The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1947
Page 12
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-•"V PAGE ' TWBUTB BLVTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! TUESDAY, OCTOBEK 7, 194T Chicks Determined to Break Jinx Which Has Put Zebras On Top Too Many Times in Past To break the jinx which 'the Pine Bluff Zebras Imve held over Blytheville for the past decade will b« the No. 1 objective of the Blytlie- vll'le Chicks whwi the tVo'teanu tangle »t Hnlcy Field Friday nlglil. In the nine years thai the cnicvs nave Been playing the Zebras thaj have won only one gam*, thst being in 1940 by a 14 to 13 score, til the rest have KOJIS 1« favor of the Striped Mule*. Rognrdle&s ol what kind of a team the Chicks would muster, the Zebras have al- way« s»emed to muster one Just a little stronger. The Chicks first played the Ze-* bras on a home to home oasis In 1938 when Joe Dlldy wa« at the helm. That year Dildy took his crew to Pine Bluff to open the series, a series that has been r€d-hot wltli rivalry every since. The Chicles emerged from this contest on the short end of a 7 to Fistic Attack Feature of Mat men's Bout Unveiling ft Mistering third-full fistic nltack that resulted In a dislocated jaw (or Joe Wolfe. Flovd Byrd and Prank Mnrconi defeated Wolfe and Red Roberts two out. of :hrec falls to cop victory In Ins . tag feature of last night's wrestling goiwn the beet of htm, for he. proprom st the American 1-egton through his own confession, «rred Arenr.. 6 score and BlythevlHe fails still haven't gotten over it. For in this the Chicks were handed what seemed to be a couple of fast ones. Pryor Evans, one of the most popular officials In the state, was calling this very crucial game and the tenseness of the situation rmut have ONE "2 CROWD BY GlatJt- pnat redemption. Error Cosily for Chicks The score WRS standing ai G-0 In favor of the Chicks and the game The match turned out to be just what was expected, a free-for-all, with al Ifour of the grupplers caM- 'Ing scientific wrestling overboard was slipping Into the final minutes. 1 nlld relying solely on the art ot Blytheville had possession of (he' fisticuffs. ' , ball on the Zebras' 32-yard line and i Tl>e beginning of the end for 11 was fourth down. Evans, playing Roberts nnd Wolfe came In the the p»rt of the congenial official that he has always been, trotted ™rly wl ' c " minutes of the final fall Bynl planted n well-aimed over to the Chicks' huddle and an- i r) B ni haymaker (o Wolfe's kisser nouncc-d to Cnutain Riiss Mosley: ns hc came off the ropes ns the that it was fourth down and one ' l ' csu11 of being monkey-flipped by yard to go, so the quarterb-Ack elect- ; Wo>tc - 'I' llc Mow landed with such ed to run the ball nnd sent Captain ! ln ° m ° " ' " '" thnt "• tlislocatcd Mosley over the right side o! the W"'f«'s J»*' making him an easy line for five yards, enough for what. vlc: "<» for s oody •he though wai a first down. But it was then that Referee ,, , Evans realized his mistake, before' afl " I5 '"Inutes, eliminntcrt hlr that play it wns really fourth down I w . 11 ". n scr "' s ot bo ' di ' slams nnd - . • Mnrconi and Byrd then went-to '™ ri: °" " B 'S . Rcd " Roberts and -with 11 yards to go" nnd the five i'"" to wln lne match yards was just about half enough. [ _ Thc . f»' 5t [n " was won by the The ball went over to Pine Blult; Byrd-Mnrconl duo in 25 minutes, .and they marched on for n touch- Marconi eliminated Wolfe in '10 down to tic the score tit G-G. minutes with flips and a pin am The kick for extra point was wide i B >''' d downed Roberts In 15 inln- . but another official ruled that a '•. lllfs with a }md ? slam and a pin • Blytheville man was oil-side and ' Roberts and Wolfe won the sc" thCtZcbras' got another chance. The ; concl fall in 16 minutes with Wolfe : second kick was no good and again : defeating Marconi In 15 minutes the officials ruled Blytheville off- With n series of flying tackles -. side. And the third try was good,i nlltl " \taAy P m an d Roberts took giving • Pine BlnfT the decision by Cilre °f Byrrt one minute later li that extra point. the same manner. : The following year tlie Zebras fn the two one-fall prcliminai-j , came to Blytheville and walked off matches Roberts defeated Byrd ii with their second victory by a 12 to 15 minutes with a surf board nnc 0 count nnd In 1940 the Chicks Wolfe beat Mnvconi in 15 minutes : copped their only triumph over (he with flying tackles and a pin. . Mules in Pine BlufI by n 14 to 13 1 count. A • . k I Airport New? On the Municipal Airport's log of vlsillng pilots here during the pnst week ai'C eight fliers from tour ! slates. | They include: M. S. Cnrrol of Ruston. La.. In 1941 the Zebras came here for the fourth game of the scries. which proved lo be one of \ ; the most spectacular of the entire j , series. For in this game Bl.vthcville's : Mayfield "Sonny" Lloyd and Pine' Bluff's Jack Bodte staged an ot: tensive duel that has yet to be The llcsl Yet "The best game that they have played this year," was the opinion of most of the fans who witnessed the Chicks' classy showing against the highly-favored Little Rock Tigers last Friday night and I cast my vote right along wiUi them. Even though the score ended up agninst (hem, the Chicks can record that game In their ilttle black book as a victory, a moral victory. For most of the fans, even though they probably won't admit It now, had iredlcted the .score lo be Just as nucli as Coach Wilson Matthews va'nlcd 11 lo be. A couple of breaks won the ball K.IIIU', the blocked punt and the ntrrccpted Had it not been for hose two bad breaks, the Ciitcks night have gotten out of the scrape vlth only minor injuries. But it's jrcaks that winn bull games and someone had to lose. As »•? said before, it would be mrd to single out one individual player and put you* finger oil him as tho star of the game, for there were about 13 "stars". Every member of (he Chicks starting lineup played a good game. For the line ,t wa.s by far the'r best p^rformaiKJ of the year. And the backfield, considering tlie fact that they had worked together as -A backficld for abiitt four days, dtd cxception- liy we!!. Nc. we can't kick about that performance. I^t's give the boys a pat on the back ami E'JC II we can't get some more just like It, The Chicks have four more conference games left to play this year, and of these four they .should tnkc two and may take three. The Pine Bluff Zebras and the North Lltlk. 1 Rock Wildcats are the only two really tough circuit lilts remaining;. Tlie odds will be against them in the Wildcat contest but they stand a pretty good chance of beating the Zebras Friday night provided they play the brand of football that they did" agninst, Little Rock. Taking a quick look over the games to be played in the state this week-end we list dur choices: El Dorado at North Little Ruck Boy this should be n pip ot a game. It will be two packs of Wildcats scrapping it out lo protect their un-defcalcd records, nnd when ho dust settles its going to be hard :o tell who did what. But earlier his season T predicted El Dorado .is the team most likely lo b^at the Little Rock Tigers out- of the crown so guess I will stick with it El Dorado by n touchdown. Canulen al Texarkana Yanks Once On Verge of Sending Series-Winning Pitcher to Minors strapping left-hander, yesterday against the first thought but, they should have enough power to win this one by 20 point*. I'ine Bluff at Blylhevllle 'Die Chicks are due one upset this season and I believe Ihls is It. [ know I'm sticking my nccK out past my shoulder blades but when you have a hunch what else can you do? Blythcville by six points. Shake-Up Due This Week in SEC Standings ATLANTA, Ga.. Oct. 1. (UP) — 'andcibilt and Mississippi—a pair of Southeastern Conference "poor rein!Ions" who sneaked to the top only two pitches that weren't fast -•••••• - ' ones. "I gave pinch-hitter Oil Hodges n curve in the seventh and he fuuled It off, then he 'struck out." Hc snid "In the ninth with Dixie Wnlkrr up, I let him have a slider and lie hit It to George Stirn- weiss for an Infield out. The rest of Hie time I was just "blowin 1 then By I.KO H. PETERS EN (United Pro* Sport. Editor) NEW YpBK, Oct. 7. (UP) — A good-looking lad from Cherry-Valley, Pa., who on May 2« was one pitch away from ihe minor leagues, won the World Series for the New York Yankees. Tlie hero was 30-year-old Joe Page, who »s a rookie had shont, faded, then shone again with the Yankees, and who was just about to be let so after a long apell of ineffectiveness last Spring. Page, » came In Brooklyn Dodgers and retired 13 batters In order as New York won the seventh and deciding game of the World Series S to 2 at Yankee Stadium:* At that time all the fans were thinking about, was whether h« would be able to stop the resurgent Brooklyn* who had risen off the floor so often before to make the world Scries a classic instead of a farce. And all that Page was thinking about was "blowing them In." Admittedly a fast ball relief pitcher, vJho may well be the first of the rescue corps hurlers in history to win the "most valuable player award," Page said that he threw equalled by any Blythcville or Pine Bccchcvntl; UK. Hawkins Jv of -- - - Almngorda, N. Mex., Piper Cruiser; D. R. Can- of Tennessee. Piper Cub; Johnson of Osceola, Lus- Blufl team. 1911 Game a Thriller Blythcville lost the came 20 to 10 , , „ . „ and Lloyd nnd Bodie personally no I ™ mb <"-£ , D : BrB " cl1 °< Dyersberg, counted Jor all the points. The two i ™in B1-U; c. B. Uayls of pycrs- teams that year were equal in every '' Ucrs ' Tcm '" Tavlc)rcn>tt: L ' department and It was n lone extra point that spelled the difference between victory and defeat. And every since that year the Zebras have held the upper hand, in 19-12 they won 12 to 7 and in 1943 It was 20 to 0. In 1941 the Chicks bowed in deep htiniillatlon by a score of 58 lo 0. The following year they battled n heavier Pine Bluff team gallantly but lost 25 to 6 nnd thing certain the Chicks will be out last year the score was 20 lo 12 in to break that jinx nml their chances Lcroy or Pocahontns, Taylorcraft; Mo.. Piprr Cub. nnd N. L. McFai-land, of Kcnnctt. Don Keller of Rector has purchased nil AT-6 from Dr. L. P. flrownson. Tlie plane was rclicenscd 1-rrc. "Teller was checked out in his new ship by Flight II. Yavbrough. Instructor W. I overrated the Riuorbncks last week by picking them to win over Magnolia which they failed to do, and Inter ! learned that Magnolia hns one of the -strongest tcnms i'l thnt section of the state. But this week the Hogs should get back in the win column by at least seven points. Forl Smith al Jniu-slinru Thc Hurricanes will be celebrating homecoming Friday and by all of the standings while nobody was lookiiu;—prepared for a v.-eekend encounter today which w->s bound to ruin at least one reputation. Rebel mentor Johnny Vaught, readily admitted the ciassy Commodores are the "toMghcs> foe to date by far" for his Olj Miss warrio'-i. Vaivhr pai'ticulcoly was fearful that thc'Vaiuly single wing offense would prove troublesome. So far, Ole Miss has romped awny with three straight victories from teams which employed the T-formation. In Nashville, the Commodores went through n light workout with most ot the squad still aching from last week's encounter with Alabama. But Conch Red Sanders thought hc would have everyone in shape to meet the Kebcls Saturday. Meanwhile. Ihe Georgia Bulldogs worked on their passing gnme in preparation for the other top conference game with Kentucky. After their surprise 35-19 upset over the Louisiana Stntc Tigers, the Georgians figured as slight favorites over Hie Wildcats. Butt* s'uid that lie would carry the snmc backfield thnt went against LSU—Johnny Ranch nt fmnrterback, Luke Bronso at left half, John Donaldson at right half and Al Dodlne nt fiUlbnck. Louisiana Stale, battered and humiliated by Georgia last week, reformed for Snlurday's encounter with Texas A. nnd M. Conch Bcrnic Moore elevated freshmair hullback Ken Knoz to the vnrsily to work in place of Ray Coates and Jim Cason who were nursing knee injuries. The Tiger's huge tackle. Walter "Piggy" Bnrnps, participated in a practice tor the llrst time In two \vecks. The Georgia Tech Engineers. SEC top dog niter lop-sided victories over Tulane nnd Tennessee, prepared to meet the Virginia Military Institute. Page ml quietly In trie' hilarious Yankee dressing room. He wa« remembering, when every- on* el&e had forgotten, that had h« not produced In a relief assignment against the R«i Sox on May 26, he would have been tent down to the minor leagues. "r knew that I had to go that night," he said. "And I guess I did." The records bear him out. Hc struck out the first batt«r---lhat erutcal one upon which his career depended, homer slugger Rudy " ' ' strike to York — and went out sir batters in a row. That was enough. Manager Bucky Harris decided '.hat Page deserved a chance as a relief pitcher and he got it, winding up the season Chickasaw Club to Hold Annual Meet C. G, Redman, president of the Chlckasaw Athletic Club announced today that the annual meeting of members of the club will be held in the City Hall at 8 o'clock tomorrow night. Reports from all committees will be heard at this meeting, Mr. Redman said, and all members arc urged to be present. Braves Hand Southworth New Five-Year Contract NEW YORK, Oct. 7. (UP)— The with a record of 14 victories, all, ambitious Boston Braves, admittedly In rescue appearances ' , building for the future, today made- He gave the Yankees' the pennant' s«c oUhe services of ^Manager Billy and yesterday he gave them """"" """" "-••" "world championship. Ihe 'The Kid) Southworth for the next five years. In winning the Yankees set many records — first of all they were the top team in baseball's first two- million dollar World Series. The* series went on and on — there were more pitchers than In any other and they gave up more walks, threw more wild pitches, and their catchers produced more passed balls than In any other classic In history. And In the final analysis, the better team won. For It was Page as pitcher, Tommy Henrich as a slugger and an outfielder, DiMag- glo as the same in a double take and little Phil Rizzuto. who hit three .vital singles In the final game who proved their superiority They tore up the skipper's present contract, which ran until 10-13, and gave him a new one—which club president Lou Perini said would bring Southworth "in excess of $200.000" during its life. The new contract Perini called tlie ."biggest any manager of the Braves ever was given." Perini inune ttie announcement of the change in contracts in a New York hotel room last night and Southworth, who was present, followed by expressing his pleasure at the new arrangement. The Braves finished in third place during the 1947 pennant race. expected to remain unfavorable for the next few days, owing to a typhoon. The fliers already are be- iiind their schedule. The cemeteries of London total ] in area six times the 'Sire ol Hyd* J Park, which covers 390 acres. Head Courier Nesvs War*; Ad». NOTICE TO PUBLIC The !:iw offices of Gene E, Bradley have been moved to'411 w. Main. (Across street from Montgomery Ward.) over the team of destiny that never | China's Weather Delays , Round-f/ie-WorM Fliers quite reached its destination. Dodgers Yell 'Wait 'Til Next Year' As Series Also Marks End for MacPhai! I>U(; Recovered, He Gets Off MILWAUKEE <UP»—Because the dog he shot with an air rifle recovered, a Milwaukee man csrayiet Walter aKsper. 28 cording to first-hand information from several Jonesboro fans the favor of tlie Zebras. of doing it are better tills year than . What the score will be this year they linve been in the last three remains to be seen, but there is one or four. IN-' BETWEEN BITES FARM MACHINERY, PROPERLY MAINTAINED, BRINGS PRIDE AND PROFIT TO THE OWNER! Have you considered the losses you suffer financially through carelessness and neglect ol farm machinery V Your machinery, properly serviced and repaired— plus proper storage when not in ii se _ w i!i se i- ve vo ,, better and lust longer. Why nol put all your farm machinery in o'.ir hands for repair? We give free estimates beforehand, enabling you to approximate the cost. indication, it wil, be a' s ,d one.' Ac- I ^ c ^'f suspended sentence .. district court after Dinky, a fc 194! edition or the Gold Shirts is L terrier, recovered from his wound one of the weakest in the history | Knspcr was OHIITMI 10 pay of the. school. Dut on the other '"anan Dins land Ft. Smith hasn't shown ton nuch strength so (nr this year nnd he Hurricanes should get oft light. The Gris.slies by 12 points. Sliliiaci) at Parusoulcl Now here is a yame that will lave everybody ^uessinc. The Tro- i.ins arc newcomers to the doublc- •\ bracket and not much is known nbout them. The-} haven't lost n Rrtme so far this year, the only uleniish on their record beinfi A tie with Hot Springs, ami thny have i)laycd some pood lean's too. But Pnrngollld showed a lot of power against the Chicks and even more last week when they walked over Eiitcsvillc 33 to 0. This really should be a tr:s up but I'll take Subiaco by .even rcints. llct prings at Little. Knrk The v -inpiovi Tiscrs rtitin't show too mi- stuff last week but they shoulfn Uave too much trouble here. Li ie Rock by 18 points. IJe^lie al Hatcsvillc The Pioneers are much weaker ! thnn Ihcy were last year and Becbe j is about mediocre which makes this one But as a wild guess it's ! Bmcsvil'.c by 13 points. i (.'alholic High at Cnmvay i North I/llle Rock had sonic troll- i ble defeating ttie Rockets 19 lo 0 ' In the season opener which Indi- i cates that the Catholic boyj have ! strengtlrT Catholic High by two touchdowns. j Helena at Warren j The Indians aren't as strong as : By STEVE SNIDER (United I'ress Sports Writer) NEW YORK, Oct. 7. (UP) — Once again the old, battle cry of Watt 'til ne.xt year" rang through SHANGHAI. Oct. 1. (UP) — Winds of 40 miles an hour in tho vicinity or Amoy today kept George Truman and Clifford Evans, Jr.. the global Cub fliers, from making didn't .expect "this team, even to! a 450 mile hop (o Shanghai. win a National League pennant. The fl | Crs wc ,. e forced down at emerged from the clubhouse and; Amoy Sunday while flying from told newspapermen that he advised Hong Kong. the Dodgers "not to be down- The South China weather was Uncomforlalile shoes are sciDnlificiilly widened- or lengthened here with the latest nf modern machines. We do not injure the shoe's cunslniclion — the >vork is done with exacting care. H-flLTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MflIN ST. Flatbush today. The Yankees won hearted because they had the best ball club in the National League I .he World Series but Brooklyn's beloved bums gave them a fight hey'll never forget. It was such a fight that Brook- yn's board of strategy—President Branch Rickey and Manager Burt Shotton - predicted the youiv;. inexperienced Dodgers just were be- jinning to lay scige to the world championship and will be the team :o bent for the next 10 years. Down in the Yankee clubhouse, beneath the sprawling, tviple-rtcck- ed stands of Yankee Stadium there was the usual pandemonium of a World Series winner as the yard- pressed Ynnks rushed into their dressing-room after halting the Dodgers in the seventh and final game of the series 'iut there ^vas a story there that meant the end of an era rather thnn a beginning. Tha't ended one spectacular chapter in the history of the Yant-*es but over in the Dodger clubh t-se there was a real fight talk. "I'll bet right now we'll beat the Yankees or any other darned club more times In the next 10 years than they beat us." Soared Shotton. Rickey, who said long ago he 'and would be better." As he bowed out as Yankee pre- havp been associated with. God bless you, Bucky," he told the beaming manager who wouldn't ... . __ _. ... . . . , i Ut.iUllJ[kL£ [Httllit^CI \\I1U WUUK1I. *. sKient MacPhall bugged and kissed niwc „£„ „ m j, ,. unlc!B ll( , ;Tatl his star players _ Joe Page^ PInia succumb d to iMM p hai i- s sa i es ta i k Rimito and Joe Dirnaggio. Turning , t Nov ^ mbcl , Harris orif: inally to Manager Bucky Harris he said:, ( d of(i \ ^ Opens at 6:30 p.m.; Starts 7:00 p.m "Here is tlie greatest man OLD FAITHFUL u rHiinruL f ^ jflgffll i Bottled in Bond Bourbon 100 Proof KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOIIKKOX WHISKKY Also Yellowstone Black Label —00 I'roof BARRETT HAMILTON, INC., Distributors, Little Huck COIUMMA BIEWINO CO. ST. LOUIS Tuesday "THE SEAWOLF." with Edward G. Kobinson, Ida Lupinn. .John Garlield Serial: "The Scahounrt" Also Shorts f Wednesday & Thursday "THE DARK CORNER" with Lucille Ball and Clifton Webb Fox movietone News Also Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest ^ Shows EVERY NIGHT Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m Matinee Saturday & Sunday Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showing Tuesday "Cinderella Swings It" 3/2 SOUTH 2ZP ST. PHONE863 CHICKASAW ATHLETIC CLUB Annual Meeting Wednesday Night, Oct. 8th City Hall, 8 o'clock Annual Report r 'ecHon cf O Prepare For Winter Now 1 Just a few months until weather sets in for the winter. Now's the time to hove your plumbing system checked and repaired and to winterize to meet your requirements. Act now for con- venience then! Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water 7s Your Cheapest Commodity" wilh Helen Short Subject: "Nickel Tales" Wednesday & Thursday 'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir' with Gene TJerney. Rex Harrison Selected Short* RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. TODAY WHEN EAST MEETS WEST... LADDs THE BEST! Warner Newt and Wednesday & Thursday Buffalo Bill Ridei Again' with Richard Arta* wfl Jennifer H«H News and Musical Snwi

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