The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 8
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FAUE EIGHT BLVTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BETTER HOMES TUKSDAY. MARCH 9, Gypsum Industry Officials Accused U. S. Supreme Court Rules Prices Fixed In Spite of Mew Law WASHINGTON, March fl. (UP) — The Supreme Court ruled 8 In 0 yesterday that U. s. Gypsum Co. and six other .manufacturer. 1 ; violated the anti-trust lavs by fixing prices and controlling distribution in the gypsum industry, Scwell A very, chairman of I lie board of U. S. Gypsum, and six officials of the other conip:niio.s ;iho were defendants in the government suit. In a decision written by Justice Stanley P. Reed, the court reversed a 1946 ruling by a .special thrre- jiidge district court here dismiss in i? the suit. Justice Robert H. Jackson, a former attorney-general, took no part in the "By Hie record now presenteJ, violation of the Shernwn Art is clear," Reed said. - The suit was filed 7 \-'l yours apo. It was the government's third prosecution of U. S. Gypsum. Tlie other two ended unsuccessfully in 194L And 1542. At the time the suit wn.s brought the sAles volume, of Gyimuu product. 1 ; was. $42.000,000 a year. Rood *Md 90 per cent of nil plaster used In building i* marie with ^yn.simi, 13 Other Firms Involved In another case, T. F. Johnson Manufacturing Co.. Atlanta. On., was one of 12 elecXrlcal equipment manufacturers found guilty of nti- tt-tnift violations. The violations were in the field New T. I. Seay Home on Chickasawba Avenue The equivalent, of Ihicc grains ol | salt is contained In a quail of milk This Is more than the daily need of i human being. { Paint Requires Good Surface, Experts Say Money cnu be siwed if the Iwnisfc- hnlnr-]- paints the interior of the home himself, but there are several rules lo follow fnr n professional-appearing, satisfactory job. First stop, nnd the mnst Important, is in have I IIP surface smooth, di'v nnd elean. Old calcimine stiouut be com- plcTOly washed off jitiil the wall or -------- tTltinp thoiomihly dried before of electrical cutoff fuse, 1 ). painting, fierapr> "off paint The case was considered a land- I anf j smooth ilmvi/ tin- surface with mark decision in povemment prosecution*; of industrial firms who hold a number of patents in one field and license other firms (o make and sell products under the pa- tem.s. In a 5 to 3 decision, the twirl ruled that price-fixing by n combina- j \vater and fill 'to within '- inch lion of patient anrt license: holders O f the .surface with patching plas- violates the anti-trust laws. , tor. When (ivy, wot. it Hpuln and The ruling was limited to fir- ' [il] with plaster to surface le.vel. cumstances where several firms When (his is dry, smooth It witli hold a n umber ol licenses coveriiif; sandpaper and apply a coal, nf primer- This will prevent, the pnlch —CmtHrr NYwK I'hntn Pictured ntxtvr is Ihn new se\en-rooni Iwme ol Mr. and Mrfi. T. I.! Bray at 1SH chLckasawbn. The brick veneer home contains three bed- \ rooms, a sun-room and a one-room basement. The Karate, attached to I the east side of the iioiise, Ins n playroom done lu natural-color finish at one side. A biw/oway is located at (he rear of Ihe liousr, The sun-room is finished In imluriil-color Weldwood and has a leiraet behind It. All rooms have hardwood floors except the and kitchen, which have floors of asphalt tile. Walls UiroviRlioiiL the rest of the house are plastered except for the two bathrooms of ceramic tile. There Is H white marble fireplace in the living room. The I rout door opens into a vestibule. The house is lieated by a hot-water heating system. wnler supply, >!-.n.s ninkliiK It unnecessary to install separate water heating equipment With the use of a Unkless Indirect'heater, still f'ur- Ilier economies in space may be effected. Two Are Issued Permits To Build Homes Here Two building permits were issued through the office of City Engineer Joe Carney during weeK. They were issued to Boyce Moore, for a four-room frame residence at 125 East Cherry at an estimated cost of $1,000 and to E. M. Johnson for a five and one-half room [rams residence in the 4CO block'on Ea'.t Kentucky at an estimated cost o( $5,000. At the table of (he Roman em- lieror in llclloRabalu.s, combs of I cocks were considered a great delicacy. Rescorch in Kitchen Shows Proper Placihq of Appliances to Save Time the same field. The court specifi cally refused to overrule a IS-'G decision which upheld such price- fixing when only one firm owns the license or licenses. The case sustained government charges against Line Material Co.. Milwaukee, nnd Southern slates Equipment Corp., Birmingham. These two firms own three patents m-ounci which are built a $2.000,000 annual business in cutout fuses. The other 10 companies hold licenses under the patents. The biggest was General Electric Co. Schenectarty, N. Y.. which sells 30 per cent of the nation's cutout fuses. until yon fool no roughness. Fill planter eiacUs with fine patching plaster. LHTKC holes and cracks should Iw made wider at tlu 1 bottom than at Die sin -face thnt can be us ft! lo plan tfrcaler HIK! patched. It. Ls best to soak the \ convenience iti anv kitchen • lath ntul old piaster cd K rs with! The work was none ra the Servel Homemaker's Institute at. Evan.s- ville, Indiana. Highly-four meals were prepared, representing four normal weeks in the lifn of any family of four, one week civch season of the year, AS they cooked, •; ;• • ••— ••"• •-••"•• ,,.-.... spi-vct] and ctenncct up thev re- showinn when Ihe whole surlncc Is co ,. cl(1(t CVRry ]novc Thc , vilKlln&H of l' atlllo<i - . of thi.s kitchen study, reported in the March issue of Better Homes ff. Gardens magazine, can be applied to all kitchens—even old ones— ami can cut- working time up •Ifl per cent. re.Mjll.s were amay.inp:. The .sink, the source of \Vider, has !onj; be.pti acceptPd as (lie sub of the kilchen. But the experts used food ami loots at the refrigerator more than twice RS miuiy timc.i na they did at tlie sink. Resenrchers recently the "slnving over n hoi slave " the re- problem or kitchen planning, and -searchers spent more than ihrce hey not only developed a reliable times as much time workinu near iwsis for sell ug l,p an ideal kit- ; the refrifieralor as near the range. Chen, hut they translated their | The most efficient place to store theories Into fleMble terms, terms food and utensils, obviously is at New Heating Unit Occupies Smaller Amount of Space Recognizing the trend toward the small, compact. sprv!uulc::.s type of house, mnnnfacHnvir.s of healhiR rrpiipnipn! are offeihip units which provide maxin'um efficiency while nrciipyiiiK the minimum amount, of sparp. ammline to the Pimnbing and Heat hip Industries Bureau. TIM'S srenter emphasis on enm- wns evident in the exhibits of boilers, furnaces, radiators, connectors, baseboards, oilburner.s, stoker.s. and other heating equip- f ment at the exposition of the Amer- I Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers in New York ; Inst monlh. j Outstanding ns an example of equipment which performs ii^ hmc- .. „ t'nri of hc-at distribution without. action Ideally, the refrigerator, | adding to 1)10 space requirements -stove and sink* should be provided ! °f a house is the baseboard hcnt- with sufficient, .storage space (o ! '"g panel. This unit takes the place hold every tool and food which !'°f the conventional wooden base- normally has its nrst use In con- j board along one or more walls of , Ihe point where they first go into „ ,.• .. ,, Condition of .he old art en ni no wnethci' on co:il.^ are needed. If it condition, usually one nil or two s In good one coat .. enough. Quantity of pin'uV needed is determined by dividing I lie urea of walls atid ceilings hi square, feet by 500, which ^tves Hie number of gallons tif paint, for one coat. nection with that appliance. Bach should have enough work space to make pood use of the tools nnd foods at the same spot. The refrigerator hns long lice.n thought of in terms of storage only. It has proved to be the most, active participant in food preparation and as such it becomes the very first to | appliance for which storage and i work space .should be provided. Adequate work and storage space at the sink art? nearly as important at the refrigerator. The sink a room, Conveclors shown at the exhibit fit. smmly into the wall under a i window and thus occupy no space that could be used for anything else. I Radiators have been re-desipued and slenderized so that they take , 40 per cent less space with no de, crease in heat output. New boilers shown at the exposition are engineered to fit Into the limited space of a utility ro,om or basement of a small house'. Mod- There Is a mountain lowering ! 801)0 feet tin the ,seu bottom be- i twct-n Honolulu axxct San Fran- j cisco. I receives first the majority of foods i cm lint water and steam boilers brotiKht into the kitchen and of perform the dual function of heat- the house nnd the domestic Despite the ninny jokc.s WE HAVE IT! • THE KITCHEN YOU'VE WAITED FOR! (Jenerul Kletlru: Disposal 1 Consists of Fi,,c New Ki(clicn Sinks W:i(er Healers (Oil or Kledrir) • THE POSTWAR BATHROOM THAT'S A DREAM! Consists of course nil meals curt with the in- evitahle disliwnsliing. nlnnit | For snving .slops, thn .shorter the I di.stnnce betveen the nuiiA, rc- fripernlor and sink tho btnter. -U kitchen arrangement does not permit grouping nil npplinncra to, pettier, it's more Important to keep I the refrigerator and nuige close as possible. ideally too, kUr.Urn doorways should be combined into one area. It's best to have the dining-room door between the sink nnri the re- friKprator units. Try to arrange Die kitchen to bring the sink near the dining-room door, but if this cfui't be done it. will still be useful !o put the refrigerator uuii ?* clos? to the diniiigrooin as possible. ** w ? >*> K& * % »' ^** ' ? * '*/* *<,*' * - s **J** * *' y s**"**'* ^ ste >* /* ~& ^ /*£- •£. PHONE 551 NOW-ASK FOR "The Man From The Lumber Yard" to come and give you an estimate on that new roof. You-will be j surprised at how little per month it will cost! WE CAN INCLUDE OTHER REPAIRS, TOO E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 319 West Ash Street Phone 551 "Friendly Building Service" Sp;u klinif Now liiithiu!>s New, Modern l.aviilory Designs Fine iMitkt's Closets Get Our Estimate-Yes Delivery Now! ~~- "Pete" The Plumber 109 North First St. Phono 2731 Appliances Repaired Quickly U> al«.i>s h..u> a *killnl rtrrlriri;.,! mi Imnrl I,. h;,mllr nil y«nr rlrrtrir awilisuicc problnim. DonH K Ur a valiuhJc nrirhinr np for Tost If if ,,,,iK ruTinln*. M n >hf ^11 i| nrrd, !, mnlnr ri-winilint nr a minor niljiittmrnl to pul U back In running sh.ipe ac^in. full u* fnr hrl|>— Rebuilding a Cracked Ceiling Now Easy Job RnbuiUling a crncked or sagRinr* criling can he comparatively;: job if modern "dry wall" constnir- tion methods arc employed, accnrclins: lo .specialists in repairs. 1 They point out that the insulating bonirt plank or tile is especially adaptable to such use, It i* applied yb nailing to fur- riner strips which in turn arc fastened to the exist inn ceiling joists throuph Ihe old plaster. An oUl- fasliioncd hich ceiling may even be lowered by employing the same basic technique In this operation ncnv joints, placed! at the desired ceil- j 1 inn height, are nailed to the olrt j joists. Then the insulating board Is } npplird. Manufactured in a variety of sizes. color. 1 ; and surf see textures, in- sulanii^ board plank and tile require nn decorative treatment. Mr. Merchant, Get Our Estimate T 0 «r window tiisplay Is a valuable ,,,o a ,, 5 „, 5 i,,, Minl . a ,,,| 5r]li ,, g •erchanrtise. Don'l Icl this „„»„ to (o nrr.llrw ,va.(r. W,, not «et »nr eslimalc on heller Ikhtlng fnr wt,i,ln w , ... for jni.r wh*i« store! • WE SPECIALIZE IN COMMERCIAL WORK CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 1 T6 North First Phone 2993 FOR t WET WALLS • E AQUELLA Don*X <tcspairt A quell* ha* succeeded where other materials have failed. Internationally known—nationally lisrd. Sec i« for corr.plctc »1ct ails 3 95 > • ^J ^M 005 E. C. Robinson Lumber Company 31!) West Ash St. I'hont- 3.i 1 INSTANT RADIO SERVICE A 1,1. MAKKS \Vc Kp(Tfa]l7f in F-M l.nlosl Mudrls nf Nrw • \\os1inRhouse • Crnslcy BLYTHEVILLE SA1.KS COMPANY l-W F. .Main Phone SB16 March is National Wallpaper Month! . Mrs. Housewife: Make Deal's Your Decorating Headquarters! While jnu'rr spanning the newspaper looking for the thing* you'll ntfH for redecorating your home this Spring, muke n note in call nn Deal's, your complrlc hnmc-tvwvitil store. \Vr rover «v«rjr phaM oT drrnr from planning (n prarliral appliraltnii, rerommpTiMinir ilrpcnilahtp p^Tntrrs Mid p,iiirrli;mtrrs iijion rr- qursl. We hnniH« only thn hf,«-l ti;ilinnally nrivcrtisrrl lii:trnl» nf merchandise, YOU'VE READ ABOUT THEM IN ALL THE NATIONAL MAGAZINES ... NOW SEE THEM FOR YOURSELF IN OUR STORE— These Leading Brands: • UNITED WALLPAPER WEAVES • BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS • SLATS-O-WOOD AWNINGS • KENTILE FLOORING • K-M VENETIAN BLINDS • ALUMINALL SCREENS Deal's Paint Store "100% Home Owned' 109 East Main Street Phone 4469

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