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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 177
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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 177

Daily Newsi
New York, New York
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I fZ ft "1 L-Later on. far to the wksr. four I DAVY CRQCKETTra 1 1 CO, I -v YA Jk 1 1 1 Bradbury tookpavy anpjame r-iv murker i- THE TRAP vi TO AN OLP MILL, WHERE MI1C lAAITPn yOLI ACE TO ESCORT THE X-Jf 1 I THE WAGONS' I to 31 WAGONS WESTWARP HERE 7y)fc Keeping Tab 1 1 1 i i BOLEN 1 ft LUVEE I LJ THIS CAN BE FOLLOWED BY Print the SURPRISE ANSWER NAYOH. M'BJIilsssgMsCT Unscramble the 4 sets of letters, making a word of each jumble. Print each word, a letter to a square, beneath each jumble. The letters on the circled squares may then be arranged to spell the surprise answer suggested by the cartoon clue. What is it? (Answer tomorrow) Saturday's answers: Prune, Elder, Serge, Beyond BLURS TWO 11 bttuarp DR. LESLIE BACKER Funeral services for Dr. Leslie Backer, 71, of 31 Miele Place, Summit, N. head of the chemistry and chemical engineering department of Stevens Institute of jTechnology from 1940-55, will be held tomorrow afternoon in the Lanterman funeral home, Mnrriatnwn Rarltor wlin omwwn, a. f. uacaer, wno WA rnnaiiTtnnt tn Tlnrns. WS COnUliani XO jaDeZ CWM Si manufacturers of coff ee-roastingr equipment, died Saturday in Overlook Hospital Summit. Summit. D0MING0S PEREIRA Oporto, Portugal, Oct 28 (rP). Domingos Leite Pereira, 74, twice prime minister and one of the country's leading liberals, died today. He was prime minister in 1919-20 and again in 19125. He also had served as foreign minister and as interior minister. WILBERFORCE J. RAND Funeral services for Wilber-force J. Rand, 75, of the Hotel Brittany, 55 E. 10th a retired copyreader who worked on the New York Sun, will be held at 2 P. M. tomorrow in the Campbell funeral home, 81st St. and Madison Ave. died Friday in a Poughkeepsie hospital. MRS. JUAN R. JIMENEZ San Juan, P.R., Oct. 28 (U.P.). Mrs. Juan R. Jimenez, 69, wife of the Spanish poet who won this year's Nobel literature prize, died today of cancer. ZA7ZARINO Hlv-Tia. Oct. 27. 195. Be loved wile of Sabatino. Devoted mother of Mrs. Fannie Pisano. Mrs. Lucille Filanio and Mother Mary Yolanda. Be-pomnr at ZaHardo funeral Home. 4009 White Plains Bronx. Funeral., 9 A.M. Solemn Reauiem Mass, Immaculate Conception Church. 10 A.M. 3n iUfmoriam FKRRARA Raphael. Are 49. Happy Birthday in Heaven. May you reign in tha kingdom of God aa you reign in our hearts. BROTHERS and SISTERS. tlOK I A Kate. In memory of a dear mother and fraud mother who passed away Oct. 31. 1955. Hiffh Requiem Mass Sts. Simon St Jude KC Church, fed. 9:30 A. M. Daughter, Son-in-Law and Orandohildren tr( IIOIX Peter J. Happy Birthday in neaven. ito one Knows now i miss you dear. Loving wife. EVA. Duth, Memoriam Mats and Acknowledgment Notices May ItUphonti to THE NEWS by your fmturtl director tny time up to t. M. for Insertion in the next ptper. Telephone alls on SAT. and SUN. must be mode before 3:30 t. M. Thone WUrrty Hill 2-1234. en ii miii iiiiiiiMiiiWiiiiMBaaisWaismniartMiiiiiiiiirg When Death Occurs CAU Madison Avenue at 81st Street NotsxJ for tratllNonotly An rurwral tiJr I WflRf.t?A 3 Qi yP ARE SEALEP ORDERS YOU MUST LEAVE NOW! A Mary. M7 Lincoln Bklyn. (formerly of 8NI th Ave.K Hf-posm Scriart Cliayelft, 711 4ta Ave umil Wednesday. A. BIOXHOKK Loun. On O'-t. 2flth. BxIotmI husbanil of Fhilmort. devoted Jilticr ol Joha. Oorgn. Lout and (lel. brother of Tliomaj. outao-R. Mm. Anoa In Jamero. Mrs. Nellie Hililmo and Ra Keiosmr at Harbor r'urteral Parlor 6M1 4lh Bkln. Kuneral Tur. Man St. Arm Chur-h, 10 A.M. la-ternirnt 'Calvary Cemetery CAi'ClATO Jack. IB E. 7th St. Rnpoa- iiir Provftnxano-Lanza Funeral Huiue. 2d Ae until WeilReailay A. CAMMAROTA Antonio. Reposinr at iiumowo hii. i MHth si. and Wei- eter Ave. Funeral It A.M. Arrantrmenl. br Fireuti lor. CUNTK NunzUta. Suddenly. On tha 27lh. BelovtHl wife of the late Oeorff. ltovoted motlier of Mary t. Anna Buninontri. -Ida slrman. Ulona and u'hn. Reposinv at the L'amel (worve I'uneral Hoiiif, 1852-o4 Billi until ttednmdny. A. M. Requiem Man St. Fmbxra Church, HMD A. M. lulermenl Uuly t'rfiia Ometery. tHIKETTO Maria (Anna). Beloved wife of Ernest and devoted mother of ITelix and Maria and grandchild. Reporting at Home. 4UOU White Plain Road, funeral Wed. II A M. SiiUuiii Mih Mii Our Lady of Orai-e Church Id A.M. I MIH.l rrank. Of U5Ur) Hubbard St. hurvivei by beloved wife Rose. Lle-voled children Anthony. Raymond and Clone and brother and sialera. Rotminir at CiiHimano ttnd Kuo Ku-ncrnl Home. 1105 W. tith St. isolenin Rcumem Mam Lady i)f t.race Church. Tueaday. MO A.M. Interment St. Johnn Cemetery. IIIMIN Jaiiie. Son of the late Jean Grant, survived by Aunt Griwe Oarirone. Kepomnff at the Ceiuury Funeral Home. 40'J W. 4uih N.V.C.. until 'I'lienday. Mhh 10 A. M. St. Albert's Church. Ijiwrment Woodlawn Cemetery, 1K .) William. On Oct. '-ath. Devoted hilHtmnd of athenne. beloved brother ol Janie. dear father of Joscuh. Michuel and Annette. Repoain BoN-blUNOKE Funeral Home, 15 WllaoO until A. M. Sol mn Keimiem Man St. Joseph Church A M. ArraniieiiienU by A. BONSIG-NOKE. ,.1 f)f 171H 7Hth St. Beloved father of Maria. Sareua. F.mms. Arlnro, Aureho and Jean. Repoainff at lie Maria Funeral Home. 704 18th Ave. Solemn Requiem Maas Our Ladjr of tiuailalupe M)el. Ml A. M. kMII.I4 Jame. Beloved husband of Lucille, l.iivinif father of Carol nd Arlene. Reposinr at Chapel, 4i3 K. Mill until WednetHlav. 0 A. M. Arrangement by Louu tjuirolo Funeral Home, Inc. I l.llHA MaiKhenla. On (t. 2M111, are year. Formerly of E. 113th St. Mother of Mr. John Merolla. Mr. Joseph Mele and the late Mrs. Anrelina Stabile. Aim survived by 14 vrand-rhildren. 21 ireat irrantlchildren and two rreat rreat grandchiMren. Repoa In at Funeral Chapel. 349 E. lllilh until Wednesday 10 A.M. Solemn Hmli Mass Our Lady of Mt. Carmel riuiri'h, 11 A. M. Inlei nieut Calvary Cemetery. Funeral arrnrements by Tlllt Cava ITRAN1F.SB Salvatora (Frenchy). On Oct. 27. Beloved husband of Antimina. Son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Louia Puco. Repoeinr at 4.l 'Z Ave. Until 9:30 A.M. Wed. Oct. 3lt. Re-auiera Hirh Mass at Most Precious Blood Church. Baxter St. 10 AM. Anthony Compltello. Director. llAMMAt HKR Frank X. Of 258 Steuben B'klyn. Repoains; at Piro Funeral Home. 261 Dekalb Ave. until Tuesday. 1 P. M. UAMF.TTA The Honorable James J. On Oct. 87. 19ft. Beloved husband of KtheL devoted brother of Patay. Anrelina. Ruricie. Dr. Louis and John. Reuosinr Joseph Farenva F'uneral Home. 343 116th St. Time ol serv-los later. PLEASK OMIT FLOWERS LASZKTTA Judire James J. The officers and memtiers of the Pocasset Regular Democratic Orramsation lttth A. D. South exiiress their profoundest sorrow upon the paRHimr of its former member. Conrreasman and Justice of Domestic Court. SALVATORK A. FARKNGA BRI1XJET liRAZIADiA Executive "Members hll.Kl Lucia. BeuWd mother of Ed-in mid Nuri of the Nisn Fnrniture Oreats Nurrt. Lidia Mancmo of Wiiierbury. and in Italy Klsna. Dorotea. Tereina and Reposing- at Robert Giordano Funeral Home. 234H Pacific comer Eastern until Thursilay. :30 A. M. Solemn Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Loretto Church. 10 A.M. Interment St. Johns Cemetery. l.NT.RPIA Jeume (nee Alessio). Of 350 E. lltilh St. Beloved wife of Antonio, devoted mother of Louis. Mrs. Carrjiela liiacitlia. Mrs. Mary Snrnorile. Mrs. Emily Cannata. devoted sister of Kunxlo. Repo-untr at I'aciocco Tuneral Home. E. 116th until Wed A. M. Requiem Mass Our Lady of Jit. Carmel Church. Id A. M. Interment Calvary Cemetery. lAllATANO Gaelano. Kcposillg at Earetiffa Bros. Euneral Home. 204 E. 118 St. Flinreal Tuesday i A.M. IIIAILKKII Kosarlo. Of S2S K. 4th St. Keooslnr at Snaracio A Tta litrco Funeral Home. HOT Art. A. OnChildand His Friends By GLADYS BEVANS It is more necessary today than in other times, that we know the whereabouts of our children, We hav said that we feel our boys and girls of school age should report back home after school, before they do anything or go anywhere. Usually this is also a good time for them to have a mid-afternoon snack. It builds up energy and keeps them from being so hungry later that they want something to eat close to supper time, thus taking the edge.oflf their appetite. To be sure, if there are regular days for football practice or gym or some sort ol rehearsal. you will know about these ahead of time. Where children have to be kept at school for any length of time unexpectedly, those who think it necessary should be given a chance to telephone home. Teachers who haven't been parents ten don't think of such family concerns. Another thing as important as Knowing where your children are is knowing whom thev are with. One of the best ways to know aoouc your children friends is to make them feel welcome and at ease in your home. Less Bother I know women good mothers, LOO Whn flr Mnlant tA ho.ra their bnva play after school and on Saturdays at other children's houses. matces less Dotner lor them, less disorder, and Ipsa rift. a a IT t-w one thing it isn't quite fair to the ouier motnersj also, it isn't fair to your own son or daughter. Hut ITlnra lmnnfanr it- tium. accto you from knowing who your chil- uren. a inenas, are, wnat they are like, and how they get along when your children are oiaer, in their teens, and if yours are bovs. Hnn't lot mothers do all thp ntrtoi 11 .1 'P' even an ine casual gathering-together. I know mothers who make it a rerrnlav -nrattr. bV J.I viie ineir Doys' girls to meals wun tne iamiiy, as well as throw parties lor them. So these sons' mothers (and some fathers, too) get to know the girls their boys 11 KC. 1 1 1 ti i some Interest to hlh-choolers' parents. "tnawntaiidin the Adolescent." Send a stamped, ad. 'n'oPe 'or It. Address, iT'AT. uevana, THE NEWS, E. 42d 8t. Kew York: 17, Hi. Y. Manila Feels Quake Manila. Oft 91 is a earthauake swavod oa "-j seconas tnis morning. Irnwiw WE CAll FOR ft DELIVER Hosm 10 AM to 10 fM lad. SUNS. I J3I East H9t SU Uhlgfc 4-2357 BAHXEGAT BAT, X. J. Ideol for Year-round or Sammrr Uvlag $510 DOT1TV Bufalow. lHps cssisttts wltti Blumblns "irin. e. ast-ostn- heater, itreena. Reidv far MeunaMv 1 19 1 sisniniy isr Is ytars Buys It. HORBATT US Cedar Loss TEassck a -0175 i Hera A A A CllSSS tv Tta Caicas TtiSui. why do you have to know that?" I replied. "Oh, because you told mommy to wash my face and sha wants to wash my ears, too." Brooklyn. H. S. Elleea Callahan's fashion festar appears every day In THE NEWS. Read what tala expert kas to say. OPPE'S- Iee the class OF '57 Mir r-imntiil Tha New Chevrolet are now on display! tmiVERStn CHEVROLET Jereme Avt. at 167ta St WY 2-3B00 ML sr ii BRIGHT SAYINGS THE HEWS will par 5 to each rhlldlak say ia; printed. Isseeeptes manuscripts eisaot be retsrsed. Address "Bright Ssyl." THIS MiWS. 220 42d SU Sen York 17. N. Y. Waking up hoarse from a cold one morning, my daughter, 3, said, "Golly, mommy, my mouth doesn't talk-ight today." C. G. Montgomery, N. Y. "Daddy, do the ears belong to the face or to the neck?" asked my small son, as my wife was about to wash his face. "Junior, I.Eli A f. NOTICE POWER AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF NEW TOEK NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Power Authority of tha State of Sew York will hold, a public hearing- at 10 o'clock in the forenoon on November 15, 1956. in the Auditorium of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Avenue at 83rd Street. New York. N.Y.. upon the terms of the following" proposed contracts for the sale, transmission and distribution of power to be g-enerated at the Power Authority's St. Lawrence Power Project: (1) Contract with Niarara Mohawk Power Corporation (3) Contract witb Reynolds Metal Company The proposed contracts are available for inspection in the office of the Authority at 270 Broadway. New York, N.Y.. the office of the Authority at River Road. Massena. New York, the office of the County Clerk of St. Lawrence County in the Court House in Canton. New York and in the office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Massena in the Town Hall in Massena. New York. Copies of the proposed contracts may be obtained in the office of the Authority at 270 Broadway. New York, N.Y. To insure an orderly and expeditious hearing- any person who wishes to make a statement at the hearing with regrard to one or both contracts is reauested to make known to the Authority in advance of the hearing his name, the name of the firm, organization or group which be represents and the lensrth of nis statement. Long- statements must be summarized and brought within reasonable compass for oral presentation at the hearimr. Written statements or memoranda should, if possible, be filed in the office of the Authority at 370 Broadway. New York 7. N.Y.. prior to the hearing. It ll reauested that six copies be submitted. Robert Moses Chairman NOTE: Since a large attendance at the hearing- is anticipated, the place of the hearing has been chang-ed from Hearing- Room C. 270 Broadway. New York. N.Y. where it was originally scheduled to be held to the Auditorium of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 5th Avenue at 83rd Street, New York. N.Y. Please use the 83rd Street entrance. ADVERTISEMENT SEE THE CLASS OF '57 on our campus! T)9 New Chevrolefj are now on display! CNIYERSITT CHEVKO Jtroaa Avt. at 1671s St W12-30M 5 uuui Tuesday, t.J0 A. M.

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