Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
Page 5
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ScT^w-TT/TSr ^M^Tf-i A. Ft, WTTMFT vgJi E^rrmnr^CX^ ^ iLJ- fe; -- MORE ABOUT WINONA. CD Tbe Presbyterian Project for «n AMnembly and Summer School In THE BEST DRESSED MEN On our strwets are seen in our hate. That is our best advertise rii-nt, but wo occasionally like to call your attention to our Stylish Hats at a very moderate cost. Sew Spring Style Stiff JWMHH lowuH §1, bettor ones at $1 oO^aud ohoicejiutilitiesat ,*2 mid $2.no. DE W BNTBH, The Hatter & Furmshei I Save This Coupon .... No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the •handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, TME, FEflRL STREET TfULORS *VW # tf> MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Rcul E-stnto or CollRtcrnl Security. An; Amount. Any Time. E. B. Overslilner, 327 Fourth Street. MONEY TO LOAN! On Mvrtun'.'P Security M fi, 7 and 8 per cent. IWOXKV TO LOAN. On MocWiKPS docurlty and easy ilonthly payments. Consult J. T. COCKBTJRN. Hoonm 2 anrt 3 Spry tulldliiK. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING,MARCH 20 MoKeea's steam laundry—pood work Garden and flower so eds at Krels Mfg. Co., 414 Broadway. The fifty-seventh birthday of Patrick Fox waa celebrated Sunday. For Rent—Two or three rooms unfurnished. Inquire at 22G Market street. Contracts arc being let for the work of improving the SmlibEon college property. John McGovorn has taken the agency for the Chicago Road King bicycle. Fancy lawn graea seed, fertilizers /or lawns and plants—Krels' Mfg. Co:, 414 Broadway, Acting through the blood, Hood' Sarsaparilla not. only cures scrofula aalt rheum, etc,, but gives health and Tlfcor to the whole body. Slate Keplicger will hang paper at 15 cents a double roll. Give him a call over Lolnenoman'a tailor shop, 504 Broadway. Mtas Una Brooks, a graduate of Valparaiso College, in kindergarten work, will be In Logansport this week for .the purpose of establishing a kindergarten. All mothers Interested In the work are requested to meet her on Wednesday, the 20th, at the residence of Mrs. Covault, 812 North street. County Superintendent J. H. Gard ner is at present buried deep beneath a stack of examination manuscripts, for the March examination of common lohool graduates. Adams, J.->ck30n and BOOQO townships have not yet been heard from, and Walton is' yet to report. NORTHERN INDIANA TEACHERS. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •OUT- The iMBOclntlou MreiM at Ni>mli Al)rH-llli,.'5i.liuud Oth-An IntertHt- luu I'rojrmm,!" Pictured. The Journal has received a program of the thirteenth annual meeting of the Northern Indiana Teachers' Association. to be hold atSouth Bend, In the First Presbyterian church April 4th, 5th and 6th. The program provides interesting and profitable em- p^^w-jfor the instructors during eac'Li'-'Liur of their three days' stay in South Bend. Friday afternoon April 5th, D. C. Arthur principal of the Logansport high school, will lead in the diaous. slon of "The New Demands in English. Logansport will probably send a big delegation to the meeting. The Northern Indiana association takes in the territory of the congressional districts from G to 13 Inclusive. An attendance of one thousand is expected. South Bend's citizens are already prepared to receive and care for that many, the pedagogues are assured of a hearty welcome. ITIateri The Indianapolis News says: The board of director* of the Winona Assembly and Summer School went up to Bass lake today to attend a meeting for the purpose of arranging for the buildings for the Presbyterian Winona Assembly. Toe directors are as follows: Tao Rev. Solomon C. Dickey, IndUnsp^ oils; the Rev. E. S. Scott, Loganeport; John M. Cc-ulter, Lake Forest; Charles H. Connor, New Albany; H? Townley, Terre Haute; G W Brown, Indianapolis; F W Mun- SOD, Chicago; tbe Rtv G P Williams, Chicago; John M Studebaker, South Bend. They were all present, and meeting with them was J 0 Paiker of the Winona Railroad Company, anc! Frank .Wild of Anderson. The Winona Assembly and S irnrner School was organized in Indianupoiis in January and chartered by too State February 13, with an authorized capital stock of $100,000, as a voluntary religious and educational association. Tbe cbolce o! localion, after a 11 umber of Indiana lakes had been visited, was Wlnona, or Bass lake, in Staike county. The lake is three miks long and is from one to two miles brood. It has a fine sand beach, and a number of springs aro in the grove iurrounding it. The lake ranges in depth fron^one foot to thirty five feet or more and is surprisingly clear, Tho buildings will be ^put up for assembly purposes this summer will be an auditorium, college bulldinys, hotels, gymnasiums, boat and batb houses, Bible school, music hall and. a number of private boarding houses and stores. It is the purpose of tho association to fololw the line of the Few York Chautauqua. Tbe college course will be under the direction of Prof. John M. Coulter, of Lake Forest UL i- verslty, WARDEN FOR THE PRISON NORTH lew Spring Suits.. Ask to see the new Tariff Suits for Men, 34 to 44, The celebrated Clay Worsted Suits, Imported, worth $15 foe $7,50 '• Boys and Childrens in proportion. Otto Kraus of Course, who else has got the nerve. lale to be OTTO KRf\US; '•Churley'M Ainu'' '•CharleyV Auni" which will be seen for the first time in this city tonight at the opera house, is by far the greatest success of modern farces. In toe play two Oxford undsrgniduates have Invited two girla to tea In their rooms, expecting an aunt of one of them to act as chaperon and when that lady Is delayed, ttie young men, rather tnan miss tne girls' company, get one of their chums to assume a feminine garb and lake the place of Charley's aunt — a situation that leads to most amusing complications. It is a rollicking farce and has enjoyed a tremendous success in London and New York as well as in various continental cities euch as Rome, Florence and Stockholm, where it is being played in translation. Three Sew ltr><U«M Ordered. The contracts have baen let fo r three new bridges and the repairing of a fourth by the county commission" era. A forty-fire foot bridge over Crooked Creek In Jefferson township and the repairing of a Deer Creek bridge were contracted for with tbe Lafayette bridge company, and the Rochester bridge company will put up wo thirty-two foot causeways over Crooked C.-eek in No Me township Tho total cost will b • ?1 SS9. PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Crea m (.' Tartar Powder. Fres Ammonia, Alum o> •my other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD A Fortiiun In Enquire Walters will go to Sunbury, Ta,, this week as the representative of M.trnie Stocks and Louise VVhaley of Jetfsrson township, for the purpose o' looking up an estate worth $2-40,000 In which the ladies are aald to be Interested. rndiht iho IV roil £31 an. Frank Laadabl, whose alleged capture at Madison, Fla.. was reported, was not caught after all, and the man arrested was a total stranger. The* Boiir.ru W»y Commends itself to the well-informed. to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. -To cleanse the system &od break up colds headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, uae the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. J IMreciora Meet to Xame a Mi»a—Tlie ComluK Suit. Indianapolis News: The directors appointed for the State prison north by the State Appointing Board met this afternoon to jappoint a warden for the prison. It was understood In ad-, ranee of the meeting that Charley Harley, of Delphi, would be elected warden. Harley Is vice chairman of the Republican State committee and' chairman of the old Tenth congres slonal committee. He Is a lime-kiln owner in Carroll county, and Is reputed to be wealthy. He has been active in politics for years. The Bult to test the validity of the act taking the power to appoint the prison directors away from the Gov ernor will follow immediately. Tho newly.sleetedKepublican warden will go to Michigan City and make demand on Warden French for posses, sion of the prison. Possession will be refused. The Attorney-General, acting for the Republican directors, will begin proceedings in the Laporte Circuit Court to oust Warden French. All technicalities will, by agreement, be waived, and the euit will bt hurried to the Supremo Court. Both sides hope to get a decision from the Supreme Court before the adjournment for the summer vacation. "McSORLErS MUDDLES. "- A Comical Comedy Sncress Givon bj tho Mtthilug;«le Comimoy JIoDilay Night. At 3t. Bridget's hall Monday night the young people of the Nightingale Dramatic company presented two very creditable comedy sketches. Tba attendance was good and the audience w ,s very appreciative, and at different points the applause was enthusiastic. The entertainment opened with a onu- act comedy called 'Ta the \Yrong House." A three act comedy called "McSorley's Muddles" was given in better than ordinary style. The following young people belong to the com pany: Theresa Garrett, Tommy Regan, H. Elpers, C. Etpers, J Elpers, T. MoGaughey, J Murphy, J. Maho. ney, B. Connell, A. Connell, E. Mahoney, M. Mahoney, G. Hosner, and M. Pickett. t*e It la Time. Catarrh starts in t!,e nasil passages, affecting eyes, ears and throat, aod i? In fact, the great enemy of the mucous membrane. Neglected colds in the head almost invariably precede catarrh, causing an excessive flow of mucus, and if the mucous discharge becomes interrupted the disagreable results of catarrh will follow, such AS b»d breath, severe pains across forti-' beset and about the eyes, a roaring and buzzing sound in the ears and oftentimes a very offensive discharge*'.' Ely's Cream Balm la. the.acknos^Jag'53 cure for these troubles. s SECRETARY OF STATE OWEN. •Andfiovernor 3lattlie\v« Have Sumo WortlM Over il»o JKfl'oriH of the liatterto JKi:e a Veto. Indianapolis News: Governor Matthews and Secretary of Slate Owen hid a misunderstanding Saturday afternoon at 6 o'clock. The first information of the episode was given out at the office of 'the Secretary of State this afternoon. The story furnished at Secretary Owen's office is substantially as folio we: Saturday afternoon Governor Matthews requested of Secretary Owen that the Secretary's office be kept open until 6 o'clock.—an hour later than usual—for the reception of the amendments to the charter of the city of Indianapolis. At ten minutee after 6 o'clock clerk Merryweather, of the Governor's office, appeared at the Secretary's office with the charter amendment bills and a big white envelope. The clerk informed Miss Solomon, one of the assistants in the Secretary's odice, that the envelope and contents were to be delivered to Mr. Owen personally. Clork Mer- ryweatber returned lo the Governor's office. The big white envelope was handed to Secretary Owen. He opened it, and seeing it was the veto of the cus- .todlan bill, or papers, that referred to the veto, directed Miss Sulomon to return it at once to the Governor. This Miae Solomon did, overtaking the Governor as he was leaving his office. The Governor at once went to tbe office of Secretary Owen, and the two had some words over the action of tbe Secretary of Stale. The Governor, among other things, said that it was discourteous of the Secretary of State to refuse to receive papers, the con- tsnta of which he had no accurate knowledge, not having read them. Tbe Secretary of Stale replied that he had heard a rumor during the after noon that an effort was to be made to file tbe veto lo the custodian bill in his office that evening, and he said that be would not receive the pa pen? until he had taken further advice. It seemed to be the impression .at the office of the Secretary of State thai the Governor had tried to "slip in" the veto. AN HONORED GUEST. The Natlomil Pre-Hl'-nt of the Ladle* of ilie G. A. It. Is Koysilty Katermiiieil. A very pleasant reception was given last night in honor of the national president, Mrs. Nettie Gunlock of tbe L. of the G. A. R. , who is here from Coicago to visit the department of ihis city. Many of the comrades of the G. A. R., ware pr-a- ent, and the ladies of the Lincoln circle entertained the company in t^ir usual good style. The racepilon n'as a most pleasant event in G. A. B. circles The district convenlioi of the Knights of Pythias is cow in session at L»fayette. There are 37 lodges in the district and' about fifty delegates le tha representation. VENO. TAKES THE CITY BY STORM. Tlic Remarkable Cures Effected by the Veno Uemerties. Excite Great O mmeiit.- Physicians Dumbfounded. —The Public Amaze«i.—• I > T - Wood and Mrs. Daii'J. Ktlliau, After Years of Suffering Kejfaiu Health by Use of These VVoiiderf ill Kerne- dies. -—Veno and Stall can be Consulted at the Miirdock From 9 to 8.—Saturday Positively Hie Last Way.—Advice Free. Oblninry. Lizzie Heath Etsenbroy, daughter of Jacob H. and MallndaJ. Eisenbr«j' 11 deceased, died at her homo in Gals-os., ton, March 15, 1895. Deceased -W«E born in Case county, Indiana, Decent- her 25, I860, where she has always resided. Her last illness was long arfft lingering and hor death was met with > , out fear. The funeral was conduct*:. on Sunday at tbe Baptist church bj Rev. D. A. Patrick, of the Unlvori*. list church, aod interment was made in the Odd Fellows' cemetery. The . fuoer&l was attended by a very large concourse of people. Called to J>elmnon. The Rev. Dan E. Williamson, a gaosportcr, who has been in a pastorate at n Big Rapids, Mich., tip lo, a short time ago, has accepted *& invitation to take tbe care of a Pros- byterlan flock at Lebanon, lad., at* salary of $1,500 a year. He will *t onceromovo to his new Gold. Lo- AMUSEMENTS, Saturday night at Dolau's opera house, before an audience that completely filled the bouse, M'r. Ab<4 Cbasi 1 , of Railroad street, \vae assisted upon the stage suffering with pain, and almost, hplpless. He has been afflicted with rheumatism since the -\var and at times is entirely helpless. He was taken to one of the dressing rooms where "Veno's Electric Fluid was appli-d to his body and liiubs, and io less than an hour caine upon the stage apam un assisted, ftmupinff his feet and juiupinp: to show his entire einanci- putioa from pain. Mr, I. K Wood, of 412 Clifton avenue, who was treated on Thursday ni«ht is rapidly growing better ai'd within a very shore time will be entirely cur«-d Mrs. Dau'l Killian oc 4i3 Mar'tier, street:, sufTercd 17 years fnrU) general debility and uervousness was cured in thref weeks. Ttiere are many other cures beintr reported daily, »u<3 fr'irn neii;liborio(r cici^s- coma reporr.s of miraculoas cures • ff^c/ted. TENO'S CCRATivs SVTtlJP-DUc a bottle.— Had- from UancWlo M-dicn' Wst ^r, I.-- the quickest cure in the world Tor ^ammfm-n-f. Lver;u.U K'.dr.ej- iro'ibie. Binod and StomacB Dlsirders. Bad , ppette, Fleepl-ssness, am! v,hen us«l wlili \E-'0'S li.ECTaC rl,l5rri-00.-;i IKJUIT—will cure the worsi ami most d^sperat* Jorni ol Rlien matbi«i. Sclatta, Lnmbago, Paralysis. Still Joints, Neuralgia, and all ^cni-.-t and Pains. VENu'S L'.J.N'ii ONIC—5 c a bottle— 'A quick, and permanent cure for Tbroat a'i<) ung Troubl«-s. Ai-lJimiv. BrencbitH. Roiirsenpss and Coughs nutl Cuids, TEX(V5 ^ITu-*2 a bottle— an nbs >lwe. cu-e In al inse? of £mpOi«ncj, Lost Msn.lo d. Seminal Weakn'ss. and Lo"al TrouDle« ot Men »nd Worn en. TEso'.^ CONCENTRATED TUX c AND NEliTLNE-^gS a boriie—a s et-ldc for Brain. H»art. Nervf and plnal Tronules, Paralrsls, St Tl.iis JTeirous Prosuauon. For sa!" by all drnpgri-t and at V v eno's office at the ilurdoek. Con- soltarioD and ad vie- free fr"iu 9 a, ni.. to 8 p. ni. . Satnrday positively the latt day in Logansport. D 1 O1>4M4 OI>KK,V BOUKK. S. B. PATTERSON, MANAGER. €>SK Xl«HT OJKLY. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20. Now In Its 3d consecutive year in The Enormona LanxblOK Hit. By BRA.NDON TUOMXS. Management or CHARLES2FROHMATL PEMKOMAL. COMEOY ItECORDU -V-iv Vork, i In lC<>-ioi>. 151) XlKlttn In Chicago. herewith a)lth« peared In all rhe principal cUlf^, Mounted, eiqublte scenery. Advance sale. openS.Tucsday morning. i Sffi) .s*ats, $1.00. Prices •) JUS sttiUi, Tic. ( Bulcouy. 50 and 25c. D OLArV'S OPEHA HOUSE. S. B. Patterson, ONE NIGHT ONLY H^PPYRETURM Friday, March 22- "TbeSnccass ot a Aram lie Kt-neratton."— N. Y. llr. James A Herne'a Beamllut fiaj- ......... Shore Acres. Printed with witlre Scea-T, Oriijnal cal EffTtK nod Ur.der Uie dlrec ion of tifJST • C. Miner. .. ' Its Record:— 257 NIgbLS In ^ewTVvk Cltr. J1J Nlghta tn Bos- on. Statfale beg'jjs ' « Thnndaj- at S a. m, K.-?! c"<ilis *L50, 2TS chairs «1 3* chairs 73c; i:S chuirs Wcu; Boxes Cart-Hi) promptly at 8 o'clock. .V.I.

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