The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE* TWELVE BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1947 British Surrender More Gold to US. London Sources Say Additional. Reserves Traded for Dollars LONDON, Oct. 9. CUP)—'Authoritative fourccs said today thai Brlt- • in had fold $BO,OCO,000 more of its gold reserves to (lie United SUtes to replenish Us dwindling; supply ot dollars. It w-ss the secund time !iv three VMki that, Britain ha-' dipped Into IU Rrtld I't'.sprve, ti^.e »l«!nst I'oonbmic Britain •old WO.000.000 worth of gold to the TJ. S. for dollar? on Sept, 10. Th« new sale was believed to have r*dur«d the British sold reserve to •bout t2,240,000.000. The exact total U A government secret. CtlahcclToY fit the Exchequer Hugh Dtlton said last month after the - ftrst ^,olri sale that the reserve was worth $2.320,000.000. Sir Stafford Crtpps, ^the new minister of eco- nofxuu, "said yesterday, however, tint he could disclose only that the re»r'e totalled between $2.000,000,000 and *>,4(X>,000,000. TKeiwVi'iithorltntlvc sourtys said the Silt was consiimateri by niov- in* gol<^''hc!d on British Account from ont;vauit of the Federnl Re- »«rv» Bshlc of New York 'to ;in- oth»r ,v'ftuH and ci-etiliine tills eountry* v irith an -'-•• ' • To" rtpVenish !i... . - .iS in New Torlc, the'fjcivernmenl shipped $40,000,000 Wrth of eolrt to the Feder*l Res*i'.\e Bank of New York on th* ^in^r. Queen Mary, which nr- rtr*d thy-re yesterday , Oklahoma Man Heads Confederate Veterans OHAT"tANOOGA. Tenn., oil. 9. (XJP/ — The headquarters of the Confederacy moved Westward today/with William Mercer Buck. !)6, Muskogee, Ola., who takes over as commander-in-chief of Die thlnhlifg gray line. Budcj elected at tho close of tho Knd, annual Confederate Veterans Beunlon yesterday, succeeds Henry C.. Dowllnp. Atlanta. Only four ot ttie 79 living veterans nLtenricd the ' meeting. ; Trie sons of Ihe Confederacy who met- with them named John T. RlTM, 'Cedar Rapids. Iowa, com- nunder^ln-'chief. Mart, Feared Murdered, Obtains Navy Discharge BYRDSTOWN. Tenn.. Oct. S. (UP) —A (school-teacher whose sudden disappearance In January led to theories he had been killed accidentally or murdered, was back flt homf today after a stint in the Everett Rn.ssell,' 31. who WHS discovered h| California this Summer after, a months-long search, apparently' suffered amnesia. Returning here'yesterday after being discharged from?.'*,. Navy hospitnl he sn:,l he remembers nothing of leaving home anrt goin^ to California, ler he disappeared • 'questioning made Man Who Lost the Will to Live if. FREE CIRCUS— ; 12 BIG ACTS! r : SENSATIONAL •HARDIN-SIMMONS 45-PIECE COWBOY COWBOY BAND :FROM ABILENE, IT E X A S ! •if SIE THE : TRIBE OF • PAWNEE : INDIANS : UVING ; pN THE SHOW : GROUNDS IN : THEIR'NATIVE WIGWAMS! NEW AND IMPROVED 70-ACRE SHOW , GROUNDS, .PRIDE OF THE 'SOUTH! i /S (ired. disenurased old mall, Indin's Mohandas K. Oandhl, cclc- .it. -j i'vs ivi-enl 7l)tii birthday by ilcclanni: be Dad lost all desire {lie a lime li'e because the masses no longer heed bis peace nlcus. Here, Ihe fnrncd pacifist leader is pictured leaning heavily on Ilip shoulders of his two granddaughters while strolling In New Delhi, scene ot much recent violent religious rioting. Photo by NEA- Acn'.e stair correspondent Bert Bramll, on round-the-world assignment via Pan-American Airways. Affable Johnny Meyer Fails To Keep His Date With a Judge Hy LKO TNKNKK > Meyer \vn.s not at the El Morrocco (irnilnl ITess Staff < H ort rs|ioiuli-nt) | last night. NKWYORK.Oct'fl. (UIM-ThCj Nor WIIS llc re|rortcd ,„ any of posttnnii mm; at the swank Wai- the niftht ,spols bcblntt who-n white- dorf-Afltorla lodny with a rcfflstcrcd ' , 0 | >lc clt]lhf .. s , )C hnf , concealed ]pt or for Johnny Meyer, but the j hlnwelf ,„ a whilc sMrl ott nn j, publicity-shy publicity agent was ns | OM slllPO hist Al|g- , whcn Hncken- absent as a nickel beer In n night- , bl|] . g , S5uet| lhc warmit chnrB i nK The letter wa.s to inform Meyer !• - Itjul ;i d:>(R with Justice Frederick I*. Hnckcn 'AWK nt 10 :. w ::i paternity coin 1 !. ; " IrytT was not registered and harl no reservation. . :i .icm in tlie hol.spoU Inst night was whether Meyer 1 would in- p inc. tl;ut\ HR *:onrt the Jnrige When he was rclonsrri on $50o"on ho paternity charge n few hours •>arlier, lie asked n iwlicc captain, 'What hnppcns if I don't come ack? 1 ' "Von lose the $500," a policeman said. ' :cd $500 like I need a hole n Hie head," Meyer .said. The (tin-loving, much traveled agent for million nirc Howard fiughfs faced the prospect of keep- .ng the da t e or m a rk ing of I New York as a port of call. He could not be extradited to lace a ehnrpe of n lapse \n love, only a nil. 1 'demeanor In New York. The red stars R'aI'ert down Inst night from the bine celling of El Morocco where Moycr, 41. met Pn- trictfi Miles US, H blonde cigaret girl in 19-15 atiri where a plam- clothc.stnan tapped him with n -warrant early yesterday thargins him with being the father of her baby. false confr.s-sion Mint he "hit Russell and IcfL him for dead" on the oank of the river. him wUh being the father of MLss Miles son. Douglas, now I'lght- months old. Meyer was trapped, Mi.-s.s Miles revealed today, becaiwp shin learned from their alleged three-Umes- a-weok try.sts that he was a. man ot habit. A spy reported Meyer's arrival by ' plnnc 7 "onday from Pails where he was rc|x>rtod whispering .scrEoUfv words of love In the ear of beautiful Janet Thoma.v Her i attorney. Klvin T. Un term an, went, [ to El Morocco Tuesday nlghl and • waited. Mryrr .showed, up after i midnight and was hustled off to I Jail and ball. \ Meyer's friends said he .spent \ yesterday at the apartment of « They sntd lie had n had hoad- ! ache. i Meyer, who spent considerable time before the Senate sub-committee invr-sti^atStig Hie plane-buildhiK contracts 'of his employer, said at, the police station: "This is small -stuff. I've been in higher thing* than Ihls before." '"You said that twice on the way over bete," said Warrant Officer William J. Aidlff, who arrested him at the nlKht chib. "Well, I've been pushed around \ by some pictty tmnottnnt people." Meyer sai<l. Ardift. atTompatiied by the blon:l cigaict liiK-k.ster's attorney, pushe<J Ihe head waiter at El Morocco at 2:45 n.rn. and tapped Meyer on tho shouldpr. "I have a warrant lor your arrest," those at Meyer's table quoted the officer a.s saying. Meyer whirled and lapped Ardiff on the solar plexis, the bystanders .said. Ardifl turned to the attorney, Elvin i. Untcnnan who filed the paternity suit before Justice Frederick L, Harkonburg early last August and .said, "I deputize you n;; a police officer to help me arrest this man." Meyer knew when he was out-* numbered. He went quietly. Miss Miles, wearing a two-piece suit, and with her blonde hair in a bun ut the buck, arrived at the police station a lew minutes later and announced that she was "looking for justice for my child." She •-. found Meyer, looking very spruce in his neat blue business .suit. They hud one thing in common. Neither wore a hal. mg ttw Ntw N 1 Gold Medal Showi ; Oft-O Ntw Quorttr- ! MiU Povtd Midway! 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