The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, OCTOBER IS, 1947 BI,YTHRVII,I,K (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE : Sim ' Resident of Philippines Seeks 'o Put Young Republic on Sound '•inancial Basis By End of 1948 ' Hy MILES VAUGHN UniUd Press Vice President for Asia •**»Y5in. i.-<i. \3. -rtt.'ivj—rt'csiQKfi Mar-.wi -»«;«>, „„!« ixv.ay that was determined to balance Ilic budget of the fledgling Republic ol In* Philippines «nd put tlie nation on a sound financial footing next I'ear. I The Philippines received Ihelr Independence on July 4, l'J4B. only IS monlht »jo, and were a major sufferer from the Japanese nccupa- j- Roxas said the ravages of war were so Kveat that he orlgumlly f thought it would be impossible to balance the budget before 1950. But, he said today In an Interview* —. Japan's Flood Victims Harvest Rice tor Themselves . now seemed that it would be pos- llble to strike a balance in MX. Ind he was determined that it Vould be struck. During the-comlng I'ear, he said, he was also deter- nlned to push his program to ex- bropviate big estates ami land hold- In the Manila area and redistribute them to the people at what Jhey cost the state. He said a lot of people have to teallie that the Interests of Ihe r.ommon people are paramount.and h« republic cannot. rest upon a [firm foundation unless ihey are riven their own homes at reasonable prlce.1. Finance* Get Attention Roxas received this correspondent |in his office at Malacanan Palare. was dressed in a sports jhlrt and light trousers and appeared to In excellent he'alth, although he works 10 or 12 hours a day, usually ,even days a week. His financial program, lie etn- Iphtsized, included drastic ?oveVn- Imental economy and vigorous ef- |forts to expand trade and build up Uonal production. In this con- Injpion, he was asked to whst ex- Item, the so-called "parity" amend- Irr.ent adopted in a plebiscite last • Spring had increased American in- Ivestmenls. Roxax replied that so far the :e[suits had been disappointing. He ex- Iplalned that the world situation be- Igan to worsen soon after the amenii- Iment was adopted and American ju- Jvestoi-s naturally withdrew to tile I sidelines to await a restoration of I world stability before risking their I money. However, he said, as soon as I world conditions improved, he haJ I every reason to believe that Anier- 1 lean capital would [low into the | Philippines in large amounts. He said there had been no phange I in his position that a peace treaty should be imposed upon Japan I that would prevent that nation from | ever menacing world peace again, completely supported Gen. Douglas MacArthur's program for developing Japan into a peaceful I nation. Supports MacArthur He said he completely supported i MacArthnr's view that Christian ; common sens* must guide the pol- ! icles of the victorious allies towards ' the Japanese. He. said common sense ; also demanded that the Japanese ! be allowed sufficient industry for . them to earn a. living and buy their essential requirements abroad. As for China, he said the Philippines government was doing everything 1t could to develop friendly relations with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek's government. He noted that India, Indonesia, Burma and f tnch Indo-China were passing ough troubled times, and said a: 1 improvement, could be. hoped for In 1948 He was confident his Liberal Party would win an overwhelming majority on November II, when Filipinos elect eight new senators and ail provincial and municipal officers. He implied that the ber,t the opposition could hope for was to win minor contests in the province: and towns. Five Lose Lives In Ship Tragedy Canadian Steamer, Buffeted by Waves Hits Mystery Reef POWELL RIVER, B. C., Oct. 13, (UP)—A riivrr prepared today to recover the bodies of three small children anti two women who were drowned when Hie Canadian pa-s- senger Jine Gulf Stream rammed a rock and sank oTf Mystery R*ef 10 miles north of here Saturday night. Diver George Umviii hoped U> find the bodies of Mrs. Georpe K. Elliott, Vancouver, B, C.; her adopted son, Lyle Frederick Hudson, 2; and her nephew, Douglas Llpsett. 3, and those of 18-month-old Jcannle Pavid and Mrs. S. Fleck, both of Refuge Cove, B. C. Mrs. Elliott, the two boys, and Mrs. Fleck were trapped in their cabins as water poured through, a hole in the -ship's hull. The Pavid baby was .swept from her father's grasp as, he tried to save her anc 1 his wife. Harold Pavid and his wife escaped. They were among the nine passengers and 22 crewmen who leaped from the broken ship and lung to R slippery rock until rcs- ners arrived. ' Seven of the surviving passengers nd three crewmen were being reated for shock, exposure and mi- ot injuries at n Powell River hos- ital today. The others did not rc- uire hospitalization. FlahiHR Boat to Rescue They were rescued by two fish- getting boats from Dinner Rock, he same rock that broke the Gulf Stream's back. 'It-was all over in 10 seconds/' aid Capb. Jack Craddock, Vancouver. Second Mate Ray Ketzhem said ,he crash- occurred at 8:20 p.m. ;PST). He said the ship was on course but, was fighting a "heavy swell that must, have pulled us onto the rock." Pavid snid "there was a slight jar, as though we had hit a submerged log. Then a series of jars and the bow of the boat rose high in the air...ah of the lights went out and the water started coming in. "I smashed the window with my hands and pushed my wife out. I grabbed in the swirling water for Jeannie but she slipped away. I wanted to look for her some more but I couldn't find my way around. "The crew made a line'fast and the women went down one at a time. Then the men got off." The Gulf Stream, a converted Canadian mail boat built during l3ie war, was operated by Gulf Lines, Ltd., of Vancouver. She was 143 feet long and displaced 336 '.OVLS. Lett homeless alter rampaging flood waters swept over a Im'gc part ol Japan, Ihcso vlcUms are shown harvesting a relict rice crop near Tokyo. This paddy (icld, which was originally created lo provide extra rice (or war sufferers, is the former Shmobiuu Pond in I he Ueno District. The current crop is earmarked for Hood victims. Mabel Ring ling Believed Wed Secretly to Elephant Trainer NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 13. (UP) — Mabel Ringling. 23-year-old circus heiress, and her elephant-trainer fiance Richard Durant weve missing from the Ringling Bros, and Barnum and Bailey Circus today ajid so WEIS a Louisiana wedding license. But nobody seemed to know for sure If the three of them were together. John Holey. Mabel's step-father; and circus president, would only; say that he believed "Mabel and her mother will be in Montana for sonic time." But rumors Hying around under the bigT top had It that the pair hnd : culminated their much-publicized : romance with marriage. : "They've gone and done 11," one menagerie',worker snid. Haley received the press in his private red railroad cur- and said he had no objections to Mabel's marrying Durant because he WAS an elephant boy. He denied another nsnmr that Durant had been paid off by the circus last night and had shipped on as a crew member of a merchant ship docked here. He emphasized that Diirnnt "Is-'still with the circus." Mrs. Haley, reportedly opposed to j their heiress 1 marrying the elephant trainer, made a hurried Irlp here from her Montana ranch last week. It wnR £i\lci she CMYIR because it- appeared Mabel and Dick were about to make usfi of a marriage 11- . Wood Burners First cooking stoves were marketed in the United States in the 1&30K and. were wood-burning, with built-in ovens and a tank, for heating water at the end. Mexicans Seek Mystery Missile Out in Desert EL PASO, Tex., Oct. 13. (UP)—A reconnaisance mission "was reported ready to set out, today from the Mexican garrison at Colonia GTiad- alupe to search for traces of a mysterious missile which flashed across the skies yesterday and exploded In tbe Mexican desert. The search was expected to solve the mystery of whether the object was man-made or a meteorite. The missile was believed lo have exploded about 17 miles from the point where a "stray" V-2 rocket exploded on May 29 after being fiicd from the proving grounds "at White Sands, N. M. The rocket went wild after being fired and narrowly missed several Mexican towns. U. S. Army officials denied that yesterday's missile was a U. S. projectile. Muscles in the human body weigh 43 per cent of the total body weight, while the heart weighs less than one-half of one per cent. Sunny -tells you why SCHENLEY GETS THE CM.ll .andon Assails Soviet Gangsters Kansan Also Irked By Third Party Moves Within U.S. TOPKKA. KfUi., Oct. 13. (UD — Afl M. I^mdom oh sir Red today tlmt he "KiuiRifUj'H who rule Iho Kroin- in," now hnve openly established he nxls tor Iho next war ami that we should kflop ourselves nrmcd bo- yonrt nny point which nny olhnrnn- lon ever before conlcmnkvtcd, In a speech prepared far deUv- ly before-Iho reimlou of the 20lli Sunsn.s vetornn.i—men who {ought In I lie Philippines In the Spanish- Amriicnn War—the KnnsiiK Uppub- irun saw in the re-establishment of \\f Comintern a "sort o[ countoi'- Uti\ck" w dofcns\ve niovo by tho {iisslrxus the Mtu-sliall plan. '"J'ho Mai'.shnll plivn hn.s In-eii lUHklng prog lew," ho snid, "The :ou>mmilsi.'i Imvu been losing Around. U h n sorl of co lint ho weiil on to sny that Hie revival of (ho Comintern was difficult, lo overestimate. U Is (he counterpart of the formation o[ iho axis," Lnmlcm »ald. "it inraiis Blinply this: Ilwrin is not iii'cpnritiR to withdraw from her Imginrlnlljllc alms. By boldly and openly revising tlio Comintern, she Is attempting lo expand them." lisindon allnrted sharply the ,„> "third party movement in th« b*ad* J of those who *ra' now 'iiripwk/ plug" In this country fad fetiwwd "It Is purely and, »ltnply tlw Mo*- «f sUn party In American politic* *fer i tempting to stab Us in the'bKk." , J The Croydon, Surrey, EngUnd, library collecta an tvenc* °l W> monthly In fine* lmpo«d for keep- Inn books ovcrtlms, CLUB 61 Bljllieillle, (H North Dlno and Dance Couplet Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Orchestra Kverr Wednesday Nlulil OPERATED BY GENE POWELL ' .-ense I he)' obtained in Blirevcpoi Sept. 22, But n few rtnys Inter Mnbcl snltl .he was sUll "uudcrldpo" about tho marriage. And slip conlinurd in her job ns n $GO-n-weck trouper Hi ft cirrus riding act. Nobody seemed to really know the score todny. At, If miybody Id know, they weren't telling. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. OUR SPECIAL TREATMENTS! l-'itbvirs nro different In ton- silo strength, wearnWlityand oilier qualities . , . That'* why wo use treatments best nclnplccl to the . individual fabric. And Hint's why, •whaft you sntul your clothes to be donned ;il Nu-Wti they last iminy months longer 1 calls completed .,. still skirting! THE SHME THAT STAYS because it has a hard-wax finish.! GRIFFIN The h&rder the wax, the longer-lasting the shint! GRirriN ABC WAX SHOI POLISH contains more fine, hard waxes that give you euier, brighter, longer-lasting shines. Uw GKirriN AHC WAX SHOE POLISH for the shine lh«t ilayi! • LACK, IROWN, TAN, O»llOOt> In th. «oiy-cp«rLing c«i p « R.m«mb«r t«lf-polishing BRtFFIN UQUID WAX * • *• for quick and *a»y ihines. 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