The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1947
Page 5
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OCTOBKR \f>, 1!M7 BT,YTHKVH,I,R (AKK.) COURIER NKWS Russians' Fear, Hate Tactics Hit Commerce Secretary Score* Attempt to Further Communism CHICAGO. OH. 15. i UP)—Secretary nf Commerce W. Averoll Hnrri- man charged yesterday that Russian leaders through their conn oiled press are resorting to R delib- • i»vatft hale-and-fear cami>:u;::i to ^•Qrrthrr (he Communist goal of eu~ milling the world. Urn ml ing ELS nn "absui'diiy*' the nvenl alinrk on the A merit-art prrss by Soviet Vice Foreign Mm- inter Ancii'oi Vishinsky, Hnrriman said "the Soviet press—us an in.sfni- ment of public policy—has M'str»- malwaMy beet) arousing hatreds and , fear for '.he past two years." In an nrtre.ts before the Intaiul , Daily EM-oss Association, Harrunau declared that current Rus.sian policies are jnotivated by Nikolai Lenin's statement that "as soon R.S we are strong enough lo defeat, rap;- tftlism a.* * whole * - e shall immediately lake Ll by the scrviEf of tli'.- neck," "This conviction is b;isic to iheiv ! philosophy," said Hum man, who i served as U. S. Ambassador to Moscow ch.niiK the last t'v.o years of World War II, " i "Their l-adlc is to lake the ir.i- tiative by making nnmnnuB and violent charges, howevr liltlp they can be backed tip with evidence. l:i ] order tn put the lar^rus nf thrii ;,\tack on the dei'cnsive," he s^H. Harriman said the recent Waivu.v ! ^lamfestn, proclahninr* Uie ycvivf t \ \^t tlie Comtnlern, is in accord \v:tli the latest shift in Comrmmir. P ir- , ty strategy—"to pull out the i-^t stop in criticizing us." "The formation of this new Coin- [ rmmist organisation at this mo- ' ment," he said, "is probably tho.i ouigrowth of a ft-ar that their ay- : gressive program for taking- over Europe, will IIR forestalled by plans for European reconstruction bascrt on the Marshall proposals.* 1 Soviet attacks oil the Mi'.-^haH Plan, he .said, are "proof of . . their flagrant riisvef-ard for the needs of the people In Western Europe." What's in a Title? lion with tlif PiTslrtdit which re-1 suited In WalakT's rtismbssnl, Byrne* said: "You and I spent 16 months building n bi))ar!isnn pol- Icy.. .Wallace dostroyccl it 111 a day." 4. Byrnr* n«Vfr qn;irrt'li>d *>r d!ujcr<f<t with (he I'rr.slilrnt an foreign policy. Hut !»• wns bitterly opfosf^ by Adm. Wlllhun I), leu- hv the Prrftlitrnl's olilrf <rf stuff. He hluli that lx>iihy ami lh<- "While llousf gmi(" liuplrril slur- In of a tiyrriefl-Trumali rift and thai Ihli group'i activities wire » factor In |I|H reslKnaUcm. 8. Great Britain never hinted to Byrnes that it would have to nbnn-. don Greece—a rtreislon itint led only six weeks after Byrnes' re.sienation lo I lie "Truman itoctrinc." He nc- cuscs both the United SiiUe.s and Britain o( aclhiK "nervonslv" in that, crisi.s. He deplores any implication thai the United Stnirs will oppnM effort* of CoinnuiiiiMc In 1 PAGB KVB any poimtry'to gain tfovenuneni control. • 6. Soviet-AnierU-un relntious had deteriorated serlin:sly bi-Iorc Franklin D. liooscvelt died. Rooscvrlt lol.l Hjrnes in March, 1045-one nionlli afier Yultn—thnl he hud "tjruvo inlsitivlng.s about the future" ot Soviel -AintTii'ini relations. 7. At S^nlin'.s sUKRestion, Byrnes wrote u loviuul lonei' "I'eqiu'Miusi" I he Soviet Union to enter the u'llr «Biihisi Japan. He defends the Yal- la .secret nnreetnnnis on tne Fur, riiseloslm: niat Mr. Rosevclfs mililim- advisors lilted him lo pay nny |>r(ce (or Kuwliin purliclnntton In the war i<i> Japan. 8. Siahn showi'd no Interest in the atninli- t ib when 1'iv.sldi'iit. Truman told him about it at Po'.s- dnin. ijeahv ihouKhi Iho sloinie. projeel would be a dud inul le- inalned skeiHieal until the Ilrst boinl) was detonated 9. Clviirelilll ... not Roosevelt ~ U lo blame lor the Soviet Union's three votes --. \\\ r ussil. Soviet Ukraine and Sovii'l White Hussla— in the United Nations. HVmliiK loss of a .seal (or India. (Jlnirchlll supported. Ktiiliii'i, rrqtienl, Kr|K>ateilly Ryrnei emphitslarit lh;il tie dixw mil Wllrvr llir Soviet I'lilnn M:III!S ».ir. Kill Snvlct le:ulnj>, he salil. "mnvt learn \vhHt lllllii Irxrned — dial the 1H Ih not Rolnc In penult onf natlim lo veto prac* on exrlh." His I0-P"inl "eourse :>f aolion": 1. Auollxh llir roimrll of {oroliin ininlstc'i's. a. The U. a. should ask the bl« live. IncliitUnit I he USHli, lo ngrec to conveuinK a Tull dress pei\re conference of all countries on Cku'niany "early In 1!MB." :). If Itii.ssm rcfitM'.s, K^ ' ahead with the other bin pnswrc »s »|»n- in rn. 4. E«oh jiponsQrlntf jKnver slumld prepare a druH'ttenly wiHi as nmiiy |M>lnU of nxrcement as jiosibli'. 5. H Ku.s.sia not only re!uses 'o sjxmsor Hie oonterenco but also refuses to atlcnd. (he other niuions shoufd go Hlinu!. B The treaty »«n v ed niion by ihr iMnli'j'eiu-e .should be .signed by tin- Kovf>ntnii*iil or the KOvrrniniMiLs of Hie Western Oi'nnan /ones. T. If Hiiuilii still rt'filNo.s In piu- Hi'ipJi'.e, she should iiRain be fuvlti'd (o slun tlie tn-iuy dniftod by tho other nolioiu under threnU to fa- I prlvf her of nny of the treaty's benefits -- repaiati'JiiR, etc. —• If she doesn't. K. II Itir&slii refuses to sluu Hie liealy. no (]theL' action will bti lui- i'e\sary If Russia withdraws her itops from Kn.stern Gormnny And allow*, that urea to comu under the liealy - uti unlikely possibility. !> if Hussla'.s to withdraw her tiv^ops, the other miilgns should iipjienl lo the united Na- tioue seiuttty couticll U> order her lo net out. ' ID. If Iliissla velne» llir Hirnrl- h Courted SUt^jt, »nrt M mmnr ' trln M will join h«r, Hif Kn\*l»n» Mit *y foffW. liyint'K contended that «uch ft coijI-.M! will not be nectAfcary U tht Russian* will be re*son»bl«. :-: '"I'lu-rn in and always nu' been room In this world for more than one Ideology and more I'nan one way of IKc." he Raid. "There J« room lor ' the Sovlpt way of life and the American wny of lite..-There 1* too tnm-h tnlk of war and too lkttl« »f |H*nrc. • - • Kay Trevil, acclaimed in Krance as "Miss Paris o( Ifll7." will soon become just plain Mrs. Hay Mack of Columbus, Ohio. Her liance met trie 24-year-old Parisian beauty bctnre she held the title, "•hen he u-as Pic. Ra.v Mnck of the Army--and she was enler- liiinine U. S. Troops in llcidcl- bcrfi. Germany. Sbe cabled she would arrive in December. Churchmen Protest Policy Of President «ninst x nl! attempts to subvert It. " The group appointed a nine-man committee to draw up a constitution a nri pi a t f o rm for prose n - tation at the next meeting in St. Louis, is'o date was s»t for the meeting, but Mr. Daw son said ft would be held soon. Among those attending the or- ga 11121 UK .session were Severn I who iia\ r R been outspokenly opposed lo Taylor's mission to the Vatican in the past. They include Methodist Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam of New York, for mei' PIT .side n I of the Federal Council of Churches: Dr. Ifluie D, Nc'.vton of Atlanta, president of the tiou(..crn Baptist Convention: and Dr. Charles C. Morrison of Chicago, editor of the Christian Century. MEMOIRS WASHINGTON.' Oct. 15. <TJPi~- A group of prominent protest ant clergymen and laymen trfay announced formation of n nation-'.; jtle organization to "insure tho S"pa- | ra t ion of clui rch a nd s* ;i (e. " j Dr. J. M. Dawson of Washing- i ton. secretary of the jroup. said it.s purpose was "to resist any encroachment of the American doctrine for separation of church and state, which \vc believe involves rrlipioiiR liberty." Dr. Daw.^on said (hat as a part of it.s ])rogram the new organiza- I 'if on "demands imniodiate discon- I "innance of Myron Taylor a.s the President's personal representative to the Pope/' H c added thnt members of the group feel Taylor's role gives virtual diplomatic .status to the Vatican. Meeting here yp.storriay. some (>0 representatives of the various protest ant. denominations from all parts nf (lie U. S. adopted a resolution calling on: "All Americans who profess nllc- pmnce to Protestantism. Judaism or any other religious faith, and those, who though professing no chnrch allegiance believe in the American form of povornmont. to join in demanding that- legislature and executives anrt courts •hall defend the cnnstilntirm a- (Continued Irom Page 1) "patience an dfinrmp.v' policy to read "firmness and patience"—with emphasis now on firmness. The book contains many disclosures, including: 1.' Stalin told the late Preside-in Roosevelt; at Yriita he never would have sigvieil the iionaggression jn-i mlh Elitler in 1939 if Britain 'and Franco tiaci not snubbed Russia and appeased Hitler at Munir-li. 2. HitU-r decided ro make v-nr on nns-sia a year after the pact was .signed because (Urines believes > Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Mo:- otov "overplayed his hand' 1 and committed a "major diplomatic: blunder" by making additional immediate demands on Germany. Byrne-s believes the Oct. 13, 1310. Hitlcr-Molotov conference was "the turning point of the war." | 3. Byrnes last year threatened to ! quit immediately and turn the U. P. ; delegation at the Paris pence con- icrcp.~e over to someone else unless President Truman gagged Henry A. Wn.lacr. who while commerce sec- : rctary had publicly criticized Byrnes' toreiRii policy. At the time Byrnes officially denied he had had any cnniinnnirntion with the White House. He had. however, and in a subsequent trlolype conversation LOOK! COMPLETE BED OUTFIT BED, COIL SPRING, MATTRESS, AND 2 PILLOWS The most remarkable hod- room value we have pvcr of- ferer! ! A lovely '1 poster bed in walnut finish, roll-cd^e mattress with striped tid<- A Small Down Payment Delivers WADE FIMITIM CO. More for Your Money All the Time You Can Drive It or Fly It This isn't 1he latcjrl thing in motor cary. It's the "cabin" of an "airphibian/ 1 combination automobile and airplane invented! by Robert Fulton, Jr., direct descendant ot his namesake of steamboat fame. 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