The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 26, 2007 · 93
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 93

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
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4E . WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2007 THE OKLAHOMAN NEWS0K.COM Choir handles Russian works with ease The great Russian choral tradition is alive and well as practiced by the State Symphony Capella of Russia. Conducted by Valeri Polyansky, the 48-mem-ber mixed choir recently opened Civic Music Association's 2007-08 season. From the first phrase of Bortniansky's "Concerto for Chorus No. 16," it became obvious that flawless technique, beautiful tone and precise intonation are hallmarks of this amazing ensemble. Polyansky is a conductor for whom economy of movement seems to be the standard. His slightest gesture would result in a sudden crescendo; another would summon a dramatic change of texture or color. Diminuendos were more impressive still. Just when you thought 48 singers couldn't possibly sing any softer, their sound would evaporate into silence. Except for two brief works by Anton Bruckner, the program focused on Russian composers of the 19th and 20th centuries: Bortniansky, Taneyev, Tchaikovsky, Schnittke, Rachmaninoff and Sidelnikov. You could almost hear Danny Kaye rattling off his Russian composer tongue twister from "Lady in the Dark." "Evening" and "Look at This Darkness," a pair of works by Taneyev, illustrated the choir's remarkably flexibility. One demanded a legato approach; the other some nimble vocal work because of a fast-moving musical line. In "Lord, Make Me to Know My End," another work by Bortniansky, one marveled at the vast dynamic range and the precision of imitative lines. In Polyansky's capable hands, every aspect of the music emerged organically. Phrases were approached and concluded with equal care. Even in music whose harmonies were fairly predictable, the choir's attention to detail made the difference between a sol id performance and an extraordinary one. Regardless of the repertoire, one could only imagine how impressive this music would sound in a large Russian cathedral, its reverberant acoustics allowing the choir's sound to envelop the listener. One couldn't help but be envious of those who can hear this group on a regular basis. The Capella of Russia didn't ignore contemporary music either. Alfred Schnittke explored the interval of the second in his 1985 "Choral Concerto," an interesting example of the progress and direction the Russian choral tradition took in the late 20th century. The work's harmonic complexity didn't faze the choir, a remarkable accomplishment given its unusual chord progressions. There were similar challenges in Sidelnikov's "Spiritual Concerto," a four-movement work that beckoned the listener into the composer's unusual sound world. The work was al ternately powerful and introspective, rhythmic and static, with many intriguing examples of how incredibly effective dissonance can be. Given the reception that greeted every work, it became obvious there would be an encore or two. The first was a brilliant rendition of the Christmas favorite known as "Carol of the Bells." At first, I thought it to be an odd choice, but then I remembered its alternate title: "The Ukrainian Bell Carol." The State Symphony Capella of Russia bid adieu with an equally curious choice but one that brought smiles of satisfaction to the audience. What a treat it was to hear a Russian choir sing (in English) a Vincent Youmans' classic from the Broadway musical "No No Nanette." That they pulled off 'Tea for Two" with such aplomb was testimony to their remarkable musicianship (and Polyansky's desire to leave the audience in such good humor). Rick Rogers PEOPLE n William Baldwin organizes charity auction for his mom's foundation NEW YORK William Baldwin is auctioning a day on the campaign trail with Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential hopeful John Edwards, and a private falconry lesson with Robert Kennedy Jr. to raise funds for his mother's foundation. Baldwin personally lined up the VIP pack- m. ao-ps for an nnlinp - auction to benefit The William Baldwin Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, which his mother established in 1996 after surviving breast cancer. Baldwin and his brother Alec Baldwin sit on the board of the foundation, which provides grants to researchers. "I was very lucky ... to get a significant number of people on board and committed," Baldwin told The Associated Press in a recent telephone interview. "And I think that sort of created somewhat of an aura, where people were like, You know, we want to be in on this.' " Baldwin, who stars on ABC's new show "Dirty Sexy Money," said he hustled friends and family in a nice way to book the packages, which are up for bid on the Charity Folks Web site through the end of October. Alan Rosenberg re-elected as Screen Actors Guild president LOS ANGELES Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg was re-elected to a second term amid growing concern about a possible actors' strike next year. Rosenberg defeated three other candidates, carrying about 47 percent of nearly 25,000 votes cast, SAG spokeswoman Pamela Green-wait said. His opponents were Seymour Cassel, Charley M. De la Pena and Barry Sim-monds. His closest competitor, Cassel, garnered about 44 percent of the vote. SAG has about 120,000 members. Rosenberg, who was a regular on the TV series "LA Law" and "The Guardian," promised to secure a fair deal when the guild renegotiates with studios next year. TV NEWS KFOR-4 wins Emmy for El Reno tornado coverage Only two Emmys were awarded for regional reporting during the 28th annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards ceremony held Monday in New York City. One of those Emmys went to Oklahoma City's KFOR-4. For its live news coverage of the El Reno tornado that destroyed two airplane hangars on April 24, 2006, the 4 Warn Storm Team was awarded the Emmy for outstanding regional spot news story. The tracking of that anti-cyclonic (backwards spinning) twister was followed on the ground by meteorologist David Payne and photojournal-ists Kevin Josefy and Tim Money, in the air by Chopper 4 pilot Jim Gardner and photojournalist Dan Anderson and in the studio by chief meteorologist Mike Morgan. When asked how they felt about their Emmy nominations (they received two for their coverage of the tornado) , they made it clear that their job is not to win awards, it's about informing the public of severe weath- "What's going through my mind is to bring the best coverage honestly and truthfully, while letting our viewers know what is going on," Gardner said. "I try to make them feel like they are sitting with me inside the helicopter." MUSIC NOTE The Flaming Lips record music for movies, television The Flaming Lips may just be the hardest working band in show business. In recent months between European and American concert dates, the Grammy Award-winning Oklahoma City rock Wayne Coyne Flaming Lips band found time to record a number of brand new tracks in upstate New York and Oklahoma City for inclusion in a handful of new movies and soundtracks. "I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow" appears in the movie and on the soundtrack for "Good Luck Chuck," directed by Mark Helfrich and starring Jessica Alba and Dane Cook. The track was recorded at Tarbox Studio and produced by long-time collaborator Dave Fridmann and the Lips. The new Farrelly Brothers movie "The Heartbreak Kid" starring Ben Stiller and Michelle Monaghan features a pair of new Lips originals, "The Horny Frog," and "Maybe I'm Not The One," also recorded and produced by Frid mann and the Lips. Ine sound track will be released Oct. 2, and the movie will premiere Oct. 5. "The Brothers Solomon" features the Lips track, "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song," from their current album, "At War With the Mystics." The documentary "Summercamp!," features some film score from the Litis. Of The And "The Creek Runs Red," a new documentary about the toxic mining town of Picher, will feature a track by the Lips titled "Death in Picher." The documentary will premiere Nov. 20 on the PBS series "Independent Lens." Source: Staff and Wire Reports Singer Olivia Newton-John is 59. SHORTTAKES Birthdays Fitness expert Jack La-Lanne, 93. Actor Philip Bosco, 77. Country singer David Frizz-ell, 66. Actor Kent McCord ("Adam 12"), 65. "The Weakest Link" host Anne Robinson, 63. Singer Bryan Ferry, 62. Country singer Lynn Anderson, 60. Actress Mary Beth Hurt, 59. Singer-guitarist Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos, 53. Actress Linda Hamilton, 51. Actress Melissa Sue Anderson ("Little House on the Prairie"), 45. Actor Jim Caviezel ("The Passion of the Christ"), 39. Singer Christina Milian, 26. This week in history 1977: "The Love Boat" premiered on ABC. Sound bite "I can tell you he has been doing very well; he has been making us laugh." Wes Anderson, who directed Owen Wilson in "The Darjeeling Limited," on the actor's recovery from an apparent suicide attempt The Associated Press IV J , JNevj Movies Sports News (CC) News (CC) Deal or No Deal Contes- Bionic Woman "Second Life (Series Premiere) Char- News Tonight mb2 3 4 4 317 997 tants choose cases to poten-Chances" The first bionic lie investigates the murder of Channel 4 Show 0 tially win $1 million. 4607 woman finds Jaime. 3355 a young boy. (HP) (CC) 3591 (CC) 3424510 67875959 KTUZ-30 Dame Chocolate Regreso a Madre Luna 63930 La Esclava Isaura 89978 Amor Mfo 92442 Notlclero Decision TELE 5 30 30 las telenovelas. 68220 42794 2008 961355 News(CC) IfWheelof Dancing With the Stars Private Practice (Series (:01) Dirty Sexy Money Eyewitness f(:35) Night- 8 5 5 6607 Fortune (CC) Dolly Parton performs; one Premiere) (In Stereo) (HD) "Pilot" (Series Premiere) (In News 5 (CC) line (CC) BC' 7959 celebrity must go. 72084 (CC) 2694959 Stereo) (HD) (CC) 78268 2404171 69866201 KSBI-52 . . . (5:30) Okla Fresh Prince Matlock 'The Pro" (In In the Heat of the Night Quincy, M.E. A man's illiter- The Tyra Banks Show How Family 9 52 52 News 156648 25133 Stereo) (CC) 29572 "Judgment Day" 38220 acy proves fatal. 58084 teens form opinions. 51171 ruma News(CC) Entertain- Kid Nation "To Kill or Not Criminal Minds "Doubt" CSI: NY "Can You Hear Me News 9 ItLateShow- bc 10 9 9 3539 ment Tonight to Kill?" (In Stereo) (CC) (Season Premiere) (In Now?" (Season Premiere) (CC) 6754369 Letterman tB& (CQ 7591 12626 Stereo) (HD) (CC) 98046 (In Stereo) (HD) (CC) 19210 32995152 KOCB-34 "7 77 77 TwoHalf TwoHalf America's Next Top Model Gossip Girl "The Wild Scrubs (CC) IStill Stand- According to Frasier (CC) CW 11 34 34 Men 8249 Men 2201 (In Stereo) (CC) 38688 Brunch" (CC) 47336 12152 ing 47959 Jim 37084 13404 KOKH-25 10 Family Guy The Simp- Back to You I Til Death Kitchen Nightmares "Dil- Fox Primetime News News Late TMZ (CC) Fox 12 25 25 (CC) 83171 sons 74423 (CC) 51084 (CC) 70607 Ion's" (CC) 87510 1 4932688 Edition 57626 133046 i OETA-13 Business Ok. News The War "Pride of Our Nation" On D-Day a million and a half Allied The War "Pride of Our Nation" (Encore) PBS 14 13 13 Report 6881 Report 7133 troops embark on the invasion of France. (In Stereo) (CC) 403828 (In Stereo) (CC) 773572 KAUT-43 1C Friends (CC) Friends (CC) Decision House (In Stereo) iMeet My Folks "The Atnips" Channel 4 Raymond I Raymond MASH MyNet 16 43 43 89317 96387 (CC) 16084 (CC) 92404 News 67220 92249 64978 (CC) 73626 KOPX-62 17 co Designing Designing Mama's Fam.lMama's Fam. Who's Boss?Who's Boss? Wonder Yrs. Wonder Yrs. Time-Music Paid Pro- llON 17 181 62 177336 168688 438959 157572 447607 459442 160171 248423 505220 gram 521268 KTBO-14 23 260 372 Billy Graham Classic 48688 Behind 2336 Jeffrey 1959 Bible 1084 van Impe Praise the Lord (CC) 53997 J KOCM-46 24 46 369 ReagajHagee9634 Rod Parsley Joni Lamb Celebration 51238 Evan07j34jWsdom This Is Day Believers Cox J - - EOOC's Sportscene 75133 MLB Baseball St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers (Live) 605684 Sports 44775 Sports 53423 Univision 21 827 402 Yo Amo a Juan 26268 Amar sin Li'mites 32084 iDestilando Amor 18404 Don Francisco 38268 Impact o Noticiero Lifetime 25 108 252 Still 405355 IStill 496607 Reba 773268 iReba 485591 "Abducted" (2007) Sarah Wynter. 'NR' (CC) 103510 Will 817201 Will 833249 NICK 26 170299 School Drake SpongeBob Drake Home Imp. Homelmp, Lopez Lopez Fresh Prince Fresh Prince A&E 27 118 265 CSI: Miami (CC) 362201 CST: Miami (CC) 683171 cSI: Miami (CC) 669591 The Sopranos 3358152 (:13) The First 48 61105201 ESPN2 28 144 209 Summer Summer Women's Soccer: FIFA World Cup Semifinal 9169978 The Contender 9402404 The Contender 9405591 ESPN 29 140 206 MLB Baseball Teams to Be Announced. (Live) (CC) 387607 Baseball Tonight 773779 SportsCenter (CC) 523256 MTV 30 160331 Hilil 490423 Hills 481775 Love Lauren 118442 Newport Real World Real World Newport Life of Ryan Hills 828317 TNT 31 138 245 Law & Order 603336 Law & Order 975930 Law & Order 991 978 Law & Order 904442 Without a Trace 974201 Discovery 32 182 278 How-Made How-Made MythBusters (CC) 665775 MythBusters (CC) 674423 Build It Bigger 661959 Cash Cab: Dark 664046 AMC 33 130 254 (3:30) "The Firm" 855171 "Batman" (1989, Action) Jack Nicholson. 'PG-13' 247220 "Army of Darkness" (1992) 3129510 USA 34 105 242 Law Order: CI 933713 Law & Order: SVU 3222387Law & Order: SVU 207775 Law & Order: SVU 227539 Law & Order: SVU 220626 FX 35 137 248 (5:00) "Elektra" 2875171 Gone in Sixty Seconds" (2000) Nicolas Cage. 'PG-1 3' 9544423 '70s Show Damages 8993355 Family 36 180311 Grounded Grounded "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1990) 'PG' 267317 Whose Line? Whose Line? The 700 Club (CC) 119171 FSN 37 416 643 MLB Baseball Houston Astros at Cincinnati Reds. (Live) 996997 Astros 72152 Final 90881 Heroes Final 48930 Disney 38 172 290 Montana Zack & Cody "Read It and Weep" (2006) 9889084 That's-Raven That's-Raven Life Derek Zack & Cody Montana CMT 39 166 327 Celebrity Bull 5028423 Crossroads 9415978 Cheerleaders 9424626 Cheer 2007 CMT Music Awards 5132084 TLC 40 178 280 Losing It-Fat 605794 Pregnant 46 Yr 984688 Mystery ER (CC) 993336 Diagnosis X 973572 Pregnant 46 Yr 983959 SPIKE 45 168 325 CSI: Crime Sen 610626 CSI: Crime Sen 982220 UFC Unleashed 908268 Ult. Fighter 988404 MANswers MANswers VH1 46 162 335 Grt. Teen Stars 752201 Cutest Babies 540143 Embarrassing 245751 The Pick Up Artist 140107 Rock of Love 990684 CourfTV 48 204 246 Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Most Shocking 5214510 Forensic Forensics Haunting Psychic Psychic Psychic SCIFI 49 122 244 Ghost Hunters 7287065 Ghost Hunters 5212152 Ghost Hunters 5298572 Haunted "Pilot" 5218336 Ghost Hunters 5211423 BET 50 124 329 106 & Park I Hell Date Hip-Hop Amer. 433539 Kanye West Kanye West comicview (CC) 422423 Take the Cake 425510 Travel 51 215 277 Europe Europe Latin Latin World Poker Tour From Niagara Falls, Canada. 5702779 Latin Latin Cartoon 52 176296 Squirrel Boy Foster Grim Advent. Ed, Edd Camp Lazlo Gym Partner Jimmy Naruto Futurama Family Guy TVLand 54 106301 Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Comedy 56 107 249 Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert Mencia South Park South Park S. Silverman Daily Show Colbert Food 57 110231 Emeril Live 7292997 Good Eats Good Eats Challenge 5203404 Dinner Dinner Good Eats Unwrapped HGTV 58 112 229 y House House To Sell Get It Sold Deserving Design-Dime House My House Bought Whats ANPL 59 184 282 Extreme Fooled Blue Planet 29510 Blue Planet 97030 Animal Cops 25794 Extreme Fooled Golf 60 401 605 Lessons Big Break 4897688 Golf Central (Live) 2665997 19th Hole Gulbis Lessons Gulbis Golf 5218220 History 61 120269 Marvel: Copper 6797794 Marvels: Fertilizer 7465510 Lost Worlds (CC) 7441930 Hangar 18 7461794 Human Weapon 7464881 TBS 62 139247 Raymond Raymond Family Guy FamilyGuy House-PayneHouse-Payne" House-PayneHouse-Payne Sex and-City Sex and-City TCM 63 132 256 "Saturday's Hero" 6878997 "Good News" (1947) June Allyson. 'NR' 6183591 "The Freshman" (1925) 3176152 Absent-Prf e! 64 114236 TlTNews IfThe Daily 10 DT90210 940189 Dr. 90210 645797 Sunset Tan Sunset Tan IE! News chelsea H Speed 65 150 607 Chop Cut pinks Super Bikes! Super Bike"sT Pinks Pinks Unique Whips 9639688 Unique Whips 9632775 E Bravo 67 129273Top Chef (CC) 241510 Top Chef (CC) 877959 Top Chef (CC) 886607 Top Chef (CC) 899171 Top Chef (CC) 869930 B WGN 70 239 307 Home Videos 245336 Corner Gas Corner Gas Bicker (CC) Becker (CC) WGN News at Nine 893997 Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) j Hallmark 165185312 Murder-Wrote 6700268 Murder-Wrote 7478084 "Rose Hill" (1997) Jennifer Garner. 'PG' 7458220 Murder-Wrote 7477355 B Oxygen 166127251 TbrT2206201 Tori 2220881 T"28 Days" (2000) Sandra Bullock. 'PG-13' 5297978 Tori 1259881 Tori 6707171 Tyra Banks Show 7479713 1 HBO T 300 501 Q15) "Major Payne" (1 995, Comedy) (CC) 47632355 REAL Sports 290481 Inside the NFL 973797 Real Time 723274 P MAX 320310512 "The Transporter 2" (2005) 989152 "John Tucker Must Die" (2006) 685510 "You, Me and Dupree" (2006) (CC) 2051404 SHOW 350 318 537 (5:45) "In the Line of Fire" (1993) (CC) 98166442 Californ Weeds "Farce of the Penguins" (2007) 6465713 Lie With Me ' mrza- TODAY BEST BETS "Bionic Woman," 8 p.m., KFOR-4. This new remake of the hit 1970s action series stars British-born actress Michelle Ryan ("Jekyll") as Jaime Sommers, whose body is rebuilt with high-tech parts after a near-fatal car accident. If you remember the original show, you know this gives her some pretty amazing abilities, but she just wants to live a normal life. No such luck. "Life," 9 p.m., KFOR-4. The title of this new drama series is deceptively simple ... unlike its hero. Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) is a cop who served 12 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Finally exonerated and released with a big money settlement, he takes baby steps back into the world and onto the force with the help of a lawyer friend, a former cellmate and the knowledge of Zen he picked up in prison. "Dirty Sexy Money," 9:01 p.m., K0C0-5. This new drama series has "guilty pleasure" written all over it, even without that titillating title. Peter Krause stars as Nick George, a lawyer who's working with the disadvantaged when he gets the call to take over his late father's job: problem solver, father confessor and spin doctor to the wealthy Darling family. With five grown kids each toting a ton of baggage, this clan will keep him on his toes. WORTH A LOOK "America's Next Top Model," 7 p.m., KOCB-34. In this new episode, the girls move into an environmentally friendly mansion and are introduced to their new mode of transportation also green. And because this is "America's Next Top Model," the infighting has already started. A style challenge and an anti-smoking photo shoot conclude with the elimination of one contestant in "The Models Go Green." "Criminal Minds," 8 p.m., KWTV-9. In the season premiere, the Behavioral Analysis Unit has shut down a Midwestern college campus whose female students are being targeted by a killer. The team members do their usual thing, drawing up a profile of the likely killer and tracking down someone who fits it but the killings continue after he's in custody, leading the profilers to question whether they're losing their touch. "Gossip Girl," 8 p.m., KOCB-34. Best friends Blair and Serena are on the outs after Blair reveals she knows Serena slept with Nate. Serena opens another can of worms by inviting Dan to Chuck's fundraiser. Blair considers letting Jenny into her circle in the new episode "The Wild Brunch." "CSI: NY," 9 p.m., KWTV-9. In the season premiere, the investigators find human blood on the Statue of Liberty. Apparently it's the work of a vigilante killer with a well-known musician in his sights. TALK SHOWS "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," 9 a.m., K0C0-5. Actor Greg Kinnear; opera singer Paul Potts. "Live With Regis and Kelly," 9 a.m., KWTV-9. Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; comic Carrot Top; musical guest Queen Latifah. "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," 10:35 p.m., KFOR-4. Actor Steve Carell; musical guest Bright Eyes. "Late Show With David Letterman," 10:35 p.m., KWTV-9. Actress Jennifer Gamer; filmmaker Ken Bums. Talk show lineups are subject to change. For additional program highlights, consult TV Week in Sunday's editions of The Oklahoman.

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