H A VICTIM OF SLUGGERS 'Ottawa Club Will Demand Protection For Frank Nigh bor, Who Has Been Target For Abuse All Season. Krank Nighbor, the Ottawa center forward, has earned the reputation R-B the cleanest forward in the National Hockey Association. This he the reason for the abuse to ; Extra Frame Decided Game i In First Night's Play of Birks j in Senior Bowling League; Last Night's Results. Trophy Match Glebe Club. Against In aa extra frame the Civil Service So. 2 team defeated the National bowlers in the senior City Bowling League fixture at the Civil Service aheyg !aat night by two games to one. Jobin, of the Nationals, was high man with a total of 664 and a single string of 225. The score were aa follows: CIVIL, SERVICE NO. 2. Butterworth Neville . . . Wallace . . . Fairbairn . . Allen Though the Ottawa Hockey Ciub Perhaps the most gratifying feat- covered itself with glory by van- .,,,,., f,rk iwher. T " ' ' . . I Totals ar.ishine Warvderers on their own ice ! NV.t tmlv AA Wi.-h.r ah.iw mj4 rnay Wednesday evening, thev may bej'h' ws realty astonishing, hut '? ! which the Pembroke boy has been ' Jobin . forced to play a crippled team to J11 bi "f .? . , V,'n'i"'Z Uubjected during the past few weeks. lt'U Nljrhbor is a marked man an alrea- l.amarcne dv he carries five scars as a result tumbles him up m a neap. from all part finally eKated 153 179 158 1 35 145 162 17 164 161 164 1S6 451 15 541 155 477 12 505 is: Rinks representing the Ottawa an 1 i ";libe Curling clubs met last night in I another game for the Birks Challenge 1 Cup. emblematic of the City chad- i pionship. At the finish of the first i evening's play the Ottawas were fhots to the good. Six rinks from eah club played last night and there will be an equal number in competition this evening. The ire was fairly good for last night's games i.nd arf usual there were big crowds of curling enthusiasts at both rinks. The Ottawas won on four out of the sis j Ottawa Players Chosen For First Clash at Arena; Against Toronto All-Star School Sextet. Tomorrow will be a big day for ;he school pupils of the Ottawa public schools. It will mark the first annual game betwen all-star teams of the Ottawa and Toronto Hchoois. The Mg match is to take place at the 3 varier avenue arena tomorrow ni&rht and it is likely that it will attract a banner crowd. The Ottawa pupils held their final workout yesterday afternoon at the Gladstone avenue . ... 773 S18 NATIO.NAJ.S. 878 246 rinks and though two went down to ; arena and will be in the bet - - , .(eir sieHiij uui. wji vuv v.i-ei- at tne Quoen City) he caught Odle Cleghom off his When the cnam-: nc, ao4 tumbled him up In a h of this season's play. Xighbor has never been given a major foul. In fact, the only time he ever goes to the side is for tripping. In many instances, Nighbor has been banished for an accidental oonieo, oig men or tne v eno-r-r team in a wfiv tht took rriilcrl of their next eng-agetnent. which wili b i heip steam out. On one occasion against lOTonxos at tomorrow night. pions returned at noon ee'eraay j Boucher earned cheer: irom .Montreal they were in badly I f lhe j, ,.hsn he Kiiterea conomon. j-ranK ignrrs !own al(me AllA notched Ottawa's head was circled with bandage, and i fourtn Ka. jarK iarragh and oth-he was advwed to rest up. Bob-!,,.,, of th(? otta-.n team fairly hiifr-erts blow ripjwd open two gashes j te4 tne frxjtbai! Boucher tooK ner his left aye and infection was;a Ung tirne abou, ;t but ht hafl eyi. feared. Horace Merrill was hardly i,i.,.t - ., v. h. ie- ur- ab:e to move hi left shoulder, hfie pn,jDK BaH Jack Ibarra gh's sudden foul, while manipulating his now fa oeorge joucner wa nurwing mree.refurn t0 ffjrm. gravenu played a cracked ribs. The casualty list in ; teidy game, tiough hardicapied tne Wanderer game prove-i the heav- i with aD ioJured ieg. He w'l! likeiy lest of the waw.n. Ja:k Oarragh, i ,tart ut aga:,t the Torontos. Kddie Gerard. Clint Benedict, and. i in fact, even man on the team t -. A . . - carried r, However Merrill ! ,u8t a !evr 'V directors of Nigibor and Boucher are the only tin who may be forced to lay out. Speculation was rife as to what policy the Ottawas would adopt for X' ' .w" ' r'"-T;He would have to be a pretty swell Smith would take no char s. It would avail the Ottawa ifCihing to beat Torontos if they lost to Wanderers here Monday night, but on the other hand by trouncing Toron- -&UU. a uuci ni a limy Bfc - , . . , rin...-. .ij'j 133 147 Ittii 142 744 180 166 158 lit 156 225 664 154 453 160 465 1'6S 451 171 46S Cote. E Totaie Civil Service No. 2 won two games in roil-off. MiUTIA WON TWO. The Militia No. 2 squad grabbed two games from the Post Office bowl- defeat at the Glebe rink, the Ottawas flnishtd one up there. T. J. Baker won from W. J. Mc-Kerracher by 16 to M. and G. C. Anderson defeated Charlie Waiiis aiid his rink by a similar score. T. C Boville established a lead of IS to S over I G. Foster and the Ottawas 878 2402!tnue won by 51 to 30 r.t the Vittoria flireei nnK. at ine liieoe ice a. r. B. Wilson downed E. L. learuyo's Ottawa four, and .Simon Fraser v. on from C. S. Scott by 13 to 9. but on the third W. C. Ivittle defeated .i . Campbell by 1 to 10. leaving the j'he Ottawa Club were clamoring for jnew blood. Fortunately, the men i who then looked due for the hook i were the biggeot factors in downing : h ivsndcrers Weine-r-day night amateur to replace any of the pre- sent fquad. if they always perform, jas they did against Wanderers. I Quebec's defeat by Canadiens put !a decided crimp In the ehainpion!-iip mous poke check. Never once his hockey career has he deliberately fouled an opponent. Nighbor plays for the puck from start to finish, takes his punishment without a murmur and never retaliates. Quiet and wiir- known 'umrSjaV J Just how strong they will be for their fixture against Eddie fivtng- r.n'm Rl.l. UV.I- 1-1, a Arv.l squad, if powibIe, will be taken j T.J". ,",'fjl!: along. "Wandererw are just about gone." commented Coach Smith last evening. "Ths French team la the one we must beat for the championship We will put the flnisitmg touches on the Wanderers when they play here next Morxlay evening. Our pionshlp chances are now the best and we wiil maVe a big efort to cinch it by winning our neit two Our team was given a terrific ham-jncrinff .at Monlreai, but I believe Alernil is the only man who need lay lip. The treatment given Frank Nighbor wa nicwt disgraceful. He Jw loo clean for this leag-ie." Treasurer Haskerville and Mana seawon. They and the Fly: ;g Frenchmen meet at Montrea! tomoi- hen Joe Hall and his Bulldoitfl" mav succeed in the tables. It would be about ail off with Quebec if they failed Lynch unassuming "Dutch" has won friends LoR. in every city. As he fell in a heap j perrjn '. . Wednesday night and was then car- Watterson ried off with two livid gashes in his I V'ogan head, a wave of sympathy went up j followed by a clatter of applause. Dr. Totals . Pembroke boy and for a long time j Butterworth . . ,. iClarkln . . w.. . McGahey .. It is a great pity that men of ths ' potnier Niprhbor type cannot be protected. Doyle . , On Wednesday, Cooper Smeaton i McDonald . did the best thing he could do by j ruling Roberts off for the balance of ! . Totals . . the Cflmp T.iftle 1700H however, did '. Militia No. era in the Civil Service Bowline : final rore 86 to 64 in favor of ott League double header and the Hail- iwa. The lead is fairly lar?e. but the jways No. 1 trundiers won two from oi-at have strong rinKs ior tonignt in me uoservatory o. z team. Kannie " , - , ,n ,,f h. 1 ,..,, ,. v,-j s.i The rmks and s'-ores were as foi- total with 65s, while Thomas of theil0':"' 4 ottana I.e. Railways hit the maples for a single j ottawas. Glebes. it 222. The scores were as follows: T J. Baker. W. J. McKerracii- AliLn.'A NO. 2. I Skin IS er. Skip 11 144 411; G. C. Anderson. C. J. waiiis. 154 is4 ! Skip 16 Skip 11 i-a -ic T. C. Boville. L. G. Foster. 112 188 157 169 134 156 155 212 181 153 144 shape for the occasion. Twelve leavers have been chosen and the exac. linuep for the commenc-men! -t play will not be known until lumor- row evening. The committee in charge has used good judgment in ;the selection of players and there 'is no doubt that the Ottawa will .give an excellent account of their.- selves when pitied airainyt the best ' that the Toronto schools can oro-"duce. President Iveinr of the Oita-! wa Public School Athletic Association announced yesterday that the following bquad had been chosen to represent the Ottawa Pchools: Goal, Berkley St. Dennis, Manual ! Arts: Keith Dwyer, First avenue, j Defence Aurel Joliat. Creirhton: i Milton Kissick, Klg-i'i: Wilbur Pin- hey, Glashan: Roy McDonald, Con-fnauKht; Charlie Grant. Percy. Are You a Clothes Critic T7 1 1 lesrinen you're tne man we ivant to see. it isn t the "easy to pleas'' chap who puts a merchant on his mettle it's the particular cnucai uiau, wno Knows and demands the little niceties of dress. He's the man who i 1 ..:i !,;,. i,..-:-.....- n- uum uuMiivss. v e want to see a lot more men like that. tmMm Msner The Shop of Fashion-Craft. 134 STREET. NIGHBOR SHOWED ANOTHER FOOTBALL GENUINE PLUCK STAR ENLISTED Insisted on Resuming When I Hamilton Potticarry J( Tiger Sportsmen's Co. Wanderers Scored. 01ml ' "Cozy" Dolan. trainer of the Ottawa I Ho -key Club, who has been in sport for many yei'.rs, . onnetttd with lio-"-! key. baseball and football, declares Uhat the exhibition of sameness g:iven ! 1 75-112-170- -497 I -331) j -424 ! 7otal 16 43 POST OFFICE. 130 108 113 189 109 182 148 169 137 137 177 168 983 2792 144 422 182 460 141 391 148 474 159 445 174 524 E. C. W. 832 936 948 2716 2 won two games. Quinn witnessed the foul and expres- ! jnenziea sed regret. Roberts will be fined, but Nugent tne r. ti. A. should pass a rule ban- Rannie X.H.A. rac: Ottawa taking three T uiuicr., or ior i wo games, dui ior an Aruugaai time, players who condescend to use , thf Rtirk flfi Rohrt a n-i flpshnrn Totals (iiH it no rtf tho U'a nrij man la! said to have said to Nighbor when he j a,mi'be" j 1 4 , , . Thomas reiurneu in ine nira periou, leghorn didn't gel you, but I will." Isn't that about the limit? Nighbor was slashed in the chin by Harry Cameron and split open when the Ottawas played at Toronto, and in Ottawa last Saturday night every OBSERVATORY NO. Z. 169 442 125 493 168 454 211 559 141 4 out of five from Wanderers, to whom r I .I,.. I,.., thr.o mit t.f fnllr laut l'ar chain- ' .,: in (itl 'tawa: Toronto taking two from Ot tawa and Queic on their own ice. . . 146 .. 196 , . 137 .. 158 .. 146 ,.160 127 172 149 190 202 158 Center Kenneth McKenzie, of the , Creighion pchooi; Stewart Gamman ... 51 Total 3 M iCartier. L. Learoyd. A. V. B. Wilson. j Left wins Harold Johnson, Crei-Sklp S Skip 1! 1 Kb ton: Ceorse Smith. Jljtchmure. ., siinl-'- Riht win? Jack Alton C. Little J. Campbell. jwell: Jeff Burnett, Olashan. Skip 18 Skip K' i Ihe loronto pupils, together with j tne teom we!,t out he pulled together their teachers, will arrive tomorrow ; and insisted on returning to the riasr. ,n..;,. ... r 1.'. TV.,,- w-ni he. m.( ; 1 made him remain inside and i.v Hr.,..ri.; Ls h-n ,ho .ihi, ! 'shaB' Eaio he would call on him, if er team mates. .,..3, neeesary. Nisfhhor hear:l the eneer of the city during the morning. In hen Wanderers seored the fifth goal, the afternoon thev wiil be taken to j He got on his feet and was fairly luncheon at the A. K. Rea tea room. J staggering when 'Shag' raiM . , . ... . , asked: 'Are you well enougn to play and atterwards to one of the local , f minutes Frank?' i theaters. The hockey games will, of bor grabbed his stick and walked out. course, take up all their time in the ! but I had just locked the door anil Total . ... 35 Total Grand totil. s Grand Majority for Ottawas. 22 total. 64 shot3. Referee C'ooN'ir Smeaton declared .hat Wednesday'?.- n h was one of the hardet he had ever handled. (The big official was not feeling at his ! best and was naturally glad when 01 1 -.n.nii it enaea. lie ana rercivm iuon m fh Ottawa to Mon'real Both sa'd ' ohanres on allowing the game to get man in the Blue Shirted brigade took the midweek matrh 'was' one of thei""' f ,helr control. j crack at him. Alf Smith claims moat ruel line of the season. Ot-! n . ,., , , , ' that Nighbor is altogether too clean laws-Wanderer games never fail to The Ottawos will likely leave tor nd that opposing prayers would soon arou excitement, and Ottawa' win ; Toronto Saturday morning via the ,earn tQ ,eaye hjm alone if he retal. I behind. Coach Small will rest up his iated with some of the punishment . j 1 . .. , ., 1 ne ..,....... rear.: .a Tf.I M ( . fl il H V H mail I liei C House wnen tney unei'p against an- , 1 ter. Nighbor is under the care of Dr. "af doArbomtr7os" t!l .0 wh, the champioH, Thai' Weldon Graham, who has advised Wanderers, local fans may antici- a bad omen. They did o two week him to rest up. ,.,. .h. .nr'ri'i .rin he-! ago. after which the Senators lost . ... . tween Ottawa and Portland, as the (to Torontos and Canadiens Senators do not play from February), " " o . 11 v. -.hint. I - Onrdon Robert is said to have Canadietw. Wanderero' and Quebec ! been the gloomiest man in Montreal will be amaasinating one another s pronpects This time last week Ottawa looked out of the nve, but they mav be on top by Tuesday next. The Senators have made a (treat uphill fight and have certainly fiiown t-heroaelves a team worth pulling for. They have won no fewer than five game on the road this season, beating Wanderers twice at the W'estmoimt rink. Toronto have been the must serious obstacle will probably break the jinx tomor-i string of reervp will pull the "Fly Slight. ln rreiiciimrii mivuku when he realized tha extent of his .iab at Nighbor. This, coupled with ills tack on Umpire Krnie Butter-worth in Ottawa, ha certainly marred the good reputation which the Ottawa Kam boy formerly enjoyed. All the Montreal papers "panned" the Wanderer wing". "Ted" Edward, sporting editor o the Montreal News, picks Canadiens for the championship. He believes their physical strength and splendid MELLEVILLE SAYS HE HASN'T CHANGED MIND Will Stand Firm in Views Regarding Hockey Crisis. row VALLEY TITLES MAY BE DECIDED PROGRAM FOR ST. HUBERT CLUB THIS EVENING Final Shoot Tomorrow For Spoons Donated By Mr Buckingham Hay Hull at q White Pare Royal, While Renfrew and Arnprior Meet r.t Creamery Town. Totals 586 579 S51 1726 Ottawa Electric won three gameif. DEVLIN'S. . 177 132 1 44473 ... 146 140 147 43.1 ... 163 113 176432 ... 158 174 156 Blenkarn Porter . Saylor Clark . . Totals 644 55 623 1846 MURPHY-GAMBLE'8- Augier 187 137 145 469 Lucas 148 122 1 15 385 Grace 158 126 1 72456 Bogart Ill 124 137 372 The championships of the Lower and Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey leagues may be decided this evening. Two of the most importsnt games of the season are on the schedule. Oood ice is promised and hockey enthusiasm throughout the surrounding district will reach a boiling point. At Pare Hoyal, the Buckingham and Hull teams come together. Kuck-Ingham is now out in front and a The final shoot for the silver dessert spoon, donated by Mr. George White, for two man team competition, wl!' he the main attraction at St. Hubert's Gun Cluh, Saturday The content calls for the twn highest scores "f three regular club spoon shoots, club handicap added. Six teams Vave a chance for the silverware, vis: Eaadal and Rogers, Corby and Ring, Throop and Hunn. Itlnier and Booth. White and Fair- child. Slaney and Visser. For those who are not eligible for the dessert spoons there will be the regular shoot of two events at 25 clay pireons, for a eilver spoon don ated by tne club. MONTREAL, Feb. 24. R. K. Melville, secretary of the province of Quebec district of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada, and general manager of the M A. A. A., the riches and most flourishing amateur association in Canada, and with but few rivals in the United States, through whiisc opinion given by telegraph, the Boston A. A. A. concluded it was safe to play Ottawa Aberdeen, when asked what he would do in future in the unsavory and gigantic hockey squabble that has ensued, replied: "1 will stand pat. my views and my convictions are the same today as they were yesterday." Saturday, the Big Day. Saturday Is expected to be the big Want Ad Day in The Citizen for the next few weeks. If you have anything to sell, a spare room to let. a business chance to offer, a house for winner, had a single sale; or if you Kant help of some 1 scoring was as follows kind, or want to rent a room, or buy I GRAND TRLNK. or anv useful article, trv a I O. Munroe ., .. .. 150 138 sman w.ini an. in ine jiurnmg ana Kvenmg Citizen next Saturday. Want ads. go in both papers for one price. Two papers are better than one. Payne . . Harvey . Chapman Stewart . Totals S43 998 952 2S93 RAILWAYS NO. 2. . 153 145 140 438 . 165 222 166 563 . 161 141 174 476 . 132 152 175 459 . 167 162 145 474 . 161 191 189641 .. 939 1013 989 2941 Railways No. 1 won two games. MERCHANTS DOUBLET. In the Merchants Bowling League double header at the Ottawa alleys last night, the Ottawa Electric pin spillers made a clean sweep from the Fourn'.er team and R. J. Devlin's squad made it three straight from Murphy Gamble's trundiers. Robertson of the Ottawa Electric was high with a total of 546. The scores follow: OTTAWA ELECTRIC. Smith 186 163 142 481 tfevigny .. .. 183 167 141 491 Dumouchel . . 159 168 350 475 Robertson .. .198 187 161 546 Totals .. ... 726 673 594 1993 FOURNIER'S. Schoenherr . . 179 175 147 501 James 102 136 123 361 Hrown 129 137 142 408 Marion 176 141 139 BOOST FOR THE BO. (Boston Herald.) It was only the remarkable work ;of Theho that prevented the Arenas ifrom making a much larger total. 138 456This protector of the Aberdeens fort gave a masterly all round exhibition. The Canadians were rough in their checking and many tosses resulted. Patsy Seguin, the "Little Demon." received a bad bump on the knee and had to take a rest on the side of the rink. Big Kent showed he was both a remarkable skater and defence man, even if he did not score. Nagle played rough and was penalized twice. HAMILTON, Feb. 24. Hamilt,H I Pottieary. the former Tiger Big Four club, is coming back hoiJ to enlist with the Tiger battaron. Ha had hton tn l..ln, . . arried N'lehbcr in thn I "annus .n jion,- id Dolan, "he was -n ireal tor some time, but owing t it. I fact that the battalion he wan nave enustea wun win not m re cruited until June he is ar.iioai come here and line up with his f, inn. I He will be a con missioned officer. : by Frank Nighbor at Montreal Weil- ....a, .v.ninv the. frer.te;t lie. 1 'lever witnessed- i I "When ' i first time. ireal distress. He lay on the rt'bbinr Hope- j board throughout the interval be- ; tween the second anil third periods.: i Dr. Argue patehed him up and when j Lafortune .. .. .. 156 115 138 109 Lussier 192 184 208584 Juneau 145 164 166175 Lemieux 142 181 153 476 Totals 768 808 814 238S Grand Trunk won three games. So. 6 Captured Two. In the Railway Commission Bowling League. No. 6 team took two out of three from No. 5 squad on the Civil Service alleys last night. Chapman, 'of the winners, rolled 437. The scores were aw follows: TEAM NO. 6. Barbeau 126 141 127394 1-apointe .. 130 139 118397 Chapman 136 148 153437 Totals .. 392 428 TEAM NO. 5. 456 Hollington 135 101 Aroick 120 130 Bourgjuit 141 135 398 122S 123361 143393 109385' Totals .. ..604 509 569 1682 Devlin's won three games. A t.ranil Trunk Sweep. The Grand Trunk bowlers won three games from Le Temps team in the Printers' Bowling League at the Civil Service alleys last night. Limsier. of Le Temps, rolled the best total with 584. whiie Mcuade. of the Totals 396 366 377 1139 No. 6 team won two ames. In Pay Corps League. No. 2 ROllad won all three cnmAc 488; from No. 1 trundiers in the Canad-. lan Army Pay Corps Bowling League fixture at the Ottawa alleys last night. Louttit, of No. 2, with a total of 4I, was high man. The scoring was as follows: NO. 2 TEAM. Edmondson 136 106 129371 Beal 21 146 129 !14 389 Gilchrist 104 106 151361 Toifree 103 110 150363 of 23 The lO. B. Biow IB J. Corbett 142 R. A. McOuade .. 237 H- C. White .. .. 172 If you stand up for yourself others can't sit down on you. 141 205 ! 191 ... OOrf 177 182 1 48495 156 559 178 541 Tota'e Leclere 875 869 86 2630 LE TEMPS. 131 164 149444 evening. Ihe match between tue Toronto and Ottawa pupils' teams begins at 8 o'clock and wili be played in three periods of twenty minutes. It is likely that all the boys named by the committee will get a chance to show their mettle. They are all splendid skaters and stick-handlers and their friends will all be there to give them encouragement. The Toronto team has not yet been announced, but it will, of course, be a strong one. The game is likely to be one of the closest of the season. After the pupils have decided the question of supremacy, two of the teachers' sextets will likely come together. All the local teaching staffs will be well represented and it is likely that the game will result in the largest attendance of school children in the history of hockey at tne Arena. Referees will be chosen today. Tickets may be purchased from any of the boys or girls and will, of course, be on sale at the Arena as well. Doors open at 7.30 and the tickets will admit to any part of the Arena. Nifty new uniforms have been secured for the Ottawa players and they will rest up today in order to be in the best of shape for tomorrow's collision. A return match will take place at the Toronto Arena one week from Saturday. It is probable that the players chosen for tomorrow's match will also be taken to Toronto. WILLARD GOES TO GOTHAM. CHICAGO. Feb. 24. Jess Willard. his manager and two trainers departed today . for New York to begin training for his fight with Frank Moran on March 25. The heavyweight champion has fuiiy recovered from a recent cold which made a postponement of the bout neces sary. returned to the ben.-h when down he went again. His faee was so taclly could have seen him then. Frank'. injury was so paintul ne sobbec Hi;.! a DaDy, aner ne had beer, stitch; ana oannageo. And this is the boy. who has be nattered, ana Druiseo all season, mair cut this time that he looked serious - j " ,.DeP'au5? ne, nfver taliat. Iv hurt, murmuring as wa rarrlea him in: 'Cozy, I think my eye is out Well we assured him that it was all right and he returned to the fhst aul , table, where Drs. Argue and Kosa j drew the stitches. I wish Roberta "I don t mind seems Ross. Show 1 or othes get it they can takf ear of themselves," said Treasurer B?,sf: erville, "but Nighbor is flifferem Roberts and Cleghorn ought to been suspended. NEW HATS V Latest Style. Newest Colors. Also an up-to-date assortment of Dressy Caps. j Stiff Hats shaped to fit the head. OTTAWA'S ,4FM V J ! STORE. I LEADING HAT 'I' I $ 204 SPARKS STREET (Near Bank St.) LAYZELL & LEPAGE Totals 489 451 NO. 1 TEAM. Louttit 175 Ifil ir.3 491 De Lisie 139 146 142 427 O'Neil 137 130 130 2S7 Weatherley 158 134 137 129 Totals 609 571 561 1744 . No. 1 Team won three eames. CA.I'.C. 1 Team 5 Team 1 Team 2 Team No. No. No. No. 4 Team Next game: vs. No. 2 Team. STANDING. W. L. 4 6 2S if 22 IV 21 33 16 35 Feb. 2th, .No. 3 Team i g 544 i484;g Have You A j Safe Deposit Box ! For Your Bonds, . Stock Certificates, Mortgages, Etc. : Our Vaults Are 1 Fire and Burglar j Proof j Boxes $5 Per Year I Upwards. I imv vs. WANDERERS OTTAWA MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 8.25 ?M. Tickets on Sale Monday, 9 A.M., 40 Elgin Street p.r 1 S90 : 47 Z'JO: 315 ; WWiUflWPi'illilPliMiffi ' i aj . a .lui. p. i. i uiiiuiiiiiili..;,.'. .in i.: mj iiiiitiiiiyiHiiiuite BP THE Amtmr others. Mr. cil Brthur.e ! victory tonight would cinch the h jnratd prize for tem rompeti- s rhampionph1p for the men from Mr- t tjpn. the conditions of which wij be . be riMnHIU Kii nn Xaa. K hanJ :tvlvaii lots- ahouid Hull ln. they would have j 3Henr. Hotter and chance to overcame Rurkinehami ent holders of th Ktutdale, pre- McCaltum Tro- lead and prevent The Clttsen flhietd j P" r wonoenB wny mry nn m . It from them. at 2.46 sharp. Hhnotinir is to ' i'K ii i. mru i in ine new ana ; a the Buckingham cluh will of course. k:lfftl,:,J:,, blackburn refuses team look for a hard name and It la likely that Pare Royal will be S taxed to 1U capacity when the rival i . r v I f 1J TL teams face one another thin evenlrot. jLfatS l(W Intieldef I hreat- ' Archie Acheran baa been aarreed I O i iir aiuc TO JOIN TORONTOS upon Mm referee and play arill Mart at 3.39 flharp. The Buckingcbam club will ran up an excursion for the oc casion. It is likely that mill lineup as follows: CHICAGO. Feb. J4. The release the tesma'o Kuaseil Blackburn br the White I Sox means the paesinc of the fa- . z tnnia lnf.Me frnni KK ' 1 -T . f Buckingham McAndresr. see.1; j Bot jfn Toronto, accordme , Brisbois. point: Martin, cover point: I to a report received br h friends ; Parker. Proulx. Huarhea and fame- here. The derision is not a sudden 3 ron. forwards. one at ail on the part of the Pa:my. ; Hall Gene Ooderre. coal: am'- "J- !. for he has been think- ' Goderre. point; Churcri. corer point: 1B toT "mr :m f loitting the ; a Mullen. Lsdoaceur. Kelly ana FYiel, ; "mTnd f0!n ln,to u'n He j g t I1 tvePn offered a lucrative position ; lorararos. i r'cn cie who has been after ! HI R""r"" rnpewarT h,m for sine time to learn h a basi- i Z At Renfrew tonisrhc the Arnprior j ness. bot lore of the national sast- 1 and Renfrew teams come toarerher jtjme has kept Rassell in it. j in a arame which may deride the; Jurf before the announcement of -championship of the Ipper ft-ih-s reieate ty the foBth ( club uaa. Renfrew defeated the Am- ' ,(k- he had wr:t;e s.itn- of or hoys in an overtime stame on I - " J Time Is Proving That Our Uniforms Are Superior 4 KAf'H WKKK WE ARE OUTFITT1VI MORE OFFICERS THAN THE WEEK BEFORE. Time is proving that our value arp the best, in every respect. THEY FIT THE BEST LXK THE BEST-WEAR THE BEST ARE THE LOWEST PKN El FOR SI CH SUPERIOR QUALITY. We seil everything for officer and men. Sam Brown Belts, extra heav-v sttx-k. QC X fi s complete with sword frogs I I Toronto General!' jj Trusts Corporation i Sparks and Hfiln Sts., Ottawa. g JAMES D1VEI, Manager. H Bi it .arniirnnmifi mi rPimif rmnrnntTBti t h u;rr: :mi fffim rrasjimiH n; B Don't go without your Lunch Thursday's iecia!s Roast Beef. Tongrue, Lettuce and Cheese Sandwiches: Pickles, Assorted Pies and Cakes. Oranges, for 15c V their own ire last month, but Arnprior players claim to have Ira-1 proved and are confident that they mer will reverse the tables toniatht. BlUy 'about being- back the coming sum- Smith. f Ottawa, has been chosen : frew both win tonisrht. R would set- ( I J referee and h Arnprior elsb will tie the races and clear the way for , run a bixr excarsn to Renfrew for; the Ottawa Valiey championship ' the occasion, taking- a ions; a brass sawotT. A meetmc of the Lower Ot- g band, all the soldiers and a eoaple tawa Association wiU be held ear'y -of handred eitixens. "Tw ill t a i next week to cTear up the sttoation. r brarh taiarrft for horkey at Ren'rea. resultlnc from the withdrawal of the The 2 Macs, Sparks St LIMITED. Bank St Queen St vlwW -7 s i. Til i'i f -WL 1ST, w -. T I -A'X m i CAPITAL BOX M-XCrl. 'r'w Phere H. ll e lis. Wtlhert fL?i j gj, v JlchaaaW ; ; I 'U i Bit'. - Jff wTaeer- T ' W f III traee saark base : ft ' ' 1 H .' ' III bna "fss.aired , C- f - 7 " III ataada cf saTf m " ' r - i 3 lit i- re rcw m u I -f t H I 'I largest makers f wate IS (Sl H' tsscs wise Brits EsrpBS t AgtsjT Oy I THE AXEEICAU WATCH CASS IB fl co. cf TOBOvra unrrEo s DoritWaitl Until All The Good Bargains Are Gone Get in While the Choice is Large - Look for our Advertisement in Tomorrow's Papers Macdonalds fhoold Bnckinarham and Ren- j Royal Canadian c!ab. BASK ACT) QTJEE3T STREETS. 1

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