The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 7, 1912 · 4
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1912
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V THE CITIZEN, OTTAWA, CANADA. Wednesday. Acsyst 7, 1912. Ottawa's Clean Home Newspaper SMALL AD. RATES. These rates, cash with order, are 1c & -. n Insertion: two cosecu tv mserticns, lc a word; three onecBt:v in.ert.ons. 2c a word, when cnargei- . -w. l..n..t,on. t-ie-tg-ement charged less than , ie. special mont.-iy or yean. ,-- .... All want advertisements from toiva patrons must be accompanied . ' cash- to Innra Insertion. No Mv'n mnt counted as less than ten words. OTHER AD. RATES. Birth notices 2&c per insertion. sx' nnra nr ffrath nntlm lrer includ ing" funeral notice If desired). 6oc per insertion. Lodge funeral notice f'1?" rut. -t..i.7 . ft iA ... insertion. Transient -irv -r.i: loc P , -aie line. Reading matter. UJ. black type, 25c per lir-e. Coreniercsai auvert sin? rates on application. SlBSCKiraOS RATES. Delivered in Ottawa, suburbs or Hull. Te Kvnm r-.,i- i a month acl Tne Morning Citizen is 6i)c a jntmta, the ,-r payaole In advance. TEI.r.HHO.V ICS. Queen 600 Private branch, connection all Department. IWkIi. Cli 41 pan. to 8 as. Queen fcouO Reporters and News Editors. Queen 6S0S Com&oauut. Deli, err ana Mali Departments. YESTERDAY'S REPLIES. FEMALE HELP WANTED. L SITUATIONS VACANT. iRTICLES FOR SALE. ROOMS TO LET. - -- .-. - " r "-r",vi.-n APPLY i T-WKA-E. '11P.L, '.1'. v,-'o - S5 AToCAR EXTRA HF.JVI Vv EiT- ! err,, -nto;-ix ifi'iry; tar reea WANTED, OFFICE ! ( ' hours, s a.m. to P-m ,yu y wt:at la few days. Provender euaran- - ! letter, stating experience . ' te pore srain; prices rig-nt Lawrence o,-lr, to o i.i tn i v::iir, Co., eoree fit. 65 ' - . 1 T3"7-. or vr .TIT- i-IOOK. piI...J.'"'.in Hotel. tfl! l" .S. f-'ifr- . i i 3K:iar;n r.. . i Wellington tyrant- A ia ROOMING HOUSE FOP. oca-ity. -s -vood woman to n '"':; Apply Rathskeller, M'-tc-iiie Ottawa Ci. I ar making, if Vl'ANTErj. A fiOOD ora Hotel, IBM . "5 IVAKTEITA O'XD S.iLE-SLADY. AP-VV ply to A- McMUisn. hi Sparae fat; Ottawa. ' U" TAN TED, FOUR' tXPErcIC'CED waitresses. Apply New Cari.brir.?e Cafe. . ? rbCNOTR. FOR LIGHT HOTTSH X work; may skp at fi'imo; no Sun-cay work. Apply iS it-rgset St. 'TxT'KiagTcCED, EDIJCATKD UDf Xi office a!Jistant; m'JS be rju:ck and r e.v and won oyer ti-.e I.iko cost at lr.'ira?. -'-:"' . f.'j -&n Ifein tre Barter Trarie in s x tt-!. ..... a ir-t -i-,,H'.or. an-! Independent and lawn at the Trusts- Ft'-ticuiftrs free. Moiw BarnW Coueste Oral Street East, Jfntreal. .'-J. TTTTTT SVTi r- 5- o"a rv.T.I.EOTUR15. -L salejimen and domeBtic t.eipof all wasnstand. la per set; iBie bed. , spri:; and mattress. S4; toot curve-i ijO NOT WOKRT J punelied counter. fw; twelve bih iuncs ; r;-r Ktwi., vc ean. .-ijp.v e''2 i.yon frvrr. 12 to 1 BEDROOM SCITE. ALSO AN i. d.k. Apply .Map?e St. " r,i'prpTriR ffc EiL JSKbu ,"!J-"p' in (eaUemeD. centra ,reor,s for a e. D. (jr,n. r.j reSin ct Til. HIGH CLA. W-!TO rjR TWO"xiCE LARGE A r.:e. a nar ana UJ,';t-,-ij,K ' V rooms, suitable for gentiemen . , ie. i.r;enevt--e, m., . . - ' ...... NEWLY FURNISHED aewiy decorated. Apply 1' AND .istrar FRONT LOST FOUND. 'I'.L-ESL.AY HOKNIXG- BET.N X p.r.ifcon's corner and O'Connor. pocket boon. r incer p.eae return to O'Connor. O.ST O.V TCESDAY. ROLL OF ivocaii, on Sparks, between gin and Bf;nk St. Kinojy return to pert i?t. N :cKel. BIRTH NOTICES. EACH 25 CENT J MAHKIAGES SD DEATHS, 5e! BOBV. EONXEVIIJ.E On Saturday, L i F. O. Runneville. a r,n F.,-,iH -1 MEI- ! MULL IN At Maiernliy Hospital, on '1 i AUS. f. -' o'i J. jr.. 55 lin. a daugntr. ii Otta a JrirVIs for in and out of cSty. Kmploymfent Bureau, liiS Bank. A ""NY I2CTBLI.IGKNT PERSON MA? earn 5100 roonthty corrfcapondinff ifr nbat.r.arH- nr. r.anua'nf'. Hen d Jr particulars. a. o JEWEL STOVfc FOK SALE, AS GOOD " r.ew, lla. Patterson Ave. &5 ; "'OLLIK DOO,"OOrj WATCHrCHEAPi female. Apply SsS Flora St. 64 HOHSK. I'AKT . enable; references required -rjTjVlv'pfOTCRE MACHINE I - t -jod &r,d men; rea- - ppTVi rPFrrVT ptvTa' i GKAHAM-On Monday, Aut. 5. vvt r-rr;ner of Bank and SD-ark ,StB. Finder I - O ran am, of -.a Us,ar bt.. a so-. roofl order, compiete, no j -. ' . r -- A rr. prior. -w " v-ifcMiTH'fi PORTABLE I for?e in rfoi or;r. UN FUR BIJW- LIGHT 1 'irK?.v pi'i'vrsHfn oh ! Eitned rooms, IS. Apply w taerwooo ' -1 , t m.tXDEft a FOOT 1' ',:d launch, ready Aug. 11; tni' ; of Bar.H and riparks iits. Finder t please return to Caxii'iac Hotel, Sparks - ' I - I T OST BETWEEN SOMERSET AND j " i New Euinburffh. engraved heart : n. 1 54i- I TOVBLB . PARLOR. NEWLY FUR niihed, with grate. 17 Gloucester -t. : s(,ip1 locket. Kindly return to Citiz- SXIi HARNESS; AX-l y wagon. Apply 26 Catheriie .St. AY WAGON. 2(4 IN;H, NEARLY ' tew, with patent rack, also stone H. p. Toop, Kilialoe, Ont. -V'ICELY FURNISHED LOOMS, WITH -- lifc-ht housekeecina. e.l.. piano, phr.e. T OST XJ JI' Press Syndicate. Lockport. j waor, and ruober tire humify, or will ex GALES BURG MOTOR CYCLE. r .-:el. two and hair r.orse pv- EOi sale . M. J. itunn. u-. ) hot water, fl and pt per month, on Haw- nrim -ere. Liberal reward if I thorne Ave., across R.deau Canal. Apptv lurned 0 Bo3c jv Citizen. No quest! Fill DA Y , BL ACK POCKET book containing sum of money, tic- re- Citlzen. BTitONG BOYS LEAP. first class tinsmith. P. Lester "a P- i- Scott St. Pnone 1S. 64: 80 refereneea. Apply Box J citizen. " 1 hi.VKHAf. KEitVANT WANTED. ' T ply a Florence Bt. TTOOU GEXEIlAfJ" SERVANT FOK j VT email family. Cartier St. M-4 ;Tni7ASMOTHER'S HELP TO STAY TJKOTESTANT TJEACHEIt FOR PUB-j VJ at nisrht. Apply 19 Adeiine St, TEACHERS WANTED. ir.ffe for iieavy iiore or dump wajjon Ap;iy Hoy. Citizen. ! jOD WORK HORSE, CART AXE arnfras, :tii cheap. jarnes t between JS and I, or after tr p.m. GSXTii. Phone Kideau .- " ( 1- LAUP.IER WEST, .-: asked. ;r.i-vn pa T.TiI?.S a.VD S , ,e-.ona nana, jo. . w. T1URNKHED ?.M of- imc -V'T'AXDJ. TAYLOR . 57 ;'i ' .1 !1 right. Phone m. BOOMS to.; T c,- rktwf.F.N ST. BRIDGET'S let, gentlemen only. . j church and By ward Market, silver BEDP.uOJI Apply u Slater St. : purse, containins silver watch. Finder LET. ! please return Citizen.. Reward. Phone SV ; iiideau m. -STfF NEW; ! T ARGE "FRONT ROOM, HOUSEKEEP- i T'OUND AT EXHIBITION GROUNDS. waterproof coat. 1ITANTKD, WOMAN" TO DO WAhHIN'J V and ironing; rearer. cess. Apply Carlirt-? Ave. 5J TT;AXTirr7ToT5D sccXleYiy maid. tV Apply PratcteRt JAfjital. 55 i ice kc h ool No. , f ; art nrj i. o ; r: i n r' any one of the thre filowin-? rfrtifi-catefc; Norm, j4--, iIoi;i, $iTij; Third lAtnttea, X&). Apply Willie T. Muie. sec,-trt;a., U'endov-r, "Jnt . Ti1, -Sparks S.., SAFE FOR SALE. j 400 ELGIN" ST., FURNISHED BED- sitting room, y; small room, Apply Citizen Of- weekly St. Ltd.. ; A. E. REA & CO. ,. EXPKIOENCED SALESMEN' nrAXT V V for f ifrniture department The following replies to advertiucjecnts were received at The Citizen Office yesterday, but were uncalled for. A number o otneis were claimed during the uy. Advertisers to whom the following h 8 auoreasea will confer a lavor .itaNTED, EXPEFUKNCKD MEN FOR . -tj-, a. aJ i t-iili IWLiiaj'. OLTAtTr. i y A. E. REA & CO. TEACHER WANTED FOR SEPARATE S. S. No. 1 To.T. r,Khip o Papineau. capable of teaching French and English: BaSary per ar.r.crri. Duties to commence Ati. n. A.,"I'l.v. with references. A. J. Fink, gen.-Treas., Mattawa, Ont. X.GG1ES, DELIVERY EXPRESS, i binder twine, fccaies. Louden stable , fixtures. W. D. Kippen, 60 Xork St. j Phone KMeau 1S7. 23Tc i ONE ORIENT MOTOR-C YCT.E, 1 h"p7: i one 3.". ft. Hpeed boat. Htott's. i OiVS SAFE IN GOOD r-:ie .ize 4 x 4S, inid -u Box Citizen rTTr,,,,, i.TWO NICE FRONT ROOMS, r.r.r.-viii. ; j Si. T-k PTit'KF 67 i XJ St.. ivy" to the C. P. R. station, Hull. WITH i the sum of $50. Please remit to N. Royer. 5iJw l- ; Bay St. Both we;'. WALTON To Mr. and Mrs. Charles r, Walton, of 45 Third Ave., on Ana. ;. at Maternity Hospital, a son. h-:' weU. IT-. DIED. LABELLE On Aug. 6. IU. at L'Origr.a Ont., Paul Labeiie, in his slst year Funeral on Thursday, Aug. g, to LOr-ignal cemetery. McPHAIL On Aug. 5, 1912, Malcolm A4-amson. onlv son of Mr. and Mrs:. Wb A. McPhail, Eastview, aged 1 yer, ; r,ij.i. .s and J2 dayt. Funeral Wednesday at 2 p.m. t-, Beechwood cemetery. 53 ROBINSON At the Protestant General Hospital, on Monday, Aug. 5, If 12, Francis Lorne Robinson, aged S3 years, late of the Dominion Police Force. Funeral notice later. E IX MEJiORIAM In loving memory of my darling s"r,. Gordon Edward Humphrey, who departed PERSONAL drssi oods and Riilc departrnt-nt. Phono Que,-n SAJ,E " OF 'HOUSEHOLD ; furniture at 04 Gloucester St. 54 -VEftY FIXE SQL-ARK . ;&i r-haniie o cash, $ ;er mont?;. C W. Lindsay, Ltd., 1'? ; .Spark? .St. . rpWO KXPKEHS HOi:SE FOR SAL.E : perfe;U' sound, uuiet. 15 Bank St, '.'.'eiiinton. 02 DO-.V LADY WOULD LIKE TO let. rii;iy furnished front room to ?.,r::,Jt.:V-ii.Ui couple, with cooking privi- Apply Box 2rjr. - 65 'iAKE 7OIXS AXD STAMPS FOR 1 t-fd'v; reasonable: owner retiring oliiv ...W- with nirlU ! Main M.. HUil. KCW aru all conveniences; very central. jbj j T OST, SUNDAY, JILt itn, rL, ,1KUst 6. 1911. aged 13 vea: .- f2 -- tween uity view anu i FRONT BED-SITTING j lady s hand bag containing hutn oi ev ana glasses, nnuci picc " Mrs. John Flann, Manotiek, Ont. a- TEAUTIFUL : J ' room. Apply liH Rideau St, XXX, FC, AB. ABT. ABC. 2 4 9 15 17 27 2s 41 46 46 41 4i &) 69 64 69 To TX iSS Hi :ft I 7 SS M 1W 1 lu U7 US 13U Vi X& m TST t 1 H5 146 147 14 167 16 166 171 173 JK1 jvt ' its iw. iia i;4 ii6 m m aw aos a a7 w , 2W 21 2a4 Sil m 28 J3 4! rmiir wiwrcn eii.nin itm MALE HELP WANTED. ill S 4ii 4?2 1004. rftLEJELP WANTED. 1 ;OOD FTi3Ai.E COOkTseTRE ferred. Wedtsewjod Cafe, is; Queen. SERVANT i. 7 GIRL WANTEU. APPLY Geo. Mulligan, Maple Grove, Aylraer. m DRE.S3MAKE.RSANI " " A PPRENTI-ces; also trimmer, preparers and apprentices for millinery 4iS Somerset. u3 rtHAMBEP.JIAID 'WANTED.'" APPLY li Slater St. 52: Y'OUXG LADY FOR OFFICE WORK, X with knowledge of shorthand, and typewriting Apply Box jm Cltiisen. 64i COOD "' PIilN-cSjk and "dining '1 room giri wanted. . Apply Rideau Hotel, iio Rideau St. ftRL WANTED FOR ICE CREAM VJ" parlor. 167 Bank St. 64ii JXPERIENCED HOUSEMAID. AP-ply at once, Grand Union Hotel. T M M iCDl A T EL Y , LAD Y TO AJSSIST O.N" X lerrotype machine. Box 6. . 51iA WOMAN WANTKI FOR KITCHEN 1 V languaeoii; to the right person good opening is offered; state qualifications, age, etc. Address Box. K. K., Citizen Office. yANTED, "cTUiVOKR AND JOB ' V pre feeders. Only the, fie with experience need apply. The Mortimer Co. Ltd., Ottawa. 55 "&Ttd NGB OY "FORKUF PING" itOOM. J Eclip. e Mfg. Co., Albert St. 83 GP.EENLFKSfi Sunday, Aug, 4, W12, to Dr. and Mrs. .J. C. Greenleese, of Vara. Ont., a daughter. S3 VNTK!l IJl.'.V'il.MAKKH.. OI V lets, and hand cigarmakers, by Montreal firm; good prices. Apply between 12.31.1 and 1.30 and 6 to 7.30. Room B. Windsor Hotel. Ottawa. M ELL BUILT, WELL APPEARING man; one with adaptability towards electrical apparatus preferred. Apply Manager, D. M. and H. Co., G. N. W. Tel. Office. 55 rOTtST CLASS HOT WATKR FITTER anil helper. Ottawa Plumbing anil Heating Co.. 813 Someret St. 8oc WANTED, TWO YOUNG MEN FOR VV light work. Family Theater; bring ri -KACHEJ! TO TEACH FRENCH AND X KngiiHii, arid to .peak it properly; rnall altend;.ne; mention salary. Applv joKetih Lemieux. St. Charles, District of Nipl. sing, Ont. ,..Tci1KI HOLDIVG FIRST OP. "51 (). - LIGHT AND ERNEST 1,u,T.u.f;.r J. ra. Jnrt!SLUO mum perfect order-So cash. -. s s .Mo. 1, township of Pembroke: i Per week. C. W. Lindsay, Ltd., ,i.'i' in begin at the close- of the sum- ( "Parks St. mer vacation. School Is one mile from i PAIR OF PIGEONS FOR SALE. town. , Protestant (male) preferred. , "'-J Also ome Bantam.. .21 Sun Salary W or i, according to quannca- .ve. Applicants Bww . I CrY'-: FOR FINE . -i; V' ! Co iriesfc. 121 Laly. O SLATER ST.. LARGE FRONT parlor. nicely furmsned; also ot'rer rcoriii " 541. :3MAT.L,"i:f;NISHED ROOM, SLTT- k3 able for lady. Apply 19 Waverle St., after . p.m. ON FRIDAY, ON BANK OR I "ooper St., gold brooch, house ol com mons engraved. Kindly return citizen. Reward. , T OST. J months. 6 days. One year has passed, our hearts still scr. As time goes on we miss him more; Kit lovin-r smiles, his welcome face, No one on earth can fill his place. -Mother and Fathei. 5:', 1SS 8-4C i DERS" TAKEN FOR EMBROIDERY cd crocheting. Box 'SI. 55 TV.-OMNIA. DON'T CONT1N L E TO 1, consult Booth, the Mechano-Tteinpitt He curesjt. ; . ..,-r,A WANTED ON FIRST MORT- ,' o gage at per cent. Apply i j-'x 253 Citizen Office. T 00MS. WITH OR WITHOUT Xt good table, one minute from Broad St. db2 Wellington fct, oi1 -P'K" LARGE FURNISHED ROOM. suitable married couple, housekeeping privileges. 6S2 Wellington St. 54l E41 : rl lll TO LC1AN AT 7 PtK Cfc-M . fj.s nysttie I flrt mortgage. Apply Box 2- tions. salary wanted. Pembroke. 'iTlzen. 541. 17i SITUATIONS WANTED. ArOUNCr LADY ispEAKINO FRENCH - and Engiish. wit T,.V. 1-,: ' T 'I A LS A 1 V11D LirJAtVL-lAlO T-'f ci;i -L Miwriotr; Hiit,o S!':ii: COMFORTABLE FURNISHED X rooms to let. Apply 34 Nepean St. 57. 'YURNISHEDROOM FIRST " CLASS X. appointments. No. 6, The Edinbor-ough Apartments, 74 O'Connor St. 53'A BURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED BETWEEN EI- Station. Kindly re- ?- DIAMOND RING Be tween Water St. Hospital and ues- chenes. Reward, Citizen. M LOST OR STOLEN, CLEVELAND Bl-'cvcle. No. 3Ci53S; special frame, with name Billy Jones. Reward for information. Phone Queen 567. ... AITNn. RAO (FULL). OWNER MAY 54'i ; T OST. ON MONDAY, BE TV, . 7Trf..rT I lj ffn St. and Hull Electric d , 5 via P.O., lady's silver watch. K turn to Citizen. OOLITAIRE iF5 claim same at 164 Le Breton St. work ; good wages. Lunch, i Sparks St. Apply Uwanta J.1XPERIENCED SALl31LuDY FOR L. XJ cloak department. Apply 181 Bank St. i,i7 TEQUlREd3 IMMEDIATEIY BY LE-gal liirn, competent stenographer; must have references. Write Box No. ;. 6314 w I?1 knowledge of book-i attend office in a. Box 270. WANTS POSITION good all round, would leave 548 Albert St. keeping; vvouid like afternoons or evenu t "OMAN V cook, city. EWING WANTED references. TASTED, BREAD DRIVER. APPLY Slinn-Shouidis, 4oScatnariTie. aj lOOD SMART BOY. APPLY IMPER- ial Optical Co., Room 6, 102 Dank St. 04.3 qiswi: TrO.VIAN V V clean or work by the organ i Sparks St. STIC 1'DPI' UT tJT Tn T-T'C! ) able for beginners. John Raner I'iano Co.,. ns Sparks St. S94c ASON per no Co., I7S Sparks St. 391c PRICE Raper Piano 34c '" BOOKCASE ANT) oak, cheap, also sew- l!.a Bank St. 272" -I- rooms to let: housekeeping privileges. Z'.i 1 Armlv 242 Lyon St. .J-C f . ' - - 3USINESS CARDS. UNDERTAKERS. TIAM0lCSUCCES X4 . "'Rogers & Sons, Undertakers ai Embalmers. 221-233 Rideau. St. Tel. Rideau "dS. Open day and mgnt. Personal attention. Only private parlor in Ottawa for funerals. Ambulance service. & St. Ambulance Queen 1098. BURNETT. FUNERAL headquarters. T C-- . TJC Xi Directors and Embalmers, 128 Bank ' ; ..CDViaurn nnnf 4I.0 CJVJt li.-mt, .u. w." armlv 2fi3 board; K'K . . p'-."iu: nnisr.m. . oauitiiiK oo VARNISH raining, an- 34 tique and office furniture cleaned and re - FOR SLIGHLY USED' MAS' 'Ptf'J'J & rtiwjh piano. John Rai j -JTEINWAY SQUAltE PIANO, AS '; J1411; elegant tone. John Rapi t o., J73 Sparks Su COMBINATION " writing de. k, V L chine. PHONE QUEEN .3, between 12 arc i, o'. i.jk. SITUATION WANTED BY EXPER-ienced cook, female; city reference.. Box m. -541 lARI'KNTER WANTS WORK BY THE vy hour or contract. 47 Giirnour St. Phone Queen 7!. ). 62?? WANTS OFFC'ES TO; ,.CIt.NAC, .BASE . w ECOi day. Apply ' gooo conoition; win sell reas Box 261. 4M, i PI'i VANTBD. SlfUATl'6NAS Biff LE 1 1 or waiter, English. Address Box 3i). I Duke St. 4V. PAIR OF PICTURES FOR SALE X in cases, cheap. Apply after 6 p.m.. 2 Perkins St. ' .. 3 T.R1VATE SAl.F,"6F""H6uKlTm5Lf X furnishings; party leaving town. 216 Bay St. ; 53 1CONOMY, sonably. ADIKS. JOE THE HATTER OOiNU to New York selecting tne miesi : for fall felt hats. P.S. White ,-ci'lr.g hats cleaned,70 Bank St, 854c .AN ADA NEWS FILES"" -THE leading Canadian dailies kept for Terence; searches made; ;no.-ei ur-:ed: certified copies supplied. Charges P i Box 414. uttawa. ii Phone MACKENZIE BKua, r.i.j.u. u -rectors and Embalmers. Parlors, oil Bank St.. phone 4003; 407 Somere.t ot., phone 7700. Moderate charges. Personal attention. Motor and horse drawn ambulance service. . home a specialty. upnoisterms. i neatly done; most reasonable ! -vr;r., , V--. -,r- ; polished, c. Turner, u, L Hyman, 35 Stewart St. Phone T ADY COULD ACCOMMODATE COU- 54: JU pie; board if desired, or housekeep- .,, niTgrr) ing privileges; no objection to cnira. u . Dualn(t!, specialtv. AjONL Waverley St. J-.,nes Finn, 1 Hilda St., Hintonburg. , Jl tav TlOOM IN NEW MODERN rtuco-. j hone Oueen 7179. XI hot water year around, shower. f.K . nnT!tv:nv CARPENTER, telephone, etc. 362 Cooper St., 11. e-ite floor,, foun- fl'CnnTior. 11 1 ...... , i- a .. Ttr "Phone 8a- BATH i ; i Mil NUMENTS. UMENTS FROM THIS PLACE always been admired tor tneir views in tneir aesign ami :n actilntnre. R. W. Brown. t,s Launer Avft w. IS FIRST. ARE YOU FRONT ROOM; flat. Apply 74 VittoriaSt rVJ RXISHED X' ,-ierate. Box 2M. . I AN FOit HOUSB TO HOUSE WORK. -'X Apply 135 Elm St. I A '."HERS WANTICD. J- er. Clarella Park, Westboro. 54V. 70MAN REQUIRES ANY KIND OF II work, Apply 266 Laurler Ave. A. &4V. ANTED BY MARRIED WOMAN th one child, position as general servant at once. Box 240. w. WA .' j -VXPBRIENCED VfiEi "VM- i x sires sewing by the DRESSMAKER DE LOT OF CHOICE DOORS, SJ and frames, at a bargain; must be' sold at once. Apply to 313 Wellington. T-,..,CAT ILfT-'X-TiT. .VI . . 1 tt S Aitv. Bay St. or phone Queer TrT;srJ0l5EDRESSES, $:.; WORTH 11 douhie. Finn & Co., 1S6 Rideau. Phone Rideau 2a. MISS DES- Choice nces.Js04c PALMISTRY - M D E. !" ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS IN tr. ' mn 1ST miv next. FURNISHED, . --a - carpenter work given prm. X i tion: I I. E. screening and weather scrijjv.' i Cross. 64 First Ave, Phone u S3 j , .HOPPING WEEK AT MISS P) lardins', 275 Dalhousie St. " i m ilinerv for all at moderatepric CIENTIFIC -ii ! ft Laing, Canada's leading palmist. A GENTLEMAN'S RAIN COAT, - 38, almost new; a bargain. Gloucester St TOR SALE, REO 5 -PASSENGER I touring car, m Al condition. Aiignt . iic ntiininn is she is the queen o all IZE I ....mists. Don't fail to call and consult Apply 434 i her Make appointments by Phone No. 521-2 I Oueen. 20 Pamilla St.. off Rochester. 77c rpWO EXPERIENCED DINING ROOM X girls. Apply Mrs. Ruddy, 21. Lisgar St. 61V4 "tVANTED, JADIES ' AKD SCHOOL V girls for steady homework, decorating cushion tops; good pay. Call 212 Slater St. 57 jTI BNiCRAL SERVANT WANTED. AP-VJr py9 Albert St. A4 TWO WAITRESSES; GOOD WAGES; steady position. Apply News Stand. Central Depot. "V'olfNG GIRL FOR LIGHT HOUSE-X -work. Apply 91 Albert St. 64 rANTBI IN BRITANNIA. GOOD geneial servant, family or three; hignest wages; house all modern improvements. Telephone !t6 F21. SA'.j iNING ROOM GIRL WANTED; ALSO scrub woman. Apply 49 Rideau St. PhoneR.94). 671 HOUSEKEEPER TO RESPECTABLE working man; good cook. A. C, care P. O-i Westboro jpttawa. M IVANTEi-CTr'WO LUNCH COUNTER ' girls. Apply Nelson S. Leduc, Dairy 'Lunch, Sussex SL 64 BOOKKEEPER WHO CAN take charge of an office. Apply by letter, stating experience, references and wages expected, A. u. T.. -are wiaeii.. IF A PPLY PAL Citizen. WHOLESALE i .OY TO LEA UN crockery business; must have knowl edge of shorthand and typewriting. Par-eon and Co.. cor. Bank and Pretoria Ave. day. Box 234 53 innn Wniraavfi fe-RI W NTS WORK 1 v" cneap. T ADY XJ i GIRL WANTED. 4 APPLY Tr ITCH EN IV Savoy Hotel, Ridtau St. T, Oil TWO WEEKS FROM A L'i 1. 1". AN 1' experienced nurse, capable of taking Apply to Miss 63 VrICKLAYERS WANTED FOR WIN-J nipeg City; work plentif n; no labor trouble; union wage 70 cents hour; S hour day with half-day Saturdays during August. Apply Secretary, Bnldj s' Exchange, Winnipeg, Man. 60' j TANTED, SALESMAN FOR CI.OTH- Ing and men's furnishings store. Apply, stating experience, salary expected, and giving references, to Box 256 Carle- ton Place, Jnt. 54',4 I ARBER- WANTED," "STEADY JO B. x Apply J. A. Patterson, 7xi Gladstone Ave. 4i3 AT ONCE. 10 CARPEN- ters. Apply O'Toole and MeGllllvray. 'The Plaza." "41. HORSE 8HOER AND A blacksmith's helper. J. and T. Armstrong, Bridge at. 57,-. 53 ABLE: to run automobile and do; good references. Apply in . 55 ; X by the day. 216 Bay St. -I f: AN REQUIRES POSITION; .1X repairs exchange for good real estate, Queen 63H3 evenings i XT Strathcona. Telephone j 62, AARTHiS HAVING AMOUNTS OF $250 X to .1,000 to loan on best security at Address .ox i cinani. -.'u OOD'ISXPRESS HOIISE FOR SALE Tobin Ltd., cor. Bank ana ii-OR SALE, A B-EVV DRAFT HORSES, i . T. Clarey. 63 Center St. 370e . per cent r,'uu THA?.OUD. MATEliNTTY .N and other cases attended to. 60 Ottawa St. of piano and telephone, tiouiourn Ave.. near Laurier: reasonable rent to careful; person. Box 229 Citizen. . . 56 , rxj ELL --.m,.-.-"",,-n .mmA'AlT i ' D J-hitJ-ftl i 1 l.ij, d iniioo.'i i .i v,, ,,... ho,. v. central: u. i.,,,.,,... J I , . . c, nttnwa X'lCELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM:; " -i- 8S?, reasonable. Apply 276a BankSt DRILLING. promptly attended to. i Cambridge St. ;07c ""OTDERS Apply i"1 362c (E. . rTAT.TTV Ki looking for the best there is in monumental work? Ten to 15 per cent, off ail stock work. Robert Brown, 376 Sparss St Phone Queen 1S63. 74ic "VT75N U M E N T S OF ALL DESCEIP-iJL tions, lowest prices. Western Mon-j-mental Works, Gloucester and Bank Sis. THV'O WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS TO let. with or without board. 11 Ne pean St. '-l".n"GDOUCESTER ST.-ROOM AND X-y, board. 55 F- iRONT BEDROOM, WELL FURNTSH- ed; also smaller room; phone; central. 310 Lisgar St. MVs. AND :: i tended to. Phone 962. 21 Thornton St. T. rr t wnMpcnv rtttt.dfr ; 'J fnnlracin. johhinir DromPtly at- .UAL1TY, ORIGINALITY OF DE-vt sign, high grade workmanship, lowest price are features of our monuments. Phone 1924. Jones & Stevens, 277 Kideau St. , . VnCHOLT.K A XT") JOWETT. renters and Builders. Repair: 3Ho CAR- : specialty. i im. 589 McLeod St. Phone Queen S72c MARRIAGE LICENCES. MORRIS. ISSUER OF MAR- age licenses, uitice, . ,parKa NO witnesses requirea. 384c w D . V ria St. Phone 22SS. 61Q '1HA PHOPHON E SNAP-LA ROE D ISC j . U" ry repaired at L. Gaulin's, 143 Rideau -IAPABLE OLD COUNTRY DOMES-J tics, Scotch, English and Irish; party arrives about Aug. 5, Sept, 2 and weekly after. The Guild, 71 Drummond St., Montreal, and 47 Pembroke St., Toronto. V3U rAKDS CLEANED; ALSO ASHES taken out ot cellars; reasonable charges. Phone Queen 8-2. Y T Columbia graphophone, in first-class condition, with 50 records, $35; machine alone worth the money. Hiirteau-Wll-liams Co., 131 Sparks St. Store open evenings until close of sale, August 3rd. ssec NO. 1 , V Vllltiv rriin .,,-...,- -iN and Steam Cleaning Works. Upholstering done, down quilts re-covered, pillons steam cleaned, hair mattresses made uver. Phone 7735. 518 Wellington q. 9380 M TANTED WANT CP', AGENTS WANTED. "vATS. RSfi PER BUSHEL: HAY. I .ideau ion! ' . - 675c ! ISIl RIVING OUTFIT; HORSE, 5 YEAR.. oirl ifeic-bf l fio. well hroken: a so new rubber-tired buggy and harness. Ap- I ply at 271 Rideau St. 4 ADEAluiSELLE GAlttiAU, 137 YORK St. Dress and Mantle Maker. 'faction guaranteed. Per- 175o CAST-OFF CLOTHING. TJOY WANTED FOR PAPER ROUND XJ between Cooper and Argyle Ave. Ot tawa Despatch Co. 2 TE HAVE A GOOD OPENING FOR bright young man with some of fice experience. Apply Box 246 cuien. 64i. w .OOIl PAINTER only PRACTICAL MAN' Apply 3.1 Laurier Ave., West. S2 care of an mvana laoy. Conion, 229 ;harlotte St. W'.NTK!.). A GIRL FOR WASHING V dishes at the Daffodil Tea Rooms, leii1, Sparks St. 54 T.-'XPtRIENCED" GKNERAI. '.MAID: l-t no laundry work; city references. ;4 Waverley St. W WANTED, YOUNG- MI HIO TEACH KR. ' one who is patient and is willing to give long lessons for small sums. Apply Box 236. "S'.i kN MONDAY. WOMAN TO DO WASH- ing. 24 Arlington. 7i ENERAL SELVANT WANTED FOR VI family of three. Apply m Laurier East. 53 "TT ONCE. A COMPETENT NURSE -V for infant. Apply, with references, Mrs. Fred White, 368 Besserer St. 54 ,rpWO SHINGLERS WANTED; HIGH-X' est wages. Apply 16 Elm St. 64 ONCE, i and 55 64 AT BOY TO WASH DISHES AT Apply Bowers' New Lunch, i HURTRAIT AGENTS X for catalogue. Por 'onvex, frames and sheet pictures. liants Portrait Co., Toronto. AUTOMOBILE TUITION. WANTED FOR 1-I!P1LS X tion in automobile driving INSTRUC-and ren.-iir ing. Fun practical ami tneTticaI course. Special class for ladies. We also have automobiles to hire. Apply to The Cap-Hal Automobile School and Garage Co., '.Ia-'.I7 Albert St., or Phones Queen 15.2. 406. -933. 64 IN GOOD CONDI- cash or easy terms. bert St. 5340 -rICT01i, LATEST MODEL DOUBLE; V motor, time regulator, mahogany v . 394c j 1 .LAYER PIANO. 1 WANTED SEND I tion; cheap for c ortraits fiat and j Call evenings, 282 Alb. case; regular price $63, now $35. Lindsay, Ltd., 189 sparks r D UKE, HANDSOME DAPPLE GRAY; VA.NT K i, iUOD SBCON t HA X P "I ENHILAL I work; good liomc. Metcalfe St. A ATA NT ED. HOIST RUNNER V once; must be first class. Apply on job, Bank St. Bridge, or to Mrs. Arnott. Almonte House, evenings. 64l4 STRONG YOUTH"OR BIG ROY WANT-io ed at once. Apply Circulation Manager. Citizen. tf lUAN'TED NIGHT MAN. MUST BE steady. Also House Maid or Man and Wife. Apply Miuta Hotel. 63 rA-TED, A GOOD MACHINEMAN to take charge of matcher and tivo stickers. Apply James E. Wilson, Ottawa South Planing Mill. 52 AN OR STRONG BOY TO DRIVE horse. Apply 442 Lewis St. 53 ISH WASHER WANTED. APPLY SERVANT. NO HEAVY XJ Y. M. C. A. Restaurant. 8H Apply Mrs. Bret- i A'aRTONTKR FOREMAN. APPLY W. hoar, SWT Jamea St. M, q Adamson, 126 Sparks St. Phones 'ANTED, AN EXPERIENCED COOK. Queen 742S and Rideau 13.3. 52':. flee. canoe at particulars, Apply, H. It. M. fating pri ( itizen may refer- (JTONEMASON'S WANTED, UNION 53: men. ppiy on jom, cui. niiii-un nu iturier .-vvc., 01 .. v ,1111111 c.i,c ,-u. ONE .r.VNTEI I t water wagon; also men to ! Apply 30 Ralph.; TEAMSTER FOl! lack hay. V who if satisfactory gaged for a term. Apply with enoes to Mrs. Hill, 211 Rrortson Ave. WO YOUNG LADIES WANTED AT once for clerical work in a large oifice; must be ni-at, quick writers. Apply in own handwriting, - toting all particulars, including age, experience if any), salary expected, etc., etc.. Box '-':! J OCOMOTIVE FIREMEN AND Citizen. 60 1 I 1 hmkemen for railroads in Ottawa I'j-NT ED." SALE K WOM EN.' AI.1, "or ricinitv: pti-tM monthly; experience im part of time; guud prupomtkin to flr.-t n.-ccssarv; no strike; promotion. engineer- IP) 1 Connor I conductor. Jl.-u-.-W. many positions t"r -i - I CiCnPetcnt tneil , nuiv.-i- -m 1 11: nOfiSICS WANTED I WILL the New Arlington lintel, 1 WANT 1 cleai is a cross match pair and can't be beaten. Ring, 5-year-old bay, fast driver; Brownie, 7-year-old brown, very fast; Bob, bay horse, general purpose; Kit, bay mare, handsome cob. Remember out special sales every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. I,!ad Stables. 336 Gladstone Ave. E. M. Engram. Proprietor. 401c MEN'S yard TJHONE RIDEAU 393. HIGHEST X prices for gent's and ladles' cast-off clothing. Your old buyer. Singer's. 33 William St 778c PHONE RIDEAU 636. I BUY CAST-off clothing, furniture, stoves, etc.; highest prices paid. L. Miller, 47 William Bt. To Ti'HONE RIDEAU 1430. HIGHEST X prices paid for cast-off clothing, etc. Mrs. Kaminsky, 61 William St. 9320 1?IRST-CLASS FURNISHED ROOMS. X1 - phone, shower bath, hot water year around, etc.; gentlemen only. 362 Cooper SL t LARGE FRONT ROOM, ALSO ONE smaller, in new well furnished house. 111 Gloucester. ROOMS; ALSO TA- 521 i WITH PRIVATE ocality in citj Phone Queen OftQ ALBERT ST., 'JO ble board. ROOM m, fine: Sifton, 215 Metcalfe, -ittpoxt X1 , bathroom, finest locality in city. The 926 131c APPLY 81c J M. ROULEAU foiinrtatinn Riihm.rinft diver, Breton St. Phone S392. 274a H". LATHAM, " CONTRACTOR. ' CON-crete foundations, cellar tloors. walks, broadways, reinforcing, etc. 333 BeH St Phone Queen J243. . LET OUR EXPERT GIVE YOU Quotations on crating furniture and crockery. L. G. Fournler & Co.. Wellinj-ton St. Phone 2391. 239? EXCAVATING -.HARLES S. SHAW, ISSUER OF 1-7 t-e i -J marriage licenses, itoom jan i. TT. H. SANntri.!. FTPTTRTCAL CON XX tractor. Specialties: Bells, repairs. T0OM AND TABLE BOARD. - zoo tjueen &t, T. itiRMSHED ROOMS. SUIT ONE X . two gentlemen. Apply 88 Vittoria, or phone Queen 8022. OR , or 461o TTIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR CAST XX off clothing. Phone 8692. J. 475 Wellington St. Davis. 4000 d length rocks. St. Phone 831 19c. BE AT to!. Welling ton St., Thursday and Friday, Aug. S and 9, to buy horses from 1,1.) to l,.'i;) pounds weight; also a few de! ivory horses and a goud quiet driver for a lady, George Parker, Winnipeg. ,5 OFA BED WANTED, IN GOOdT'ON- dition, cheap. Apply Box 2'ii. 55 TED. NEW HOI's Eg TO BE aned. Communicate with 41 i-'In-t St. iV-TVANTKD, TEN CM.. .8 TO "DRAW Vcoal. Apply 333 P.ioc iu St. 541-2 Tito" exchange, " 'n e'" ii-" p a s s ENfT.: 7. X and one 7-iassengcr car for real estate. Phone 5311. 188c oni'TH African Ci: !:;::.' hivkp, O scrip. C Malcolm Wiggins. 7li Sparks Ottaw-a. 376o iSUKNITURE. CAST -OFF CLOTHING. XI highest prices. Golt and Co.. 1093 Wellington St. Ph-inc Queen 154S. 4s4c 'ANTED, 25 OJt 30 ACHES OF GOOD hay tnear Ottawa), with use of mow er and ijake. Box 72 Citizen 66c "fEATKERS. "ANY QUANTITY. FOR X casli. Canadian Featiier Mattress. 288Q .'P.hne Queen 2241. &47c 213 Rideau 782c "MORTGAGE FOR im AT 7 per cent, on good property for sale. Phone 3429 Queen. 34,-c ,'l'i;.'ITn:K FOR S M E- UPHOL-1 stering done by first class workman at reasonables prices. Repairs of ail kinds. Antique and modern furniture. W. M. Brown, 516 Rideau St. Phone 580 Rideau. 396c MACHINES REPAIRED : also parts, shuttles and needles. 83 O'Connor St 213c LADIES' AND GENTS' CAST-OFF clothing bought; highest prices paLL Bercovitch, 48 Queen St. W. . 16SO I" JOTONE '3336. SECOND HAND FUR-niture and clothing bought; highest prices paid. M. Spector. 477 Wellington St. 726c THIRST X 1 QEWING K I CONCRETE BLOCKS, LINTELS AND class people. Mrs. Rrouu. St. Callbetvveen 4 ana .. I ""Experienced " d r k - wanted; steady worii Somerset. S At A K I , Apply . i st I'ANTKiJ. A nil ik yo . Apply 260 Daly Ave . OOb GENERAL vJC laundry. Com w reaulred. Apply Mrs. erset. DINING ROOMS " Ol I ; 1 experience nut necc-.s.-n per month. - Alexandra HoU and GilmoMr. . "ITCHEN HELP WANT L Alexandra Hotel, cor. I M . hoi! VANT. I 1 irti. -i.-y I - i -miii-.i. I M'PI.Y K1 Bank Sts. ..... T'VNING ROOM GIRL AND 1TIAJ1-XJ bermaid wanted. andome Hotd. Wellington st, --'c I -).'. THE NORTHWEST, WANTED. X generals- chambermaids, waitresses, cooks, extra high wases. fares paid from Toronto; also help of all kinds tor To--onto and Ontario. No agency fees. m. Kntt, si. Vonge. Toronto. . OITSE TABLE MAID WANTED. AP- piv. witu rcierences. 10 .virs. .. .j. ewei't, 6- l,sscx ..t. 1-i RKleau ta"nted, CHAMBER- Mill M WAITRESS maid and kltcneu lulp Reid, 1S5 Queen jst. er. :D. A GOOD SMART KITCHEN W Agiri, Laurier Ave. W SERVANT WANTED. R A I. 1"1 Siter St 70C AP- I ADIt.S ilAKK S3 TO Hi AT 1 home decorating cushion tops. Ap- ; ly 212 Slater St.. 40 T iifADE 550,000 IN FIVE YEARS X with a small mail order business: began with S5. Send for free booklet: tells how. Heacock. 5149, Lockport. N.Y. ax AT MINTO Queen Sis. S71c State age. send stamp. Rail- - Association. Dept. A.. - Monroe Brooklvn. NewVork. st AUG 31 HIKK t.EPEli. HAVING K NOW 1 .-tae of stenography; young man r iwenty-one years, speaking 1-rencu English. Write, stating ase, r f-rionce and salary expectec, I"-")- 'HINIST TO RUN 51H.MTUK -it1'" Applv lo .1. H. conn -r Son 1 t l l"---tnriu Ail- , or 3, . -o.'imii Ate. ... I11!T CI.ASSR PLUMBHRS AND FIT-r. tor. A- C. W altz H Co.. 7 Court M. oi-tn Port Arthur, lint. WO 1-TltST- CLASS TEAMSTERS w .c-,,i: steady iv-uii tor men wno go V i'-osn in Minti i. 3S1 Gloucester St. tic I NC MEN' W .XTED TO LEARN f.-.tni; viilcan:.',i:ig aiivl repairing We teach you this tast growing I-,,-. ,t-i;on. Great liernand lor e-xper-, n i i ff 1 a 1 ill fi itll r yi:i i.-oi-i i'. m ecial di-nmg clas for :-t--;o.- I'atuicoill Automobile School. U-o-i rittl-.e. i-:4 palks fit, Phones ill t 1 1 1 1 i 1 46- NTED. ASSISTANT ENGINEER 1 -trr- m I " Khirratf. M.n.o., city Hall. m T ONCE. MAM .U.I.I sills, price right, material thi A. Orison, Fentlman Ave. Phone hest 50.3. 35fio VEW AND SECOND HAND POOL -LN tables, billiard supplies. Landrevilie. 176-178 Rideau St .APITAL SANITARY BRUSH-COM- DO NOT THROW YOUR OLD clothes away; send for J. Braver- man. DH William St. 62o lURNITURE AND CAST-OFF CLOTH- ng bought, bend card. B. wolm- sky. Easti'iew. 6830 QECOND HAND Fu'rN ITU R E." clothing, etc., bought and sold. A, Welnstein. 410 Wellington St S49o ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT board; charges moderate. 186 Queen St. M8c OPA SLATER ST. COMFORTABLY iOy furnished rooms, all conveniences: also table board. etc. Phone 3154. 491 Metcalfe St. 6540 "CAPITAL ROOFING CO.-METALLIC, slate, felt and gravel. Estimates. Repairs attended. 82 Arlington Ave., phone Queen 6920; 372 Bank St, phone Queen 7995. 434c ALFRED BRAD, FLOOR WAXING. TTcll -1. c, ..,- T.v 11 CltV. Ottawa. ' ' 93io fR- Chambers, 102 BankSt. 4610 H. C. SMITH,' S87 WELLINGTON ST.; watchmaker and jeweller; expert repairer. Issues marriage licenses. 73.0 EO. H. WOODBURN, ISSUER OP marriage licenses, -O6V2 Bamc t. Phones 1453 4S17. SiSo B YIELDING, ISSUER OF MAU-riage licenses, 16 Cliff St., off Kent. A NDREW G. ACRES. i- marriage licenses, 201 ISSUER 0- Queen St. (opposite Family Theater). Residence. 4u0 O'Connor St. Office phone. 4.77; res -dence phone. 3124. 2263 MEDICAL "tJliST BOARD AND ROOM IN CITY, XJ minutes from post oince, JI; irunkards wanted. US George St. -VTICELY FURNISHED ROOM. 1a vate family, use of balcony phone; gentlemen preterrecl. T30OMS AND BOARD. APPLY MRS. Keia, namptun caamDBig, i.o iueen no : 760c Pi-I-and Phone 8520. ARCHITECTS, CONTRACTORS AND builders attention to "The Miracla Concrete Bloc!;" with double air space, manufactured by Miracle Pressed Stone Co.. 623 Wellington St. Estimates free. Li st -OOe "LkARLORS, ALSO SINGLE ROOMS. X Apply 197 Gloucester St.. near Bank. 2750 H. BERLIN, 89 CLARENCE ST. Repairing of watches and jewelry. AH work guaranteed. M. H. CHAPMAN, 384 METCALFE St.. plumber, fitter, furnace repairer. Baths, bowls, lavatories, locks, etc. tlmates free. Es 3190 ,'1'iWO BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED X rooms, central; board if desired; splendid locality. 455 Cooper St. 537o or L-URNTTURE, CAST-OFF CLOTHING. X ladies' and gentlemen's. Highest prices paid. Mail orders promptly at-ter.ded to, Byer, 420 Sussex St. 291o card to 138 Bank St will call. T BUS N ESS CHAN CES. AN DON. MANITOBA. WESTFI? Vaniwiu A u,w city now: grow in? will quickly reach ,-.'UH ?r f rich, prospering area. Brain-ion u?oim.r.'. m all lines uf busin.'s-. iuvesnnfiit opportunint s. -Vm i-i-i in on (.-uri ao well in l-iran.ion. i'oo- iK'ini- um suppluM bv KniT'c .miimMciHi I;i:imu, i.te toinv. ws-An:. 7 TANCl rv T J I E W ( ) SD E .-FFU f. make you tut; monev on iui'r aiKi ,surro.mi'!.nf fO'.;n.rv iois: wb tU it un i ., t 1 1 1 1 d 1 tor-nation. V. n ;e us. -t pav v.n. it I t t u . t 1 t -t aiK-ouver. B. g VtVKHTlSEU WOULD INVEST sno onsiness: proposirmn or b;iv a fs'ilenc'e- Give details, confl.lentiaL t.o Citizen. 53 Our demonstrator 109c rpENTS, BOATS, CAMP FURNITURE ! X sale or rent; live minnows. w J Henry. S2 Bank St Phone 749 615c IJAX'.IK, 6 LIDS. HOT' WATEr"aT-XV tachments. w-armlng closet: will sell cheap: 475 Wellington St. S99c TUST RECEI VED. NEW STOCK OF O buggies and express wagons. I can save you 10 to 15 per cent, in buving your new buggy or express from 'me. Some good second hand express wagons aud buggies. H. L. Jones, Bridge an Britannia St Phone 4S62. 1650 A NT les Stables. Room for a few boarders. Horses bought, sold or ex changed. Phone Queen 3S7. 111 Queen at. 740c .out 25 H.P. CORLISS STEAM EN- gine. also 60 h.p. high speed. Get our prices. Machinery Dept., General 1.0. of Canada Ltd 5154c VUILl X Sal, G MASSAGE. MASSAGE AT HOME WITH PAT-ented Venus Rejuvenator, operated on water faucet. Beautifier, health restorer, cures rheumatism. Distributors make big money. Bausch Company. 16 Dalhousie L, J oronto. ws 279 pa thy ROOMS WANTED. 0,NE OR TWO FURNISHED rooms in vicinity of Ayimer. nyside. Reply 257. WANTED TO RENT, BY LADY ' teacher. one or two unfurnished rooms, suitable for light housekeeping: must be in central locality. Apply to Box 247, Citizen. 511-, U. I. BOIS, 86 DUKE ST.. CHAU-X diere. Plumbing, heating and sheet metal worker. Repairing kitchen utensils a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. 632o T. ETHERSTONHAUGH & SMART, X . Barristers and Counsel in Patent Causes. Fred a. jcetnerstonhaugh, K.C.: Rtssel S. Smart. 53 Queen St. 024c BED- un- 04',- ToF-.THERSTONHALTGH . CO. . , clo esiannsnea nrm. W D1 set St. 7 p.m. T ADY WANTS BY OCT. 1, A LARGE XJ front room, with grate, or double parlor, furnished or unfurnished; private familv; must be centra and good locality. Apply Box 241. . ' 54 'ANTED. FURNISHED ROOM WITH THE Patent Solici tors, 53 Queen St. and 5 Elgin St. 550c w piano. Please state price Box 237 54H WELLINGTON ST. TREAT- ments by appointment, naturo- Madame Childrose. 45Sc rpWO YOUNG MEN WANT TWO FUR-X nished rooms, witli bath, together in private family or bachelor apartments, vicinity Bank and Somerset. Apply Box 239. RS. DORA BEYEK, SWEDISH MAS. g32o M ment. Phone 26. TtTlSS LEACH. GENERAL AND SSL facial massage and Swedish movements, 53 Sweetland Ave., Laurier Ave. East DSo S" TRICTLY FIRST "CLASS MASSAGE," including electric treatments and baths, given at your own home. Phone 2346. 167c. VliU' AND SECOND HAND FURNT--ia ture bought and sold; all kinds fur- I Alii L v A IN. uOtlW ill in t;.) Applv t;ariLt'.! Bfink si. orr Ui ,H)1 nice husin I I 1 .1 ami pronertv ill. SSc ROOM ON e on Hank St. hers. Ltd.. 9i -.e rUNlTY FOR BARBER - shop, central 1-calitv. ess. Applv B ix 245 Citi-59 citcro repaired. upnoistered, polished, cheap. SMI Rideau St. ijc EW AND SECOND HAND FURNI- ture bought and sold. Repairing l-olstering ana repuo-runs. r.ronicK & Sozemovsky, Rideau St. Rideau 1562. 9220 EVER A"i. "CHEAP MARES, ALSO O express and driving horses. 564 Gladstone EW AND 362c CIVIL tNGINEERS. . T'IsLXiii-L" Civil Engineer. Ontario Land Sur- evor. Boom 10, Sparks Chambers. Phone Queen 145. 693c N. ic,ia 10 LET. r , in 1 1 ACHELOR APARTMENTS. ONE. two and three rooms each, with pri- ate baths, furnished or unfurnished. 136 Slater St. PhoneQueen6840 or S43. 510c - ROOMS A NT. BATH, -.EWI.y'DEC- O orated, heated and very central. Ap ply 42tjsgarSt.,olt Kent. 1 ESTABLISHED SINCE 1SS4. GENERAL i Patent and Trade Mark Practice. A. & B. Harvey. Telephone connection. ; 510c LLOYD BLACKMORE & CO., SUITE 706. 707, 708, 709, 710 and 711, Hope Building. 6! Sparks St., Ottawa. Registered Patent Attorneys. We send our book. "Patent Protection," free, giving complete Information and advice on patents, trade marks, etc., also patent office decisions and requirements. Patentability opinion without charge ' 964c T7E T HERS TUN 11A UGH & SO-N, rAP JD ents and Trade Marks. Inventors, write today for our most valuable book, "The Prospective Patentee," Patents, Their Meaning, and How To Obtain Them. Address 15 Elgin St. Ottawa. Canada 213o F. C. HAGAR, P.G. ID ND0N' . Office, cor. Elgin and Somerset Sis. Ofice hours. 11-12 a.m., 3-4 p.m., 7-S p.m. Phone Queen 2553. 47--- M.D., J. E. N. DE HAITRE. post-graduate of Paris (France) hos pitals, Genito urinary, women's disease . and sursery. Hours 2 to 5 p.m. anil 1 to. p.m. 2.39 Laurier E. Phone R. 113. IS) Church St., hours from 8 to 10 a.m.; phone 11. 142. 4 P. DILLON. M.D.C.M.. L.R.C.P. and S-, Edinburgh; L. F. P. and S-. Giasgow, 72 Elgin St. Offke hours: 8-U a.m., 2-4 and 7-8 p.m. Phone Queen 1205. u.. R. HERBERT B. MOFFATT, PHY- siclan and Surgeon. Office hours 8 to 10 a.m., 2 to 4 p.m., 7 to 8 p.m. Phone 4646. 486 Bank, cor. Flora St. 1. tr. a. f. mclaren, eye, ear. X-f nose and throat Office, 396 Somer- Office hours, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. an! p.m. Phone 1000 MUSIC. -rR. ALc. DAVID STRONG, OF H. M. Chapels Royal Buckingham and St. James Palaces and professor or sing- 54 ing at the Guildhall School of Music, Lon- . . ., t--,in fan rec.eiv'A a Tew mini a ONE CORONA, JAll ...- rinr. 1.: .."-. - '' one store. Bank St.; furnished apart. I for voice production and the art of smg- ,t- ort rooms. 155 Laurier Ave. and i ing. at his studio, lau cigm at. oi Medford. cor. Bank and Sparks. chum & DKstF' riss MURIEL GRILLS, Ltd. .. 3: jJJL Teacher of Piano, 183 Somerset APARTMENTS,, CORNER ; Phone Queen i.jj. Apply H TVA-TEKSON iSt BYRNE, CIVIL EN-X gineers and Land Surveyors. Phone 6100. 711. Sparks. B92o "i NDREW UK:.!., CIVIL ENGINEER and Ontario Land Surveyor. 125 Albert St. 497c LAND SUS- - veyors, Ontario and Quebec. Pr.ona 7181. I''4 Sparks St. . 6960 ciT AXLE Y -tin and AVaverlev Sts. G. Stanley, 337 Elgm. w mllE-GAINSBOROUGH, 285, 287, 289 X Metcalfe St. Best apartments in city One at S45 month, 1st September. 6 rooms and bathroom. Apply at once, Janitor, or Telephones Queen i2, 6115. 74a 68 A.T.C.M., St. 181c 1 I M nil 1 !il Lanu jljiug bed and Lime Hotel, cor. Bank and T.OU11 YOUNG LADIES TO CANVASS 1 for high clai article; ?ood commission. Apply Capital Manuiactur.aj- Com. iuy Jy and iiarket. -4o STOMED TO k. Aprlv I'ontlac Porlage uu 1-ort. 66 MATTRESS MAKER AND weaver; steady work. Appty x st -c JVL AGENTS Villi- lliu; ad ia.- vus.'.ng; salary 01 ccuiioi-mou. px m I- Loridon. . w ci.U.ESMAN "WANTED-YOUNg""m AN. io to 35 years, lor Ottawa and Eastern Ontario; "llleral income assured fiood live n.un Box 15. . l A Marble oue. WANTED, si 500 -NEW DOUHI.E. ui exciuine. BELL ST.; Pnone Queen 5 EMPLOt -s-ESMT BUREAUS. 4AAO MEN WANTED. APPLY A. 40'.".; D Amour, 66S Sussex St. 32lo ANTED, 300 BUSHMEN TO SHIP right away. Apply l. Aluusou, 44 Clarei,e. honji Jtaaa fliij - ;.o - ANl.FACTUHING BUSINESS FUR Vl -tie wei! eslahlished. doing pood t-ade: reason for seeing, ill Health. Box t;i' citizen. tvAc T'Uli ALL "KINDS GALVANIZED X . Iron work, roofing, hot air furnace work; also repairs. Phono 75-17. J. Stewart. . . Sl'-- NE DOLLAR BUYS $2 WORTH IN watches, diamonds arvi jewelry at YEW AND oECOND RAND EX- A presses and ouggies; also 3, iroq cement wheelbarrows, in first class shape. 4Xi St. Patrick. ic lUOVENDER,"jrpER CVT.; CHOICE X potatoes, flour and feed. Phone 6534. H L. Jardmsky, 524 Wellington St. lOOo D0UB"LE COTTAGE. BRITANNIA, half rented, J75; other half furnished. 151 Riiieau St. 460c (ARUMPEl'S, "OATCAKES, SHOR'tT V- bread, fresh home-made bread daily. Miller's Scotch Bakery, 2s2 13-mk St 247a 7 toMl LETE DRIVlN"0UTFlf;TbL-, edo scale, cash register and safe-il nearly new. -19 Somerset, after $. 106c OKES, WILL BUY, SELL OR EX .ne horses, buggies, expresses .r anytning connected with horse 0 H- Sbakt's, Pawnbi er, L Rideau St K INSURAI-CE. EG AN, StOTT & CHAMBERS, I.N. en- c-nie, t, xparnt noyai Phoenix. Alliance Assurance 1. 0 .. Royal Lite Am erican Surety CO., .-.cciuent. i-urwlar ! nes A food line of horses and rigs H, now I' y"u want ,0 bus or se'l try !, - Electric Transfer Co., 63 Albert St-T H. B'ovsnlee, Mgr. Phone 851. i "-irSsTlXRNlXCRli', SCRAP MET-S . clothing. A. Caplin. Secoul mod Dealer, 12- Weilingtun St Phone mi. sisS -.,-,.0. tic in SINGER SEWING MA LI chine- McK een. 901 Bank St. Phone W-5. INGEf PIANO TUNING. TGt-lLJ3-tAn3sEl I 1 c, Promnt and satisfactor- . vice guaranteed. Order by mall. 2S2o i fi' TpHE KENNTSTON - BEAUTIFUL X suites 01 aiim 1111- no- vuij v- sultes left, five and seven rooms with Ahth partly furnished. Immediate pos session. Apply 35a Elgin st Queen or 7-o mieen Phone 3184 3000 O FLATS LAKE. OFFICE MARTIN. Orme Piano Co. Phone 2&6; resi dence 23. 2-366C IRVING S3c MAHOS. H, X i. XPERT PIANO TUNING. XJ A. Mathews. 3i" Cumberland St TWO FOR BUSINESS AND lor, flat for living purposes. H. Hobbs, 335 Wellington St Phone 695. 5i5c TJB-LET APART MENT, LISGAR ST.. oossession now; heated, every con- ven'euce. janitor service. Also central houses. 345 Laurier Ave. W, 600. 1 11M UKTABLE HUJMS, FURNISH x- ed. with board; aio table board. 373 TANADIAN CONSERVATORY OF J Music, Bay and Slater Sts. Piano, H Puddicombe, principal. Violin, D. Heins, principal; many capable assistants. Vocal, Miss Ricardi, MIsa Brltton, Miss Bourne. Prospectus free. yoc t .nEDKItlCK BUSH. 558 BAY ST. x Specialist in Voice Culture; teacher 15o pianoforte and harmony. 7- . RAZIADEI'S ORCHESTRA MUSIC XJ for balls, parties, receptions. 63 St. A ndrew St. Rideau 1441. 533o I HANSFERS. Queen ORGAN'S LIVERY AND TRANS-Telephone 641 3S0C Uladstotie. cor. Bank. 402c VfATTHEW WEBSTER, PIANO TUN-Y- ing. Orders promptly attended to. 415 Laur'er West- Phone 4S44. 660 r.JNhl IU LUAN. terest A, WARNE AND real estate. 75 Sparks St LOAN. 3. lowe: McLean. 51 Sparks St. irOMii u .i-Lix, ll.lij UK JM. amall amounts, lowest rates of ln- r. MAGEE Canada Lif 597c LOANS ON Building. 8660 FURNITURE UPHOLSTERED. SXc s MACHINE, fl: INVALIDS hair, bureaus and other articles. he... 31 Bank St. 40 BUSINESS .AIUU AGE make automoo i:e repair Flat- (i.a&i Jsuraai... 'kone Ii-. ilBo garage. Bos 75 CitUen, WOULD hop or S3uo 77VT SHERWOOD, UPHOLSTERING, C5' polishing, repairing neatly done. 1(8 Star.ey Ave., N.E. Phone S4. 5n3c -TaRPETS CLEANED, FURNITURE . upiioisteriMi and repaired. Therlen. 107 Chapel St. 74o CUirOM JJSEBRKERS. 11INHEV & CO., CUSTOM HOUSE JT broker forwaraing. export and cen- i '.AitlSBKOOKE, i-lSVi BANK ST., FOR Kj Mi." 1 and Oct. 1. Duplex apartments, combining ilrst floor, large sitting room and dining room, hall, pantry and kitchen; second floor, four . eurooms and bathroom; heat, ice ini telephone; price $io; yearly leases only Janitr.x. Mrs. Peart. Phone 6S. Apply to J. M. Bate, care H. N. Bate and auus itd.. canii .St. Phone 766. . 8,s AEimj TT'ANTED, HEATED S ROOM APART- ment with bath; not to exceed $30. Apply Box: 265 6J WANTED, 5 ROOMED APARTMENT. " fu VA GU1FFIN, MOVING VANS AND X general carting, successor to A, B. McFall, 560 Bronson Ave. Phone Queen 2815 8840 T kHONE 6796. CARRIAGES. CABS; X livery and transfer; night and day ervlce. Geo. Latnarn, yueen -t. t I ELECTRIC TRANSFER CO. ALL J work promptly attended to; no de lays, always on time. Night and day, Tr. our livery. Horses bought, sold 01 exebansed. J Albert St Phone Queen 461. ' 613c AUTOS TO RENT. IViSSENGER AUTOMOBILE TOURING L car to rent; moderate prices. Phone Rideau 86-. P Metcalfe and O'Connor, children and maternity ... . T 1.-4 DR. QUACKENBUSH-SP.Gi.A'.j--chronic diseases, cancer anil mortH growth treated by homeopathy and wr man nature cure methods. Office hotJt 1. 1, . n m 7-S n.rn. 143 iV- pean St.',' near Bank. Phone Queen W. TV rA3J QLfPiTXS Cins. 8U a.m., - p.m., .u. pn and children. Phone S2. STABLES TO ET. . ... . m T ttiv-t- 1C. CP P LT. . D IV ...-.. -J" - .3 St DR J. H. ALFORD, rUST gbauu-ate N. Y. hospitals, 179 O'Connor St.. cor. Nepean. Hours: 9-10, 2-4. 7-8. Telephone Queen 3807. Jfc tSR. O. M. WILSON, POST GRADU-XJ ate New York hospitals. Specialr. skin diseases. Office, 212 Laurier Are-W. Phone 3974. . ! A. T. SHILLINGTON. M.D., C.M.. Gllmour St Specialty, disease- ol women and surgery. Office hours, 9 loll and 3 to 4. Phone 1105. ? C. J. McPHERSON, M.D., CM., EX-house physician Water fat. General and Civic Isolation Hospitals. Office residence, 1147 Bank St., Ottawa Soatl Phone 347t .- TVIi. E. G. QUESNEL. B.A., FHl-XJ sician, Surgeon and A-eoucheur. ei-consulting physician of St. Joseph is General Hospital. Sudbury. Office, 3i4 Kideau St Telephone No. 66-.j. X. VALADE, 142 ST. FAIKK-a Phone 1262. Office hours. 2 W 4.30 p.m. and 7 to 8 p.m. peciaiiie. iimlHiil.i-pTi'i! diseases. .Jf T. W. BIRKETT, M.D., CM.. L.R-CP. X. and S. (Edinburgh). L.F.P. ana & (Glas.). Hours, 9-10.30. 2-3, 7-8. PM ;-!; .., . .'.. v. e-in Sta. P. QUINN, M.D., CM. OFFICB and residence. 36 O'Connor St. ut- flee hours, 8 to 10, 2 to 4. 7 to . ri.uj ELIZABETH EMBURY. U.V..-XJ M.C.P. and S-, 125 Slater bt betwtej VV UIlii :ases. PiiJM C.M, Win3 m ATKI'S 'STABLE TO LET; LARGE" ENOl'SH & for 2 teams. Apply 414 sut.ei TAILORS TTiVT-SxjrpRESSING. REPAI?' C ladies' suits, 75c; .!-., suits made to ?, 84 Queen St Phone A L'TOMOBILES FOR HIRE, DAY OR urmshed; beat, gas stove, etc. Citizen. Phone Queen 8-l, Bjx 54 TABLE BOARD. fTXHE ABERFELDY. 2G2 LISGAR ST. X cor. uf O'Connor ft Board .3 per week. Prione Queen -s. 5m riVki: S-TERBaookE, ""cdftT slatf-T. 1 and O'Connor Sts. Table board, ). Paone 1754- So prlces on trip. Phone Queen 1755, 17 1 or 4T0o SUMMER RESORTS. riOTTAGE TO RENT AT BRITANNIA. V. cheap for liie balance of the season. Apply 224 Bank St. 64V. pOOMS AND BOARD'aT CAIlMAN'S XI Farm Houe, Farm Point, Que. Ap ply at once, H'H DENTAL "rrirTt:-' '"A - u n; n a. D K tlst 88 Vellln-to n 81., door from Beattie Argue 1 . 8 to 6. Evening appointments. ;:i. ; MACHINERY & LOCKSMITHS no eecoa 1 liniton St. brass and -7, vault and safe repairs. nii.:., bicycle repairs, automatic door - Phone Queen vf" '- PAINTERS & PAPERHANGEK PilNTINO. rrr.r.n.,."---- ..... ing. P.. Reynold-, M Laurier

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