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inu ea Lia at- CursitLs: kiriMtj mm. applF I vtaiai) tin. 14 Lsh as. tw xaiu MM H- AMI. UW B.

S4 Many Women Will Convene Here Tomorrow. is Probated. New York Styles To Toor Door. The annul Roman Catfaot pilgrimage te the shrtne ef St. Asae Beaapre.

Que, will take place July 4th. Bre. it. I. Herr.

the Associate Bible Students, will srtk tomwrrr eight at trlvk Paradise Lee Te Be Restored. Bishop Charlebois of A very grateful letter has been re ILI'tKLT VASTS FOel- It is expected that e-rer tw hun sa ceived from CeL M. Edward, ef- SU.S li dred delegate from every pert of Application for probata of the will ef the late David Maeiarea. lumberer, ef thi cur. and x-praident fteer eemmaad'ng the Jith (Royal MAKKlED MAN.

EXJ-C- i aect im eMtiHStai ad time- fie Montreal cocferenc wt'l be In Ottawa tomorrow to attend open eT of the Bask Ottawa, waa filed to imiu. SIM te ataaie wrroiis m4 J.VR1DEAU And SUSSEX triBulus. lma a Urearruar; eaeiiM day la the Surrogate Court of the oeilwa. rieau.YS. 1U.

Ottawae) Battatioa. in of the baspipee and other i.ticle sent hy the Ottawa Sportfcjens Patriotic Association to the battalion ia Bermuda. The letter, addressed to Mr. Wm. Foran.

is as fol County of Carietoa. by the Toronto ing of the thirty-third armoial enaverjicn of the Woman's M-asion-ary Society of the enure. Li IliJi A.VO WirB tESikS yiiAi General Truata Corporatioa, th altars er carMAkara. Apply Bs executors and trustees aamed ia the sw Kl Cm WANTS wilL wh'ch is to be heM in Dornlrrioe. Methodist church The meeerin," will iavt three days, during which time wobk mr THE aa.

Aptij arcar a. i city raiera The late Mr. Maelarea. who died Smart Outing Coats aiXCTJIIXA Checks in Black and White. Golflne lows: We duly received the f-iur sets of bagpipes and the practice chan Jta oa April 7th.

left an aetata inventor many very important e.uetitifi deal asj aesss aj 1 lkarU.TalA wultAA WAT ted at This, however, Ik a ark ay Say. Apuy Bos Ha Ctt tear with maaucanarY work will be irrespective of life insurance payable direct to the widow, mad doea not include the large family at aw aa Be a- sat 1 residence sad grounds and house- ters by the boat week ag and I trust yoa will pardoa the delay in my acknowledgment. The pipes are most satisfactory and on our first route march after receiving them we marched te their music. As officer commanding the 3tth llatalloa sad on behalf of the officers aad men I wish to thank the Sportsmen's Pa hold furniture and effects compris IDHAl'LIC DREDGES rom SALE, fUr aqwpaaxt wit emp.ata seta casiaaa. sau(a aa4 kaUara, 1ima atacllcalir l.e feat lac A ataei dta-marsa VPM itb aeatoaas.

all ia first rises ceadiuae, aajjr eaah rrtcutaala will aa oaalt ama aiao laxsa f.ast af tufa, erase, dipper dredges, dill soars and geaeral eairartlne P'aat far sala. Aa-aip atos Trssuae, OeC. wssrs drada tit ta tnspectedL who has been ill re a local hospital for serral weeks, has entirely recovered, and left en Sunday for Kee-watin. A British mail, for letters only, will leave this city poet office at p.m. today, while a supplementary mail will leave at the same time tomorrow.

Mrs Laberge. 141 St. Andrew street, with the assistance of a number of friends has organized a sale of bric-a-brac in aid of St. Chart Home, which will take place un June 2th. The jigger service at the Chaudiere between J.

R- Booth's and the Chaudiere bridge, is now at an end, so is the Indignation of the passengers who had the misfortune to have to ass this line. The footbridge across the Rideaii from Strathcona Park to Overbrook. swept away by the recent high water, will probably be restored this week. The stream baa almost receded to normal height. ing; the domestie establishment be discussed and sealt with.

The president. Mrs. T. Williams, will preside at ail the sen-ions. Papers win be read by several of the leading workers) and diffuse one wifl follow the presentation of each paper.

On Wedoeeday an ad-ires will be given by Mejtjr (Rev.) G. H. Williams. I) I) of Hamilton. Major William has been prominent to re-erurtiner work in the Hamilton district and It is expected he will have longing aleo to Mr a.

Jfaclaren. The (12. 11 ia made op of real ea-tate in Ontario. 17.459; realty in Quebec. bank and other hi bewitchina; nw hue.

Blanket Cloths, and Velvet Cords the are some ef the msteriala represented la eur latest arrived Smart Style Outln Coats. Some ef the models are developed in chle belted style with large patch pockets. Others are full flare backs, and belted) fronts with pockets, button trimmed. Very smart, and regular prices would (JQ 7" be $12 SO and lli.00. Tuesday 8 37sf Modish Skirts, Moderately Priced Model Skirts for House and Outing.

Wear in Awning Stripes mnd Corduroy. AT rV Black and White Check Skirts $401 in a variety of styles with pockets, belts and buttons. AT (f OH Large variety. White Corduroy triotic Association fur ther 111 consideration in our behalf and ex OO-CART FOB SALE, ft niDaaoaiV It tilasrsatar St. stock.

securities for 1,1. SINGLE BRICK money and cash. S14M. and mia- iiiaaDDi press again our appreciation of all that has been done for us by your association. I wish yon and thjee in ll.sae.

McLaraa lie. I UI cellaaeoua assets. $1,401. aa Intereeting aa well aa a lively vtuxt aautk. pint aaartgasaa.

Ai-pir lis Hans HI (Si, Fall power ia given to the in their diarretton to sell and message. The election of officers and the election of delegates to the boar) terested with you could see the men when they receive the articles RiJOMS. FLAT THE HOST CENTRAL 3 la cur. til 1 Elin. presented by you.

It would 1.11' ft SI art ED HuCsE FOR THE SL'M meeting will take place at Thursday morning's session. convert the whole estate into money, but ao far aa ia eonaietent with their good Judgment, they also heart good and give you sufficient mer. eeatral. rest anoderate. Phona The i-entral committee in charge of sssursnce that your efforts were yneen 2S5S 45 have power to distribute in specie X'O.

47 MrLCOD. 1 PEDROOMS, PICS touching the right spot. Again the arrangementa is composed of the following: Mr (Rev.) Wm Spar gaa sieve, ail iaiprev eman ta Phene thnking you and the S. P. A.

for Mr. J. T. Watchorn. of Watchorn iiea i rieayJ Skirts, made with yokes or belts, neat pockets, button trimmed.

AT QT fn Awning Striped Skirts, the tp I Ol very smartest and newest styles In genuine Palm Beach cloth. Black and White. Orey and White, Rose and White, Blue and White and Green and White. to the heira the securities, shares and investments in which the eatate waa Invested at the time of the tea-tator'a death. After payment of the and Company, woolen mills, Mer their kindness to the 31th, Btllevs me.

slncerelv rour, Sgd.) C. M. 1AlNTlSO. PAPERH ANijlN'Cp. TINT Ins and tfterorating- beet work and beat material guaranteed by reaponalble Mrs.

J- A. Rrouse. Mrs. J. 8.

Eaglesno arid Mrs. E. D. Towsley. The heads of the other commttteee are: Mrs.

IMwaM SejboiO. music; EDWARDS." rickvllle. was cranking his car Saturday afternoon when the engine backfired and the crank hit him a Phone R. 127 sr call 1 Heaey at. debts, funeral and testamentary ex ttt severe blow, fracturing his arm.

IAPKR HANOI NO AND TINTINO peases, succession duties and certain legacies outside the family, the SEA AND AIR RAIDS Mrs. F. A. Jones, billeting: Mrs. E.

T. Slemon. luncheon; Mrs. (Dr.) J. H.

CLEARING SALE, Colored Cloth. Suits Mr. W. J. Kerr of Woodroffe will a.

Sone at lowest price. Tet 8. 2324. tit eatate coca to and for the benefit of HAVE KILLED 550 Putman, decorating-. The district or give an Illustrated lecture on ('nil 1IAPER HANHX-a BT FIRST CLASS the widow, Mrs.

Catharine A. Mac THE balance of our Cloth Suite go on sale Tuesday at a ridiculously low figure. Some of these guite were 125.80 dren's Gardens in the Robinson ganizer is Mrs. W. H.

Henderson. A workmen, day er contract. Phone Q. (51, laren. and the following children, Lieut-Col.

C. H. Maclaren. D.S.O., Primary school on Tuesday evening. The officers of the Montreal branch and IJ5.00.

They Include Black and White Checks, The lecture Is mainly for the chil LONDON. May 2 (4.91 pm In the attacks on the British Isles are: Mrs T. O. William, president Brown and White Checks. Plain Browns.

Greens. Greys and now at the front. J. O. Maclaren dren of Settlement House, but all Mrs.

Lett, hon. vice-president; Mrs. Copens. All this season's models, splendidly tailored and beauti and Kenneth Maclaren, both of from sea and air during the war, others Interested will be welcomed. ItAINTINO AND PA PERH ANOINJ wanted, good material, work guaranteed.

Prlree moderate. I44. tl COTTAdE TO BENT AT hate Falla, Including boat. Ice. good flahlns and bathing.

Pbona Q. 74. 15V, fully lined with silk or satin. Tuesday whom are also in the service of $15.00 W. Shaw, first vice-president; Mrs, W.

H. Henderson, eevoml vice-presi persona have been killed or wounded. The number of deaths la Dr. R. Law.

acting medical officer clear ee their King and country. Mrs. Csro of health. Dr. Chevrier, chairman of line A.

Johnstone and Mrs. Kathar 550. The (Inures were given In the the board of health, and Dr. Nelson, M.O.H. for Westboro.

leave tonight dent; Mrs. Wm. Craig, third vice-president: Mrs. E. M.

Grose, recording; eeoretary; Mrs. J. A. Gordon, uorresponding secretary; Mns. R.

C. HOW TO MAKE MONET. 1 DOOR row, central, brinsa 11.432. will sell xcw-Rideau Sussex Sts. house of commons today by Herbert ine A.

Irwin. Provlaion ia also made for Mrs. J. O. Maclaren and her children, and also for the child of for It.Ttt, mortgage at per cent.

Call for Toronto to attend the convention L. Samuel, the some secretary, as I 4 II" tsuj of provincial medical officers of a deceased son. follows: 1 1A1NTERS AND PAPERHANGEK9 Antiiff, treasurer; Mrs. T. G.

Baynor, snperinteixtant of Christian steward health. wanted, good men only. Celt It Henev A St In the three attacks from sea (1 men, 40 women and 40 children were The manager of the Toronto Trusts Corporation, the execu or tel. R. 1270.

after p. m. 0 5 4 ship Strathcona Park is again begin I rlMHKl.AIa.HB, WEST tors, statea that Lieut. -Col. Mac ning to bloom aa one of the city's 1 1 bor bora killed and fll persons were injured.

In the 44 air raids 223 men, 114 School. Broadway Ave. laren's firm, Messrs, Ewart, Scott, most delightful breathing spaces. Late Mrs. EL EL Lamb.

The death occurred very suddenly women and 7J children were killed Maolaren and Kelley, are the sollcl- of Ottawa, also survlce. The funeral will be held from her late residence on Wednesday afternoon at I.J9 to Beechwood cemetery. MAID FOR KITCHEN AND TO HELP with housework, wanted at once; good wages Mrs. Lane; 102 Clemow Ave. 4-05t1-T and 1,005 persons were Injured.

fora of the estate. The new lights installed throughout the park are deeply appreciated by people who in other years avoided it The number of soldiers and sailors Montreal Stock Exchange. Supplied to the Cltlxen by and Cowans, Hrokera. t'nton Hank lllag. Monday Morning Bales.

Amea Com ia at 32. Ainee Pfd 20 at 7. Bell Telephone 1 at 141. Uraslliane it at 0V 2a at tou. lit at TO MEET NEEDS OF after dark.

who were killed Is only a compare tively small fraction of the total. at her residence, 27 Thornton street, this morning of Mrs. Ernest E. Lamb, Lamb, one of the city's most popular younger residents. She was only II years of age, and her untime COOD PLAIN COOK WANTED.

AP-1 ply It cooper St. 15 Cook' wanted. appltat once. 14 Bank St. 15 The Y.M.C.A.

had men out th's 230TH BATTALION and brought up here. In religion ahs was a Presbyterian, and she was a most devoted worker in connection with Westminster Presbyterian church, being a member of the ladles' aid, the women's missionary society and superintendent of the cradle roll. She Is survived by her husband, an infant son and a small daughter. Her mother, Ave sisters, Mrs. J.

H. Slack, Mrs. George Lang, and the Missea Martha. Carrel and Hazel Baxter, and two brothers. Messrs.

James and Charles Baxter, Hi at iv. it at 6a. at it. morning distributing magasines and writing paper to the troops that APPLI lit C'aa Car 60 at 43. at it at Hu 3 MEN FOR ROOFING.

Pattereon Ave. ly death will be learned of with much tsst Col. Ogilvie to Command. CoL A. T.

Ogilvie, commanding the 15th Artillery Brigade at Victoria, B.C., has been selected to command the big artillery camp at Petawawa thia sumrn) All the principal artillery units will train this year at Petawawa. 15 at It at to at Can Cottona Com -it at 50. passed through the city. Six large Strong Committee Raising regret. The late Mrs.

Lamb, who previous to her marriage seven years BRY.ION-GRAHAy LTD. WANT A Bid boy for hardwara dept. Apply E. P. bales of magazines, 1,000 envelopes t5Vt Regimental Fund.

BORX. LAMB On May 27, ltl. to Mr. and Mrs A. si.

Lamb. 27 Thornton a son. 1 DIfcl. KOY At Lethbndga. ea May II, ltlt, Mrs Dr.

Arthur Hey, daughter of Dr. X. Valsde of Ottawa. 3', DAl'BNEY On Saturday, May 17, 1914, at tiiguland Park, Westboro, Infant sou ef Mr. ana Mrs.

P. Dauuney. I and 1,600 sheets of writing paper were given away. ago. was miss urace Baxter, a daughter of the late Thomas and NESS MAKERS AND 8TITCHER8 HARN wall can cottona rm 14 at tO.

Car Pfd 1 at t. i at 17 H-Can parsings It at 174, Is at 177. Can tien fciec 20 at 114 4. Can a) Com It at 2. Cement Cent 15 at 11 at 44.

Cement Pfd 14 at te. Cedare :5 at li. Detroit Ky 20 at 112. 10 at llltl. 11 Apply Craig, 401 Wellington 05 Vt Mrs- Baxter, of this city, was born An active campaign has been A drama, "The Lit'le School Mis tress, built around the bilingual 8 ROOMED HOUSE.

O. S. FURNISHED or unfurnished, sea stove, and all mod started to secure band instruments and other regimental requisites for ern convenience. school fight, will be presented at St. Anne's hall on Tuesday, June 6th, Apply 52 Leonard Ave.

15 at 11244. the 230 th Voltigeura Canadien Francais. TOO LATE i UK CLASSlt iCA TiO-V 4 coa timelters (0 at 41. Shawlnigsn 40 at 121. Nova Scotia 100 at 12114.

lis at 111. 4it(e4iiitmAif At an enthusiastic meeting in LOST, MAT II, BETWEEN LEONARD Ave. and along Sunnyelde, er up Bank St. or Bank St. car.

polished nugget, ribbon attached. Reward at 51 Leonard. tt by local French Canadian thesplans. The play Is by Mr. Armand Leclair, editor of Le Passe Temps, Montreal.

SO at 121. 21 at 129 Monument National on Sunday Caa Steel 3i at 43. It at 12V. is st ILHNIUHtO 8UMMKH COTTAUB, Paru Point, on the Ostlneau, eiectrio lighted, good ooatlng, bataibg, alee ten nis euurt. John a.

Cox. Jnvue Wueen 290. )s speeches were made by Hon. N. A.

2V it at 24. Hi at 62. Decoration day services were con epIOTTAQEAT WOODROFFE TO LET, V. 40 for the season. Tel.

Q. 125F11. aft Beloourt. who was in the chair. Toronto Ry IS at lulVil It at 102.

I at ducted by the Hull lodge of the Can- 102 102. 26 at 102 tfc. 06 Mr. C. E.

Seguin, Mr. Louis Cote, Uom steel Corp 250 at tttt. 15 at 69. dian Order of Foresters on Sunday ALESMEN ACQUAINTED WITH 150 at ih. 125 at 100 at 6S.

15 at 54a. 125 at 5H. 150 at S4a. 20 at 51. Mr.

E. R. E. Chevrler. Mr.

Wilfrid Gauvreau, Mr. O. Langlois and oth when the graves of departed breth to wholesale and retail drug trade. oiKnLFiiini LUST. M-CKLACB.

BtfWtlt.N DK1VU-way and Ottawa a. Mat. Ksturu to vulaea. 6 liOY TO DELIVER OKOCERUlB' AF-J- ter school and on Saturday. Apply Hank St.

Tel. C. 41. 5 ren of the order. In both the Protes aell genuine Rueelan mineral oil.

Liberal coenmleelon. Side ltns proposition. State experience and territory traveled when an-awerlng. Arnold B. Well and Wade tant and Catholic cemeteries, were 245 at 51.

155 at 6V 25 at 554,. 115 at i. 25 at 5t. 25 at t. 10 at 59 V.

25 at iav 25 at 85 at 51. 2S5 at 5H, 25 at 25 at 5, 35 at li, 85 at in all of which speeches the duty the French-Canadians and Jht part they have already taken visited by the lodge members and decorated with flowers. EXPRESH AND HAH- Bldg Cleveland. Ohio. 04 HOKE, 59H.

50 at iV'l. 50 at 5H- Apply 547 Rideau. Pheue K. in the present war was emphasized. VI nsss.


Foater. tt Irving Ave. TeL Q. ttso. Mr.

H. Henderson, manager of the Laurentlde 2o at M4. 2a at 1H- Lake of the Woods 7 at 121. Mont Power 130 at 24544. 100 at 145.

80 APPLY 51 I WAMtD. 014 Y.M.C.A. military service camp at The following gentlemen were ap-polntfled a committee to carry out the objects of the meeting: Hon. N. crlne l.

Petawawa, was In the city yesterday TO RENT. FURNISHED AND CNFUR-nlshed; also baaement flat. Apply too Cooper. 5 ABY'S CARRIAGE AND CRADLE FOR and he reported that everything was A. Belcourt, K.C., Dr.

Achllle Pin being gotten into shape in the Apply 112 Patterson Ave. 05 C. LEGHORN, LAf IN'lJ HE.N8 AND Buff Cochin bantams; also eggs MAID FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, small family. Call between 5 and I T.M.C.A. tents and buildings.

Sol ard. Louis Cote, A. Pinard, M.L.A., S. Lellevre, C. A.

Seguin, O. Paradis, O. Langlois, A. J. Major, J.

V. Vincent, T. Lemay, W. Gauvreau, E. L.

diers are arriving at the camp every 195 James 8t. S4 GARDENER, AIO MAN FOR QEN-crai work. Apply Lady Gray Hospital. day and everything is hurry and bustle. 03 4 BABY CARRIAGE, BEDROOM FURNI-ture.

earaets. piano, and can stove. 45 voting took place this morning at Hastey Ave. 05 IMMEDIATELY, COMPETENT GENER-al servant: references: 4 In family: Hull on the bylaw authorizing the issuing of debentures to the extent of $146,000 for the carrying on of hatching. a.

H. klmUh, O. W. car atop, y. 22st.

45 MOTOR BOAT HULL, 115; ALSO PE-terbore canoe, complete, 120; also 3.000 ft. rough and dressed lumber, cheap. Apply lai Arlington Ave. 85 aQUARsfPIAKO, PRICE J20, 8QIT-tO able for euinmer cottage. Apply even Ings.

McCiarmld'a Cottage. Loma Park, Britannia Bay. 5 PAS3ENOER" OVERLAND, FIRST class condition, tires practically new. Apply 178 Bank St. (J? 69117; 05 rnENT 81 42.

7 FT. WALL, 10 OZ. duck, used only 2 wseks. Apply 178 Bank Si. Q.

1987. 05 wages 125. TeL Q. 2141. 11 Somerset St.

necessary local improvements and the purchase of a new fire engine. at 245 H. 1 at 245, 12 at 245, 25 at 145, 100 at 2461. 15 at 248. Shawlnigan Rights 61 at 1 It atlU.

851 at 1H, 3tl at 1. Ogilvie at lit. Penmens 25 at 3Vi. ti at 825... Quehec Ry 200 at 28 Peter l.val! Bonds 12500 at 95.

Im War Loan 15000 at lift, $:00 at t.V Dom Steel Bonds 13000 at 85. Montreal Power Bonds 13000 at ti. Standard Mining Exchange. Supplied by J. T.

Rlcharda Stock Brokers, Canada Life 75 Sparks St. Monday a.m. Salea. Bar Hllver 70I4J centa per ounce. Adanac 2500 at 621,, 1000 at 43.

Bailey 2000 at 4001) at Coningaa 30 at 5.00, 60 at 5 05. Crown Reserve 200 at 50, 200 at 41. Oreen Meehan 6000 at e-t. Margravea 5000 at 444. 100 at 4ft.

Peterson Lake 500 at 2t, 1000 at 2S. Right of Way 1000 at 6. Seneca 000 at 52. Hllver Leaf 200 at i. Silver Queen 500 at 1.

Swastika 500 at H. Temlskaming 600 at 64 Vj, 500 St 7, 1010 at 46, too at 65. 1000 at 65. lork Ontario 500 at 2. Apex 1000 at 7H- Home Extension 500 at 15 H.

(00 at 15. llnm. Lake 1200 at 29. The bylaw carried unanimously, not single vote being registered 05 Vi GOOD GENERAL MAID, PLAIN COOK-lne-, fond of children, willing to go to Aylmer; also young nurse girl. 141 Bank St.

05 GIRL WANTED FOR DINING ROOM. Apply Mapla Leaf Cafe, 14 Mos grove St 05 C1IRL FOR LIGHT HOUSEWORK. AP-I nlv 8. H. Smith.

Ottawa West car stop. gainst it. Now that the Hull corporation has 12. APPLT 297 (T IRL'8 TRICYCLE, obtained possession of the Chelsea VJ Besserer St. 03 1 -Wi'S'S I tiir I jr toll road as far as the Mountain road, PRI- .1 FURNISHED ROOMS, PHONE, The lmpcr'u Branches in all Gtics nun nS522iYKS 2.19 vate gas, suit couple near Bank.

residents along the route of the C. Q. 3288. 0iv P. R.

local service of the Hull Elec Compamj. Nepean. vjlCELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON bath flat, auitable for also furnished "tOUNG MAN WANTED TO ASSIST IN A store. WnT. Goldstein and, 67 Chevrier, O.

Durocher, P. Drapeau, X. Champagne, E. Gaulin, E. O.

Racine, A. Beaulieu, W. C. Naubert, A. Gauthier, Louis Cho-quette.

R. Faribault, A. A. Dion, J. A.

Gervais, AI. Larocque, Ed. Pinard, E. R. E.

Chevrier, A. Cote, W. P. Aubin. J.

B. St. Aubin, Blais, Philippe Dubois, E. J. Labelle, An executive committee to take charge of the matter was appointed as follows: Hon.

N. A. Beloourt, president; A. Pinard, M.L.A., C. A.

Seguin, 8. Lellevre, Dr. Achille Pinard, treasurer, A. J. Major, O.

Paradis. Louis Cote, and O. Langlois, secretar. The following subscriptions have already been received: Hon. N.

A. Belcourt $100, Hon. P. E. Blondin $50, Dr.

Ami $50, Hon. L. P. Bro-deur $25. General Flset $25, Ed-mond Proulx, M.P., $25.

Racine, M.L.A., $25, Louis Cote $26, S. Lelievre $26, Dr. P. H. Chabot, M.P.

$25, and E. R. Chevrier $25. BREEDING OF HORSES WILL BE PROFITABLE i trie Railway Company are hoping MJ I I ll 'J aVj I eT Sparks St. 06 the single track will be replaced by 103 Ulou front and back parlors, phone.

JAPANESE OR CHINESE HOUSE BOY; 04 cester. double track and a consequent bet ter service on this line. a eeet one who speaks English, family of 1. No. lOShefford Apts.

51 BELL BOY REQITI RED AT THE ROY-al Ottawa Golf Club: good wages room The board of control has been 4 ROOMED FLAT OR DOUBLE PAR-lors, heat, light and gas connections. Apply 306 Bay. 05 rERY DESIRABLE ROOM IN PIRUT class apt. on Elgin: gentlemen. Box 144 Cltlten.

05 Vi TTtRONT ROOM. NEWLY FURNISHED, called by the mayor for this after end board. Apply at clubhouse, Aylmer noon in an endeavor to have the Horn Mines 100 at 27.25, 25 at 17. Hoillnger 200 at 29 50. Homestake 600 at 41 2500 at 4.

6000 at S1L. or tel. u. l. 5U PAINTER WANTED rORLONG JOB.

15o hour for good man. 441 Llsgar. St. garbage contract signed. The disputed point is what are government esse'es.

ee eetee Jupiter 500 at 35K, 100 at 85ij, 600 at 25, 2000 at to. MAtntvre 1700 at 1.11. 500 at 1.11 (buy buildings, those owned by the gov ers thirty daysl, navu at "i 01 VJ CHINESE CHEF DESIRES POSITION In private family or hotel or cafe, city or country. Apply J. C.

0am, 844 St. Patrick. 06 M- EPTI'M SIZED IRON. BED IN GOOD condition, 115. Room 102 Hope Cham ernment or those occupied by the government The contract has to be signed June 1 to continue the ser thirty days), aauo si vw vi 5n I.

i it. 650 at 1.71. 7400 at 1.80. -a use of phone. Ill Cooper, near Metcalfe.

05, llTANTEb AT ONCE, 1500 FOR 8 months; lan fflve security and will pay good Interest. Box 1 4 1 Citizen. 0 5 MRS. RUST OR MRS. BOWEN.

IF YOU will call at office of Canadian Pat-dlotic Fund, 115 Vlttorla St, Ottawa, good news will await you. 01 u.i.ivrt Extension 2400 at 63, 1600 ies. at 64 3000 at 65. 600 at 40 (buyera thirty d.i. 2000 at 54.

2000 at 58, 5600 at 57. pers. In addition to causing considerable Old Songs Are Best OST, COCKER SPANIEL, BLACK. damage to property and inconven Podcuplne wrown 1 st Teck Hughea 1000 at 22. 3500 at (buyera sixty days), 6000 at 22 Tiome Consolidated S00 at answers to "Go-Go." Call Q.

7177 or War Demand Increasing and ience to summer resortera, the recent return to 123 Nepean. 05 E00 at 83. 600 at S2V, WO at 12. 2500 high water in the Ottawa and Oati Supply Short. at 11, 1000 at 32.

neau rivers has brought swarms of mosquitoes into existence. As one New York Stock Exchange. An appeal to Canadian breeders to FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED family and bachelors' apts. Apply Janitor, 320 Cooper St. 08 Vi Besserer" I rooms, partly furnished; Apply 3tt Besserer St.

05 Vi IjTOR SALE. COTTAGE. BLUE SEA Lake, cheap. Box 141 Citlien. 05V, I OST, 111, 110 AND 11, BETWEEN 93 Elm and Somerset, via Preston St.

or Somerset car. Reward. 13 EIra. THREE GOOD LOTS FOR" SALE north side of Belmont Ave. Quen 441 between 1 a.m.

and 8 p.m. 5H tn the Citizen by McDougall increase the production of horses summer resorter put it, "The weather now is fine, but we have a large crop of mosquitoes, through the and Cowans. Brokers; Union Bank Bldg. has been sent out by the Canadian Aionaay iouu Anaconda 84, Atchison 105. Baltimore National Live Stock Records, of soaking we got recently from the Ottawa river." a t.

b.Mv T-nsii-v Hit Hei DUKBf Can'com 66. Car Fdy 60. Can Paclno 178, which William Smith, M.P., la chairman. It Is emphasized that the de Yesterday was the biggest day OST, BLACK PURSE CONTAINING mand is Increasing end will con Chesapeake uon 13. Erie 88.

Ore 40, Pfd 120, Goodrich 75, Ins Copper 45, Lj4-hleh 82. Locomotive 71, Maxwell 86, sum of money at Cor. Soarks snit Return Blacksmiths, Blacksmith Helpers. Drop Hamner, Trip Hammer and Bulldozer men. Machine Shop hands for both bench and machine work.

Painters, Bench and Floor Moulders, Core Makers, Machine hands for wood working; department, and handy men of all kinds with factory experience. Steady work, full time. Apply, stating; age, experience, and wages expected, Tudhope-Anderson Ortllia, manufacturers of Agricultural Implements and Wagons. O'Connor or In 'Poulln's ttore. Citizen.

Reward. Marine Com 25. Mldvale 5V4 tinue to long after peace Is declared, 4 and if Canada is to take advantage of the situation the time to begin is Old Wood to Burn Old Wine to Drink Old Friends to Trust Old Books to Read Old Songs to Sing. You Will Find All the Best Old Songs in HEART SONGS Now being distributed for One Coupon and the mere cost of making and handling to coupon-presenting readers of The Evening Citizen Old songs recall old friends, and the face of many an old friend will come back to you, with remembrance sweet and sad. Pfd 9z, Mexican vii 106, Nor Pacific 113.

Republic I ana mi. row. GOOD FURNISHED ROOM3 TO LET with or without board. Apply 54 and St Albert St. Phone 1841.

8 TACHT 15 "FOOT HULL. 1 CYLINDER pterce Arrow engine, the first 1176. Box 144 Citizen. 6V Not only has the wastage by Island 21, So Pacific 100, i J-aui i Btudebaker 129, Smeltera Com OS. Steel Com 85.

tnion Paclllo 139. Western this year at the river-side resorts. RockclifTe, Aylmer nad Britannia were besieged with people from early morning until late at night and on the Britannia line particularly the Ottawa Electric Railway had a busy time. Many extra car? were run in the evening to bring the people back to the city. A great many people at the different resorts on that line moved out tu their cottages on Saturday.

PI Ml lull reason or war been enormous, but in Union 16, Westlnghouse 61. all the belligerent countries, not omitting Great Britain, there has APPLY 31 1 DISHWASHERS WANTED. Bridge Hull. Winnipeg Grain. WIXN1PEG.

May 2t. Today's grain fl'AKTED, GIRL'S BICYCLE, CHEAP, been eithor a partial or complete stoppage of breeding, by reason of 06 Tel. C. 1140. quotations were as follows: Wheat May i the scarcity of labor, the disturbed 1127i, July HZ': oats May ea.

juiy a f. sx i conditions or entire devastation. ThC nOU5t WITH THERCJ Continued Good Work. ifoSJj1 as you listen to these heart-touching heart songs sung by some loved one, some member of your own family. Tuesday at Dorval.

MONTREAL, May it. Entrle tfor Tses-, day: I First race, purse $S00, Syear-old and ud. softens disaster and lessens care. MilitaryHorses Wanted selling, foaled In Canada, one mile Kath-! lean 100, Puritan Laaa 111, KeTtTetel Our Great Coupon Offer Makes it Almost a Gift. 115 scorn room 117, pepper Bauce 114.

Prince Phllletorpe 111. Edition, handsomely hound In maroon I Second race, puree 1600, l-yearod and Thirty-five cases sf fruit and several hundred especially assorted magazines were distributed to the soldiers that passed through the city this morning by the soldiers' comforts committee of the Ottawa Women's Canadian Club. Several members of the battalion committee were at both stations where the distributions were made'. At the Broad street station there, was one car with several sick men in It and Ho each of these the ladles sarved ice cream. The ladies waited until the trains up, selling, Canadian owner, 6 furlonge English cloth, trold stamped, art JIO.V.

TCES WED. CLEO RIDGLEY AND WALLACE RE ID In the Stirring Drama 98c $2.50 suenuewoman iu, rampinea in, Aiuy i buena 117. The Usher 117, Gordon 120, Inlay, wonderfully illustrated, opens flat, slays Yours for only xNlat-adoo lit. Montreal 111, Knver Bey 117, The Spirit lis. 1 Third race, puree H00, f-year-old, eell- Ing, 44 furlongs sLucllle p.

107, Com-. moileaa 110. Eaiter Lily 110, Poslttno 114, And One Coupon Taken From Any Issne of This Paper. 'TheLoveMask' Eddie Paraona lot, Wall Street 110, Bon Olle 112. Cadillac ill.

Fourth race, puree $. 4-year-old and op, selling, 1 l-ltt mUee xldy Spirit, nolle lna. Harold 111. sBenuncae 114, River pulled out and waived the soldiers a farewell as they were leaving. All the men were very grateful for the I Kins IK.

Blllie Baker lit. Cuttrhunk lit. Fenrock 108. xNannle McDse 113, Roes n'V-111 111 Inav Mapnii.tla 111. fTounter- CANADIAN GOVERNMENT PURCHASERS WILL BE AT KINGSTON, Monday, May 29th.

OTTAWA, Tuesday May 30th. LACHUTE, Wednesday, May 31st. ARNPRIOR, Thursday, June 1st. COBDEN, Friday, June 2nd. Class Riding Horses.

Age 5 to 9 years, Height 15.1 to 16.1 hands, Weight 1,060 to 1,200 Class Horses. Age 5 to 9 years. Height 15.2 to 15.3 hands. Weight 1,200 to 1,350 lbs. Class Draught Horses.

Age 5 to 9 years. Height 15.2 to 1 hands, Weight 1,350 to 1,450 lbs. Colors any except grey or white. All horses must be sound, of good conformation, free from blemishes and broken to harness or saddle. COL.

SIR ADAM BECK, K.B., Director of Remounts. KINGSTON, Monday, May 29th. -sparc lie. van zennc iiei aino en-' gtole: Master Jim 111. aTarlton P.

111. Fifth race. Durse SflOO. S-year-old- and For the convenience of the public" and because of their facilities, the pub-Ushers have arranged for the distribution of Heart Songs to all Evening Citizen readers with this well known firm (with their six stores) to whom alt coupons must be presented and mail orders, with postage included, sent ALLEN COCHRANE, LIMITED, Ottawa, kindnesses shown them and several asserted that they would never forget their visit to Ottawa if only for the reason that they were treated so splendidly by the ladies of the Ottawa Women's Canadian Club. We guarantee that HEART SONGS is the greatest collection of old songs ever produced and will not only please you, but will plesse every member of your family, or your money will be cheerfully refunded.

tip, selltnx, 1 mile Tito 14, Dlan rh Do 107, Luther 111, Budweleer 111, Captain Small Payments SMALL PAYMENTS, uvfd from wmrr Mla7, but be imiscdM.teljr forested ia vid end -m ring stock maA bond, oa our Ptnriodical PhtBXbI Plan Thia is bene than wailing until you have a a large ium beftrra invrteting. Id la money la a oonaiant temptation to inrejfvd fund an tmragffetitntl to thrift. Writ far Booklet GREENSniELDS CO. Mesibere Montreal Stork Eicbasee Investment Bankers MONTREAL LONDON. ENG.

Nuncio Recalled. HOME, May 28. The. recall by Pope Benedict of Monsignor Tacci- Elliott lot. Fnii Monre law.

Flying reec 1 111. liova Pay 116. Sixth race, purse 1800, t-rear-old and up, selling, Ste furlongs xShrapnel It, AI-' pierce 102, Souvenir 101, Quick 110 xVlley III, Mlramlchl 117, Damletta 101, Baby Cal 105, xReflectlon 108, xjustlce Ooebel 111, Bcaramouch lie. Seventh race, purse $800, 1-year-old and up, aellliig, ttt furlongs xWlsard 100, Bonero'a First 101, Bird man 105. Lelalohe 108, Hearthstone 107, Anavrl 110, Nellie B.

102 Borel 108, xRervlcenea 105, Minds 107i Billy Stuart 110. Apprentice alolerance claimed. Weather clear, track euppy. poreelll, papal nuncio to Belgium, is Greatly Reduced regarded hers as a decided diploma Money back if you are not satisfied, Mail orders filled as explained in the coupon. Coupon appears daily.

Clip Coupon today from page 7. tic triumph for tha allies, aa the prelate Is reputed to be notoriously pro-German..

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