The Daily Herald from Chicago, Illinois on November 25, 1975 · Page 14
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The Daily Herald from Chicago, Illinois · Page 14

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1975
Page 14
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Section 2 Tutsday, Nevcmbtr 25, I97S THE HERALD Tuesday. November 25 Channel 2 WBBM-TV ICBSI Channel 20 wxxw (Educ) HP 1 "T"% / Channel 5 WMAO-TV (NBC) Channel 26 WCIU (Ind) 1 f\/~l'^\/ j*\iT\ 1 \ / Channel 7 WLS-TV (ABC) Channel 32 WFLD (Ind) 1 I Jllrl V UI 1 1 V Channel 9 WGN-TV (Ind.) Channel 44 WSNS (Ind) · ^^^-*V»^ ^-r · · Channel 1 1 Wnw (PBS) Channel 9 WGN-TV (Ind) AFTERNOON i^t 1 bniv^\afl« 12.00O LEE PHILLIP Q LOCAL NEWS O RYAN'S HOPE Ip BOZO'S CIRCUS CD FRENCH CHEF · it BUSINESS NEWS 44 pfipcve JA, rurc T c 44' SUPERHEROES 12 30® AS THE WORLD TURNS Q DAYS OF OUR LIVES O LET'S MAKE A DEAL ID CONSULTATION I® BANANA SPLITS .441 PRINCE PLANET VOOO GUIDING LIGHT O »10.000 PYRAMID Q BEWITCHED CD ALL ABOUT YOU 1 32,' PETTICOAT JUNCTION t44)MUNDOHISPANO M5CD INSIDE/OUT 1:308 EDGE OF NIGHT Q DOCTORS O RHYME ft REASON O LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE CDWORDSMITH f3D LUCY SHOW 1:4SfD COVER TO COVER 200® MATCH GAME '75 O ANOTHER WORLD O GENERAL HOSPITAL O FARMER'S DAUGHTERS?) (DAMtRICAN HERITAGE (32) THAT GIRL S BIG VALLEY TATTL.-TALES ONELII'ETOLIVE FATHER KNOWS BEST^l CD INSIGHT (Ml MAGILLA GORILLA 3:00(9 GIVE-N-TAKE Q SOMERSET O YOU DON'T SAY QFLINTSTONES ID SESAME STREET rg) (4! POPE YE 3:30® DINAH! O MIKE DOUGLAS O MOVIE "Thf Arringimint" Part II O MICKEY MOUSE CLUB S» C2| TODAY'S HEADLINES f32) LITTLE RASCALS ;44! SUPtRHEROES 3:45faj) MY OPINION QOILLIGAN'S ISLAND CD MISTtR ROGERS f2|) FOR OR AGAINST (32) THREE STOOGES § SPIDERMAN SOULTRAIN ROCKY AND HIS FRIENDS CD ELECTRIC COMPANY GijMUNSTERSdB 4 45© LOCAL NEWS 5 00® OO NEWS O I DREAM OF JEANNIE CD SESAME STREET f26) BLACK'S VIEW OF THE NEWS (321 BATMAN (44) SUPERMAN 5:15(H)MUNDODE JUGUETTE 5:30OO NETWORK NEWS QBEWITCHFO I32JMONKEES ® HOUSE OF FHIGHTENSTEIN 5:45® EL MANANTIAL EVENING 6:00® O LOCAL NEWS O NETWORK NEWS O ANDY GRIFFITH CD ELECTRIC COMPANY yjZ) BRADY BUNCn (Ml LEAVE IT TO B C A X J C B A5h BEAVER QCJ 6:30Q NAME THAT TUNE O DICK VAN DYKE CD DR. WHO (3?; AD AM- 12 ® GET SMART 6:45(26) LOCAL NEWS 7:00® GOOD TIMES OMOVIN'ON O HAPPY DAYS O MOVIE "lasi Hunt" CD PUBLICNEWSCEN- TER ('2S)ELMUNOODE CARLOS! AGHELO (32) IRONSIDE 1 44) MOVIE "Women in Pcfadiit" 7. 30O WELCOME BACK, KOTTER CD WOMAN All VEI 8 00® SWITCH Q POLICE WOMAN O ROOKIES CD ASCENT OF MAN (*; LOSESPECIALES DE SILVIAS PINAL (3J8MERV GRIFFIN 8:30C43)THATGOOOOLE NASHVILLE MUSIC 9:OOO INQUIRY O JOE FORRESTER O OSCAR'S GREATEST MUSIC O VAUDEVILLE CD SOUNDSTAGE f26 ASIESMITIERRA . [44) BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADE 9:30(32) BILL BURRUDS TRAVEL WORLD IO:008QO®@g) NEWS Q MO VIE "Cesar Rosalw" (3D BEST OF GROUCHOfB (44JSUPERSLEUTHS 10:30O MOVIE "Vanishing Chalice" O TONIGHT SHOW O WIDE WORLD MYHTEflY "Alien iov»r'_' IH MOVIE "Flim-l : l»m Man" fiBlLATIERRA (jKfllTTAKESATHIEF t'ffi PETER GUNN© 11:00 Ul 700 CLUB - -9 "" 1 1 :bO«UCAf'TIONEO NEWS 12:00«?l TOMORROW QMOVII: "btralegy of Terror" 12 30B BILL COSBY 1 2: 35Q LOCAL NEWS 1 :OOO LOCAL NEWS , O EVERYMAN 1:05© MOD SQUAD 1:15(1 MOVIE ' Jn the Waletlront" 1: 3019 LOCAL NEWS 2:0610 BIOGRAPHY ftf) 2:35«| LOC«l. NEWS 3:150 MOVIE "last Bliiii.(ie«" Experts plot bid sequence in this play Here is another reader's question hand. It presents problems in both bidding and play. The bidding in the box shows how two experts might well bid the hand. North responds two spades to see what partner might rebid. South re- bids two notrump to show a balanced minimum. North's jump to four notrump is Blflckwood in ordinary circles. Some experts play it as optional Black wood. South can pass If he is really ashamed of his hand, but responds Blackwood Win at bridge by Oswald and Jim Jacoby if he likes his holding. Needless to say, South likes his three aces and two jacks and shows the aces, where- upon North settles for six notrump. The play for six'notrump is a good one. South has to try the spade finesse and it loses. Then, the hand depends on a successful club finesse. It is normal to cash dummy's long of'clubs first whereupon it is necessary to finesse against East. He holds the club queen and South has his 12 tricks. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. NORTH * A K 10 5 4 V K 1 0 · K J 2 * K 1 0 7 WEST EAST A 8 6 A Q 9 3 ¥ Q 9 7 V J 6 4 3 2 · Q1074 * 9 8 3 * 6 5 4 2 * Q 8 SOUTH (D) A J 7 2 ¥ A 8 5 4.-U5 A A J 9 3 Both vulnerable West North East South 1* Pass 2 A Pass 2N.T. Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5 A Pass 6 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -- 8 A 25 Movie roundup ARLINGTON - Arlington Heights 255-2125 - "The Human Factor" (R). CATLOW -- Harrington -- 381-0777 -"The Outer Space Connection" MOUNT PROSPECT CINEMA -Mount Prospect -- 392-7070 -- Theater 1: "Outer Space Connection"; Theater'2: "Rooster Cogburn." DES PLAINES -- Des Plaines -- 8245253 - "Love and Death" (PG) plus "Brannigan" (PG) ELK GROVE - Elk Grove - 593-2255 -- "The Outer Space Connection." GOLF MILL - Niles - 296-4500 Theater l: "Mahogany" (PG); Theater 2: "Royal Flash" (PG); Theater 3: "Jaws" (PG). PROSPECT -- Mount Prospect -- 2537435'"Hard Times" (PG). RANDHURST CINEMA - Mount Prospect -- 392-9393 -- "3 Days of the Condor" (R) MEADOWS - Rolling Meadows 382-9898-"Hard Times" THUNDERBIRD - Hoffman Estates -- 885-9600 -- "Outer Space Connection" « WILLOW CREEK - Palatine - 3581155 - "Treasure Island" (G) plus "Dr. Syn" (G). PALWAUKEE MOVIES - Prospect Heights - 541-7530 - "Rollerball" (R). WOODFIELD - Sehaumburg - 8821620 -- Theater 1: "Dog Day Afternoon" (R); Theater 2: "Three Days of the Condor" (R) The Movie Rating Guide is a service of film-makers and theaters under the Motion Picture Code of Self- Regulation (G) Suggested for GENERAL audience. (PG) All ages admitted; Parental guidance suggested. (R) RESTRICTED: persons under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian. »,, AUKS - »** a ,/ T*U«US i\ AH. t« u)_tiii.n« I GIMINI IfJ'J* *"" " GIMINI 'f»" 'i- JVHt U S 52-5? 80 86 CANCI* ~'-JU'lt t £· !iw ?!. tio ·*56 11 33 35 tf 50 6? VI «00 MS t) ,'' stir, it -Bv CLAY R. POLLAN- K Your Oar// Activtlf Guic/e M ^" According to tht Start. *f To develop mo?$oge for Tuesdoy, redd words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign, 1 Plan 2F'i«*h 3 l«v«d 4 You' . SS8.MS 9 0»« »«Mu.«« j$sc'!» 9 W i « « n OA«d H A l2Swiiv;i! I3f"ie UOav I55«e5l5»s l4So«'di 17 A/? 20A(rs«l,en 21 h' 2t 23 Mkt ;a C""'d«M.:« 2SG.t 26 You 27 May 21 Gill* 29 fof 30 Generating 31 On 32 Day 33 Moke 34 ConSidflf 35ChOng«j 36 You 37 Ns» 38 Could 39 Will 40 Flowing 41 Welch 42Th« 43 To 44 financial 45Youf 4o Mokmg 4/AHoiil 481« 49 6« 50 Your 51 52 M^n«y 53 Mold 54 Don'r 55 EsD«iilly 56 Touchy 5? Prolong S3 Hotatdt 59 ld«o» «OTnp A!v "* 61 Rich 62 Advantage « Ir 64 OoCXHIt* 65 W.llmgly 66 Try 67Gi«ny 68 A 69Vmr 70 Foods 71 II 72 And .73 SM 74 Rm 75 Today 76 To 77 You* 78B«tivi,'e 79 Mai* 1 80 Be 31 Tued 82 Improve 83 Cautious 84 B 85 Or 86 Alert- 87 Invitations 88 Su/nnwd 89 Handling 90 Relations LIMA UPt. 11 p-f-r OCf. JZ^L 41.45.J|.i5*f 61-67.70 % CAHICOHN MC ,' " J/»rV. 19 1- 7.16-70 AQUAKIUS JAN. tt _»jl Ut. II t- 5.10-24^ 31-4274 ·ISCIS nt. it 2J-38-85.87V Crossword by THOMAS JOSEPH DAILY CRYPTCXH'OTE-Here's how lo work it: A X Y D L B A A X R to L 0 X C F E L I, O W One letter simply Momls for another. In this sample A is used '.or the three t.V X for the two O's. etc. Single letters apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are ail hints Each day thr code Irlters arc dlffi-rcm. CKYPTOQUOTES V Q PU P L I J , V X S M F I J R F B V L I W M 1 Y Q U P M I V H Q P M B D X L P F X L R U G X Q P D X I , J M L I P Y Q Z A M R R J Q I M . - Z M I Y F P L I G . G F L X R M B B Yesterday's Cryptoquote: WORK IS -THE MOST LASTING DRUG EVER DEVISED BY GOD... OR MAN ! - 0 A. BATTISTA (C IOT King ffatuui Syndicate, Inc.) ACROSS I Flabby 5 Lift 10 Concept 11 Place 13 Spree 14 "The Scarlet -" 15 Milady's accessory 17 Frances or Sandra U District of England 19 "Mati mouse" (2 wds.) 20 Wood sorrel 21 Recompense 22 Ruth's sultanate 23 Send back 26 Aromatic 27 Coup d 1 -28 "Big house" guest 29 S.S. Dine 30 Sailor 31 Kind of fever 34 Urge (on) 35 Period in history 2 wds.) 37 Pertain 39 Puzzler's cheese 40 Bass and -- (hi-fi settings) 41 Glut 42 Chemical salt 43 British gun DOWN 1 Supple; pliant 2 Exemplary 3 U.S. labor leader 4 Cowpoke's sidekick 5 Saint - of Poitiers 6 U.S.S.R. lake 7 Suffix for social 8 Write out; record (2 wds.) 9 Feline carnivore (2 wds.)' 12 Pact Despite nervous opening Turner's out to please by GENIE CAMPBELL It's hard to say who was more nervous opening night last Friday at Arlington Park Theatre -- the audience or the billed star. Theatergoers had the easier time of it fidgeting in their seats while speculating what Lana Turner would look ' like UR close and how she would react in the well worn Samuel Taylor and Cornelia 'Otis Skinner comedy, "The Pleasure of His Company." Lana on the other hand, had to prove herself and perform before an ' unblinking crowd of curiosity seekers. She did manage to do so, but not without the noticeable fear and apprehension of a misjudged,-innocent bystander prodded to face a firing squad. She came out on stage with a bad case of the heebie jeebies which fortunately gradually subsided as the play unfolded. NO DOUBT TICKET holders going to Arlington in the following weeks, will see a much more poised, confident Lana Turner now that the longstanding actress realizes the audience isn't going to attack .but rather, sit back and smile. The role of a matronly, wealthy, so ciety-minded mother trying to launch her daughter off to a good "start on a well-to-do marriage, is much more suited to her present attributes than the sexy, movie queen image she portrayed for so long. Director John Bowab has done his job. Turner's costuming is, for the most part, appropriate and attractive. Nor are flamboyant, dramatic gestures employed to juice up her stage appearance outside of several cross-, legged lounging Turner-styl? poses which do look contrived and would be better left out altogether. Having been out of the limelight in recent years, it is a decided tribute to Lana that tickets immediately sold out for all performances last weekend. The play already has been ex- Mid-week review Yesterday's Answer ' 16 Miss the- 2S Calling 21 Orchestra -- 30 Appellation 22 Deed of 31 Attacked depravity (2 wds.) 23 Go back 32 Marble 24 Cabinet 33 An Arab style land 25 Ruins 36 Monster's 26 Italian' Loch statesman, 38 German Aldo -- composer tended through Dec. 28 to accommodate those orders still flowing in. BUT IT IS not only Miss Turner but also co-star Louis Jourdan for whom . the public clamors. He has developed a large following in this area through his two previous engagements at Arlington Park Theatre. And as in V13 Rue de L'Amour," his most recent show here, Louis is at his best playing the scamp, a devil-may- care, winsome guy who is obsessed with chasing beauty and danger around the world. Impish, unpredictable, making the most of his precise French diction, the roguish Jourdan makes up for the play itself whose theme by today's standards registers stale. Playing the ex-husband who unexpectedly shows up to steal his daughter away for a foot-loose, fantasy- filled Tioliday, Jourdan expertly unloads those quips and uncompromising situations that still do work in "The Pleasure of His Company." Though it is by no means my first preference in theater, the comedy is "cute" and hence appealing to a wide audience. And included in the lineup are other talented cast members who manage to roll with the punches. Marilynn Scott actually does took and act like her father's daughter and if she at times appears just a bit too naive and goody-goody, remember she's playing the show in 90s style. Sidney Breeze is the kindly, philosophical and wise grandfather who graces the stage with a great deal of candor and wit. Don Marston wears his patience well as conservative husband number two, and Allan Hunt plays his part up as the-jilted cattle rancher who chooses to eat his-meat .plain and speak "bull" instead of ^French. Finally there is Arsenic Trinidad who in brief appearances, epitomizes the saucy Chinese butler. IF YOU HAVE a yen for the comfortable, "The Pleasure of His Company" will suit you just fine. Today's best... 'Movln' On.' Sonny and Will rescue bus passengers and an injured driver after a blowout and get pinned down by sniper fire. 7 p.m., Channel 5. * * * 'Happy Days.' ,Fonzie introduces "Sticks Downey" to the gang with mixed results -- he's "colored." 7 p.m., Channel 7. * # * 'The Ascent of Man.' A look at the world inside the atom. 8 p.m., Channel 11. 'Switch.' Pete goes to pick up his new date, only to discover that she has been kidnaped and sold into a white-slavery ring. 8 p.m., Channel 2. * * * 'CBS Inquiry: The Assassins.' Part 1. The murders of President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert Kennedy are examined. 9 p.m., Channel 2. * » * 'The Academy Presents Oscar's Greatest Hits.' Musical numbers from the 20 years of Academy Award telecasts. Jack Lemmon is host. 9 p.m., Channel 7. May 1, 1975 Edition DIRECTORY OF NORTHWEST SUBURBAN HEALTH SERVICES Welfare Agencies not included un/ess a medical reference MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ' EG-Schaum. Twp. Mental Health Center Elgin Slat. Hospital. Elgin Forest Hospital, Des Plainei __ Illinois Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Lutheran General Hospital Northwest Mental Health Clinic, Arl. Hts Recovery Ine ) Sehaumburg Counseling Center . 593-6490 742-1040 S27-88II 253-6200 494-2 J10 392-1410 243-2292 $94-3737 253-7121 $37-5533 439-2121 882-2121 438-2341 965-2121 253-2141 358-2121 255-2424 894-3121 MOBILE INTENSIVE CARE PROGRAM Arlington Height! Fir* Dapartmant Buffalo Grove Fire Department Elk Grove Village Fire Department ... Hoffman Estates Fire Department. Laic* Zurich Police Department Morton Grove Fire Department Mount Prospect Fira Department Palatine Fire Department Rolling Meadows Fir* Department Schaumburg Fire Dapartmant NURSES CLUBS' (Also Haalth Equipment Loan Closets) (Loan Closet numbers change periodically) Arl. Hts. Nurses Club 359-5843 [Loan Cl. 259-0794] DCS Plaines Nurses Club 824-3977 (Lean Cl. 824-3043) Elk Grove Nurses Club 437-2490 (Loan Cl. 439-2446) Hoff-Sch'buro. Nurses Cl. 894-3016 (Loan Cl. (85-1643) Mt. Piospect Nurses Cl. 255-4778 (Loan Cl. 392-3497) · Palatine Nurses Club 358-4912 (Loan Cl. 259-8732) Rolling Mdws. Nurses Cl. 259-1406 (Loan Cl. 392-5737) Whe»ling-BG Nurses Cl. 299-0634 (Loan Cl. 537-2304) NURSING and HOME CARE SERVICES Aloxian Brci. Mad. Ctr. Horn* Care (ref.) .... 437-5500 Community Nursing Serv. of Arl. Hts. (free) 253-2340 Cook Co. Dept. of Public Health DP (free) 298-5800 Elgin Visiting Nurse Service 741-1586 Holy Family Hospital, Des Plaines (ref.) 297-1800 Homemeker Upjohn 297-0117 Lutheran Ganarel Hospitel, Park Ridge 696-506 Medical Help i Nursing Services 296-1061 Northwest Community Hospital, Arl. Hts 259-1000 Northwest Community Hospital Home Care .. 259-1000 Private Duty Nurses Club .' 298-3546 Salvation Army Homemeker's Service,-DP .... 827-7I9F Suburban Homemakar Service, Evanston 864-6360 POISON CONTROL INFORMATION CENTERS Holy Family Hospital, Des Plaines 297-1800 Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge 696-5151 Northwest Community Hospital, Arl. Hti 259-1000 Aluian Bros, Hospital, Elk Grove Village .... 437-5500 PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES Arlington Heights 253-2340 Berringten 381-2131 Cook County Dept. of Public Health, DP 298-5800 Ell Grove Villag* 439-3900 Hoffman Estates 882-9100 Mount Prospect 392-6000 Palatine '. 358-7500 Rolling Meadows 394-8500 POST OPERATIVE SERVICES Coloitomy .'. _ _,, 3SB-395 Illiostomy l. 358-3965 or 735-4551 Mastectomy _ 358-3945 SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION (also Medicare) ,, ,, _ ,,_,, 239-7000 SICK ROOM SUPPLIES (See Nurses' Club Lending Closet] · TRANSPORTATION (Ambulatory) American Cancer Society, Palatine ,,.._._ 358-3965 FISH 381-7474 Volunteer Service Bureau of NW Cook Co. ... 398-1320 UNWED MOTHERS Bensenville Home Society .......,,««»».. 766*5600 Catholic Charities (Adoption) 23-SI72 Illinois Dept. of Children ft Family Services 793-4610 Salvation Army, Des Plaines 827-7191 VENEREAL DISEASE Coot County Public Haalth Dapt. DP (Info) 298-5800 Crossroads Clinic ,, ,,. 357-7575 - DuPage Free VD Clinic ., _. 682-7575 Evanston-Sltokie Cook Co. VD Cli. (Tu-Fr eve) 298-5800 Maywoed.Proviso Hlth. Ctr. VD. Cli. (Th eve) 344-6052 Regional Youth Sarv. Bureau Hot Lin* (Info) 358-8255 VOLUNTARY HEALTH AGENCIES Arthritis Foundation, Illinois Chapter 782-1367 Asthmatic Children's Aid 271-3110 Blind, American Foundation for the 32I-(880 Blind Service Association 332-6767 Cancer, American Society 358-3965 Cerebral Palsy Association, United 922-2238 Chicago Light House for Blind (Job Train.) 666-1331 Chicago Medical Society 922-0417 Community Referral Service 427-9623 COULD (Learning Disabilities) 259-6582 Council for Comm. Serv. of Metro Chicago .. 427-9151 Crippled Children i Adults, Easter Seal Sec. 243-8400 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, No. Illinois chap. 236-4491 Dental Aid, Harper College, Palatine 397-3000 Diabetes Association, American 943-8668 Diabetes Association, Juvenile 956-1029 Emphysema, Respiratory Diseases 243-2000 Epilepsy. Chicago Metropolitan Chapter 922-5448 Hearing -. Chicago Hearing Society 332-6850 Heart Association, Chicago 346-4675 Hemophilia, American Foundation Michael Reese Hospital (Hemotology Resident) :. 791-2000 Kidney Foundation of Illinois 263-2140 Leukemia--American Cancer Society 358-3965 Leukemia League 262-2938 Leukemia Society of America 726-0003 Multiple Sclerosis, Nationel Society 922-8000 Muscular Dystrophy 427-0551 Northwest Opportunity Center 255-3456 Recovery, Inc. Self-help Group 263-2292 Salvation Army, Elgin 1 741-2304 Spine Bifida Ass'n. of Illinois 254-0777 Sudden Infant Death Regionel Research Can. 531-3420 Tuberculosis Clinic, Perk Ridge 825-6672 Council for Community Serv. ef Metro Chi. 427-9151 I Presented as a Community Service by Paddock Publications 217 WEST CAMPBELL STREET, · ARLINGTON HEIGHTS. ILLINOIS 60006 Want Ads 394-2400 · Circulation 394-0110 · Other Depts. 394-2300 · Chicago 775 1990 The Accepted Influence in the Northwest Suburbs

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