The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1947
Page 8
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PAGI EIGHT BLYTMEV1LLK (ARK.) COURIEU TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 19-17 BETTER HOMES Shortage of Fuel This Winter Seen U.S. Bureau of Minet Urgtt Insulation to Sav* Coal, Gas, Oil The nation Is Itkfcly to f»ce » futt »hort»ge this winter M severe » : '«ny which occurred during the w»rVaccording to tlie United SUtcs jovM-nment and the coal, petroleum »nd gM industries which fupply .with heating fuel. •stimatM add up to about. 20 per •tnt leu fuel than w«s available l»«t wlnUr In iome »rea«. N Demand for i!l futte li considerably. »he»d of a year »go because of. increased Industrial and build- ln|'^ activity, »pokesm«Ji for tlie fuel Industrie* declare. Insolation Urged Because of this apparent crLsi.; ••hlch face* the country, the United States Bureau of Mines has intensified it* campaign urging the pub- llcf-to winterptccf M human-occupied" homes and buildings by wea- ther^trlpping, installing storm saah and complete thermal insulation. Fuel aavings ranging up to 45 per- cent can be attained in the prsperly insulated building, the Bti- reau'asaerU. T*st.s conducted by the UnJVaraity of Illinois showed that «n.~>half of the fuel units needed to-i?e»t the average home can be »»ved - if it li weather-stripped. MUlpped with storm windows and doors and- has lull-thick nihicra •woS'insulation in walls and ceiling The insulation accounted for slightly more than «fl per cent of this taring. , ; Mineral'wool, which is nnliirnll: fireproof, 1» the most widcly-usec hisulatibn substance, the Buren • of Mines-points out In recommend ing" that mineral products be use' Because of their resistance to fire abort-circuits, moisture, termites •vermin and decay. The material In iramilar form can be blown into inaccessible «paces in existing builii- tof and batts or blankets can be nailed between Joints and studs if there is sufficient space tO'Bccom- roodate a workman. i Called Best ttome I*Kan Safety Can Be Built Into Homes To Reduce U.S. Accident Toll The !047 home can and should )e made a fur safer structure than iny house built In the past because better materials and more advanced ideas are constantly be- n« developed lor greater home safety, both from the standpoint of ire danger u"d personal injury. The National Safety Council say.s 32000 persons are killed accideii- illy in homes each year, 130.000 pcrjiiancntly injured, and 4,750,000 inaimi'd, disiiiiun'd or disabled. One- half of those- killed die as a result of falls, and S.OOU by burns, explo- siot\s and fii*^ That Ls u'hy builders and architects are giving much thought to eliminating hunio accident causes I'boih old and now .structure*. Most homo ari'idenis occur on .stairs so arrhilccis recommend that stair.s bi' no steeper than 3ti degrera. have a riser height of 7 1-1! inches with a 10-inch tread, uli steps both inside and out be built with tho:c nniimm measurements and hand mils provided everywhere there- arc two or more ( consecuiivi'. steps. Small lishts at top and bottom step:; al.'-'u arc recommended. Avoid Head Injuries Walfr pipes, nil 1 duels luul othtiv low-hansini; objects in basements are eliminated to a lar;:e degree but where IhLs is not Icasible they iu'e But/ding Permit Issued Hlt'ting a new low in construction activity here, only one building permit was issued from the office of City 1 Engineer last week. It wns issued Friday to Floyd Ballentlnc for . construction of a three and a half-room frame residence nt 629 south Lake. Estimated cost was listed as-$1,000. Little Rock Architect Designs Solar House Especially for Arkansas Use Cost of Insulating the average home with mineral wool will be paid lor within three years, numerous case-histories have revealed, according to the Construction He- search Bureau of New York, clearing house for building information. Wcatherslripping and storm sash be Installed by the home owner also is inexpensive and can often hlmsclt. painted brightly to be clearly visible. Windows arc now on tile mavket which can be cleaned-from inside; the house nnd their use is growing in the newer homes. Adequate storage space is recommend e<t so toys, tools nnet other objects uill not be left around to be tripped over. Kitchen hfl/urds an- minimized by sliding cabinet doors or narrow hingcd-iype vvhich do not swine; iar into the room, nnd rounded covnei's on kitchen equipment and built-in facilities. Jtatliromn Safelj- The better batli tubs have flit bottoms and these should always be specified, together with strong one- piece grab bars mounted vertically above the tub and in the showei stnll. Son-slip UooiiUK is available Electric installations should be ]>lac- c-d so persons crcmiol touch them and grounded objects such as water pipes and radiators at the same time. None of these precautions is fost- ]y. Where they arc lacking it is usually \ic caiue the builder, urchitrvi i,r home owner lailcd to think about them. Kilt if the householder gives as niirjii attention to .safety as he docs (o other elements, his chances of becoming a hospital patient will be considerably ledueeti. "BUT OFF1CER--WE JUST HAVSM'T ENOUGH OUTLETS IN THE HOUSE/" - Don't overload your wlrlno »yt*om. Wh«n you build nr n--!or- -'-t •• rp-v'-'i /> ~ f \'.'IRIHG. ARK-MO POWER COMPANY Require Use Of Tested Aids the noz*3e, forms , , blanket that literally : sUffocntjs the flames. ' - : Both the rarbo,, rtioxKle nud vaporizing liquid extinguishers, which ISB cnrbnn tetrarWinlde ns n h.xsc, nrc excellent for putting out clec- t,'ical rircs becnusc the extinguish•,n, ,, B en,, is . nou-concU, ct or oi NOW-Fix Thai Boiler! Avoid winter trouble before it can start: We'll repair the old or install a new unit: Whichever_ will be i\Tf- most economical for you 1 . Call on "PETE" for i\ll your heating needs! "PETE" the Plumber 109 N. Pint Phone 2731 NEW YORK, Oct. 1.—A 1101ISC + ilnn drawn specifically for Arkansas i .11 bv H. nay liurk.s. Little Hock arch'.- f-ifCkC in HrifTJiO led, will npprar in n book, "Your 11 If CTO III I ft/IIJC Solar House," to bn isstiiul soon by SimoA nnrt Schuster, publishers, it \vas announced locl.iy. Mr. Burks was selected by a panel of editors and deans of architecture and commissioned by tlie Lib- bey-O\vens-Fcud Glass Company to design tlie Arkansas house. He is one of 40 nveiitlccts similarly chosen lor euch state and the District of Columbia whose work Is combined in the booX. The solnr house commission, according lo G. P. MacNichol, Jr.. vice president of the filn-ss company, specified that the houses "should bo oriented to take advantage of the sun through extensive windows, or even walls of glass, not only to enlist solar energy as an auxiliary heating plant, but also lo unite Interiors with the oni-of-doors in a spacious, clieer-fillcd atmosphere." The judges included cleans of architectural schools, editors of "leliiiccturnl and home mnsnzincs •tint other leaders In the national .-r-jie bufyliiiB field, he said. Architect Hurts, who is associat- 1 with Brtico H. Amlei.son in the .31 of Durks ami Amiei.son. is re- r-Jcd in professional circles as tlie "ii of arclutectural practice in Over a period of 20 years, • has designed schools, hotels, hos- 1s. court houses, commercial licUngs and homes throughout the II:s solar house design is described a.s uUli7.iug wide Uiermapatic- vvhuUnvs on the south to admit the sun's rays as a source of heal during the winter in order to reduce fuel bills, and an ovfrlian^inn roof that shields the windows from tin ' .sun's heat in summer. According Co ' Mr. Burks, the plan calls for use of native materials to develop an exterior stytc- reminiscent of early American architecture. Illusion of Space Created by Use Of Color Tricks Atlv;uicn pltuminp combiner! with R rtrtvh of imagination \\ill convert. . n very limited floor plan into one • of real foeimly and visual .spaciou.>- : ness. Fivst, select the color scUcinc. j Stan it rigl.t at tlie troni door. (CnnAing Ihc same tone, in varying vHlups, through the npavlinem. it's a .small house you nn: doi . . rariy tlif 1 color scheme throiiKhnut, the dtvu lloor. BinUl your decor from ihr floor up. So.NJ colored carpt'tin^ in oar : of the nrv texture \\vn\e fabrics j will do unnrins in croaunc: extra spare, figuratively if J^ot litt-rally. If all-over carpeting seems iniul- t visable <;ind it ifl Tiot rccomnicnded r frequent movers, or apartment I'cKcrs) use plain, U x ture wpa\e-- ,i;.s, allowinp not more than six to £\\V iucVvcs Hinrgui. Once the color and design of UK- ,oo( covering IK decided upon, chr oxt step is the \vnH areas. Keep he same tone, in a lighter value. Vallpaper may be used on a re- essed niche. If thr rooms suffer roiu -sky-hij:h ceilings try painnn ; . hem a very dark value of Die color used, ninnmK the color do\vn on.c j arrow wall, Production of Hardwood Flooring Hits New High CHICAGO, Oct. 7, — An all- time Vugh or 14.351,000 IxKiui feet of hnrdvvoocl iloorinj^ was turned / out in the nation's major pi'oduu- i iii[; nt'cas <hn in|* the week ending SL-])t. 2(1. Secretary Henry H. Will- I ln,s of tho Nntionnl Oak Flooring Maimfrifturers* Assncialion reported today. Hardwood flooring has been listed .said for total 1947 production of morr than COO,C00,OOu hoard Ier-t. That would surpass by some 16,000,000 board fret tlie present stmual output record established in 102G. Foam extinguishers arn suitable Conditions appear favorable, he for queHing flammable UrmHl. oil ------------------ » -- j and grease (ires. The enemies! electricity. \ at^cnt, uiJon being expelled through >. Ordinary fires, but not rininmnbic | thick, snowy ' liquid or electrical blazes, can be " , , squelched with the soda-acid extin- 1 guisher. These, and several other j 1 >1«* of cstliiRUisliors. nvc iisud for ] l m " er ' mm{ . a " c slm , llilr , r " es " - v ™ " re '" rto " u f s l<> , wl . l ' nnrt s ™ ex in B msher to buy, ask >'"" r loc!l1 ' lrc depart"'''"*. Ihey See It In Action. Today Sjji^' Washer ' " Model 200C 48 . 50 D«. 199.5Q ONK washer that can b* TWO Washes clothes aiic CABINET Sir4KS World's Most Advanced Irorter Don't ov er lood .y our viirvng system. V/hcn you build or moderrUe provide AVCQ t-'/": 7E WIKINO. ARK-MO POWER COMPANY Model 300 99.5O • Irom ihirh In 4'/z rnSnutet • F-olds to cloiet ins One touch of a sinjrl^ knee- control and you' re GLAD- IRON'1.\G. No backaches... no pressing 1 dou-n...(;iafJirrn 1 « niotor dors afl tho work. FolcU np . . . rolls easily from roont to room* Blon Heoth Anl'i & Home .119 West M;ii;t i'lione S2S SI. Styled in Steel ^t Double DratnboarH * Tluee Storage Compartments -ff Four Drawers * Inner Shelf * Sliding Curling Board * Big Bow] Now we have it roryou-Hicidcal kitchen rnk (hat thousands orvvornen have waited lo buy. Where else can you Vio,,c to hnd its equal m qua lily and special features! Bowl.drainboards and 6-mch backsplash are all or finest porcelain on slecl processed against cracking anil cnippinB. he all-steel cabinets arc proofed against sound and rusl. Double-walled doors have rounded corners and inner surfaces vermin- ant moisture- proofed Why not enjoy the (wMl-aml SAVE! American sinks are built' for lifetime pride. Cost less because they last so lone. Easy monthly payments if you like. ON DISPLAY AT OUR STORE 54" Double Drain Sink (as pictured) 48" TWIN TUB S/NK with sliding drainboard 66" Double Drain Sink Twin Tufas IMMEDIATE DELIVERY DEAL'S PAINT STORE ^k«st m\n Plume 4469 Repnrdless of llic protective dovires used, clever forgers rnn still raise citrcks. I* rot or I your assets with a forgery bond. When Things Need Fixin ... You'H find that it pays to have costly Hoc- trioul ai»i>liai\ccp. repaired right when in iipcd of servicing ov adjustment. Experi- nionts by amateurs somotiinea destroy txr niainiiiK vi'.luc and force entire replacement. When appliances need fixinjr—Let Charlie Do II ! iARLlE'S ELECTRIC Each savings or Inveslment account in tbs RIATHEVILLK FRDKUAI. SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION is fully insured by an agency of the U. S. (Joverinnent, up lo ?5000.00." Call 01- see us now to learn how your savings will be secure, and still earn money .for you. 6 No. First Phone 2993

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