The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE IIX BIVYTHEVILLH (AUK.)' COURIER MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 19-17 Lilienthat Brands Rumors As Lies Says It Will Tak« Eight to 10 Years to Develop Atom Furnace DETROIT, Oct. 8. (UP) —David E. Lillenthal, chairman of [he A- (omlc Energy Commission, gave '.lie lie today to Communist-Inspired rumors that Ihe United states ; could keep Europeans warm this winter wi(h atomic furnaces but r ifis refusing (or "imperialist" reasons. In a significant, policy statement closely pressing the Um*to of Mcurity, Lilienthal disclosed that j this country still lacks basic know- | ledge to bullr! or plan a practical atomic power plant. He predicted it will take eight to 10 years to produce even a "practical demonstration" of atomic industrial power, though an experimental bulb may be lit or motor turned by atom-generated electricity within 12 to 24 months. French Communists Picket American Suqar \\.ih • ihc-y SiiiUl Not Pass" as :i Government Still Has Huge Civilian Payroll eral employes at the end of August i topped 2.000,000. I liyrd noted that Tennessee V:il- lay Authority had increase its I personnel for 16 consecutive months. TVA employes totaled 14,920 at Die end of August. The monthly Increase ranged from 31 In February 1847, to J,<m in September, , WASHINGTON.' Oct. 6. (UPI — HM<! ' Sen. Harry !•'. Byrd, D., Va., report- Byrd asked budget, Director Jnmcs •<>d yesterday that the number of I E - Wcl)1) '« a lett " whether TVA civilian fnderal employes slfll Is ! hatl complied with personnel cetl- more than twice the 1939 tolal, i '"85 fixer! by him and whether the rlc.-pltc a decrease of- some 43 000 i personnel increase could be expect- I In August. i ed to continue. As chairman of the Joint Con-' Byrd's own office staff has con- cresslonal Committee on Reduction I tinned the work of the economy of Non-nscntl'al Expenditures he committee since Congress cut it off said the ">tal of non-military fed- Read Courier News Want. Ads. moling a cholera epidemic. Egyptians living in tne poorer .sections of Cairo were instructed to leave their windows open, so the DDT could penetrate their homes. Ten motr special DDT spraying planes rue expected shortly from the Uniird States. without any funds at the last session. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS prevent the shipment of American sugar to U. H. troop* in Germany. Alter being field on toarjjes for n Addressing the Detroit Economic i d "- vs ' ""' *"£ Rf finally was on IU way in H2 Frenrli Army trucks after a brief hut violent fight in Club Lilienthal also: 1. Extended for the first time n general invitation to Industry to participate in, and eventually take over, development and operation of peacetime atomic projects. He marie it plain atomic development, cannot and must not remain a government monopoly. 3. Disclosed that a "large-scale progrim" of expansion, Improvements and refinements is under way at Hanford. Wash, and other n- ; Verdun between Communist*; and the police. iNlOA ' Indian Government 1 Hurls Forces Against Moslem State of Junogadh Hy JAMES MICHAELS (United Press Staff Correspondent! NEW DELHI, Oct. 6. (UP)—The Indian I Hindu) Army, Navy and Air Force besieged the princely and toroic centers — a program that re- | nominally Moslem state of Jun- presents a - "major effort even for this country." So far. he said, $2,600,000,000 has been spent on atomic development. 3. Gave the electric power Industry a clear go-ahead on construe- I ngadh today, raising Hie danger of fighting between the armed forces of the two new dominions. Jimagadh contains about 3.000 square miles and is under the rule tion of new generating plai '. j of Nawnu Sir Mnhnbat Khan Riisul, whether operated by fuel or water a M° s l™ Although 80 per cent of po*er. Atomic power, he said will! tho P°P" lnU °» Is Hindu and his not spring into' being overnight 1 sUte is 40 ° mlles fl ' om PnWstnn •Ulienthal, decrying the European : < M ° s 't™>. he announced that it had rumor that America's "imperialist, Joined Pnkistnn. Cub Pilots On World Cruise Grounded At Amoy SHANGHAI, Oct. 6. (UP)—Tile imuul-thi'-woild piper cub pilots. George w. Truman and Clifford V. £vnns, remained at. Amoy today because of strong headwinds along their -ir>0-mile route to Shanghai. The pilots. v.ho landed nt Amoy Sunday, were feared missing for a time because poor communications delayed their report to Shanghai. May Expand passion" alone stands In the way! Landing crau, supported by sloops, ! JJ,, _,&. «*, of solving Europe's pressing need minesweepers and warplnnes. car-1 l«UCIjitfc.i • for .energy and heat, did not name rlcd out a landing yesterday at Communists directly although his Porbandar. halfway between Boni- meanlng was clear. bay and Karachi. The troops 1m- •He said only that the report was mediately laid siege to Jumigadh. being spread abroad "by those im- ! The Indian government announc-! -»• A • I O /\fir ,,,AOITTM,~TV->M ^ , ,-•• ,,, n ^ WASHINGTON. Oct. C. , <UP}" '" r °™ lecl som '« s " ld todil5 ' thc friendly to American democracy" ed that it could not accept the as well as by some persons friendly mcri;ln(r of Jiinngndh with Pakis- but misinformed. | nn because "i( is an Integral ivu-t. It yras learned, however, that of Indian territory." other stales such reports .have figured in anti- ln the urea have Joined India American propaganda in Italy. Samaldas Gandhi, a nephew of France, the low countries nnd even Mohandas, last week established a in England. The rumor is calculated to spread disaffection among people who not only are hungry but are Increasingly cold. "This story is completely without foundation In fact." Ulirnthnl asserted. "The fact should be faced squarely that' the first commercially practical atomic power plant is not just around the corner, not, around two corners "provisional government, of Jun- ngnclh, wilh thc announced intention of overthrowing the slate's Moslem ruler. His men seized the >crty In the " ol and recruited Saar basin favor economic union with France 10 to 1. The elections were n«t a plebl SL-itc. They were parliamentary trctions, in which economic union with Fiance was the only Issue. The unofficial returns showed: Christian People's Party. 230,062 votes and 2H scats in the legislature: Socialists l'!\,255 voles and 17 M-ats; Democrats :)1.25:) voles and two seals, and Communists 37,93'! voles. ' The candidates of all parties except the Communists favored adop- \ lion of a constitution which pro- I vidcs for an autonomous Saar. unit- I ed economically with France. Egyptians Using DDT To Stop Cholera Epidemic CAIDO. Oct. 6. (UP)—A spccially- cquipped Egyptian Air Force plane today -sprayed Cairo with DDT to kill flies (hat are suspected of pro- rt of Pakistan, the Nawab tried lo ie neighboring and that an atomic power Industry ran 5mnllcr , 5l[l1 " into supporting his be developed. He added, however p ,."• Hc scnt lrart ° r hls "my. that It cannot be done'"until we estlm<lted to total 1,200 men. into some of the Lilienthal said he Is confident ?™ s f,"!' c have increased the country's present store of knowledge and skill.' httvc not f"cc«lcd states which their nlleplnncc. Outlining technical "barriers that 1 The Sovcrnmenl of India said this ttill must be hurdled, he added: 1 wns nn "unjustified and provocative 0 ; n " c ' r "As our staff, advisers and con- I act of "RSresslon" and ordered In- tractors see It now. It will be a long hard grind. The most common estimate or guess Is from eight to 10 years to overcome the technical difficulties and have a useful practical demonstration plant In operation. "Even those who arc willing to make this guess of 10 years arc for dian Iroops lo isolate Jvmngadh; I f cil:lle Wnr I»vesll!;«linB Connnlt- ' ''" m ". v ™'" m " lts n < n ™' d ' lnfhes The exaet puriKK c r; behind such an investi^al iou was not disclosed. The source said only that the subject was discussed in a "itencral way" when the. committee held a super-sec] ft session Saturday. Mcamvhtlo, Sen. Homer l-'eruu- son. R., Mich., chiiiiman of thr subeommiltee checkinc Ilir-hes' inulM-mlllinn dollar war plane eon- tracts, raised (he possibility tliat the Hughes inquiry would be resumed earlier than thc scheduled Nov. 17 date. Ferguson pointed out that he was a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee which has been ordered to meet Nov. 18 to consider European aid. "In view of this situation." he. j said. "I may not accompany the ' Appropriation Committee members on their tour of Europe We Guarantee i i RECAPPING ! i with | Hawkinson Treads | i Let Your Next Tires Be 1 GENERALS j i Cost More — Wnrlh More MODINGEk TIRE CO. 116 E. Main riione 2201 back jrom shopping ... still shining! THE &//#£ THAT ST/U® because \\ has a hard-wax finish! GRIFFIN Here's how to £ei»mare shoe shine with less shoe shining, (imrnN AIK: WAX SHOE VOIJSH IKIS the higher hiirel tt'/ix fan tent thai gives you easier, brighter, longer-lasting shines. Use c.Rii-FtN Anc WAX SHOE POLISH for the shine chat sdiys.' BLACK, BROWN, TAM, OXGLOOD in the eaiy-opeiiTng can P.S.Mothers like self-polishing GRIFFIN LIQUID WAX for quick and easy shines on children's shoes 1 New Numbers 4474 and 4475 But Some Reliable Service "For Work Done Ri CALL NU-WA Laundry-Cleiners 220 North 2nd Street FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE Rti* OR ANY S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BiyTHEVILLE^f^i MSNKN5E LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Teacher of before Nov. 17." | Voters Or Saar avor Union V/ith France SAARBRUECKEN, Saarland, Oct. (UPi—Unofficial but complete were under strict orders not lo go into Junngadli or intimidate any Moslems in the surrounding slates At Ihe same lime, thc Indian government demanded that the Nawab hold a plebiscite to determine which dominion his people! B the most part unwilling to make ; wanl to Join. Considering the large! results from vrstt-rdaVs elections this guess of 10 years are for the Hindu population of his state, It : showed today timt (he voters of Liu most part unwilling to couple with i was believed thai a plebiscite would I it an estimate of the economic cost htm his throne and a S5.000- .costs, or even the total amount of 000 annual income ' ' atomic power likely to be available In that time. "Our judgment Is that clearly no one should delay sound and economical additions lo power sup' ply, whether by fuel-generaled electricity or water power, because : somewhere In tho future atomic energy will come on the scene as an additional source of supply." Ullenthal made plain his con-" viction that government, monopoly »lll hopelessly deter development of an atomic industry. Competitive private industry must take a growing part in the research and engineering of peacetime atomic power, he said, and governmental machinery must be kept "as small u it possibly can be." i Lilienthal also warned that se- ] crecy, however necessary, and in- i dustrial progress are cut out of different cloth. He sited also the ; danger that officials may set up secrecy and security as a'device to cover their own mistakes — "or Approximately 400,003 pupils nt- end the privately owned schools of England. worse." 'We ought constantly to remind ourselves." he said, "that to withhold information on public matters, from the people, in peacetime, Is a radical departure from t traditional ideas of the accountability of public servants." Wonted Old Steel Bed Rails 1 to 1000 T. L. Mabry 423 E. 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