The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 26, 1996 · 15
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 15

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1996
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THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN Tuesday, November 26, 1996 13 Term Limits Group Violated Law in State, U.S. Agency Charg By Chris Casteel Washington Bureau WASHINGTON The Federal Election Commission, after spending two years investigating, found reason to believe that a national term limits organization violated election laws in 1994 with its radio ads and news releases in Oklahoma and Kentucky congressional races. However, the commission voted to take no action against U.S. Term Limits, according to the case file made public late last week. The commission's attorney told the panel that proving the allegations would require a far more extensive probe; he recommended instead that the commission admonish U.S. Term Limits. The case was opened after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee complained in 1994 that U.S. Term Limits violated election laws with its ads and news releases in Oklahoma's 6th District race between Frank Lucas Commission Vote Releases Back Earnings By Judy Kuhlman Staff Writer An Oklahoma County employee will have more than 8,000 reasons to be thankful this week. Commissioners Stuart Earnest and F.G. "Buck" Buchanan voted to release $8,848.26 in back pay to Earnest's administrative assistant, Blair Schoeb. Commissioner Shirley Darren did not attend the Monday meeting. She was at a meeting of the National Association of County Officers in Dallas and was unable to return to Oklahoma City because of bad weather. Schoeb, who was fired by Buchanan on Aug. 8 and hired the same day by Earnest, said he was surprised by the commissioners' quick action to pay him. "This all has been so ridiculous," Schoeb said. Meanwhile a district court hearing is set for 1:30 p.m. today in District Judge James Blevins courtroom on Schoeb's petition to force commissioners to pay his attorney fees and for work he performed in September and October. Schoeb said he would have to consult with his attorney, Bill Price, before deciding whether to pursue the legal fees he incurred trying to get commissioners to pay him. Schoeb was a key witness in a grand jury indictment against Buchanan and his son, Richard. He has testified in preliminary hearings , in the case and. in the grand jury probe and indictment of Dar-rell that was later dropped. The indictment against the Buchanans charges them with obtaining illegal county government contracts. All but a perjury charge against the commissioner also have been dropped. A trial on Richard Buchanan's indictment is still pending. Schoeb was granted immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony. Darrell blamed Schoeb for the taxpayers having to pay more than $100,000 in legal fees to Buchanan and Darrell for failed ousters brought by the same grand and Darrell blocked Schoeb's pay for two months. They said they did not believe they could approve his pay because he did not file a new loyalty oath after he was fired. The dispute continued despite two opinions from Stephens County District Attorney Gene Christian, who advised them to pay Schoeb, and the filing of a new oath by Schoeb. Christian was appointed to advise commissioners after Oklahoma County District Attorney Robert Macy asked that he and his staff be excused from advising commissioners. Darrell and Buchanan said Christian's opinions were not clear to them. Commissioners then asked state Attorney General Drew Edmondson to appoint new counsel for them. Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney Gordon Edwards, who was appointed to replace Christian, said his advice to commissioners Monday did not differ from Christian's. Edwards said he could not discuss what happened in -a closed-door session that preceded the vote. But he said he thought the law stated by Christian in his opinion was "pretty clear." Both said the board of commissioners cannot legally dony pay or the filing of a loyalty oath by an employee. and Dan Webber. The Democratic committee said U.S. Term Limits, a nonprofit corporation, was advocating one candidate over the other and spending money in behalf of Lucas, the Republican who ultimately won the race. To do so, the group charged, U.S. Term Limits should have formed a political committee and disclosed its expenditures. The Federal Election Commission's investigation included an ex amination- of U.S. Term Limits ads in two other 1994 Oklahoma races Democratic primaries between Virgil Cooper and the late Rep. Mike Synar in the 2nd District and between Tul-ly McCoy and David Perryman in the 4th District. A Kentucky House race was also examined. In the 6th District race, the radio ad included these remarks: "Only one candidate for Congress in the 6th District is for term limits for career poli ticians. Frank Lucas sides with the majority of us. Lucas supports term limits and a true citizen legislature. "The other candidate, Dan Webber, sides with the career politicians and opposes term limits. Lucas for term limits. Webber opposed to term limits. Help convince both candidates to support term limits." The ads were similar in the other races. The commission found that a news release in the Lucas- Webber race, in which the term limits group said voters had a "clear choice," also appeared to be pushing one candidate over the other. Since U.S. Term Limits was spending money to help one candidate over the other, the FEC's general counsel said, it should have filed reports with the commission detailing the expenditures. The FEC's investigation found that nearly $17,000 was spent on the Synar-Cooper ad. In - addition, the FEC attorney said in his report, the group should have included disclaimers indicating whether the ads were authorized by the candidates. Jonathan Ferry, a spokesman for U.S. Term Limits, said Monday that his understanding of the FEC's inaction was that "they didn't have much to go on." "Our basic take" on this is we were exercising our 1st Amendment rights to discuss term limits ... and to Vinita Hospital Begins Santa Drive The annual Project Santa for patients at Eastern State Hospital in Vinita has been launched. The project provides a Christmas package to each hospital patient, as well as entertainment during the holidays. Organizers are hopeful a package can be provided for all 300 patients. Checks for the patient activity fund will go to purchase gifts and may be sent to the hospital at P.O. Box 69, Vinita, OK 74301. Suggested gifts include winter wear and personal items. Donors also are urged to consider sponsoring a ward party. Collection sites for gifts are at Torrey Place Apartments, 901 SE 3 in Bartlesville and the Tulsa Alliance for the Mentally PLUS TAX A SERVICE CHARGE Bl?1OTN.MAY-7SS-92B3 IHCtPiHDEHCtDMtlW!) TIME TO KILL (B) QLIMMERMAN(R) UDOED THAU LIFE (P0) CflOW; CITY OF ANQELS D) vnB JHCKIP013I 1 05 4 3 0 7 054? WHIP 8TAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT f.PO-13) 'JINGLE ALL THE WAY (PO) SPACE JAM (PQ) THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (PQ-13) 4:pu :guu:pu 8ET IT OFF jn) :un runu:,jo HIGH 8CHOOL HIGH (PQ-13) 4:85 7:25 0:45 THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (PQ-13) nOMEO JOLIEf (PQ-13r 4:4B7:TBQ:4ft STAR TF1EK: FIRST CONTACT (PQ-13) 'JINaLEALfTHE WAV (PQ) i mmk lT)TaWc1$c q;uq f;i2Du;u THE BESI FILM OF 199G! - Brad Nlmmom, wfia-tv (Tampa) K"IW0 THUMBS UPI" -8ISKEL & EflEnT MEl GIBSON I" RANSOM TlatlMiwK MitntatdtyMIIAWIAmMtraiMWH OTOWBIOMPICIUOT lmm kMii.Uill.4Uii mwl nMtmtiuiciirmiiAU, mtui NO inanaon pioouNTTiQKBTeoc.BFTHn. BwWlliimffflfiTtlHalB n man nrfiBnToniiiti dn baixti'IDATHBH poi rUTTefWTiMim. nrei Tranro nANSOM 1b fonturoil nt httn: r y r mum nrwiii All ; About Us 111, 1870 S Boulder. For more information, call the hospital at (918) 256-7841, Ext. 335. Alumni of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale School will celebrate the school's . 75th anniversary Friday, beginning with registration at 5 p.m. at the Pioneer School cafeteria and auditorium. The school is six miles east of Waukomis. All Pioneer and Pleasant Vale alumni, present and past teacher's .and board members are invited to the banquet. For reservations, call Lamoine Talbott at (405) 358-2551, or write her at Route 5, P.O. Box 144, Enid, OK 73701. HSU I -J ' w I 3HHSEI SUPIR BAROAIN SHOW ALL. SIATS a3 l"l ) BARGAIN MATINEES BEFORE 6 PM -EVERY DAY CHICK TIMES DAILY STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT 2:00 14:35 7:15 9:55 PG13 JINGLE ALL THE WAY 1:10 3.20 5:4QI 7:50 10:00 Pj SPACE JAM on 2 ktmiu PG A 1:30 3:30 15730) 7:40 9:40 SWINGERS R 2:30 14:451 7:10 9:20 RANSOM 1:15 14:10) 7:00 9:50 R SET IT OFF R 1:40 14:20) 7:20 9:55 THE FIRST WIVES CLUB 2:00 (4:30) 7:25 9:40 PG I i mil F H 755-2176 i Mi TIiitMtI i m "J THE FIRST WIVES CLUB 13:30 Z:4S 14:55) 7:20 9:45 Pt STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT ON TWO SCREENS PG13 12:00 2:3P 15:001 7:30 10:00 &. ROMEO AND JULIET PG13 12:15 13:45) 7:05 9:40 SLEEPERS 12:45 (4:50) 7:55 R GHOST and Mm DARKNESS 1:00 (4:0O) 7:10 9:30 R SPACE JAM (PG) ON TWO SCREENS 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:0O B:00 9:00 10:00 STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (PG-13) ON TWO SCREENS 2:25 2:45 4:45 5:15 7:15 7:45 9:45 10:15 SET IT OFF (R) 2:30 5:00 7:30 10:00 ROMEO AND JULIET (PG-13) 2:25 4:55 7:25 9:55 RANSOM (R) ON TWO SCREENS 2:30 4:15 5:00 7:00 7:30 9:30 10:00 MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (PG-13) 4:20 7:05 9:45 M:ltM.1:M;liM :j 432-1562 FMMrBHPBU STAR TREK: RRST CONTACT 11:15 1:55 14:351 7:25 10:05 Ptoia JINGLE ALL THE WAY ON TWO 5CREEN5 Ft 12:20 2:30 14:5Q) 7:2U y:50 Fto SPACE JAM on 2 cmiu PG 1230 2:40 15:001 7:10 9:20 A 1:00 3:10 15:301 7:40 10:00 MIRROR HAS 2 FACES 1:15 (4:05) 7:05 10:00 PG13 RANSOM R 12:45 14:15)7:15 9:55 ROMEO AND JULIET PG13 12:5014:30)7:159:55 FnthlyBtkatPBU mPnmiUM STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT ON TWO SCREENS PG13 12:00 2:40 15:201 7:55 10:35 & 1:10 (4:10) 7:00 V:50 Digital JINGLE ALL THE WAY ci2fOMi 11:502:10(4:30) ( u:w 4:3U 13: lu) : ju t:u piaiini THE ENGLISH PATIENT 1:30 (4:50) 7:40 A 8:05 R SPACE JAM ofi2urni 12:10 2:20 (4:4Q) 7:10 9:30 MIRROR HAS 2 FACES 1:20 (4:20) 7:20 10:15 PG13 RANSOM on2scraoni R 12:4013:50)7:05 10:00 7:4810:25 ROMEO AND JULIET 1:00 (4:00) 7:25 10:10 PG13 ROMEO AND JULIET (PG-13) MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (PG-13) JINOLE ALL THE WAY(PO) STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT 510 7' IPG.131 , ,hnnbii NOBS SPACE JAM IPG) ON TWO SCREENS -NO PASS NO SS A nn c nn q-fln a-nn o nn mwi HANSOM (R) ON TWO SCREENS 4:05 4:25 7:00 7:30 9:30 10:00 BPS!" 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Sun., Dru.UVal 2i00 PixTui'iiinncu S()iiwiihi Aiiioi'iciin l''iilclil,y (irmi l.ilwrl.v linnlt I'l'oiliicllnn Undcnvi'llen Sll-C1''H I'lHIIIlJlllioi), UJ U "V 'liclccls O Make Great " 1 lolid..,v jMfi-lM s. r.i.,0'n-r' mm Hi) 7-7 ; ,i . .ubii . i rrm , "finllci Miniiloii"on jkiv- a BALL ET21AII0MA O 1m 14011 SlHUIWII'lll Tlx Koir I'nnniliilinn Iik. MiiiIiIh llidilmre Sprint PCS Mwlln .Sponwin Call 297-3000 or 848-TOES kmol Tickets $9 - $28 Civic Center Music Mall (n pin' lii lu'i iliiii)ii ri'Ki'i vniiiiK rliiiiuiyilli') inform voters on candidates' stands on the issues," Ferry said. And he said the FEC report would not change the group's approach in the future. "We don't advocate or endorse any candidates," he said. "We talk about term limits and let voters make the choice for themselves." In a related case, the FEC took no action ort a complaint that the Christian Coalition engaged in "tactics designedto influence federal elections with- NTV PROFESSOR (PG-13) LARGER THAN LIFE (PG) 1:453:45 S-4S 7:45 8:45 I 1:30 5:40 9:45 ; . , BULLETPROOF (R) PHENOMENON (PG) 7:15 9:15 : 3:15 7:45 ; THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (G) : JACK (PG-13) - -1:15 3:15 5:15 : 1:00 3:155:30 7:45 9:50 PHENOMENON (PG) ; THE CUMMER MAN (RJ 1:109:90 . 1:15 3:15 5:15 7:15 9:15 "R0" THAN LIFE (PG) . THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (PG-13) -1 s:?n 7 !0 1 :30 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 yiS3"""lsV"59: i THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (0) THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS (R) A TIME TOKILLIHI 7 00 9 45 ! 1:3Q 3-3" 5:30 7:30 9:30 A TIMETO WLL (H) 700 9.45 INDEPENDENCE DAY (PG-13) . m.VSS'JWSI'Jnnii 1:00 7-00 9:45 : 1:00 3:15 5:30 7:45 10:00 THE CHAMBER (Ft) THE CROW: CITYOF ANGELS (R) 1:OOa-m 5 ?n 7:30 9:40 : 1 . -30 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 JACK (PG-13) INDEPENDENCE DAY (PG-13) 1:10320 5:30 7:40 9:50 1:154:007:009:45 4V.K oJ-- -jaZZl out complying with the source restrictions, contribution limits and disclosure requirements" in federal law. MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (5:00)7:4010:10 PG13 THE FUNERAL (5:10)7:5510:05 R ROMEO JULIET (5:00)7:3510:05 PG13 THE ASSOCIATE (520)7:4510:10 PG13 LOOKING FOR RICHARD (5:10)7:25 9:55 PG13 SLEEPERS (5:15) and 8:10 R . DJ- MIGHTY DUCKS (520) PG LONG KISS GOODNIGHT (5:00) 7:25 9:55 R GHOST ft THE DARKNESS 7:55 10:10 R J1NGIEAUTHEWAY OH2SCREENSI a1:50 2:20 (4:306:00) 7-JS 8:15 9:45 10:30 PG THE ENGLISH PATIENT 1:45(5:10)6:30 SPACE JAM ON2SCREENS1 a1:55 2:10 (4:45 5:45) 7:15 8:15 8:55 10:20 PG THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES 2:05(5:00)7:4510:25 PGI3 RANSOM ON 2 SCREENS! 2:00 (5:25) 8:05 10:35 R SET IT OFF 2:05(7:35)10:30 R m w w m m w m - SCHWARZENEGGER In- Fmrt eimniH(mcDmiFox NOW SHOWING! 1 MMH5ADJACEHTloMAU 6325ti NW EXPWAY ROCKWELL 720-8022 1 penn. 752-aaoo I NW 23rd A MERIDIAN 946-3337 1 SWE81hMy 62B-541B 3S1 N. Air Dapot 737-B600 CHECK DIRECTORIES OR CALL THEATRES FOR SHOWTIMES. RDTS 4.SDOS rnDOLBY "A Funny, Joyful, Romantic comedy!" 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