The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1947
Page 7
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PAGE TWELVE' (ARK.y COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 194T I5y MERRILL BLOSSER KRKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS EDITOR. MCGOOSE/ IS GaMS TO HAVE J fxeCKi ME STARTED KITTENS WHEN H6 I IT, AMD WE'RE SEES YOUR. ATTACK J GOIMG TO . ON MEN' ^X/INISH 'T/ PUT THIS STUFF IN HILDA; I'M ousr THIRD "Wo didn't use half as many groceries £efore we got that maid—at present prices 1 wonder if we can afford to keep her fed as well as she expects!" I!v AI, VERMEKU I'HISCIU.A'S I'OI' Boys are \ /Ha! What are- you laughing for? You were 3 a? careful how you talk around here, young made of nails \ and snails I ind pup dog tails! spice and everything nice. MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALl'H LANE tius Waoh*m tried to retrieve me pilis which chimes had hncxied from his harKJ,ihe lawyer struck hfm. Bv LESSL1B TURNER WASH TUBBS Uv FRED HARM AN It's the Wni-sll AW. VOU TSU-\VELLvi..V>!V5Hf NNELL.X HE^.UMFA-/ A5 WELL KfJOW LET'S 1 I AIN'T / OO^'S GONE ^\\. E I GOT TH' I BAD... HE'S A Kv EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AM) HKR HtJDDIKS U.S. housewives Discover Pantry Struggle Is Important ' For Fk -/Saved in America Is Weapon in World Struggle I By GAYNOK MABnOX , XKA Staff Corrrsponek-nt ;NEW YODK, Oct. u . Wanda McConviUe, of Rural Koute 3; L»kc*lew, Mich., knows about the ganotnic revolution thai !ir-i )itt Americans ir. the stomach, s .. -is two sons, four and. eleven, n. :, n blg-e»ting cx-OI husband to foci', oh » $aoO-»-month Income. • IKBA Service. In cooperation with hiw local Parent-Teacher* Association, brought her to New York to riert political Jlguret. educaton, eiononiLits and other key persons to iha food price picture. Until then »l:t riid:i't knew (list she VM part of the economic revolution aftect- tei; national politico. American Jor- e!gn policy .ir.d the struggle b«- tVeen private enterprise and Oom- muntsni. ' ! NBA Berrlce sri?c-t«(l Mrs. Me- Qcinvills because the food problems ar.d budget headaches fifce Jao'.s today are j'jst like ihow in niillrtris o! curler low-moana Aiu^rlctji hoines, . Bie grftduutcd B»t:Je Greek high school, jot oinnrfeo 1 . When wnr cf tn«, tint followed her soldlev husband, John. »V, over '.he United S!M««.^ tftiln;; along her b*by. until John wlted orerffiW. Whsn h« jV.i:med. they Kiuvhl a house on hii Ol lo»c. The> have » small vegetable garden. SJie does all her own work, washes with * 10-year- old washing machine, cooks all the meals .Including luncheon every day for her husband, who works In a factory three mites away. She does her own nails nnd cm't afford professional hair-do's. She tries to do her part In community activities. She <t Rrade mother in her oldest son's grammar school, acllve in P-TA work, and helped her hiuband in hi] recent pledge campaign lor tiirlr church. They raised $!CKX> In three days. The zooming !ood pi'lc? »iHr,\l . which Us clii<nBi»K the Amciioan | standard of livliiK leaves the Mr:- Convllle* practically no money for I recreation. They can't aak peopio | in for dinner. They rarely car: get I ' io a movie. They hav* only m Tft^ue undi-r- .standing of "economic partly for j tarmrrs." and the Marshall Plan. ] but they do know someililni,' has i hKppciu-d lo prlcM that knocks such luxuries a« uahy sttUrs right out of their budget. Every Saturday night, the married ccmp'.ra meet al tome one nous*. Everybody brltiua along his own drinks and part of the food. Wanda and John take the children, too, unless W»nd»'« sister or John's mother Is in town and can stay with them. They bolli belong to the Battle Creek Civic Players. John is an amateur xclor. Wanda property and sound effects man. One slays home with the ctilldren when the other sees. "Etlni willi the players is the only free 'A'ay we know o!' keeping In circulation." Wanda/explains. "We meet friends, have Inn working together. When I i;et home, I don't feel quite so hopeless." To find o'Jt some of the answers for the millions of other Wandas who live pretty much trie same kind nl lives. NBA Service brought Mrs. McC'onvllle to New York. "Buyers' slhko.s against food prices must be nationwide. Otherwise Ihev won't work," he answered. With NEA's food editor, she talked with New York's Commissioner of Markets, met a top authority on the financial aspects of mar- rifiKO, hmlitlcil wllli HIP retull grocers' president nml with Ihe firocery manufacturers' president. Siie inspected a food .school where high school twys and girls learn to run restaurants, become butchers and linkers; she saw nutrition and home economics experts at work, talked with taxi drivers who strive to live on about the same Income she has. talked with editors and politicians. Wanda's reaction, after this head- on experience: "Out in Lskevlcw, Mich., nobody seems interested in anything outside the limits of our little town. What I've seen and heard lias stunned me. I thought food prices wore just a problem for me and my fam- ly. I've, learned they are a Ihreat to world stability, to peace. And I am jxirt of the picture." Tdiunrrow: The spokesman for tO.MM retail sriMcrs v«. \VumlaS xcnve of JioiicltifisnesK. High Court Declines To Reconsider Ruling WASHINGTON, Oct. 14. (UP) — The U. £>. Supreme Court Monday refused to reconsider Its decision of lasL June awarding to the federal government control over oil- rich submerged lands off the coast of California. Tiie court took no acllon today however, on a decree proposed by Attorney General Tom c. Clark which, In Renrvnl terms, set fortr the government's paramount rlj-ht? of ownership over the rtlsputcr lands. The proposed decree was sub milled liist month In keeping \vilh tht- H to '1 decision lust June '2\\ During the Summer, the federr. government and California agreed I thut.all present oil and gn.s opein- tlon.<! U'ill continue normally until Congress acts, or until next September, whichever Is earlier. Fliers Reach Kyushu TOKYO. Oct. 14. (UP)—Cliff Evans nnd George Truman took off from Shanghai yesterday in their Piper Cubs and landed at Itn- zukc airfield on Kyushu at 4:20 p.m. First reports said tho two men. who are on a round-the-world flight had landed for "wcathftr reasons." No other details were immediately available. Sliced lUffercnlly tn 14th century Italy, one's life often depended on the way he cut garlic. Members of the bitterly rival parties of Guelfs and Ghibel- llnes went so far to avoid .similarity that they even sliced vegetables | differently. As part of her food fact-finding vlsll to New York, M.S. John McC'onvllle O'Dwyer about buyers strikes. Al left Is Caynor Maddux. NKA Service talks with Mayor William food and market editor. 1.' .-) Bfc PEGGY DERN ( TUB STOKYt •t i) liter. Jnyrr :•. , IK. XVIII ' SUNDAY moniins Ihcy all went to church. Joyce had conic into Happy's room before breakfast lo toll her thai they were going and h«lp her select the proper garb. icy went down the stairs together, arm in arm, and hnlfway fdown. Joyce paiiVed ns George tcame out of the drnwinR-room and stopped to speak to one o* the ^servants. f "The sqwire himself." said Joyce Iwnder her breath. "AH dressed up !to assert his importance ki (he [community and pwt the peasants ^n their proper place." f_ Before Happy could answer her {Seorge turned away from the aervarrf,-glanced up and sow them land came to the stain to mcei (them. ' "You're going to church. Joyce \, —not a matinee. A little imakc-up, don't you think?" he •suggested mildly, almost jokingly jba* Joyce flounced past him and the drawing-room, where waited, slender and cooi-looking in h«r jrivwr black, wi*h a hat mode Jwtrite roses oo her h&ad, nod white fiioves in her hand*. "HeHo, darling," MHd George so<t*y to Happy, hie eyes 1', "Hello." said Happy unsteadily )fccling idiotically shy before him \< The station wagon, highly pol rjshed and shining brigWiy in sunlight, was waitrog PM! Joyce wxl her K back sent, tucked the front, slid beneath the , and trie cnr rolled off. chwrch WBS or«r, e 1 'helped sunshine, and into the Motion :•.•'•?, nn jiisy ^MV/: ti-.u Sundown r "uo !;:,|]:s t v.'i.rro rhf i.s roason- i.'-ty safe Ironi rr(i!:3»".kcs and stray hunters. Sur.down bridle piiths arc closed to the public; no 'one hns the riylit lo ride there without my cxprnss pennies Ion. V lie re fore, young Boyle was trcs- said uncertainly. "But «Kcn'l j imr?inR, or if Joyce ii:ut nrrniiged w in t i i ig for J oy c« ai>d M ad nine?" GeorEfe grinned »t l>or. "We »rc ot. We're plnyin^ hooky. They're uing lo dinner at Oak Villn, and an nnd I are having an aitornoon As he backed Uie station wagon. id turned into Uie liifjfiway htnti- R north, he looke<l down a< her ixiiuisly and asked, "Minrt?" Flushed, Hnppy said, ''Of cm*r&e "You and I Uavcti't sc<?ti nearly noii|;h of each other ti;is past ock, 1 ' he told her. They were driving along the vide, curving; road boncntti the in tit jranches of Uie live oaks, with the jungle growth beyond. Happy was looking atxint her ie\ r er failing delight, when sud- lenly, unexpectedly grave, George aid quietly, "Happy, I have to isk something of you—a promise." Puzzled, she answered swiHly 'Of course. 1 * "Don't cnctxtr^^e Joyoe m her ;illy infatuation." Hnppy cnutfht ber breach and was Mill for a moment. Georpe wns driving slowly now nnd he looked grawly at her. "Be- ieve me, Happy, I know what' >est—in this connection, at least— Joyce. Marri&ge with i iand would wreck her Hf« Happy's cc4oc ' wned "But V she Ww« him? And he* not exactly a rtabte hand. lie 1 * riding instructor; and be aeemc very nice person," she ans- impulsivety. "Tlien yo« ha«K me< ham, Georae wid e*en*y. "I though as much. She's been sneaking of to meet hwn, and ^ov've helpcc 'ThMV not ferwe^ I did meet ham wt Joyc« w*0n't lo meet him thrrp, it was ngainat my express wisiicsl" I rm«m w wee he. M "Joyce b*« bc«a stranger, a George ral^'.er (I not at all pt. «rtw R terrifying ill stranccr. j;iw was sc(, his eyes were le ami Ivc lonLott down ul appy with an accusing look th;U id nothing of a caress about iC "George—after i\U, Joyce is lA- ost twenty," she said uneasily. Are you so sxire yow have the ;iht to interfere in her life?" O c ,-i r£e 's jew set even more ubbornly. "A marriage between Joyce and .ivyle is out of the qxinstion—tui- lirkabta. The very thougLl of ii ; diif;rncef»l. He is n complete I ohody—and Joyce owes it to hrt j itr.ily te marry somebody worth • hile." Shc had ncvw believed th»4 h* ould be so poRipowv such an ar- ant snob. "I'm sorry," she said after a mo- iont. "I don't wont lo be tiresome. itt aren't you being—well—pretty Hogical? Joyce mustn't marry Javid because he's ,T nobixly. But you, the master of Sundown, want nmrry me; nnd, goodness knows. nobody could be ICFS of a person- thaa I am. I'm more erf a »o- ttnw Da\nd.** George rHa*«4 a MM* and uniled ;>t her. t's no4 knporiant Happy Yow sec, the continuation ot khr Hnrroll name depends on me, K'? imporIn nt thot I marrr aotrwonc who \K young and hoalihy and omptetchr normal, b«< it's not im- porlnnl that she be pospcfwcd trf r famous narrw or background or jwiything Hke 4n«4, Yo« wiW be- con^e a HnrreB; Joyce, by marrying I>»v*d, s*opi boing a HarreU, PEERLESS CLEANERS Now Hcncl(|Uitrlcrs For Guaranteed • Rug deaning • CurUiiii Cleiining Dial 2433 '116 S. Franklin St. <** B« Cim*mm<m Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 1011 ChickasHwba FOR SALE 4-in. Concrete Sewer Tile Concrete Culvert Tile Si/.e 10 in., 36 in. A. H. WEBB Hwy. 61 a( Stale I.ln riinne Blythcvlllr 714 Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople 6AD, O ASSURE FOLKS GETTiMG TO WORK. OSi "VlWve l=> ME.^RLV A PRACTICAL. SOUL.CAN SOU Vl<5UALIZ& HE FABULOUS VJEfvLTU ABOUT TO PODR. tf>i OM OS ? FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, AND RK " OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams SOO'D 6&TTER. MfXS'S; TrtS LUCKM KMJM.BER twis fiwe, NOU 6tG 5AS BA6.'->~ (^ 15 ANOTHER DUC*< .AV/ BROTHER. \T ARR^SJ&EO TO CARC.V AVAIL /GOOD COSH.' H6 CERTT'N'V MAKES A LOT OF CCP1ES WITHOLTT RE-1MKIKJ'. POM'T HE?

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