The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, L 'OCTOBER 9, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COUJKIER NEWS PAGE NIMB, Slavic Indiclnfent Opposed by Cuba UN Urged to lgrw>r« Americon Demands On Baltic Aggreuson t,AKE SUCCESS. N. Y., j Oct. 9.. 'UP) — Cuba formally uio'cd the United Nations yesterday I* ignore American demands for Hadicting Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and '.Albania as aggressors and called ffljr crca- ! Uon of a United Nations Commission to investigate foreign intervention )n al! Eastern lUiropcp.n countries. • Cuba submitted Hie drpift lution as Ihe UN General AiiUembly's Political and Security Cpujmlltee began consideration of specific proposals on the Greek case. The Cuban proposal emphasized tile almost certain major defeat for upiich tlie U.S. is headed in insisting upon an fcssewbly declaration .of guilt < agMr.Kt Greece's Northern;, neigh- ' bors. Earlier, on another niajtie.JUN issue. th« Soviet bloc threw'|liG support to plans for psrtillony of Palestine bf.tween Jftwi and A nabs nwl there were ,<p£clfic nlgnii ftiat tlie United States will give milt] approval to such a plan. » Ou'oa'i OiiUiermo Bell inf.rcduced iii-s refiolutlon into the hec Aic Greek discu»Mon after warning &wterriay that none of the Balkan c^nmlriu can be b'ameri for a situation- in Ortece which »-«j provokfrt by llie United States and Soviet Cuba's resolution would call on Greece. Yugoslavia, Bulgaria anil Albania to cooperate in One set- r tling of their dispute p.tncefully. and create a special ciimmittee from which all Eastern Europeans would be excluded "to Investigate if there is political and economic independence in Albania, B.ilgaris, Greece. Hungary, Poland, 3?.oniania and Yugoslavia, ami if idey are completely free from foreifiii Intervention in their internal »,nd external affairs." The United states is thte only major country which has not declared itself on the Palestine issue, but may do so before tlici week is vip. American delegacs Vuiyve been sworn to Secrecy until then. Flak Tower Survives SeconU Blast Thunderbolt Dots 'borough Job SPRINGFIELD. Mo, (UP)—A bolt •f lightning missed mile of the noperty of the W. T. Blgus lain- ly. The bolt struck a Iroc. rl])|>«! lirougli a gavage door and knocked t off 11s hinges. It flashed through lie back glass of the c«r, knocked iomr chrome molding off, sUftt.- ertrt the windshield »"d Ihen ran ilonft « light wire to Ihe house, ' There It lore through (he stone Sinok* pouri through the openings of * Berlin ijr raid shelter ind flak tower, ** 800(i rounds of TNT explode. British fengineeri, who previously couldn't level the building with 50.000 Jpoundi of explosives, concentrated on one corner of the tower tliijt time, Second blait merely cr»ck»d the walls. Pholo by NEA-/M:rn« staft coi- rescondent Jo« Schuppe. British Launch Midget Plane Against 'Supersonic Barrier rear wall, knotted two holet In (lie kitchen wall Jnd burned out Hie inetfr box. it, continued Ihrough the house wli.'fnR, *e«rinj It to » crLni ana finally knocked the door oil Hie refilgeiutor. The bolt i-Hfiscd no fire but left, n blackened (mil, H Injured no members o[ u-le faiully. Urget Litu Imprisonment For Chronic Criminal* F'HILADELitTllA (UP)-Crime 1« neither cured nor deterred bjr punishment, ln#UU Capt, Thomu J. Glbboru of the Phlladelphl* Crime Prevention Bureau. In support ot hii statement, he iwlnls out that xUte.s with ctplltl imuUhmenl have * higher txxurder rxle thin thote without It. Glbboni urffe* that chronic criminal* be "put away for HI*, under humane conditions anrt on • >elf- supportlnt huiU." Read Courier N«WI Want Adi, Shorl-Kaclied Arabian horses have •QiJlY five lumbar vertebrae. This i* The less than other breeds of hwrt«s and gives the Arabian a shorter back that is well adapted for' carrying weiaht. ; ST. BVAI., Ens-. Of*- 9. (UP) ~ British seieiui«ts launched i mliisel robot plane Rgnin-st the so-called "supersonic barrier" yesterday and experts said it may have approa^h- the ilanllng speed of 1,000 miles an hour. The l)-loot rcrket propelled plane was launched from the belly of • Royal Air Force Mosquito bomber over the Scilly Islands oif Soutli^'esL England. H plunged into the Atlantic in just under two minutes. The experts pronounced the ex- Mary's island in live Scilliea. j H. M. Garner, .director of scien i tific research «U lite Ministry of j Supply, told newtancn: - j ! "If we get all the information we i ( expect, it will tak.p. n week to analyze ! i it. This should, be 'the greatest ad- [ j vance ever made hi supersonic re- j I search." j { Tlie re«earcnei|^ hoped that the ' ', rockets would, ijropel the midget I plane to a upeeit of perliaps 1,000 •jniles an hour. i ,„. .. iU v Aeronautical, c/osincers have lone, penment a success They said thrre idebflled what ha| ^ ens when an al /_ WM no recoil to believe the plane , » did not surpass the si;«ed of sound > ^ hoW , _ to , U)C th lhal tya considerable margin. | whm ftn obj>ct ^^ vels fMler thn|] At 1:29 t>.in. <8:29 a.m. Kt>T>. 64 i 7M mi i fis an hol\(—acccpetd tw 111'" ,„.,,„, ...*« !>,. «!«„., 1,.^!, nl 0 ,^ spced of \ SOUnrt _| t mce , s an lnviR minutes after the piggy-back plane had taken off from the St. Evat Air field, the pilot, of the Mosquito radioed: "Rocket dropping in a glide. Steady glide. Still gliding, it's dropping. It's dropping. Goinf; straight down. It's off. The motor is^off and it has made & straight takeoff." A few seconds later the pilot of R jet-propelled Meteor attempting to chase and photograph the robot plane radioed: "I hiwe completed. Am now returning to base.' 1 The rocket plane hnd fuel for only A 70-.second Might, In that time the results of the experiment were expected to be recorded lor ible wall of rejsl-'j.ancs. This was one t^c.ovy advanced for the death^r of Geoffrey DC Havilland, son of'the famous British designer. Thh wings Of his ex- perimcntnl-jei prune ripped off and he \vsvs killed. .1, Many expert^, [believe that this barrier will d'fif-'roy a "V normrtl plane. There also-Js some belief that once the barrier; is crossed, it nu longer presents RJn obstacle. The sonic wEiljL has been pierced by rockets, but |'no winged objcc' has yet survived \lh<S terrific «p«ecl. Arizona contAiiis more nationa moiHimcras thfti^ | any other stflU in the union. i RECTAL DISEASES (All trot* Kice October Specials Rubber Tired Farm Trucks CHIROPRACTOR ."'tor "Health 1« something thnt comes from within. The creator wllhln your body »nd mlno fill the elements ot health. Wh%«; your nervous system in In tune with nature's forces, you will !••' well. Consult ft chiropractor about your health problems." trf Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 .••"• Neuroealomefcr S«rvic* Dr. Torsten Lindquist •? Giwrd RldR. ' BlyUieville, Watch Va^ftue! JOYCE 17 Jewels Expansion Bracelet at Pat ,0'Bryant's YES .. . A:NU|LI 13 MONTHS TO PAY MIS EXCELLENCY "AA 21 Jewel, »52-'»" N« EXCELLENOfTK 21 J«wtl» PAT O'BRYANT JEWELER Main at S«t»nd Sts, Reg. Price $199.95 ROOFING 45 LB. ORE ADN AUGHT 1.69 55 LB, DREADNAIKLHT 2.19 65 LB. DREADNAUGHT 2.39 90 LB. 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