The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1947
Page 10
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MGE'- TEN BI/rniEVHLLE (AUK.) COUKIRR N'KWS Papooses Depart For Jonesboro : Junior High Gridmcn < T»"Tongl« Tonight • With Ancient Rivafs • Tli5?tt-tour papooses from Blye c Junior High School hit th« ro»4 'his afternoon for Jones- Chicks End Drills for Tough Tilt With Pine Bluff Zebras With emphasis on passes nnd pa.w defense, the Blytlievllle Chicks ended their pre-ganip- drills yesterday af Ira-noon with n rugecd fcilmmaee session in ptejKrritlon /or a potentially ronglA encounter with the Pine Bluff Zebras at Haley Meld tomorrow night. And, unless prevented by ml'!. .day and Is Die question mark at the tackle position at present. Taylor Is a reserve tackle nnri Ills in- Jury will make the position danKcr- ously weak. "Bill Lawscm. normally n lineman, will be back in the playing this week after ploying a hampered came Friday night but Voris' absenee will Durocher Heads West Following Talk With R.ickey NEW YOHK. Ocl. 9. (UP)—Leo Dtn'ocho 1 was Ixis AtttSelc.s-lxHind today mid Brooklyn President Brunch Rickey had no comment re- £mdinK Ills c.x-man;iger'K buselKtll future, bill, llicrc were strong in- cllcntion.s that things were looking up for The !,ip. Fie h:u) -A lhref-hour conference with Rickey yc.Mcrdiiy, ond emerged from the Muliumatina'.s Hrooklyn they v,i!l taper off with a dressed for their flnnl get together boiore This bottli looms as » possible attentive duel between a p«lr o( (inp backs, diaries "Ruff" Lute* of the Papooses and it Whirlwind b«cl-oy 'he name oj yielding, yielding, though diminutive in slMi the sparkplug ot tlie! will probably be tisott against the Ctiick.s'.T. Defense liel* Kmphasl* The formation a m.xlifh'd five, two, two I wo with the wliiR- tack shifted slightly to the offen- the line- Whlri*1nd'« offensive attack In all slvi> fam's left. throwiiiB the line- c d Hill thrM.ot their games this year and bncker. wlnubnrk nnd safe y m«n .set-lion f«niF~fwo weeks ago. Strong OPl*o*>ltlon I/oonu • Strong opposition ii expected from U:e .lonesboro team In to- olght'ft bnttle lim.stmich M t the Whirlwinds kre reported to be both bl* »nd fast find they will be out ifl revenge the double licking dealt them by the Paps lust year. The pips drubbed Ihe Cralfchoad Colin-- tiflns c to 6 and 30 to 15 in games Vt Fall. ^During this week's practice tts- iloiw (he Paps vcri 'given ex- 1 tensive drills in running and ivs- ; ing plays in an effort to ai'liieve j ronld Indic-nte thai the Xebrrts ii-nlly In Ihe condition \\liirli Ili-.t article elaiined. Mi.rr Seals Avnilahle C. Ci. Redman, pmirlcnl of the CUirki'snw Athletic Club annonne- ils morning that the second of hlejiehrr.s ii: Kasl.'Orl' 1 Twites _h»s paced the Papooses in ln a strniiiht line perpendicular lu j Slarlhmt would bo coni]>>!cd today their two victories over Marked' "'e defensive Htjlit enri »nd Ls used | n nd be reedy for I>KO loinorrow nlBhl I Tiee "and Helena »nd it was his'mostly a-s a drrwuc nunlust end j supplying an additlopal 13IW M-KIS. 'it return of i kickoff tlinti sweeps and pn-VM. I The addition of the E.ucsuli; Sn- "tl« day in the B<>]!evue' The Chifks ran severnl ]>l:iys j dium and tlu trmpor.iry blr.irhen iHKalns! thLs formal!")) with Don- I which will In' placed in the Sn'ilh I Rid Huey ilulnf: the fjuRrtevl;ackinK. [ cnfl Kline will hi-in? ilie *OLil!ii^ cii- Follovs'ing this session, tlie. lirst j pjv.-'iv of Hr\ley Field to apinoxi- and second strings .shifted sides with Ihe second string opening an aerial offensive. 'Ilie, Mrlbftl 'chtef- lains tlien set up n pass defense with Ihe !irst string secondary. They ilien t«i>rrt-d off with a long ession In defending (he passer. Harold Traylnr. the Chicks Injured alternate captain and left Imlfback. tvn.i present at yrMerrtfty's drills hut was not fully dre.;sed out. He spent most of the afternoon in i warm up JOBS mound the practicJ . combination of the two at-1 field In an effort to get back in Ucks that will enable them lo I shape. Coach By mini stated tins hilw'?«Sother Jonesboro scalp in I morning that he would not attemp:, theOrgwam. ' j to nsc Traylor In tomorrow's <:<»>-.: The victory cntne on two IOIIK runs der lii':ul(|ii!u 'ins, flflul later ;<l Hirpnri In- smiling ly nodded ii ;i lieu sin :u i :tskc(? if a 194H Buzzing Job >i;ul btN'M ( Thru ho s nu'iH, of eo Mr. Rickey." "any nnnotnu-e- jvuisl inome. from ' Norm Jacobson of the Newton team puts n low tts^'ik- (>i\ !'• ricr dives acioss the goal line for a touchdown ciuiin-/ \;i HUL, :. S'.'dnev, Au: >n;lia. t mnlely HOOfl. maklmT it one of llu; largest In Norlli Arliiirsin. Lanqe Wildcats Defeat Beavers In Gridiron Tilt Barnhill Pu\pil, Now a Coach, k Grid Threat FAYBTI'KVIIXE. Ark., O:t. 9. (UP).- A nind wiio mny know :is mut'h iibniit t!-f NYyh>'7i1-Tc:nMo.s- see svstein as ifn<"; John ]3"rnhill. i.^ .. th,. 'co:icli of llaylnr '.University the Bdnc-uut-hai clly-lorgoUen L-ir- Bears, and. in fart, is a fbntie, ]>n- ry MacPhail, was ready .o Hi-iin pll of H:n-iihiH's. i ""t n ijood many of the Redheirts Big Rebuilding Job Facinq In Wake of Winning '47 World in lly STAN OPOTOWSK Y j pinrh-hil t United Tress Spurts Writer) [ Snntfy .St.Jni NEW YOHK, Oct.. 9. tUPi — Rin/utu at s-ho It's not often that a bull dun at ililnl scun laees a husc rebuilding job rH:IU The Y;mk-, nftei 1 winning 'he world series,' pourr. Aitron -but that '.s'jus the lot of the Nov.' tt;ni;iii: blot-k. York Yankees today. tainlv ,|:dn't s Part o! Hie task wa:. in the from a_Irani lick office. Oforije Weiss, who rei-hiced who ' has been tabbed as best, looking backficld lest for fear of re-injuring his buck. ! by qnavterlwck Joe Dallas, the of- Another "Hlurs" Song He is Hob Wnoilriiff, who was i han^evi-on, i I'radinil.ed from the University of ! But the biguer - nnd morn im- Lange's wildcats defeated a ; To n.-e.ssen in HI38. and was: a tackle i portiuit to the fans — .!•>!) \ the scraiipy Heaver oiillU from Sndlniry [ on volunteer teams of wliHch Barn- i ball club itself. Despite Ihe .scries in (he "Y" Midnct league play OU;,,,!! w;is ,, le | h , c ,, oac |,. 'woodruff i victory over Brooklyn, the cry w:« rcliirned to the Tennessee eoachnvr ! "liulltl up the Yankees." Noi. as staff in 1940 and 1911 atid was a [ in days of yore, "Brcnk up the colleague of Hnrnhill. ' Yankees." Woodruff, like another famous | One of the greatest niainst.iy.s j the Division street playrjround yes-1 terduy afternoon by a 14-0 score. prospects that has come out ofi But the chicks aren't the only Blytheville since the days of the i ones that are singing the bines tif both tennis being pretty Tennessean, Hobby Dodd Jit Cleor- of the team, joltin' Joe \VJ11 lji> v;ho h^t a i~fvjim;im fituin^ the lireil :ic the third anti <\x\l series. As for pilchiiv,:. Ijj-.o'.lifr. ' a iii'fjblcm. 'J'he hu;: .',:ii£ ci- sL(U-s (iiirlni: the s^r-rr, -,'. '- cum.H. and the i-tr:: JM i>< ])ro^'^'• that for noy ;•. nd cvr True, Fl<>v[t Rnven.- i.s lla" even ihou'.:h lie IIK-S: thai he walked 10 mrmtin th;'well hotlird up except for Uiese two , f ,\.^ scorini; jaunts. Envly in Ihe soc in the Pine ulutf Commercial stat- Mosle.y_b,rothers. continued Ills dls play —of- fleet-footed running and Jancrptjtcpping during drills this'' c ,i that Conch OCOVKC Terry was weel^jrWed by his backficld cron-. R \ so hampered by Hie injury Jinx ies, lierb'y Prllitt, Robert Reid, and; w i,icb may force'a serious change •Melfilay. ' ' H1 his starting lineup. ° Jol*. Paul HutchcrsoK and Jim Th( , Ri(Mf r( ,, l( ,. "Six uijMvics v.ill hum per I lie over i rle. An aHiele appearing , 'Barter. Dallas took the pigskin on; „„„ >j. i. j.mi. •• i_ • i . i f ivim i'nn( jii- n Mil lin_ ' , Pups' two Oft^ks liand- 1 led rtikiit of the pass stiagKing ehore^during^ this _ ; week^__ drills, w . (|; R sliorlaec o( mmc , ;[)WCV eel puss from eciHor nnd bn- liitul |»onri SnteilcrciKT .skirted rh;ht : eiul for '\Q ynnis and Ihe .scni'e. Fill!-, bn'ck Billy Biiviilnini carried it over! for Mie cxlra point, j .Tlu.s .score stood up until the 1 ! fourth period, when ou the same ! Tc( . h has ( ies,'.,l,jd thij Tcnne.s- sy . s | cm j,,,. Die T-lhrmation. u",,,, [ m . u^ylor has bucn spci;- tacnlarly successful with it. The Bears bowled over Stephen P. Austin Co]l""c 3'1-D In I heir opener and upset Mlnini In Florida 18-7 the fo'lowinR week. It Is the passing of qlle.vlerbnck Jack Price an<l Haydcn I/ry the Striped Mules this weekend and ^ piny, Dnllns carried IS yards lo pny, c i c vercsl bull handler on tlje club- that has Arkiuisas worriedi. Working tint loo hard .this week after Siitnrday's heated .stnisk'lti with T. C. U. in which nearly evury pluy- nr lost from Tis'e fo lifLoen poiuuls, ', the lineup Robert Reid, the full- ) r »d B Ail^i"Tiiv!'o J r IP BorsfoVri"o\Vrror ; w»rcls, A.s a result, (he Denver backs 1 Arkansas i.s again coiu-entr;.ning on '•• back, and junior- Blankcnship, a|" d week "on a knee injury. 1 were never ~^- ••• — »"- i " »' ' — ''"' » '"- «--^- '^'" T . guard, win strengthen "-- T ' . . i ---•- r *•- [ witt lAttesj nnd Hay coupling on th« Hinging end. Regvlars Back in I.ine-Uij The return of two regulars lo the going will be rough in Blytheville Friday night. Injuries incl'lde M. L. Mann, Bill Campbell, Charles PcUKh j.^ yoiis. Uolsford dirt and converted (o make it 14-0,; The Wildcats had n deckled ad- i vnntasc hi ^iountlf;alncd «,s the • Beavers were unable to hold out hiird-clmrt;tng Wildcat for- wns one oi the hijlRest 'qucsliop innrk-s. The revelal-ion that Jot- played the greater part of this past SLM- .soti with a dead throwing ann WHS ] a blow. II- doesn't mean, by any j stretch of the imagination irMeiiri.r; ;js. o. ,iU'-A)-On COI.UMRUS. day Lawrence- Scii?;! bijiii-.l 1 ' ice cream liars to t::!( « iiome melted as he dr. -, !•' ii'ni;': that i n lf , nl jn (ino liiiua. The stretcn 01 t,ne imagniainin iriai j t| icm j n ono hniui. The .• i Joe is through. But it docs mean ; w j >( ,,.i ,sh|j])cd. his i-m- strif able lo Ret their at- won't draw a starting Hssigmfteiit but will see plenty of action. j '; JThe Paps wound up their ore- Robert Reid, fullback. ; game drills with a light workout) Second StriiiRfrs lo Sec Actitin ! »t Haley Field last night. These [ However. James Fisher and pop ''.drillA_.,were restricted mostly to tiying and dummy block- leave by bus this • fternppn at .4:30. is known about the ! Inf.* Moslcy, the Paps' mentors are cx- pass The Porkers held T. U. completions down buit - D*IK, «uu juiiiui £>iHiirLt;ik.iiNi;, "• ||. e sCCOlld WCOk Oil R KnCC llljltry ^"'-'t- iit-^ci null: Hi w i> iiitu tiL-j [/H.TI .n,,..,.>i.. 11.1. ........... ..*.,. .. .guard, will strengthen the Papsr .',, . s . lf i(, r m E from mnltrin ' lnck functioning. Excc])t for one one. U. completions down ttnt some • considerably In tonight's fracas. "V." l"...,;,.^. .,., £\\\. ot the iin - I wo lapses, their defensive work 1 of the Frog aerials were dsmgerons I, However, it was indicated yesler-!' 1 " Pcih , P ceived a bruised hip w»s gocd. I indeed. And practice se.s-sir^is Indi- l day that Blankensli)»> probably i J,' [ he Fho ,. t Smilh glvmc i tt5l Fri- I L ' ntu tlia l- Baylor's air garni: is jnsi Armcd Bids for Record As Top Money Winner NEW YORK. Oot. 9. IUP(— The world's top money-winning record peeled to .substitute often durinR , held by Mrs. Ethel Jacobs' Stymie tonight's game. Several members «ns in Jeopardy today as Calumet of the second slrlni; have shown ; Farm's Armed faced two speedy considerable. Improvement iluriiur week's drills vals in the S25.003 Bysonby Mile espe-; llt Belmont Park. J l ! The Calumet comet boasted earn- I [ TonigSt's probable starting ilnc- 1 ' ap, i^i-be Hutchcrson, left' end; 4 Bill '^fezzy" Wundcrlicli, left tackle; Bljfnkenship, left guard; J. C. Drbke,! cenler; Leroy Crlner, right guard;' Thomas Prince, right tackle; J)m D«er, right end; Mel qdartcrback; Lutes, lett half- as deadly. Three Arkansas linemen— Charles Lively. Elmer Jackson, and Steed White—and a backfieldmavJ. Alvin C. nuke, were injured in the Texas Christian encounter. son is Ihe only one who may be sidelined this Saturday. Kb has a sprained ankle. Only one-third of its income is spent, for food by the average American city family. Stymie looms a solid favjirite in the S100.COO New York handicap, scheduled for Belmont Saturday. that he's not the Dimaseio of old. i nl]in - ;ul to al Maybe a planncti operation can \ ( i anl; ,,,^ s cure the ailing wing. But if not, '' well— I lint, ditnag presents only one i outfield problem to the Yanks, i Charley Keller almost surely won't, be buck, lie hasn't seen any action j since i\fay. The Yanks reportedly, too, have been trying to peddle Tommy Ilenrich, who Ls not getting any younger. As for replacements. Johnny Lin- dcll certainly has shown he's still ready for action, with a fat 50(1 batting average for the series. Am! rookie Allic Clark, looked mighty good bashing in the clinching run in that last same with Brooklyn. Then there's Ihe matter of first base. Ajsnin yon have the unavoidable tnttov o( age creeping into the picture. Oeorse McCJirinn is. 36, the time when mast ball player* start hitting the trail hack. • 1 But who would replace .VlcQiijnn? | That's the question. There is some j talk that Bobby Brown, the hij:h- priccd rookie inlielder. will be '^iveii a crack at the Job after his record-breaking performance ns a cn:-;lj hir. 1 . Sit'O r.i a 2j P:T c n- second siring tackles, showed up well in practice this week along willi ends Mac Huy and Tommy Craig. Several members of the second string backfield Including quarterback Dick Reid, halfback Bob Glover and fullback Ixiuls Anderson turned in nice performances back; prtdtt, right halfback; and'during practice drills. Dick DunkeS's CoSSege Footboil Averages For week ending October 12 dale?" The trvims E«! thaii own li^ures by lh« »vprjtj» sn.-J.imtj m.mjins th»y e Iricir or[K>-,rnl5 AVO'.KI.'B ,IIP inOcx numbois not p»iccnt\iqp3. Tfcey indicMc i ,ST over Ih^ wr.^osl tf^iti in the rouniiy. Tlivit, « ^0.0 lp*q h** been tO acormr ot Uarns as l ipd trL\Iivu tu alibliah abov ' \ PRmCIPAL GAMtS N«w Mexico'*54.0 vs New KPX /..AM ! SATURDAY. ocronTiR u AUbama .. . '81.0 vi Duouv&n* .... | \iiny -...," 103-0 *» lurhi!* •..:,.-..! isov.n ...-«.VB v* K. I. '.-;»:» L : mclnii'Sh ""«73J Y*[)jvi^.' '...'.".'.. '"olum'-t TfJ tl VB Ya> •>«Bvt.i ....'.••;.•.? vnCoto. A A M. , i)*Uoil C.1 -t VR M.irciiinit<> . . ' A long Cheer FARM MACHINERY, PROPERLY MAINTAINED, BRINGS PRIDE AND PROHI JO THE OWNE/R! Slave you considered the losses you suffer financially ^througli carelessness and neglect of farm machinery'.' HTour machinery, properly sen-iced and repaired— fius proper storage when not in use—will sovvc you J>etter and last longer. Why not put all your farm ^machinery in our hands for repair? \Ve j»ive I'icc es- Jtimates beforehand, enabling you to approximate !th« cost. na 9 i ,1 vi low j . . . ' ., . -77.6 vj So. D,iV>l* Si. , S;, *t* 4 rsTcKJR A. A H. . ^1 3 vs Minnesota '•"" IA . ,. T n .c vs r* U. C. I.. A. .."" »v Or . . . For Fine Cleaning! Ready Clothes For Winter Now -A- Suits It Coals -k Tics * Dresses e Cleaners 119 South Triird Sfrect Htrllsril 1, HO" 15 .*". D-" V.E 2. N!i"?:G^W 3. A3MY H. TEXAS 5. 1X.UNCT3 .... 6. GA,. TF-rH. . . 7. GEOfcCSJA ... a. TENH 9. PCNN STATE 10. CALIFORNIA l\C.3 i: 1 .- icri 10-V3 )Ci' ^ IPi.S 5" 1 0 . 3S.4 . 93.4 9S.I — - •• ""» W;j;v«tf 2 M ,'--r:AH .. i. ri.ixois .. i Cr;- A^iOMA. i '., r\'"?.,^,\ | f ',',' ""ONSIH ". N '.vr^rrpM ' 8 MlMNf^OTA S TOV.'A 10 rtFTROlT t !-,„,! n« „,!., Tl \\6 S .11E.7 .106.7 S2.6 . 91.9 . 01. S . 91.3 . 83,9 . S3. 3 . 83.1 7Nr, V/ESX'S LEADERS .1016' . O'l.Cl . 93.0 B. 1 . :•';•' . 10. 1! \.",s A. ,1 M. S6 I t. SO. .. SJ.9 ;< U. C I.. A. ... «.3 4. SANTRANSCO S< J 6^ OR^OON ST.. . 82.* 7. WASHINGTON 61.0 5. NHVADA 79.2 !,. KAN !OSr. ST. 7<.6 Ho. OREGON 7<,0 1. ABMY 3. PT.NN STATE. 4. COLUMBIA ... 5. VIl.t.ANOVA . 6. V. 1 . VIRGINIA a, BOSTON C011. 5. YM.': 10. NAVY 109.9 9i 4 93.< ea.c . B6.7 '. 85.7 85.4 . 847 ->- Heiv'.c-.-r.'./ . ^ honors wlici .1 i..o ci. i of dow;:y-5.;".'i vii ^1:1 f kinnels • 'i'; \c'a ye 1 :. beyond iht; iii'.Ji.i ii!!: Icci Hi"^ \~<.'.'i or:;, Ci o reloxoiioii c f Ihe o,v: Rednath Fic.vuv.U !K: styling from :p!i::; ;• varieiy of cr.'Ii'cicS";. 1 II Ei >.> -L-

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