The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 19-17 BIA'THEVILLE (AUK.) COUU1KU NEWS * PAGE Question Need Df Meatless Days However, Packers Agree to Cooperate With Truman Program By United Vrcss j Spokesmen for most of the targe >ackmc,houscs and wholesale butch-1 *rs today questioned the need (or neat less days, but agreed to co- iperatc with President Truman's ; 'ood conservation progrnm The American Moat Institute, (peaking (or the packers, ' .said | ;he int'-isf ry "seriously questions; A'hether 'meatless clays.' or 'e&K-' ess days/ or 'poultrylcss days' x'oulri correct the situation. "The current problem—and the j problems of the future—must bo- solved at the farm level when;! grains find livestock are produced," I ;he institute said. I The Institute said it felt that [ 'meat could be provided for Amer- j lean consumers now and HI the , S'ears ahead and at thesame time ; . 31-rad grains can be made avail- able for feeding hungry people j overseas." ; "Of course, \vc shall do m we '• can to help the President's at;- 1 lounced ideas," the Tnstitute" said, i Jack Kranis, president ol the, ! National Moat Industry Council, representing the wholesale ouicn- j srs. said the council opposed meat- | [ess days on the ground that it, might lead to heavier me:it con- ' sumption. ! He suggested a return (o price i :ontro)s. ' I He said many families, through I the? use of fish, poultry and ve&e- j \ table dinners, already were eating i meat on lewer; than live days a j week. Two meatless days would ! fend to standardize five days of meat eating, he said. ', "We have more cattle 'on the [ ranges than ever before," he "What is needed now is an ficial means of forcing them into the nation's markets. Government price control and 11 LR power t o requisition cattle would do '-ho trick." ; .-.. .. ',. Shortly before President Truman spoke last night, the CIO announced that the high coat of living Stimulating Idea ivacuation of U.S. Troops in Italy to End December 2 i about D<v. 2. j The shipping .st-liocliitt' culled for i l>,070 of Hem. vnhstort nwi\ .uul dt-- jHMKients ut be sent fi'oin U-^Jjorn to New York on live transports leaving this month. They \\vn- ihn Huctdleston, Cvi 13; Hullou, Oct. U; The word "hixrn-klrl" literally means stomach clUliiiR. The Japanese prefer the wtu'd '.s<'j>puku" meaning hononi^U 1 donth. bEHBORN. OCI. 6. ,UP)-A U. S. Army spokesman snid Saturday Ihul .he evacuation ol American troops loiii Italy would bejjlti next week, would be' fteplied up tlirougli No. veinbf i', and should be completed by | sla(f «' 1 > f > ''up to leave Dei'. 2. Troops iisslijiu'tl ( O Oernuiny " o bimihn dcpiinuir.s wore srln-d- ul(¥ d diirnn: Nou-iubcr, and the li- 1 ' 1 ' 1 vctsrl ninymc tin' comnian-l advice: 1. Several tlme.s R week, imikr it a point to shop for t-he chcapei cuts of meat (if there's any left by the time this is read). 'CooX umlev a .slow frame—that's the secret r.f making cheap cuts taste rich, shori ribs of beef are a good buy. a. Call It what you will, but try some oin-fashloued huh on your family occasionally. It makc.s leftovers disappear dellciously. To be tempting, hash must never be prepared white and pasty but richly brown with a tangy, saucy taste. 3. Black eycrt peas »re rich in will RO by Hum brninnmj; Oct. 8. "Army facilities ;it Uduie. Venice. Mihin, Florence. Vimrmlo und Komi' ivcri expected In lx- rUw.ocI uelore Oct. 31. Excepl tor Trk-.slc, only a suwll liquidation IniL'o and graves reels- I ration (truirlm'cm will remiiln in Ilnly after nee. 15. protein and provide one ol our best substitute:; for meat. Hean soup is delicious am! nutritious. 4. Canned milk has not advanced In price ns murh ns fresh milk. Cook with the canned variety il you think It's not »s good. It's Just nn idea-ami MI'.I> the IrcMi l»n Hilda Muure, of llunuluUj, models the very latest m bcauly heated booties and mittens—at the National Haiidres?ers and Cosmetologists Association's convention in Chicago. Gadgets are supposed to stimulate the circulation and improve the texture of the skin. Cap is used Cor hair conditioning. Kitchen Queen Proposes Table Level Food Conservation Plan for Results UV KOUNKM.K AIARTIN (United Tress Staff Corres|ionacnl) ATLANTA. Ga.. Oct. C. (UP) — -1 Mrs. S. R. Dull, Tor over 50 years 'among the country's sharpest cooks, said today that one cause of .so much waste in the kitchen is that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. She sussested a "table levcrl" rather than a "White House level" food saving campaign. Mrs, Dull, who at 84 is still queen of the kitchen wherever she goes, is not enttnism.stic about the over- all chances of President Truman'.s \vasielcss program. "People are just selfish." she said in an interview. "Some of the folks vdll save but there are enough greedy ones to grab what's left." Food conservation, .she said, must ba an individual thing to be played like an exciting game among individual families—the man and wile and three kids who put ten legs under the table twice a day, say God bless this food and pitch in. But what happens? Junior, w;io tilled his plate u'ilh every vittle ; thai c;inic his way, yocs to the '• Jdirhcn lor an extra glass of water ' , and spies the apple pie. j Whrn he cols back to the table, lie thinks with every bite about the space ho must, save lor the > desKert. A Jot of ^o«i wholesome j cnlnric.s s» Diarizing into the gar- ! | bane cans lir-cruisc of things like i l.lhat, .snid Mrs. Dull. I j Judicious purchases and wise pro- j j jiaiation of fooc] dishes arc suggcs- j tioiis from itie kitchen queen on how to pull back some ol the dol- i Inrs now going into the inflated food ; market. : Some free ideas from the lady i JUDGETHRMS oiir v,atc)i't link iB It 10 DREIFUS ntiil us ;ivU iitiw lite into F.ictory traliic'I " CK- tK ^sr-urr- you iop qual- workmanship. . was Usted as the major pvoblrm for its ninth const i tut tonal convention opening in Boston next week. The Union is expected to demand rrplnrntion of so tile, price and rationing cont rols. OIlH'Ktls said the alternative is nh(»th n r drive for the third round of wage I increases since the end of ilic | war. Joseph Beirne, president uf ihe Commtinicaticns Workers of America, also urged Congress to halt the price rise. In a letter to the joint Congressional Committee on the Eco- j who usually gets paid well for menu S nomic report, Beirne said thai i "unless prices level off and £r;i«1- ! ! unliv decline within the next live, months. CWA will make subot.ui-1 Ual wage demands upon the em- 1 i Most resturant owners agreed lu ; Cooperate fully with the Presi- Ldcnl's conservation 'program lor j due meatless day and one poultrv- j less day and the elimination of ; [bread unless -speciienlly requestofi \ I'D. F. Kiesau, executive vice; president of thr Chicago Res-; taurant Associatiou, said thai since; government cafeterias and tili menses in the Armed Services had been ordered to follow the pro- j gram, -restaurants had no aKertia- j tivr but to cooperate. ' " We w j] 1 do the b est w F ra n." | he said, "I hope the public wjli; understand." i Wanted to Buy Highest Pricet Paid for Used Tractors and Equipment Russell Phillips Tractor Co. So. Hijfhwnv fil Phone 2171 Save o Little- Hove Much! Life injurant* li • fortun* . . '. and whether'* policy to modtpt or «m*)l, everybody bujt It «• the Installment plan, E. H. (Eddie) Lfiwk MUfac MM. Mil Bi Mt General l>»«rli»« U(« bM. C*. Flo MII'C Mmn RCl. 1 ; ft good aupply )( Julo.y ripe tipples In time (or hiK mid Camtlnf ' ApjiU's I'M & |}.M Bu. Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 !•:. Main Phnne 172 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 1 DAY SERVICE OH ANY MAKE OR MODEL. UK- LIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for «nd Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Klectrical Appliance Co. Authorii*d Miloreb IU4to Kile> and Service 1M South Ftrit 8t DOLLARS -TO DOLL UP YOUR HOME- New fixtures, new paint job, repairs — make your old house a IIGW homo. Get the cash with a F.H.A. Loan from G.G.P.C. Up to 3 years lo repay; w. ASH ST. BLYTHEVIILE GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION Even in the limited space of n liain RalJcy. H's n New York Central rule IhaV vw«\ fa».s be snveiL Why? Been use. folks, our Rovcf nine nl aays every pound of used fnls stionld he snvcd to help i clicvc a world shojtn^ Mia\ is still riilicnl. Last July, for c.xnniplr, our tiinin^ cars and coininissarica turned in almost five tliousrnu! pounds. And ivc'rc kcrt'pinR fit it. So if you're not suvin^ fats its ii'iiulmly ;is you used in, won't you net bnck in the halnl? Evt-ry drop ia still needed I TURNING IN youR useo FATS AmentBn Fat S«Waq« Cammillee, Int. WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complett Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. Blyth«vllle, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring, • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Kiflh S). Ul.vfhcvillc, Ark. Allen Pickard's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army Goods • Supplies • Shoe* Htm tin for (he irrj hett In Arrnj fturplu* show. Nearly new—Rebuilt—T» Be Rrhollt. Handrail for Mle. Qamitlty Trieee AT*k• ttlt. 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