The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1947 BLYTHEVTLLE (AHK.) COURIKR NKWS Good '47 Crops Farmers Said to Be Making Headway In Paying Off Loons NEW ORIGANS,, Oct. tr, <UPI — The nation's .12 Federal Land Bank presidents reported here'today that! farmers are.,..maklni! 'good -headway | In payli^'pff crop |oaiis_anct agreed t rfhat generally-good crops'could be f P>xpected"irom all sections of the ] country this. yenr. . . ' : ' In Individual reports to the semiannual meeting of the bankers here, Waller C. Dean of Berkeley, Calif., said high land, prices in California, Arizona, Nevada a,nd Utah appeared to be leveling off. R. E.. Brown' oJ'Spokrme. Wash,. »nd H. B. Munger of Springfield, Mass., reported that farmers in their areas were reducing steadily their mortgage debts. , ' And M. S. Kennedy of Louis- 94-Cent Bank' Hold-Up Jails Boy 75 Years CHAH.I.OTTE, N. C., Oct 9. (UP) — A bnnk holdup lhat netted 17.- yenr-old Pete Belk Just 94 cents loday bronchi htm a 15-ywr prison sentence, and Federal Juciqc E. Yates wctab said It would' have been 25 years except for the boy's . 'file Monroe. N. C.. youth was sentenced ye.nerd.iy for a holdup in which he hit a woman cashier with his gun aiid accidentally shot Ills 10-year-old confederate, Walter Hanvnonds, also of Monroe. Hammonds, still rccuperuti:/, from the lung wound, was scheduled for trial next April. Before he was sentenced. Belk \ told the court how he look S13.94 [ from a Peachlnnd, N. C.. I/ink I cashier at the point of a gun last r Sept. 26, The bank later rcc.t/crcd $13 of the ; amount. Belk said he hit Ihc ville, Ky...satd a bumper crop cashier on"tho"'licn'd with his gun of wheat has already been stored ! because she kept screaming and In elevators and bins in Ohio, Iml-1 the pistol fired, wounding Hani- iana, Kentucky and Tennessee but j. monds. tobacco and corn crop prospects i • were n lltlle discouraging "I Walter Drostc. St. loiiis t old! exhoncl ' atcd 011 sinu!nr charges the meeting that farmers 'in his [ wllcn a coroner's jury and a Glynn region were applying a large mH.l 9 oun . l y Brand jury tolci his part of their Income to the retirement of debts and that they were anxious to .arrange financing on a long-term basis. Julian Scarborough. Columbia. S. C., called the agricultural outlook In the Carolinas. Georgia and Florid a'''good" despite a slight fall in tobacco prices this year. the slayings. Read Courier News Want Ads. Doctors Charge Football 'Pads 1 Injure Opponents CHICAGO, Oct. 9. (UP) — Those shoulder pads and (high guards worn by football players hurt opposing players more often than they protect their wearers, three' Chicago physlcans charged yesterday. l : They said thai protective equip-' mcnt "serves better for purposes Jf offense than for purposes of protection," Speaking at the 35th imnunl meeting of the National Safety Council, Drs. Harry E. Mock, Hurry E. Mock, Jr., and Charles J. Mock said that ball carriers "covered with steel-hardness plastic, padded on the inside for protection represents "a human cannon ball charging into the line." ' "It docs not malic much stretch of the imagination to understand why a majority of skull fracture- brain injuries occur to defensive players," they said. The physicians said the 430 deaths due to football injuries have been listed by the American football Couches' Association since 1031. Of those deaths, 2.V1 were direct results of football injuries and 141 were attributed to gridiron mishaps, they said. \ Nearly half of the fatal Injuries were due to skull fractures or brain injuries. Harry E. Mock, who has been studying football deaths for more weak him Army Sergeant's Truck And Nerves Shattered In Blast of 7-Ton Bomk TAMl'A, Phi.. Oct. 9. 'UP) Army Sgt. Gall her E. S:\sser asked for a transfer toriny. 'Hie Tallahassee, Ma., soldier had been a moinber of a boiiib-eiirryjii.; detail at MneDIll yield ji|> to y.'S- terdny. < lir,. li.ise He was driving « truck loaded nwn >'- wllh 14,5ua-|ioiind demolition-bom IK I Somehow the other 12 bombs did /rom a railroad car to the Held not explode. The truck aiunuinUion dump when one of the Giant missiles exploded. , frVrtunntcly for ih<j scrReanl the '.PAG? THTR bomb nave off n relatively charge. The, explosion threw nunJust (lie windshield and stunned him, but ho enme to In time, to fiTiimble inn of Hie trurk ami make (tanks. He wn.s sill! nimiliiK when n'se- «>nd bomi) wont off, Ihls time wlili lull force. H blew tho (ruck ' lo little ]>Uve,s inul Rhook the en- . , rocking houses six miles ! . was on an Isolated landing strip nixl no <ln- mud- was (lciin> exrcpl to (lie truck. And to Kyi. saver's nerves. ' lint been lelumcd h«r» for •''• • 'i« fi : ffet Iknk U'licrc H Started f than 25 years, snlrt flint during (he period of his observnlions the equipment worn by players have PROVHW.N'CE, fi. 1. (Ul>) — Tho evolved from the soft cumbersome j patio! frigate. l!Ms Somalllnml — padclc.i ipaterials to the imnl p!as-! ml |, n f 21 buill In Providence for »<^ equipment used, today. • ii>,,, British .InriiiR World War 11 Slaying of Eight Negro Convicts Called Justified ATLANTA. Ga., Oct. 9. <UT>) _ The slaying of eight Negro convicts al the Olynn County State, Highway Canip last July today was called "Justified" by a special Oeorg'ln legislative committee. , The Committee on Penitentiaries of the 'Georgia House of Representatives reported to Gov. M. F. Thompson that .its investigation showed Warden H. G. Worthy had fired' on 27 "mutineering-"' convicts to prevent them from escaping. The report dehied that 40 pvi- soners who quit work on a drainage detau-.fhe day of the shoeing had been ordered to waist- deep •water and Charged thp.t '.he alleged ringleader of the prisoners. Willie (Pee Wee) Bell lunged at the warden before the shooting started. The striking prisoners had armed themselves with three pieces of steel about two feet lojig and an improvised club, the legislators^ charged. And they said the guards were, justified in using firearms"'Ifr-self-- defense. - ' • • ' ••• <' , ' Warden Worthy and five "guards involved in the shooting were indicted last week by a U. . District Court, grand jury on charges, of txdenying 'the prisoners their c.ivil frights. Earlier, the same men had been A "FIRST" by HARTS! Be One of the First to Try one of the New Saturday Specials - CHOCOLATEER Large 2-Layer Cake covered in Chocolate Mint Icing 69 C ON S^Lf SATURDAY CINLY/ Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY Van Camp's TAMALES:.- - - - - tin19c Admiration, Chase & Sanborn COFFEE, Rosebud - - Ib. 51 c Flotill, No. 2Vi can APRICOTS- - - closeout19c Stokeley's, No. 2'/2 can PEACHES 29c - - Case $6.59 GUM Sss. 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Wi'lls, whoso ncldrt!!>5 is co- M:nvtiB Evnud, AUonmy, Ingram Bullillng. niylhpvillo, Arkiiiisua, All iwrsona Imvlng cliilms nnn)nW fniil cstale nro rptiulreil lo exhibit 1lu> s;iim« lo Ilio ndinlnLslmloi', prop- inly nutUciillciitca. wltlitn six months from (ho rtulo of (lie first IMiblU-Atlon of (his notice, or they \\ill bo forovi'v Imni'd niul proelutl- cii Iroin i\ny bi'iieflts In snid fstnle. Outcrt llils 30lh dny of 6(!|)lF»i- bt'r, )M1. C. O. WKLLS, Admlnistrn'.or. Murnia" Evrnrrt. Attorney for Admlnlstrntor. 10'3-D-16 Life is short-r-Life's lessons long to learn As k-. -v «rt mulfcu h • ni rxrwniliiyu 'c<l by a o»mt. TKit it why "A Name Is Everything," Tliink of • nitne and w« *lnk o[ • person. Pittervc lh« name ind ihit person's Influence it MttndecJ »nd It helpful to Olhcri through gtnmiiom, JOHN C. McHANEY "Your Monument OF MEAL TIME AS HUNDREDS OF OTHER Bl/theville HOUSEWIVES DO No. 2 can No, 1 Tall Can Libby's or Hunt's 21/2 Con BREAD RED SOU ft PITTED CHERRIES NO. 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