The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1»47 (ARK.)' COUNTER NEWS PAGE Army, Navy Push Search lor Trio Men, Missing for 13 Days, Left Aboard Four Minesweepers HONOLULU, Oct. 7. <UP>— The Army and Navy today Intensified «n sir search for three men who have ,Aecn missing lor 13 days and are f Sieved to be adrift In the Pacific, reliably without food or water. The men are radio operator William B. Hopkins of Washington, D. C., and Seamen Leonard Melts and Winston H. Crosby, both of Johns Island, s. C. They were believed to be drifting on four powerless, surplus minesweepers that were cut loose while under tow from Mexico to .Manila The tug that was towing them, the Edward M. Grimm, ran low on fuel oft Palmyra Atoll, 1,000 miles south ol Hawaii. Kenneth Ainslcc, skipper of the tug, said he could not, have, reached Palmyra with th« minespeepers In tow and had cut. them loose on Sept, 24, when they were 300 miles offshore. He said that even without the tow. his tug ran out of fuel and he had to use cooking oil to make it. He refueled the tug and started back to look for the minesweepers. The tug was damaged by a reef and delayed, and when It reached the spot where they had been cut 4oose, the minesweepers were gone. The Grimm's food supplies w;re low and the crew ate some tropical fish. They turned out to be poison. ^Twenty-seven men were made sick ^nd Catalino Misasol of Manila died. Ainslee, who is from Sydney, Australia,, satd the thvee missing men had volunteered to stay with the minesweepers. He said they had full rations for 10 days. Since Ainslee left Charleston. S. C., on May 30. his hair has turned gray. U. S. Destroyer Strikes Mine Stretcher-bearers remove one of the U. S. sailors, hurt when the USS Douglas Pox struck » dnittn mine in the Adriatic Sea. from the USS James C. Owens for medical treatment at Trieste. Three Amer can cesmen were killed and a down injured. (NEATelephoto.) Three Veterans Of Gray Show Up For 52nd Reunion Dispute Over Corn Crop Leads to Court Charges CONWAY. Ark.. Oct. 7, (UP) — Mrs. Joyce Hernrion of Mount Vernon near here, has 'been held to the Faulkner County Grand Jury on a charge of assault with i intent to kill. I Charles Niblack, a sharecropper,! said that Mrs. Herndon shot and j | wounded him In the leg. Officers I said Niblack went to the Herndon 1 farm home and protested removal i ol a 13-acre patcli of corn that- he | had cultivated. 1 Ntblack was (ined $40 and costs CHATTANOOGA, Tcnn., Oct. 7.— CUPJ — Only three of the men who wore the gray in the 1860's had arrived today for their 52nd annual reunion— but the Rebel ranks were filler! with their sons and daughters. The three old soldiers are Gen. William Mercer Buck. 96. Muskogee. Okla; Capt. William Freeman, 103; Wetumpka, Okln; and Gen. William W. Alexander, 97, Rock Hill. 5. O. They were hoping to greet perhaps five other gray veterans before thy four-day meeting ends. Meeting here also are the sta'.c chapter of the United Daughters o: the Confederacy, the Son's of Confederate Veterans, the Confederate Southern Memorial Association and the Order of Stars and Bars. Judge Walter B. Jones, Montgomery, Ala.. Is to speak^at a banquet Wednesday. Mrs. Jerome O. Devlin, KnoxvUle, .president of the Tennessee UDC .^Division, announced a number of •events for the women delegates. Baltic Refugees Crossing Atlantic In Small Sailboat BRAINTREE, Mass,. Oct. 7. (UP) - A tiny sailboat, ot Baltic refugees, who dared the Atlantic Ocean n hope oi finding freedom in America, is expected to land in Florida Oct. 16 or 17. It was announced by friends here today. The Rev. Oswald A. Blumit. New England director of Latvian ne- lief. said he received word <V this ship late last month . drunkenness ami cll.s- He said his Information indicated ° h< ,- „„„ Tcd Do , t , that the pilgrims had been driven >• Niblack in farm work. South by storms to the region of j " . > ,. the Azores and he said it was pos- "• ' slble the tiny craft with 24 aboard cni "« c might land at Jacksonville, Fla. Mrs. Herndon w»* released This was contrary to original j $ol)0 bo '" 1 ' information which indicated Ihc ; _ , c party that left Dover. England, j Typhoon OWCepS Sept. i. would try the stormy North j l w - i; mo f n Pacific Atlantic and land somewhere on! '"" the New England coast, j TOKYO ^ , (Up) _ All members of the party that ; ly))hoo ,, wlth ]2 2-mlles an included five women and six child- : wjn(1 at ]lf . center s . vc pt toward rcn still were aboard the snip, lwo Jima toc i a y „ a smaller slorin ' Rev. Blumit said. However, Ihe re- bol . e _ down on {he china coast ncnr pected to hit any land alter pus* Ing Iwo Jima. A third storm was icporlcd by the Far East Air Forces typhoon warninR service lo have dissipated Itself In the North Pacltlc SOU milc.s cast of Tokyo. 210-Pound Crazed Negro Injures 4 n Jail Transfer MEMPHIS. Tenn,, Oct. 7. (UP)— rchl* Smith. • 910-pound erutd \Vgro with the strength at » bull. i'as dead today but at least four Ihelby County officials would re- ncmber the giant "with the muscles ml shoulders ol R wrestler" (Or » oiid lime to cmne. Trustees find sherilf'8 deputl** wern transferring Smith from the county Jail collblock to « lunacy rliiR yesterday. Suddenly he •am«i. "The world's in * helluva ness' and then made hi* prophecy come true as blood spilled over the •oom. Before he died, smith grabbed « Sim and shot anil killed, O«c«[ Smith a Negro trusty but no relation, arid iKCd Tom 11, Kdsker, elevator operator, in Ihe niixh with a bullet. Disarmed, hf s°u«ed and bit Em- mcU Armour, a Jailer who also suffered a brokpti arm; Jim Merk, a deputy, and N. a. Slginan, a policeman who was clubbed over th« eye with Smith's handcuffs. The burly Neuro madman, who died Inter In a hospital bfd of « bul- !nl wound, had been arrested Sun- dav alter running amok in his neighborhood. He., fought, then with the arresting policemen anrt kicked In the front srlll o[ their "quart car l>eforf bciiiR Mibrtued. OwitM 1 L«OVM It to PatfOfti to DwM* If Tuiiday «e •• M««t/«« WASHINGTON, Oct. T. IUP> — On thli (trat m*atl«M Tuwday, a e«f»t*ri» Ju»l a bloc* and ft half from th* WhlU HOUM broka out a menu iMturlnc rout* bt*l. Th« proprietor wai a*k*d how com*. "I'm going to hut the MAM amount of meat on my counter on TuetfUyi aa on olher day*," he ««ld. "People who don't want any can order •omethlin el*«." ofilce of the u. S. Enxlnetrc h»» scheduled public hcnrliiRS Oct.. nl Danville to determine the n««d for flood control work In Logan and Veil Comities. A hearing on the need on tin CUicktvlnh Creek In U*»n »i\ yell Counties will be held In [hi morning, find a hearing on the need on Dutch and Spring Creeks in Yell count* will be held In the LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct. 7.i n (tevi\oon, Both henrlngs will be (UP>—The Little nock uistrtcl j m the Yell County Court House. Prank by Six Codtti In Military CoU»g» Leave* Lien 'Roaring' SANDHURST, Berkshire, Rutland Oct. 7. (UP)—Six r»del» »i th« Sandhurst Military Training Oollefle tod«y were ordered confined to thflr bnrritcli.i 28 days for Inking Field >lM«hall Viscount Montgomery's fa- uoiu beret while he wu eating and hanging It on the »tatvi« or a lion. Montgomery KM kept wanlnfc at Ihe school » mlnutei recently while iiibordlnate* looked (or hl« beret They found it'on th« lion's head under which th*t« In a«\ Inscription: "Tht Lion Roan." Montgomery waa not amusert. H ordered an Immediate Investigate" nnd IhreaUned all the cadets wltn punishment vinles* th* guilty one conlewed. Engineers Plan Hearing On Flood Control Work New Storm Hits Brunswick, Go., Moves Westward BRUNSWICK, O» , Oct. 7. — Th* r«malnj of « sudden Atlantic aUx'm rolled acro« South Ocorsla today «ft«r battering the FJorldn •n<j Georgia with towering tides, adding to the damage co*t of prtvlmu bettering* by the elements. "•lie ilorm hit the cout at Bruns- k, a*,, about 1 a.m. and headed low Georgia in a wnUrly d'nec- n with diminishing winds, rongejit winds at 7 a.m. were 30 35 miles an hour. I Weather Bureau advisory at at hour ordered small er»H varn- ga continued from th* Virginia pen Southward to Mayport, Fla Ai the «t»rm rolled In from the a Monday night gusts were re- rdtd up to 60 mile* an tvour ghtly nhort of hurricane force. At Brunswick. Police Sgl. B. O eaver reported ".some electric and egraph wire* are down and trees lave been b»dly hit but we don't few of any casualties." rtJsU|I . bnncl , A ncw 'lour layed-rad'ic message from the craft indicated two of the 'women aboard Were sick. In the party were two Russians, seven Estonians and 15 Latvians who had fled their countries, found refuse in Sweden and there pur- j chased the "small sailing vessel to | attempt - the .3,000-mile crossing. i Motor Co. reported »2M missing from its safe and the Hughes Motor Co. suffered the setback of a new Nash automobile and S250. The thefts brinif to seven the total burglaries in Texarkana in the last 30 days. '• Hong Kong. Both Hong Rons and Hainan Island were alerted for gales cxpect- typhoon was ISO ipitcs due East of iwo Jimn and moving northward at II miles an hour, causing 50-mile an hour winds 'to sweep across the Island, By Wednesday night or Thursday morning, the typhoon was expected to pass 400 miles east of Tokj'O. It was not i.'x- e ««V«t« «' tom«» DYANSHINE Say* o Lrrtl*-- Hove Much! Uf« liuuraiMi If k tortuo* . . . and wtwt.har k polity 1» maO or amall, tvwybodr kuy* It th. liuUlbnpnt pUa. • I E. H. (Eddie) Ford* » Mil sn L>mcrai« it General America* Uf« IM..C*. ASTHMA? i relief from the of nnchlat aithma with A8T11- MANF.miN. r«ll rafind If not lal- •fattory, Gat y»iin at — K1RBY BROS. DRUG CO. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella v Woter Proofing Point 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS , plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Mother's fritatf m**M*fiag pr*p ration htlpt bring *««*• jirrf com/0 to txpecttnt mothtfg. M OTHER'S FRTKND. an txquUltcl? pr«p*r«d •molUvnt. li \utful in all conditions wh*r« * blind, mild »nodyn» m>M<K* medium in ikln lubclcttloa Li «& On* eomUtlon In, irhtch votnta (or mor* thin 70 j«r» htr« Ut«4 It !• *n application for ftuaMiIni thi body during pr«in»ncT .., U tttlp* keep th* •kin >oit and pltabl*... thui avoiding uanKCMtrr discomfort du* to dryntu •nd tl|htn«M. U nfiMhM and ton** th* •kin. AaldMl m&twi* mnpHcMlon lor tb» numb, ttnillnr or burning »n**tlon» of th* akin., .tor th* tired back muicla* or cr*mp-lUa pain* In th* lets. Quickly abnrbed. rnllihUul to use. Highly prmli^d by u»in. Many doctora And, nur»ti. Mil It on • of bottl*a aold. Juit uk any diuit'jt lor Mother'* nltnd—th» akta f mollltDt and lubricant. Do try It Mother's Friend Apples Ihe • Dozen • Pound • Bushel Mrs. Gary - Va., will speakers. e elegate Ferguson, Alexandria one of the featured 75 Men inlist in Army For Three-year Periods Fifteen men from Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri enlisted in the Army for three year periods during September, Staff Sergt. Don C. Seal of the. Army and Air Force Recruiting Station h^re Raid today. Enlistees, their branch of service and stations follow: Richard L. Reynolds ol Memphis Regular Army, unasslgnea, Ft. Sill. Okla.; Otis E. Burrow of Bald Knob. Regular Army, unassigncd, Ft. Siii, Okla.; Thomas W. Dohority, Osceola. Corps of Engineers. Ft. Jackson, S. C.; Marty O. Lucy of Huffman, Army Air Forces. Kelley Field. Texas. Billy J. Stout of Bassett, Field Artillery, Ft. Jackson, S. C.; Calvin &}. Hall of Holland, Mo., 82nd Air- ^fjorne Division. Ft. Benm'ng, <3a.*, Elmer F. Patterson of Holland. Mo., Ordnance Dept., Ft. Jackson, S. C.; James C. Hoover of Holland, Mo., Ordnance Dept., Ft. Jackson. S. C. Roy M. Hallmark o {Joiner, Army Air Forces. Kelly Field, Texas; Joe E. Heathcock of Holland, Mo., Ordnance Depb., Ft. Jackson, S. C.; Johnson A. Enochs of Blytheville, Army Air Forces, Kelly Field, Texas; Raymond L. Campbell of Newport, Regular Army, unassigned, European Command. t Henry O. Campbell of Newport, Regular Army, unassigned. European Command; Tom J. Richardson of Holland. Mo., 82nd Airborne Div.; and Billy Max Crawford, also of Holland, Mo., 82nd. Airborne Division. ~&L Burglar in Texarkana Picks on Auto Concerns TEXARKANA. Ark., Oct. -7. CUP) Texarkana's wave of burglars continued over Oie week-end with three additional "professional Jobs" reported to officers. The Day Motor Co. plant suffered n $000 loss. P. D. Baxter A fc.'? drops of Vlcks Vft-tro-nol in each nostril work fast right where trouble is! Va-tro-nol opens up cold . congested breathing passages and relieves 5n«*zy. snlffly head cold' distress. Follow dl- jectlonslnpackage. VKUVAJ10NOI * "JODEHfST OP 'EM {II OCT. 6-12 ^ FREE CIRCUS- 12 BIG ACTS! SENSATIONAL HARDIN-S1MMONS 45-PIECE COWBOY COWBOY BAND FROM ABILENE, TEXAS! * SEE THE £&':; TRIBE OF PAWNEE INDIANS LIVING ,ON THE SHOW GROUNDS IN THEIR NATIVE WIGWAMS! r NEW AND IMPROVED 70-ACRE SHOW GROUNDS, PRIDE OF THE SOUTH! Featuring the New Gold Medal Shows On a New Quarter- Mi1«_tflred Midway! NEW AND BREATHTAKING ACTS ARE FEATURED IN THIS YEAR'S "TOUGHEST OF 'IM ALL" RODEO! ! r 20-Horte Drill Teem From Dalloi, Texot ^ Budweiier 8-Up Hitch from St. Louil * 2,000 Head of ArkamaV Fineit | Ltveitock ' t Hug* Exhibit of N«wtit Farm and lnduitri«l Equipment, LARGt i'P' v MERCHANT'S R^ IXHIBlTt. !J^ff, r DODGE B« nure Mom Rets a good ntipply 3! Juicy ript apples In limn for Khooll Eatlnt and Cannlni Applaa «2.M * «.00 Ba. Blytheville CURB MARKET tSI r. Main rhitnt III RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WOTlKMANflHlP. PHONE' 2642' . We cull for and Deljver FRED CALLIHAM Eleclricnl APP''* nce Co. AuDiorlied Mnlorole lUdlo v Sales and Serrlce 1M South Fint Kt. DEPENDABILITY You enter a new world of driving experience. No such performance ever car like it at any pri ifore. No Phont 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC • • Complete Eltctrical Store . < Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. • BlytKeyMe, Ark. Free Estimate* om Alt Work ARKANSAS rOCK SHOW I I T T I I I 0 t « for Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop a % Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation .500 N. Fifth St Blythevtlle, Ark. Allen Pickard's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surpli.ii Army Goods • Supplies • Shoes ge« u» for the Tcrj beat In Army nurplufi »ho«. Ne*rlj new—He- built— T« Be Rebuilt. Hnndrwto for «»1e. qu«ntlty Prlew ATmll- ible. EAST END 112 Lilly Street i/k Block South East Main HAIRY VETCH Balboa anrt Common Rye, Oats, Wheat and Barley Seed . . . Ready for Fall Seeding New and Factory Reconditioned Soybean Sacks • Blythevilie Soybean Corp. 1880 W. Main Phone 856-57 Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer Phone S47» Blythcvilte Ark. 112 Walnut 8t MOTOR (0. 317 Soufh Second Street 4422 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL 2089^ "Th« Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T»«r Rfiarce »f B«rrk« 1'BTROI.EUM PRODUCTS orfiw ,M «t.

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