The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1947
Page 10
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>AOT TBH BLYTHEVILLE (AHK.) COURIKR NEWS Grade School Flower Show Winners Listed OARUTHBRSVrLUS, Mo,, Oct. 1«. — R«ult» of the Floww and Garten Show, sporuored by the SeMo Club at a mettlng of th* Parent-Teacher Association here !ast wetk, have been announced. The exhibit* were lemitd good d«- plte the lack of ruin here the pMt J«w iv<eki. Many of tfie children showed in- genluly In making the best of what was il hand, and some novel and unusual arrangements were the w»!l. A Poslor if held each year In the fifth and sixth grades to advertise the annual show and prizes are given room winners, Including a grand prize for the best poster in the lot. .Winner of the grand pr:;p In this division w«s Jlmmle Dincll, In the Sixth grade. Room winners in the Poster Contests were: Grade 6 — Tom Moodle. first; Cecil Stsmfill. second; Joe B. Nails. th'.rd; Mona Choate, fourth. Grade 8 — Jimmle Dlnrll, first; Teddy Mcdlln, second; Peggy Sue Allen, third: Nodin Gale Moshrr. fourth. Grade 5 »rds. first; Ellen Wllks. second; Sue Curler, third; Pnlay Meadows, i fo\irth. Grade 5 — Dona l^ou Heath, first; Marjorlo Baker, .second; Llndn Tny- lor. third; charline Kin?, fourth. ; Flower show award winners were; ' 6th Grade — Billy Thompson and ! Frank Dudley, first; Terry Wilson »nd Jane Cottrell, second: Clan- Little RED Schoolhouse in Berlin Pal Joey Stalin doesn't mis* a bet, to German school children In the Russian sector of Berlin are "educated" in the wonders of life in the USSH. 1'holo shows elementary school pupils in the Soviet "Hous« ol Culture" listening to » lecture on "current events"—the subject matter being Russian architecture. Photo by NEA-Acme stuff correspondent .Idc Srliunnc*. Lake City Cafe Robbery George Herman Rich- SuSp«C*I Held for Trial the first frequency modulation broadcast In Arkansas. John Brown university President John Brown announced yesterday JONESBORO, Ark., Oct. 10. thnl the broadcast Saturday would (UP) — Three men and three wo- i be the first for slallon KUOA, and mm were awaiting action of the ! also the first in the state. The CraiBhcad County Grand Juty In j Federal Communications Connnls- comu'Clloii with an armed robbery i s lon estimates the rnnac of the of it Lake City cafe Monday. i new FM station at a maximum of The six were under bond today of third. 5th Grade — Donna Lou Heath itid Gracile Plgmon, first; Harold Cagle and Sue Carter, second; Jane fcquino and Sonya Abernathle. third. 4th Grade— Lavcrne Rife and Jerry Figgins, first.; Jackie Crab- tree and Doris Hlnton. second; Barry Trainor and Patricia Brock. third. 3rd Grade — Linda Hopke and John Funk, first; Johnny Bro^'n ind Jimniy Dean, second; Sue Bnd- ir and I-ee Jones, third. 2nd Grade — Rosalie Brooks ind .Chris Chitwood. first; Jefry Coteman and Martha Buchanan, »econd; Glenda Hancock and Patty Sawyer, third. Miniature Bouquets — Jack Taylor, first; Xnna Taylor, second; Louise Mftchum, third. 1)5 inflcv The John Brown university sla- Slorm VVhaley of Si loam Springs. $2,000 each. They were boutut over , ., .. ., . .. fl , T( , , to the grand Jury following a pro- i Uon w m be innnr^rd by dette MRltn ami Marilyn M'clile, ;llm!nnry hearing In Joncsboro yrs- ' Donna Lou HciUh le ^*' ^ Wc|lUned fls C|ydfi Single, 31. of Kansas City, Mo.; Elmer Leon AJver.ion. 23, of Ac- Thrce Union Organizers Held {or Attacking Man kins and Pilgrim Morris, both 17, nnd both from Carnwny, Ark.; und Mary K. While, 21, of St. Louis, Mo All worn nrrcilrrt Monday less than an hour Hftcr they were alleged to have taken $95 from the cnfo, Read Courier News Want Ads. FM Broadcast Planned • Of U. of A. Football Game SILOAM SPRINGS. Ark., Oct. 10. <UP> — "The University of Arkansas—Baylor University football game will be the subject on TEXARKANA, Ark., Oct. 10. (UP) — Miller county officers today were holding three. A. F. of !-,. oi'Xftn- 'l-crs as suspects In the beating with a chain of a fiO-year-old Negro nonunion worker. They were being held without for- mnl charge on warrants of assault with Intent to kill. Sheriff W. E. Davis says the men beat the ni'- firo with n chain, a milk bottle and a gun. for having erased a picket line around Texaikann's Cot- ion Oil Company. The company has been strikebound for the last three weeks. Officer Injured |As Negro Tries to Rob Police Station I'Ol'fjAR BLUFF, Mo., Oct. 10 lUPj — A NCRIO, identified a.s Edward W. Fuller, Richmond, Va. u-ns arrested for qiiL'stlonlug m connect ion with the wounding ol officer ye.sterday in -n. .shooting fray ttt police headquarters ho re. Fuller was found hiding near P. cotton Kin .several hours after f man answering his clescrriptior walked imo the police Ma! ton shouted "this is a holdup F" am fired twice r»L officers with a sawed-off shot turn. Patrolman B. J. Bragg. -14. \vn. struck on the right side of tlv I'ncc and head by the first blast HP was ttiken to a Poplar Bluf hospital iti n critical condition. .Prosecuting Attorney Ralpl Bloodworth said charges ol .siuilt with a deadly weapon be filed against Fuller. By PfGCY MRH ^ THE STORVl Joyct trll* tlnppr XV JOYCE, in riding togs similar to Happy's, greeted her and said. So you don't like breakfast in xd either!" 'It's rather a messy habit," said Madelaine and smiled. "1 don'l ilame you." Later, when the horses had been brought to the side drive, Happy eyed the pretty chestnut mare as- igned to her, with something very ike panic. _"I don't even know how to get ~a her," she wailed. Joyce fcmghed. "Oh, well, we'll get you a. ladder," ^he teased. "Don't look so frightened. Susie Q : a lamb." A groom bent down, laced his tigers together, and said, his voice mellow and soft with the inherent melody of his race, "Jes' ptit yo' loot in ma ban 1 , ma'am, an' hold <m to dc saddle—and jump jes' a il bit" •I can* I think rm scare*" railed Happy. Joyce said sharp!}, Happy! George wiM hare a 6t and ~»M in it if you don't team to ride, 'ome cm—it's easy!" Happy drew a deep brea*, b«rt, *er a bewildering moment in which panic threatened h«r again she found herseK in fce »dc Swne Q looked back, seemed „ be assured Hint everything was »4I right, and moved oft slowly Aftrr the 6rst Jew Bappy ie»,v»ed. "What a momir^r ,*» ^& •nng her Wad a»xl sniffing with **ght »t the very smell ot spring ^*oi-n*og Mi« Ibis, who could be anything b« 8( >cace with the world?" Joyce's young lace darkened. "1 could, for one," she almost irowled, and Happy looked at her n surprise. Bui the moment Joyce linci touched her heel to her own horse's side and loosened the ems a little, and he dashed away down Ihe narrow path and around curve. rlAPPY stared, and gasped as Susie Q, excited by the other norse's sudden dash, tried to follow him, but Happy's tight clutch- ng on the reins controlled her and Susie Q dropped once more o her gentle walk. When Happy came around the curve in the path where Joyce 1 vanished, she found Joyce standing beside the black, in deep anil earnest conversation with angy young mnn whose riding clothes were well-worn but quite presentable. He was holding Joyce's reins, bis own horse placidly cropping grass at the edge of the paIh. The young mnn looked up sharply as Happy ciimc around the curve; Joyce said something under her breath to him and turned to Happy, saying gaily "Hi. look who's here. Happy this is David ~ ' - - Brandon, down." David mn'iled M Happy, his white teeth • pleasant flash in the deeply burned tan ot nil good- humored face. His h»ir was dark and rumpled by ti:c spring w!Tid He looked attractive and likable They cbatted for n few minute* and then Joyce swung her»eK back into the »ddle and tro4t«i off wi* Happy follown.R her •* slow and even p»ce. A little later, Joyce reined in her horte and s«id, "Hapj>», I bare Boyle. David, Happy itaying at Stm to »»k yoti something—* prcxnire. PMMled, Happy raid, "Of Jwyce, 'K I c»n." "Oh, you tan, a* rig**—if w«< H's just «, at y^T^mH eorge that w« met David." "Oh." Joyce's young face wns grim er eyes hostile. "Oh is right," she flashed. *S( m in love with David and he h .'ith me. and George won't let llf e married because David's peopl( icln't come over with Oglethorpi nd David earns his living will- own hands and his brain." THERE was such alter hope- tessnesE, such bitterness in hci 'nice that Happy said impulsively 'If you're in love with DAvid, ano ic wants to marry you—yoti'rt lot a child—you can marry him f you want to." "Oh. sure, and slarve fc> death vhtle George adds the money Father left me to what was left o him, and David and I go wilh- ut!" said Joyce bitterly. "H's what David wants me to do— PEERLESS CLEANERS Now Houclquarlcvs For Guaranteed Cleaning Dial 2433 .116 S. Franklin marry him and tell George to to go to the devil. But that I50.00C s mine — and I want it!" "Please. Joyce. I don'l >mdCT- tand — " Joyce threw ofl the hand nna iaid harshly, ."Of course not. No- >ody could understand who didn'i Know George as Madelaine aod 1 know him. Or Father, too. You see, when Father died he loll everything to George. Mndclainc iid I were left allowances, ano here were pompous-sounding legal phrases directing George to that we were provided for And there was $50,000 for me— when I'm 3ft! Or when I'm married, provided it is with George's full consent and approval. But if I marry without that approval, 1 ?et nothing, and the $50.000 is to be invested in improvements for Sundown »nd the eslatc.7 Happy gasped. "But, Joyce that's terribly wifair!" Joyce's pretty mCTrth twtofed ki a grimace. "Oh, no — FaWxr e«*W never do anything unfair — »nd George i; cniitc the little genltenxin, too. He a merely depriving me of »< money in order to be sure I don'l rnakc a marriage tti«t might reflccl on the family name. He doesn't give x rtara about me. He's,)«s: Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 1 014 CliifknsKwha thmklng rtown." o* *e Jfcwretts ol Swn I FOR SALE 4-in. Concrete Sewer Tile Concrete Ctilverf Tile Size JO in., 3fi In. A. H. WEBB Hwy. 61 at Slain Line Thone Blytbcvlllc 714 Our Board ing House with Maj. Hoople ES AD, 60 VS.' DO -fou KiJovJ AW SMX5CT FOR BACVAELORS, M&30R? H& BOUS1-VT RADIO STOCK \-JHEKj MOST PEOPLE tnoo6ml IT WAS OfJLV PERFECTtli& A D&M1C&TO END OVEE6LEePlW& AXSD T TIM.E OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams THERE'S \ A 1 OT OP 'EM LEFT YET AM' MOT OWE PAYS AMY ATTEMTlOKl - THAT'S TH' CURGE OF TALKIM' TOO MUCH JUS OFTH'BOVS.'HE'P SAY. 'BO^5. IF I EVER GET BIG, MY OFFICE WILL ALWAYS BE OP£M l/' / WILL ' CARb Cf- IT DAVE--<!OU WAIT HERE NOW. T>\VE- USTEM. VOL) WOL1LCMT LWCCRSTAKJD FRIDAT, OCTOBER 10, 1347 Bv MERRILL BLOSSER FRECKLES & HIS KRIENDS DlPLOMACV.Mr' eoy7 IF TV.'IRP SEASON TWEM YOUWI STUFF AGAINST — TELL. HER. sue CAN'T.' GlODAP TO A MULF WNEM YOU , WAMT HIM "IQ STOP.' Serves you right! 1 only kicked your shin when you started your tirade against lawyers—that's what Mr. Jones is!" I'lUSCM.LA'S )>OP Oh, they have fine lunches Soup, meat, carrots-^-and your choice of six desssf-ts. / Well, (that sounds 3II fight. What did you Poison for Willoughhy MICHAEL O'iMALLEY and RALPH LANK illoughby, sniffing the poisoned liver in Chime s ft hand, followed the lawyer across the room. TOU SEEM IN A GREAT RUSK TO MAKE THIS CHANGE IN VOUC WIU, W.WADHAM.W)UR HEART'S NOT KICKING UP. I HOPE': ANITA VIADUAM 15 A STUBBORN CREAIURf. MR. HINT, MiVBE HOT IVEN YOU CAN PERSUADE HER TO RETURN TO HER FATHER. KEVER MIND MEART.CHIMES. HERE'S VOIIR FEE. ins 6EI ON I1J DOMT MIND IF I ClOSE IK'.S WINDOW, AIR. WADHAM?IT'5CHHIV IN HfRE ANO MY IUH65 ARE NO STRONGER •I YOUR EART 1 CAN TRY. BY THE: WAY, Ml55 ARGUS, I WONDER \f YOUR DRIVER SEES THAT GRADE CROSSING AHEAD. WASH TU1SBS Bv LESSLIE TURNER P5S5T! HURRV. WR. MACK ICEYS .MOST OF THE THEMEP- TOR TOU.. ROOWS MW BE UEJST 1 . 5URELS 3.R HftS STUMBIEO ONTO THIS Will BE WMKUSKI'S FIRST APPEARANCE lU SEVERAL SEASOMS I'D HATE FOR. liVKEE TO W5S IT. kf^M^S^ 1 - 1 V FRED HARMAN T-ATfS A 101 Or CALVES ri=.5 r== WAS AT MY Sl'.GrtT CLA55. A PLENTY. 1.'Ll_ V HWE VOU KNOW! AN' IF VBflZ ' BBWN WAS NOT JUST DOS>a( YOU'D WAKe UP TO TH' FACT TKS'TH' ROOTK AM) HICK BUODIKS y EDGAR MARTIN NOT Mt, 5\Rl MO OXW. "IWiOUGH 8LSG&V IW VOUR '. V UVOe VAOW VJOISJD VtKt TO &O INTO « ^0.000 CXSDtR. VOR TOE Gtt-T CO«CH CO. 1 .

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