The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY; OCTOBER 10; 1947 BLYTHKVILLB (ARK.) COURIER ,NB\VS Typhoon Roars )ver Iwo Jima 300 Coast Guardsmen I" Season's Worst Storm in Pacific TOKYO, Oct. 10. lUPr — The • worst typhoon oJ liie Pacific storm • season, with recorded winds up. to • 170 miles a n hour.. drove toward • Okinawa and the China const to|S«.v alter flattening U. 8. Instnlla- IIIon; on iwo Jima. Buildings housing a Harrison at |3(V> U. S. Coast Guard suuT.iAIr' •Tnr<.'e men at I\\o were rippedi.bJoV; if from their foundations.. Rw/s *e torri from qilonset huls, the Ibraccd radio control rower was 1 levelled and few' ins'.atlatlong - of Imriy kind were left, standing. Col. •Raleigh H. Macklin, base conim«nd- r. re|K)rtcd. Respite, the heavy properly d»I mage, however. Uiere vert no |A.tiierican casiialtles. Mac.klin said I In a brief radio message picked np lit mum. 800 miles to the South, lljaier messages from the Coast! • Guard radio, which came on th« ' 1 air after a silence of 13 hours I and 45 minutes sa'.d moM ot Hi« I men had sweated out the storm in i heavily constructed galtey. I Superforts and outer ;)lanes on I Guam stood by lo e\ r Acu:~:e person- • 1 nel from 7,vo i; -necessary. The ceniT of Lhe siorm. dubhed I "Rosalind" i>y the army weather I service, swilled North of the Tropic 1 of Cancer and bore down in the 1 Ryukys Islands, where U. S. per- I sonnel also are stationed. Two small islands. Daito and .lima. I both east of Okinawa, were directly I In the typhoon's path, the Japanese weather bureau said. from there it .was exp«cted to I sweep over the Ryukyus and Into I Imt East China Sea. The main J j^wnese Islands of shlkoku and I Southern Hon.'iliu were alerted, but 1 it was believed the worst part of I the storm would not hit Fliem. 1 Just before going off the air.- J presumably when the'tower'topped, I the Coast Guard radio at two Jima 1 reported blasts of'wind Up to 170 I miles an hour. Whe'n the station'' 1 came back on it described-'"very I heavy damage" witli boardwalks I ripued up and Ihe few walls' 1 standing, pockmarked with volcanic I pebbles. • " ' ' Two Navy planes from Guam' «rere dispatched to' look for the I converted LCI "Coaster Jirq." which 1 reported it hud a damaged- f'vfd- der "' ' ' .--••- -• .,;•• As You Like It Army Rtcruiting Station Victory Medatt Ainorican Defense and World War Pemiscot Fair To Show Profit, Sponsors Report CAIlUniEHSVlLLU. Mo.. Oct. 10. —Tile lfM7 American ly|>inn Fair was announced tills week to be a financial succi'sR, following a lull'- rled calctiliition of pnlil atlcnitnuce |>ri/e money paid out in the exhl- bii.s. and liorse raclny purses. Al- lendanrr figures will not be definitely known, nor the exact net nro- fli. the Fair iJonrd meets. Attendance wns about the snme as last year. Tile I wo feature races of the four- day rru'int; meet were won by ihr Meet Pete and Re-lVl» FORT LEWIS, Wash. lUPJ—Men of Headquarters Co.. 1st Battalion, Sivond lulanlry Division, dcbaliHi only briefly over nninlng their ncw- ! CM mascots. H pair of 13-wcck-old 200-yarcl radius were sheltered and | cocker spaniels. The flop-carrcd Ihe blast was reported heard as far j puppies were riubcd Pete and Re- away as four miles. ( pete. PAGI Victory mcilah ju e now available r distribution lo qualified n[>pU- ntrt at Ihe U. S. Army jivt Mr Force RccrultltiK Station, It was aiiiioiincrri today by st»f! Scrgl. Don C. .Seal, recniiu-r. Only veterans of Army or Air Force service who received honorable discharges tnny obtain thr.sp merials »t |lilt .station, lie <iu<l. Discharge rrrllMcales or slinlhr papers In lieu of Ihern must l;e pro- semed ns documentary evidence of eligibility. Next of kin of drcrusrri pcr.son- nol nifty receive posthumous n- R If documentary evidence is presented u|xm application. SoiRt. Soil pointed mil. Re«d Courier Nc»V W:inl Ads. snme liorsp, "Jmi ncuns". owned by Mrs. W, A. Ynibcirv, and ridden by Miss Lilhun Jonkln.sim each 'lay. Miss Jenkliisun LK o»i' ot I he lew women Jockeys in the puilevilmi lo- day. mill » ft>w ynii.i »(.o she «•».< one of the M«r-i»'i•[orjiien nv the local lull. vf'.m-niii>; tills year u> l. Miss .Ir-nkmsmi »'mi Ihe nnis fif» iliMiiy snliii'd.iy, niui I tie VWO U'Klon Dcihv Sinidiiy. luk- "Just Heniis" to lie IroiH In Iiw .Mrctcli i-acli itnif wltlioitt. loo much (rouble. .rake Co'lfliwmY. who lia.s iLildVli liere for .scveml luiis. won ;h.! lii'v- ins cui) awarded u> (lie Jockey win- nl"< the most races. Bin* ribbon.", »-ltli accompmiyliM priw.i o! $75 each, were awarded lilt' nenculliirnl iti'om) exhibits. Tlu-sc' Aiti-iruKurul 'I n classr*, with county-\vide n^Mi'scn lalLon. Niui Acricnlliire teaclier of Hnyti. .vi|>cr- vlsrd Ihe FF\ entry; Ml.v Elvira KrlliMs, ['outity home demonstration attenl, and Mrs. Zulu Fiwlkcs. both of Cufuth<TK\ Illi*. supervised Hie <-ll entry; »i"l Clyde I/insdnlc mid I, ||. Gale, supervised th« Gl entry, The displays centered sunund |tio- ilucls ni'"\vn in the eoutuy. ntirl »o:k done by the clubs and groups. Tlie Cil i-utry had more rha.i .it) limiliiets displayed, each of \ililrh is regularly growo in 1'emLsciH County. In (he swine chis.s, prize money loluliiiK »W5 wus Bsoirdi'il, with wlnni'i.s IXMIIB; Arthur Alford. NiM in Poliviid-Chinn; FxUvln Roberl.son, fii'M in licrkshlre; Marvin I'ltrVer, fiist In Dunn*. Mr. Parker; of Haytl. "• — "-j- ""H1WH..J. » LH ->• j n ,1V. 111 i./ui in., mi. i in MI r <n r 111,111 wen cmii-rod by ITA. <-H. and Ol bail CHnmt Clmmpltm Sow of 111 " ' ' ' jshinv. titirt nlso lirsl in tin- Mntuif -.-- .-.-.-.-. (Clnss; ;unl Ocoruo lloljorls. W.trdoll Paiki-r, Voc'alloiiFil Hunt firs! pluce Dniw Junior now. ^ COATS + SUITS •£ DRESSES Sizes 2-6x All '/i Pric« TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. Phone Sand/of Football Player Dies of Fractured Skull This new "half and half" dre.s; sporting a hcnilnic to pto;.: e\ - eryone — iti spots — is Holl." wood's nnswer to the skirt Intr problem. Film actress Barb- 3ates models the gnrrnenl \\-'r • inny or may not incase, arcing to whore yon're si^n Welder's Torch Causes Blast; Two Men Die CHARLESTON. S. C.. Oct. 10.— —Two were deiid and t\Vo oih- cru injured here today a.s the re- i suit of an rxploslon caused by welders working too near a gas tank. The blast killed both welaers, M. B. Hays. 51 and his 25-year-oM son, Elliott. They were working yesterday on a spare tire rack on the gasoline tank nf a truck when sparks from their torches apparently set off pas fumes. The fiunos exploded wit.u such KNOXVILLK, Term.. Oct. 10. <UP> I —An autopsy revoaled today thai J death of 16-year-old-Hugh Melvin I Flynn Wednesday was'the resuH of » week-old football injury. The family physician had been ! force that the gas tank broke loose. railed when Ihe boy complained of | knocking the younger Hays 20 feet "a pain in the eye". Further que.s.- ' • . - . . . , Montng of. relatives .anci playmates revealed he had fallen against A I curb on a sanrilot football field Oct. | 3. His friends said he lost his bal- I ance and fell after kicking the I ball. .= . • The autopsy showed a-fractured | skull. "... -•/ - Federal Agents Report $«izure of 574 Stills WASHINGTON. Oct. 10. (UP) — Federal agents seized 459 'stills dur- I Ing August and arre.steri!538 persons In connection with Illegal liquor ( OJK: rat ions, the Imer national Rev- j finne Bureau announced today. | This compares with- 574., svilis | seized and 801 arresU in Angus*,, fi, and with 963 seizures and 2.2^9 I arrest,* for the same month in I&39. The largest number of seizures were reported in the si:;th district which inclnde-s Alabama, Florida. O:orfeia and Soutli Carolina. In those states. 220 stills were knocked over and 198 persons were arrested j br lederai agents. against, an electric pole and tearing down power lines. The lines fell across a wire tonce and a bystander was shocked as he climbed the fenc* to escape -the 'Wast. William C. Lemack. an occupant of the tmck on which the .welders wern .wording received second-degree burn.s. " ^County Police Lieut. Julian Wil- ;liams said an elderly woman six blocks away was shaken up so badiy by the "explosion that she suffered a nea/t Htiack. Williams said windows within a id South Africa in Britain Gold » LONDON. Oc I. . .•— Tile trensiirers aim /. . lonigiil, that. Smith Africa it..c, agreed to lend I Great Britain $:!24.325.000 worlll of >ld to bolster reserves against. t.he iraclna! depiction through sale for A.n agreement. w«* signed iodav ijy Hugh rxiton. chanceilor of ihe Exchequer for Britain, and o. Heaton Nichols :'or South Atrica. It will tske effect when the Soiiih African itovernnient otitain.s the necessary le«islativ« nutjiorlty. Please don't shoot. 1 Blazing away at a bird on a telephone wire may break the wire and interrupt important long distance calls. Last year stray shots put 2,^00 telephone wires out of nction. That's why we ask: Please don't shoot at birds on telephone wires or po/c5. IOU1H<N[STE«N Rill TILIPHONJ COMPANY Top off the Stack! Flavor-fresh DIXIE m ASK YOUR CAOCIR -roit Crt«my rich DIXIE *ddt th. fin.,1. fl«vor-fu1l touch fe M tte«min9 ti«ck of delic ; -'ii panc«V*i. E«tr« oood — bcc it'i made of tht fin«it farm r . -ducti. Eitr« nurri- fiout — bec«ui« il'i fortified with Vitamin A. lv*ry p«und t •round it fortified • witti Viumin A. DIXIE MARGARIN COLUMBIA BKIWING CO. ST. LOUIS the Ray Duke RODEO Saturday Night, Oct. 11 7:30 p. m. FAIRGROUNDS Blytheville Featuring Bronc Riding and Wild Brahma Bull Ridinq Music by Ray Duke's SUGAR CREEK GANG Children 50c Adults $1 Rain or Shine ••••••*•••••••••••••••» 1'hnt plnfhinn, ainioyliiKi pulnful vump run l>o rrnit hmr MI 11 U renlly mmfoit- nhlo, .Sninit, Hnr woikinnn- shitt, inodosl chm-KfK. FARM LOANS At of Interent Quick S«rvic.« A. F. Dietrich United Inourinc* A|mey 1BOR. U( St. Ingr.m KUf. Save a Little- Have Much! UfeMniiiranc* li * fortune . . .• mid whether » policy li modMt or small, everybody buji K «• the ln»t»Hment plan. E. H. (Eddi«) Ford Ljnch Phimei H>». Mil KM. 11*1 Ml l.unwraie lit. «l;lh*Tl1l* (!fner«l AmeH»« LH« IfM. C*. QUBUITY SHO€ SHOP 121 w. MaiN ST. We Guarantee REGAINING i with Hawkinson Treads Let- Your Next Tire* Be < GENERALS j i ! Cost !\1(H'o — \Vorlh More ' From Our Stocks of Refrigerators and Ranges! NOW IN STOCK From $119.95 You'll !>« proud lo own ime of fine new electric ranges, willi all Ihe modern new fc'iilures . . . and what's more, they're nvailiihle for IM- MKD1ATJC DK1.IVKUV! No wiiilinjf MH| S („ s j yn . Offered in holh ri'Kiiliir and apartment si/.cs. \\'c also invite you lo come in and see our other lines of electric ranges. MODINGER TIRE CO. llfi K. Miiln I'hiint 2201 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or r«inforc«d Osceola Tile ond CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 lie sure Morn Kcts a good mipply :>[ Juicy vlpc npplcp In limp lor school! KnUiiK nnri Cnnnlnx Applr, JJ.Ofl A »1 M B.. Blytheville CURB MARKET U* K. Main Phone (71 RADIO REPAIR I AND 1 DAT SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODBI,. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver, FRED CALUHAN Klectrlcal Appliance Co. A«thnrb«l Mntnral* IU4t« Snlm ftnrf 8crTi<*« 1M Sonth Flrat St. LOOK! You Can Now Buy a Gorgeous, New PHILCO REFRIGERATOR /es, (hey, too, are ready for IMMKDIATK I)KI,IVF,RY! It's the great new 1018 Philco wilh (he most advanced design of any refrigerator now on the market. It's something new! Features that make the I!MS Philco as convenient (o use as any you have ever seen. In 6 and 7 f(. siws. Large 7-Ft. Model ] $308 50 Easy Terms Hubbard & HOke Appliance Co. Phone 337T Night Phon«s 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Start Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Senmd SI. Rlytherille, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work \ For Electric Work Call 23V? BOB'S Electric Shop 9 Farm Wiring •• House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 5(in N. rinh si. Hlyllicvillc, Ark. Allen Pickord'i SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army Goods. • Supplies • Shoes See n» f<f- lh« vrry h*ill in Army %nrv' MS shnr*. Nrftrlj new—Rl 1 .- hlllll—To Be Rebuilt. Hvnitre*. for jtale. QimnlUr Prfc«« ArxAV ahle. EAST END 112 Lilly Str«t» \'i Block South East Main HAIRY VETCH Ita limn nnd Common K\t. ()«(», Wheat and Bartey Seed . . . Ready for Fall Seeding; New and Factory Reconditioned Soybean Saefci Blytheville Soybean Corp. \V. Main Phone 856-57 t£f yout Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Phone 3479 Blythevill* Ark. 112 Wtfnnt 8t

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