The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY; OCTOBER 10, Robot Brain Seen In Cargo Planes Electronic Controls | Expected to Bt Major Aviation Development KT CHARLES C'OICDI>»Y riiitfn 1 ncft Avl»tlnn Writer WILMIN'GTON. O.. Ocl. 10. (UP) —U.SP of the Air Force's electronic brain in lump carRO planes like the Boeing C-97 Siralo-Freighter w 'a.s expected taclp.y to b« one of the next major dcvelopnic^.u hi automatic flight. Ensineers at the Clinton Coimty ^r-i* Bas« began work anew on th» ^>ush-buton device immediately- after It h»rt flown a Douela.s Sky- n' onto th*, r'.uuvay Wedr.ns- day to complete ftn J?.OTA)-mi!e round trip to KnsUnrt. Col, Jatrlfs M, GUlespL*. plane eammtmdfr »nd ):es.'\ of the AD Weather yiyir.g Center, brought back a pile of rfcoinmentijuions for improving :h« aranxiiiK robot, and t*clinlofi! reprMcntfltlves or companies *-;in»r ins'.rnmeme art u»fd on the plane wutctt m> time !n bt- ?ip.i;inR to act on th*m. Gillespie mid the tratuAtlsntlc trip, during which human control wn& exorcised only three times, vent "uenernlly without a hitch" but "we people l» the experimentation business are never *atl(vfied." It may tafcr. two more .vein's :o v;ork on; all the bus?;, he ssid. He detected a number during the fiijht to and from Britain. Th« next step. It wa* believed, will be to refine the electronic brain, which '.vflfi laboriously assembled at Clinton Cour.ty Air Base, and eventually get a production mode! for use on military transports. The C-51, caiRO version of the Boting B-SO bomber, which in nirn H/.s an Improvement of the B-29 ^Superior!, Is tiip Air FtirWs next big transport. It's a 'onr-engin? behemoth, si'eatly pxctfriing the C-54 Skymaster ir. capacity. (.'fluid Fly In Anj Wralher Fitted with automatic flight apparatus, it was reasoned, the C-97 'as well as other military planen would be capable of operations in Storm Center—Again WLTTHUYTLL1 '(A'KK.J * OOUKHBH' Weather Experts With Dry Ice Ready for Tests of N*w York Plant Broad Nutrition WASHINGTON. Oct. 10, (UP) — Army, Navy fu>d civilian «*sth»r •xpcrta were ready with plenty ol dry Ice toda yto attack the 'fl»t lunicane Uiat comei along. But It will imve to be » little OIK. A joint Army-Navy- announce nent emiihaslirrt that large-sole noddling with (he forcei of nttun could If»d to "entirely unprpdljUblf results." >t |h« present state :>! scientific knowledge. The scientists admitted thai stopping a hurricane with dry Ice s pretty much out ol the question right now. in fact, .they s»ld they weren't so sure they could even slow one down. Their chief Interest Is In seeing and recording any effects Lhe dry Ice technique will have on a tropical storm, The dry ic* experiment, dubbed Project Clrrui," It sponsored by th» Army Signal Cnrp*. the Office of Naval ne«»rch and the General EJectrlc Co. Two B-lTs arc ready Ifl take off In pursuit of the hurr'lcint (hit li reported bj the Weather Bureau The crew of one pimp will drop the dry Ice. while the other observe nd recorrti the results. ' Scitntlitu belirve tliat dn'.» B»iH- ercrt from the experiment may im- John L. Lewis, lo nobody's surprise, is again the center of a verbal batlle-royiil, this lime with practically all of the AFL's 7,GOO,000 nicmUvrs. Split is over his refusal lo sign the nnli-Coniimmist affidavits reotiircd by the Tact-Hartley Inwr John L. is pictured at the 6fith AFL convention in San Fnmcisco. where the big bottle will be over whether the United Mine Workers chieftain's "one- man veto" of the bill will stick, barring 105 ATI, unions access to the National T.abor Relations Board. ITHAOA, N, Y., Oct. 1«. (UP) — Oov. Thorn** r.. Dewey, potential Repulblcin pr««lrt«nll»I c*ndW»t«, will break hts silence on national ls»ue» ami propoM a country- wide nulrltlon program dMlfiud to malntnln the health of the p»p!« durlnit high price* >nd ihort *up- pllea," R wu dlHloMd today, Armed with report* on food ««• dlllonn here and abroad. D*»«JF will outline hi* profriun durtni » nationwide broadctit from Cornell University later today. He U *p*a*> IIIR In connection with th* dedication ol a new how* for the atale nutrition *chool on the Cornell campus. Dewey'i protram, It wu 'eorned, will deal principally with nutrition— a plan to make available foort Mippliet so as far aa pOMtbl* wllli- out Injuring the health of the people. He may touch upon the food situation In Europe in empuaaUUij the need for the nutrition program. S*'/wm Turin D«wft Offer T» Appear lit turtitqu* XW AMOIUB, Oct. 10. (UP) - Ototte "lud" Oollu«, acquitted with KiOah L*U!M ovenll o< mur- derlni her p»r«ot*. wa* offered a l-VW-a-week X* In a Main mreei btirleaque hoUM Uday. r'ii.m'- atornay, William I. Helrne, i«porl«d the otter. Me aatd Oollum aUo h»» received offer* of a university *eh«larahlp anel lok M contact man at women's wear convention*. Oollum turned down the burleeejU* Job. Me did noi comment on the ether offer*. Bacteria vary (leally In aite, hut In* averaie ler\|lh la about one flva-thouaandth* at an inch. prove local >nd lon|-ranse weather forecaitlng. Crew members of the two plane? Inchide: Lt. .lame* A. A»hera!t Pratt»vllle. Ark.; T;$ Charle* B. H»U Ray Mlnettc. Ala. Sproy Gun M«p/*c«> Hypodermic WAMIINOTOM, Oct. » lUF) — A Jtpray |un th«k ihooU Inmlin, motphlni and other drut* palnleu- ly Into th* human body and do*« away with Injection* by hypodermh needle w»». demanatrateel at the District of OolumMa Medical PRESCRIPTIONS FfMh Slock B««t •rice* Kirby Drug StortS I Price of Newsprint Due Gunman Felled in Church I To Go Above $90 Per Ton : And Minister is Rescued TORONTO, Oct. 10. (UP) — 'J. ! P 1 N D L A Y. O., Oct. 13. I UP) —A S, publishers, who pay J90 a ton sharp-shooting Gtnte Highway PH- the current contract price, for I'trolmnn felled a gunman In the newsprint, may be asked to pay' aisle of a church here ye.sterday as all kinds of weather with greatly increased safety. For example, a modern transport makes enormous demands on pilots i an BARGAINS BARGAINS ON ALL LATE MODEL -USED CARS- Lee Motor Sales-East End of Main Street uety'i annual assembly. The new instrument, known as n -lypospray 1 ," biinU drujjs through he skla In most, case-i without, even avlnn a mark. Shaped like n laihllght, It can build up air procure of IX po'jnrtu, per !>qunre Incli. »IA 1HKV11J>; STADIUM WINDS Notice In hcrehj 1 ulven thnt I, tho mdersiKiied, fun ready to liikc up he outstanding nlythcvlltc Stn- llum Bonds on or Iwfore Jnnunry 1. 941, After Januivj-y ), 1048 all moneys will be turned over lo tho Chlcka- aw Athletic Club for the purpose of redeeming the bonds, if any, (lint re not turncn in. Dated this the VIIt day of October, 1M7. ' V. O. Holland, Trust eo 1010 Farm fbf Sale fr'xlra £ond farm—located '2ft m!lrt> from blkeston, This farm has 201 acres «f Mark sandy bum, KIM! corn and alfnUa land. Well drained .with, extra nUc G-nmm house cmtl. large barn. LociUrd. on K*>oA highway. 'Ihis Is an unusual buy *i $125 ATI ;irre, I'nss^.slon flrst of year. Von will .have to see me at one* (n K'l llils. Contact , . * Lyman Gross at the Gross Hotel Sikcsron, Mo. even more in the near future, paper I he struggled with n minister he manufacturers Indicated today. ! holding as a hostage. Although nothing was said about '•• The gunman. Identified by police Immediate price increase, nr '. as Leonard Johnson, 27, of Detroit. during take-off and landing prbced- ! abollt whal raa >' te pxpectc-cl In tlic I was taken to a Findtay hosi>itnl urcs. Eight gadgets must be handled ! w «s r nr il *P« clflc rise - °"'cials of ! with two bullet wounds In the back, to control throttles and propellers. Canadian ami American paper com- Landin B sear and wing flaps must i P anlcs hlntc(1 slmn ^\ to mcm- ' hers of a House newsprint committee and U. S. publishers that be retracted or extended. Many other ma tiers must be attended Lo. With (he electronic brain, any part or alt of these procedures may be made automatic. The possibility of pilot mistakes !s thus reduced and safety is increased. Gillespie's robot plane touched down here at 5:11 p.m. EST Wednesday eight hours and 39 minutes out of Stephenvllle. JVlrt., to which it had flown from Lyneham. England. Only at Stepbcnville* in both directions and at Westover,, outward bound, had human hands touched the controls. This was necessary because ground facilities were lacking for automatic .landings. T!iR landing principle employed by the push-button plane is similar lo that a number of commercial airlines will use in low cloud ceiling conditions this winter. The automatic pilot pick.s up radio signals from a ground-based instrument landing system and flies -the j|k plane down toward the runway. >* But commercial pilots will take over manually at about 300 feet and land the planes 'themselves. boost may be in the offing The committee is holding conferences in Canada in an effort lo obtain more publishers. newsprint for U. 3. Police Chief Leo McKlnlcy Larkins said the gunman licld the Rev. John Knox at gunpoint In his church for more than an hour while patrolmen nnd police tried to argue him into surrendering. "He threatened to !:lll the mill Ister if we tried to use tear gas,' the chief said, "and demanded we The strongest bid for a price n- t h|m n " ca ;. au(| let h|m [lrlve crease came from George H. Meac.. awny will) thc Rcv _ Ml ._ Knox/ , Dayton, O-, chairman ot the board Highway Patrolman R. C. Vanderveen linallv crav.lcd through a side w.nrtow of the church, creepcd oh of the Mead Corporation, manufacturers 1 "The publisher* of the Unlteu between the pews, ^'ont'irsidS ir e , h «r fi " c ^-t -«* ^ ^ <»<** ™° **™* they think a fair price is. and V- delighted to pay it," Mead said. • back as the gunman struggled with : the minister, who was unhurt. "I think. tUe price of newsprint' Ccw] minr dcatns Ma \c,i 1M4 must, increase," Mr/1 added. 'I?- ( ln ttle united States in 1045. Navy Recruiter Due A recruiting representative of the U.S. Naval Reserve will be at tha Navy Recruiting station in City Hall here tomorrow. It '.vas announced to- , day's price Is not a fair price m my judgement." Two Yugoslav Diplomats Ordered to Leave Chile SANTIAGO. Chile. Oct. 10. <UP> - The Chilean government said today that it expelled two Yugoslav diplomats because their mis- I sion was'to "intensify and coordinate" a continental plan of industrial sabotage aimed at the United States. "The sabotage plan Included slowdowns and strikes, industrial strife Involving raw materials, producers, fabricators and distributors." 1942 GMC Pickup Truck 1936 Chevrolet 2-Door Standard 1941 Pontlac 4 Door Sedan 1940 GMC Pickup, very clean 1939 Olds 2-Door, New Motor, New Paint 1939 Ford 2-Door Sedan 1942 Chevrolet 2-Door 1941 GMC Pickup, very clean 1941 Chevrolet Fleetline New GMC Tracter and Trailer See These at LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main Street Phone 519 OUR SPECIAL TREATMENTS! , Piilu'krs niv rlii'fei'oiit in tqn- rtilc strciiKlli, woiirnbilHynnd nllior (|iiiililios . i . Thujas why we use Iroiitnicnt^ hcsl" iuiiipted lo the individual 1'iibric. And that's why, when you spud your clothes to be clfiinod nt Nn-Wa they last ninny months longer! hind fabrics Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS FARM DITdf-lES DITCH BANK LEVELING S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH 8106. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. day by Aviation .Chief Ordnance- i'the government charged. "The plan man C. W. Weath«rford, USNj re- | was faithfully carried out by the cruiter. | Chilean Communist Party as well ' as by other Communist parties on Male humming-birds desert their the continent. mates before the eggs hatch. The, mothers bring up th* families. [ Read Courier News Want Ads SCHENLEY announces Uie rcluni of its Distinguished Pre-war Decanter, Enjoy thai famous Schenley Sunny-Morning Flavor Now available in the riijlingiiiihti pr«-»ir dcrnnlrr, «( »rll «» lh« Inniiliiir rotinrl holllc. In hoih — Iradilional Srhtnley rttjalitv. Murk a/M,rFl Rar» Pre-W»r Quality Blended Whiskey 86 proof. 65% grain neutral spirits. Copr. 1947, Schenley Distillers Corp., N.Y. C. SKY HIGH And Sitting Pretty! With a SAVINGS ACCOUNT Open a Savings Account Today! He won't ever have to mortgage that halo or anything else. A few years ago he opened a savings account and watched his money grow faster than Jack's beanstalk. Why don't you do the same? THE FIRST NATIONAL, BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE Trie Only National Bank in Mississippi County BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTR-*£TQRSyr -°\ •/" i: '.' MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH* V Phone 3151 , , iu..*U ,: GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Arkt-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown ..,.,„.,.: ,.,.,. 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert . ,„ ,.,. . 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenley .,.,.,.. T.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers .,.,.,.,.,.. 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor ...,.,„.,„.. 4.35 6.90 Four Roses . . ...,.,.,.,.,.,.,. 2.85 4.50 5% BEER - - - per Case $2.88 GAS, reg 17.5c;. «»,...,;,. . .Ethyl 19.5c All Brands Cigareis^to. $1.35 STUDE BAKER 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales * STbDEBAKER * Service ATTKXTION, STt'DKB.VKKlt (NVNKIIS: Urlve by for a free check on your climatlzer Heater and Defroster. Be prepared for winter. B A good selection of new and used trucks. Also, a number IjC of late model used cars .1 .nil guaranteed! t* Railroad am! Ash Streets T^> ^ f.«x Chnmiilin Dial 21!)5 T!ilt Clinmlilin ^ STUD EB AKERS

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