Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 3, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1891
Page 4
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John Gray's 'CORNER" On Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Poles, Window Draperies, Fringe, Chains, and Cord and Tassels. All Fresh Goods, not damaged "by Water or Fire, BUTTER is 25 cents a pound; good for the farmer but a bad thing for the consumer. Molasses is cheaper by reason of the McKinley bill. If the people of the United States would follow the selfish principles advocated by some of the farmers they would at once quit using butter and eat molasses on their .bread. "We are all one nation with interests intermingling but the same as a wliole and our good farmer friends should remember this. A FIRM STAND. Secretary Elaine's .Vigorous Reply to Italy's Demand, No Assurance Will Be Given, in Advance of a Trial, That the New Orleans Rioters Will Be Punished. Tariff Picture*. American oil cake Is famous the world over, but who would have thought the Increased demand was as great at this? Our exports of cotton oil cake and cotton seed meal had an average value lor five years (1SS5 to 1889) of 80,877.943. Our exports In 1690 were FINE PERFUMES :-: A T :-: $7 399.S2U. —New York Press. Parvin's p I2th-st Drug Store. :-: Daily Journal Published every day In the week (except Monday) byjw. D. PRATT. Price per Annum, - - - - »0 OO Price per Month, 50 FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL 3. A Credit to Uie Journal, The Sunday edition of the Log-an- sport Daily Journal for this week contains a splendid write-up of that city and its industrial and commercial interests. The orticle was elaborrte, complete, handsomely illustrated and withal a great credit to the Journal and. the city.—Kokorao ' Gazette Tribune. A Stroke of JEiUcrprlwc. The Logansport Journal has issued a special edition containing 1 views of the principal streets and buildings of the city, which, if circulated abroad, will be of untold benefit to Logansport. It is a splended stroke of enterprise and shows the city up to a good advantage.—Monticello Herald. Or Til at It did It. A few days hence the Democratic party will bs trying to persuade the people that the free sugar which the Republicans have given them is of no special benefit after all—Globe Democrat, St. Louis. DIED BY THE KOPE THE Fort Wayne Journal comes out ior Senator David Turpie for' President in 1892. THAT was a neat message the western cowboys .telegraphed to Washington, "One hundred thousand cowboys ask for transportation to Rome." Joseph and David Nicely Hanged at Somerset. Pa^ OFFJCIAT, CO RBKSPONDEXCE. Aprils.—Ba,ron Fava's letter to Secretary Blaine notifying the latter of his recall is given below. It is the official presentation of the case of the Italian government. It stands' as the foundation of all the discussion that must follow. There is meaning' in every phrase employed by Secretary Blaine in his reply. Minister Fava, from the moment his letter of recall was presented to the secretary of state, becomes an out official standing. Therefore Secretary Blaine addresses himself to Marquis Imperial!, "Charge Baron Fava in that the marquis in charge of the legation, and the takes him at his KING HUMBERT. individual vvith- They Pay the Full Penalty for the Murder of Herman Umberger in February, 1889. , IT will.be a matter.of .infinite regret in this country that Signor D'Arco does not like the constitution of the United States. Steps should be taken at once to have it conform to his idea Of propriety. THE world admires the loyalty of tke slap, bang hit, or miss all the time fighter.bxit is apt to have greater respect for the general who does not .act without reflection nor move without a purpose. ENGLAND evidently fears that the United States has serious : Designs on .Canada. Mr. C. A. Parker has declared in a speech at Leeds, in favor of 'imperial federation that if Canada left Great Britain the latter would give up the leadership of Ithe world 1 and America would take • the . lead in a naval position... : ...-• : , : , A WASHINGTON special notes the growth of the Brazilian Trade. It says that the Brazilian mail steamship finance, bound from New York to Brazilian'ports, has taken on fifty thousand dollars 1 worth of American farm produce at Newport News. The shipper's manifest of this part of the' cargo, which Postmaster-general Wanamaker had an opportunity to examine, : discloses that the followed States shipped the following articles: Maryland, 1,770 kegs and 300 eases of lard and 11 kegs of bacon; Kansas; 391 "barrels and 47 kegs of bacon and 950 kegs of lard; Illinois, 105 barrels and 10 kegs of bacon and l,705kogs of lard; -Ohio, 5 00'barrels of flour and 50 kegs of lard, Virginia, 4,000 barrels of flour, and Missouri, ,600 barrels of flour. IT is a notable fact that men out of politics but -who are interested in political questions among Democrats are taking the position that no position is tenable by 'the Democratic party on tariff reform, that the McKinley bill is the essence of tariff reform and that no other position is possible except absolute free trade with direct taxation. This view is eminently a correct one and does credit to the judgment of those who hold it. The revenues of the government must be raised either by the tolls of the tariff or by direct taxes. Those revenues are not in excess of the needs. Tariff reform could mean nothing except a shifting which would place the "burden upon the people while in abandoning protective features less people would be drawn or kept here to bear it. With the protective feature eliminated there would be no doubt that •the tariff would be a tax which the people of the United States would pay. DIED CLAIMING TO BE INNOCENT, SOMERSET, Pa., April 2.—The Nicely brothers were hanged at 1:43 o'clock p. TO. They both died game and protesting their innocence. Death resulted from strangulation. The bodies were cut down about nineteen minutes after the trap was sprung. [On Wednesday evening, February 27, 1889, Herman Umberger, aged 71, a wealthy farmer living on the Johnstown piko, about 2 miles from Jennertovvn, was shot and instantly killed and robbed of about $16,000 by two men. Joseph Nicely, aged 37, and David Nicely, agod 25, both men of families, sons of well-to-do parents, and living about 15 miles from tne tragedy, wero arrested, tried and found guilty of the murder. The evidence was sensational and the testimony very contradictory. The efforts of the counsel for the Nicelys to obtain a commutation of sentence from the pardon board were sadly handicapped, and probably frustrated, by the attempts of tho prisoners to escape. Twice the condemned men broke out of jail; once they were discovered while at work on tho inside, and not long ago they wero found in possession of an assortment of very fine flies. When they escaped the .first time Turnkey McMillan was shot and seriously wounded. The condemned men were captured two'tours after'their escape. In getting away the second time Joo broke his ankle and Dave was also Injured. This time they surrendered to farmers in whose barns they had been hiding for several days; Several alleged confessions of the crime were received from'dif- ferent parts of the country, but they were generally discredited and Gov. Beaver, a few days before the expiration of his term, fixed today as the time for execution. The condition of Joseph Nicely recently attracted great attention, opinions being divided as to whether he was really deranged or feigning Insanity. A few days ago Dr. Orth, after a careful examination, said that Joe was undoubtedly insane. Appeals were made to Gov, Pattison to grant a reprieve, but he declined to interfere.] LITTLE ~RHODY r VOTES. Republicans Hold the Legislature — Jfo Choice for General Officers. PROVIDENCE, R. I., April 2.—Returns up to 1 o'clock p. m. indicate conclusively that there has been no choice by the voters of any of the candidates on the general ticket. Enough towns have been carried by the republicans to give them 55 on joint ballot in the legislature. The total vote for governor is as follows: Davis (dem.), 22,249; Ladd (rep.), 21,895; Larry (pro.), 1,829; Burton (nationalist). 8S4. The new general .assembly will stand as follows: Senate—republicans, 21; democrats, 9, with 6 members yet to be chosen. The house will consist of 34 republicans and 23 democrats. Nineteen members have yet to be chosen. SIR The THOMAS BARING DEAD. Head of tho Great London Banking Houne Expires In Koine. ROME, April 2.—Sir Thomas Charles Baring 1 has just died here. He arrived on February 5 on a pleasure trip and caught the Rome fever. He was ill for some time and partially recovered, tart suffered a relapse from which he did not rally. LONDON, April 2.—It is said here on authority that Sir Thomas Baring's death will not affect business, the capital of. his company being invested for five years. T.ar^e Shoe Factory Burned. . BBOCTOST, Msiss., April 2.—Whiteman & Keith's shoe fa.ctory has been practically destroyed by fire. Loss, 5300,000; mostly insured. M. Coquiilot Dead. LONDON, April 2.—M. Coguillot, vice- governor of Congo, and Stanley's right- and hrnan, is ^ad. d'Affaires," etc. his letter stated would be left affairs of the secretary of state word. The letter itself will be one of the noteworthy state documents of President Harrison's administration. In diplomatic and official circles where its contents have been made known it calls forth the highest praise. It sets the people of the United States right before the world and vindicates the willingness of this country to uphold by proper means its international obligations. BARON FAVA'S I.ETTER. "KOYAL LEGATION OF ITALY. WASHINGTON, March 31, 1891.—J/r. Seer tary of Statt: By my two notes of the 10th and 18th insts. I had the honor to call your excellency's attention to the occurrence of exceptional gravity which took placs at New Orleans the Hth, whereby four subjects of the king of Italy who were confined in the prison of that city were massacred by the crowd under the leadership of two American citizens. ' "After having formally protested against the unjustiflable conduct, of the local authorities, which were evidently recreant to all their duties on that occasion, I reserved to the government of his majesty the right to demand such satisfaction as it might think proper, Since the occurrence in question constituted a patent violation of the stipulations of the treaty in force between our two countries which secures to Italian subjects residing In the United States the same protection that is enjoyed by American citizens and which has always been extended to the latter in Italian territory. "The reparation demanded by the government of the king, as I have had the honor to inform you in our interviews held during the last few day?, was to consist of the following points: " '1. The official assurance by the federal government that the guilty parties should be brought to justice. " '2, The recognition in principle that an indemnity is due to the relatives of the victims. 1 "Your excellency was pleased to declare to me that, as tha federal government did not think it could take this view of the case, it declined to take the aforesaid demands into con- slderatlon. "Under these circumstances the government of bis majesty, considering that the legitimate action of the king's minister at Washington becomes inefficacious, has ordered me to take my leave. "In obedience to the instructions which I have received I have the honor to announce to your excellency that I am going to leave Washington as speedily as possible, leaving the Marquis Imperliill, his majesty's secretary of legation, in charge of the current business of the royal legation. "Be pleased to accept, Mr. Secretary of State, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration. FAVA. "To his excellency James G. Blainc, secretary of state, Washington." SECRETARY BLAINE S REPLY. To the above' letter Secretary Blaine replied as follows: "DEPARTMENT OF STATE, WASHINGTON, D. C., April 1, \891.-TkiMarqnii fmp-riall, C/iarye iTAffaires, etc.—Sit: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of a note of yesterday date from Baron Fava, who has left the Italian legation in your charge. "I beg to express the sincere regret with which the government of the United States receives the intelligence ot Baron Fava's speedy departure from this capital. Though he has more than once intimated this purpose the government of the United States has been unable to see adequate reasons for such a step. The baron's service hero for the last ten years has been distinguished at all times by the most ajroeable relations with the executive department of this government. Tho regret at his leaving Is enhanced wnen, as the president believes, hs has been recalled under a misapprehension ot facts by the government of Italy. "The cause of his sundering his diplomatic relations with this government is thus given in his note: " 'The reparation demanded by the govern meat of tbe king, as I have had the honor to inform you in our interviews held during the last few drvi'S. was to consist of the following- points . " '1. The official assurance by the federal government that the guilty parties should bo brought to justice.' " *2. The recognition in principle that- an indemnity is flue to the relatives of the victims.' "The first demand thus stated by Baron Fava Is slightly changed In phrase from that employed by him in his many verbal requests based on a telegram from the Marquis Eudini •which he left with me. The Marquis Rudini declared that-Italy's rlcht to demand and obtain punishment of tho murddrers and an indemnity for tee victims is unquestionable.' "It is Inferred that Baron Fava's change of phrase meant no change of demand. have endeavored to impress upon him In the several personal interviews with which he has honored me that the government of tbe United States Is utterly unable to give the assurance which the Marquis Rudini has demanded. Even if the national government had the entire jurisdiction over the alleged murders it could not give assurance to any foreign power that they should be punished. ' "The president Is unable to see how any gov ernment could justly (five an assurance of this character in advance of a trial and a verdict of 'guilty.' In tho constitution of the United States it is declared that 'In all criminal prosecutions tbe accused snail enjoy the rightto a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state an<l district wherein tlie crime shall have been committed.' "It needs no argument to prove that a jury could not be Impartial !f it were in'any sense or to any degree bound before the trial of tbe accused by an assurance which the president ol .the United States had ventured to give to a foreign power. In the constitution of the scale of Louisiana, under whose Immediate jurisdiction the crimes were committed, substantially tbe same provision 'Is fjund, so that the governor of that sta^e wouldoc as unable to cive a Dl^drrc in uti- • van error me- result or a tr'Iiii under th"e state law a» the president would be were It practica b)e to try the li-adcrs of the mob under the laws of the United Stat'ss. "In Uanm li'iivn's second point lie demands the recognition, In principle, that an Indemnity Is due to the relatives of the victims. He is u guredly under a grave error wben he declared that the United States government declines to take this demand into consideration, and shall regret if he has communicated such conclusion to your government. The United States, so fai 1 from refusing, has distinctly recognized the principle of indemnity to those Italian subjects who may have been wronged by a violation ot the rights secured to them under the treaty with the United States of Februar isri. "I have repeatedly given to Baron Fava tlic assurance that, under the direction of the president, all the facts and incidents connected with the unhappy tragedy at New Orleans on the Hth of March last should be most thoroughly investigated. I have ' also informed him that in a matter of such gravity the government of the United States would not permit Itself to be unduly hurried; nor will It make answer to any demand until every fact essential to correct judgment shall have been fully ascertained through legal authority. The Impatience of the aggrieved may be natural, but its indulgence does uot always secure the most substantial justice, "Accept, sir, the assurance of my high consideration. JAMES G. BLAINIS." The force with which Secretary Blaine repels the suggestion that either the federal government of the United States or the state government of Louisiana would seek to anticipate the verdict of a jury is so admirable that probably little will be added-to it in the future diplomatic correspondence. As to the second point it will be noticed that Secretary Blaine controverts the insinuation of the Italian government that the United States is not willing to live up to its treaty obligations by recognizing that in principle an indemnity may be due the Italian subjects. At the same time he nowhere pledges the federal government to that indemnity. The two demands on the secretary of state from the American standpoint are so clearly untenable that they hardly require discussion. For the federal government to "guarantee" legal proceedings in the ?'• ts courts of Louisiana would be an invasion of state rights and local self- government which no administration would ever think of attempting. An admission of the direct liability of the federal government for a money indemnity to the families of the victims of the mob is equally inadmissible, but the principle is distinctly recognized. It is important that this be understood, for one of the questions of the future would be as to how the principle should be applied. Secretary Elaine's letter should not be construed as a willingness of the federal government to simply hand over to the Italian government a lurnp sum of money. The families of such of the vietims as were subjects of King Humbert have the same right to seek indemnity in the courts as citizens of the United States have. But it will be a long time before the general government will undertake to guarantee a financial reparation to foreigners which is lacking to its own citizens. Had it not been for the insolent action of the Italian government it is not unlikely that the president would have recommended that congress provide a financial reparation, not as a matter of absolute right, but in the interest of good feeling between the countries. Gov. Nicholls himself having admitted that some of the persons lynched were Italian subjects, Italy had a real grievance to which tlie government of the United States was bound to give respectful consideration. This is just what it was doing when the Italian government, without waiting for the action of the grand jury in Louisiana, formulates two inadmissible demands and makes the failure of the United States to recognize these demands the basis for ,a serious break in diplomatic relatiSns which can be construed in no other way than as an intentional affront. From that time the attitude of the United States is changed. It has no longer anything to defend or apologize for. For the present there is no "next step" on the part of the United States. The administration will simply await the outcome of the state courts and will in the meantime receive any communication the Italian government may have to make. NEW YORK. April 2.—The editor of tbe Eco D'ltalia has received a dispatch from Fava stating that he will sail for home Saturday. The treaty -between this country and Italy has a clause providing that in case of war, merchants on the coast shall have six months, and those in the interior one year, in which to arrange their business before being molested. DI RUD1NI ANSWERS BLAINE. ROME, April 2.—The Marquis di Rudini, the Italian premier, has sent another cable message to the United States on the subject of the New Orleans troubles. This message is addressed to the Marquis Imperial! di Francavill, the secretary of the Italiar^ legation at Wasli- .ington, into whose hands the current business of the Italian legation was placed when Baron Fava presented his letters of recall. Marquis di Rudini instructs the marquis imperial! to hand the message referred to ^ to Mr. Blaine. The message is in reply to Mr. Elaine's letter and in it the Marquis di Eudini says Italy has asked • for nothing but the regular prompt institution, of proceedings against the parties at New Orleans. He adds that it would have been absurd to claim punishment for the offenders without the guarantee afforded by a regular trial. The diplomatic inci; dent the Marquis di Rudini says can only be considered when the federal government has declared in precise terms when the prosecutions will be commenced. In the meantime the Italian government takes cognizance of the general government's declaration acknowledging the fact that compensation is due to the families of the victims by virtue of : the treaty existing between the two countries. An ice gorge formed at La Crosse, Wis., Wednesday, night'and property, along the. river was badly damaged. Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Iff. S. Cfcv't Report, Aug. 17, 1889. ABSOLUTELY PURE President Harrison ttiul i'lirty Will Leave WaxhliiKtnn April JO for the Pacific Coast. WASHINGTON. April i—That the president does not believe the Italian embrolia will take a serious turn is evidenced by the fact that he is making' arrangements for a, trip to the south and west during the . present month. Visits will be made to the principal cities in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, and probably Washington. The party will not stop in any other southern states than those mentioned. New Orleans is not included in the route. The party will number about ten persons. THE MARKETS. Grain. I'ro4sions. Etc. CHICAGO, April 2. FLOUR—Quiet and firm. Spring Wheat patents, H.tlO@J4.90; bakers' S3.30@3.7li. Win ter Wheat Flour, J'4 60 Q> 5.00 for patents and $4.40(34.50 for straights. WHEAT—Ruled higher. Demand fair. Xo. 2 cash, Sl.02ai.03Ji; May, Sl.01M@Jl.04Ji. CORN—Moderately active and firm. No. 2 and No. 2 Yellow, 6Sc; May, 67«®88J4c;.July, (S5J.; OATS—Unsettled. No. 3, 035i@54c; May, 55c; July, 51Ji®52c. Simples steady. No. S, 53®54e; No. 3 White, 54@55c; No. 2, No. 2 White, srxoiSBc. RYE—Scarce, and firm. No. 2 cash, April, 86c, and May, 88c. Samples, S8!/i 37V-C for No. 2, and 83®85c for No. 3. BARLEY — Scarce and firm. Good malting salable at 72@"5c; common to fair'light weight, 70@73c. MESS POBK—Trading unusually active and prices ruled lower. Prices ranged at Sl2.37!4@ 12,50 for cash;•$ia47 1 /5®12.77i4 for. May, and $13.90@13.10 for July. LARD—Market moderately active and prices lower. Quotations ranged at $6.60®6.0&. for cash; W.Ti'/,@Q.S5 for May, and &7.02^@7.15 for July. BTTTTEH—Creamery, 21@27c; Dairy, 18@25c; Packing stock, 9®9c. POULTRY—Live Chickens, 8i4@9c per Ib.; Live Turkeys, 9@l re per Ib.; Live Ducks. 8®lls per Ib.; Live Geese, S3.00@5.00 per doz. OrLS—Wisconsin Prime White,'Sc; Water White, »>»c; Michigan Prime White, 9!,jc: Water White. 10V4c; Indiana Prime Wh^te, 9&c; Water White, lOe; Headlight; 175'test, 8&c; Gasoline, 87 d»g'3, 14c; 74 dee'*, 9c; Naphtba, S3 deg's, 8c. LIQUORS—Distilled Spirits ruled firm at $1.14 per gal. for finished goods. NEW YORK, April 2. WHEAT—Unchanged. May, 11.12 13-16©1.13»i; June, $1.11 3-16®1.11«; July, $1.08 1M6@1.09 3-16; August, S1.04?j@1.05: September, E1.04J5 1.04&C; December, $l.05JJ@1.08. ' : - : CORK—Dull, weak; No. 2, "S!£@80c; steamer mixed, 78We. **•" - OATS—Dull and easy. Western, 57©65c. PROVISIONS—Beef quiet. Extra mess, 87.00 @7.50; family, S9.50@10.50. Fork, .moderate demand, firm; new mess. S13.75@14.00; old mess, $11.7«ai2.35; extra prime, Sll.KXJM2.00. Lard, quiet; firm; steam rendered, $7.02'/i. CLEVELAND, O., April 2. PETROLEUM—Quiet. Standard white, 110 deg. test, 6Jic; 74 deg. gasoline, S-^c; 88.dog. gaso- I line, 12c; 63 deg. naphtha, 64c. More Iniiii:tments Found. v OIILKA.NS, April 2.—The grand jury has found two indictments against Seligman and Barsen for bribery and three against O'Malley for conspiracy. to bribe. SeligTn'an is in Cincinnati, 0., Barsen is here, and O'M'alley'& whereabout^ is a 'mystery, though it is understood he is on Christiana lakeshore, within 100 miles of New Orleans, surrounded by a heavy guard which he has had since the killing of the Italian prisoners. . Three" Mexicans Killed. - WEATHBKFORD, Tex., April 2.— News, has reached here of a wholesale killing- of Mexicans at the town of.Eange. west of this city, on the Texas &'Pacinc railway. A white man and a Mexican engaged in an altercation. The jVIexi- can tried to use a knife, when the white man shot him. Other Mexicans present engaged in the attack and .two more were killed. - . .... , Lawrence Barrett's "Will,.-.-. ; . . . BOSTON, April 2.—The will of-'Lawrence __ Barrett was filed 'Wednesday. Deceased bequeathes to his. wife all of his furniture, pictures, clothes, plate, china, watches and jewelry, wines and household stores, and' all the rest of his. property is left in trust to his three- daughters. •'...- CURES PERMANENTLY- SCIATICA. K. Ogden, Micb., May 17,1890. "My brother—Rev. Samuel Porter, was cured by St. Jacobs Oil of excruciating •ciatic pains in his thigh." J. M. L. POETEE, LUMBAGO. 410 Kearney St., Sail Francisco, CnL April 28, 18X1. My wife and I both, have been afflicted, with, lame-back and sore throat, and have- f mnd permaii i-nt, cure by use of St.. Jacobs Oil. E. J. IMHAUS. IT IS THE BEST. For a Disordered Liver Try BEECHAM'S PILLS, 25cts. a Box. OF AT.r. DK.T7GK3-ISTS. Live Stock. CHICAGO, April 2. CATTLE—Market moderately active. Quotations rangeaatK.SRao.SOfor cboicetofancy shipping Steers; 4.65@5.30 for good to cboice do; $3.75@4.50 for common to fulr do.; $3.35ft.4.00 Ior butchers' Steers; 52.50@3.25 for Stockers; $3.00©4.25 for Texans; $3.25@3.90 for Feeders; K.50@3.50 for Cows; $1.50@3.00 for Bulls, and S3.00@S.OO for Veal Calves. HoGS—Market ratber active. Prices about 5o higher. Sal es ranged at $3.15®4S5 for Pigs; 14.20 ©4.90 for Hglit: W.25@4 55 for rough packing; H45O4.95 for mixed, and K.GO®5.10for heavy packlug and shipping lots. Mortar-Spotted Skin Covered with Scales. Awful Spectacle. Cured in Five Weeks by the Cuticura Remedies. About tha 1st of April last I noticed some red pimples like coming out all over my body, but thought nothing.oiltuntil some time later on, when It — begun to loolc like spots at mortar spotted on, and which came off In layers accompanied with Itching. I would scratci every night until I was raw, then tbe next night the scales, being formed mean-while, were scratched off again. In vain did I consult all the doctors m the county, but without, aid. After giving u,. ail hopes of recovery, I happened to see an advertise ment In tbe newspaper about your Cuticura Semedles, and purchased them from my druggist, and obtained almost Immediate relief. I begun to notice that the scaly eruijtions gradually dropped off and disappeared one by one, until I had been fully cured. I hud tlie 'ilsea.se thirteen months before t began ta«lig the Remedies, and In four or live weeks was entlr-'ly cnred My disease was eczema and psoriasis. 1 know of a great many who have taken the Remedies, and thank me for the knowledge of them, especially mothers who have babes with scaly eruptions 'on their heads and bodies. I cannot exo ess.my thanks to you. My body was co ered wii h scales, and I was an awful spectacle to behold. Now my skin Is as clear us a baby's. GiiO. UOTEY, Merrill, Wls. ' Condensed K. K, lime-Tables, LIAVE- Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago ; *I SL Louis Ry, (CENTRAL Tats.) ARKTVK Bradford Division. Z:R5am* ..... JJaste nExpresn liBpm» ......... F stLine ..... .... l£5pm» . -liiOpmt ..... Accommodation ...... SKJO&mt. B.-46 a mr.Maiion Accommodation. 4:30 p mf Biclunond Division. 3:00 am*.. ..Night Express ....... lO5ani« lldO a mt ..... Accommodation. ...... 5.5iamf l:HOp Sn*.... I )ay Express ........ •l-25ntn < 11:20 pmt ..... Accommodation ...... S30pmt Indianapolis Divlslom. 2:20a m»... .Night E«prese.. ..... IK:55am* ISO p m*.... Day Express ........ 135pm* Chicago Division. U2:40a m»....Nlght Express ------- 3:10 am*- l.-05pm« ....... JTaetLlBe ......... 128 pm' 1:47 pm« ............ Fast Line ............ IrJT p m» lisas, mt _____ -Accommodation ------- 4*)om* . 7 a5 pmf..... Accommodation...... 606 a mf- State Line Division * I :SO p mf.... Mall and Express ----- gflOaml- 7rfoamf. ........ Express ......... TaSprnf 11:15 ami ....... Local.Frelght ...... 11:80 a rnf Twins marked • run dally. TralD e marked t run dally except Stuiday, Vandalln Line. " SOUTH BOTNB. Local Freight .............. *~-.j. ............... 5.00 a m Terre Haut« Express.. .............. . ........ 7:25 am, Mall Train ............... . ............... . ------- tiW p m NOKTH BODHD. Local FnJght........ ............................ 5:00 am Mall Train.. ............ ------ .. ......... ; — Iu.i6a m South Bend Express ............ ... ...... ...... 8A5 p m Through Freight ............................... SSJbm Close connections for Indianapolis, via Coif ax now made by all our passenger trains.— J..C. Kdgworth, agent, Wfcbaah Railroad. EAST BOnSD. ' ; . ' New York Expres, dally ................... 255 a m Ft Wayne(Pas.)Accm.,except Sunday 8:18 a m Kan City <t Toledo Ex.,except Sundar'lUS a m ^ Atlantic Express, daily. ........ . ..... .. .... 406 p m» Accommodation Frt., except Sunday. 926 p m. WEST DOOM). Pacific Express, daily.... ............. .. — 7:52am Accommodation Frt., except Sunday.l2J5 p ro Kan City Ex., except Sunday- ............ 3:46 p m LaIayette(Pas)Accm., except Sunday 6:03 p m St. Louis Ex., dally ................. -....10:32 p m Eel Kivcr Div., logansport, Trent Side Between LiOffannport and Chill. EAST BOOTTD. Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave. .10:00 a m Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave.. 4:40 p m- WEST .BODMB. Accommodation, ex. Sunday.rArrlve- 8:10 am Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive. 4:10 p MI Cutieura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifier and 'greatest of Humor Remedies, Intorna'ly (to cleanse the blood otall Impurities, and thus remove the cause), and Cuticura. the creat Skin Cure and Cutfcura S»ap, an exqul.slte skin Beautliler, externally (to clear the skin and scalp and restore the hair), mre even species of agonizing, Itching, burning, scaly, and pimply diseases o£ tlie skin, scalp; and blood. Sold everywhere. 3 3 rlce, Cuticura, 60c.; Soap. 25c.; Hesolvant, gi. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation, Boston. S3?-Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 64 pages. 60 lllusttat'ons, and 100 testimonials. WANTED W ANTED a few persons In each place to do writing at home. Enclose lOc. lor 400 page book with particulars to J. H. Woodbury, Station D, New "Xork CHy. oct2Idly & BEITS WMTEB5S opportunity. Goo- A. Scot olrt rH ,_ sale^ X. Scott. H*& « pin/JPLES. black-heads, red, rough, chapped, L I ill and oily skin cured by Cuticura Soap. I CANT BREATHE. Chest Pains, Soreness, Weakness HacklngCougli, Asthma,Pleurisy,and •^Inflammation relieved in one Wan ted; salary and expenses. Permanent place. Apply at once. Brown BroK. Co., Nurserymen. Chicago a2d2m W ANTED— An active, reliable man-salary S7O to SSO monthly, with Increase, to represent In his own section » responsible New York House. Inferences. Manufacturer, Lock Box 1585, New York. . TELEGR APHY Si placed in railway service. . Best school -ot Telegraphy on earth. 100 young men wanted now. Send for circulars. . VALENTINE'S SCHOOL, JanesvUJe, WJs. mar27d3m . \\7 A WTC n Two o -,• tlirce £O'od mt>.n VY A M 1 C U to represent our well known house fortown and ity trade; local an* traveling. SlOOi.jid expenses per month to the right man. Anoly quic-(, sta'lng a«e._ _I*. JL. May ininute by : tbe Cuticnra. And- . A: Co.. Murserymen, Flurlsts anASpedstnen, Sc. Pain Flaster. NothinglikeIt for Weak lungs ' Paul.llinn. (Tills house Is responsible.) tolm>

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