Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 1
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JOURNAL VOL. XXI. LOGANSPOBT,.INDIANA, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 19, 1896. NO. 173 d will sell then they will go. Our Advertising Manager le^ Bhetono j *t home, but every department head will see that the prices w,ill please you more than beautilui sentiments. Come our way from ' . TODAY TO SATDRDAt JDLY 25th, and we will positively save you 33 ' 3 per cenj:.: on every dollar Ladies' High Grade Bieyp FREE! - FOR -v LITTLK SUMMER' EXCITIJMF.NT we-,\yilUlisp!ay in our show window a HIGH GRADE' LAIUES' BICVCLK. -'Every purchaser during tliis sale will be entitled to a guess. The wheel will be in our. window in moiion It will travel a certain number .of 'miles every clay and the person guessing nearest to the number o£ miles it travels in a stated period will win the wheel. . • ' A Guess With Every Purchase SUMMER DRESS STUFFS. All the season's loveliest sometimes at quartered prices; always at prices that will clean them ^'^X^j'^ ^Vj out. Our season is over; yours is v-£^;>;l.ty4'> just beg/ttning. Every purchase en- \TSNi-iL3.1 /' titles you to a chance on tho LADIES' HIGH GUA.DE .WHEEL. AtTSc-Challies in light and dark grounds. Goods that were Co and Sc, JJo seconds. Fast colors. At 8c—Striped, dotted or fancy shot Organdies; the season's best sellers that were lOo, 12c and luo. At lOc All our choice Florette printed Dimities, wool Challies, laceftripes. that we're luo. )So and 20o. The goods that make the prettiest summer dresses. At 12Xc—A'l our elegant linen effects, JaooneUeDuob- esse Linen, Ceylon Organdy, figured.corded Dimities, that wore 18c, 20o and 25c. At 25c—French materials for elegant Shirt Waists. Goods that were 40o, 50c and GOo. ALL REMNANTS. The season's ace u m in u 1 a- tion of our entire stock of wash goods remnants will all bo displayed and marked at half or lee?. WOMAN'S SHIRT WAISTS. For less than goods nlone would cost. We're overstocked and are milking price reductions to make the goods move lively. At 5,Oc-Lot I of Ibis Marvel*§ale ii ' ' composed of Woman's Waists wit b ' collars and cults. New. goods 11 choice percales of many patterns. Thi y were 656, 75c and 85o. \ At 75c—Lawn, Percale and Satin Waists, some with white collars and cuffs. All our best made Waists that were good value at OScy $ 1 : 25 and $1.50. .. . At ftl.OO—This Jot comprises our beft' Stanley and Derby Waists; the ones wi.h detachable, collars and cuffsT tie lawns, the dimities, the fine percales that were'$1.25, $2.00 and $2.50. --'j .'-• a a ti e E C ' E .-' E •' A, . «»- - . »uhlT, thP reaah of all ' """' ^ SUNDRY BARGAINS. At 25c—Imported Onyx Hos- 1 iory, fine guage, split feet real mnco cotton, double heels and toes. A regular 5Oc bargain. Never sold for less. At 5c—Gents mixed half Hose. At 8c—Real maoo cotton Vests, short sleeves, fancy neok. 40doz. of a 15c vest to close. At 39c—Summer Corsets that • were 50o. At 30c — Children's Brownie Overalls that were yOo, At lOc—All linen, richly embroidered Handkerchiefs worth from 25o to 40o. AtlOc-Rich- ly embroidered lawn Handkerchiefs, worth from lOc to 30o. SUNDRY BARGAINS. At G^c--0ur splendid embroidery stock with all the pretty ef- feotg willbedlvided into three lots. The first lot is worth up to '13^ c At lOc—Embroidery worth up to 15e. At 15c — Embroideries worth up to 25c at 20 per cent. off. AH linen Embroideries which trim the linen effects so nicely. At 35c—All wool French ChBl- lies, lace stripes and plain that were 50, 65 und 75c. At lOc—All our best four ply linen'Collars that were 20 and 25c. At Tie—Choice of flfty pieces Dross (iinghams that were 13^ c and 15c, At iil)c—All our Japanese Silks that were 35c, 40c and 50c. At 28c —Men's outing flannel Shirts that were 40c. 25 per cent, oft—On all Pocket Books and Hand Bags. SUNDRY BARGAINS. At 2O per cent, oft—All Fans froui lOc up. At 2O per cent, oft—From marked price. All Jewelry, consisting ! of Shirt Waist sets, Cuff Buttons, Collar. But'ns, Watch Guards, etc. At 25C-A11 Silk Garters --, (V w'hGoldBuck- les and Hibb bn v 'Bows, worth 5pp. :. At 25c—Clothes Brushes and Hair Brushes, rfeal bristle. w'thGOc. At 25ie-SiIk.Belts with Silver Buckles'.'' A large assortment 'and belts that were S5c and 50c. At S^c—Leattier Belts in endless variety that were 35o and 40c. 50 -per cent, oft—On all Novelty Belts. SUNDRY BARGAINS. At 4c—Best Indigo Blue Prints. The Americans. v '• • ,• At 4ic—UnbleacheftV Sheeting, Lawrence L. L., that always sells, atO^c. .''/, At 5c—Or 22 yards,.for a dojlar, a fine, bleached Muslin, sold elsewhere for 7$o. • ..•; - . .: At 3c—Fancy printed Challies, light and dark grounds, fast colors that were 7e and 8c. • At 5c—Figured and fancy Cali- ;cos that were C^c. . -..At 18c-Fast Turkey Bed Table •Linen, 53 inches wide, that sells at 35c. ' ' •:' ' At 28c—58 inch fast colorTur. .key Red Danmsk that sells at 45c At 150-^48 inch White Loom Damask that sells at 2Qc. At.ljj'c—52 inch Cream Table Linen that sells at 30c. At 25c and 35c—Table Linen in White and Turkey Bed, worth up to OOc. Cloak and Suit Annex, Up-Build% and Remodeling [Sale. In two weeks our Cloak Annex will be in the hands of mechanics.: ..A new'front and changes to make more room. are "-oin<r to reduce the stock if we are compelled to give the goods away.' Come and see.. . • & & - ' '* ' • ' _ ___ ^.^^—^^••^^^^•M^^^ We SILK WAISTS. We have made two lots of this entire stock __ and you can take your choice. China silks in stripes and figures, Persian effects in Taffeta silk, printed warps in figures and dots. All colors. At $3.48~Lot I, all the above handsome effects that sold at $6.00, fcC.50 and $7.00. At $4.48—Are the very best Waists that we carry. This lot takes in all the $8.00 and $9.00 Waists. All the latest styles. Not an old Waist in either lot. . DUCK SUITS. are laid away. and $3.00. At $1.37—All our Duck Suits that remain: none They were $1.50, $2.00, $3,50 At $4-»8-Lot I comprises all wool cio^g Jacket effects. Lots of perviee in them from now until winter. They were $7.00 MADF SUITS irlAUCr JLJliJ. and $8.00. At $7.O8~-Lot II are $10 and $12 suits. You can use one. At #3.98-Fine figured Brilllan- tine and Mohair, navy blue and black Serge Skirts, all five yards wide and over-well built and carefullv made— of perfect hanp, lined and bound. .Cost tne maker n ot™ndlr|r,.00 and sold from $0.50 to $10.00. Hare chance to get high-class Skirts at small outlay. A * $3.48 —The Lawn Dresses, em- hroirtered trimmed, -five yard skirts, made to fit. They were $7.00 and $7.50. At #1.98—Linen Lawn Suits that were $3.50. Only 20 of them left, • . At OSc—Percale Dresses that were $1.75 and .'^3.00. All light colors and good materials. • LAWN WRAPPERS. At 70c - All -- Lawn Wrappers that sold for $1,00 and $1.50, Light lawn, nicely trimmed. Afc$li48—Lawn Wrappers that sold at $2.50 , and..$3.00..They must be sold. So come and get them. • " , At (81.18—Made in the latest _____ - style. They were.$3.60-and $2.75. At $1.O8— Linen Pettiifbrits of finer material .that' jsold at $2.75, J3.00 and $8. CO. "UJ' '£?'-I'"'' '''}:•'• -A','-'--- i ArT3 flTDTAINS 25 : per cent, off on. all Curtains in LACC CUKIAU>-J« - the hoi»ae.;>.Our LaotSreurtains are. elegant. Come and-s.e.e. .^.,.;.. 7 i 7 .V: .- '''' ,;'.<.*(:'•'-"'• • '•'•' ''! --' •-•'•£• • '••- "• - ' • •••••'•'-. LINEN PETTICOATS. PAPA«sOI S Our greatest out is made in this department. KAKAOULP. >£« uFi.tjg—Lot II, elegant Parasols, worth $2.50,! At 82 OS—Lot I comprisesMkianid'Lace Goods, worth'$8.50'and.$0.00. 3 00 and $4.00;: At ^ c -i^ ^ Duck Parasols, .were $1.50. 409 & 411 Broadway ANGRY STRIKERS. Unawed by Presence of Troops at Cleveland. Militiamen Resort to Use of Bayonets,— Many. Men Badly. Injured. Cleveland, 0., July IK.—All of Friday there occurred clashes between tlioinob nt the r.rown 'loisting ivor'ns, the police und militia. The members of the mob were ill a vicious mood, and whenever a lone soldier or policeman could be readied violence was attempted. The troops from two p. in. were constantly under arms and bad great diilieulty in cleaving' ilie street, two charges being necessary, in \vhicli the bayonet was freely used. But. as scum as :^ charge- was ended, rhe mob. \\liirh i-:u-ly in llie afternoon inimliercd ,•).(» n. -.\.mlil flow back against tlie lil'.e uf .-lel-l like a wave of tlie sea, and again begin ro boot and throw stones. Slimy lljiyonH o:l. YVber. lhc workmen hud Iiecn taken H\V:IV and tne troops wore returning to their qtiarrers at the works, another vengi'.ful rally was made upon Company F. Again a charge was mack-anil' cold steel was driven home, so that many of the rioters-1-iad to be helped nviav. At this time some ono sent in n general alarm to the polk-e Minion find every patrol wagon was soon dash- iny through..,-, the streets, causing '.lie wildest rumors among the thousands on Ilieir way home from work. There was no" need of tlie police reinforcements und the croud, whieh.had beer. KWt-lled to li.'UOO, begun to melt nwuy. ~Sitidfvr"iiii<t J\»lU'Ojimn )Jr;*t<Mj, It looked.as U the trouble- was ended, but at^soveu o'eloek ;m assault -was made.-on a soldier who was pnssin™ nloiig- Willson avenue, lie fougrlit. desperately, as did also a polieeman who hurried to his aid. A Kjinid of troops came to their rescue, bnt'not before the officers liad been beaten;- into insensibility. Afi-ain tlie patrol .wagons rushed to the scene and had all; they could do to foice a passage through -the angry mob. Just how many strikers were hurt is uncertain. Two, both severely slabbed wiih bayonets, are lying 1 at the St. .Clair hospital. They are Thomas McGreavey and Thomas Garety. InjurU'H Proved Futnl. John Russoll, tlie crippled g-ate tender, who was thrown from a car by the strikers Tuesday nlg'ht, died Friday night. An effort'is being- made to traee his assailants, 1'rivate Watchman Owen Mtirphy.who attempted to protect a niilitia man I'ridny night, was struck on the head v.'ith a brick and while lying: oil the ground was kicked ind received injuries which may prove fatal. He was only saved from instant death by a charge Eiade by Company F. There were many women in the mob and- they were apparently the most bitter, and as th>=y refused to move, some ol th#m were injured by';bayonet thrust£ The situation at midnight is very ominous and the stre.ets about the vicinity of the worts ore being patrolled by soldiers and police. The works are a mile from the nearest police station and it is not considered safe to'with- draw th'i men who have been on duty nil day, although five companies of troops are on' the ground, as the use of the military will only be a last resort. liound to Keep Order. Cleveland, 0.,' July .IS.—By order of Mayor Mc-Kisson, the Cleveland Grays took up the march to the .shops of the Brown Hoist company Saturday. About 50 members of the company -were in lii-.e. \ Asked to state his reasons for caJlicg out another- military organization, the mayor snid: 1 "I propose to preserve the peace, of this city. I do riot jiro-- pose to have^any more such scenes of disorder as were. wifjx-.sseiT there Friday evening. ' \ "Tho men who • ca1i^e\troU>lc hereafter will bn given anything from cold lead down. They understand, too, thn.t I jiiejin what J suy. If they want, to bo taup-ht a le-f-son by CN-periei)ce, T will .teach them." Suck, to Adjust Uifflcultien. TMe works were shut down at noon Saturday. The neighborhood \vas closely watched by the police a.nd soj- "diers, but no demonst.ration occurred when the non-union meii'left the shops. Saturday Attorney Eusscll, as representative of the men, said to President Brown: '"Supposing I suggested a. meeting between,you and three fir .four old em- ployes, such as you might designate, und in" whom you respose confidence; would you agree to meet them?" The courtroom was crowded with the loc-ked-out men and the answer was a pleasant-,Surprise to them. President Brown sa.id:;Kt;,certainly would meet suchj a committee of men, but, after n. consultation, with his attorney, he said he desired to talk tJifi'matter over witli. 'the .-rest of the officers. It was the .opinion of the state bo,-u-d-tha.t : if the pjsaSfdent'and ^-' ie commltte of the mea : can only be brought tog-etHer.tJicre will be a speedy-adjustment. •, _;aii:>n cabinet complete. London, July 18.—A,Rome dispatch to the Times sixysthMitMtjt-iisyisconti Yenosta has accepted the^qrcign portfolio in the Italian cabinet^ This com; pletes-the reorganizationof'™ecabinet. DICK Wlillo nlaklni?Hi» WJ11. ' Galcsburg, HI...July 18.—William Col- lojjy, an eccentric- rich Irish citizen living near this city, clied'suddenly while; ,his attorney was drawing .-up his wil?. THE BAPTISTS AT MILWAUKEE. OfflnorH K'lcrtod for Next Vcnr-Depart- ment nnllleH Held. Milwaukee, July 18.—The convention at Friday afternoon's session elected the following officers: The convention at the afternoon session elected the following officers; President, John H. Chapman: ChlcaRo; first vice-president. Rev. C. L. Seasholes. r>a!las, Tex.: second vice-president, F. L. Fouke, Osliawa, Ont.; third vice-president. C E Tlngley, Lincoln, Neb.: recording secretary. Rev. H. W. Heud, Waukegan, III.; trensurer, Franlt Moody, Milwaukee, Wla. Poard o£ managers Cor one year, Jesse A. Haldwin, Arthur li. Danu, Prof. Ira M. Price, Rev. L. A. CramliilJ, D. D.. Cnarles A. -Mai-sh. Rev. F. Grennell. D. D., all ot Illinois. Milwaukee, July IS. —Again the day v.-as ushered in with four-promise meetings by i.he Baptist Young Peojjlc's . Union of America at 0::)0 Saturday morning, t.hc subject being a study of: the eondii.ions of Divine blessing. At the First .Baptist church llev. .1'. H. Jioyet, o.:' Georgetmvn, Ky.. Ii'd llieserv- ice'i at the Wells si'wt 'J'abernacle C. X. Hunt, the Minne::])olis evangelist, presided; at the South IJaptist, ehureh the leink-r was \Villiam Cobnrti, the Milwaukee evangelist, and at the Second Geinian lUi'ptist church. on'Xorili avenue and Ninth street, the services were in charge of Kov. Herbert L. Di?rr, of CJpper Alton, 111. Saturday forenoon four mass-meet-, s. ings were'held by tho four great color divisions of xhe convention. The genera I order was a iiold review of donomin- ational work. The l->luo. division, comprising the norl.heri) states wo.st of the Mississippi river, met/ at I'lymoui-h church, with HBV. J. \\. Conley. of St.. Paul, in the chair. The green division, made up of the southern states, convened at tlio Fii-st P/aptist church, where Jiev. ^V. Ii. ^Vriglif. of JlichmoiKl, A'a.. pre.sidef). TJie division of the red, being the 'provinces of Canada, met, ar. Summer- tield M. E. Church. TIev. 0. S. C. Wallace, of Toronto, presiding. The gold division, made up of the northern sta.tes east, of the Mississippi river, held forth at Immauuel Presbyterian church, and here Frank Harvey Field, of Xew York, acted as leader. All these department ra-llies were largely attended, and were conspicuous for the religious enthusiasm and earn- estoess. Saturday afternoon there was a' big rally of Juniors at Convention hall, tho general public being prcse-nt in large, numbers. The Juniors entered in processional order and marched to the; platform, where they sa,ng "All Hnil the Power of Jesus' Fame," the audience joining in the chorus, as well as in the Lord's prayer,. which followed. Mext came a.n address ot welcome to the Juniors, and a response in bchnlf of the latter, and then the Junior rally song was rendered with a will. General exercises of a very interesting character followed, illustrating-the model Junior society and its work. Hev. Ti. F, Y. Pierce, of Philadelphia, gave,an illustrated talk to the Juniors, which was greatly appreciated, after which came the presentation of the three Junior C. C. C. prize banners by Rev. H. if. VTharton, of. Baltimore. RHODES KNEW ABOUT IT. InYcitlRatlns Committee Prenentt It« Be- port. , Cape Town, July 38.—The committee of the Cape assembly which has beeiv engaged in an investigation of the circumstances of the raid made by Dr. Jameson arid his followers into the Transvaal last winter, have presented a majority report declaring that Cecil Rhodes v*as aware of the intentjon c{ Jameson tp invade the poey country, but that the directors. oi the British, South Africa company in London were not aware, though they ought to have had their suspicions aroused, seeing that large payments of money -were being made for purposes of flotation, which really amounted to revolution. Arrostod for an Old Murder. Harrisburg, Pa,, July IS.—Garrett Light, a prosperous farmer of Dauphin, county, was arrested at his home for the att'cmptcd murder of -his former sweetheart. Annie Itickel, of Monticello, la., Jo years ago. Light located in Dauphin county, married and has a family of five children. He will be sent to Jowa, . ' Rlgh Premium Hat. Milwaukee, July IS. — Twenty thou- r" sane copies of the Wisconsin state's fair book of 1S90 will be distributed among the farmers of Wisconsin within o.few days, 10,000 more than in former yea'rs. In premiums alone, not counting pursea offered for trotting, there will be hung up the sum of $10,000, an increase- of $3,000 over the premium list last year. A >"»lTO-»- Escape. Chattanooga, Tenn., July IS.—While passing over a high trestle about one o'clock a car on the Lookout Mountain Incline & 'Lula Lake railway jumped/the track. The car was stopped by the automatic brakes just in the nick of time to prevent its falling on tho. rocks below. The passengers we re unhurt, though panic-stricken. Charged with Embezzling. Haverhill, Mass., July IS.—Charles W. Mc-rse, of this city, was arrested on the charge of embezzling $7,500 in con-; neetion with, the affairs of the Haverhill Aqueduct company, of which he was treasurer. in a t-'oncnintory Mood. London, July IS.—A dispatch from Madrid to the. Standard says that rcla-, tions between Spain and the United: States ave now on a- satisfactory foot- Ing. '•'.._,

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