The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1947
Page 6
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PACT six (AKK.) 1 COURIER NEWS'. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 194 KansasUncertain (Tike's' Status Taft, Dcw*y Backers $<6w«d. Till General Decides Candidacy • BT tYLE C. WILSON (United Prtw SUff Correspondent) TOPEKA, K«n. 'Oct. 11. <UP) — The ZSsenhower-for-prcsldent hoc out here looks and sounds like it might havt some stop-Dewey angles to It. Until General Ike takes himself definitely out of the presidential picture or announces that he tan be had, the supporters of Gov Thomas E. Dewcy of New York ,vre talking pretty softly, If at all. No Kansas Republican leader would dare tie himself firmly to Dewey unless Eisenhower was out of the way. It Ike should get the G. o. P. nomination next year, President Truman wouldn't get enough votes In Kansas t'j be worth counting. That Is tho way they fell about Ike in this typical prairie state. But If Eisenhower Is not available. look for dispute In the Kansas delegation to the Republican National Convention.' There is a lot • ol sentiment here for Dc»'ey and there is beginning to build up considerable enthusiasm for Sen. Ro' bert A. Taft, R., O., Taft's swing through the Western and Northwestern tier of states caught Kan«as looking and listening, Taft, Dewey Rooters Gassed Both the Taft and Dcwcy rooters are gagged effectively until Ike makes up his mind whether he • is to be a politician or tile president of Columbia University, New Yovk He will be out here in a fortnight 'Airphibion' Offers Choice of Travel—Land or Air 'HECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL 1JLOSS Can't Stand U WHO WANTS Tuel OLD TMIM6- ANVWAY? A LOTOFGOCO «l DOES US TO _ PAV WE CWaiK1 Robert Fulton Jr.. direct descendant ol the Fulton ot steamboat fame, gels ready to attach he fv°n-s and rc"r ri selage to the cabin oi his "airphibian" in Washington. When In he air he aTf-car half-airplane 8 will cruise at » speed ol 110 mph. Bui when "grounded" the "cabm" alone will Ua«l up To 45 mph on the hi 6 h«ay. ' . . and airplane instruments. Missouri, too. Ike's cneey responses to questions about his political future Have even some of his supporters baffled. They hope the general knows thai the Republican presi- dcntila nomination cannoL be had simply for the asking. Some of them arc fearful that !kc may think such distinctions are served to military heroes on sliver platters. They are not. Ike can have his home state delegation If he wants It, of course, but if he Is to have real convention strength he and his friends will have to work for it. Want Ike Out Jan. 1 In that ccnncclioii, a story Is going around Kansas that Ike may stay on a chief of staff until mid- March or thereabouts. If that story continues to circulate and bccamc.s for a homecoming celebration at persuasive, the Elsenhowcr-fov-pre- Kansas Stale Agricultural College slclent boom will collapse like a of which his brother, Milton, Is purr of bubble gum. His backers out there Insist that Ike had l>et L Icr be getting out of the Army on Jan. i—-no later — and announce Immediately If he Is available for president. The home folk In Manhattan and Abilene, Kansas, are trying to set up the show to avoid political overtones. But word already hM come to Kansas that some Eastern reporters will be along toward Hughes' Press Agent Ignores Call to Court, But Sends Lawyer NEW YORK. Oct. 11. (UP)— Elusive Johnny Meyer, the pudijy, fun- ovlng prcts nscnt for millionaire Howard Hughes, today again Ignored a court call, but a lawyer appeared to deny that Meyer was the father of a baby born early this year to Blonde Patricia Miles. The attorney Jerome K. Strauss, demanded and was granted, an order for a blood test to determine if the 25-year-old former cigaret girl's paternity charges agalhst his client were Justified. Judge Frederick L. Hackcnburg In special sessions, however, denied a request by Miss Miles' counsel, El- vln Unterman, that Meyer's bail be raised from the present S5SO to S5,COO. in view of "his past escapades." Gun Expert Convicted Of Slaying Companion FOLKSTON, Ga., Oct. 11. (UP) — A 21-year-old former army expert Friday was sentenced to tie In a Georgia electric chair lor the murder of his hunting companion in an Okefcnokce swamp cabin las' July. A Charlton County Superior Court Jury today returned a verdict of guilty without recommendation of mercy and' the rcri-linlren, inusUchocd slayer sat immovi'd as Judge Walter Thomas sentenced him to be electrocuted November M In the state prison at Rlc£- ville, Ga. draft. If Ik e lets the thing drag on only chances to pick up delegates. If President Truman Is Intcrc&t* Aome Eastern reporters win ue ,UUUK u i*e "-'" ll11 - """*> >••"»» ~" .....j -• - to cover Ike's homecoming. They! to take hlmscll out of politics de- cd. Kansas Republicans pretty undo not expect difficulty In finding ' finitely around the first of the formly believe he will lie hard to u*j IIVK e-M-"-^" *•»'*• 7 • . _. ** _ \. . , ., r i i. .. i _i ..„ t „—... \\ff\r ..nvl t>nii> A V/in v rlfTii t >lnW some political implications In Ike's year, the bencllt of thn' strategy return to the erass roots. i would seem to go to Taft. What ' '' they say Whether by intent or coincidence, this presidential boom for Ike has wliat fitted perfec.tly Into the strategy of all but the backers of Dcwcy. The Dcwey movement simply cannot get going in Kansas unless Ike steps out of the way. Otherwise the Dewey boom already would be well advanced here. The brakes on Dewey extend well Into Western about Taft out here is Republicans say about him pretty much everywhere — He would make a good president but would be a poor candidate. But Tad's political sex-appeal sccius to .be increasing and the longer Kansas or any other ,statc Is de- lick next year. A year ago they thought he would be a pushover but they don't see It that way now. That suits the Dcwey crowd all right They claim their man Is the best vote getter In the pnrty and If the opposition is to be tough. the G. O. P. hud better put up their best man. To this argument there sounds Health Worker Honored ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Oct. 11. (UP) — Dr. Thomas Parian, sur- Rcon general ' of the U. S, Public Health Service, last nlglit, headed a list of seven recipients of the 1047 Lasker awards of the American Public Health Association, regarded as the top honnr In U. S medicine. Dr. Parran was hjuyi'on at the association's 75tli annual nieetin, for his outstanding contvibutl.-ns tc the national heallh <iud the licalth organization. tayed In jumping aboard the Dowey over the Kansas Prairie's n diicry: band wagon the better are Taft's "Yeah, but what about Ike?' THE STORY I Wfcll* ortv .It O.I rlill.K. DaTld Mrr in ta wHhk warrle* ld krr Inhc-rhn irMliiBl •!• vi1»h XVI ting the gentle chestnut mare's dead aimed in that direction, plodded behind her, deeply troubled. The picture Joyce had sketched of George was utterly incredible; it just couldn't be true! "By Sieve Landers, I suppose." George's -eyes were cold and his jaw set a little. "It sfiunds like something he might s'ay. Well let's leave Steve Landers in New . York where lie belongs. Hun along now and do yourself up in youi most devastating frock and we'll toddle oft to the hotel and have some fun!" S HE was weeping now, as a child weeps K one arm crooked over her face, her body shaken with her sobbing. Happy put about her and held her her arms close. IN her own. room. Happy was 1 hesitating between a pale blue frock that made her eyes look very blue, and a jade-green thai did even more interesting thing? the end ol the week Happy to them, when there was a knock was riding with more, conn- on the door, and Joyce^came m. dcncc and beginning to enjoy it. She was dressed She had seen George only in lhc|l°w, and looked B evenings, for he was very busy you in daffodil yel- very pretty and didn't notice her soothing her with honest pity. Suddenly Joyce threw up hec head and looked belligerently at Happy. "Don't you start thinking that David is a cheap liltle fortune hunter, or that he won't marry me unless I gel the money," she said fiercely. "He'd marry me this minute il I'd let him. Bui how can 17 You 3ee, David hasn't a penny except what he can earn; and then ther;'s his mother I can't just move in on them anc let them support me while 1 do nothing—which is all I've ever been trained to do. David is riding instructor at the Golden Isles Hotel. It's on a smaller island eas of here, and one ol the most ex elusive and expensive winter resorts In the country." She had herself under bettc control now, and she managed damp smile at Happy as she saic "Sorry I was such a fool. I hadn seen David in several days anc I sort of blew my top." "You are in love with him «ren't you?" said Happy slowly |M Surely, if George understood— Joyce gave a derisive sniff. "That's funny—knowing Georg ' as I dol All George can unde stand is that David and his moth are not descendants of the ori inaJ settlers and that they con 'from poor people." She swung into the saddle a 'turned her horse toward horn • And Happy, after laboriously ge with the spring routine on the vast |»mb«r eycs.^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ . ... . I look like a mermaid or something ""Shad been guests ,or din- ^.U th* <f ^-^ ner on two occasions, and once (hey had dined at a neighboring ale. Geurge had been worried lest c be bored, and she had laughed idea to scorn. She was having marvelous time, she assured him uite honestly, it was all so beau- tul and so different from anjr- ing she had ever known. On Saturday evening. George Id her. laughing, "'With Satur- ay night, comes drink and ruc- ons.' Hardworking farmers knock ft from their labors on Saturday Happy," she said casually. ."That settles it. 1 couldn't decide between the blue and tin green. Thanks." said Hnppy. ano slid the dress over her head, settling it about her slim body with whirl of the full skirts above silver sandals. Joyce prowled restlessly aboui the room, and it was obvious thai there was something, on her mind Suddenly, she turne: to Happj and demanded sharply, "Did you tell George about meeting David? 1 ' ftcrnoon and really step out! ow'd you tike to go dining and ancing at the Golden Isles Hoel?" "Sounds like fun," said Happy. "You're a very nice child. ;appy," said George, and his voice was almost caressing. "You ask little of life; it's fun to do things for you and see your eyes ight up. And die! you know here's the cutest little ghost ol dimple beside your moulh when you laugh? You should laugh often, Happy — it's very becoming!" She colored a little and laughed. "I've been told that my happy disposition can be a distinct bore. The fact that 1 smile belore breakfast and like to ivalk in the rain indicates I'm not too bright — or so I've been told," she said lightly. Happy turned an astonished face to her. "Why. o< course not; wh> should I?" Joyce made a little gesture and her young face relaxed. "Sorry. But George has a perfectly poisonous way of worming secrets out of people without theii even knowing it." she apologized Will David be at the hotel?' asked Happy. Joyce's eyebrows went way til in pretended shock. "One of the hired help? Ms dcah — how you do carry > on!" "I'm sorry, Joyce." "Let's not talk about it I'rr such a fool and 1 don't want tc spoil my make-up with tears Come on. if you're ready, the car.- IKI&C awaits without, m'ladyl" {To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoop'.e OUT CUR WAY By J. R.Williams >lJ ASK. ME 16 POT SlOO iM Mi \<i GOOD, MR. rCDWL .' People- f, A*iO VOO WOYT EVEt^ T£LL Vf . ^itxyue GOT GMA. EttoOGW R fc SELL BArif\rt^ SEEDS TO M SKIHAOS, HOOPLE:. 1 — 80T-— V/ '•' SlLLVASlTSOONiDS, J'\ ^Cff, \T.' . l^i\J6ST^^.e^y^ PoRCW^SE REQUIRED METAL A.ITO EL&CTR;C^t PAR.TS—UM.. CASH , X PRESUME:.'— AksDVDO t SKW.L TOP WE LIST OF AT THE. V \ MOP TIT HULL BATHROOM, TH 1 WAY >DUC TIDENVXRK- TRAVELS.' PI. KIDS! f CDS. LOATMSOME BOY FSIENOS REVIVING- TWIRP SEASON i [DON'T You see ? ITS WE PRINCIPLE I OF "WE THINS.I N I'LL WRATe AN AXISWER. INSKIDOO AMD THEY'D BETTER. RQOTlW NO BOY TELLS MB WHAT I CANT DO' "Haven't you something that would bring ovit the nip!m» a little more?" Why don't you btow\ / A/otv, don't get yourse/f to one, II oi And you'd better not buy an expensive one for that's what } need--3 Fall house dress. MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN Cheerful Question YOU SAY JANUS WAOKiM HASN7 MUCH IONGER TO UVE? WHO KNOWS, M Fllllt. WHEN ANY ONE OF US MAY BE CUr DOWN IT IS *Hl-KNOV,'N,tilR.WAt«Att, TIWT YOU HAVE A VAST HOARD OF THESE CM.D-5I2E BILLS CC;;CfAlED SOMEWHERE IN THIS HOUSE WHAT'S coiHGt OVfR AT JANUS'S. SOMEHOW I irl A SECRET »NEt, POSSIBLY DR BEHIND1HIS OtO ORMOLU CLOCK ON THE MflNTfL—EH WR.WADHAM? PEERLESS CLEANERS CHOO CHOO BEAT THAT TRAIN TO THE CROSSING AHEW. CHIMES THE NF« WILL. 6fTON WITH THE Now Hcii(lc(iiai'ters For Guaranteed .Rug Cleaning Curtain Cleaning By LESSLIE TURNE Dial 2433 U 6 S. Franklin S(. STMOP YWH W> \N THE YW3S, POPS:. MJ FOR ft CHANCE THE ST(X6E POOR! HURE* S1EL5 1 . TN<E 10LJK PLACES. IT'S P> 1ATE CUR.TMN Mt! BUI" FIRST 1tWJE THE 6IG SATISFACTION'. CCV.E. FHIUR.. HE CANNOT UN!EE=«?EMET! . CMtLO..CONTROL VOUKSELF! IS FOOLISH TO \VRECK. THE THEMEp. (V POOR INNOCENT - (AMIS' 1—i / ALWSfS TOI DO THE . SO HES NOT HIDING IH THE TRI)NIC5...ASr WE'lfEr IOOKEP SAME...MID IWDW PICKARD'S GROCERY By FRED HARMAN NOT SO (A'ICH SCOt> TO _ PlA"f FOR ti.^c ROW-' HiR COM.TELR AND 6A. OUt RiO RYSE'J « JAIL Phone 2043 10'M Chickasawba 4-in. Concrete Sewer Tile Concrete Culver! Tile Size 10 in., 36 in. A. H. WEBB Hwry. 61 at Slate Line Fhonc Blythcville 714 OW, HSS <5ONE-KNGWiNG HOW HOPELE.B5 IT Wf-S TO MAKE YOU GIVE UP C.M2BYINS ME OFF. HE SWE IT UP 9*0 JOB .^.^ STOfplM' , THA.T--i'M By EDGAR MARTI BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES , UOOK 1 A COMPACT : ROD GOT sou oro fore, ouo t 'If OH, NO.' MO W.YSH PAS \ /MOTTKIS \ ; \ B-XTH5.' \Vt'LL h'\V6 TO S ' TIME-.' IM • ' —^ Av ^A.^ ^A WAq-T ^i 1 Q-igW^U^V \

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