The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1947
Page 12
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Meat/ess, Eggless Days In U.S. Fail to Impress Americans, Compliance Reports Indicate .- ' *r iwted .-^A Mpcr-MUtaff Job kppccrcd nece*e*rr today to tell th* Amerieee pslrile «a she idee, of aMNtUese Tuesdays mnd eggt*** Thundkyt. ".Heports from KTOH the nation showed the ptan had not o»u«rrt Jood "vital Men? reetau/ente rebelled M the idee of stripping Uielr menu*. • oiafcned customers wanted mee* CKI Tuesdejrs tod *f*a and poultry CD nundfty. M»iiy r«ete.ur»nt» said UM putonm- wovld be' "risjM." Ertn Uw purpoee of the food* = __ ptan seemed to be m doubtful nut-' tor among top administration leexi- en. It took PrWdent Truman, himself, to re-affirm h!» earlier menU that th* plan wee of taportance." The big boo*t tor tl« ald-Kurope plan appeared to be In the »CT«vinf in a ok>s«ly-guarded section of fee agriculture department. The department's crop statisticians •ere scheduled to release their latest com crop report l»t« today. The lint "egglew" day yeetec- day wae not ntactely a roaring *uc- eeaf. At I*k« Suoows, ti. T., the tnited Nationc cafeteria eerwd bard-boiled efgg au frattn tor Junoh. Jfcrt Jay, the principal Army poet ID Hew York, >erv«d «Ks for bcMkfaat. Uauy New York rwtau- Inflation Curbs Need Attention Planning Association Critical of Agricultural Department Plans Army Recruiters Turn Tables on Navy write itartod the day with uo eggs on the menu, bul put.them tack quIeUly when customers started' walking out. A apot check of re- tent >ale< ki New York showed eg| and poultry sales had dropped «r3y JO to 90 p«r cent. The Golden Gate Restaurant As- •Miallon at San Francisco rejected the. administration's "meatless and egoless" program. It sa!S restaurants "cannot be compelled to dictate to their patrons what foods they shall eat." - The Chicago Restaurant Association recommended that Its members comply with 'the voluntary conservation program, but said It "did not want the job of forcing the public to comply." The association said it could do no more than recommend and would leave compliance to the discretion of Individual restaurants. Many restaurants said they would serve vhat the customers wanted. At Rochester, N. Y. restaurant operators said they served more iwheat products In the form of wheat cakes and cooked wheat cereals, and more bacon and ham while eliminating eggs from ths menu. ' Livestock BT. LOUIE NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS, m.,'0ct. 10. (UP)—tUSDA) — Livestock: Hogs 8,000, salable 5,000; uneven Barrows and gilts steady to weak with average Thursday; some sales 25c lower. Sows steady to 5Qc lower -Bulk good and choice 180-300 Ib barrows and gilts 29.50-29.75; top 29.15, but majority 29.50; 160-170 Ibs. 28.50-29; 130-150 Ibs. 26-28.25, 100^120 Ibs. 23-25.25; good 270-450 Ibs. sows 27-28.50, largely 28 down Over 450 Ibs. 25-50-27. Stags 18-21. Cattle 3,400, salable 2,200. Modes supply of cattle comprised largel of cows. About 65 per cent of receipts being this class. Heifers and light butcher yearlings, as well as Ri THEATRE ^Manila, Ark. WABHENOTON, Or*. 1C. (TJ.P.)— The National planning Association today criticised long-range agricultural policies designed solely to cope with another great rifipren- sion. It aaift tht- problem of Inflated farm prlo«s and Income* also nhould be considered. "The possibility of a depression drastic a» that of the early 30's s remote," the association snld In statement presented to a House Agriculture Committee. "It Is not enough to focus only an depression, policy in this arcn hould come to grips with both depressions and Inflations. Furm- TS. we believe, do not want either ixtrcmely low or extremely high iricefi." The NPA Is n non-profit, non- loliticui organization devoted to illuming in Agriculture, business, abor and government. 1. Establishment of a floor under consumption to lessen the unccr- :ainty of farm prices und income. 2. Upward revision of feedstuff's :o be stored in years of bumper 1 crops for use In lean years. 3. Study of the problems result- ng from beavy exports of certain farm products during the war and reconstruction periods 4. Establishment of 'a new parity 'ormuln based on a 10-year mov- ng average. On the subject of farm price and parity, the association said: "Price supports after 1048 should tx related to a modernized parity They should be Announced sufficiently far enough ahead to permit farmers to adjust their production 1 plans accordingly." —Courier News The Army hns reached the height of somcthing-or-other in recruiting operations and today Photo ts chuck fax Structure Changes Urged T«nn«M««an Atks Shifting of Some U.S. Uvit« to tit* State* MEMPHIS, Term , Oct. 10. (UP) —Solicitor General William r Barry, Jr., author of Mi« .Tennessee ales t»x law, wu on record today 'avorinc a re-shuffle O f federal axe» on BMollne, amuaement, and telephone charges, to deal the atate a bigger financial hand. Barry also recommended a reduction of federal taxes on alcoholic beverage* to allow fche state i raise Its levies. The Tennewee tax authority ad dressed a Southern Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments, a research and Information exchange organization. Specifically, Barry proposed that the federal government (1) abandon the 11-2 cent gasoline tax to the state; (2) turn over the field: of admission taxes to the state (3) relinquish taxes on electrlcitj and local telephone calls; (4) reduce alcoholic beverage taxes am let the states make larger .liquor taxes. He, favored "Decentralization' of fiscal afalrs and said slate and local governments were not allow ed to Impose enough direct taxes "The local governments which have the responsibility of assessing and collecting taxes to meet thi expenses of their local function! are generally more conservative . . " Barry said Kansas Take Note ling up its klinkl sleeve ns a former Navy recruiter now gives his sales talk to prospective enlistees at tr. U. S. Army and Air Force Recruiting Station In City HaU hero. Serge. Robert G. nlanclmrii. shown above before he switched from Navy whites to Army klmki, was pharmacist's Mute Second class Blanchard before the Army sold him on the life of au Air Forces non-com. To heighten the irony, sailor - turncd-soldier Blnnchard was on recruiting duty with the Navy when the Army out-recruiU'd its .sea-going Armed Forces brethern. Prior to enlisting in the Army. Sergt. Blanchnrd has been on recruiting duty at the Jonesboro Navy Recruiting Station for six ard of Oakland. Calif., he has been a resident of Jonesboro for the pnst 15 years. He served four years in the Navy, 2fi months of which were spent on duty at Area Heights Naval Hospital outside of Honolulu, T. H. Sprgt. Blnnchard. who enlisted in the Army Air Forces for a three- months. Son of Mrs. Pearl Blanch- | year period, pointed out that many Navy and Marine veterans are unaware of the Army policy of enlisting former servicemen in a grade commensurate with their prior service and experience. And any time Scrgt. Blanchard gets ••home-sick." all he has to do is look across the hall from his new 'office—at the Navy Recruiting Station recently set up here. __ Friday & Saturday "Thunder Mountain" with Tim Holt "*- Cartoon and Chapter 5 "Purple Monster Strikes" Saturday Owl Show : " "VOODOO MAN" '.:: with Bate Li|oel and John Carradine Also Cartoon .. Sunday and Mondaj' Tuesday Newly Elected Chief Of Confederate Veterans Injured in Auto Accident WAYNESBORO. Tenn., Oct. 10. (UP)—The M-ycar-old commander ol the Confederacy, given little chance by doctors to live through last night following an auto accident, rallied todny and demanded his morning coffee. The game old veteran. William Mercer Buck, Muskogcc, Okla., had his fighting spirit up this morning. Hospital attendants said he surprised them by asking for coffee and telling clearly about the accident. He suffered a fractured skull ami brain concussion. The accident occurred as he was returning home from the 52nd annual Confederate Veterans reunion in Chattanooga. Tenn., where he was named commander. His son, A. L. Buck, 61. was reported to have fallen asleep while driving and the car crashed iiuo a bridge. The son was not seriously hurt. Only four of the 79 living Confederate veterans attended ihs reunion this week. heavy calves made up n liberal part of the run. with very few steers offered. Odd head of medium to gooc steers 20-21; with balance largelj 111 stocker and feeder flesh grading common and medium from H.50-17; medium heifers and mixed yearlings 15.50-20; odd head good 25 or bel- ter; common kinds 12-15; little don on cows; a few deals steady will week's decline. Common and medium beef cows 13-23; canners and cutters 10.50-13. Drunken Driving Fine Appealed To Circuit Court Delmer Grimes oi near Luxora is free under a $200 appeal bond after a fine for drunken driving was appealed to Circuit Court by his attorney following a hearing in Mun- clpal Court this morning which ,ook two judges to finish and invol- jes of ^ The hearing resulted from the arrest Sept. 22 of Grimes and a com- ! ranion, Bcarl Wilfcersoii, after Motorcycle Policeman Robert Weaver stopped the pick-up truck Grimes i s driving by firing a shot into a rear tire, ending a chose Irom Bly- thevillc to near Dogwood Rids;e, Wilkerson finally pleaded guilty to a charge of iniuiic drunkeness in court this morning in a hearing Ordered for him by Municipal Judge ' Graham Sudbury. who disqualified 1 himself after earlier hearing the de- r fendant testify as a witness for I Grimes. 1 Wilkerson was lined S10 and cos'.s by Attorney Ed Cook, elected special judge. After his arrest. Wilki-rson i had forfeited a S2025 bond but this j morning corroborated Grimes' testi- j mony that neither had been drink- j Rock Island Lines Official Inspects M. and A. Track HARRISON, Ark.. Oct. 10. (UP) — G. W. Runey of Chicago, general manager of the Rock Island Lines, _Is making an inspection trip this 'week of the physical properties of tha strikebound Missouri and Arkansas nai!roa,d. Accompanied by J. E. Halter, M. attorney, Claude Cooper, appealed i and A. superintendent, end Lon the decision. Holder. M. and A. bridge mainte- Molorcycle Policeman weaver test- | nance superintendent, Raney went ing at the time of their arrests. This contradition caused Judge Sudbury to order him tried after setting the forfeiture aside. Grimes attempted to forfeit a S70.25 bond after his arrest, officeis ; .said, but, Judge Sudbmy refused the forfeiture and ordered him to court for trial. He pleaded not guilty yesterday. Grimes then testified that neither he nor Wilker.son had been drinking. He was lined $75 and cosl.5 on a charge of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor. His ; ified tint Grimes had nearly run him olf the road before he fired a shot into the truck tire. Sociable Squirrel Joins Fishing Expedition MILWAUKEE (UPl—Fred Dudley. He Sivy Schwab and Andrew Naviarcyk stake their reputations on the truth of this story. While fishing at Pewaukec L?.ke. they were joined by a squirrel which swnrn out to their bnat and crawled aboard up the outboard motor. The animal sat. quietly for two hours. As soon a.s the fishermen pulled ashore, the squirrel hopped out. ol the boat and scampered nway. by motor car this morning from Harrison to Seligman. Mo. The party was met at Seligman and driven to Neosho, Mo., by receivers W. S. Walker and C. C. Alexander of Harrison. Tomorrow the group will inspect the line from Harrison south to Senrcy and Sunday from Searcy to Helena, the southern terminus. Distributor Appointed Fred S 'Sallba of Sallba & Company announced today that his firm was appointed distributor In this section for ale brewed by the Red Top Browing Company,, Cincinnati, Ohio. Involuntary Servitude Issue Raised BALTIMORE, Oct. 10. <UP) -Th constitutionality of the Taft-Hartley act was challenged today by Local 12 of the International Typographical Union (AFL) which chargjj that It Imposed "involuntary servi- • tude" on union members. The union's challenge was contained in its answer to the first unfair labor practice complaint ever filed by the National Labor Relations Board against a union. The ITU local said the new labor law violated the First and Fifth, amendments to the constitution. The union also (mcstioned the jurisdiction of the NLRH to administer the law. The ITU local and its parent international union were cited by the NLRB two weeks ago for violating the Taft-Hartlry law by refusing to sign a contract. Tha board's complaint was Issued at the request of the Graphic Arts League representing 22 Baltimore printing shops. The NLRB action was, in effect, an attack on the widely publicized "no contract" policy of the typographers. A nationwide search for an unknown to play a Kansas girl in the movie, "The Walls of Jericho," ended right where it started—in H o 11 y w o o (I. Colleen Townsend, 19, who has never been out of her native California, got the part. Child's Colds To relieve miseries \f | C K S mW VA n o H u a Opens at 6:30 ii.m.i StarU 7;00 p.m. Friday and Saturday "Unexpected Guest." with William Boyd as Iluiulone Cassiiiy Serial: "The Scarlet Horseman* Also Shorts SRlurday Midnite Show Starts at 10:45 |i.m. "The Beast with Five Fingers" with Robert Alda, Andrea King and Teter I.orre. Also Shorts Sunday and Mondrr "The Shocking Mis* Pilgrim" vi (In Technicolor) with Betty Grable and Dick ItUymei Paramount News and Shorts without dosing, r ub cm Read Courier News War* Ads. Geologist Dies STEPHENS, Ark., Oct. 10. (UP) — Carl D. Smith, 69. a retired geologist, died here today. He had been employed for many years in Washington. D. C., as a federal consultant geologist. He is survived by two sisters. New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVKK1 NIGHT Bo* Opens Week I>ar« 7:00 p.m Matinee Saturday * Sunday Sit.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showing f VAT Oft A TOM . AUEN CONWAY • JENKINS • TREACHER Ctamicc Koib • Fritz Feld •me**'* ANDREW STONE •nlMM (Mitts Friday "SADDLE PALS' » Republic Picture with Gene Autry Alv> Shorts SATURDAY 'Wett o* Dodge City" with Johnny M;vrk Brown Selected Short Subjects Saturday Owl Show Cat't Claw Murder Mystery" «ilh .tnlm Miljin Also Shorls . Newt »nd Short Sunday and Monday "RED STALLION" with Robert Pal xc . Tom Donalds Selected Shorts I SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BUNDED VffllSKEY. 36.8 Pioof. G5y, Grain Spirits. Seagtam'Distsllrra Corporation, Chrysler Building, New York \ TOUGHEST OF '[H OCT. 6-12 FREE CIRCUS— 12 BIG ACTS! t SENSATIONAL HARD1N-S1MMONS 45-PIECE COWBOY COWBOY BAND FROM ABILENE, TEXAS! if SEE THE TRIBE OF PAWNEE INDIANS LIVING ON THE SHOW GROUNDS IN THEIR NATIVE WIGWAMS! r NEW AND IMPROVED 70-ACR5 SHOW GROUNDS, PRIDE OF THE SOUTH! if Featuring th* New Gold Medal Showi On • New Quartcr- MiU Paved Midway! if NEW AND BREATHTAKING ACTS ARE FEATURED IN THIS YEAR'S "TOUGHEST OF 'EM ALL" RODEO! if 20-Horu Drill Team From Dallas, Texai if Budweiier 8 Up Hitch from St. Louis * 2,000 Head of Arkansas' Finest Lirestock •*• Huge Exhibit of \ Newest Farm and \ Industrial Equipment. \ I A DAC , ,.\ ~t > SPORTSWEAR f j ' #* ^ .A^^__ - *. ", t,.** ,**^ , '. ,rJi~, S ,^-_ ^ *''»'. Colorful Patterneti Sweaters You don't pay "overtime" to these McGregor sweaters—and yet, they do more work for you! First . . . they come in thrilling co!or» and patterns that style you right for playing or lounging. And second . ,. they're all-wool,, superbly knitted to keep you neat and comfortable at all times! Sleeveless . ,.,.-_.,.. ,,., $3.95 to $7.93 Pullover . ...... . $5.95 to $12.50 Coat Style , . , ,. : . . $5.00 to $10.00 1 M

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