The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1947 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FACT FIT!, roreign Policies Mostly for Nation U. S. Has Few Fricnds' Among Common People Throughout World BOISE. Id*., Oct. 7. (UP)—Sen. |51eii H. Taylor. D., Ida., said today »l in a war with the United •jp, Russia probably "would have «c of the people of the world on |ier side." Taylor, who marie his first speaking EtppcarajR'C in Idaho in nearly yea! 1 last niglu, said America's loieiju policy "has losl us every Irieiul we have in Hie world among Jhp common people." "There is doubt in my mind." \c suiil, "i\w we could even win i war against Russia." x Taylor said he. planned to inako I'ivD more speeches to tell the people of IthUio dial the nation has peon "whipped into a war frenzy.!' He said the foreign policy should >e changed so that "we furnish the lieonle o£. Europe with more food luid less suns." 1 He charged that the United States liad thrown up frontiers in Greece, permany and Japan, lie added that |hose frontiers were "closer to Rtis- ia than their iron curtain is to us." Toy lor- said that the Soviet was I'justified in her suspicion of-us." 1 His lis^: of. "enemies" of the Unit- led States' included: ; The Philippines — because "we. cave them a phoney independence;" China—v.'ere we arc hated by Ihc kinunists and Niuionniisis alike: _:if—"where we failed to hlifT power oi the bit; families;" Indo- Ichina—where the French ate using llend-lease arms against the natives; |lndonesia—where [lie Dutch "are kmslaving the people a^ain;" Greece I—where "we gave more guns than •bread and intei fencd;" Germany— •where a policy of building up that [nation "is causing bitter rcrjctioj) INK peoples overrun by HiUer'o Phonies," and Biiram—where we arc Inow kno'.vn as "Uncle Shylock. 1 ' Glider Released Only 20 Feet Above Ground A CG-15A glider, during tests of a new rigid racial tow bar at Wright Field, Dayton. Ohio. it. re- teased (rum the tow plane a scant 20 feet above (he runway.* The conventional rope method of towing glidci's nuikcs it, necessary to release the gliders 5UO to 1000 (cct above Ihe runway, anil they must mnkc their own hnitiing approach. The new device, adapted from Nazi discoveries, promises to develop to a point where jet phinus could he towed into combat arcat. (NEA photo from Air Mntcnel Cnnnnnnd.) Bud Gollum, Heiress Go Separate Ways Hays Sanctions Bill to Assist [Displaced Persons LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct.. 7. J(tJP> ' — Arkansas Congressman iBi-oolut Hays says he believes the . stajcs should .share . in 'the 1 le.spnn.sibiljty of finding homes for | Europe's 800,000 displaced persons. SANTA ANA, cat., oct, 7. <UP; Heiress Beulah !./>uise Overell's ;ic- ' quittal on charges of murdering her parents vras worth more than $i)00,OCO to her, her attorneys estimated today. Had she and George iliudi Got- ; him, 21, been convieicrt of .slay- ' ing Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Ovcrell tiie 18-yenr-old co-ed could not, under California law, have inherited their estate valued at a round break SWOOO. The girl also is the solo brnefi- • ciary of more than $100,000 worth * of insurance policies held by her \ pa ren t.s, . j Miss Ovcrell spent- the night at Ihc home of her [jrandmother, Mrs. Louise JunKquisi, in Los An°i>les Gollum picked up his autotnnfcilo at si Santa Ana garage, where ii had been impounded since his arrest, and drove to his mother's home LU Lo,s Angeles. He said he hoped to see Miss Ovcrell again, and she agreed that they -might .see each other "sometime in the future." But she stuck, to her annoimce- 'nient that she no longer plans to marry him. Miss Ovcrell said .she was working on arrangements for a trip to Em ope oi 1 Hu\viui with her cousin, Marjone Jungn ll 'st. And Gollum still planned an automobile trip — though he originally had inlerictcd. It as a honeymoon, journey. Russia Termed Real Threat to Democracy in U.S. PAYHT1TEVILLK, Ark.. O;t. 7. <UP« — Son. j. \V. FulbrlglU has branded Rus-sla as "the only real throat vo the American form of government." The senator's remarks were marie iti an nrtdrc.v; to the University of Arkansas chapter of the Young Democratic Cltybs of Arkansas. FulbrighL termed the Marshall plan not charity or atd, but national defense. He said the only niter- native i.s to sit. back and wail for the attack. and the seal of said Court thin (he 6th dftv of October, 1M7. ELIZABETH BLYTHE County <fc Probate Clerk Read Courier News Want Ads. Speaking to representatives gf.l B'Nai 'B'RitH organization in Lit icrsons. j liner _ saitl q , ics tioning o ' *- f -;l e c»"cw had definitely estii! v i...Ufo l last, ntglit. Congres.snian Hays I endorsed tlic Sti-.itton Bill, which 1 would admit 100,000 displaced per- Ifon.s annually to the U. S. for four I years. _ ^ _ _ ^, _ I Rep. Hays cieclnrrtC "that would not I involve a substantial change in our I present immigration liuvs." Hays off evert »us an explanation I for the hesitancy of displaced per- I sorts to return to their homelands, Ithal these homelands are now over- j run by communist.s. He added thsit | tlisy would then be exposed to and., possible death." NEW KS'l'ATKS ON NVIIUlll Al>- j MINISTRATION HAS BEEN i COMMENCED [ Notice i-s hercuy given mat the loV.owing is a list of e.siate.s of deceased persons upon wl.lch Letters testamentary or of administration 1 weic granted during the nionth of • Sepicnibcr, 1C47 \vith the dnte of the granting of such letters and j the name and address of the execu- i tor or administrator: j No. 1814. Estate of A. j. Reed, rte' ceased. Letters of Adminjstratjo'-i issued to Herman Carlton of Bly- thevillc, Arkansas on September 13. 1947. No. 1815. Estate of J. A, Bishop, dc' ceased. Letters of Administration issued to Byron Morse of Blythevillc, i Arkansas oti September 13, 1347. ! No. 1817. Estate of Mrs. Elma Ar- .blLshed that the 4*7-year-old Mtubcson hoarded j tiie vessel here last Wednesday, But he failed to check through Cuban customs jvhen tiie boat docked the next morning- and .searchers found only his'pajamas laid out on a bed that h'art not been "slept in. Irving L. MMhcson, cousin of the missing man who flew here from Chicago, said: "Oriiy two things couM have happened. Either he fcH overboard or someone pushed him over." of the ship's j chillion. deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Maude Dutin of Biytheville. on September 23. 1EM7. No. 1322. Estate of Mary Davis, deceased. belters of Administration issued to Claude W. Davis. Rt. 1, Manila. Arkansas on September ^O r 1EH7. No. 1823. Estate of Harry Preston Wclis, deceased, letters of Administration issued to C. C. Wells Of BlytheviHe. Arkansas on September ,?,0, 3947. i niy hand a.s such Clerk NO AUTO HORNS Value rvest IN HOME-FURNISmr-'GSl \FBI Closes Case of Man | Missing Aboard Liner MIAMI.. Fla., Oct. 7. i UP)—The I FBI today closed the case of Albeit iMnthciion with jm "unsolved" 7io- jtauon bi;t the mystery oi the v/eal- I thy Chicago attorney, who disappeared on a Miami to Havana cros.s- ling, continued to plague steamship | official Is. R. W. Parker, agent for the S. S. [Florida. P. and 6. Steamship Co., Crime Pays Off YOU WOMEN WHO SUFFER then €HILLY- Here's Good News! Are you between the ages of 3ft ntid 52 iiiicl go In L; tluough that trying Jitncclonal 'miad.c-agn 1 period pc- cnHar to women? Docs this make you sutler from hot Hashes, tcrl clniriiiiy, so ttcrrojix, Urltalrie, weak? Then DO try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn pound to relieve sllcli symptoms! It's famous for this t Mnny wise 'mldcHc-ntfc' women laXc Plnkliam's Conipounrt regularly to help biiltd up resistance against this illRtro&s. rinkliam's CompouiHt contains no opiates—110 hnblt-formlng drugs. It iiaifirfi (you know what we :). This great nieoictne tUso has vhat Ikictors call a stomachic tonic rlfect. .NO I r : Or 70.1 m, f prrtrr I.VDT \ K. 'Lydia E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMFfiUND There arc no honking horns on Telephone Street — no pushing crowds—no noise. ' Just turn to the Yellow Pages, of your telephone book, lean back in a chair— and you're on Telephone Street, where practically every business in town is at near as a telephone call. For speed and convenience, use the Yellow Pagei of the telephone directory. Whether you're shopping for home or buying for the office, they'll tell you who buys . . . sells . . . rents . . . repairs. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 2-PC. LIVING ROOM . . . SPECIAL FOR OCTOBER Here's linr. slyln iinil real enmlWt at n\n\ Siiln sn\injj.<! Miissivc snfn anil lnnri|;c rliair In inalcli. Diirnlilc Inilornl I'Vicv.c envois Inul an nir nf Hi'^miv. Full s|iriii)j liase cimslmuliini, coil-sjiriiig liai'ks, and nil iKniluoiiil Irinn^s. 179.95 On Ttrm: J11 ct MonHl aft*r Down Faymvi 34.9S MAHOGANY FINISH CHIPPENDALE CHAIR Full spring constnirtimi for comfnrl; >ear. Smart, colorful cotton covers. J LOUNGE CHAIR AND OTTOMAN 69.95 19.95 nuTuil In iimu/irjg IcnlliPi -liko actic! Cunilurlfihlc ct)il-?pi 'ing GRACEFULLY STYLED LADIES' CHAIK Smart clmmel-buck styling, cgilspring scat. Horal cotton tapestry covers. In an ngreemcnl approved by i Chic;igo p court, linger t;The Terrible) Toiiliy,' above, and two other gnngstcvs will split pavl ul ilic money they obtained in ,-• Currency Excii;int;e robbery in 1942. When the g;uig vi-jis c;iijf,ht. they had $13,GOri', most "ot llm loot. To avoid more IcgjO ox-, the Currency Exchange settled ils claim for $0532. The- ing 54073 will be clix'idet: Touhy, two <^ccomplice^ Y now in penitentiaries, nnd th estates of two others, who wen killed in the pang roundup. Several Months - i\o Laxalives !n»l Outer your grocer today. For llio very first lintel '\\\r. fffyfif lifjslitks lo ivitli your roslinnc sli;ulrs ... in c,\$r? cr>ffutnr- th trll )uu which lipstick to wear! osr ni<" LIPSTICK FOUR-CAST crcnlccl for you ! \\ Jirlhrr you're h!otulp T lirini^tic, rcd-hrncl, niciliimi-hrown nr sil \ rr-L't a} - , llirro's a IIPSTICK FOUR-CAST n " ' In your nii'n complexion type.. your colors lo ilr;nii;ui/,e,}ou! [.rirn lo use color lo create an effect . . . classic, rnma.ilio, rl^ring, rliscrcct. \ our key i? thf! Krlena KuhSnslrin UPSTtCK FOUR-CAST for your complexion l>pc. fXTRA ROOMY CEDAR CHEST 4R-in. long, unlit! Rcrt O'iar lining! Stunning matched Walnut vcnccrs. 57.95 PRICE SLASHED ON M-W HOME CLEANER! M-Vi"s powerful suction ftds ilirl fmin ruj;s, fiinulurc, bcd'ling, Easy 10 use. REGULAR 27.95 MODERN WOOD TABIE RADIO 24" Allraclive walnut veneer with circular dinl! l->(uiione speaker for fin* tone! G't joiff HfSlICK FOlflt-CAST \ni\HJ . . . i cl-nvin?, Ulling, creamy lip.Mu!-' in K sparkling. lueile r.lrrv"-^' • • • "rcly 3.50. Individual lijulick?. each l.W. RGTKRGCK DRUG STORE 205 West Main Street Phone 4451 BABY BASKET WITH - -_ FOLDING STAND /•*/ (P>»e-Koycn filrer basket will] carrying i hindlo on rigid hardwood stand. j .. Q _ JO.V:> MODERN WALNUT WATERFALL DESK 7 roomy drawers! Ilai.lwom! construction with Walnul vcnccrs and finish, MODERN 5-BURNER KEROSENE RANGE as S big ;iclde»s bun&n lot eoakin( •mi baking — double-quick OTen.

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