The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1947
Page 8
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PAG* EIGHT Bl.YTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1047 On the Spot Study by Head of UN's Child Fund Shows Much of Europe Facing Hardest Winter in Eight Years mid, In view o( Die p'r*«*nl etohoivlt: *ltu»- Licn th* possibility of in Immtdl- Mt Chung* U.' nefll^lble. ft'*nc<: Th« ritlbn'-ihtlMu children from hlrlh to •doltiiei'nce, »nd nuisine »fid pifjn«m mothers, M) milk, bill ietiully milk supplies *re i Imiifflcltnt. Surh milk if, It »v»li- fcble In' rr*hcf ]* Iw^ufd- to ch.ll- rirnt only 6r\ th* b^«ii( of medical cerliricAtfiA. ^v id* net Of- mtlmitrl- liou In piincft IK the mor- ullty r*t*, by k Uck'- of growth Among children examined, and by cxamir.»(l£in«. of ch^dreri it Mir- xeillfx which revealed a hijh Vit« of An^niifl. France Hitx not up to thix tim« r^*Iv*d.- any inierni- tiolial iovfcVhm'eiie rfllef. Pinlftiid: 'Hi* number of war or- phrtus under 14 year* of age U «,635. B4foi> Ui« wa'r, Finland tx- |X)ited mills. N<?w th*i production 60 pri ufht .short'. Vitamin D and cod-Hv*r oit art so shovl that Fin land h«x r*<mfst>d , th*u cod-l|v«r jokl .ibotilri h« fcivtn high' priority 'h any supplementary altj lor children. Ten p*r cent of the, children in rural area* nannoi »4 to Arhobl for Jack of shnfi. Austria: In ftVAry ArA»'. irofti «0 to 7A p*r c«rit of school children Examined w*r« found to b«_,und4r- •A>i R hP, and 40 P*r cent of all children *r* AeriouAly, undernourished Many children »r* unable to,|o io school in bad'-irftath*r;t>tcaufl« thty tnive inadequate cloth^ri and shoes Ill food. CSillft Clt Un's -child i Inn nuKCshlu homrm . . . ;j>..-• fund finds It dilficull to (!c<:idc win) slit.uld net help numlx-is \vho nfiPrt rinpigcncy assistance EDITOR'S NOTE: • 2. Orrals which nilfiht luvr lu>l|»- The writer of thr following dls- 1 rtl to recover tht *rrnl loss of llvv- pat«K\has for 30 y<Sar* b?en close- 'stn<x fimrlinutarly milk cons) a»'l :iy "7asJ(o::iatrd with rx*PiTMdcnt , poultry, an udl as lo provide a sur- IHoaAer'in European relief jnob- ; plus fnr ixport In Inule for hm\l- :lem*..In World War II he was tii- ; nabio prntfctlvi* (oiuls, 'will now In ~rector of Lhp Prisoner ol Wnr Hc- "llef''^iectlon of American Red Cross, •which mover! more than |170-mil- ]ps-et of child care In Europe Rnd the F;ir En si. Th[» Program Coni- rnistcc of TCEP, rnectinK In par In .innnth. considerc'd reports snh- all children Vnifiei rix)m/inain'utrl lion, Tbere ix a .were.; slunllng 01 In a)l children, pArllcularly between the ageA of 10 to U years await, ; n.s an afLermath of ' hungry wnr ye * rs - lll * r * arft j30 ' 000 or P The Goyftrnment estimates tl number "of caloriw available frori nfttiv^ Ktipplien on • p*r capita • R 1070. Crcchosloyakla,:- AltHoiiRh ^C o.s!ot r akia. ban shown marked r*cov . •llon in. relief supplies to American »nti Allied prisoners of >vnr. ;• t'i *)' MAURICE I'ATE ^ExeMltive DlrrrUir, UN Interna- "- ttanal Children's F.mcrn-m-y Fund ': WASHINGTON (NliA). — This • cominp winter \vill be the h:ud,\>t. 'that- the people of Europe hav; "known in cisht years of u'nr and ..peace. This Is n incMvir;d ]:ro))hecy. '.I hAvft Just returned from a -silr- '.V«y of European countries. The "severe droirrht \vl:lch lias mliioeil 'crops in Km'ojie hrs hnri a threc- . fold rtLsa.'Irmis effect on the ex- *haustp.d people: -. 1. Th« city p»|iii!:>:iiin.s "III havi- ~lMS lh»n flin-tllirtls nf (he nalll- : food.thf.y mcd mull the n-rxl h»r- ~'' mtMxiirf huve t<i lie 3. This jrral ilejn:uul for fond Imports will have lit outweigh the import of fertiliser, seed, and HKiehln- ery needed for rcoanmle rceovery. The IniemaltonnI Children'.! EmcrKency Fund under the UniU-d X-.vtmns voneeived RS '.\ix eiue 1 :"en:y nieftsutc lo helj> I'e.slnie lite lonn MifferinR children aa-l ii:iote,> eenU of Kurope lo norjiK'.l h( r :U!i. The resolution creaLin*;' ll'e I -1 nnd -silpu'.nled thnl tile flnnnclnl :V;'VN:; fire lo he made tip of contri'uu'.lons f]-om tjovcrninent.s. on',:'ni7.;\ticn-s r.nd imlividiirls. phis iinv ;'sset,s r.vailali'c fur UNHHA. At Ihe present time, the Fund's le.sonrce.s amount lo npinoxnnntrly 52G.Ofll), OCD of wlilcll Sl'o.OOO.ODO '.'.us V.K initial Unllod SI at PS i'on'.r)'.>uHo;i. This nmniint Is insnffieient to ' l\el ( > to mnlu'?.in even the pies^Lit mUlrd hy a do7/*n countries detail- ll); llu- ur ent. ery .since the war, the children are b^*-' <»T<n , nfflcr, It n .-orklnll pMrlr. HA plii mrrtB flrnriir Ifnr- HMI Itf^rrrll'- i hrr. 'J'lir* Inviir krr r mritilh fit I Vr.riinrj nrc IM <:unlr. ltrt|U»* ' Ittf tn»Hlh »hr (• 1 A" ^'^^l** Inter, slic wns sum- i . mpned lo the telephone, lo 'hear Mrs. Harroll's voice inviting her to lea; and she flew "upstair? to dress very/carefully, ^rntcful nH •o\ T cr again (or the mink coat. i Mrs, Harrell was waiting for her - -. Im'hen she arrived at the hotel, and Apologized for Joyce's absence. 'When they were settled and had ordered, Mrs. Harrcll said, smil- -ing;-.*Tm so glad yon are coming r doVn to Gnale, Happy- We're •looking forward to it." Happy beamed. "So Bin I, Mrs. Harrcll. It's lovely of you to 'have me.** Mrs. Hnrrnll smiled. "1 thought yon '-might be ' worryitiR nhoul clothe^i HAppy. You'll need little except cbtltfn Srcssep." ''Coltons Sn'Fc'bruary! It sounds tropical!' 7 ' Nlrs. Harrrll lanchert. "\Vrll not quitr thai, (hough we arc in a, sheltered position where we mi- e s the cold.-. Anyway, it you bring cottons and perhaps a light wrap for _• chilly nights, you'll be quite com ,•,."'. They chatted for a while on im:. .personal subjects, and then Harrell said unexpectedly, "George is wry' fond of you. Happy." Warm color stained Happy': checks, but before she could say anything Mrs Han ell went 01 hurriedly, "1 try ]o m;ikc it a prac tice never to meddle in olhe; people's alInn's. IInppy. but — rfltlior special, I hope you won't—hurt him." . '.'1 dope . so. .loo. Mrs. Han-ell I lihp him n, Lot'" said Hnpiiy sin- cereJy and simply • Gcoi's;e's moihei suiilctl «u her. bm Mappy _"(kiouj<hl l he re was a hint of anxicly in her eyes, •-'Goodl Tlini we'll leave* it ;it Ihnl—5hall we?" Mrs. flnrrcU said briskly ns slie rose. "We slintl c\- pecl you nt Guale on Thursdny tiirn." It Wiis ti<ld, lluppy thouKhi so- licrly. huriyinji home through the Uinsk: ?hr hat] exprclccl oppnsilinn and riistrusl from George's mother hul she was • finding cngc.r cooperation, anted Happy to Mrs like APPY never furRot ner first ?i»ht of Gnnlc. They iind |pf. \- Vnrk very early Hint niorn- np. and there had been .T STIOW- in Vho night. The \vvml wns jitlerly cold as Ihoy w?ilUc<l "rill! airport left behind, they entered n wide, paved road bor- i!c.iod on e;ich side by nuigIc: an- cicni live-oak tree? thai lifted CMIOI tnous bt anclies the thickness of n's body, inoslof Hie branches draped with long, silvery festoons of Spanish moss that stivred in the fiiinl salt-langy wind. At a u-idc fork with a triangular ;u t; m Hie center, the station .vai;on tinned led. and a moment later Happy saw a low white- jwnpliccl brick wall, and snjrat. sub- j slanlial brick pillars on either ,sidc n[ a wide white drive Atop almosi j each o. the pillars there \va5 an UarroM • ;in tj r , m? bins? ship 1 ? lantern, anrt ("toorge! fn.Mcned to one pillar was a polished" brnss SIRII Ibai said simply. "SundowTi." They drove tlmniKh (he open :;ate and alonji llio while drive between a double row of the live oaks thai wore, like guards holding back the ihirkly prcsFins ii'nplp leod.s of Ihftir chll- still .su/feriUR from six years ot dft- frw ol the Hems jplivRtlon; aii.OCO hfcve *ctive gUuteiwrls: ] dulur tiib*rculoslj»;.:»a,000 have In- Rctl\i> glandular tuberculosis. At the- pre.sent -.time. *•• the dLstrji, of vhole "dried mlllc r En urb«n ar*a.s Is based on a doctor's prescription tor Inffuits up r to one year of age. For thefift InfanU particularly in 3!ovfiJtiii. the most urgent need is dried .skim and whole dried milk. Bulgaria: In the year J1.4 per cent :of hi(?h school boys examined did not 'gain in height, nnri 37 per cent lost weight. Bulgaria, ordinarily an country, has suffered severely from three sucrfcsslve years of drought. Italy: .The Govern me jit's present relief program provides supplementary food for 1.750,000 children and nursing, mothers out. of a, much larger total needing help. This food ! c6n«tatfl • 'it from 600-100 calories I daily. Thfc present ration programs provide only about 1000 calories. The 1 rc.U qf'trie food has to be purchased on' Ihi lre_e market and -poor : people hive.. pjttr^M^ .difficulty to •buy at ihi prevnilinf: high prices. = TM -problem of .sriecttrlft the persons to be" assisted-has been : diffi- ''cult to solve * of the-large : luimberk of mothers and children i who, a* a re.sult of war, need ur- ! sent assistance. i Poland: The infant mortality | rate for-lM« wns'lB to-ao per cent ! of live birihfc as compared with four ! per cent' in Ihe United Slates and i S\vit/erlftnd. . An Bbnormally' large ' nurhber of chiVdren h(u[e tuberiiHl- ! osls;- rlckelK are Widely prevalent i in children under seve'n. Thirty per cent v of the :;chilrt .population' Are .suljerln'g from ntahftitHLion. There are over t.100.000 orphans Or half- orphans. lAisely aV.i! re.silU. of the war. The trtllk supply, in' Poland, in other' ebilntrif*, is 'Tery inad*- quale. Only 5« per cent of pre-war • cows rfihifiln, ahrl 'theri are InAde- o.iiAte fodrier" supplies for even this number. ' luchidrd in those reiwrts: Rumania: In .some cli.slrlctn in tbr fniuino nrca ol Moldavia' Uh>< Infant mortality rfilc this past, yejir \\ax us hl:;h .IK 50 per cent. IhtJH'.iii">': The amount of milk iu'cts. c .r t fy i<i, tnalutnin 6Vp.u mlni- inntn IiruLlh staiuli.rds lor tlic child imputation is nearly 2.0 billion piniiuls lor one year. There nre only \:2 billion ixmnris nvnllnblc, according to IDr. Nii'oliL.s Knn. Cltidf of ;]»• lliircnu of PjolecLion for In- funt.s. Dr. Kim reports that Ihft present r,u;;])!y of iull\t, pins tb.^ liiopr,:.f[l al local Ion ot milk from IMP Children's Fund, will -still bs inntJcfinntr. Select Inn. of thp children to lecclvc s-iipulnncnLsu-y Aid by tlie 1CKF \\ill be made on Lhe b;>sJs of mctllca! need. More, than hnlf of the children I'lu .. ,. ,, : cr ini »s. and Ihen Mrs ll.irrrll led them lo '* [naroon-nnil - innnlc - (inislied stn- iton wamm. Siic slippotl bpneaih T!IC wheel, and Joyce got in besid? her Gforj;p helper! Happy into '.lie bark, plnniiR Timmy'5 travcJ- IHR t-;i:--o K-twecn them, anrl the car -tarter! off. lie taxi to the private piano lh:it vcorge Jiad charlcvcd, anti Tinuny, mlutppy ai\d irritable in his hand- join e traveling case. KI\\'C vcm lo t lou<i. an^ry "mioiuv" before ihe oor of Die plaisc opened to receive them. As the plane rose into he air. a snow-covered world jencath a fivay, leaden sky, dropped nway from them. And vet, only five hours later, whrn tie plane circled in (or n landing, she saw velvoly grrcn, the trip-; of I all Rrccn trees, a golden-yellow beach with the blue-gray water breaking in feathery whUccnps on its glistening surface. Hie sun setting and the whole world was one vast panorama of golden li»lit and jjrecn Ireos and grass. She looked about her in wonder and delight 'as they alighted from the plane and crossed to Ihe gale beyond which Mrs. Harrell anil Joyce, in light summery dres.-c.^ with soft while coals draped about their shoulders, awaited them. fjrowth; mid I hen (he drive split into a circle surrounding a beautiful velvety bwn. in the center ol which Mood an" ancient stone sundial. And beyond was the house. Happy caught her breath, and Mndcla i nc H ni i ell sin wed. I he car 'so that Iho visitor mittlit look neb" fill. For it was an unforgettable pighl. The hou5c wns wide, l\vo- 5lnricd in the center, with the wines curving slinhtly and only sVury h»s.h. Painted white, FARM LOANS At Lowest Rafe; d( Interest, QitickvService A. F. Dietrich tlniltd Insur»nr* A)t«ncy I fin S. 1st St. Ingram RlHg. i; listen ing lie in the dyinR unlight. it seemed almost to float the golden air, 50 exquisite wen: its proper I ton F, 50 superbly balanced in line and contour, SJrps went up in a graceful circle fvuni either side, meeting before Iho tall white door with its beautiful fanlight. Happy \vn,« on- "<-h," she said, "Oh. it's like C\\> lie L'utitiiMicil) Concrete Culvert-tile Stiw. It" 1. S!" Chcipcr »nd l.on«fr lh*n iinj *thffr BrMtr CoTier^ir units for'SAnltftrr TrlTJ*— : C«ncrf It Septic ,T»n)is. A. H. WEBB KW.T. «l »t Slate I.tne fhnnr ftl.Tt Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams / HE DOESW'T HAVE A \ / TH1M6 TO DO BUT CHEW \ I FOE -me CC^AIC STRIPS-.' V £HT r>OWM HERE — ' HE NVW TAk'E OM A \" LOXD FOR THE 'r-^-V^ORD PUZZLE •- THtM SOU'LL SEE >'% f HIT \vJH.\T v < i' IT HEAD;/ BE e, / , ; \CESOM f " FRKCKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MKRRIU, BLOSSKR Now li'm Hilda's Turn HONESr. HILDA, 1 REAUY SIZZLED TWA T ' 1WO - Tl M W6 OAW / - - - GOSH. NO/ MVRTLF.'S MUSCULAH 8»V FK/CfJD. HAS OfClDfO THAT C-'O FKlffJOS AKP Bfsr ' vou cor THE POOP- PISH HOOKED ASAINI ~\ PULL HIM IN V SIS,' ' UO-MECTOfi ITS MORE FUN TO PLAY AWVllLE.' IT WAS JUST (MOIAN i ' MADNES FALL FOLLY' "It isn't bad enough that you read the paper all through breakfast—now the children are getting old enough to read the backs of the cereal boxes!" PRISCIU.A'S'I'OI / know jus I how you fee/- - but you don't have to worry J7 Anytime you want [ want you /< ' Say, Nutchetl! I wonder if I could borrow that new hose of yours? / guffss so, Mr. Bocts. But -f really don't go in for /oan/ng stuff. liv MlCHAKl, O'iMAU.EY and KAM'H LANE Jean Docs Hci YOU WERE SPEAKING Of AUITA WflDWAW. ANIU PUYS1HER4RT OFMVWWO IN THE BtftKtm Of MM FOll STREET.. PLEASE DO/ O.HD FORGIVE ME [OR IfcUGHIHG AT HIE SPECT4C1E OF THE GREAT DRAMA CRITIC. DRAPER /CURTAIN, GROVELING AT THE FEET OF THE WOMAN HE HAS JU5T INSULTED IN PRINT.' BACK INTO YOUR MOIE AND MEDI ON YOOR SIMS WHILE I TAIK CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE 1CAK FIND HER. IN A HURRY. ftl 155 ARGUS? liy LESSLIB TURNER WASH TUH11S ™ I'M SURE 3.R WILL GET OUR t.\ESS?,6E MID 30ISI US SOOM. SENATOR. US SOBL ft»0 SOPV! THIS 16 WO m\E FOR- WE TO GET 1W101TOD IM HNS UNFMORWIE PUBIIC1TV VIITH THAT ^^ANI^cl riff STOP vou c ; /.-:~-- BIPE mt TEACH you TO AMMOY AWUA, OFF OU THE STMK.S!! AWNOY AMU* ^^^;-—SJS -K.XT A wMjzusKi! •rzv' Jnr v_j l:±U|pS SHBTlJa^^ By FRED BARMAN Abscnl-Mindcdl W.'W- WAS I A5 CARS AS THAT..? Hy V. T. HAMWN M.-EU-. SEEIN'S HOW ^ E PCOB'LY SOT A i LONS TBIP AMEW3 OF us. r GUESS BE.TT6R.1AK6ON / SOME OTIJB:/; I KNOW OCX'S MAO XT TtC DAME FCtt d'Vl.N' UN SVCH A B>,O NM^1E... WAS A PBETTV CCMB TKlCX. rcfi- \-WICH I KNOW THMUCV DIDN'T ,VIT SO FOG. S'* SAKE RlSHT XO\-l I'U- By EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS A NO HKR 1U! 1)1)1 KS t\XTt\.\-VOU PXiG 1 . (?OU^C> UP TCR SCWMMftSt cf\n col

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