The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1947
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBKR IB, 1947 1HATHKVTLI,K (ARK.)' COURTKR NKWS Angry Uelegates of AFL Spank John L. Lewis and Prepare for Similar Action Against the CIO SAN I-'KAKCISCO. Oct. !6. (O.P.>--An anRry At'!, convention (jot. Ml iortay to lake the CIO »<:d Comnv.miMs to the woodshed lor the same kind of sh.-ilacblne it gave irueulrat John u Lewis, miners' prescient, last nichl, AFL SecretP.ry-Treastirer GeoiJ3'> Mi-nny w tiumieing given Lewis in cornermen acuun on T;:rt-iin> tiry huv's non-Communist Lewis threatened to walk out »f<. f -i'e AI-L Execiitiu? Council it ihe 'Flying Stovepipe' PAGE a-s licro compliance raimreincmi. of ••smcllectually Ut an<l sialclv as- convtiuion wok (he ti;lc of vice pte.sKiem irom him and 1? oiliois. " c-v .'. 'I'ii'. 1 convi'iitioii dirt jnsi ilmt. Lewis .A"''r his riofea:. I/."*is Muck oy lotiMv thai he would make %S':wl his threat. ll WR.S Mcanv '.Uu> in i.U attack on Lewis rjave a preview oi comir.g b.irrage n^HinM the rival CIO and lional lump In the cro." MtYi;:y .laicl. "Tiie president of 'he L'NSW .said recently tha', Phil Murray 'CIO pre.'udentl Is a p: is,,nrjr of the Communists Who '.vrake;! v.n ami Inn ;:im a prisoner'*" Some (ieiiiijatc-.- %«£pr<l ;it \H-a- ! '"«J n i 11. iiv's audacity as he chained i'"e : beat in? UMW president uphold >.h? mincf* 1 , ''!•' his' historic j.olicy against Communism ' Ml(> '•" "with his rif.r.l hand while ironi ! t ''"'5on, president of ihe Carpen- IDJi throiifrp 1!HH lie gave aid un<J ' ;<>rs Union, lo bolt if he doesn't comlcrl i.) slinfciJis; American ha!-:"' 1 ' ''is «'S>' i" Ihe Hollywocd jur- "js statement nut to ru;i election lo Ihe comic:!. is.>'-.inrl I lie ' scene*. AI'I, lenders picket; nan- \ M \V. Tracy, president ot thr Brotherhood of Electrical Workers :inrl former assistant secretary o[ labor, for the vacancy. The sce'.iilnir undercurrent of an- Ker that has V)een Rrov.'hiR slrrna- er since «a:!y In the conven'ion boiled o'ver a.s more than A dozen "n!oTi 'uu-e.s bh'siod n'. each other. 'I'Sie rc'iilt of tli» vote h;ut'enert idi'lice of thr> firjiiltnii mini to Ri'. p e I owls anothi-r on Jin t'tiieUonsl raiding ii-r.ricl ")D and !i> put Evn lying stovepipe" of the type which ha :s^- N< ^\ v \v> V ^ ^>i^Vx\ pe«d of 1500 1 niph, RccorclhiR tlircal by William Hut- n,:;,uc to ;n c (join, said. ir, pres^dcni of the through 1910. lose "lie was .1 c-.; racie.s." Meaiiy fvr.vis. \vhr> \v CIO from 1S35 in iiis ^eat to reply. Mcany orjji-cieci mil was uver- i tiled by Afi, pre.'idu;-. William Green who told Lewis to proceed Lewis snarled i.hM there are still Communists in the CIO. but nevertheless Meany voted to admit these unions, iheir oilirers CiTY COUNCIL (.'otllitltiod frunl Pa^c 1. suid. This later provoked Alderman Jno- C. McHancy to a.sserl "I don't . . „ lo announcements macic by the National Advliory Commlllee on AeronniitlcJ, streaks from lit l«nnchiii B plalfortn In recent tests Ihe missiles Jm« bc«n launched from B-'»« «nd permltlnl to rtrop In the sta of( ihc testing urea on the Virginia Capes. tNBA TelephoLo.) — ' • ' • —Y- — , - ^ __^ ihe city had property at Walter Park and water should be provided to protect it from fjrt. Alderman Jodie Nabors recommended that the Council follow up its request for the extension of mains by action lo get them installed. Fire Chief Hoy Head said additional fire hydrants and mains in "This delegate will go along with such decisions any time and he wont' pick up his ball and bat and go home. " This crack at Lewis' threat to quit the AFL Executive Council was drowned in shouts for a vote' on the question. Only the deles-ales from the Ulvrw and several scattered federal local unions voter! with Lewis in the showdown. AFL Constitution Amended The convention ordered its con- • stitution amended to make Orcon' and Meany the oniy "officers" required to sign affidavits in order that federal local unions tutiv obtain national labor relations board services under " the Taft-Harllrv act. Th c tilles of the 13 vice-presidents would he chanueri to 'exe • cutive board members." "II you take this astounding action, you will be vosins; this speaker off the council of the AFL," Lewis had told the convention in RS Walker Park and the new water main's effect- on insurance rates. At another point in the session, it was brought out that $54.250 worth of insurance is carried on park buildings. Ony storm carried on the new quonsct-type tiie Walker Park area were "needed badly". At present, lie pointed out there is one four-inch main and one hydrant al Ihe park, providing only enough pressure for one hose line He later said the lack of wnicr accounted for the loss of the Negro Exhibit Building al 'he Park Ihre^ years ago. Chief Hoad also cited the fieneral need tor errMer fire protection throughout Blylhcvillc antt pointed out numerous specific areas where inadequate water and hydrant facilities exlsled. His statements made it apparent thai Blytheville was scarcely more than a well-popuUlcd lire-trap. The main Issue, however, lo- cused on the lack of facilities at Walker Park and the discussion always returned to this phase of the water situation. Chief Head and Mr. Allen said that from 1.2CO to 1.50D teel of pipe at five cents a foot would be required to lay a 12-inch main '.o Walker Park. Says Citizens Merit Consideration ' Alderman McHaney said that the water sj'stcm was Installed for the Rocket Launched From Carrier structures ererted this Summer be- ! benefit of tile people and not 'just cause of their steel, fireproof con- ; to ma k c money " struct ion. it was pointer! out. j Mr. Simon stated that iitililies and A 12-inch main has been proposed ] citizens should work together to Ion len said, addina that he hoped it could be in-stalled by ne.xl year. !t was planned the .same lime a new 500 COO gallon water tank was proposed, he said, but the tank wa.s chosen as the first project as it ^vas felt this would benefit the city as a whole 'rather than just one section. "Wailing on licvenuc" The water company is awaiting added revenue needed to install more mains. Mr. Allen said. He so the vyatcr supply to the | ain( , t |i e i aUc ,. s \ wu \ d , lot have '.o - furnish the costs of light aitt water extensions. Mr. Allen said he could see no way to obtain temporary rellel as th installations were "pretty permanent" affairs. Aldermen Mcilancy, Rupert Crafton and Raleigh Sylvester are on the Council's Water and Ulght Com- an hour long speech. "I will not cited a shortage of pipe but admit- he a candidate for re-election to tpcl " lnl " ie P'l )c was available and shortage was the this debased board." He. said the A.FL, leaders were. then said a labor chir-f obstacl Alderman M:Haney declared | mittce. which whom Mr. Allen ask- 1 cd to meet. Hitting lack of co-operation given consumers by the water company. Tom A. Little Sr. said that, a request made by him for some work to be done by the utility in j regard to a main servicing his new i bviildino at 5<h !>i>rt Main net, :1 that I COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY •"WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day forever with perfectly wrought pictures. « CHILDREN'S PICTURES Hove their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . . . by oppo/n* ,, ment only * BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. % ^ Livestock Photography PHONE 461-ASK FOR MRS. OENNING The Courier News Co. For the first time I rocket Is fired "Irom an aircraft carrier during a lesl made on board the USS Midway 'at sea. Rocket can be seen a few feet, above the flight deck Just alter it had been fired. It went only six miles before fallins lino the sea, but the test was regarded us successful. INEA Tclephoto from u S, Navy.) been don*. He asked the Council what recourse a consumer had in such a case and Mayor .Jack.son suggested that he contact the Public Service Commission in Little Hock. "Mr. AJlen has given in* the least consideration of any business man . have dealt with," Mr. Little as- .rted. "I certainly didn't get any .-operation,'.' he said ia regard his, request. Mr. Little also said he had his -I of the . treatment, given water -mpany customers. Mr. Allen in- [ .rrupted to state he had helped j t Mr. Little with his request. Mi'. ..tie, however, replied that. M:-. Den had "helped out" only him- i :lf. • I An ordinance pa;;Bed by tht| )uncil last night accepted as part^ the city an area annexed by unty Court order yesterday, e area consists of approximate- 25 acres bounded un the South Missouri Street, on the North the first gravel road North of sourl, on the East by fYanlclin cet and on (he West by the isco railroad tracks. Gin Property Not Included The niythcvillc Gi:i Co. property "utlcd on the tract was not an'.d ' due to opposition raised '•:,(. bringing it into the city other oppc.Jlicn was raised, emergency clau:e adopted put . ordinance into immediate cf- l. The old cemetery site, purchase which is to be Investigated by : city, will become a. city park •. proposal by the LJons Club is .d out. The club's proposal read to the Council and brand- the cemetery In its present ililion an "eyesore" and a "dis- ~e to Ihe cily." A he aldermen appeared enlhus- tic about the possibility of. de- Doping the sile into a public rk and agreed on the need for ,iher such parks In other sections of the city. The rcsolulton adopted also authorizes the' mayor to appoint a committee to handle conversion Into a park. Mayor Jack-son said It would be named later. It is to be composed o[ citizens not members of the City Council The resolution adopted amending Ihe Mississippi County Fair Association's lease lo ittrmlt com- Clayton Leaves State Department Prcsidant Accepts Resignation With * Deepest Regret WASHINGTON, Oct. IS. (UP) — William L, Clayton resigned Itxtay fl.s inuloismrUi'v of state for economic nflnh.s nntt hl.s ro.slcnntion WAX no crpliM by Prc.sltlont Truman. CInylou nlll lemaln, however, n* an miLinld ndv'lsei lo Secretary of Suit? ocoi'fte C. Miuslmll. Clayton, In his resignation which wns ncToplcd with "doopcM. rp«rrt" by PieMilonL Tninmn, RHVP the health nf his wlf« as itio irrtxon [or leaving the ROVPIunion!. Cljiylon told the President Hint if Mrs. Clayton's health was completely restored, he would he nvful- Rblr luler lor "speolnl Jobs." Clnyton told the Prt'.sUtenl Unit be wiu convinced his \\lle needed lil.s "undivided flUojition" [nr .several months nl, ti> return 10 their home hi Houston, 'IVx., where she could Tile fi7-yt!iu-old millionaire former trot ton broker hits submit tril Iiis reslfiiifttlon prevlouOy. Hi* je- slnnMLon was approved by MimhaLI June 20. but- Clayton agreed to ve- inntn for an arldltlonnl pi-hod \t\ (nultclpntfi in the 16-nut ion conference at Purls for Iho fm inulu- llon of R plan lor Europrun economic recovery, Mr, TnmiHii. In accept inn Cluv- lon'.-s re.slgnu 11cm, said he hrul n:> eholre .but to yield to the undT- secrelnry'js "primary duly" to hi* wile. "In a lime ot world upheaval mu\ general economic, dlslocnllon yours has been a rontrlbutlon ol IIUM!- cuhible value," the Pic.ildenL wrote Clnytoti. pcnsntion of the Association's >o<> rcUry. Robert K. Blnylock, will re suit In his receiving u "bonus" lo br determined by Hie FfUr group The present lease l)" r ^re amendment, prevented nny officer of Ihe Association (roiu ncceu'tlnj; puy- nicnt tor his work. It \\m pointer! out, however, thill In past yenre the secretary hnsr liccn F\ nun hired by the Chamber of commerce wlille this yenr Uic si*cre- relnry's work was done by n iimn who look LlniR off (mm the operation ol his business to handle the FYilr work, The Kalr Association lost nlKlU MthmUtccl n (hiuncinl report of the 1047 Fair to be entered in (In- Council's records. [I wns said this vvnt> the first time such a Vii- port lm<s been Included in I he records. AIilrn 11 it 11 Admits Knor Alderman Raleigh Sylvester nd- mltt-ed that he and the Ccmndl were m error In allowing n bulid- itiR permit to be Rrnntcd to Buck Mcliarg for 11 ie roustru:-tion or a fi'iilt stand nn Eaiit Main, This came nfler George \\. Lcf, who hnn built a nti\v automobile .showroom and pa rage opjrasitc UIR fruiL .stand, reminded (lie Council last nlshL ot his objccllon lo it. The Council took no nctlon on R petition rcr)iic»tUiK Unit (hr \ Council nsk Rlythcvillc Water O'o to extend lines alonR the soul!) ! side of Willow Street west ot lllh when Mr. Allen said he hurl tiis- cu.sscd the request with .some of the petitioners Monday The extension will be made ii-s soon n.s pipe Is available for thai job, ne .snlri. Nature's Finest! The Alasknu "Brownl*" ian been known to, welch M' lo 1500 pounds. J>nr(t- 'ut of . ((' ' U is mainly carnivoroi . . . I flU HtronKlrHt >f till American The Crude Is The Answer To Phillips 66 Fine Motor Oils Nature ouldiil herscK wlii-n slip prniluuiiUhc Krcut Alaskan lirnwn Bear, and filir- was cloint; n mighty line ]oh when sh« mndc tln> crntlp.i lluil RO Into Pliillijia G(i Motor Oilsl Asli nny oil man what Hint menus in tnrms of protectfon for your i'iu;iiu>. Vc.s, n line crudu . . 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