The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, .OCTOrtKK 13, 19-S7 BIATHEVIU.F, (ARK.) COUKIHU tfE f/cfer/y Couple, Rescued After hitting in Gulf for Eight Days, to Wage War on Sharks {. i\j P.I---Aii elderly ,• on tlir CHI If df Mi ijieir "l:^i will nml t< couple ol st. Petersburg, ;i'-o lor eiirht Allays, today lumen I" in several I Mr. l.rfiv lul i I J .-Urn,*I* hV'nu-. *"» on Six in Arkansas ;ibn;ir:i a ; • la., fo "Wo rut- bod iron; of :M . i;,. in. Toll Over Weekend Includes Murder und Accident in Mlssco Uty United l'ross> •^ ^ ^ VL,. rMprri'-mvcl H (ta-ic "J:-cnd v. -tlj m St-aM, .sjx |)L>f.soii5 ' in,-, vi',:!cni d rut I is and :u If f*3t 't-c 1 ot lu 1 ! 's su! ft'iuiK serious jji- . I hi n 1 tii.;;tlis. ;uirti!f-r of burns :nid two Ncjfio l 1 !.! t.s of tin )H. up ,V<; we ft- ail ijiiii' 1 ^!, s e/i'd v,'t-1 to,',i'ls into i's as hitih ns the IXKU. Itahd.s :"i i>in mimphu: t]»o bilges ' Viih ;i hand pump. V/,- Ind ;i iniuv |ionrio bilge pump thai M onhln't t hi is* 1 rl a 1 , k "Oi n r'K.s :.' ;\ vc us st trouble Thry \vould haunt ^ in part icu'iu'. a In*; O:H-_ lie would mm over on his sic!.- and look us ] !<-hl in the eve. I hark crusade. Yes. Tin s^tim; b;u'k Jinri kill mi- sonic shnvks. A lot of l-hiirks." Mrs V:in Burfii suit! they trot a |ittle ext'Hcd nnnm lh<?y thnm-ll! led n ,phip -We fired a |].,r |ind then felt :\ } w it u |'Tha( Rimy urn- i uimly. J'ddk* I I' ].;iVc<' fiirnirr, Vi';(s ]{ill I'd instantly when hp |iv*,l •iiiilnil ul In* r;.r m*!ir tin- lilv- (iifcvJllr cHv limits, :ind M. t'. <'iirriii. :i'j. Armnrrl Ni'jjnj, ilicd <if Jt si'i*i-rcd jngiihir vctiu His :i Slewed .is-.;u[;iii(, \\'illic .lames Holmes, (irccnvt ood, tMiss,. %vas Ray I-YnruT, ID of Greeiiljfier, \vns killed when IIP vvn.s thrown iron: a Motorcycle into the path of an approaching automobile cm llK'Jnv^y G throe nnli-s north OL Conuay. TJie driver of the car, S. L. T):u - ;;ct' of RdSPhud. \\iis din rgcd with ncjilifx-nt liomicido. Mi.vs Wiilic Map Fei-jMisnii. 17- .vrru-rJti (iiiiinhtcr of Mr. anci Mrs. Roy Ferguson of I ho Sand Hill com- nuiniiy. died of hi juries suIK-vcd \vhL v n .she \\HS struck by a t:ai* drivtM Texas Desperado Felled by Bullets i Officers Link Former Convict With New Series of Burglaries TEXAUKANA, Tex.. Oct. 1H lUPl - A 30-year-old TCXAJS cx-convj'.'l and b.idnmn, wu.s .shot lo dpjUh lu a running Rim battle with two Howie pounly officers and H slate highway patrolman Sunday afternoon just West of the ,'l>xaikiina cil> limits on Righwuy 67. T'lie ami Drcckenrid^e, Trx., man \\ti.s Wiily Claud Harroll. v: ho \vn s linked wi l h two .sn fc crackhijis hero las 1 , week bv two of Ills crvupnnions w|\o wci'e captured Wt'dnestlay night. He was hit throe Mines as he exchanged .shots wllli aulhoritie.s. Bowie Couiny Hlierili Bill Pip^ley syid he had been :iUor:»ied dial llari'e!! hud Just t'omplctPd his third prison wnit'iire in Texas. PreslRy said 23-year-old CJI Whllloy and 22-yoar-old Gone Hal- Sard, both of BrrckonridRp. i in pli- cated Han oil in Mnieiuents to II Cov.n:y AMorucy Bun Hilchi.son. Tlioy .said Harrel! planned the -safi 1 i'mck;::L!.s atu! acoompantetJ lliein on Ihe veir.nrcs, j cd \Vedursitay niglu when oili.'cis iid fi d ;\ larni in LiUle Ri^'i-r C'orn- ir, Ark. Presley said Il:uroil est-ap- I d at the 1nnt- iiUet' firing .several j •sliols lU oilifors. Officers intcrceplod Hr.rrcli yt-s- erd'iy as he approached Texarbuna in an KLiloinobilo. Hari'oll fled, ignored slitnits to halt, atid fired u.'pr liLs .shoulder at the officers who promptly rotwrnr.o. the lire. PAGE THRE1 Four Pem'lSCOt \ Bodies of Dead Women Picked L n _. Wor ! d w ° r " For Jury Duty CARUTIIKRSVIU,fc, Mo.. 13. -- Koiir IVmtscot Co\nily nidi liavc been selected by County conn to .servo BS Jurors for .Hie Novemlx-r term of Circuit Court. 'IDry are Mrs \V. F,. Oot- Returning Home OAKLAND, Oi,].. Orl. 13. (UP> — , Till- Ills! of 3,0-H war <lrn<! which wo _ niTlvnl lino Insl work uboiinl Hit 1 I ll,c ! transiiorl Jiontln Knot wt-re on tliclr] 1 Inst tmin (rip lotlny, unit K tow liml ii'ni'heil their home towns. 'I'lii- cunsiutuiH'nt.s of t-lior of Virginia township. Mrs. Ar- i brown inotnl i-nskels left Hip Onk- don SiH'iRlu of Pomiscot townslilp. i Inml lust nlKlil unit ((>- Gnuln Wnllarc of l.lltlc <| uy ni, ()im | socially t-nnvri-lixl lios- ptUl niut biiufcw aivs, Kiu'h car." gimnlni hy lionor pscorl of solillois n on liir 1 las; tiu-'nt .V< .ve Tile oollpl y tor Sl. r IGirl Survives 90-Foofr Fdl to Louis Nccholas to Sing At Caruthersyille Oct. 22 nn<| Mi.- River lownshlp, wlio woro naurd as jurnr.s; and Mrs. n. u. Mast i- son of nayii. named an alternate. The complcie i>f Jurors, named Is as follows; Llltle I'rahie 'CiiniLhersville) ' — Casey Jones, \V. N. Harrow, JIUIIP.S Perry, C. S. Klrkpnlrkk, juror.s; Felix Kyle. [,<»sllc- Knotl. Henry Cain. Sr, J. L. lledye. nhornalps. Bn(|pv — KrneM Htle-s, juror; Jakp Swift, aiiernnir. Virginia -- Mrs. W. E, Ootoher and J. A. Jonos. Jurors; John I/. James and Joel Proctor, altcr- imlo.s Gayoso -- E p, New, juror: Hugh JohitMm, ahornnie. | -. j. C- N'pthery, juror;] S. T. F*i'et]rli, alternate. Hayti - J H. Ituddtrk and Char- Icy Maitin. jurors; Mirs. II. H. Ma.sterstin and. Je.s.s Gwiu. fllter- nate.v Oi'Sftn -- Juhn Keslrr. Juror; Rod Thomas, alternate. Cootoi — Hoy Marshall and Claude Jones, jurors: OCIUT., Akerr and D, hen Hnl;y. alLernale.s. PeinLscot — Mr.s. Arden Spei^lit and John Thompson, Jurors; Dick Constant and George L. llarrcU. al(crnatp«- HrnRjjadoc:Lr> — J. A. Jolllff and Fred Terrell, juror*; peck Dye niul H. Rn-ant, Jr., alternates. Concord — ,1. U. Henderson and Tom Buys, jurors; Lad Faust ant! J. W. lludKrn*. alternate. 1 ;. Litllc Hlvrr - W. N. Hawkins and Mrs. Gracla Wallace. Jurors; Bill G a Riser and Joe Owens, nl- tet nates. Holland — j. F. -Lit I IP. juror; Homer A, Smith. ^Iternatp. Godalr —- Stanley Kdvvnrds, juror; Raymond Dodd, alternate. i special was lU- tached (o reKulnrly scheduled Irnlni bound for regional dlstributlou centers ul Memphis. Tenn.; San Autonio, Tox.: Onden, Ulnli; Auburn, Wash., Mid Columbus. O. The Hrst cars will reach these poluu Oct. Ifi. Ocl, 15. Jnday, (oiuoriow and Ofl. 16 respectively, More lhau a itilid of the :i,(Ki8 ciKskeiA and Ifi uin.s af ashes alxuird the Honda Knot had been unloaded loday, A dnyen of the war dent! rencheu their home.s In norlhern California tddiiy by Haiti mid Army ambulance, Kiu'h casket was accompanied by n Kmird o( rU lejist the same rn»k ns the deceased, lie \vlll remain In his rharfie'.s. homo town tnul uttend funeral M'rvlee.s as the govern menl'.s representative. Agri Researchers Seek To Eliminate Stickiness From Peanut Butter WASHINGTON, Oct. 13. tUP)-- The A Kilt 1 nit 11 re Department re- yeuled luduy Uiut Its expt'i'ls ni'p hinkiun itvomid for a wn>' lo dike the "tniuilh stickiness" out of peanut knitter. l.iiuiK'hlMK » ni'w re.seiuvh project to improve the mm Hi y m* peanut product*, tlip depurtmeiU .said ppn- init butter's "oil sepai ullon." ulid "failure to keep well" would ulso be ^Iven "spectiO altentItui." Half of all the peanuts rmiMimi'd a.s fond Hre entnu In the form 'of pi'imiu butler. The rosearrli will be 'conducted nl ^he department's New Orleans, La,, laboratory. CHIROPRACTOR "IleuIIIL Is Mimelhlns iliul e<nnes from within. The creator put within your Ijoriy nnd mini! nil the elements of health. When your nervous sysiein Is In luno with nature'* forces, you will b* well. CoiiMiU a ehlropiaelor about your health problems," Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncurocalomctcr Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist liiuini niiln. UlyUievillc, Ark. ;r. Oi-l. i:i. <UPi- . was recovering m n fiiopjiitnl tock>\ from ininor i]\juries i'.' when ..shQjfcH 1.1'oin a prom- iry. plun-jrci On K-e.t. niul landed 1311 a rocky lecUio in the Shcnnn- Mnry Mnrnhy, 21. \vn?'- rcseiKd'hy | forest rnnsfvs who \vnrl:cd two with a rope lad tied to re- ITIOVC her from the lrtl»e wjtere phc litatrlit'S said the i',ir] liiiffrrnd only n broken ;ivm. cuts • and bruises. If- The pirl's two .si.slers. with whom Kid g on e to t ho pa rk for a \y oulinp. said .she. "leaned liver the edge of thp rock, losl her | ba!n nee and disunpeared." Miss Jiirphy's cries for iielp ]p(^ runners 3'tliR -spot, where «ho landed. L::Uu j UccV:. on the Lonoke- Coitcm Pi:tnt road. The yamit; »irl w;is ali.^iiii!'.: from u bus to boaid a truck, when M ruck. R. K. Flanrkin. 50. ol En-lan-J. died in a Lit lie Rock hospital from burns suffered in an explosion at. an Eiujliind gin, Jirattl nt Tavern A nit: he club all creation resulted in she death of Ariolph Lenartl. 35- yacr-olfl-Ne^ro parolee from ihe Arkansas Penitentiary. The slioui- | mji occurred near Coscow. in Jef- ler.son County, and Coroner Ed Du- prec sMd thai another Ne«ro. Rob. ert H. Tcr.vnsend was in tlie county ~ ! j;iil in L;(>nnecL:on witli tlic slaving. a ! Willis Curtis, 24. of Mayflower. is in a serious cnnriition in a Con\ -ivy Ho.vital from injuries siiffcr-d in a *ber:r tavern brawl on the Ccir.vay highway in puJaski County, ])epuly shcrilfs were unable to lo- cii»e a witness to*" the''fight.'!' Mob Hjiy, 57, .suffered -severe burns when five dr.stroved his liome at 3:ran2:. in Union County;- and J. \V. -S)>an]ini;. El Dorado ma«aai!;c dealer, -,v:iA injured .seriously when his uav w:i.s >iclt'.s\vij>;'d by another on the Calion Road near El Dorado. Meanwhile, funeral .services for Franc us E. Dodson, formerly of North Little Rock, who was killed :n n .truck accident in Cheyenne. Wyo.V OL-I. 7, will bs held at the Bayou .Meto crmtlery this afternoon. CARUTHKRSVILLE, NTo. Oct. 13. — Loui.s Nicholas, tenor, will ] be presented in a concert ai (Jie hiyh school auditorium here Oct. 22 by the Music Study Club of Hits city. | ^_ Mr. Nicholas Is on the vocal" " staft ot tjie School of Music at indientpd by ilip du-t ihnl ho has Gcoi'RC Prabody College. Nashville, siven 12 differrnt recital progrnms Tonn., and has been termed sue- | in the last five vear.s ccssfii! in his leaching and direct- Ing, He has received excellent notices following his many recitals, and the extent of his repertoire is Mr. v his pram. Ni-'iolas will h.~ accompanied «:-• wlio will present two -t?i \ion.s as parl o[ the pio- Get'it *'. from. General Contract Purchase Corp. 119 West Ash Street Phone 2928 FARM Jliiim; <>J1ic«, Newark, N, J. LONG TKHM PROMPT CLOSING LOW RATE <:AU,, \VJUTK OK SKR RAY WORTH1NGTON US S, Tlilril St.. ItlyUirvlllp. Ark. Si-rrltiB Tills S-'llnn -• V,.;,rs Aiitlitirhi-it MiH-1n,itiit t.nnn Snllcllnr far HIE I'KIIIIKNTIM, 1NSIIKANCE CDMI'.VNV (II- AJlKRICA COMPftNV i IT'S NEW! IT'S MAGNIFICENT! ' :A : t .,.-'-. ^T*ilS|ll' .' ' = "^/2-^^lS" i vTJtet&l _^ :^ff^l ^^i^_, ,.^,'L DESIGNED BY IMTEP.NATiONAI. STERLING f;E SUSE TO SEE IT AT The Grandest Array of fop Flight-Values You've Ever Seen Dreifus OFFERS GREATER SAVINGS ON BETTER JEWELRY n September It your big month for bfggcr-lhon- ver \cvmgs You'll find every ilem ol gorgeous jewelry eichondiie In our friendly ilcre priced right for lovingi . jo^i when you. apprecia'« il most, at ihe enrf of Hie mmef season Sclecl horn our large ttocki of grcalcr valuei now . i^e youi credit to buy every- rhing on convenient budgel terrm. You'll find fhere'i greater savings on jtwelry that !i belter in quality, finer Jn make and nnllonally advertised, Sc« for yoyrself. Compare and iove! CONVKNIKNT As Little As $ 1.25 A Week Buys the FAMOUS WATCH You've Dreamed Of Owning pfe^« from out gnat tSo^vtng of Amtrica'i youf guorant** of qvalit/ va1t>«. 6-DIAMOND BRIDAL PAIR FIERY DIAMOND $ 49 50 "Anil (inii'l niVc me iinv .of (hut so Imvc-luipiMMHMl-lu-dic-molor line ... I hitppvn lo kninv I hill c-niililn't liappen 'i-misc SKAY MOTOR 'OiMl'ANY pill a new nioldr in your cnv!" Pride &Usrey General Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 BLADDER IRRITATION Aldinilniii Vfilluv Aliiiunil CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Open 11 a. m. — 1 a. m. DELICIOUS PIT BARBECUE Cooked With Hickory Charcoal Steaks - Fried Chicken - Seafood All Kinds Sandwiches', Plenty of Parking Space Call Us For Football Results Scores of High School Games at Home and out-of-town, available- at the end of each quarter Phone 4341 276 So. Division St.

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