The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY. MARCH Jl. 1018 (ARK.) COURIDR NEWS PAGE THKBK Investigators Say Taxpayers In U.S. 'Gypped' by the Men Who Collect Federal Revenue WASHINGTON. March 9, lU.P.>-~Tll<> House A|))>r<nirl:iliiills Cnill- mlttfe mitl today thai, taxpayers aren't •icliins Ilioir money's word! mil of the govprnmrnl's tax-c-ollfctillR neonry. It matlc public n report nt its invrstlitnlorn diiiruigii; tlu- Inlrmii! Ficvpniic iiuicnu wn!i iuoffi.Mpr.c.v. InepitULdr. rari-lewness and wastr. The report said the Inn-ran 'vas tungtscriiie utuloi- tlio ivrli;1it of diviclnl autl'.orliy and WAS riridpn with politics. TUP invest ipatini: slaff, hoarird by »-Robert E. Loc, made its own in- ~~ rjuiry in four CIHI-S. Bin thr report -.also quoted !nm\ pxaiiiiiialion.i made elsewhere by the Bureau's own Invcsticator?. Investigators reporter! hurting •< lew empty whiskey bottles in sonic Internal revenue vitfices mtti liud- iilR shnc.s and papers iu filing riibiiirK Tiicy also lound a few cases whcr-ji refunds were ninneously jnade to tax;>fi\ei's who iTiilly were delin- qiirnt in their laxes." Fvidrnce of loafing on the Ji>j also was reported. The investigators reporlecl lhat the bureau's home office in Wash- Inamn could stand a vigorous shake-up for I hi? sake of efficiency. They figurrd lhat the time .speni in coftee-drinkina at the snack bar during working hours together wirii IS minutes excess lunch jwriod results in the loss each year of I.IIT'J,- OCQ rmp'oyee hours. They e.stiiuatod ihis lime loss alone cost taxpayers Grain Prices | Topple Again On Big Market ' CHICAGO. Mairh !). (upi — tli'aln , pi'iirs (rll ngaiii today on Ihe Clil; caeo Una L-d n( Trade. Wheat, corn mid onts <lrnppi-« j sharply for thr> .wond striitKlii dny , at ihr OIKMIMIS Soybeans fell the full rljjht-rciii limit. Hoa friers at Cliinagd appeared strarty with ycsifrelay's lower lc\- els. but othnr markets thronehoni the inki-ArM rrportfd prices T 1 ) (•nils to SI a liuurivrd pounds low- el'. At NVw York, top "iiulcs nf brrf U the wlinl^nl' 1 meat market .void .">() mils to SI lower. Poorer claries nf beef, however, were stvonR If) hlshcr. Vi-al was steady to SI hi«h- i . .' er and [Kirk was steady to SI'lower. .. , School Fund Plan Gets Partial Okay Increased Expenses Program Half-Way Accepted by Board LMTLE ROCK, Ark., March 9. (UP)— Thrt Arkansas EciuciUion Association's vrcommrtulort (nonnm Of UU miSCd expenditures th'S school year ami next, lias be-on iv> t'cplCfl liaH-\vay by the board of education. Mprinij! in Little Rork yesterday, I VIP boat ti approved Mio im-rens"-; fnr tliis yeiii 1 but passed up l\\c proposed higher expenditures* for tli" 1948-4(1 school year,'Hie A.E. A. h:i'l proposed ;\i\ increase of $G.OCO.OOO in school cxuoudHuros tot 1 Uie. next year. Far the (i in rat school yrar tin? board ayic'-d to increase the (riuis- ]X)t'l;Uiou nnd tear hers salary aid hmd.s by $>I8,«00. Fnr the lu-xt .school year, however, the board mslrutMcd the pl;ilp Education I>partinent to prepar-* ] a provu'nm railing for expenditures i similar t<i those of (his year. [ If funds on hiuul next year ox' i-rM what is ex]>eclod, the bojir.1 j authorized the Education Drnar:- 1 niciu lo pat the .surplus in iti,- teachers salary /mid. If the [nnd.s turn on! lo bo less than fxpf; ted, the board million?:- Into the Wild Blue Serge New Auto Agency Head Buys Horn* on W. Walnut Flunk Nelson, mnnuuer of fiulll- vun-M'Iscm Chevrolet Co. here, siitd tnduy thiU lie hits jnirclmsetl the KusM'll (in-rmviiy residence nt IfiUl West Wnlnul. Mis wife uml itiniKhter will Join him here when he ohlnius posse.s- sliin n( the house. Mr. Nelson said. The house i.s u siivou-room Inlck Mi-UKlHiT niKl wns butll. l>y KttittP IV Danci, wlio sold It nUinl a yeur UKO lo Mr. Cireenwny. Philippine btldM do not. always ntU'ud llieir own weddings. , Mtfeal Tnt PmW This , Crut t. Mim MONTHLY FEMALE NUNS Ar« yon troubled by dintreM of I*- nmtfl fuiX'tlonnl tiuiiuhly dlsUlrb- nnofs? Dor* Llkl.i nmkr > H oi] Buffer from imln. ft-fl so nrri'urt.t, »vnk, hltfli-HUuiig— hi Mich ttmr&? Th*n no try LyiUn E. ritikltnm'a Vegetable Compound to relieve mich •ym[t- (oinal In H recent medlcnl tful this [irovt'd rrmnrkfthly helpful lo women troubled Oils w*y. Any drugstore. Icdwrg.i llfty M'le* loo* haw b**n rtported In tne >• Antarctic. , Snips lnrKely ciinner.s 11.50. H-n.HO; hut ]| B hter Science ku »l but Mli<4 lk> Jl U row »l,o known lk»t Pln-W •Ililrni If nxlect*!. &• ktw* •( |k<* •crrtvftUnr r«cUl itch, a&4 aei fwt. JUk jour 4ru,«i.t for JATNTl P-W flntilznof Pt-.w..-. Ir found tr««lm»fit bu«tf •Pfjovjd drui prlntlpl,. . - r-W uklH. Mt In » iiwbl w. 7 ' ---- |i T il Fin.Woriu — ^l r .nd ..f^T. I Jfl Mir to rra.aWr : P-W| or PlcWm || "On uvo .srpiiralc* occasions." Ill-: report said, "employeen wore nb- tenrd steeping on the joU. A R^arrh nt almost any opou room in th-. 1 ba?nmcra will yield several or more empty Kin or whir.koy bin Irs. Examination of those bottles proved thai, they liari not, been used to curry anything bnt< the nri^inal co:i- tetits or .comctliing closely related. Uillc Rock Offirc Citrrt The commiiteR'.s investigatoi-s vio- ited tlie collectnr.s 1 O[[JCL*S ni Bos* ton, St. Louis and New Orleans. But they relied for rmr-h nf thnir inlor- infi'Jon on the other offices from the inspection reports sujjinitLcd Uv ; -bureau .supcrvi.sors. Here are somn prx:orpts from reports which cohered vHriou. 1 ; period during 1946 1 snd 1947: ' Binnin^haiii. Aja.—35 deputy co:- , Incior, 1 ! below average. ] Little Rock, Ark.—"There were six i weak adtniniMrators on the staff. ' nne of whom ha.s a weakness for , p;rnnp ririn^. and he has been relieved of lii.s duties Jor the linn: hoir.?." Atlanta, Ga.—"Notices and d°- miiijds for payment for miscellaneous taxps were .slow." Mew Orleans—<?ornniiUee invesLi- gator". 1 ; report)—"Collector I Charles A.' Donnelly wn.s specifically que-i- tioiied regarding his interference I'". the collect ion of delinqnent t.nxes ai;d he staled that it was his prerogative to admini.ster tl\e office as he saw fit." Dewey and Stasscn Test T.heir GOP Popularity-in New Hampshire Election Hint Prnsirfcnl 'iTuinan would tak*. action to postpone n strike of CIO Packing Workers whcduled for next Mo^rtay. Under thr TnfU Tlartlry ]n\v. tlic President ronlrt ricclnre thai a mml industry 5hiU- down was n "nniional eniej-jiency,*' Russians Insist On Partitioning Of the Ho?v Land LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y,, Mar. fl. 'UI-'t—A hi»h Soviet source said 1 today that Russia will Insist that the United Notions Palestine parti- • tinn program "must be carried out." ! Russia \\ili assume this ]>osition Sn the current big power consulta- i lion.s on the Holy Land dilemma, llie source .said. Fi'om the same official it was learned lhat Soviet Delenate An: drcl Gromyko \i - ould be willing '.n j "consider" directing a 'last-chiuit-e' 1 . request to the Arabs for cooperation with the UN General A.<vcrn- '. lily's wavering program for divid- • incr Palestine into Arab fvnd Jewish .state.s. ; The Soviet position on this point i appeared to be that it would b^ : willing to study such a move, hut i that it would not initiate it. I The Russian official declined to 1 elaborate on the Soviet, insi.stcncr, i that the partition program, oppo.s- ^ed violently by the Arabs and methodically by Great Britain, "must i lie carried out." i ho percnuuse the funds on hi\iirf are hnlow what was expected. The IMiKTilion Department was also authorised Lo advertise, tor bids on priming of textbooks on i six year contract basis in the, foi- towmi; subjrrts: Arilhmrtic. cruder two to njqlit; spoliiiif;, grades tlirt-p to eipht; and music, grades one In OK, troops, you can rc-cnlisl nnw. The Air Corps' humd-ncw unitonns hnve made their bow. They're blue—UxbvirigG lilue, ns a jnnltcr of (act—and even Ihe chevrons arc rcdcsiRncd, Chairman John Tabor (II., N. Y.), of the Mon?e Appropi inlions Cntn- iniUce. oxainincs M/Sftt. Ktlwcud Auras, Icll, of i'ill^tun, Pa.. wearing technical scrgcunl's sttiiies. ;ind I'fc. I'lnurie Hillings, of UaHitiioro, Md., iit a scrjjoinU's unifotrn. Southern Party Leaders Scekinq Place to Go When and If They Bolt M. Cent iii 1 - BlytheYtlle Masons To Hear Lecture on History oi F. and A. "Masonry Through the les" will be the subject of the Robert \f, Hamilton of Memphis when he addresses Ma.sons of Bly- thcvillp and vicinity Thursday at 7;:iO p.m. as a Ion Lure of the n»Ku- lai inert inK of the Chickasavrba I-odgf, Free and Accepted Masons Mayor K. R. Jackson is worshipful mnslM 1 of the lodge. The Rev. Mr. Hamilton Is pjislor of thr> Kiistland Presbyterian Church in Memphis and has lour- ed the lands rich in Mnsonlc ton- and traced the history of tlie lodge. An invitation has been extended to members of other Masonic lodges to hear the lecture. Churchill Finds British Voters Very Enthusiastic I MANCHESTER. N. II., March &. lUPl—New Hampshire opened the season on presidential candidate.! today with a preferential primary hailed a.s attest of strength between Gov. Thomas E. Dewcy of New York and former Gov. Harold E. Siaxs?n. At stake were the eight delegates LONDON. Mar. 9. <UP»— Winston Churchill went out among the people on o vote-getting mission today and nearly was mobbed by enthusiastic crowds. _^, , , Extra [Kilice and help from his The United Slates also has de- . son . 3n -]aw probably saved him ctarcd in the UN Security Coun- rrom actun , nhvsicri , lnjurv whcil that it Mill believes in parlitlon. | a c , 0 wd. crying his name; broke has come out against en- ( through police Jinc.s n.s he emerged from Conservative Party hcodquar- ; party. in the North Cray don suburb.! I^aney would he ! but it- has come out i forcing the program except by pa- ' i cific means." | » U.S. Chamber Urges Paring of Tax Burdens WASHINGTON'. March 9. (UP) — The U.S. Cbamber of Commerce ... „___ „ .raid today an immediate tax cut, to the Republican National Conven- j would give the nation "the be-st in- tion. - ;i '-'- ---=--- A record number of voters—perhaps as many n.% 63,OGO--~Ava.s expected 10 bo hired to the polls by UIP combination of the, widely publicized Dewcy-Stasse.n. duel. The weather wa.s cloudy and cold. For Democrau, only a state party quarrel wa.s to bo settled. Though I wo opposing slates of candidates were entered in the contest for New Hampshire's 16 seats in the Democratic National Convention, ail members of both tickets were pledged to President Truman. Vermont has been carried by every Republican nominee for president since organixalian of the parly. siirancn available against, a recession." Endorsing the objectives of the Republican-sponsored $G.50D.COO.CO;i tax reouction hill, the chamber sai:i a tax cut now would contribute greatly iov;ard checking inflation ami bolstering the national economy. The chamber'^ views on inxe. 1 ; were presented to the Senate Fi- : nance Committee in a statemci't i prepared by Ellsworth C. Alvord. ! chairman ot th chambei'.s commit; tec on federal finance. ! Alvord said the U.S. must cut [ federal expenditures and reduce tax burcens this year and every year "until our lux load is no greater than we can afford to carry." U\ Bnh Brown I! i) I Iff I Press Staff ('orrpsmnuJml LI'ITLR ROCK, Ark.. Mareh fl. lUPl— A Stiulhrrn parly leader to- rlny called on rebellious Dixie Dern- ncr;its to prejxiro ~'r\ phxce to a 'n" i in the event they decide to stayt- a j walkout at the" Philadelphia in- i lional convention this .summer. I Arkansas Demociulic; Nutional Commit teem nn R. B. Robins an- , nounced he had written u ten or to Gov, Hen T. Uauey recouitucndiun \ that the Southern governors innki: i arrnntinmeu:.s now for srpftrfile con- ; vention headquarters in Halt.imo'O or some nthpr Eastern city in the vicinity of Philndelphiu. "Such arran»cmenl.s would KIVCI u.s a place to go should we find it necessary to walk out." Robins said. "By I his move we also could shO'.v the present party leador.s that we ; are in earnest iu our opposition to ' President Tnimnu and his civil rights proposals. Robins said ho had Rskcd the Ar- kunsns KoveniDr—a leading i dent nmong the Southern rebels — i to pve,spnt his lecoimnentlalloti to i the other Dixie Governors ns i\ member of a five-man committee.. The Arkansas rninmitteeinan re- ite-rateri his brlinf that Mr. Truman could not win tirxt Fall. "I think IIP would cinrify the situation considerably If he would withdraw as a caruiidalc," Robhu sniri. It. was Robins whn rceenllv suggested lhat coiiscrviitivo Llrmnci'.us ihroughotiL I lie nation Join • th<; Soulhernrrs in establishing a fonnh He said tociny lie believed a "good man" on n Innrlh putty Hrkci, , The 1 ^nvrrnor, howrvrr. irtld i\\ n United Press hr was not ron.sider- iii}; Mich :i move and thiil nt present he; was not. inlercstrd in bnllhi;; tin- nrmocrvrtllc I^rU', l,ancy today rr-iteralod a previously announced siiuit) aimed nt removing the Prr-Mdrnl's rlvil richt-i proposals from the I )rnmi v iTit:^ p!at lor in and nominating a ctunt'.- dutc who wnnld not ni5i.s1 lhat they uc rrpliiri'd. Livestock ST. I.OU1S NATIONAL YAROS. March 0. iUP)--iURl)A>-- Llvrstock: Uocs t3,, r )00. ail salable; compared with 13,000 yesterday. Markr! 7!ir | to $1 lower than averfinn Monday. ' Some salcs iticln<llnt; I fill Lbs. itiic) over SOO pounds. ofT more. Fairly active 1 at decline. Hulk u i) od ntul rhoice. ISO li» '2-lfl ' ibs. 'J'2,SO-'J'2.7">: top 22.75: 240 to HO Ibs. 21-22.50: 270 to 300 Lbs. 300 to 3RO Ibs, 1H.50-20.'^; IfiO to HO Ibs. 21.75-22,50: 1^0 to IfiO Ibs. IB.15- 211)0; 100 to 12[) Ibs. H.f>0-17.50: sows 450 Ibs. clown 17,fiO-lfl,2. r i: over 4. c iO Ibs. 17-17.50. Stiijjs 13.50-15.50. Cnttlo 5,200, salnhlc 5,000: cah'rs I.BOU. all salable. Mnrkrt JilKiul. steady on" sotnn common nnd me- rtium slccvs »V '21.fiQ-2. 1 S, buV i\tlion lac^inn on better kinds. Heifers nnd nilxrrt ycnrlhiL's nboul steady. Medium to BOod larjiHy 2-I!f). Ilecf cnws steady, with ^ontl kinds jiroiiiul 21; common atul medium lfl-20; canners and ciittnrs .still \n»lrr pressure; spots liKilcntinR itnrven declines. For Better Visibility and Ventilation Tomorrow—at DHEIFUS Choic* ef luperh tipaniion and ilrtkh bon^i, ityfrd for lad>«t' and mf n't waichei, at price* yow ton offord. fni>* Ihii qrond opporluniTy ID morrow to glomorit* your wot<Vi with a honrfierne bon<{ I tint itrelchei to fit your wrtil USE YOUR CREDIT DHEIFIS »f.r,\ \\m\\K . . . \ 1 KOMI II «II»PK1S, UlIHIYIllt III CMC trucks in the light «nd medium duty ranges give you extra driving safety with larger windshield and windows . . . extra driving comfort with a unique new built-in ventilation system. CMC windshields provide 20?J more vision thnn formerly . . . door windows are larger bj' 15*,; . . . rear window is 1% inches higher and 4 inches wider. CMC's ventilation system draws in fresh air, forces out used air, smoke and fumes . . . eliminates drafts . . . prevents window frosting . . . provides for fresh air heating and utepped-up summer cooling. You'll want both these finer features on your next truck. Get them at their best on a new GMC! You ffet ultra-modern ityUng, to«. In n«w lighl anrf m«iium duty GMCl. Radialor grillai ar« ai ilrong Bnd tluid/ ai They ar. Imarl. iempft arfl liqidly mounle A in h«avl«r, tmootlily tlrframlin?^ l^nd«tt. LEE MOTOR SALES Smash Savings on Seasonable Fashions More Than OFF! DRESS CLEARANCE Wards original low J f Price was $15.98.... NOW 0 Dresses originally $10.98 NOW $4 Dresses originally $6.98 . NOW Dresses originally $5.98 . NOW $150 308 E. Main Phone 519 SKIRT VALUES Reg. 3.98 to 4.98 Reg. 2.98 - - - NOW $2.00 NOW $1.50

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