The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 4, 1912 · 18
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 18

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1912
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18 THE CITIZEN, OTTAWA. CANADA. Saturday, May 4, 1912. 8IFT0N STABLE WAS SECOND In Class For Ladies Hunters at Toronto Horse Show. Toronto, May 3 A. miscellaneous program of events was provided at the Toronto Horse Show today, and large crowds attended, about four thousand people being present in the evcmn The judging of the ladies' harness horses struck the .popular fancy. Mi Yeager carried off first prize driving Jwtr father's Kye Opener, Mrs. Adam Heck, with Lady Norfolk, feeing second, JUid Miss C'lanccy, with .Lock KaiU frincesH. third. Twenty-three hunters participated in the pen Jump contest, and provided inuch keen sport, W.thout any mtsnaps. The most attractive feature of the af ternoon show was the juiiKin twenty-two ladies' hunters. The honors eventually rested with Hon. Adam Keck, whose stabler were awarded nrst and third colors, and Hon. Clifford (Sifton, who captured the second. Little ails Temple, 11 year old daughter of Ir. Charles Temple, rode tile Beck torses to victory. . As a result of Miss Temple's successes this week, she will In the forthcoming Montreal show for Mr. Jos..Kilgour. . . AFTERNOON. Jumper, over eight Jump 1; Billy, Captain W. T. Rudder., Montreal; 2, Hercules. Hon. Clifford Sifton. Ottawa; 3. The-Wasp. Hon. CiliTard Sifton.' Amateur heavywe .ht hunters 1, T-b Strand. linr.iscJare Farms, Oak-viiie; t, Dorchester. Lieut Clifford Sifton. Uoronto; S, Misty Morn, W. D. F. Ja.rvls, Toronto. ' ' Fair of harness horse not over In 2 .1. Mreworks and Flourish. Hon. Itoibert BeSti, Bowmauvllle; 2, Sir Hector and Dreadnought. T. A. Crow. Toronto; 3. Eio Cpear and Wonder, A. Yeagar, ijiincoe. Ktrinas of two nolo ponies Frand s-iwl No Name, K. It. Marshall, Toronto 2. Minnie and Dariua. A. O. Bcardmore, Tiromo; i, Kabbuts and KiUore, k S. Hammond. Toronto. Pacers, over 35.21. S.isie Ore, Miw K. L. Wilks, Gait: 2. Doctor C. F. Bar trem, Toronto; 3, Tressa Bars, J. A. KeUy, ListoweL Single high steppers 1, Fireworks Hon. Robert Beith; 2. Louise. Capt. Koddtn; i, l:ye Opener. A. leaser. Ladles' hunters 1, Frontenac. Hon Adam Beck, London; 2. Eimhurst. Hon Clifford Sifton; 3, Sir Thomas. Hon. Aflsm Beck. Otticers' teams of two, over lumps 1 Lieuts W. B. and ClIITord Sifton, Corps ot uuioes; 2. JjI. col. 11. C. Cox and Lt. Cordon Myies, Ninth Mississausa Morse; s. Lieuts. I. K. .McKay and J H. U. Strathy, Ninth Horse. EVENING. Green 'heavyweight liunters 1 Paddy, Hon. Clifford Sifton; 2, Algonquin, Hon. Adam Beck; 3, Flying Fox, . a. (..row. Chargers, owned and ridden- by offi cers 1, Misty Morn, W. D. P. .larvis, vernor Generals Body Guards; J'istletoe, Lt. Col. D. M. Kobertson, 48th Mig-nian-iers; 3. Lord Grey, V. I. 1 Ja-v.s. Pairs of high steppers 1, Eye Opener Jnd Wonder. A. Yeager; 2, Fireworks "iiu nourish, Hon. Hubert Beith; 3, i'rnuer iind Sir Hector, T. A. Crow Hunters, over pen jump 1. The Mraud. Knnisclare Farms; 2, The Wasp, Hon. Clifford; 3, Sir Thomas, Hon. Auajn Beck. Ladies' harness horses 1. Eye Open er, A. leaner; 2, lady Norfolk, Mrs. Adam Beck; 3, Lock Kyan Princess, K. jj. Clancy, oueipn. Saddle horses, not over 15.2 1. Last Post, Hon. Clifford Sifton; 2. Confidante, 'Mrs. J. A. McSioy, St. Catharines; 3, ione nicer, e. it. KODinsoti, Hamilton. Teams of three oualilied hunters owned and ridden by members in cos tume 1. Hon. Adam Beck; 2, Hon Clifford Sifton; 3. Hon. Clifford Sifton. THE OGILVY STORE TO RECEIVE FOUNDER Overseas Club Arrangements For Mr. wrench's Visit. A large and cnthii.iia.stlo meeting' of the executive of the Overseas Club was held Uist evening in th Russell House, for the purpose of making further arrangements for the reception of Kvelyn Wrench, the organizer of the movement, who cabled the, secretary a few days ago that he would be here on Empire Iiy. The matter of an impropriate celebration on Empire Pay was also taken up and discussed and tho meeting decided to put forth every effort to line up a good program for that day. It wan decided to put an automobile at the disposal of Mr. Wrench when he urrivea In tho city. Arrangement are being made for the holding of a banquet at tho tJrand I'nlon Hotel at S o'clock. Prominent nien all over the city will tc Invited to attend and among the Invitations will be ono to 11. It. lt. the Itaiko of Comuught. Although not definitely decided, Mr. Wrench may address a nattering of tho boy scouts on Par-II VJient Hill In the afternoon. Mr, "mV. li. HarU'u.m, president of tho club, -was in Uu chair. AMUSEMENTS. . TUB IX LW HOY. C. Jamei Il.nirfift. who Is pleasantly renumbered or his splendid work In The Private Secretary, owned a two night enK'ittement at the Uussi II theatre last cveiiliu and both he and his company pleased un appreciative audience- He u uppearinv this tinu In the minis role of Tho New Jloy, a three act furva comedy by Arthur Law. Tha naar boy i-.ii with the a1v-n tura or a man, who, being small In lis, when taken liy hit newly married wua to visu ner consul, u s. tor, is taken for s new Imy mid u treated acvomitmiy, iHth by ihe schoolmaster and bv tlie boys. The rtoya msKs mm toh n furmer's or chard, for which !nt Is arret,. i,, sentenced to i birtehed. his blent It v ravftl 1n tlsie a.ivra him fmm this degrsd.itton, and t'io real culprit it plinlshel. Ths pluy lends Itself lo lively nd Itantroft'N Internrefntb.n is .olmlr-uhls anil clnvrr. The role fit hlin even belter Ihiin dbl h; jmrt In whUh he Iisa nern previously wen here. 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White Embroidered Belts with straight or scalloped edges and pearl buckles. White Wash Elastic Belts, 50c each. CHARLES OGILVY, Lid. Cor.Rideau & Nicholas Sis. STRANGE DOCTOR UNDERJRREST Taken by Police to Answer Charge at Cobourg. Inspector Foster, of the criminal Identification 'bureau, foas effected, the arrest In Ottawa of a strange charac ter with a strangely dramatic career, in tiie person of Dr. Douglas, alias Dr. Matheson Douglas, alias Dr. Douglas Matheson, alleged swindler of good ru ral dwellers in divers part of the pro vince of Ontario. The career of Douglas, who has made his headquarters at Quyon, in Pontiac county, for many years past, has aoout It a peculiar flavor of ro mance. According to records of it held by the provincial police, he has swindled numerous people in Ontario, representing himself at different times as a graduated physician, a member of the 'Scotland Yard detective force, a surveyor workine for tho Imnerial government for the erection of mili tary lookout towers, and in other roles no less attractive. This morninir he was taken back to Cobourg, Ont., .by Provincial Inspector tsoya. and there he will be arraigned on one of a number of counts against mm. xne specific charge will be that of having fleeced Mr. Walter Cruse, a fanner of that vicinity, of $60. and material for a suit of clothes. Mr. Cruse was in the city yesterday in connection with tho arrest, and told his story to a Citizen reporter. Dur ing tne month of January, 1910, he said, Douglas had stopied in front of his farm house, and had asked for a meal. He was taken in tv Cruse end was given food. During the meal he asked his host's name, and finding it was uruse. told him that a fortune had .been loft him by a man of the same name who had died in Australia. After the alleged swindler had finished the faro provided for him. Cruso showed him some tilue ma terial he had purchased for a new suit. The guest Informed him that he had no right to have this cloth. and confiscated it. stating that he he- longed to the Scotlard Yard force and that the goods in Cruse's possession were dangerous to anyone holding them, inasmuch as they were of a kind which had been formerly used to clothe the Imiwrlal police, but had been rejected In favor of khaki. Douglas also charged his host 60 n medical fees for applying some mustard plasters to his ailing wife's back. Then Cruse drove him about be country for four days, Douglas stating that it was necessary to see a family called Crewson to prevent them from making a claim on the Australian fortune. The horses were so used up at the end of the drive that Cruse had to sell them for $105. Douglas then disappeared, and the fanner returned home toy rail, a sadder and a wiser man. He reported the case to the police of Cobourg, however, and from that time a net has been in course of weaving around Douglas. Douglas, who has 'been living In the Quyon for a good many years now, came to Ottawa day before yesterday. Inspector Foster happened on him in the street. He had a warrant for his arrest from Suipt. Rogers, and shortly had him under lock and key. All. yes terday and last night he spent in the cells at the police station. He is a man of middle height, fair of complexion and with a fair moustache. What of his criminal record is known begins in tho year 1907, 'but it was In 1909 first that he came to the notice of the Dominion police. In that year he is alleged to have appeared at a place called Hazard's Corners In Hastings county with a story that he was encaeed by the Imperial government erecting military towers. He bought two pieces of land for the purpose, out never paid for them. lie would re turn in the course of a month or so, he said, but never came back. In sundry other places his record shows that he has told similar stories, obtaining by them free board and other advantages. That he is a man of imagination is patent from the re cord. PATRIOTIC FUND ANNUAL REPORT Relief Given in Regard to South African Assn. To VnU (Html !!rrd. rn,l!rM mni t.(it, mid to hitva r.hhI yeast you hiiiM (niit Hi". ii vimr rocer sivlnu ymi V iit ym, Ymut Cuke A 6c ia.lMit rotiiain ficm,, r'rra nmpl i-m n rru u i. Whim Htnn plcc Crtiii!., Tr. onto, Ont rrm !'niH"i" Pi 1m Wn rUin U rl" ; lt'tl i t turn, f irlfi twit r it'liorp Tho doll. rm nt Inland fllie tti'l loan hn.irin th rati om down t enty rh root Lreefr tht art fut. by (h Thef ! !' lf "' Hon, fv.n the eomlfui ami "!" "f h lid, th. . --al. -,., hdVft II fur. t . eternal mi.. ""'- - t- t! nr fMn f tftn! .f nrrnw n1 Pe" I'fCPP ! - , nil I rni-ltn faniwi a. iiit nin t.i tn! I "If ummer thl cr nt ,,i,t Warn! I h- vU':n" " n.lfl. Cnnn, TM rtnn1 Tt rnk iuii. nv Kvalein will WaI U fr Ihelr he '" l ni,iirll. A tirtfl'lr M.klei rn. Miil. Th rX.-h-.te. hu jul ht, Imupk and run fnr " J Uvea. You cannot afford to do without it you will tone up your whole system by taking, in the morning, Natural Laxative Qolckly Relieves CONSTIPATION DENTAL ADVICE Papers Read Before Convention at Final Session. The Eastern Ontario Dental Association held its final meeting yesterday, whon two valuable papers were read. Dr. Mildred E. Manna, who is the only representative of the ralr sex attending the convention, addressed the meeting on pyorrhoea, a disease of the rums. She was followed 'by Dr. W. C. Davy of Morrisburg, wjth a paper on The Kstaillishment and Mainten ance in Our Patients of an Optimistic Attitude Towards Dental Operation. " Don't let your patients get away with any Idea that you are performing this or that operation simply to put money In your pocket when It is not strictly necessary," said Dr. Davy. " Any patient who hints at this you would do well to refer to another dentist in whom he or she tuis more oon-tidence. He sympathetic with your pa-tients and always let them know when you are going to hurt them." Tho hest la cheapest in pencils as in most other things. Kveryone, of course, knows tne K.o.l-1-noor is tho liest Pencil. And an it last Ix times hs Ionr as an ordinary pencil, well, you'll also agree It is the cheapest. All dealers upply. The executive committee of the Ca nadian (South Africa) Patriotic Fund Association has issued its sixth repo.'C it shows total contributions during the twelve ytars the association has bun in existence amounting to $340,975, and expenditure of $310,194. The latter include relief allowances to widows, orphans and dependents amounting to $S9,903; to Invalided and disable soldiers $188,292; dependents separated at home $31,999; leaving a balance of $30.-7S1 in unexpended contributions. Add ing to this accrued interest for twelve years. $02,032 (less expenses of $5,777), there remains an amount of $77,036 still available for distribution. During the twelve years relief has been given to 21 widows, 30 orphans and 73 dependents (126), to fc3 invalid ed or disabled soldiers, and to 342 de pendents eeiparated at home, a total of 1,121 persons. A tribute to the management of the fund is the record of an expenditure in twelve years for printing, management, etc., of but 1 4-6 per cent ot the total sum expended in relief, TO HUDSON BAY Steamer Minto to Take up Hy-drographic Party, Instructions have been issued by the minister of marine to have the gov ernment steamer Minto overhauled and fitted up for a trip to Hudson Bay. The Minto will carry a party of exports of the Hydrographlc branch of the marlno department who will continue and, if possible, complete during the summer the surveys of the two harbors. Port Nelson and Fort Churchill, to determine which port of fers the greater advantages as a ter minus for the Hudson Bay Railway. A further investigation win be carried on also to determine the ice con ditions and period of safe navigation of Hudson Bay and Straits. Tho Minto will "be under command of Cap tain Anderson, who will have with him Capt. Sam Hartlett, of St. John's Newfoundland, tbe veteran Arctic navigator. Carters Did Not Attend. Owing to a lack of attendance, the meeting of the city carters which was to have been held at llobbs hall at 335 Wellington street last night, did not take de'iinlto form. The several men present disrupted tho forming of a union, and the rate of pay which the men receive. Tho corporation pay $4.86 per day for teams, and the men think that they should receive at least $5. In view of the fact that teams In Toronto receive $.& per day, they are- also of the opinion that they should demand an Increase. Prominent German Dead. Hcrlln. May $. Itudolf Von Hen nlgHvn died suddenly here today. He was the llrst Covertior of (iernian New (luinea and a n of the noted national leader Iludoir Von Hcniilg-sen who died Aug. 7, 1902. If cold chicken, turkey or other roasted nieat la covered with a damn cloth It will rotaln Its flavor well. The Burt Ventilator Is Different The Burt Ventilator posseMei patented features whb'h are not found In any other ventilator. 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IN i'AU tiX XHIHT TUAINI4 . t4TAMAHI I'l ldlAV AMI MXIVO I'AUH OS VAX VHAlSn IUnam lllMirtt Nnlile MrrlMlf mt itM rkaralaa rrl mr fee Unitlea la I. M, nil-tl.l.K, Maaarll HaM Hlra, tar. MM aa l.lla aia, iHlawa, . 4i . J Mr. Investor These are Real Money Maters $6,000. Splendid Brick House on Centre St. -Immediate possession. Will consider exchange for Tenement or Row. $5,500 Cash. Blackburn Ave. Splendid home, B.V., one of the. best finished interiors in Sandy Hill. All improvements. Immediate possession. $5,200. Fourth Ave. Beautiful Home. Good Lot 50 x 103. Garage and all conveniences. This is the cheapest home on the Glebe. Owners with improved lots in Ottawa South or Glebe we will pay Cash or exchange; ask us about this? T. CL ARE Y Real Estate and Insurance 313 Bank Street Phones 8681. Res. 3442. Buy Your Summer Goods at Esmonde's Where Value is Given for Every Cent You Spend. Refrigerators a J Funeral of H. J. Allison. Chesterville, Ont. May 2. The re mains of the late Mr. H. J. Allison, one of the Montreal victims of the Ti tanic disaster, were conveyed from Halifax for interment In the place where he was born. The body was brought west on the 0. P. R. train from Halifax 'by Mr. George B. Clarke, of Montreal, and Mr. J. S. Harding, of St. John, N.B., a friend of the Allison family, accompanied Mr. Clarke. The transhipment of the remains was made at Montreal Junction to the Toronto train. The fol lowing party from Montreal accompanied the remains to Chesterville: Mr. G. B. Allison, brother of the deceased; Mrs. G. B. Allison, Mrs. Daniels, mother of Mrs. H. J. Allison, wife of the deceased, who went down with the vessel, and whose body has not been recovered; Mr. (3. F. Johnston, uncle of the late Mr. Allison; Kev. Dr. W. ft. Young, pastor of Dominion Square Methodist church, to which the late Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Allison belonged; and Messrs. J. W. McConnell, A. H. Vlpond and Joseph Patrick, of Vancouver. 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