The Courier News from ,  on March 9, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from , · Page 5

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Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, MARCH ft, BLYTHKVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE nvn Benes Faced Threat of Mass Revo/t in Czechoslovakia's Last Days Before Red Purge By t'livel TisrM (Written for Inilr.l 1'r^sl MUNICH, March 9. lUP'-Priine Minister Gottwnld forced President Eduni'd Benes lo surrrndor C/echoslovukia In the Communists by ihreai- eninR t» lead thousands of armed wotkns, masked and waiting, into the government caslle. On thn previous ciiiy, Bones hud been betrayed by Defense Minister l.udwig Svobodu, whose troops i-unld have -slopped the Communists. ucs know all tiojw «f rcs\.svaiv:c \var> Rone when lie hu-ed GoUwalri on the atlernoon of February 25 in the Prague Casilp. it \vt\K a stormy ^ •/xchanse din 1 in a which Benes re- | 'marked thru Ooltualii was i>layinvi < the .same role liitlrr fonnerly played nations he wanted to absorb. GoU\vald dejiiiindod that Kt-m.-s accept wii liom further delay th-i i rcKignnt ion of 12 members of t b.^ ! CTflch eaininel. and replace them i with mim.Mois who would give the ; Commumst.s eomiol of the nation. I The dei itiina factor, perhaps, \vn.s | Oottwakl's threat of nrresl for mm- | Communist loader.s, and his prom- j JSP of safety for them if Bones m=»t ; his demands—a promise that \v;i.-> not kopt. Gottwald told ilic president, "it does not matier whether you si^n or not. There are lens of thousands of armed v,oikers waiting now in Wenchesla.5 Square. If you refus. sis?n, * am ^oiiig to of thousands up to the ca.stl jsirip the city. On thfi afiprjuion of Kobrnniy CioUvhRlcl sv< m to the presidential palace. He had Riven Bcne* 4 p.m. lo tnnke up his mind. He made no snerri of Ihn fad tlm Moscow supported tho entire shots'. Some Czechs now in Germany even mam tain that Gottsvald actually tl rattened direct Soviet intervention if Henc.s re [used to give the Communists control of the gover.i- mcnt. GoUwnlrf I old Hours that H lw approvrd the Communist cabinet the 12 displncpo ministers and dox- ens of oilier non-CommuiiLMs |x>- liticmns anti newspapermen woulc be snfe; if not, they would be ar rested at once. U was tliei" thai Benes pave in There* was no mass arrests of non Communists. There were several '.single arm.ts. then the iron cutiaii: clnnged down. U> lejid tens i The president now is a virtual Ei.stic iiiiii i p|-jjr())}p|- «\t, his country homo. Any right, into this room. Several thous- | aniuniuc-cmetus concerning him or anrls of armed men, militia anil po- t n)s ^ctivifie^ should be received lice are now mnssed in Vladislav- , v: n~ l} ^ u , grcr.iest caution, ova street. They WBI: only thi- or- j j t , § t ^ e opinion of myself, and der to Join the others. I assure yo:i i 0 [her Czech exiles that the Com- \vjth all these men around yuu will j nnill j sls v \\\ not allow President to re.sis't the will of tin: nt&ii (teething now within the party. Chairman J. Howard McGtaUi n( Ihr Democratic National Committee announced Mr. Truman's candidacy after a conference with Die President. He said Mr. Truman had authorized him to hay he would accept, if nominated and run. McGrath said Mr. Truman stands pal on civil Ifthts. Next move in McGiHtn's effort lo • iatch party machinery will be a | Vhite luncheon Friday for. he cabinet and members ol the | national committee executive com- luttec. There lia.s been s|tecLilnlion hat Ihe rxeciHive committee meet- i\K would develop a dllch-Tnnnun novement. KLrrMorkK arr laOiriluIrd fur sure on Saturday when the Sou- thrrn (-ovrrnors 1 Confere-ucr eou- vtnrfi her* in recrlve from its protest rommlilrr in account of iU sppriil to Mi'firalh tnr Jtrfiil- rr rr cog nit Ion of i hf. Soul h I n party I'ouru'lU. Mciiralli turned expected It. Rep, John K. Nankin, 1)., Mb The South will probably nominate i Lt.-s own cMiulldnte and elect independent ejectors. ] Son. John L. MeClellun, 1).. Ark,, I still say he can'1 win. ; Sen Kdward J, Thye, R., Minn,, ! He will be one of thf easiest men for Ihr HepubUcAn.s to defeat. Some Sonthernet.s said the nn- ! nouncetnent would hoi up the fires ! of Mie parly controversy and MIR[ Kpsiert there .slill Is lime for Mr. | Truman to withdraw. They reason- 1 e<l that a serious S<nUhern bolt Is ; lu\ liable if Mr. Truman runs on ! a civil tights platform and thul 1 there would be no point In r\Lnnln^ i t<i cei tain defeat. MacARTHUR rea< lion to hk .tUlnnrnl. It was iK-lipvi'd tlint the favorable reaction to Mat-Arthur's Matmuent on American xid to Clljlim \\n,s one 01 the factor* that iirompted )ihu to end the imci'i'tuitU v ri'mirdtni; ; his inr.^dcnnnl iisplrHlions. ' Observers in Japun It'll Hint Mm 1 - j Arthur's |K>sslble nomination n.v A , pn\shlentinl caiKtidute would stren- Kihen t)ie mnl-CojninunlM position ! of the Dulled SUtes In tin- Pur Kast. 1 It wn* common knowk-d^e ut allied hea<l(]uarter.s thiu MucAr- Illnir has followed efuefuHy all |Kip- : uliirUy jxtlls i\nd has noted the j of polittcnl ramUclnlC'.s wlui : mitthl U'ani up \vU\i him. \ Itowever, there lui.s been nn solid i .^peculation ii.s (o wJm miKlit be his \ iff - [nesidcntlAl innnln^ male ^)u)u!(l ht> win the nomination. One of the btsKcst revue operations over ntU'nipli'd off Ihe Florida Coasl continued Into its fourth day today with Const GiMVil.stiHMi ro- portlnn that they weie .slill M-iircn- inn (or joi'ki-y Al Suhli-r und two other men. tin.sslng In R .siunll boat ^ilu:(' Krulity. Rescue vcs.-M'Ls iuul plant's ciimb- ed 300 simurr mile.s of hind au:l wn t e L 1 yo.sle nl ny Itmki ti« for 13 IB Ihrcc men wlui set OLD to K<J lish- uiK In a Iti-loot temU-r, Wltli Binder in the bout were C. H. <Tobi>) < Trottci', u Mhuni iriiiiu'r, uiHi ])on- nhl Fruzier. Toumlo, Onl , munu- Snider, a contract rliter for Cal- umel b\mns, and his two companions (iisnupciu'i'd In the darkne^t lale Friday alter sliovliiK .o(f m Mien 1 -small cijUt Irotn the yacht Kvrlyn K. ihy boat curried only one jjalUm ol wnler nnd no food. Comtnander Ulchard Unxler of the Const Guard rc.scin; in Mid nil discounted the c'hiuice Dial the me i! has bicn ^itshi'd lushini! on one of the many Hnv keys It; the Florida Hiiy, derlnrinxi "We've looked ovt:r j evny yurd of keys lime and i ume nnnhi." AWeik,Rn-l*wi (Conthiurcl fr»m 1] heahl: ,, r mmmlttrc down on all counts, ! . . . Some ronunenl on Mr. Truman:- °" d ^l'0i.sibait,,s Involved, rom Rrv. Oien O. Harris. D.. Ark: IfSI'M ally " llblll! " u(y '" wlllrh am going to continue to .urge the 1 ,,(,,,1,1,, n ' people of my district lo work (or *- M;u:A ,. llu . r ls M „,„, ls sal( , l)v L'Riididnlp who will stand (or IF.. his . nsS(K .| nu . s , 0 be ,„ eMe]h ,M alignment of a true Democratic 1 Party. In my opinion, that IK not Mr. Truman. Son. Scott I.ncas. D., 111.. I've never had nny doubt about Ills bc- liiB a candidate. He will b« elected. Se-n. Jfthn J. Sparkn^an, D:, Ala., No comment. Sen. Allen J. Ellender. D.. I,:i., I Coast Guard Continuing Search for Missing Men MIAMI. Fix.. ' MnlTh U lU!') - callert by tb« Atnoiicnn '• . ' " ' ~ Promptly r*li«v*> couch* of for the possible rigors of cnrniiiilRn activity If <e decides to rcturti to Ihe UntUnl Stale.s. Ht- hn.s not been In the United -States In II years. It wns r\|ip<-t«-rt th^t M^i'Ar- llntr and thosr rlusf lo Mm umild reniiihi quicl n^w nnlll Ihry \YAVf had llm« t« slndy the HGHTACHING CHEST COLDS Here's.the Best Offer On Auto Painting to Be Found Anywhere In This Section! lhiK lo farton lons In llio |> C(ini|iiiiul>lf HT use imlv ti> bv nii>rV. U!i for MH I'stlnuttt 1 uii'lliinls. wr i'liiploy IH M-jiai lutltic nf -A vi'hh-lr, We ^u.i In lli-it lionr Hi tlif facln thr hlKficst l>|irs piUnl in H yinir r:ir nt-inls iialnl. iilc atnl dhllnrl iunlri' mir work y. And whal'K lnhiTs, Dul'nnl II lo Your Choice of Paint Brands FLOWERS BODY SHOP It's Our Guarantee That Counts LOCATION: 118 South Lilly Street That The Red-Blood Is Getting Low If you da not tnl ilia jour r«l m not the ume to b, up Ed ^'liy not check-up on your ftrcnKtU? 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Mt by lncr»iln( 1 cully loo IllUe'o ".cinty V _thi?."lhl7 «c(l will h»v« lutl* c«ui« to irt I SSJlffA 1 "" 1 •""•"•••"»» Don't w.ltl Kneriili rlcli. rcd-bloo<l. start fii VJlioralu liloort inrRr. throuthout «trin * I i '' lir '* ter fr «*hni«« and slcfp belter, fp*l tjetter • work h* 1 ' I'iV " t 'il fr ' 5* ve * 1 "* llh > «'^ «£ that *our JfodT with not be able people." nones capitulated. Non lie is a viiuii! prisoner at his countiv home in Sramovo Usti. 1 pathered these facts Irom re|i- rescmatives ol the Czech Demo- crniic Parties who \vere able ui escape to the American Zone, in Germany. For security reasons their names cannot yet be revealed. Soviet Okayed Crisis povic.t officials fully approved Hie ] -events, in Czechoslovakia in ad- Vance. The Czech crisis developed very quickly following the arrival on Fob. 19 at the Prague Airfield of Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister V. A. Zoitn. whd formerly was thi Russian ambassador to Czechoslovakia. !' has been established that Zor- in brought from Moscow orders Eov the Czech Communists to go ahead with their putsch. Zorin talked personally wilh several non-Communist, ministers of the Czech government in an attempt to win their approval of the new government. Zorin reportedly said lhat tilt; '•re\olutionary changes" in Czechoslovakia were made with the Kremlin's fnll consent. Benes realized the gravity of Ihs situation from the beginning but ne refused to give in. On Sunday. February 22. Benes seiu a message to several demo- cralic ministers and members of p.irlinim'iu savins tie would noi surrender lo the Communist de- I niar.ds for a Communist -controller! cabinet. m On Monday. Feb. 23. the ^rent lor Svoboda. his defense minister who officially was a non-party man. "Are you with me or against me? 1 ' Belies asked Svobona. "I am wilh you under any circumstances." Svoboda replied. "Cm I rely on you?" the president jH-rsislcd. "I am ai your service." Svoboda assured Benes. Twenty-four hours later, on February 24. Svcboda betrayed Benes. Svobodn also issued a general order cleansing "all reactionary elements" from the Czech Army. Immediately the Army purge was in Juil swi'i :. Hundreds of officers suddenly v.erc given leaves and Communist officers were moved n]) quickly to rcplncc them. The same day Oo'.twald pressed Bciies for a decision on his cabin.-I demands. Fie said. "Mr. President yon have in accept the resignation of t'ncso 12 ministers. Here is a list, wilh llie names of new members for my cabinet It docs not mailer whether or not you sign it. The result will be the same. But I you stron?l> to siun." Students Demonstrate Tension in the country gre.v. ^ Prague stud'.'nt.s demonstrated an-:l 4w l >'-ere shot. at. The Communists prepared for the huge rally ol the armed workers militia on the fol- lowinjr alternoon — February 2-5. Truck.s began unloading workers in- Bears to rtsign—at least they are goinv; to prciong tlie present period of uiKT-rtainty. Godwaid is now Ihe virtual master of the nation and of the presidential cn.stle. The president put UP a great fight, but the odds were too groat. The west end of the bridge over Boulder dam is in Nevada, the east end in Arizona. Brrrrrrr! Lots of folks envy birds that fiy, Although the birds sure wonder why. Here, in Chicago, is Ihe real reason— What can they do in freezin' season? FREEZE TACTICS ///U* *" \ COMFORTS'OPS&'{ STOMACH, Too. SHE'S RIGHT! Constipation often brines on upset stomach, R^ssy riiscomfort, fiai- utence, snut taste. So you wsnl y<mr Uuative to reliCTC constipation and comfort upset stomach, too. DR. C A LOW ELL'S famous medicine does both. It contains Laiative Senna, one of th« finest things (or constipation known to mtdicftl science. AND FOR STOMACH RCUEF It contains a reliable cacmlnalive to help warm and comfort j'our upset stomach. 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