The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 15, 1947
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BtVTHEVTLLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHE'AST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLIV—NO. 174 Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Dally Newt Blylhevllli' Hern Id Mississippi Valley Lender BIATHKVILI.K, AUKANSAS, WKDiNKSDAY, OCTOBKR 16, 1947 BINGLB COPIES flVB • CENT* Byrnes Suggests Driving Soviets of Germany By K. H. SHAOKt'OHD United Pn» 8UH C'orrrtponiwit WASHINGTON, Oct. 15. (U. P.)— Former Secretary of State James K. Byrnes urged the United States today to challenge the Soviet Union with threats of separate peace treaties with Germany, Austria and Japan, and to prepare —if necessary— to drive the Red Army out of Germany by forte. Embittered by nearly lv;o years* -------- •f futile negotiating with the Rus- »ians, Byrnes advocatsd "belter and more" atomic bombs as an answer to the^Boviet. refusal to accept the U. 8. atomic energy plan. Re prepared a 10-scep "course of •ctlon" for restoring "ptacc" which would itarl with immediate aboh- l-ion of the "worthless 1 ' Big Four Council of rMrelgn Ministers, which Byrnes created, and would end, If the Riiswiiiis refused to go along, with World War 111. Hi* proposals are made in his memoirs, "speaking frankly," publish- Missourians Soon to Get Gas Firm Seeks Permit For Lines to Serve Three Bootheel Towns •d today by Harper Brothers. Byrneti conclusion—oiif he hopes h wrong—u (h»l the Kussianj may ^frhave to be driven out of <jer- Never before has a secretary ol i state told his story so soon alter retirement. Byrnes quit only last, January on grounds of failing health. Byrnes believe, the only way to keep Kussia from seeking fulfillment of her objectives is to convince here that the United States and the other nations will use force, despite the United Nations veto, to stop her. "I do not doubt that tlhe Russian's) ultimate goal is to dominate, in one way or another, all of Europe." he wrote. Warning against a "do-nothing- except-protcst' 'policy, he proposed: "If the Soviet Union is made to realize now; that If it commits an act of aggression, we will appeal immediately to the Security Council of the United Nations; if we make it clear that a Soviet veto in the Security Council will bring a call upon the other United Nations to act collectively to support and enforce the principles of the charter —if these things are made clear, I do not believe the Soviets will violate the integrity.. .of any country. "For many reasons the Soviets do not want war. They will, 1 believe, 'retire in a very decent manner'. But if the other powers do not.-felfiU.-firm* then, 'as Marx warned us of the Czarist Russians, 'conquest follows conquest and annexation follows annexation." Byrnes said he would reverse his See MEMOIRS on Page 5. | ^Legionnaires Plan Navy Day Celebration Invitations were extended to all Legionnaires in Mississippi County and Southeast Missouri, especially to Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard veterans, to attend the Dud Cason Post's Navy Day celebration here Oct. 28, by members of the post at their weekly meeting last night. Oscar Fendler, chairman of the post's Navy Day Observance Committee, announced at last night's meeting that a special Navy Day program is being planned which will include the awarding of Victory Medals to all Mississippi County Navy. Marine Corps and Coast Guard veterans who ar e eligible to receive them. The program, which will Include ipeakers and a luncheon, is near- completion. A roport was heard from the post's membership drive and it was announced that to date a total of 425 new memberships have been received. To aid in .'llllng the post's quo:* of 831 new membership.* by Nov. 1!. it was announced thai, booths would be operated in '.he business district Saturday lo receive applications for membership. Plans for Ihe sponsoring of * carnival in Blytheville in the near future nnd displaying certificates of merit received by th e DOS' Sroni st«te and national headquarters in downtown Blylhevlile were »iso discussed nt ;,ist night's meeting. CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Oct. 13. — Application hn.'r been filed before the Missouri Public Service Commission by the Missouri Western Gas Company, for permission I to build 77 miles of natural gas transmission lines to bring natural gas to residents of Caruthersville. Hemiscot County, and Dunklin and New Madrid Counties. The cost of the transmission lines has been estimated at $635.100. and another $555,600 wll' be spent for distribution systems ii the three lowns bringing lhc tola cost of the project to $1.297,902 The application was filed bv B T. Walters, head of the company who sometime ago appeared before the city council here, asking a franchise to install natural gas to this city, and met with instantaneous response. The transmission lines would form a hook-up with the "big inch" line in North Dunklii. County. This lin« crosses the nation from the Oklahoma-Tcxas- Louisiana gas fields to the East part of the country. The big line would be tappcc about a mile east and a mile irortl of where Highway 53 crosses the St. Francis River. in Dunklir C aunty. Prom there a pipeline network would be built South and East The application sets out th.-.t line to be built would include 47 mile of six-inch pipe, six mile of'.our inch'pipe, and 24 miles of three inch pipe. ; — -la- addition to- Caruthersvill towns to be served would includ Campbell, clarkton, CJideon. Hnyt Holcomb. Kennett. Porlagevill and others. At the time Cam thersville voted in special electlo to award the franchise to the ga company, Hayti and Kenneth als voted simillarly Mr. Walters sought the franchis from these three cities, as the basl for making application to build in lines, stating that franchises other towns to be served would b acted upon later. None of the town listed has a gas utility now. H is estimated '4.000 customer could be served during the firs two years of operation, with another 1,000 to 1,500 to be added later. Industry in the area listed as potential customers include a proposed electric generating plant, cotton gins, cotton compresses, cottonseed oil mills, and alfalfa dehydrating plants. Inadequate Fire Protection lor City is Alleged Turbulent Session Develops Over Water Facilities Lack of adequate water facilities u- lire protection in Blythcville encrally and at Walker Park spc- ficaHy developed into a turbulent ssue at Ihc monthly meeting of the "Ity Council in City Hull lust night ml ll.ifud into criticism of the Mytheville Water Company for nl- eged lack of co-operation In ex- ending lilies In the face of a rc- ucst for extension made by alder- icn last month. Bernard Allen, malinger of Bly- lieville Water Co., was present at lie Council session and was ilia argel of criticism by aldermen as •ell as a verbal attack launched y Tom A. Little Sr., Dlytlicville lusinessnian, who charged lack of :o-operation given consumers by he utility. ' The issue centered around the need for lire protection for buildings U Walker Park although during tile iiscussion it was brought out that niythevillc is liule more than n sitting duck" target for fires be- :ause of insulficicnt mains and lydrauts. Showing signs ol becoming heat- el, the discussion ended in an igrecmcni that Mr. Allen and the Water and Light Committee of Hie Council would meet to continue alks on the issue. Request for neeting with the committee was made by Mr. Allen. 25 Acres Ar IH'Xcd 111 Clly other action last night. the Steak Prices Up 30 Cents In Single Year (By Uniled I>res The price of rounristea en an average of 30' cent in the year since prlc were removed, a price representative cities all day. Tlie average increase selected cuts of meal sleak. rolled rib toast. lamb and T-bone aleak .1 wns B . bowl 22 cents a pound, the survey , has rjs- a P0llnrt C ° ntrC " S "'"'' '" on four rounrt- log of] Byrnes Memoirs To Provide Fund For Scholarships .^WASHINGTON. Oct. 15 (UP-— WJrmer Secretary of state James F. Byrnes will not receive a penny from his sure-fire best-selllnt! memoirs, "Speikine rrenSiy" published today. All leceipls from sale of ihe book of serial rlghi.s syndicated to newspapers will go lo the James F. 3yrnrs Foundation. H will provide scholarships for orphaned childrsn to ultcr.d college. MyrncA' father died when he was » baby »r.d hts mother was unable to send him to college. showed. ! Th» price check was made in ' seven cilles — Ma* York. PJ:: S - j burgh. Detroit. Cleveland. Atlanta, ' Ga, Minneapolis and Columbus' O. | Price ceilings were finally and I pennansntiv removed from meat I Oct. 15. !346 - a year ago today.! n "V" n | The survey, conditctsd by Unit- i n i4i-' ; «d Press, showed that the price of I * i rolled rib roast advanced 'an av- | erage of 2:) cents in the seven ! cities. The sveracf price of leg n" i lamb iucressed 15'v cent?, and T- bont stcRk rose more than 24 nts a pound. Tnc American Meat Ir.stitute. which represents Ihe nation's meat packers, said, however that comparisons Ixilwcen pre.srrr.t prices and OPA ceiling failed to take into account Ihe price of meat in the black market during OPA. "You can't very well compare no hamburger at all at 27 cents a pound with hamburger which you can walk Inlo a store and buy for W ctnts." a .vnckMinan said. In Council 1) Voted lo accept incorporatior into the city of a tract of about 25 acres on the Northwest cornel of the intersection of Missouri an; Franklin streets which was annexed by County Court order- yesterday 2) Voted to investigate acquisition by the city of the old cemetery on Chickasawba and autluria the mayor to name a committee to handle conversion of tlie site int . public park in accordance \viti a proposal of the Lions Club. 3) Approved awarding of a drainage and sewage ditch cleaning job to Norman and Horn Constructioi Co., which offered to clean ditche 1 on South Ninth and Division street for $1,000. 4) Adopted a resolution amend ing the city's Walker Park lease t. the Mississippi ciation to permit ti to compensate its s. E. Blayloc'K for Mi the 1S47 Northeast Allen**!!! Fair. 5) Entered ill council records a fi iiancial report of the Fair As.socia lion on the 1947 Fair. 6) Admitted it was an error i: granting a building permit to Hue. Meharg for construction of u gro eery and fruit market on Eas.1 Mail Street after opposition had beel indicated. The Council took no action to de tennine whether or not the will lodge protests against utili'.. rate increases proixisi^l by the H!v theviile Water Co. and Soulliwe.s'. ern Bell Telephone Co. here. Closed Session Held A closed meeting ol the Counc was called by Mayor E. R. Jackso Immediately following the open session in the Courtroom. Mayor Jackson was said to be out. of town this morning but an alderman said that the Council merely continued discussion of the water issue without bringing out any phases other than those discussed in tht open meeting. The discussion on the water situation arose when FaiTis Simon appeared before the Council to inquire when lie could expect the extension of mains which the aldermen voted to ask the waler company for last month. He said about 12 $10,000 house were ready to ?o up on Missouri Street in the new Simon Addition in tile Northeast section of the city and thai he must have the co-operation of Ihe water j company or quit, building. | I^.ng Dilay iiiiilti! Tile Council's request was for a six-inch main along Mis.soiiri SI reel from the East side of Franklin to a "doad end" main at Walker Paik. Mr. Alien tolci Mr. Simon and the aldermen that the job would inexpensive and ie<];iiie about 1,000 tcet of pipe. Mr. Alien a!so said lhat the utility had hoped to.get the line laid tl.eie but that Hie installation was lhc "immedinte picture." H be Installed by next year, he See CITV A.Change of Titles Governor Jnmes Strom Thurmond, right, of North Carolina, will wed Miss Jean Crouch, left, whom he crowned Miss South Carolina at a lower show and who was a secretary in his olflce last summer. Miss Jrouch will change her title from Miss South Carolina Ui the first ady of North Carolina.! (NBA Telephoto,) Ail Aboard Disabled Flying Boat Saved From Sea's Angry Waves NEW YORK, Oct. IB. (U.P.I— The lust of 99 persons aboard th old flying boat Bermuda Sky Queen when it made a forced landing 11 mid-Atlantic yesterday were rescued early today by Hie Coast Guard A brief meessage from Hit const Guard Cutlc, Hilib m 6:« a. -eported lhat all were safe and the six-year-old (lying boat probably would be destroyed. It wa* leaking badly. Those rescued today Included 17 men and one spent a perilous night aboard the Sky Queen. "All passengers and crew nicni-* — bcrs aboard." said the terse mes- aee from Capt. Paul Cronk, Wa- ' ban. Mass.. sklpner of the Bibb. I woman who hail "Will advise further to passenger and crew details after careful cheek, will recommend plane be destroyed, pilot (Charles) Martin agrees, " The plane landed In the ocean yesterday when its fuel supply was exhausted by strong headwinds while flying from Foynes. Eire to Baltimore, ,\id., by way of Newfoundland. Tlie 02 passengers a- bonrd were n record number for a transatlantic flight. ' C:iut. Martin, 33, Miami, Fla., set the plane down In tlie water, churned by M-fuot wuves, in what the Coast Guard describee! as an "incomriaraule." landing. None of the passengers or- crew members were Injured In tho'land-- \}\ OIJL, cicw mu ' Loans to Needy Nations Studied Export-Import Bank May Finance -Aid in Stop-Gap Program BY RE;. CHANCY (llnlled Tress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Oct. 15. (UP)Administration officials are study Int a proposal under which the Fx porl-Import Bank would finance large jirl of the emergency Rid pro gram tor Europe without a speed s-ssion of Congress, it was l.earnc rescue aif Association Adopts $12,250 Budget lor 1948 Officers Re-elected; Directors Authorize Pork Improvements A $12 2M) tniclnrt Im.s been lulojitod T lhc 11140 Nnrthnnsl. Arkruvsns Wrlct Fair hv Mir Mississippi otinlv FMr A^'Oi'lnllon. it vvn.s nn- omicril lodnv by 1,. Ji. Anlry of iMxtelln, piTKUIcnl, Tlie new hutlpo! vnu- mingled ui n inettnR of the Vuii- Hrmrd whc.i Inns for paving Wnlkw Pink drives tul add In p horse viirln,; to the \\Y proprmn ivcrp nindo. Mr. Autry -suld thai Ihc A.s.snrln* on will try lo not horse nuilri^ in- Hided o[\ Ihe fair program next nr nud nlso will nt!d n biiby slio'.v, (top show, nml n pel show. Thp new budget Itu'tudod funds >r premiums rmd pnlortnlrmu'iit t wns incv<;nsod iipiirnxlinnlcly M,- WJO over tht.s yonr'.s budget. Mr, A-i- ry suid. Con[-rric fur Drlvcwiiys "['he Fair llcmril voted to imvn vlth concrete nil drives In Wulkcv nrk. This will bu done next vein 1 ; soon ns weather pennUs Mr. Autry said. Tho pnvltiR \vhl cast, un estJnmtccl $7.000, lie .suid. All present olficers \vrie rr-Hculrd nl UK: Bonnt mc^llnj,', which wns t to liumch nrgnniaiiUoM or next vcnr's Fair. The officers nrc Mr. Aulry, pros- Iclcnt; Hobcrl K. Dlnyloek. .si'cri-tnry; nnd Pnnl Pryor, I m\ General eleimlnp ami ronovnllnn work win nLso he demo fit Walker Park prior lo the 194(1 Fair, ixc- cordliiK to present pluns. To rrppjiri* New I'mnliim Lbils Mr. Aulry nnnonnccd thai steps will bo tnkcn In the nenv future to prepare next year's tnli cnl- (ilop nnd premium lists. Mr, niiiylock announced today dial "kiddie rltlo," hns heen hi.stnllrcl nt Wnlkor i»nrk nnd will be In op- enitLon each Sunday afternoon lonx ns the wenther vcninin, 1 , \\rnin. If possible, tho nssoclnUon pliins to I usl nil additional mmiscmont rltJes for children, ho said. The ride now in operation consists of smalt airplanes nnd curs revolving on n circular track, Thl* equipment mitt MitToumlliw area will be nvnllublo to persons wishing lo .rent it. for children's parlies, Mr. iilny louk .-mid. The As.KocInil.on Is only trUt'restrd in obtaining stiff Iclcml receipts from UM E. Georgia Coast Battered by Wind, Drenched in Rain SAVANNAH, Ga., Ocl, 15. (U.P.)— An erratic, twist- MIR Atlimtic hurricane struck with little warning today UKiiiiiKl Iho Gooi'ifin Coast, unroofing houses and knocking mil store windows as winds up to 100 miles an hour and wins swirlod inland. N jjh tides battered several hundred miles of coastline. Trees were uproolwl l>y Uie'.driving wind and rain. Power liiik'd lion: and in oilier towns for a short time and com- nHimcalion.s in .some ureas were knocked down. + At, Hcnufort, s. O., the storm sent hhjh tides ripping over the 5<MiWiil| nnd flooded low streets. Plune flights In the atorni area were cancelled am! trains were de- liiycd. Tho Seaboard Eallroad'* streamliner silver Meteor arrived hero an hour ]»[« f rom NOW York hocmise debris and trees had to lie removed from the tracks North of the cltj. . Thousands of persons rode out tho storm In shelters. Including 200 residents of coastal flshllg villages who withered In Hie courthouse nt Dnrlcn, Oa. Aloiii; till: coastal strip between Snviiimnli nnd Brunswick, where tho innln storm roared Inland, China to Support U.S. UN Proposal Limit on Powers of New Agency Favored By Wellington Koo l.AKi: SUCCKSS. N. Y., Oct. 15. (Ul'i Chlnu threw her .support to Iht! UnltiMl Kl.ilcu' plnn for u yeur- iii-mind "I.ltile UN Assembly" today, Insisted on (i loophole which rely limn [| s scope and K, WcV- l)ul would Mive puwrr.s, "'''m'sp Ambassador llnidiw Koo t ald the ", my" wntch wwiid consist of ni( 57 United Nations mid meet In almost continuous session, should not lie allowed In miy way In "ci.n»nill the. Cienernl Assembly itself to any course of acllim." Kno added thin ciilnu would support (lie body nil Iho guarantee thai it abandon discussion or n problem any time the snme question Is raised in the UN Security Council. In tiles Assembly's soclnl committee. tlolinte on a minor mutter de- laved a Wast ut press controls In thn Soviet bloc prepared l )v Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt In reply to Russia's charges of U. a. warmongering. 'iho former first Indy was ready to challenge Uimla and UH fcuslern satellites to rcinnvo bars t» the free How of Information In- slfiid of seeking government control of the press livnllwr parl.i of I lie wnrld. It was probable Unit Mrs. llooscvi-lt'.s speech would be dclnyrd until Inler today or tomorrow. Till! p«tmehti u «*D u t>r Import oftldils Undei It Hi bar would issue bonds to obtain Hie cas for making loans to Prance, Ita and other needy non-Communl nations of Europe. The cxporl-imjfert bonds wou be covered, according to this pla by a.ssets now in the possession i the alien property custodian, ar possibly by liquid assets which ai owned by foreign nationals in til country. President Truman has estimated Europe's needs for emergency- aid- that is, nkl until the full-scale Marshall plan can be put Into effect —at a minimum of 585,000.000. Acting Secretary of State Robert A. Lovctt said the figures might run as • high as $800,000,000. | Democratic sources close to Prcs- | idcnt Truman confirmed that the j administration was exploring every Guard ' possible source of funds in an effort t avoid K special session of Congress. These sources said they no longer consider a special scr.=lo>i Jorcwl i"iif>il to oiit'rntiotLs. No details of today's rescue were given, but It was presumed all were transferred in an onr-mnnncd lifeboat and rafts uiulcr the command of Ensign J. H. McDonald. Rumford, R. I. McDonald was scheduled lo le;id the rescue expedition last night when ojieraUons wcre suspended because of darkness. As soon as the plane ha.s been destroyed as a menailce to navigation, the Bibb will proceed to the outskirts of :he 100-mile urea In which it eJrculalL'.s as a v'e=uher ship. There It. will rendezvous with the Cutter Dunne, which will relieve it. Then the Bibb will take the GO persons it saved in vhe unprecedented rescue to Arcentla Nfld. Admiral Ed II. Smith, commander of the Eastern Const _ District, ordered the plane destroyed after, consujting with its owners. American International Airways, in New York, the Guard reported. : !t wa * sa| d that Sen. Arthu- Van- Trie Mnal phas c of the rercue [ dcnbcrg. R. Mich., the chlel OOP was carried out in a M-tnilc wind ' spokesman on foreign affairs in Waves six lo 12-fcet high still ! Congress, had been nimble to xi»urc pounded the sky queen which had 1 Mr Truman that at a special scs- becn in danger of sinking nil night, i slon Congress would limit l>,si:lf to The four-cngined (lying Ixiat ' consideration of the cmorBcncy aid was forced down 840 miles e?.n of I Program. Newfoundland but had drifted 60 | T " c atiministration does not want miles since yesterday when Ihe ! I" get involved in a discussion of Bibb first got B line on It i llle long-range Marshall plan for The 13 passengers spent (he j E "'°i>™" recovery when and If night The -Sxy Ojuccn's hull leaking, i her Tr.'l wing was damaged, and her sponsors 'stub wings at the | waterlinc) wcre sprung by the j waves. At <iny moment the rescuers loured slie might sink, forcing those still aboard to Jump Into the sea. Coast il'kcly. 't was said that Sen. Arthu 1 it snapped in their "life-Jackets i spcci "' scs.;ion Is held because the Sky Queen's hull leaking Mn 'shal! plan program has noi been i I lorniulatcd. Vandenlierg to'.J Mr Truman, it WB.S understoj.l. thill he was powerless lo limit congressional consideration to ihe emcr- genry or slop-gap program. CIO Workers Get Rains DETROIT, Oct. 15. (UP)-OenerF-l Motors Corporation today announced a five-cent h6urly wage increase for 15X00 members of the CIO United Auto Workers and the CIO United Electrical Workers, covering certain classilicationi of skillsd maln- men. Hunt Misting Army Plane DENVER. Oct. i:>. <UP)—Search planes from Lowry Fiel't wcre rc?.<iy to take off early today to search the treacherous mountain country Southwest of here for a missing CM7 Army plane with seven men aboai;'. The plane had not been hcaid from lince S pm. (MST) yesterday. A line anchored licr li> llir Bihb. hut communication with the rescue vessel WM maintained only by lilinkrr. Sixteen men. 15 women. 13 children including two babies vicre taken from the .Sky Queen before res- c;ir operations weit suspended last COIi.NCll. on I' JC c 1. I ni K''t. One woman was left aboard i the Sky Queen because she was I . , j too hysterical lo be transferred. l—IVCSiOCK I The heroic icscuc. unprecedented I In the history of flying, was car- ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STCKJK- ! rir<l ollt hv Coast Guardsmen who shutlled Iw across tile treacherous stretch of water that separated the ship from the plane. ] One of the boats capsized when U reached the side of the Bibb, the rescued and rescuers into the sea. Both hosts, a 20-man life raft anil a self-balling power j boat, were damaged fo badly they' had to be abandoned. . Y.IRDS. Oct. 15. (UP) lUSDAi — Livestock: Hogs 7,500. salable o.SOO: active, steady [o 25c higher Sows mostly at full advance. Good nnd choice 180 to 300 Ibs. bamrxs and p;ilts 29,50 to mostly 23.7S. Top 2!).7a. : dumping Cleanup deals 29.50. 103 to 170 Ibs. 23.25-19; 130 to 150 Ib?. 25.7528; 100 lo 120 Ib. pig.', 22.75-25; good 270 to 450 Ib. sows 27.75-:9. Heavier weights 26.25-27.50, stags mostly 18-21. Cattle 7.000. salable 5.500; calves 2.000, all salable. Good steers Heifer. Ie.;s active. A lew loads good an '.op good steers 29 to dium to good licifcrs an,-! mixed ; Icrdny for the second consecutive yearlings 162o; co'.vs fairly active day. according to Robert E n:ay-. and fully steady. Canners and , lock. olMclal weather observe-, cutters 10/25-ia, common and me- | Lowest Kmpc.-aturo rcr-.-der! riiuni beef cows largely ia-IS.SO; j here durin<j last night was M do wlth little done on better oow». | greca. 2,000 on Train Trapped In Smoke-Filled Tunnel NEW YORK, Ocl. 15. (UP)—Approximately 2,000 passengers wcre trapped for more than an hour In K smokc-nilcd subway train which stalled In a tunnel beneath the East River today. Communily singing, led by a man who played a harmonica, nuicled the fearful passengers for a time but finally their restlessness gave way to action when a woman screamed. Although the smoke that filled the tube was from a minor fire, some of lhc passengers were near panic. Snouts of "Let us out of here." and "Lei's get out." (lllcd the train. trtytourtunes Reach New Peak Revenue for Single Month Soars to Total of $5,186.58 A new record for n single month's revenues obtained by Hie city Unout;li police fines was on the ixioks today after n budget report for September showed lhat fines assessed In Municipal Court last month totalled S5,lBt>.58. Tills is the largest revenue gnincd by the cily from Ihis source of municipal Income. Mayor 1C. R. Jackson said at a Clly Council meeting last ntgiil, when the September budget report wns handed aldermen. The city's lotal receipts lor September wcr e (8,014.07 while tolnl expenditures amounted lo J9,!)39j85. The report also showed these oilier receipts for Insl month: iiirport rents (Including pasture rcnlnll, $1.4I3.B6: privilege license fees. $944; sanllalton receipts. $M!),25: state lax refunds $47:i.B8; building pcr- mil fees, $180.75; and auto and vehicle license sales. $21.f>0. Expenditures for September, by departments, follow; general anil administrative, $2.427.55; police, $2,224.76; street, $2,191.97; sanitary. $1.906.05; fire, $877.0^; and airport, J200. Cupltnl Improvements totalled $1545.92, Including $830 for purchase of new lire hose nnd $545 for street gravel. No bonds were retired during Scplcmbcr. Total funds on Imnd ns of Sept. 30 were $41,538.31, lhc report showed. U also showed lhat tlic general fund contained SI0.67G.92 and Ihe street fund, $28,405.66. Total accounts payable ns of Sept. 30 amounted to $2,440.46. Plre Chief Head lold tlie Council lust night that firemen received II calls during September nnd ilial the month's fire loss was $5.355. The fire bill wns $308. lie said. lingiuiullni; I! fight In .( sor-lil committee revolves around nioposal by Yugoslavia to clump mmnUil controls tin the world's as u stop toc/urd barclmr "dls- iwinlnatlun . . . of. .slanderous 're- jioits Inn mini to International re- lallom. The Yiigosluv proposal was closely tied to Soviet Deputy r-'orelan Minister AndrH Vishlnsky's more Kcnsiitionnl proiiosiil for u UN drive lo hnvc nil nations prohibit "wiir- immBerlni!" by thflr nations and their dlliam under pain of '•criminal punishment." shrimp fishermen tied down their boaUs, loaded on. ballast, and rode out the blow, Slorm Rolls Inland As the slorui rolled lulnnd It lost fore/, .ijildly ana tire Weather Bureau lowered all storm and Ivur- rlciino warnings as of 11 a.m. at Hint time the winds hud moved 50 miles Into South Georgia mid Its force was reduced to gal e velocity. The shifty stonn, which had Inshcd south Florida Sunday and then whirled over large areas of the Atlantic, suddenly reversed Its direction late yesterday, moving South and then West finally hitting the Cleortjln coast between Savannah and Brunswick. The storm struck with only «- noul vfle hours warning. Resident* didn't have time to board up home* OIK! buildings and the lashing winds crashed windows. fuller Cam Sound Warning; Polite cars walling sirens sped to low-lying beaches here and at llrunswlck to warn residents to flee. !)use.s rushed lo Savannah BBeitch, IB miles from here, and evaluated several loans of residents but wero forced to dlncon- thiuii the ii the trips when the road wu blocked 1 by water. Numerous roofs were torn off residents at.. Savannah Bench — ,. mi Incorporated resort town v.'btcli slrelclie.s two miles nlor« V ll)e coast. The Tybec Hotel on.,, the bench became an emergency hotel where sonic 100 persons sought shelter In the stucco building. No Injuries were reported either here or at the bench area. . Eighty miles to htc south of here. strong, winds ami waves buffet-led the swanky year-nroimd resort at .Sea Island, famed , for it-l Cloister In the political and security com- ! Itotcl where Gov..Thomas E. Dewe'y mil Ice, where Mrs. Ronsevdt niul ° r New York and many other nota- will curry the ball n|<nlnst ^ cs s l>end vacntlons. Til,, Weather Burerul said very high tides would cover most of the Georgia and South Carolina Coast, and dangerous gales would extend'K intivc, Die .Soviet spokesman alien.|y Ims ui'd the wmiticniK- erlni; Unlit to the relatively unre- lnted issue now before the commit- tee—Scrrcinry of state George C. Marshall's proposal Jor n ycnr- aroimd ••Little UN Assembly." McLaughlin's Brother Next OM Spa Docket Inland 100 miles before the storm plnys out. The great Marine base at Parrla Island, n few miles from Savannah, caught gusts up lo 00 miles an hour. Farther North fringes of the storm sent gale winds and big waves against Charleston, where power railed for a time. Hurricane winds spread out 7S miles from the center' and dangerous gnle winds reached 150 mllei out. HOT SPRINGS. Ark. Oct IS IUI"> _ The third In a scries of trials or members^ of tl, r former Ho! Springs admlnislration of Mcl.aitgnlin was set to got und-r- »".v in Hoi Springs today. Tills time Hie spotlight of the prosecution wns to V on Ucorfi! McLaiighlin. brother of the former mayor. He | s charged with misuse of public funds. i The actual presentation of cvt- | dom-c was not expected until the iiftrrmmii. with Ihc morning devoted to selection of a Jury 'Hie trial or ex-mayor M.iLniifrh- lln's brother was reached sooner than expected, as a result of a surprise plea or guilty entered ycstei- day by former conMable Ed Spear. Spear was given n three year suspended sentence on charges of armed robbery. Mercury Drops to 53 ci [ After Hitting High of 90 s fully steady. Medium kinds | iclivc. A few loads good and The mercury .soared to a Summer- M-50. Me-| time high of 90 degrees here yes- Nov. Mar. Trices f. o. b. Chicago) open high low clo^e 319 322 31 ,-1 2 310-12 319 322 3H-34 319-1 2 N. Y. Cotton New York Stocks 2 ;i. ni. Slocks A T A: T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors lilt Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker 155 1--I 74 Campaign Broadened To Stop Waste of Food WAjSHINOTON, Ocl 15. (UP) — Americans [need the prospect of a sharp cut in beer supplies today as president Truman's Food Commll- lee broadened its grain conservation drive lo Include the flour nnd breakfast food industries. Committee Chairman Charles l.uckmmi said the brewers had 30 I-«: been asked to make a "substantial" 65 !-:>; nil In beer production in line with 181 1-2.the administration's program for :il l-3| .saving an extra 100.000,000 bushels r.o l-1|of grain for Europe. 91 3-1; H c s.ild the committee's next tur- 101-4ICC! will be Ihe nation's big food 20 1-1; processing Industries. There also !< '-.ias a possibility that bakers will br ir> l-l .iski-d to trim down tlic sly,e <f 22 a « bii-ad loaves to prevent waste In nailer homes. Jurors Hear Testimony in Murder Trial OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 15. —The case of George Hughcsi Negr», charged with the murder of another member of his race, la expected to go to « Jury In thfr Osceola District of Mississippi County Circuit Court here this afternoon. Arguments of attorneys opened this morning after final testimony. Closing argument for the state by Prosecuting Attorney James C. Hale of Marlon opened the afternoon session. The afternoon session yesterday and most v of this morning t were spent in hearing evidence. Hughes Is accused of the rifle slaying: of Dave Robinson. Negro, on the E. B. Chiles plantation Tt Pecan Point July 19, when both fought over a gambling debt. Hughes is alleged with later waylaying and killing Robinson. Early in yesterday's session, th» court reversed a Justice of the Peace court decision and found T. J. Te.irson not guilty of a charge of gaming. Mar. May July Ocl. I Dec. open 3198 3201 3150 3180 3170 high 3229 3244 3185 318R 3206 low 3195 3200 3149 3161 3169 j CAB Member Resigns WASHINGTON. Oct. 15. tUl>'-,»i» .1 Clarence M, Young has resigned ai! rfGQfnGT a member of the Civil Acronauu. s I Board, the White House annoiinnil ARKANSAS—Continued fnlr with today. Young disclosed no reason for liitle change in temperature to- cluse 3217 3227 :U6f> 3170 3191 i resigning. i night and Thursday. Traffic Law Violator » Fined on Two Charges Hcrmon Hughes pleaded guilty to two traffic law violations and was fined $35 and coses In Municipal Court this morning. He was assessed the $35 fine on a charge of driving while under the Influence of Intoxicating liquor. A fine of $10 and eojts-for . operating « vehicle without » drlv- j ers license was suspended pendinj ' good behavior.

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