The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 9, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1'UE DOMINANT NKWSI'At'KR OV NGUTUI-JAS'l AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOU1U VOL. XLIV-NO. 294 Blytheville Courier Blythcville Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader Blylheville Herr.ld IJI.YTHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSIUY, AjAKCIl D, 1<M8 TWKIA'K PACKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS nternal Revenue Collectors Get Blunt Reprimand £f Politico! Appointees Severely Criticized By House Committee By Samlor S- Klein United Press staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 9. (U.P.)— The House Appropriations Committee today charged the Internal Revenue Bureau with "glaring inefficiencies." It demanded an end to the political appointments of internal revenue collectors and it assailed what it called "loaf- -,, . , ,, , . • ,. ,. several times the c harpe T on the job," duplication ol , ( , mc nowers wcrc plac ?« Soviets Fear An Attack on East Europe MOSCOW. March 9. (U.P.I—Rus- sia charged last night Hint the United States, Britain and France were organizing Western Germany into a base for an attack on Easloia Kurope. The Soviet diplomatic note repeated a previous protest made peb 13 which said the ilirce-powor conference on Germany in Londoi violated the Potsdam agreement and undermined the four-power Allied Control Council in Germany The first Soviet protest was rejected by the u. S. State Department, on Feb. 21. Yesterday's Soviet, note was a rejection of the U. S. reply. The Soviet note attacked West err. allied decisions to internationalize the fluln and include the French zone in tile merged Anglo-American Gen. MacArthur Willing to Accept GOP Nomination War Hero's Friends Soy He Would Stop Russian Expansion By Mllrs W. Vaughn (1). 1>. Vice Prrsldi-nt for A.slu) TOKYO, March 9. (UP)-G(-n. Douglas MncArthur agreed todny to accept the 1948 Republican presidential nomination if It is offered him and observers believed he would campaign on a platform of vigorously opposing further Russian ex- panslon. He was born in Little Would Accept GOP Nomination zones. The Russian statement Germany outside four-power con- trot anci setting up a special group- efi'oi'l and useless work. The charges were contained in .. , report to the House accompanying! '"S of Western European slates op- thc committee's approval of an ap- ! Posed lo Eastern European states. propriation bill carrying $1,081,122.- ' ""' -•-'—-350 to run the Treasury and Post Office Departments in fiscal 1048. The total was 535,993,850—or nearly Kock. Ark. MacArlhur Is known to believi that direct man-lo-mtm. nepolia lions between Ihe president, of lln United Elates anrl Premier Jose repeated stalln should be attempted. the in the opinion of those who liuv. talked with him, MiicArlhur would if nominated, favor placing th American anti-Communist prograi: upon an linniedlnte global basis. „.,„., , , • — MncArlhur's views on leading is The statement, charged practical- sucs . as expressed to numerous vis IS mat all three-power agreements itors in conversations in whic in the past and those now bcint' two per cent—less than requested by the departments. The House probably will consider the measure Thursday. The bill carried no money for the Customs Bureau, the Coast Guard for the acquisition of strategic and critical materials or for tax refunds. Those needs will be taken care of in another bill. The committee also approved per- .nanent appropriations totalling 50,101,422,213 over which it actually has little say. These Included $5,250.- ^J.OOO for interest on the public Wbt and $3,310,385,930 for old age and unemployment payments. The committee's criticism nf the Internal Revenue Bureau was one of the most scathing attacks nn a federal agency hy a congressional body in recent years. It recommended that the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, headed by former President Herbert Hoover, give top priority to an analysis of the bureau "at the earliest possible moment." The committee's charges were based on a report which combined the results of an inquiry by the committee's own Investigators as well as studies made by the bureau itself. "The most serious defect in th* reached in London did not provide for any measure to prevent future German aggression. World-wide ERP Plen is Favored House Republicans Reject Marshall's Plea Temporarily WASHINGTON, March 9. (UP) — House Republican leaders today rejected—at least temporarily—Secretary of State George C. Marshall's plea that the House keep other foreign aid out of the European re- rovery program. At a conference with Senate. President Arthur H. Vandenberg, they stood pat on their plan to include the ERP in n "single pac.t- age" with the administration's request for $570,003,003 in Chinese aid f and an extra $275.0:0.000 for Greek- Turkish aid. Marshall had appealed personally to Martin yesterday to consider the ERP program separately in the this currcsijomlcjit participated ur as follows: 1. The Dealest single problet fiicing Ihc American people is llir | of relations with Russia. 2. Tliis pi'oblcm should not b insoluble by peaeofi considered mean 1 ;. Would Call Stalin's Hand 3. Direct man-to-man nccotia lions betv.-cen the prc::!dcnl of the ' United States and Stalin should \K I attempted. I 4. The United Slates should make ! it unmistakably clear that Wash- j insjton is prepared to use whatever • methods mny be necessary to dn- fcnd the American • way of life. 5. There are some grounds for belief that Moscow would retreat if the United states declared .Us de- IrrmUKition to rise Ihe strongest methods to prevent furbcr Soviet aggression. It is anticipated here that MacArthur will be subjected to an Im- oiediate flood of requests that he return to the untied States personally to expound his views on various questions. That he will reject such re- GOP Regulars Jut lo 'Freeze' jen. MacArthur Southern Democrats Try Same Tactics on Truman Candidacy !!> l.ylc C. Wilson I' 1'rrss Staff Con i'Mii>mh-iil WASHINGTON, Murcll 1! (UI'l- U'publlcan 1-enuliiru and rebellion Sonlhmi Democrats mani-iivcid .oduy lo put the frtiwt! on Ihr presl- Icnllal riindldnclivi oJ Orii. Doiifilii.t MneAiilnir nnd President Truman MncArtliur nnd Mr. Trmmin nii- icmni'rd they weio > willing only a few hours apart yesterday. Muny •.i-c-slniMl Demon-ill:! pin tin Im- chill on Mr. Tlilmnn with actions most remarkable I":- i;rlm sllonce or predictions Ihui in- would be- licked in NovrinlH-r. A few Dc'inocmls tillered hiilf- Impes that MacArlhm would turn out (n lie n niMnoemt nnd maybe run lor them if llu-y cimld blnrk Mr. Triimiin. llnl the Kc-nernl i : . „ H,,. publican. OOP parly K-»dei-K slilnl uwuy from clutllensitnK MncArthiir. Hut most of Ihein uri- cimviiu'rd now I hey linvu the November cli'i-tion In tho ban. Many lire mil n.s i-Lif-.i-r us siimc innntlis auo to lop I heir pri'sldcnUil ticket wl!h n lot of mllilitry ^Itiinoi-. There Is soinu rank ami fill Arthur support inul liu luis u nM- ionnl follow-llu: as n inlliliny lino Finland Selects Seven Delegates To Call on Stalin Hy Mats l.inxUtulsl Hulled I'n-s-, St.ift Corri-siwmlrilt HELSINKI. iMnivli !l. (U.l 1 .)— Finland will send a SCVQII- man dcloplion ht'iulod by l.'i'cnm:r Mauno I'ckkala to Moscow In noKotiiito on an iilliaiiLo with Kussin, the foreign office " '+iinlionncnd toduy.' Porclijii Minister Carl Enckell will be a member or the deleuallng go- IUB to Moscow hi response to an Invitation from Premier Josef Stalin to discuss a pact of friendship 11 nd defense. The miming or the Finnish dele- Brtllon closi-ly followed tho dacisio i by President I'ulio K v Pnaslkivl, after consultation with tile cabinet, to accept sialin's Invitation. IVkka'.n will serve as chairman ol the dclcHntlon nml Enckell as cli'puty fhnlnnan, the foreign office. I .statement said, neper's circulated ! earlier thai I'ekkula had asked that (or reasons or health he not be Gas Franchise Before Council Uniform Ordinance Sought in 22 Cities In Eastern Arkansas M:\ynr K. R. Jurhson sultl (otl:\y lluti Ihc city u.mncll at Us DKTLLUK okyo let a l;e known that he would accept the Uipubliran n-jminiition ten- I'lr.'-ldrnt of the United .States but ncid:-d that he \\ill not mnkc nn active hit! lor the party nomination. He waj born in l,i'.ilr Rock, Ark., while his lallii-r, »'oiild have; a hard lime hnl. the meaUv.t political nnd (icnci-nl Ike pnsM'sscil is fast iltsappeiirllli;. Thai Wils tin- (ral amoni! many liuptilillnm.s Ih.-y cities ami lowns rcprt srmlrd in the Association will rli'ur Hut wuy (or uwni'tUni! of a iniiuriil i*u.s fi unelils''i by UK- Association's live-man jjoard of Directors. IMUIY.SI City, Parut'ould uncl sev- i-rul smnllcr clllcs In tin; iiruu huve romplc>k-cl c'Ollllril iicllon on the Irani-Ill:;;- mid Inrnrd limn over to ii.'i.sorliiihm criicli'ts wilh hi:ad<pinr- ' T! In l-'onrsl Cily. interests of speed. The Senate is considering the organization and operations of the; ERP program separately from the bureau, the committee's report said,. Chinese and Greek-Turkish s thc charge Of politic* sioner. Bureau, docs not have effective cori- -^ol over the collectors throughout the country. Whether collectors of „ Internal revenue actively attend to package." the afinlrs of their oftice or merely bask in their patronage appears to be largely « matter of their own volition. Civil Service Recommended "The committee recommends the enactment of legislation whereby the appointment of collectors of inter- pro- trains. ers are insisting be given militn'r/ •id. UK aUminlstrraion requ^.-U was for economic aid only. Marshall had argued that the ERP program would be delayed if the house insisted on the "single also an Army man, was MiicArlhur Park. cominnnclant of tin ii)\sviml in quests he considered certain. House insistence on thai approairn lined the House GOP leadership .squarely behind Gen- Douglas MacArthur on the issue. Mac Arthur cabled the House foreign af fail's committee last, week that he favored acting on ihc global foreign aid program "in Us entirely." nai revenue would be removed from r "We think that the [nest exped:- the patronage system and placed J I lows way of handling this business under civil service laws and regula- ! i.s in a single bill." Martin said. tions. This would be ^ major pro- I — - gross!ve step in the operations ofi)U rq A/cxander the bureau even though the admin-I **"* Alexo "°f f istration of the civil service system is badly in need of widespread improvements." The committee said its investigators found discipline and administrative control lax in the bureau's raw'. 11:03 a. m. at the Methodist head office here. It "estimated that Church in Hayward. Burial will be Of Hayward, Mo., Dies Funeral services for Mrs. Emma Victoria Majors, age 77. of Hayward. Mo., wlio died last night at Walls Those who know him are confident he means just what he says when he insists he has 'no plans (or leaving my post in Japan." . Should he be nominated at the Republican convention in Philadelphia in June, however,- it is anti-t ciyaled he might fly lo America and address the convention before ; It adjourned- ! Regarding labor, MacArthur i frequently has slated he' favors I a middle'course with protection of human rights, whether those of I employes or employees, as a primary consideration in deciding lalmr disputes. Regarding economic ami financial questions, MacArthur'.s policy in Japan always has been that of a "sane middle course" between the extremes of capitalism and socialism. MacArthur entered the 1948 presidential nomination race by issuing a statement saying he would run if "called by the American people." MacArLhur referred specifically to the April 6 primary election in Wisconsin, where his name has been entL-red on the Republican ticket, and said he would run even ; though he does not seek office and has no plans for leaving Japan. j "MacArthur for President" bul- Dmp Explodes At Least 100 Feared Killed by China Blast Near U.S. Base TSINGTAO, China, Mar. 9 V \UT> —A lar; Is. Soviet Target P-39 Fighter Planes Bearing Red Stars Blamed for Attack SHANGHAI. March S. iUP> —An Chinese ammunition official of Clp.lrc U Cl>ennaul:x dump blew up today, demolishing China Air Transport*'!/ iv-s ........ •'" : '" -s chnr'-ci! Week and causing lod:iy that two Soviet p.usslnn r"-.!i) 1 an entire 250 cniualli About 100 persons werif; to, have been killed by the' e.xploslpn. The dump «-ns located ^hlllf f t mile East of the U. S. licet anchorage. It blew up shortly before noon, China time. The American Navy announced that none ol its j^rsonnel was injured In the blast. The explosion and subsequent fire ..*...•,. !,,[,„ ml, UMtK'l. J.U^IJUl I'-:.':! I . I. , ,. .tighter p'nnes attacked a C--1C '" , j Mr. Truman this ye:n' Arthur has some powerful news- ipnper support. iiH-liulliii: Col. Hob- It. McCormJrk of the GiileiiKO Tribune inul Wllltiim Randolph Hearst. Mill-Arthur's M^ political ti-st will came April fl In tin- Wisconsin pir--lil<-ntlal primary, llr Is o|i- IKlscil thcrr liy (joi-. 'I'honiiis K. Ili-\vry of New York and former Guv. Iliiruld £. Shissrn of Min- nrantn. If he blltws \\ l lsrn[isin lir might also bill? (lie Hi-publican iiiilloual iMinvcnlliin. Otherwise he will be nmnm: the possible coinpromlse candldutcs if Uewey and Sen. Hotert A. Tall, of Ohio tie the convention In stale- mate.-MncArthur also has n chance lo show his stuff against Ihe entire Meld of Republicans in Nebraska. r. executive vlcc- errf. 5 p.m. Monday nbont Uo'miJej'iiSrtli ol .Tsingtao. The plane was hnuncl from Mukden to Tsjngtno with Chinese govcrn- ment evp.cuccs. The airplane was not hit. At, [lie Soviet consulate here, an or/iuul spokesman, questioned on caused extensive diunnge in a Inrgi; the incident, relied with nn em- area surrounding the dump, curly [ phtillc "no comment." Another otflcial said: "I don't believe it." T/ie airline is operated by Clien- ...!i , ' J of the Sen. James O. East land. D.. Miss who repudiated Mr. Tuiiimn'.s can- dlacy, hallud MncArthur as "A Brcnl American nljnvii party BIX partisan politics." Sen. Arthur It. Vamk'ilbcrK. R., Mich., who WHS (lie nuist prominent supporters <if MacArthur for president In IS14. hud nn comment mi his 1D48 candidacy. Vandcnbern is counted the lii:elle:it compromise snld. Other mciubcrs of the delegation were vice lord^n minister Celnhold Svcnio, Interior Minister Yrjoe 1*1- nci, oinil 1'cltonen. 13r. Johnn Otto Hoi'derhjelm ami Urho Kckkoncn. The torcif-n alfairs committee of tlu? cabinet met for an hour this morning to draw up the list of negotiators, l-'inns are applying in record numbers for permission to leave 'llu' K il'mrd < i)f U nn-ecto'riw"ii 11 ^ t """<=o»»t> : y. ncVnVdl"iigY«'> L Swahn^ IIOHKI DI niii-Ltois i» i. A. (1 p^spo,.!, ofitclal h! the district -yni'li of nlythi'vllle nnd Miiyur Sen Huller o OM'coln, who nlso Is neslilrnt of the Assonl.illon, To Si'i'l< One Dislrlliiilor When nil 22 iniinlclpnlllle.s have ia::. l -,vd the? nnlloi-m ordiiumef!, the boiird will iiL-i;iillnU( wilh dlstrlb- illors ol nnliiriir KUS lo brlu B M 1C fuel Into llils wren for residential, bn.sliit'ss and imliislrlul use. The council inretliiK tonlfthl will ^Illn ill T.'.'M in City Hull nnd the reports said. U. s. Marines and equipment helped fl-jlit the bluze, uhicli mis finally brought under control two hours alter the orlsl- nal explosion. Cause of the blast was not determined immediately. The U. S. hospiia! ship "Repulse" rushed mecii'iil personnel and supplies ashore. Navy and Marine medical corpsmcn treated vic- nault, it is securing no more than six productive hours of work per day, on the average, from its employees." New York Stocks ., Hospital, will be conducted tomor-j lo "s nave appeared on the streets 'of Tokyo. ''I have been informed that pe- 2 A T and T ^^•ncr Tobacco .... JJaaconda Copper . Both Stee) Chrysler Coca cola C-cn Ei-ctric Gen Motors Mont^om^ry v/ard N Y C^nl ral .... In'.. Ilarvrrt-r Norili Am Aviation P,~ -u'-lir E'erl ... Rrciio forrny V.icuum .. Standard o: I 1 J .. Tc-^s 7orp Packard Stocks: in a Port.-.gcviile Cemetery. Majors wxs S)0rn near Gal- nnci signed by many o: my fellow latin, Tcnn., and lived there until! citizens of Wisconsin, presenting mo\ ing to Hayward 44 years ago. | my nnme to the electorate for con- She was the widow of Richaid sideration at the primary April " Alexander Majors. She is survived by three daughters. Mrs. Beulah Ryals of Hay- 'reported out of danger at 1:30 p.m.. when Ihc generis] conllalrallon was brought under control. 1 The Chinese nationalists have tuions have been filed at Mp.Mson been using tills city as one of the most important of thi-ir bnses in lonher commandi-r Flyini; Tigers who now is in the United Slates to testify before a congressional committee on American aiti to China. L. R. Piiol, 27. Stockton. Culil.. a forniei- Marine pilot wUu was Hying the CAT transport, sai.i the fijjhtcrs lired-fivc .short bursts ol imichincaun bullets in HIP direction of [lie lransi>ort but ditl not damage it. Co-pilot James C. McG:ivern. 27. Elizabeth, N. J.. said lie ami Uuul Klcntificd Ihe planes as nuisian by the red star.s ou I heir IVIOKS. win prcii.ibly Kct underway about « o'elcck In Ihe Municipal Conrti-ooin. The ordinance, a copy of which was received hy city officials here uboiit a month ngn. culls for Ihc gas c.onsv.i'.vrs nt.soclallon to bcKln nctlon within a year on construction of distribution lacllltics In the cities affected. A six-months extension Is provided In Ihe event the utility tsrnnlcd the franchise can show CRU:;C for :i delay In olHiilnliii: mati'j-lals. The [ins consumer.s as-soclntlon was orgaul/ed in T' Oity last Summer nnd hns been clinrlercd by I ho state ns a non-pront oi-KHtiizu- lion. Kasl Arhiinsns is about the only section ol Hie slate which does not now luive th,; ailvantutfes of natural ISO 1-2 ward, Mrs. U. W. Moore of Blythc- vitle and Mrs. Pearl Shepherd of 31 i_j] Roscland; three sons.. Earl Majors .10 3-4 of Dell, Roy Majors of Risco. Mo.. ,M 1-4 and Rc.-coe Majors of Vallejo. Calif.: IC3 and two sisters, Mrs. Lola Glover 32 1-t of Manila and Mrs. Nola Glover of St. Louis. MacArthur's slatcmeiit said. am ilccplv grateful for this 51 1-1 4!) 1-4 12 7-8 83 3-4 10 ]-•' 23 .1-4 a n-s 15 3-8 IB 1-4 11 :t-4 5:1 t-n 4 3-8 spontaneous display of friendly confidence. No man could fait to he profoundly stirred hy such a public movement in this linnr of iromcntoii!! import—national, international, temporal and spiritual. "While it .seems unnecessary for me to repeat I do no: actively seek supplying reinforceuunls lo Manchuria from the Shantung peninsula. Tsingtao also Is a Chit" 'C naval ti'aininf; center as well ns headquarters ol the U. s. West Pacilic fleet. Weather nominee if Dewey nnd Tail Ml:,s. In Albany, N. Y., a .spokesman for Dewcy sniil Ihe sjoverilor had no comment on MiicArlhur. Sen. .Inlm 1.. MrCtlrllnii. I)., Ark. vk'lio look a dim vii-w of Mr. Tru- niiiu's aimouiK-i-nirnt yeslcrdny, said he had * ferral admlrallon Tor MacArlhur Iml wanted I" wantrd to luicm- nutri- iiliout \vb:il he stands for. .Sens. John H. Overtoil, D., La., and Walter F. George. D.. Cin.. hailed MncArihur as n srcat general and administrator. "He hns .shown ictimikablc ability In both fields." Overtoil said. "We could BO far nnd do wor. r ,c. However, I don't know iiow the general Mnnds on some very Important Issues lo the South and lo the nation. Overtoil and others hnve. in mind lh« civil rlRhls program on which many of them broke with Mr. Tru- i ^.j',',', Red Cross Drive Workers Reocrfr Total of $4,397 pnss[)c council of Soulhert\ Finland. "Tho number of applications for pn.ssports has more than doubled since March 1," snld. A new law making forclyn travel easier went Into etteol on March 1. An avcrnije number of applica- llons In his district Is about 10 dally. Swnhn said. This month the number jumped to UOO dally. About no per cent want to go to' Sweden nnd five or 10 dnlly want lo go to the Untied States. Only about five per cent are rejected, he said. Helena Man Heads State Agri Council MEMPHIS, Tynn,,.,MKrch t,'(UP) —J. R, Bush of Helena, Ark,, hns been elected president of the Avkan- .sns AKrlnnRurnj council succeeding H, A. YOUIIR of Liltlc Hock, recently nunictl prL'.^klcnL of the Nntiuiml Cotton Council, The Avkmms members elected Jolin W. Mann of Mnrlnmm nnclR. ^ A. ['fcki.'iis ol Pic kens, Ark., vfca | pn'sldcul.s, inul' ir-elccind Harvey"'" J{. A<L:ut)s o[ West Memphis, sccrc- } Kausoni E. Alclricli of Miclilgnii City, Miss., National Cotton Council's mcchnni7.nllon expert urged Southern fanners today tc keep nhrt' of other sections In me- Contributions In .late In Ihc cur- | '""i'!''"', '"""'"Brent Red Cross nnnnclal , :nn ,pa|,- n ,, Al . (l "f' • chiUrnmn of (he council's In North Mississippi County o.tiy f'™ 1 "^"" nl «l Marketing stood at $4,:i07. ,,,cordln-t to p I u ",' UcP ' 11 "™"» c « 1 rotiorls from both outlying com- nuiniUcs nnd Ulyilicville .sollciln- tion tciiios. Of this. $1,034.7.') bus been col- leclcti by ilui teams working in Ibo city, niythovlllf'.s rtiiola is Sfi.-!75 of tlic $11 ,011-1 RKI as the R0!\l for the North half of the county, Mnnllu rosictrnls today conUnuccI to piisb cnltncUons Ibere further p;tM the «oal of $775 ,svl for the inninniLy. C. W. Tiptnn. drivn there, rc-poi led thai the that the council's 1948 cutton incrhnnlzation conference will be held at Lubbock, Tex.. Ocl. U-1G. Aldrich told the mccluinizntion conference steering committee here .vesterili'.y thnl the South wns lagging in mcclinnlcnl fnrming. Hew- ever he noted that the South was ndvnnctng in mechanical funning at a more rapid rale than previously. Community Needs Theme For State-wide Essay Committee to /nvcsfigote Vote Fraud Investigation WASHINGTON. Chairman Home Mar. 9. tUP>— • today—Trace r F^erpuson Cobb Funeral Home is in charge.lor covi any office and hnvc no nounccd today that the Senate lr.- plans for leaving my in Ja- i vcsticating Committee will conduct pan. I can s.iy and witl1 due hu- an inquiry into the policies nun mility that 1 would be recreant to performance of the Justice Deparl- 1:30 |.ill my conrepls of good citizenship mem and Attorney oener.i) Tom (, were T to shrink, because of hazards Clark in the 1946 Kansas City vote Src MaCArllnir OTI I':IKC 5 i fraud. Hew York CoH-oi :>2 ! ).) 330B Mar May July ....... :«40 Oct ........ 2!).>2 Dec ........ 2902 hi?h low 3340 3370 3346 3270 3275 3199 2995 2925 2910 2880 p.m. 3340 331S 32J.) 2940 Jeycees Sponsor Indoor Circus To Swell Fund for New Building Plans [or tlic indoor circus to be; children of the city, held under the sponsorship of the The matinee performances will Junior Chamber of Commerce were start at 2:30 and the evening shows discussed last night at a meeting of will begin at 8:15. Che Jaycco board of directors tn j the club's new meeting place at' fifth and Main. The circus, to be staged by Cal Hicks of Hicks Bros. Indoor Circus. [ House Group at Work , On Rent Control Bill will be held at the Armory on, South Second Street Mar. 19 and 1 WASHINGTON. Mar. 3 (UP) — <ijji:«rclny. , The House Banking Committee < There will be four performances, i went, to work on rent control Irg- luo matinees and two night shows, j islalion today with indications that The circus will consist of 20 acts, it would make no substantial chan- Tlckets were placed on sale yes- gcs in the Senate-approved bill, terday and today with all members Under the Senate bill, federal rent of the Junior Chamber of Coin- control would be continued until mercc. , April 30, 1949. The . present rent Prccccd.s from advance sale of I control law expires March 31. tickets will go into the Jayccc fund : Chairman Jf.vse p. Wolcoll, R., for the erection of a municipal | Mich., of the House Banking Com- cWldrcn's playground adjoining the, mittee expected .several changes to site of the proposed Jaycee club- j be made in the bill but mostly of house opposite the Legion Hut on a minor character. For one Ihlng, North Second Street. I he said, the House may Insist on Complimentary tickets lo the cir- a definite location of powers to cus will be given lo underprivileged local rent control boards. Total since Jan. 1 — 13.60 Mean temperature imidway twcen high and low)—-16.5 Normal mean for March-51 2 This I>alc I-isl Year Minimum tbi. 1 ; mornjnc—."in Prccipllalion, Jan. 1 to this dare '• -3.14 - ~ Bishop and comment, biimn I^-m-icrnts said Ihe Oeurne Ilubterd. SIGOl o. K. Knud- A totnl of $1,500 In prizes will be awarded by the Arkansas Economic Northern Democrats was l-'ree/.r Taelirs nn I*aKr 5 Fire Destroys Night Club West of City j —Cmiritr News Photo The ERG Club, ni^ht sjx>i on Highway IS just west of Bl>thcville, Is jthcr llian that provided from the booster tanks on the Illylheville Fire shown here in Ihe process of being reduced to ashes as the result, of a ] Department, equipment. Only a two-inch waici main serves tlint area ol five discovered in the building by the caretaker Sunday niuhl. NothniK' the cify which now is outside the rorpiralr hmils ol nivthoville. E. n. was saved Irom the building since the area 'A-as wnhuut fire protection; Chilwuort. ounpr of the club, e.stimntcil tlic loss at $4S,CKX>. Soyheons ll'rires f- ti. fur May h. Cliiragu) hlsh low I 350 3SO : 310 3-10 340 Prizes will tnrlucie motion picture projectors with sound equipment ;md si-ts of books, svhich will Ije liivrn to Ihc schools represented by tlic winning writers. The lalter also will receive a personal prize—a $25 government bond. U. S. Military Authorities in Germany Chancre View on Safety from N!ew War WASHINGTON. Mar. P. <UP)—,cu!t job of dealing with Russian Informed SonrUo sonrcrs sakl tori a v i occupation fowcs in Germany and American :1:i ~ -•-" "--- •- • 'military authorities in Germany have abandoned their be- ] iiof Hut din woild is relatively fi' from war for at least 10 years- authorities arc not ncccs- : lily predicting war. it was cm- in.sizrd. but (hey feel Ihe inarch world rvc-nls cb.illrnpo.s the vnlidily of Ihcir earlier 10-year cs- timate. H wn.s learned that Defense See- Auslria. Although Chairman Chan Gur- nc-y. R., S. D., Insisted that Porres- lal's testimony was not ".scare 1 ' evidence, other committee sources said the defense secretary nnd his top outlined their most convlnc- yct for prompt action Jng on peacetime conscription. After questioning the defense of- roiarv James Forrest!.! passed along j ficia!s ,, f . or an ho " r Bnti R half ' '|l e this eloomv report vcstcrdnviil his on * vote<1 8 " I) for- public closed iloor mre'imr wtlli 'tile =>n ' hearings to review all phases of ite Armed Services OommlttW ' nalio " al defense. Ourney said hcar- His l«tlmo,n- warcrediZ with| in8S mn5 ' b ^ hl ncxt wcck ' spurring the committee lo call Im-' Povrfstal and his aides reportedly mcdlale hearings on universal mil- P nl "t e<i » grim picture ot helght- itai-y training. j CI1 ed Russian pressure in Europe Forre.stn), it was reported told as a backdrop, for urging «ct!on Ihe seiintors thnt Gen. Lucius I). "°»" °" compulsory training. Clay, u. S. commander in Kurope, Also, one committee source re- no longer holds his belief Iliat war vealcd. the navy cited "disturbing" In Kurope is not Imminent for at figures on Russian submarine least a decade. Clay's Is the dlfli- i strenglri.

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