The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1947
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PAGI TWO BIATHEVILt,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1947 Rent Increases Must Be Signed Oral Agreements Not Binding, Area Director Cautions Landlords who collect increases In rent* up to-15 per cent without entering Into a valid written lease are violating the Houslnt and Hcnt Act of 1947 and are subject to its penalties fur charging more than lh« maximum legal rent, o. A Cunningham, Area Rent Director of Blythevllle said today. Mr. Cunningham called attention to the lease Increase provisions of the Federal rent law because report*' have been reaching his office that some , landlords have Increased rents without executing a •written lease. Kiwanis Speaker "The law* provides ttint rents Bosses Seeking Harmony in CIO Foreign Policy Stand Sought in Carefully Worded Resolutions BY RAYMOND LAHR (Utilise! I'rcss Slaff Correspondent) BOSTON, Oct. H. IUP) — The rlnht mid led wines of the CIO were aqked today to endorse the general (ramewark of administration foreign policy without specific reference to the Marshall plan or the Truman doctrine to Quarantine Communism in Kurope. Capl, Newell Chaplain's Section of the '''"« 1'°'"* declaration. 4tli «»''mlt led to the ninth annual CIO Armv will pay Blythevllle a return ™nvciillon. *«» carefully drafted visit' this week «i«l is scheduled >» r Ul(! resolutions committee to to address members of thec Hi-'' l)rlci » c diffcrenocs between right wanis CMub at ilicir luncheon Wed-! wl "B groups favoring all-out support ncsduy in Hcie] Noble. , of the administration policy anc may be Increased up to, but not Hu will speak on tho rrllijloii-i' lelt wlh >>' delegates who regarded more thin, 15 per cent If landlords ! plrnse of life In the Army und,«>"!• policy as "imperialist. • nd tenants 'voluntarily enter Into I confer with ministers while In Hie! Recommendations oi the resolu- valld written lease in good ' city. He also Is scheduled to msAc lions committee re-emphasized that Uith' ", the rent director continued, t n radio address over Station ll 'e CIO wanted to make the Taft"Such leases will be effective on- I KLCN at 2:45 p. in. Wednesday.: Hartley Inbor Inbar law and lln ly if they are In writing ant! signed I and will conduct prayer services congressional leadership of Sen. Ro by both the landlord and tenant on ! nl the First Baptist Church that, bei t A. Tuft. H.. O.. pimimounl is or before December 31. 1947. The I nifiht. ; sues in the Ifl4fi political campaign lease cannot expire before Decem- j Captain and Mrs. Taylor vlsi'.cd Among the 36 recommended reso ber 31, 19*8 and a co;'y of It must I Blythcvllle in July while on n lutions. 10 contained uncoinpllmo.n be filed with the area rent office ! goodwill lour ami Mrs. Taylor will ti'.ry ruferaiccs to the Taft-Haitley »t Ingram Building within 15 days , be the Kiwitntuns' special! Inw and three others look swats a after the date of sign'.ng." j when 'Her husband speaks tomor- ' Taft. Or»l Agreements Vofrl j row | The foreign policy resolution v;u The important point for tenants | aiyi landlords to remember Is that j , )ami ,„ go lo C01|r[ [0 Sm1t , ll]unc . under specific provisions of I he Hiw * [j(j ns the lease must be written, Mr. - - -' Cunningham emphasized. An oral agreement is not valid. The reason for this provision is that the tenant who agrees voluntarily to,an increase up to 15 per cent, In return is given the specific right by the lease to live En the same quarters without B further rise in his rent at least until after the end of next year. December 31, 1948. Without this writtcti lease, a* required by the Congress, the one of the 23 (hat referred nelthe to Tail noi 1 the labor law. Appar to pro- in excess landlords hlbit I hem from inu of the legal rent. The lav,' also provides thnt tenants may sue landlords for three times the amount of the overcharge or 550, whichever Is greater, Several types of .sStua Lions In are violating the ; ertly in dclcrcnce to the left wing it did not mention the Marshall phi by niune and it did not refer to th administration aim to check Corn in Europe. But il did urge, in support of th "light ngainst hunger throughoi the world", prompt action to pro vide food and other economic-al lensc provisions of the law" were ' Ior lnc I'ehnbiliU.tiun of their cour cltcd by Mr. Cunningham as fol- I trlcs - Thnt section contained a pro lows: 1. Some landlords apparently feel Father Kills Daughter, Injures Another, Then Tries to Take Own Lift NEWTON, MUM., Oct. H. (UP)— A 44-y«r-old Newton Center Mison (hot and bludgeoned hi* 14- year-old daughter to death, critically wounded her 18-year-old sls- nfter^ paying $100 In fines | t«r and llicn attempted to take Ills nd court coats on two minor Memphis Police •fold Suspect 91 •lours Uncharged MEMPHIS, Term,, Oct. 14. (UP) - Alex Brandau, 65, an Atlanta, a., advertising salesman, was free own life with poison early today, police reported, Pellet U. Philip purcell Identified the slain girl u Nina D'An- tonlo, 14. A preliminary exunlna- Jack- tlon revealed bullet wounds in her on. Miss., trade paper (the South- back and a skull fracture as result astern journal) was fined in city of n beating. h«rgea Jollowlng live days of po ce custody during which he »'•* nable to communicate with friendi r a lawyer. Hrandau, a salesman for ourt and freed yesterday His attorney, Ab« Roberts, uid ie had been held by police 'or 1 hours without a formal charge. Charges were placed against Dran- lau Sunday after Roberts obtained i writ of habeae corpus. Under section 336 of the Memphis City code, police may hold uspccts a "reasonable lime." S'jv- :ral similar sittfotioiLi of prisoners (CliiK held Incommunicado hav« occurred her c in recent years, out a 'rcasonabln time" has never been leflned. Chief of Detectives M. A. Hindi said Its length depends upon the seriousness of the charge. Brandau was fined $50 each for soliciting without a permit and for being a suspicious person, A third The dead glrl'» father Fiore, » widower, and her «l»t«r M«ry, 18, were hospitalized in critical con- litlon. Hospital authorities said Mary hnd been beaten on the face and head. Polce said the father had swallowed acid. charge of being fugitive from justice was dismissed when It was learned a Georgia case against him had been dropped. Little Rock Mayor Names Food Committee Chief Crump Lauds McKellar's Plans for Retirement MEMPHIS, Term., Oct. 14. (UP) — Memphis Political Leader E. H. Crump today lauded the work of Sen. Kenneth D. McKellar, veteran Tene.ssee Democrat who has announced lie will never again be a candidate for public office. McKellar, Crump said, "stands out as a great Tennessean. strong, daring, honest and Incorruptible." Russians Move To Block Peace, Spellman Says NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 14. (UP) — Francis Cardinal SiMllmnri today foresaw a threat to peace in "a hew Communist' International headed by soviet Russia." The Archbijhop of New York, ! who hu been attending the Na- • tlonal Conference of Catholic Charities In New Orleans, said "new and fearful obstacles" had been created to peace by the new International. Spellman warned that the rebirth of the Comintern meant there had been declared "a propaganda war against live United States and all who would stand with us in defense of the principles for which we fought and to i which Russia solemnly pledged her- J self in the hours of our common [i need." li The cardinal charged that the!'" "propaganda offensive" was being | - BOOKLET EXPECTANT MOTHERS You arc invited to accept without cose or obligation a copy of MATERNAL and NEWBORN CARE, written by an outstanding specialist for expectant mothers on the fundamentals of prenatal and newborn care. 64 pages of educational text with 29 illustrations, charts and graphs. A helpfuJ guide for all expectant mothers. CITY DRUG CO. Ed Williams, Druggist 10! East Main St. Blytheville, Ark. waged In a pattern and with tyrannical technique, such as Hitler made familiar to the world. Read Courier News Want Ads. powerful friend" when McKeltar retires. Crump added that "time! will never dim the great work iie has done for Tennesseans and the He said, "Tennessee will lose a volunteer State.," LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Oct. 14 (UP) — Young Industrialist Howard Stcbbias, Jr., of Uttle Rcjck has been named to head the capl- tol city's food conservation drive. Stebblns was named chairman of the Little Rock Pood Committee last night by Mayor Sam Wassell. but the rest of the committee hus not yet been named. The group will have the responsibility of co- vision that foreign air should not oe | O1 . d | lmtlng (oca; actton wltn the sF^SrSraiKlswsTaasw faced with a further rise after the \ rent control law expires on Fcbru- I ary 29, 1948, he adder]. Office to Prosecute Violators j Mr. Cunningham said that where *uch violations conic to Its attention, the Area Rent Office !s pro- i the additional 15 per cent. ^CHESTCOIDS MUSTERQIE 1 YOUNG MOTHER 2, Other landlords have reissued leases lo tenant.^ who have asked for thimi but have demanded a 15 per cent Increase in the rent pay- lie nL 3. A side payment, Is collected In addition to the legal maximum rent. •I. Tenants are .simply notified of a 15 per cent increase without- on- offered n lease, Tenants and landlords enter into an oral ngrcomeut- without, complying with the loase provisions. G. landlord chiims ho U entitle! to the 15 per cent increase wLthon;. a lease, In all such cases or others, Mr. Cunningham stated that tenants should report the situation to the area rent office at Blythovllle. To ease distress of baby's cold while he sleeps, rub throat, chest »nd back at bed One with warming NOTICE Automobile Club Members Our office has now been temporarily moved to 418 South Lake St. Phone 240!). Ivan R. Van Patten used Vo coci'cc people in their rights to independence and cclf-govcrn* mcnt or to "Ian the flames oi civil war." Disarmament Favored The resolution also culled on the United N nitons to work for "progressive universal disarmament," \vhich II said, would include "Internal ionnl control of atomic energy with full power of inspection, 1 discontinuance of production of atomic bombs, the outlawing of atomic weapons, bnclcrinl warfare and nil wcnpon.s of war." The report demanded a v revival of unity among the United. Slates. Great {iritnin ntul Russia and swiri any other course could only create strife. On the cost of living, tne resolutions committee went beyond the Suiuluy night recommendations of CIO President Philip Murray nun demnndcd thnt Mr. Truman call au immediate special session of Conto re-cslublish price <xmtrol on all commodities and rationing ou food, clothing and other .necessities. It also 6&}led for^xing" speculative and excels profits, prohibiting mnr- gin trading in grain and an attack on monopoly. Chnrging that the Taft-"Enender- Wayncr bill no longer was adequate to deal with housing problems, the commit tee asked lor extension oi rent control on a more restrictive bnsis. a huge-scale program to build rental housing, the re-c,stab- lishment of controls on building RIK' building materials. food conservation program proposed by President Truman. Stebbins is an official of the Stebblns and Roberts Paint Company of Little Rock. Read Courier News Want Ads. 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