The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 10
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PACK TEN RMTHEVIU,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION »M |Mt Una for u in- *t>c , '. rim* p*r imt ............... e J tlm*« p«t lint per d*y ...... l'J< f UBM o*r Ha* p*r d*r ...... *KJ f tlvt* p*r II A* PCI <Ujr ...... ic 13 TIMM per Dee i»r d»y ...... Sc Mouth P*L lln* ........ 90c Count 'i'* »Ter!ig€ »'orci» to th« line Ad ordered for thr«« or &Ji uiuc.s ami »tOpp«d> >>elore*tplratlou wilt in uliarg- Ki /or ih* number of time* the Ad no»*Ar«d tad «djuitmeni or bill mide All CIlulflKl AdTerttklaK copy *ub- mltted by p«r»n* residing outside oi th« city muit b« ^ccoaipt tiled by cash JUtM mjy £M easily computed from tile • DOT* (Able. Adftriiilug orJci tot irregular Uiaer (Ions tikes th* one ttin* r»t*. N» rMpomiblilty will KM u*e for nor* t b»a one incorrect i DAcrt ion oi •ny cuuiri«tf *4. All MU Ar* tf* trie ted to their prupei clAAAlClcAtlon. ktyl« and typ*. The r>oi]ri*r retetf *• lh« right to *dli or fe]*c«. any Ad. Household Goad* Let us convert your Coolerator ice box to an electric refrigerator with a unit made es|>ccially for the purpose, HUHRARnHAUWVAKKCO 213 W. MAIN ST. Instruction Instruction. Tralnrtl Prarlirn! Niir- AI-A *r* In di-manil- fiill or f>\yntf nu- Easy (o ifarn Rt Imnir wlOi " [ilan. No hlijli school or p prrlfm-r ufctzsury, ci*t ITP# J lion. Wayne Sfhoot of Prucllrk (j\K, HOT BO ro Courier 38-pk-IO Insurance Apartmtnt For Kent I ()r\ FARM AND SL TWO phone Aptirtmrni. 119 Jjikf. Phonr Business Service Directory Auto Supplies ami Services r»4FUAN SKRV1CZ STATION Uttn M Duuton Phone 2.%«:i Don't mdinffrr yoMr I* lit with ftulty tlrf«—HOT l.T.T. TIRHS i»;ii-c«-tf J«ep parts now available at POOI,E MOTOR CO. W* can fill all Tour need* Get genuine pnrt* from our com- p!*t# line. feLSa POOL*. OWNER A: OPERATOR South Jllzhway «l *l Stetl*. Mo Phone StMle. 49 imi-ck-tr We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWK1NSON TREADS Let your next lire* he GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH ; MORE Modinger Tire Co. «!• * MAIM PHONE MUI uii-tlt-tr Expert Radiator Repair for Less W* »!•»• ihp he*! in rftctlklor repair equipment Let our Ironed mrn boll •ut ahU rtt»*lr jour radiator for you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LAWSON. lJ|ir Pnone J171 . « • ck- u Building Material LUMBER For Sole If you own your lot, have a little money, will furnish you lumber to build *<orm, row . . All rnvrra^i* Dy prrr romijMHes »nd pny lo.'*™ quirk Wrh/- IJlv rl]l« AS'llry. or THONF: FIKLD rorjimin. Iccrrvl rp Protection ajralnst all 1NSURARI.E HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pol<ard Agency Planned Insurance OLKHCOK HOTEL BI.IKj 124 W ASH ST n.v-cn-t: Income Tax If YOU NKEL) ASSISTANCE nn fll. Ing yjnr Income Tux. «ee nit «t ROOM II. LTNCH RUIL.OINU H1.YTHEV1LLE.AHK or le!e|<llnnt HS«| alter (i p m. Mever*! yearn expej-leJ. •« with Intel, nal Herenue Department. Fe?.s will be in line with local ivccovinlaiiTs, H. Carson. 17 HO-ck-iliS Laundry HOHK I.AUNDRT. S«. Mallrtll! Burre««. HiKHwjy tl N. Behind KnrliRn- «n'» (Jrocerj, 3.19-plt-^|la Loom . home. At mill, Camp Moultrie Drive. 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 2-18-ck-3-18 SPECIAL Dt> your own work and save Rent a concrete mixer, wheelbarrow und shovels. Any other tools you niav Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 Blytheville, Ark. Box <i;V) I'FRMONAI, J.OANn AillOTnolMle-KIK- nttiirr—roinnkei-rnrnliur* Quick, jirl. rate ^errlc^• Prr5OMRllyc<l Attention L'ornB In nr lelephon*-, a!J2il (iRNKRAL OONTRAfJ'l PURCHASE CORPORATION 125 W Ash St. Bljth«rlll« Ark 12 2<-ck-t[ Money to Loan Oo you nerfl & loan lo repair oi Tt. model? No down payment, no mor- l»Re. ni> retl lapr TTt\ APPKOVKD FIAT! >'/, ASK FOR DETArL* Max Logan, Realtor Unch Rulldlni Art Are You Driving a Junk Heap? We Con A4a/ce It Like New! If you think your old car will have (o do ;inothei year or I wo, it will pay you lo drive if in fur a complete mechanical checkup. We'll K \\ v you a KHKK estimate and when our mechanics are through, you and your O1J) car will glut* along like NKW! We also have a specialist in limly work, using the famous FOKD-AIM'HOVKI) mi'lhocl of com-clion. \\'u refinish old cars every day to a ncw-like lu.slre. Nothing like refinishhi"; at Phillips! BRING YOUR CAR TO OUR COMPLETE FORD-APPROVED BODY SHOP! f>th at Walnut Phone 445:) Sewing for Sale, City Property lintiifrtliiln r'o.«r-5ilon. Modern Jive looms ami bath lit best rrsldemlal lion on Chli'kAsawba. Completely rtir- nlsjird. fJoofl condition. Mtjdrrn I'lve Ruoiila Mid. bath on Kciuiir-ny. ll'jtane «a« heat. Screeiied- ni b.itk porch Uaraije and Kioraiie •HUB n hr-aiitllnlly decorated nii'l in rki^R londllLon. Immediate rio*srsMtm Jor ii'.jlck *a!e. jnts nij- salr rr we don't have what you •Ai-ni. we ivill rind It ror youl Hee or Johnny Man- Real Estate 112 S. Second I'liono -1 1 [ I Kii.ssi'll I'liiiiic 807 38-CK-I5 Int with two iMilltllncR is- water in hotli hinldlniis' lcrrl 11700. lor both la\i, 'e St. LeKchvlllr J H-pk-3 II rnfiiti nonsp. \n i;arc>lyn Siren rlly ri:rnlBhed ' mnOM. rnmn house, roiir lots, rurnl- 'A'A. hofjs and chickens Apt>lv ajirt Pe«>><i<lv-. Pride Arldltlon , ~... ..yfiin house, l!m w. .Sycamore i AlMilv llowurd and reabody, ivirte A<l- 3>!>k-lU • room house furnished or on No/Hi Tenth «l loblp's Klore. Jim Harry 31-jm-ll (Ir.x-rrv store nnrt riie.v market with JimiM' KIIII mi. J. W. CloJorih. Dell. Duplex- 0110 side now rented to man and wife for ?42 per month. Owner occupies other side anil will jtive nuick possession. I'rice ?9,000. ?<I,OOP casii, balance F11A. See ore-ill' II. C. CAMPRKLL OFFICK 120 S. SF.CONI) 1'1-IONK 'I'I Ifi or 2980 "I have no sidelines" 3-G-ek-K Cntiti RI* room House »nd amall yiorrrv on rornrr t;lnik nnd Clear l.alM Hnacl .see owner Bt 816 Clark e wltn complete street, to nrr.TB. BUCKLES, c button Holes mdrio lo I". Alum Uiiss. r.lmn Ll.Vltf. BOB. N. FKLli .<H. , t( .<l bulton,. der. Mnc Mil- rowcinr. Phone Spwlnst. "Iterallons. Mrs. ninr)V . rrnnklln. Forniprly with Joe l.= 4M Typewriter Real Estate Loans r H A LOAN* 6'"^ HOMR LOANS FARM LOANS COMMERCIAL- LOANS ? H A.-C.. I LOANS TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 213 W WALNUT PHONE 2.1»| | ''"' Ck ' 3 2 " | Money To Loan On Cnrm land or city prop- ci'ty. \\'e also l)iiy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hole] Building. 3 19-CK-lt Musical Merchandise TYPEWRITERS RCIJPM. Smith. CoronK and K«rulnz- on For tub It DON EDWARDS The Trpmrlttr Mun Jill N Btccrtti St Pfrjnp, 3:tK2 Dogi, Cots, and Pett Har enow phonr I rocKer spaniel |iin>5 ror A. Air Bnfce. plionf U057 J.4-IIX-U W«ck thoronch-brrd mail 3L8-ck-10 niontlj old pure bred Collie. for Sale, Cars, Trucks Nice MX riKJtn hujt 1 lurnishlns on Bond 1 Alah: lor 55.WJO. A coou llirrr rnom house with con- crrti- drivewnr. In Pride artrtltlnn for Mli" «lth half cash, 'l'*\o l>r:iuimil lots on Holly, la the bn.^l jiart of residence section price $175,, enn,. vvlll finance a home In Ojio inrc lot on South Frnnkrtn St t'rlo s I.1D W. M BURNS. REALTOR Flume 3361 K. T. Ilubhard. Snlesman Flione Hno 3.3-pk-i; ONE AND l, TON IIHI CHEVROI FT TI1UCK. STAKE ItODY I>U At I WHEELS. SHORT WHEEL BASE H. J L'x,r. 5 l ACrilf ' 1CE AT LESS THAN BALANCE DUE ON MORTCiAOE hORECI.OSUHE. SEE MR. DOZIEP. UK I N. 2ND. PHONE 528. 39-cK-ll For 5o/e, Misc. Trade Ins on Kaiser-Frazer Automobiles I.iUe .Model Used Cars la«6 Model CHRYSLER m>3*l Mitr floor *edan with rridio. heater rlrlrosl- er. sent rovers. With tow mileage and very clean You'll have lo see thl.i car to appreciate H. iy:tl» niocl.el Ford, two rtoor. 1947 Kaiser. lour door Bwlan with feat rovers. K-F heater and air conditioner. New tires. Extra clean car THE "<!L" MOTOR CO. Your K.iiscr-Frazer -Dealer N. Highway GI. Phone 2M^ Hut-rough's CASH REGIS___ TIOR. Practiciilly now. call. — 180'- 2-27-ck-tij Soy — Take at look at my Car! I'll bet it's the best looking and best running 1942 mode! in town. Most folks think I'm driving a new car. See that fellow? Friend of mine. He'i proud, all right. So am J. You see— a coupla weeks ago he was asking my advice about what to do with his old bu». Said it had just about played out... Didn't think it could be fixed, so I told him he's crazy. • . . Told him to take it to Sullivan- Nelson Chevrolet Company and talk with rhem a bout having it reconditioned throughout and a new paint job. Yes, that's the some old bus he's so proud of now. Folks, when it comes to fixing cars J"d trucks right, you con't beat those boys at Chevrolet. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Successor to Loy Eich 2 Wreckers Phone 24 Hr. Service 578 Texaco Products For Sale 01,1) NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OF'FICE ! ID Il> tl J a y T *R wn.slipr. Phone 2)35. 71f) Asti ' 3,R-pk-l5 j iff- fryers, fat hfin5. At nircpH'x ' crrj-. 12S Lilly Htrc*-t, phone ^532. ' An aggressive young man 10 *t!ll • nous* HirnlshinRs. electnc appliances | and vacuum cleaners, SelllnR nine will 5-burnor Perfection fahle fop cook stove. Willie Purc'ell, Varbro, Ark. be divided beiwrpn thft stort unti . uiK outFlde caMs. A scrvlccrvhlo rar is nrcrssary. Salary «nrt commission. ; J'lpfisr; npply m person lo Mr. l^ biook, Mcmigomfry Ward.- 3;fl-ck-:t 10 Lost and Found | ! lx>st- Blirk kit. of tplephoiie tool= m i vicinity of High School. Cull Mr. Hoff. I ; 2811. Rtwarrt. 3.B-pk-:i II) ! ; LOST—Brown leather billfold nonr j .S.vramorp Bnrt, Contains apt)rax- ' i IniRifly $55 »nd ln»port»nl IriontifLca- j lion crtM.T. I'lionc 2260 " or nlzht 'J2aO. ! for SaJc, Farm \Male-Femaie Help VVfrf. IS Private Rooms Bedroom. 31< N. Ninth. Plinnr Farmers Column One yoiinc Jersey ~ Two anrl three-fourths' acres on Highway fil opjKi.sito! Good site forf 2:133 .• • 3,17-ok-.1 19 Hedrooms. BlrthcTllle Ho'"' Phone Butintts Opportunities Business Property 'or Rent Garage, service room house, all one acre of {rroutul. ,\ll mod cm. montT, 0^7^ station, six nthuildin K s NEW SPINETS • Decca Records • Sheet Music • Kstey Orjfans 100 HIl.F.S FREE DKI.IVRRT MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — Phone -l^ Hlythcvillc, Ark. Nofic* Irr7h FARMS WANTED " s any ,l z c in Norlh East Ar- ,nd South Easl fash .n quo " " a " '" sr " Wrllc illc A B ency. phont 2.VK 226-pk-31fi JSee or call H. C. CAiMPHKLL OFFICE 120 S. SKCONI) PHONR -144K or 2030 "I have no sidelines" Kors»lf "rlny. cle lore. Clear a bushel soj- heans. Ocrten and mire. \v. *ke. Blythevllle. 2-10 ACRES good land Four houses, three hams on good gravel road. Five miles from .Rlytlicville. Pi-ice $210 leiice. Must h.-we » ntitnral nnptlui lor Ilcures nnd Ilihl rteiall worlt \._, '"" _V' p)IM - r - B - x - "perlenre nein- I IHI. Plense .Ipply In person lo Mr | Keller. Monmoniery Ward. .1 R-olc-10 Help Wanted, Female \ rx-droom. clOKP ' Walnut. Bedroom, convenient to oath, steam neat. Phone 3325. fin \v Mrlll. for rent. Call tntlon. lypr accurately olfire work. In an&wrrl rrrcrcnccs nnrt itnlary Inc condltloii.i win "h Courier News. nrt do general IP please give Room with and garage. hath, shower! ABRAHAM'S! TOURIST COURT. S. High- Seiberling Tire» ATTENTION MR. C L. I'BKRY, formerly of (he Blythevillc Sales Company, is now with us as General Radio and Appliance Repairman For the best in Radio Repair and Appliance Main-^ tenance call us at 3450. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY 'xpected. Work- pleasant, with -tfl-ck-lo wav 61 witn kitchen prlTllcge.v 817 Clilcka- • awb " i'," i? 0 ;" i'l""irSr.Ti f ^"^nl \ Johnny Marr Real Estate .d », „,,,. ^, .., : t ,o s ScconU phone .1111 3-8-ck-l ?8 ^ Li, ssle: Ojie p^lr or hois- nmti •ar* olrl. c\'ol«h Kbout HIM) rac miles Wrsi of Uosncll on crav • C. Maxwell. -, i. n t [ Sleeping l "5 W. AS .suaynl; On For Sale —City Property TEACHERS WANTKD [ nf'SP" 1 ? ^T f ° r " rn positions nnvlni; no to two ? pho1 " per month for summer vacation In ! ecllicntlonal advl-ory service srhleh vonr trnlnim- nnd exnerlenee eoiilr. you to do. One Iival nosltlon t-vo In nnotner lor-nllty. Omnrication* in to i M), \vhlte. '.\ yeprs tenrhlnT e^n^rlence I cooil rrrord and rr-nirstmiv Write Im- Call hUrk horse mule. I,'. • •ivn. 10 years old. RXT ruai i.iine aze. nick In mane not out »>' nlsht. Call 3<(3. JarK Roh- liovile 3. Bos 25. 3 S-tilc-11 elv In r^'i^rlenre nnd p'l rranrert. I two SF.U, Personal DON'T 00 Robert Ward, Telephone* T^Fl ]'. Route 2, ['avajfould, .X).^ Florists WHAT YOU WANT A.NIJ KUV WHAT VOL: WANT Courier News Classifieds somctlnnc • Ket rid oj. p Shop, pho k— Front mount P<1 nfr. Mji RIO. Kcr. Farmall l with h For Sa/c, Cars & Truck J 111] I'V>nl Tudov- vnfli r-jiicr. now paint jult. Mid apti 3 lR-t)k-< 13 Foods Reach for Hart's Goods . »;H-CK-U Plumber Photography Hill CMC threr-iniiirtor '<>n |.ii-kiii> irurk. Calll,. rack \vilii it '•'- M^i-niry f,, tlr <|,,,,r sedan. Now paint. K ,, () ,| \- m , f null,, ; ,,ul hralor. r.arjrain. I.KK MOTOI; SAI.KS I 'tin no :>|;i -MODKKX five rouin' and hath equiiiped with automatic hot water heater, flour furnace, henuliful hard- Iwoori floors, .werned-in baclc "'".'tj,'*^ j I'orcli. Located in new rcsi- i- imsirrs deiitial Kuhdivision, {'an ho i'r°v""im! I financed at -I';. T»V'pJ N^KJHiiouiiooi) I;KO- rtlhh.r l( ''' :l{V ' tC "' SlC|)S "" *'"'" er« SSM ( Slroet. AVill sell fixtures, iu- ,|I"" jvrnlory slock. Building t .jjn In- leaded at fair renjal. A ^o- iii)s r hnsines.s, A-l proposition for amhitious man. KIVK ROOMS AM) HATH *•"" in srcidd ci'iidition on Missouri Avenue, ('an he financed. Dl.'I'I.KX located in high class noixhliorhood. Low tax ami :l| "l insurance rate. \\'ill net S''. M'.'dinm down payment will handle, can finance balance at I'-. MODKKATK - I'Kir K I) house nn Iwo Ifivyp. lots. Kenta I properly on rear. S:C>(H> cash. Cjiii be convened into l-'tMid payjnv' rental pruperlv. See ni rail: Help Wanted, Male Pin tor "on l>ltnco« Hotel. Services ~R7T!" F:;I-;F.\ -;We'll Deliver Your ^' Jeep Today i ( '.til Tl* tnr . -• - . ' I MAX LOGAN Realtor I'hone 'J0;!t .H-rk-u ivnd . Mo. rnr tnr Ifi rlnvtli r\plaln u.ilmns . AND PH1NCIP.AI.S A tru- oii.'tili),^ lor inc .stininxcr vs- CAtlon. J),Tylnir rinnilnrd person <l (KH> 10 SI.WHI sclln.k- ami ., r ,v, t -ns inr n™ cornpton-s. CJlrr lull InlormMloll jtrTotu self lor ojnnrtrntl^l personal tnicrvlrw F. K. CompTon ,v Com;i.-»nr 1016 Whitney mulcting. Nr-vv OrlcAns \2. I ,a Read Courlrr News Want Political Announcements 'rhf; Connor NY\Y<i has hern alldlorisccl In annoiinrr Hie following csndidat^s. subjcrl in ih'- ccncral city cleciion. April K: anri tnn Drinocnitic Primary, July ;oth •ind August 3rd: FOR M.»I:RMA\ (Second Warrtl J. I,. f.Jo^ir* Nahci'o (First Ward) Harry Taylor L. C. IBudl Poscv .Jr FOR CITY Ct.KKK ' \V. I. i Bill i Malin COUNTY TREASURCK Frank Whitworlh COUXTV COURT CI.ERK Elizabrlh Blyllic FOR CORONKR E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Sliipiirn COTTON FARMERS fhrmio.illy rlelinlerl rollnn wed sermin.,1e qnleker. pUnl anil II|OM the same, wrrk. Rfrlncr (hr,p n lnit expense >nd »rnw mure rntlon. -SI.MK (JKRTIFIKU VARIKTIF.S AVAILABLE It. .v r. I.. Nn. II. prr SO IK I.,, Jld.M Sliineville J-R. ji fr s« |h. h,, 1lt M Knxilen 41-R. per .>« Ih. >««< I».(K| Other varieties Half ,t Half lllihrerll per :* IK t»i |(.s« Stnnrville '*-('. per ;« Ih. hst ./,.. IB.fMI CoVrr« IM \\ilt Ke^isUnt. fte at (h. hm t(.;.s P.tnU. per SO Ih. hay lft.,Mt Finplre, prr .%* Ih. h»n lfl.,yi Come in Anil plaee ynnr nrrier i»r fri your AHpf»ly InH^T. Rt.YTIIKVIU.F. SOYBF.AN CORP. Phonf ».M; ni.vtnerllrt. Art. Phone IS7 ;rflnchf«: l.enchTllle. Ark. C«rel«ell. Mo DOLLARS ARE HARD TO COME BY EASY TO LOSE ... LET US HELP YOURS GO FARTHER! We KNOW your auto dollar will KI , further if you tak« advantage of a reKtilar expert check-up a( l.angsfon- Wrolen. K .stands lo reason (hat minor car ailments caujfht quickly, inexpensively, W JH never hecomc big repair hills! Pamper yonr car and stretch that budget, we'll help you! FOR REAL BUICK SERV ICE SEE— :-=T7=: rjp.^^^-jjL.-r'L 1 ^ 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL" 555 FoFsERvic¥ SEE THE NEW U.S. ROY AL AIRRIDE AMERICA'S FINEST TIR E VALUE

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