The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAKCH f, 1'MR Kl.VTlllvVIU.K (AUK.) COUK1KU NKWS PAGE Kim New Siding Adds Prospective Home Buyer To/d v i LI 7"° Chzck Wo// Construct/on Years to Home *7 "-f'r? ^*' Bring Back Beauty at Low Cost/ Seal Out Moisture With BONDEX.v v \ \ NN > Ugl/ water staini voniih, original _j^- i'"^^"^ v/lnlc<ic» returns when you point BONDEX i v/orld famous Bondex. Checks v.'oll damp^csi and prolcch. Cosy to apply, just brush on. 5 lb. pkg. matcei about one gallon^ whit* |cek»l llifl' 111 / h:gher) - f s & g Color Styling Ideas /// the BONDEX Color Chttrt. Im, from. .'.' HUBBARD I1ARDWARK UO. ARKANSAS ''^^ «1-'ASS „,.,... i ( - i;, • WALiLiI Al 1.K IjU. JU \\ Maui bl. |(J - ,, n ui|1 Sl E C ROBINSON LUMBEE CO. MISSISSUTI COUNTY LUMBER itlO W. A.^.1. '801 W. -^lai" -^'- ""ArcKSi'if^S BONDEX HYDRAULIC CEMENT Modernizing of Older Dwellings Safeguards Investment- of Owner Iluml in hund with now ImiMim;, Mib.stLUUial volume o[ home IT- >:m'in» ami inuckTnizntlon Is liel;>- Thc prusprdlvi' liomr bnyi-r or plywood nr rigid Insulin Inn bourfl builder slioulil nUvnys look closely , nalk-d u> ilu> outside iuli;c of (]»• wall fousuuctlou IjcciuiKC H Is ; KUuls. It IjoAuls an- u.sctt Uu-y Death Message Turns Out to Be A Happy Mistake one <K the four piliu-lpnl rlcmruts . fliovilil )«• in (Idrrmliilust wlirtlicr » struc- ! added usi turn is writ-hull!. The others me fwitKliillon, Hours tuid roof. Thr-re HIT tlirtT b;isic types ot \val!s: wood [num>. iimsonry \v- iiccr over fraiiit'. uiut solid iimsun- ly. Tlicy nre usixi .singly and In pliu'rd dlauimnlly for Cihokv of siding depends <>n d< 1 - .MI'i'<L [Ic.sii'ii effect. Materials ln: Chilli' wood chipboards, wood shin- 'onjpi'siiiun shliii;lo,s, or met;0 j the nation ovcrrome its m\]>re- romblrmtton Frame walls are most roursit of brick, stime or stucco n|> MKMl'lllS. 'IVim., Mil]-. 8. (UP) \A. I'ch'r Van MaliT. %vho \VJN In Okhliomii City when ;\ lelrKi'nm rr.iclH'd him sayliiB lliul Ills "mo- Ihr-r dli'd" \v:ts In liappy .splrll.s today back on his flylnn Job with tlic Army Air Hirces. On u Icrrytiin mKsUm from Miieliel 1-leld.' N Y., Vim Mat re one \ \\-L\_S Uandcil a telegram SaUirdfty costly 10 inches, center to •rtieutod shortage of housing, build n:.; nuUioriuc.s report. Activity in he remodeling field, while lempo- •iU'ily overshadowed by the inors spectacular boom in new construe'- lion. ronUmics strong and is nil f.'.cior In raising the nation's housing standards. Remodeling and repair, the ox- piTt.s point out, play H greater part in keeping America well housed than is Renerally milled. Woii buill. homes wear out slowly. They arc mure likely to become obsolete becr.uso of uut-modcd ayip^iinuu-e ami toek of modem tesUurcs tnim through structural failure 1 . A 11 tile "face lifting 1 ' and some interior modernization often will work wo:u dr/ri with nid homes. (live Modern Lunk Home.s will) the "old look" can be given a .smart, up-to-date appear- iincc atid at the .satuc time, maUe iulditiunuliy wcnthcrtiglil by thc application of a new siding over the old. A material specifically designed for that job is asbestos cement siding, made from two non-combustible materials, asbestos fibers and Portland cement. ALX asbestos. re-suUixg Job giv;s ihe Gv:uer many benefits. One is the protection against fire affnrdi 1 ;! by its uon-in flammable composi- lion. Another is saving in maintenance costs, for no initial paintii:^ .aseqiicnt preservative surfac- ings are required. The siding and the asphalt felt, over which is applied provide added protection against air infiltration and loss ol , i s under the ausp]< heal from within. Thc fuel sav- 1 York, New Orleans widely used bt'c-auM* they nre lowest ' piled lo lhc ont.sfdp ol the .sheuth- in COM. but niasonty veuccr. in- j in;; rlwllnj? brli'k. stone nnd .silicon 1 Hollow v,all.s In- firr-.stoppi'il s n cltx^e .-second, Solid masonry f.s ; to prevent spread 1 of flium\s through rarely found except in the* more ! natuval* [lues. Tills I.s done homes. •, by placing short lengths of him frame is os.senlinlly a sys- ber or gypsum block between Ihr the .s[)iu'e with of vertical wood studs, covered | Muds or by on ilu- outside by sheathing which in turn i.s covered with building paper nnd then siding. Well-seasoned lumber .should bti nf lalh and plaster and uboul the used nnd the wall .should lir a.s rigid as (inbuilt?. Unseasoned ma- i l proof mineral wool insulation. 1 In n housr of nvmttii' nmslnic- lion tliere I.s ixily an im-H i>r so nlalil, si 1 "Conl;icl |,t. IV tec Van Ells mother died this jnondr n'elork." Vun Malic nuulr IlLRlil n Malic, « Rt 7 sthtci 1 nl linine: "Arrive Memphis l::in pin, Iff Airlines from Oklnlionin City." A.s the plane taxied down tho vmiwuy to n. Mop Van Matre peered out u[ the small window anxious lo •:••- U his Rlstci 1 wns at Ilin field. ' , I'M -1- In tin 1 n'dWci he .saw .'•;unr (hiel;ne.';s of slicathinp nnd .sirtinfi between thc living muirLeih his .--I'iti'r Nancy. \\aviiiK. Htie lerials will shrink and cause cracks, and ihc outside tciuperalurc. lU'iire. [j-.potled lilm nnd W:IH smllinu Slvitis o( 'i x 4-lnch material shovilvl I he hollow spftco should l>r ln.s\ilu\vti ; And Uu»» Vat Muive hnil be .^tnvjed nit furihcr apari than to retain heat In winter and i-x- j mldr:>t fvcHnK. hv snhl and elude U in Mimmer This Is best, secured »t the toj> by two 1! x -l\s done by nallliiK batts or blunkots nailed inRcthrr ns a plate to sup- ol [ilmm.s insulating tnnteriiil, Midi port joists for the second floor or us; iniiLrral wool, bi'tween tlie -stud.s ter.s for the room. Each cor tier a.s iho house l!<ies U]>. l-'our In- sbcndti be braced by nallhiK 1 x -1's rlit's of mineral wool I.s etm:U In or '2 x 4's di:i^oi):0ly across the iii-.ulatmi; value to several lei't .of .sluds. sheathing mny be bonrd.s, solid brick. 'Maid of Cotton' Gets Congressional Welcome Despite Cold March Wind Uufe?i HOME LAUNDRY WITH THISE OUTSTANDING FEATURES ^ B *"* rWai inB ^ Gr«at*>r Softly 9 Lorgtr Capacity ^ Cr*ej|«f Economy A Pri-SoaVTng Better Built to Do a Better Job iiigs tlius effected will continue for the life of thc building. Mailc in Two Years Asbestos sitUngs arc munufac* lured in two types, one with the exposed surface textured in wood grain or lE\prr?d line de.sign.s nml the other having a smooth surf act-. Both types can be obtained wil.i either itraight or wavy exposed edge, 1 ;. The textured type also Is | made with staggered edge line which i reproduces thc effect of shingles 1 applied in the "thatch" method, | Siding oi the asbestos cement type can be applied directly over old v.'ood siditig or stucco. It goes on rapidly and experienced workmen can cover an entire house In a few days. Because of Its attractive appearance and many advantages, fl.i- bcstns siding Ls being widely ustd n,<i well a.s in remodeling. WASHINGTON. Mar. »• (UP) — ¥ Mnttlrin is'ni! nf wort Wtn'th, Tex., 19-yrar-old "Maid of Cotton," j^ot an official \velcomo to Ihe capital yosterdiiy despite n hitch in the ceremony. Matilda, a University of co-cd. came here on a four-clay • . visit as pail ot a lour of tho coun- *• try and n visit to Europe. Her tnur under the auspices of Ihe New onci Momphi.s Z I 3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015 Fig/it Corporations Face Charges of Price Fixing . WASHINGTON, Mar. S. (TJPV A federal grand jury yesterday indicted eight corporations on charges of conspirins lo fix milk prices here. The Indictment, said that thc companies violated the federal antitrust laws. | Attorney General Tom C. Clark. '• srsid that the grand jury's action Cotton ExchuiiRcs, the Memphis Cotton Carnival nnd the National Cotton council. Plans hnd been made for members of the Texas Congressional delegation to greet her oti the steps of the capital. She was to be pho- .ographert ami welcomed In royal "RShion. But a cold March wind whipped icross the capilol stcp.s, The welcoming party decided that \vns no place. Lo greet the "Matd of Cotton 1 ' and jier c.scort, Jnck Tunstill, also of Fort Worth, who has been designated "Kin^ of Cotton. 1 ' Hence, the welcoming took plncc In the capltol Rotunda while photographers and repnrtcr.s wnitcfl on ihe Mops outside. The mlxup eventually was straiphtencd out and Matilda was suHnhly phntopraphed. She: wore n gray cape and blue- checked suit and 'hat-all made nf cotton, of course. She will lio the honor £u;f.t at a "Cotton Ball" to be Riven Wednesday night by the Texas, Mis- .sissipi and Ten n PMC e Stale Societies of Washington, she will leave for New York Thursday and then fly tc Paris, ilic "Ihnl Iruly next lo Nini<*y--|L cnuld- n'l IJL»." Tlien u.s llH' plane slnppi'tl Vun MnUr rushed <nu aiul struined :it tin 1 n'oman ni'xl lo Niuii-y. Vc.s, il wus Ills mother. The U'lL'Bruni repoi'tini! hur death rifi In **rror. Arkansas Serviceman Gets Okay from State On His Marriage in China M'rrU-: ROOK, Ark., March k. (U1* > — A n A mer ica 11 scrv It-einui i uluifoned In China wus notlflnl to- dny that thr miirrlnK!' ol a V.S cUl/.rn to a Cliitiosc j:irl under tin la'.v.s ol chlnu would be rerognlnti'J m Aikunr-a.s. Altornry-Gcnernl Guy K. Williams told MaJ. O. R. Mcl-auKhlin thai "this jjlatc vcraui 1 ^ 11 -'! »'l Senators Vote To Start UMT 'iearings Soon WASHINGTON M'ireh o IITP> i.(njumv..i^fn, jii.n oj i IF, i \j i i — i iKti, mis -sniiu i ct.'U[;inM'.'i UIL unit Tin- SciHitc Armed Services Coin- i ,. hlKes ,. lm ( m clc(l wllliout Ilils state iiiltlcc yestcnlny voted uimiiliimiri- j wllt( . h vmM ^ vnllri by the Inws nr l.v In start hcnrlngs Immcdmtcly nil lhc !it , Uc 01 . cmmlrv i n vMeh i\ lK Universal Military TnilnliiBuftcr lop s; , mc arc coiinnininntcd." inllitnry .siiokc.siniin sQtd .such tvnin- i . , iny \vns "not only necessary, hut ' li . .. . .said the committee voted niter re- | AdvtSCd TOT (reiving estimates Irom Defense Sec- rctnry Jnmc, 1 ! Porreslal Hint, tlic total cost ol UMT. coupled vvllh reserve progrnins. would be $4,003.- OCO.OOO when the program is In UlU operation. Gurney Mild hearings \vnuUI bc- in us soon ns possible.!\l was accompanied by tin F/OOrS Read Courier News Wan:. Ads. While pre-Ilni.shpil onk Iloorlnj; now Is being produced, many home uwnoi'-s prefer thc unfinished type, which Is finished after tlic llooritm has bL-iMi In.slallcd. Those who plan to npply the TSn- i.-ihiiiH inutRi'inls themselves are nd- vlscd by flooring rx|icri,s lo notu secretaries and chief of staff of tin 1 - | carefully wlicthcr wood tiller Is rnc- Army, Navy and Air Forcr. Hu told thc committee Hie proposed prj- pram woulcJ cost $1.541.000.000 fnr thc 104G fiscal year. That Il^iira included money for botti Univrrsal Military Training and ati expanded reserve program. The fiscal 1949 budget, fiubmllled to Congress by President Tinman asked for only $980.000,000 for Iho.i-: purposes. A new photographic paper eliminates the need for a darkroom. Known ns Vclltc, It can be safely handler! without danger of fogging in normal room light, and [immcnded p.nd to follow clasely the mstrnclions tor application. Filler, of the paste type, ordliwrtty Is used on rcsldcntlnl onk floors, but somc- Hinr.s is omitted when Moor seal to lo be employed a.s a final finish. Specifications of floor snal manufacturers viiry in this rcgartl. The function of wood filler Is to (ill the minute crevices In oak nnd other haul woods which have, large pores. Jiy making thc surface perfectly smooth, [liter prevents the top coating of from sinking deeply Into tin: pores nnd thus assist* in creating a mirror-like surface: lo ihe finished floor. With pnrtmcnt began a nationwide In- developed under the llglH of n GO- some Iloor sciils, however, [Illcr Is vcsUgaliou of toocl pr 1 . .cs. TUe tlrst not was an indictment of dairies In Lhc You've Read About 'Em NOW HERE THEY ARE! SMITHWAY Glass Lined Water Heaters 'An Elcdrie Heater That Docs lhc Job Comes in Both 50 Gallon and 30 Gallon Sizes Now In Stock a I Popular Trice; SEE IT RIGHT AWAY! WE ARi ABLE TO SELL AND INSTALL ANY BATHROOM AS A COMPLETE UNIT CALL 2719 For All Your Plumbing and Heating Needs—We Use Only the Best JESSE W. PROVINCE Plumbing and Heating 127 East Vine Street Phone 2719 was the second ninjor anti-trust L -St. Louis area on price fixing char- indictment since the Justice De- emiMilnod noressary. Whon . il .should he applied before any other fiiii.shint; malcrinls except thc slain. RHVniESOFRERSOn BECAUSE THE QUALITV IS BE.TTER *tt nut Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer Phone 3479 Blytheville Ark. 112 Walnut St. FARMERS IN THIS SECTION APPROVE UNANIMOUSLY THIS POST WAR VEHICLE . . Not a Power t'nit NnL n Knn;ilHiul Not n Tractor Xol a i'lrltup Truck BUT ALL FOUR FOR LESS THAN COST OF ONE POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Opera tor South Highway 61 at Steele, MO. Phone Steele 49 jnew homes I ifrom old i with PERMA-STONF 1 r- i' u .^^ . , «-.JTUJ .iittufl s;•->--^ L.— Th* modern magic of Perma-Ston* add* Hi* dli- llnclivt character and (harm of jtone d«ilgn, in richly varltd color tones or foflly blended greyi. Proven through the yean, Perma-Stane It an enduring material, cent with mouldj on walls ef wood, block, brick, stucco or Ille—new or old. fr*m th* gr»und up In a tlon«- l!k*. ll<t-iaf», w.olh.r.light, In- luTatlnf armcr which tequliei no m«rnl*nan<«. fuM Infaimatlttn end piliei on icqutil withcut •bllgfltr»n «n your Under no ohligalion—I'leusc have representative contact me. Name • — Acldross City 1'hone The PERMA-STONE CO. of Stkeston, Mo. Phimc lilt "Til K. Malone St. wall hulb n(, a distance of only feet BECAUSE I V/M-.UE G-ETTE.R MOTOR CO HOUSE PAINT Get longer life, greater economy — from new Sherwin-Williams House Paint! Now this "Choice of leading painters" brings you a smoother.-tougher coating . . . new, cleaner colors . new wear and weather resistance I $ JGa/. COLORFUL ENAMEL! ENAMELOID All-purpose interior decorative •ncmcll Applies easily, dti«§ mpidly, resists weir. ENAMELOID Of. WASHABLE WAIL FINISH! SEMI-LUSTRE Fresh colors, amazing Nvashability make this finish thc houst- wife's favorite for kitchen, bath. SEMI-LUSTRE DURAILE VARNISH! MAR-NOT A lustrous finish that resists icuffinj, scratching, *tair»inc. Dries quickly. Glot* or Satin Finish. MARNOT H -89 1 P* HARDWARE CO.Inc. ffOMF OF fAMOUS BRANDS- 126 W.MAIN ST PHONl V

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